My Other Sites
MST on Facebook -
For fans of Magical Security Taskforce! - A repository for my creative outputs, including my fanfic archive and AMVs.

English Anime Lyrics Archive - A collection of more than 30 sing-able anime lyrics in English.

Convention Recaps - Summaries and photos of my many convention experiences, rife with running jokes and wild exaggerations.

Creative Site from Friends/Idols
Otaku No Yen - A fandom-basic webcomic from pals Roku and Drazz.

Jigsaw - A great comic fantasy by Reanna King.

Groening Fanworks Central - Simpsons/Futurama fanfic and fanart. An evolved form of my very first website!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - Webcomic with a classic mahou shoujo plot... with a boy as the mahou shoujo.

Eric Stuart Band - Brock, Gourry, Seto... more importantly, an amazing singer/songwriter.

Freedom Fighter's Library - Fanfic archive for friend and colleague Freedom Fighter.

Original Fiction Archives
Web Fiction Guide -
Archive of online serials, complete with comprehensive fan reviews.

MediaMiner - Small fanfic/original story archive with an active forum for writers and readers.

FictionPress - Just like, but for original prose and poetry!

Regular Convention Circuit
No Brand Con -
Wisconsin's premiere anime convention with small town charm and large volumes of funn!

Anime Central - The Midwest's largest. It shan't be ignored!

Geek.kon - Free convention in Madison to celebrate all things geek.

Anime Iowa - An oasis from the August doldrums, not to mention all that Iowa surrounding it.


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