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I slept better Saturday night. Shockingly, we actually got the room cleared by noon. In fact, I even got a shower in before most of the mob woke up. These surprising developments should have been a warning that Sunday wasn't going to be much calmer.

Final Frontier

I didn't get a picture of Haruhi Izumi at Daisho Con. For some reason, I had to here at No Brand. There is a perfect explanation for this, but you'll have to get it from him.

Using the rest of the No Brand Bucks from the AMV contest, I picked up another Angela CD and a Rip Slyme single. As thank for helping out Tiffany, Vinnk gave me a karaoke game that plugs into the TV, with six cartridges for it. If I can get some romaji lyrics, I might be able to use it. For those keeping track, I have not yet spent any actual money in the dealers room thus far.

 Variety Show time!

For some reason, Nick sang a song from Haruhi on stage. Considering that he wowed everybody last year with his FMA song... no, actually, I don't know what to make of that. But there is a perfectly good explanation for this as well, although God knows what it is.

When one of the acts doesn't show up, Trae pulls a long-time staffer (one that doesn't get any on-stage time) up and makes him sing. For making a song up on the spot, Cheesy actually held his own.

A dance troop with actual dancing ability and rhythm turns in a good performance at the variety show. Like I said, shocking developments today.

With the main acts done, Happy Wednesday comes up without a drummer or bass (and Trae without fully-functioning vocal cords) and does a series of favorites unplugged, along with some more impromptu songs. After a few songs, I headed to the forum meetup.

Last year, the forum meetups were Friday afternoon, then Saturday and Sunday morning. So few actually showed up. I didn't have high hopes for a Sunday afternoon slot either. But there were three or four people there, sitting around and not entirely sure what exactly they were supposed to do at a forum meetup. With nobody behind the table, I sat back there and discovered the microphone was still on. Now we had something to do.

Talk long enough on a microphone and eventually people outside will think you're doing something. The crowd started to swell, although this picture isn't fully representative. Once I started to moderate, I invited anybody to join me.

Yushi not only took me up on the offer, but sat in my chair.

Meis gives Cheesus a big hug after her successful stint as moderator.

Perhaps the best part about the panel was a running gag about everybody being in a band (and how most local bands seem to have a member of To Slay Zombie Newton in them). This led to the four moderators at the moment- me, KORfan, Alexiel and Alex to form a band. We didn't know what kind of music, nor could any of us play any instruments. But we had a band! When the subject of a band name came up, I shouted "Why are you stripping?" at a girl taking off her sweatshirt in the back. So you can watch for Why Are You Stripping playing at a venue near you.

As has become custom, the gang and I like to make a post-con pizza run, but they wanted to wait for closing ceremonies this year. No problem. I hit up the dealers room one last time to say some farewells. Vinnk, for no reason, gave me Mini Moni Tambourine.

So for the record:

These are all my acquisitions. The items on the left are exchanges or acquired through prize money. The stuff on the right is all Vinnk giftage. Sad thing is, now I'm looking into modding my PS1 just to play the tambourine.

I ran my Vinnk goods to the car. On the way back, I saw one of my Steam Century teammates and a fellow Geek.Kon staffer talking in funny voices. The TV in the hotel lobby had the Weather Channel on mute... with the closed captioning on. They were dubbing the closed captioning in ridiculous silly voices. Best of all, it was It Could Happen Tomorrow, a ridiculously sensational show about how tornadoes, earthquakes and firestorms are going to kill us all. This was far too much fun, so I lent my voice to a couple characters. Yay for random redneck voice.

And so the awesome closes down with one last visit from Vinnk at closing ceremonies. The con's getting bigger and bigger and despite the continued growing pains continues to put on a good show. The gang and I headed over to a local sports bar for dinner and Culver's for dessert. It was certainly an unorthodox No Brand experience for me, but it ranks among the most fun, particularly getting some recognition for contributing to the con experience- AMVs, panels, willingness to jump in and help... heck, even these recaps. Even when they aren't finished until a week after the con.

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