Grim Reality

What happens when reality television goes one step too far?
The final Animation Alliance series goes beyond anything imaginable.
But who will be able to stop it?

Shows- Cardcaptors
Fushigi Yuugi
Ranma ˝
Tenchi Muyo

Author Comments-
Easily the most controversial thing I've done. The Animation Alliance was never there for the simple purpose of hosting my reality fics. They were created to be evil power-hungry maniacs, but that got lost in the shuffle. This fic brings their true purpose to light, and ties all five stories in the AA canon together to create something which has deeper meaning behind it.

Posting  Period- March 2002 to
December 2002
Chapters- 16
Rating- Rated R for graphic violence, strong language, and strong adult themes.

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Chapter 1- The Coming Storm

The process of informing and inviting the characters was never so difficult. With the new and innovative "Shougai" requiring so many characters, each of the six AA heads travel to different anime worlds to sign people up. But while a couple are enthusiastic, others are more concerned.

Chapter 2- Bugging the Builders

The day arrives, and the AA prepares for the arrival of the group. While many of the regular participants are happy to see each other again, the laughter quickly diminishes when the game is announced. The reaction is a mixture of excitement, fear, anger, and the general feeling that the whole thing is stupid. But regardless of how anyone feels about it, there’s nothing they can do.

Chapter 3- Knowledge Lost, Knowledge Gained

As the matches continue, TK gets a reality check unlike any other, as he can no longer deny the truth of what’s happening. Meanwhile, partner-less Kenta learns his true purpose in the game, characters from one show begin acting in very strange ways, and Barb’s efforts to work with Tenchi leads to some privy information landing in undesired hands.

Chapter 4- Network Rivalry

Not satisfied by the way the backstage action has been playing out, Manny and Mike take it upon themselves to ensure that emotions are riled and tempers are flared. The simplest solution- manufacturing a rivalry between Digimon and Pokémon. But although the rivalry is initially manufactured, subconscious thoughts between many of the trainers and destined make the rivalry a reality.

Chapter 5- Controlling Chaos

While TK and Gary prepare to settle their dispute in battle, Ash and Tai offer their perspectives of the rivalry. However, while some choose to have no part in the rivalry, things get really messy when the Tamers get involved. Meanwhile, Tenchi faces the reality of his first match and the AA is forced to deal with an unwanted guest.

Chapter 6- Everybody Needs Somebody

Izzy decides to question Mike regarding several topics related to Shougai. The answers he gets are more than he bargained for. Izzy also attempts to settle the monster anime rivalry, leading him into more trouble. Meanwhile, Matt and Tai face their first opponents, Tamahome tries to comfort Miaka in this time of depression, and Ash and Misty continue to have differences regarding their feelings towards the game.

Chapter 7- Losing Isn't Everything

Sometimes irony acts in very strange ways. Those penned as losers can end up on top. Those fated to die in one realm can live in another. Those who seem the most confident can end up in the worst condition. On the final day of the first round, eight girls prepare for battle, while everybody else prepares to deal with the results.

Chapter 8- Casualty Insurance

While the Digi-destined and Tamers team up to plot ways to stop Shougai in the Beeda Facility, Yolei has her own ideas in the Moore Facility. When the courses of both plans are set in motion on the same night, will they complement each other, or act against each other to make things even worse? And what will happen if the Animation Alliance finds out?

Chapter 9- Brotherhood

The recent death is in everybody’s thoughts as the second round begins. The Animation Alliance is forced to deal with the loss of an opponent for Ranma, as well as the dozens of questions friends have upon hearing the news. Rika is forced to deal with the loss of her “big brother,” and finds it unable to put it out of her mind. Meanwhile, Davis has the problem of his match with Nuriko- can he force himself to go through with it now that he knows who Nuriko really is?

Chapter 10- Pained Reaction

A full day of action is observed by the contestants already removed in Moore Facility. For most, the game is far, far away, and they are free to cheer for their friends or jeer their enemies as with any other television show. But for some, the second round brings added pain, as Miaka and Sora watch their beaus in battle. Although while some agonize over the game, Izzy comes to grips with an agony that has nothing to do with Shougai.

Chapter 11- How Soon They Forget

Of the eight girls remaining, four will remain at the end of Day Nine. While Jeri dreads going into battle again, Shampoo looks forward to impressing her airen. And while Kodachi seems unaffected by the game, Misty is still on edge over a stolen kiss. Meanwhile, Rika tries to keep fighting despite her recent losses, and Kari deals with going up against her friend Sakura.

Chapter 12- For My Beloved

History has a strange way of repeating itself. When a loved one is wronged, drastic action must be taken. When leadership comes in question, it must evolve or be destroyed. When a team can’t continue at full power, sacrifices must be made. And when a rebellion seeks to tear evil apart, they must be cautious not to tear themselves apart in the process.

Chapter 13- The Price of Winning

Now that only eight remain in the game, sticking together becomes increasingly essential, and increasingly difficult. Akane begins to come around and realize the injustices of Shougai. But can she convince Ranma of the same? Meanwhile, Izzy looks to continue fighting the AA, and seeks Tai’s leadership. But when Tai is too busy dealing with Sora, will he be able to realize what’s truly more important? And with all this going on, an underlying truth is revealed… solving a mystery that never presented itself to begin with.

Chapter 14- Atonement

As Matt and Misty reflect on their deeds, Izzy attempts to jumpstart the process in Moore Facility. Can either of them overcome their demons and make a difference, or are the odds stacked against them?

Chapter 15- When the Cat's Away

With Tai in possession of the red key and Tenchi in possession of the gray key, the problem becomes communication between the two factions, especially since nobody in Beeda knows what the key is to be used for. Meanwhile, plans to capture the four remaining keys have begun. But with time of the essence, can Izzy afford to let his feelings get the best of him and take a lengthy detour?

Chapter 16- Editing the Future

With two tense situations at Moore facility, everything has come to a head. Can the AA prevent the revolt? Can the kids obtain the keys from Manny and Mike? And even if they do, can they do what is necessary to stop the game and get home? And even if they do that… will they want to?

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