Adam Pulver
Writer / Site Maintenance
After a long and storied career in fanfiction, Adam is gearing up for his first foray into original fiction. His first and only participation into the RPG world was in Matt's Magical Security Taskforce, where Adam played the part of Troy. When he and Matt discussed the idea of transforming MST into a story, Adam was on the fence until he read Hitchhiker and the words came spitting out. Besides MST, Adam also runs the English Anime Lyrics Archive and spins yarns, most of which are not exaggerated, in a series of anime convention reports. Adam lives in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, exactly 31 miles east of the middle of nowhere.
Matt Finch
Creator / Editor
One unassuming day in 2002, Matt dreamed up the MST world as part of a bizarre BESM RPG campaign, in order to give fellow creations (and kickass NPCs) Molly, Kathryn and Kendrick something to do. Neither he nor Adam are taking responsibility for Donovan. Since then, he has taken MST from a bizarre RPG campaign to an equally-bizarre story that may or may not have anything to do with the RPG. Matt lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin which can't be considered the near nowhere as long as No Brand Con's there.