About Magical Security Taskforce

Stories have long been told of those that wield magic: their battles over evil, their attempts to find time for love and, of course, their education in the field. Molly Pearson was never a fan of them- too much glamour and window-dressing. Based on her experiences learning magic, it's hard work with little flair, recognition or reward. It's also vital to civilization, however. With several factions of evil forces to keep in check, Molly accepts her responsibility dutifully.

In the midst of her own training, however, Molly is forced to bring four more recruits into the mix- and none of them should have any business using magic. Her sister, Renee, is incredibly intelligent, but incredibly fangirlish with a pre-conceived notion of magic that overshadows (and, in some cases, overlooks) reality. Troy is a seemingly harmless every-kid, but has earned Molly's wrath with his persistent pining for Renee, along with the circumstances behind his recruitment. There's also Kathryn, a sports enthusiast who finds absolutely nothing redeeming about the world of magic but follows Troy into the deep. And, finally, Donovan- who seems fixated on his goal to immerse the world in darkness, if only he had any clue how to do it.

Together, they jump head-first into the ever-pragmatic world of supernatural education, despite not knowing what they're truly jumping into... and with an enemy trying to destroy them before they find out. If they can live long enough, follow these five Ohio high-school students in the Magical Security Taskforce!

Magical Security Taskforce is updated twice weekly, on Wednesdays (usually in the morning) and Sundays (usually in the afternoon). As it is a cohesive story with a developed plot, it is written several chapters in advance. As a result, updates will be consistent, with delays never exceeding more than twelve hours (barring emergency circumstances or an extended internet downtime).

Each update is a unit known as a "session." Each session is roughly two pages long, with five or six sessions comprising a chapter. The MST story is plotted into volumes and chapters similar to that of a manga series. Each volume, consisting of eight or nine chapters, would be the equivalent of a standalone book, although storylines will certainly bleed over from one volume to another (not to mention the occasional cliffhanger). Currently, Magical Security Taskforce is slated for nine volumes.

Any breaks in the action will be between volumes, and this depending on the author's pace. In return, the updates will have bonus featurettes, side stories, and could involve fan submissions in the future. These breaks would not last more than a week or two.

In addition, an audio version of the story will be released periodically, starting towards the latter third of volume one.