Anime Iowa 2010

Friday | Fri/Sat | Hetalia | Saturday

We walked around and gathered up the group. Unfortunately, there were too many people to fit into a stairwell, so it was outside on the patio in the sweltering heat for us. Let's see which country collapses first!

Baltics and Mediterraneans

Most of the full group. Naturally, Tyler's axe takes center stage. As does the Liechtenstein flag that may actually be larger than the country of Liechtenstein.

I'm in there too somewhere.

Chibitalia has a present for Holy Roman Empire.

Germania will stand for none of these shenanigans.

One of the first groups, at least among those I took pictures of (I tend to skip the traditional Axis/Allies pictures and go for the cool countries), the Asians, now with Vietnam! Some guy wandered in with a cosplay that looked like it would fit, so we threw him in there and called him Cambodia.

For once, Iceland joins us and we get all five Nordics! Plus Hanatamago for good measure.

Without a Ukraine, the Soviet Union picture is a little awkward, since it's just Russia and Belarus with the Baltics. Love the grin on Russia #2 though.

I loved the fact that we even needed a call for Benelux, since Luxembourg has not officially been drawn yet. But we have a Belgium and Holland, and that's good enough.

Kim joins an adorable Switzerland/Liechtenstein pair.

France and his "kids." Fun fact: Seychelles was in the Avatar photoshoot an hour prior.

Hey, Chibitalia found HRE! And a none-too-thrilled Chibiromano.

Turkey is outnumbered by Greece and doesn't give a damn.

Anyway, it was around this time that I realized I didn't have my belt on, so I scrambled up to my room to get it.

It wasn't there.

I had left it at John's booth, so I had to scramble all the way to the Vendor Room, get to his booth, grab it, put it on, and scramble all the way back to the photoshoot.

I got back in time for the Belarus/Russia pic.

"I left you some fresh-picked sunflowers."

Now with belt, we got a good pic of just the Baltics, with a strange Estonia/Lithuania/Estonia/Lithuania arrangement.

After the shoot, there was supposed to be a "wife-carrying" contest, whatever that was. Apparently, they had one at Anime Milwaukee but I couldn't hear it over the sound of how awesome their Opening Ceremonies was. But we were all in the sun for far too long for people in military-style outfits, so we called for a one-hour recess to enjoy the air conditioning inside for a while.

I had no intention of actually participating in this wife-carrying business, which was fine as nobody really ships Estonia with anybody (Finland's tied down with Sweden and Latvia is too broken).

It didn't stop the other Estonia from finding a big strong ringer to act as a carrier.

I ended up marking the finish and playing flagman. I did have a flag, after all.

...and handed it to Team Estonia upon their opening victory! Yay for outsourcing!

Later that afternoon, the "bad touch trio" of Spain, France and Prussia were hanging out in the Vendor Room and listening to some of the techno from the Day Glow booth.

...I'm just going to leave this here. On to page three!