Kitsune Kon 2012

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This year's plans for Kitsune Kon weren't quite as sexy as last year's. No fancy dinner with guests, no driving Mr. Mignogna around Appleton... heck, I was even off the hook for the AMV Contest. Just three panels and eight hours of Floor Manager shifts. Not that being Floor Manager isn't a big deal- as stated before, it has the distinguished task of making sure the con isn't broken. It's a pretty big deal to get the job, especially for someone who's more of an honorary staffer/sounding board like me. The mutual trust and respect is one of the reasons I'll drive up a night early for the Kone in a year where I'm not even taking off days for Milwaukee and No Brand (granted I don't volunteer at No Brand since my contract mandates one con off the leash).

Strangely, one of the over-arching themes to the con this year that made me enjoy it so much had nothing to do with the staff or my service. It was all about 90's nostalgia.

All I Want To Do

It's a small miracle that I remembered to bring everything considering I did all of my packing Thursday night. This included all the table equipment, one of Geek.Kon's TVs that hadn't previously made the trip and a DDR pad that I had been willing to lend to cons for five years. Kitsune took me up on the offer after I tested their homemade arcade-style pad and kicked its butt.

Things were remarkably calm when I arrived. The rooms that were available were generally set up and it was mostly spot checks and wiring at this point. They had a pretty good handle on things, so I checked into the room, chilled for a bit and ended up playing video games with Richard. Despite a respectable 13-6 loss at Geek.Kon, I'm apparently useless on any modern console version of Madden, so we're probably going to have to put Eyeshield Madden to rest. I quit not after my inability to complete a pass, but after missing a field goal playing as Bando. That stung.

No... we weren't going to play Virtual Boy. I was just shocked that they had a Virtual Boy. It was almost there as a museum exhibit.

We settled for the Super Nintendo, which I'm much more comfortable with. After the embarrassing revelation that I'm quite good at Megaman Soccer, we ended up playing NBA Jam. I won the first game because Richard made the mistake of picking Milwaukee and the second was called on account of pizza.

Mmm... pizza...

After goofing off in the staff hospitality suite for a bit, things started to die down around midnight. Most of us figured getting a good night's sleep was a good idea before a con. Richard and I aren't most people. We were both trying to find time to squeeze in a Walmart run for individual con-related reasons and the midnight before the con sounded perfect.

It was a little weird having a room to myself Thursday, but all of my scheduled roommates were either arriving on Friday or made other (cheaper) arrangements. Despite the overnight shopping spree, it was the only proper night's sleep I ended up getting.

Got a prime spot and set the table up early Friday. Given how much I was running around all weekend, it was a good thing Matt was there to actually man it. His thematically appropriate black mage was a nice touch.

While going through the day's panels, Matt mentioned my fanfiction panel being later that night, which was incorrect. I had requested that the time for that panel be switched with my geek music panel, as Geek Music has a far more involved setup that was difficult to manage Sunday during hotel checkout (that and it was way too good for a Sunday morning death slot). While the con made this change, the problem book had gone to print before this and several other scheduling changes were made. This was not problem. Matt not having an errata sheet was a problem.

I spent the next half hour at the reg desk helping stuff errata sheets into program books and making sure they were in several locations there and at the info table. My self-appointed staff position became “I Fix Problems.”

After all that excitement, the actual floor manager shift was fairly routine. The one notable achievement was starting a push to increase air circulation in the boffer room before the number of combatants working up a sweat inside grew too large.

Yeah, I'm the Boss.

We spent most of Friday marveling at the hotel's offering of the uber-pretzel. It was $7.00 and we all thought it was a bargain. Both Con Chair Rez and Matt bought one over the course of the weekend.

Entering into our nostalgia theme was a stack of board games going into Tabletop. Payday, Hero Quest and the correct editions of Life and Clue were encouraging. Also, the Info Desk insisted on playing a '90s Pandora station.

And it's not 90s per se, but considering how long it's been since I've watched Cardcaptor Sakura, Nick Izumi's Kero-chan cosplay is close enough. He was thrilled at how many people recognized him.

The end of the shift somehow trapped me in the hospitality suite waiting for someone else to let staffers in to eat, which I ended up deserting when my time was up.

Afterwards I finally got the chance to see the Who'd Win In A Fight? panel first-hand, where the esteemed panelists debate and pass judgment on the all important questions. They were discussing Marty McFly vs. Doctor Horrible when I went in. It was a split decision.

Last year I learned that my laptop does not send video to a projector, only static images, so I borrowed Autumn's laptop for Geek Music 102, setting the panel up during Otaku Tonight.

Kitsune's background banner actually makes for a nice backdrop. After hosting the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged guy at Milwaukee, he's now with DBZ Abridged guy Lanipator.

Obligatory picture involving one of my panels, because I never remember to take them. As feared, most people showed up for the Fanfiction panel, but at least they stuck around. Having video was nice, as I ruined everybody in the crowd with Tally Hall's Banana Man video right from the get-go. They also really enjoyed Tim Minchin, which made me happy. Especially since it took me forever to find a song that wasn't covered in profanity.

With that a success, I returned the laptop to Autumn and began to realize that I was coming down with a fever. And the most insane panel on the docket was but an hour away.

What will I do?!