Anime Iowa 2010

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Evan and Sarah were hungry and dragged me out of there just before the room closed for the night. We caught Erin along the way and drove to Subway for sammiches and a brief analysis of the con so far. So far, it had been a long registration line, a vendor room not as filled with commerce as usual, and the program book. Oh, Lordy the program book...

Ready for another rant? Too bad.

Hello, My Name Is Steve

So I just spent the last several weeks working on the program book for Geek.Kon. It's a hard job, with so many little things like font selection, spacing, formatting consistency and layout waiting to turn your work into a big pile of suck. In the process, I used my extensive catalog of old program books to figure out the best combinations. Iowa has consistently had great books and lent several elements to ours. So after a month of hard work, I was looking forward to seeing and truly appreciating what they put into theirs.

Apparently, this year they went with the “big pile of suck” route. The font selection varied from page to page, sometimes alternating between a font and its bold equivalent. The margins cut off elements of certain pages that might be important... like the schedule. There were all sorts of formatting issues like incorrect page references and inconsistent shading, and the layout didn't seem to be quite as together as it usually is. To top it off, the thing looked like it was printed on someone's inkjet printer and copied 3,000 times at the office Xerox machine. I haz a sad.

Anyway, in more positive news, there was also a game shop next to Subway, full of guys playing their weekly Magic tournament. We browsed their board game selection before leaving the real world. It was nice.

Back at the hotel, everyone but Evan had something to go to, which did not bode well for the room party in an hour. Considering we had a sleeping bag and an air mattress set up, we arranged the room the best we could.

The folks from Day Glow stopped by early to hang out. Kim using Evan's UV pen to draw on herself in case the rave used the proper lighting.

...and one more with Geekbot. Even with all that cute, I was still out of there.

While Sarah changed to an improved Chihiro for the Persona photoshoot, my event was Death Note Mafia, because you all know how big a Death Note fan I am. I've seen a whole one episode of it.

Actually, I mainly wanted to check it out because they're running it at Geek.Kon and sounds neat. It's run the same as a game of mafia/werewolf, but all the roles are taken by Death Note characters- the mafia members are Kiras, the seer/detective is L, the angel/doctor is Gellus, the vigilante is Mello and so on. Best of all, even the regular townspeople are named after minor characters from the show. Like Steve. For some reason, nobody liked Steve.

After a test game, we split into groups to play. I was Gellus in the first game, protected the guy that was actually named Steve, and was promptly killed by Kira. Second game I was Misa, one of the Kiras, but the game was scrapped when too many Kiras opened their eyes at night. Aw... I wanted to be Misa.

There were only two games where I wasn't killed by the Kiras early. In one, I made it all the way to the final round before the group mistakenly killed me. My previous deflection of suspicion led the group to kill L... so that didn't help.

Then I ended up as Steve. And was promptly killed by the Kiras.

Then we merged into one mega group. And I was Steve again. Just for good measure, I was promptly killed again.

By now, it was becoming a running gag, so I mentioned that we should only kill someone on the first day if we know who Steve is. The Kiras apparently did... it was me again.

They may make Steve a special role at Geek.Kon. Whoever is Steve is the first one dead. Period.

Either way, there were people calling me Steve for the rest of the weekend.

In the last match of my night, I ended up as Mello and wasted assorted people, including the final Kira that won us the game. That felt good. In all, they run a pretty good game. I encourage people to try it at Geek.Kon.

When I got back to the room, the party was over. There was an Apples to Apples game, and both Kool Aid Man and Boot To The Head were played on the same turn, but it wasn't much of a party. Evan realized that he had developed an acute case of dyslexia and reversed two of the room numbers... on every flyer in town, including our window lettering. Bet those folks upstairs in 327 were thrilled. That was fine because we were all tired and knew we'd have to put up with Mike's snoring again, so we crashed.

Despite the lack of sleep thanks to Mike, Sarah and I still had to wake up early. After missing it twice before, I wanted to catch the Persona panel.

I am not fooled by your clever disguises, Main Character and Junpei.

It was a pretty straightforward panel, covering the four Persona games in good detail, with little tidbits and neat stuff about each of them and covering the mythology and psychology behind them. Good, clean, and informative. Not much else to say about it.

So let's throw in some awesome pictures from the ensuing photoshoot! In keeping with the Dark Hour and Midnight Channel from games 3 and 4, they had one photoshoot at midnight at the clock tower in front of the Marriott, but I was too busy getting Steve killed to attend. This one wasn't as well-attended, but had its moments.

Execution time!

Mitsuru, possibly the one Student Council president crueler than Molly Pearson.

And one with the whole group.... including the dog. Yay Koro-chan.

Oh Main Character, showing us two of the five reasons people really play the game, and maxing out the Justice and Empress social links while he's at it.

Since all this happened before 10:30 in the morning and we had gotten maybe four hours of non-consecutive sleep, it was time for a nap before the Hetalia panel. What was only supposed to be fifteen minutes turned into a half-hour, but I still had time to shower and put on Estonia's gear before heading downstairs.

In the meantime, Evan's been showing off his new Soul Eater cosplay.

And just for the hell of it, Kintaro Oe.

If you don't find Hetalia photoshoots "very educational," you can skip ahead to Page Three.

The rest of you... prepare for photo-heavy national pride!