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It was only an hour break, but I went back to the room for a shower and some Excedrin. Sitting down and wasting time on Facebook helped a little bit, but I had a fever and there's only one prescription...



After last year's panel, I had burned through almost all of my good stories, but since 2011 was a banner year for pain and suffering at conventions, I thought I was going to be all right.

But between Lanipator, parodist Steve “Warky” Nunez and voice actor Laura Post, their collective stories went to such a bad place that a five-hour drive without glasses was downright tame. Primary themes were fornication on the moon, unhealthy feelings about Perry the Platypus and multiple stories that didn't actually involve Spike Spencer but improved by dropping him in.

Somebody bought a Perry plushie in the vendor room the next day and made all the panelists sign him. We were all unanimously disgusted and impressed by this. I signed his smooth, soft underbelly.

New rule: Scott is not allowed to enter a panel already in progress dressed as Beaker (those are guests hugging him). That's the second one he's halted this year. It's also the second time I did the nonchalant "hey, Scott" after everybody else freaks out.

With that insanity over, I was so psychologically disturbed that no mere fever was going to bother me anymore. So it was time for... something. Richard was waiting for a staff laser tag event at 3:00 am, which I was down with if I could last that long. We split a two-game series on GoldenEye, but that wasn't doing much either. I was still quite awake and ready for something a little more intense.

NO! Not that! I don't want my headache coming back.

Actually, the confluence of nothing to do in a video game room on a night where I'm not tired and had a couple hours to kill until a potential late-night event led to a strange compulsion- Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

Being both a childhood favorite (there's that 90's nostalgia again) and one of the greatest games of all time, I typically make it a point to play through the game once every year or so, just for the lolz. I had never played the game all the way through in one sitting, but I've always felt that if proficient enough, the game doesn't take that long to play, even with 13 dungeons and assorted fetch quests/item scavenging. So with time to kill, I wanted to see exactly how long it took to play this thing through. Mind you, it was 1:00 am at this point and this could easily have turned into a repeat of the late-night Lain binge of ACen '02.

Four hours later...

I'm more of a completionist than a speed runner, so I could probably do it faster. I insisted on collecting all the equipment and almost all of the pieces of heart (wasn't going to waste time with those chance game ones) and even went through all the dungeons in order (proper speed runs involve mild sequence breaking, namely doing dungeon 6 before dungeon 5).

Either way, it was pretty (the Total Games counter goes up for every game restored through either death or loading a saved game). Afro Hammer Mike was still up at the time and appreciated the effort. I left the TV on this screen. It was still up when I returned the next morning. Next year I may try to beat my time with all items and heart pieces.

Four hours of sleep later I was up and setting the table again.

Line for an autograph session, probably for the same guys hugging Beaker the night before. Given how insane Con Horror Stories was, the panelists involved were practically acting as a support group for each other throughout the day.

I didn't stay to man the table long. With minimal sleep and almost no food since the hospitality suite pizza from the end of Friday's shift, I needed energy and made a solo trip to Perkins for an honest breakfast. I still ended up napping for an hour before my 4 pm shift.

Nothing of interest happened during this shift and there was an incredible lack of picture-taking as well. After the shift, I grabbed some Subway from across the street and ate up in the room while setting up my panel on Autumn's computer. It was pleasant.

Remember how I said I never remember to take pictures at my panels? I didn't take a picture at the Digimon panel. Which was a shame, since it drew a pretty good crowd, including Tyler who wanted to check out what I had planned for No Brand this year. Inspired by the thoughtful, insightful PowerPoint at Milwaukee, I put together one of my own. Naturally, I put my... unique spin on things, focusing primarily on the later seasons and making fun of pretty much everything about them. You can enjoy it here. The clip from Hunters in the slideshow floored the entire room (if you don't know what I'm talking about but consider yourself a Digimon fan, view it NOW). It was awesome. After some discussion, the crowd made me screen Abridgimon just because it's Abridgimon. It's... bouncy.

The next stop on the tour was No Brand's room party, which was conveniently only three doors away from our room.

It was eerily reminiscent to Daisho's room parties. Plus I remembered that I had a camera.

The real party was outside, however, especially when Zack made a cameo and he, Pher and Scott all happened to be in Archer cosplay. Which was perfect as some ladies staying at the hotel were curious about what was going on and happened to be more familiar with Archer than any anime.

Archer cosplay- flipping mundanes one group at a time.

And Derb has a Wiggler. I want a Wiggler now.

Since No Brand's party seemed to be essentially a dance, I headed for the actual dance. As stated several times, Kitsune's got things figured out on that end while No Brand seems to be intent on screwing with theirs until it loses all its flavor.

Plus they're putting our lights to good use. Since I was staff, I could sneak in while they were still setting up.

And we're off! It was good. People were actually dancing. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

The system seemed to work pretty well once they got all the bugs worked out in set-up.

I stayed for a while, but there weren't too many friends around to dance with. So I went to go find them.

What they were doing shocked me.