MST: A Serial Webnovel

Last Update: V8:C5:S1 posted 11/12
Molly and Frank are inside the shrine! Naturally, there isn't a magic "control the orcs" button, but rather more guards and a very creepy inner sanctum.

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Welcome to the home of Magical Security Taskforce, a free serialized webnovel.

What's a webnovel? Well, you know how a webcomic works, right? MST is a bit like that, only without panels and pictures, and written far enough in advance to ensure an update every Wednesday. Also, the "no pictures" part means you can read it at work and the boss won't notice. The novel format may be old-fashioned, but it's good to know that it has its advantages.

If this is your first time, click "About MST" to find out more about the story's format or click "Take it From the the Top" to start reading from the beginning. There's also the character page (now in current and non-spoiler flavors) to get to know everybody, information on the creators and a comment section. Let us know what you think!