No Brand Con 2009

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With the crew of the HMS Badger pondering the results of our investigation, it was time to rejoin Jasmine and company for the cosplay. Historically, the line started to form about a half hour before the event, so that's when I wanted to get down there.

Mystery Cosplay Theatre

Ten minutes to go and you can see how far we've gotten. You can also see the Tardis that served as this year's piņata.

Getting warmer. Jasmine and Theresa as their characters from Tyler's crappy Dr. Jasmine cartoon. Long live Ratcat!

When we got down there, however, we discovered that the mob had been allowed in already, and the place was already full.

Standing room only... three or four rows deep. Fun fun.

I quickly abandoned Dr. Jasmine and found Richard halfway up. The con topped the 1200 mark this year and brushing up on the facility's capacity. With nowhere else to go in town, it's starting to become an issue.

Anyway, time for the cosplay event, hosted by Gardening Ninja and Duct Tape Boy. Here's the sweet pictures:

Duct Tape Boy hasn't seen anything like it! And Gardening Ninja is being confused for a ghost.

The ninja said it was from Kaleido Star, so it goes in to appease Chromus.

Tiffany's gotten a little pale.

Nabeshin helps the Nerima Daikon Bros. with some panda power.

Scott even goes up with his original steampunk costume... and shoots his eye out.

It's Dizzy! From... you know... that game with Dizzy in it. Yay Dizzy.

At first I thought this was the same Master Chief who seems to enter every year, but then he took off his helmet and it was like... whoa.

Anthy from Utena. Oh hell yes.

Not only do I get Nick Izumi and Cheesus into the picture, but I also credit them for doing a skit the right way. Simple set-up, one humorous payoff, and none of that "you just lost the game" business that people want to pretend is funny.

At least Caramelldansen did not rear its ugly head during the Masquerade.

Wow, first Utena and now Sorceror Hunters. Yay for classic series that I will cheer endlessly... despite having only seen a combined ten episodes of the two.

Instead of more antics from Gardening Ninja and Duct Tape Boy, they took the Detour/Iowa route and showed the AMV Contest winners. Oh, that was fun watching everyone flip for Punie-chan. So many people were asking what show it was from. Best part was the woman next to me who asked me what AMVs were before they started rolling. She had a few... questions for me.

After the event, however, it was time for some answers!

On to Phase Four!