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A mish-mash of some of the photos taken on Friday and Saturday's Hetalia shoots and Saturday's Persona shoot.

Spare Ribs

A random gathering of countries, colors and flags.

(Disturbingly hot) female Romano and Spain.

Just enough students for a Gakuen shoot, with Hungary, Italy and Poland all about the plaid.

Soviets, with Prussia representing East Germany.

Saturday we had a first... all three Batics taller than Russia.

Full group one.

...and the rest of the photo.

All the female characters.

I'm not usually so high on original creations, but this is exactly what I would picture Quebec looking like.

And now to the Persona...

Obligatory FemC and Shinjiro shot.

Yukari, yes, but check out the cute li'l Io plushie.

Fuuka and Koro-chan even show up.

The full Persona 3 group. Not sure what happened to the 4 group (which included Cassie's Teddy), but I was taking pictures for Sarah and Cassie, so I might not have gotten one on my camera.

We close out with Aigis and Metis.

Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Photoshoots