Daisho Con 2010

Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Wow, I can't remember the last time a recap actually did a clean Friday-Saturday-Sunday break.

First Team All-Region

It was raining when we had to pack up the car to get out by 11:00 am. In a strange twist, Nick F. was around to collect his belongings, but Scott was mysteriously absent due to a non-operating cell phone. In an even stranger twist, the room keys jumped the gun and went dead yet again, meaning we had to recharge them for the half-hour we needed to finish checking out. Annoying...

So we set up the table, get our hawking on and I realized that I should probably check out formally...

Oh, look! A line! This is a regular occurrence on Sundays at ACen, but when you go through an entire convention without waiting in a single line, then run into this beast, it's downright depressing. Especially after the room keys fizz out twice. This hotel has issues.

Anyway, checkout was at 11:00 and I checked out at exactly 11:00. With nothing else to do, we continued playing table for a couple hours. In the process, we got a wealth of good feedback for Geek.Kon and some neat ideas we can hopefully take into 2011.

Whatever. Here's some cosplay photos...

It's not like it's a terribly obscure show, and it's not like I'm a fan of it (or have actually watched it, for that matter), but recognizable K-ON! cosplay at Daisho just seemed really fascinating to me. I probably wouldn't have batted an eye at this at ACen.

This is cool because it's not every day you see the distinctive School Rumble uniform in action.

Liechtenstein trying to determine if the Vatican is a canon character.

File this under post-masquerade photos that you look at and go "pretty sure they won something..."

Gotta throw in Gatomon out of guilt that I wasn't able to snap the spot-on Davis that walked by Friday night.

Little girl with big gun. And scaring people with it. I approve.

With time dwindling at the con, it was time for another pass through the vendor room.

Neil from Day Glow randomly plays with dinosaurs. I made him do it in his spot-on Italy voice that he busted out at the panel Saturday night.

Since I bought all the essentials Friday, this was mostly browsing time to see if there were any good "Don't Want To Haul This Back To The Van" sales. A Saikano DVD caught my eye as it was listed for $10. Apparently it was the entire series. Couldn't tell from the back as it was all in Japanese.

Uh oh.

I'm hardly an expert on recognizing these things but this, boys and girls, is what we call a 'bootleg.'

This sucked hard because I was hoping for a nice smooth landing on Sunday- coast to a finish, get out in one piece and drive home safely. Unfortunately, when you're convention staff you know that bootlegs in the vendor room are a Big Deal and must be reported.

So I found the nearest friendly Daisho staffer and got the ball rolling on that- explaining what I saw, explaining why it's a bootleg, pointing out the table, etc. The proper authorities were on top of this, but the materials were off the table soon afterwards. Later, I noticed the Saikano DVD later in a consumer's plastic bag.

Mentioning this to John later, he recalled that someone tried to sell him some bootlegs earlier in the day, refusing because he's reputable and all that. So this is not in any way a discredit to Daisho that these turned up on Sunday. In all likelihood, they weren't there Friday and Saturday.

Shame that while I was embroiled in all this I ran into old 202 mainstays Tyler and Theresa. Haven't gotten to see them nearly as often, so it was unfortunate that I was busy doing my civic duty when I could have hung out with them. Nice seeing them, and Tiffany, again.

Sarah and I got a run through Artist Alley, picking up a tree ornament featuring Aigis from Persona 3. We ended up in the Tabletop Room where Harley was playing chess on that giant board I tried out last year. Witnesses say it was the longest giant chess match in history.

Since he was taking so long, I amused myself with some of the captured pieces.

Next year at Daisho- chariot racing. Make it happen, guys.

That got old when I realized there was nothing I could do with the pawns and bishops that would keep me in the good graces of the convention, so Sarah and I tried to find a game to kill some time. We settled on Word on the Street, a new Out of the Box game I saw some folks playing at OddCon. Great to start with... not so great when you're dead tired at the end of a convention and trying to think of Something In A Jar with a "V" and a "Y." I won due to attrition.

So that was that. We managed to get packed up and left just in time to get back to Madison for the Geek.Kon meeting. Daisho was fun as always and Evan apparently has another free pass for next year thanks to Beach Party Gohan. Best part is that Thanksgiving falls on the next week, so there's only three days of work to survive before some actual recuperation time.

As as a final note, for everyone on staff who's always asking for a pony...