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Status After Volume Two

Main Characters: Troy | Molly | Kathryn | Renee | Donovan

Troy Monroe
Affiliation: High School Freshman Birthday: February 25  
Age: 15 Hair/Eyes: Brown / Brown
Height: 5' 8" Blood Type: A

Troy does not stand out at L. B. Gould High School. He is not a stand-out athlete, not a stand-out socialite, heck- not even a stand-out loser. That all changed one week when he got closer to his dream girl Renee than anyone in school ever had. Unfortunately, that also incurred the wrath of Renee's sister and turned him into even more of a nobody than before. Despite being constantly oppressed by Molly, Troy tries his damnedest to stay optimistic and enjoy life. He subsists on his little niche of friends and hobbies, but recognizes opportunity for bigger and better when it smacks him in the face. The MST smacked him hard, as it is wont to do.

Molly Pearson
Affiliation: MST Guardian Birthday: January 2
Age: 16 Hair/Eyes: Black / Brown
Height: 5' 8" Blood Type: O

By combining her stark, cold attitude with her ability to influence and manipulate, Molly has turned her position of student council president into one of supreme power, trumping that of most of the administration. This power lets her command the entire student body in order to better achieve her objectives. The objectives range from dodging classes she doesn't fancy to molding her future MST recruits into obedient pupils. Molly is not a force to be trifled with, as Troy can surely attest to. Still, the weight of her many responsibilities can only be carried for so long, and her disdain for Troy seems to go beyond his misguided crush on her sister.

Kathryn Santos
Affiliation: High School Freshman Birthday: March 25
Age: 15 Hair/Eyes: Reddish-Blond / Green
Height: 6' 2" Blood Type: AB

Having already captivated the entire school with her athletic abilities, Kathryn lives a very content life. She commands respect from her peers and never has trouble finding dates. Her upfront, almost brash attitude hides a very keen sense of observation and justice. This side of Kathryn draws her to Troy, as the two have been best friends for years. Considering herself quite satisfied with her life, her attention turns to improving the lots of friends like Troy. But while Troy takes an interest in the MST, Kathryn can't help but feel skeptical. To her, things that seem to come out of a fantasy are dangerous, while real life is magic enough.

Renee Pearson
Affiliation: High School Freshman Birthday: May 31
Age: 14 Hair/Eyes: Light Brown / Brown
Height: 5' 5" Blood Type: B

Both of the Pearson sisters carry an extraordinary level of intelligence. Unlike Molly, however, Renee has no intention of devoting it all to one place. Renee happily bounces from group to group and from hobby to hobby, eager to try anything and know everything. As a result of this, and her big sister discouraging any enemies, Renee is well-liked amongst just about everybody in school. Deep down, Renee is a media sponge; notably, she inherits a particular interest in computers and "geek" culture from her father. Naturally, she is sold on the MST immediately, as she's read and watched enough fantasy stories to want to try out magic for herself.

Donovan Dunmar
Affiliation: High School Freshman Birthday: December 1
Age: 15 Hair/Eyes: Black / Dark Brown
Height: 6' 4" Blood Type: AB

Tall, intimidating and constantly brooding, Donovan has established himself as one of the stand-out losers of L. B. Gould High. Living outside the social norm gives him the time to focus on the one thing that truly matters- immersing the world in some ambiguously-defined darkness and taking his revenge on his ambiguously-defined enemies. Donovan is obsessed with the the occult and frequently puts its themes and rituals into practice, usually without any of the necessary research or preparations. Correcting him and showing him how to do it for real would be a bad idea, so everyone tends to leave him alone, giving Donovan the impression that he commands an appropriate level of fear among the student body.