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As with last year, Friday was my big shift day, so much of my time was spent running around making sure panels were working right. As opposed to my off-duty hobby of making sure panels were working right. I did get some time in hanging with John Kovalic and some other guests, which turned into an impromptu game of Cineplexity... which I haven't improved at since Anime Milwaukee.

The AMV Contest was a smashing success with ten submitted videos and some tough decisions for the judges. The winner was an incredible The Girl Who Leapt Through Time video, although the rest of the podium deserves merit as well- a Death Note video inserting live footage of the editor into it, and a sweet Ah, My Goddess video to "That Face" from The Producers (since Belldandy is named from Norse mythology, that would make her a little bit Swedish, wouldn't it?)

I had to dash immediately to my fanfiction panel. If you're wondering why I scheduled it that way, note that one original draft of the schedule had my fanfiction panel during the AMV Contest. This was technically the first official panel submitted for Geek.Kon.10, confirmed about one hour after Geek.Kon.09 when Randy and I decided to merge my panel with his Fanfiction Workshop.

It went very well, despite the first discussion being about the infamous Harry Potter fic My Immortal. Despite my effort to turn it into an active discussion by suggesting that its widespread notoriety makes it noteworthy and thus more successful than 99% of fanfiction, it ended with me doing a reading of chapter one. As one would if they were recording an audiobook. Let's just say I'm glad nobody filmed it.

After that came Con Horror Stories, which I'm contractually forbidden from discussion other than saying it was awesome.

I stayed to make sure Fandub Insanity got rolling, but didn't stick around, instead meeting Sarah and getting drinks with Eric Vale. Good times.

The 2ndPage of the 1stAgent Convention Recap
As Interpreted By KORfan

On Saturday 1st Agent spent his share of time as floor manager

Actually, I only spent a couple hours in the afternoon as Assistant Floor Manager. This could easily be me on break.

1st Agent barely had time to stand still on Saturday

That much is true. The first part of the day was the Masquerade planners meeting and orientation. Which I only barely remembered I was supposed to be at.

Yet he found time to greet wandering con goers such as Trae

Helping John at Fast Food Anime is nice because everybody at the con comes to you. Running around doing staff stuff is nice because you eventually come across everybody you want to. Trae made the drive from his new Indiana location, and has a convention recap that, unlike this one, is actually worthwhile if you want someone's account of how things actually went.

The big arrow on the board was my recognition of our con's need for signage. It lists where things are, and there were several throughout the convention. Naturally, people were still lost. One of the biggest obstacles to working Publications is that congoers don't read.

1st Agent even put together an amazing costume from Trae's comic Unconventional.

Yes, KORfan, it's such an amazing cosplay of Lynn from UnCONventional that it makes me look like Cheesus.

(Seriously, on the Facebook album, he tagged me where Cheesus is standing in the picture.)

Although it is amusing that it's Trae's webcomic, yet Cheesus is wearing the Bork Con staff t-shirt and Trae is wearing the congoer t-shirt.

When 1st Agent wasn't on duty as events coordinator, he found the time to cosplay as Estonia and run a panel

Yep, changing quickly from Lynn to Estonia...

The Hetalia panel was really fun as Erika wanted to do something a little more structured than the usual mad tea party at most cons. The concept was to read some amusing stories from around the world and have panelists, acting as the nations, react to them. Many involved dealings with Russia for some reason, including the report of Estonia freaking out over a Russian DNS attack. In what was certainly not a blatant plug for Hetalia World Cup, I announced scores from the Euro '12 qualifiers. This was fun as Hetalia fans loved watching the World Cup and Euro qualifiers get all the European countries involved, even though Liechtenstein got drubbed by defending champion Spain (I gave Switzerland a hard time for letting that happen). But I feigned shame in Estonia's loss to Italy, our panel's Germany got to rub in his win over Erika's Belgium, and Belarus got her moment of glory when I revealed that she beat France (apparently without bladed weapons).

After he was cast as America, Eric agreed to be shoe-horned onto the panel, which worked out really well as he was able to give his thoughts on dubbing the series, and sign some quick autographs afterwards.

1st Agent shared his cosplay with con goers in the staff room

This one's way off. I snuck away from the Hetalia photoshoot for a moment to check out Kon.Quest, a new event that involved playing mini-games, collecting cards with inventory and trading them for valuable gems and goodies. It turned out to be the breakout hit of the convention.

And after a quick change, 1st Agent served as MC for the costume contest

These pictures were taken five hours apart. The Geekbot plushie joined me (and as I understand it, its presence spurred sales of its kin on Sunday).

The masquerade went really well this year, with some incredible costumes. And everything on the tech side mostly worked. Our only hiccup was that the judging took twice as long as it did last year and we ran out of AMVs. It was a bit harrowing, but Scott and John Haverty helped kill time, along with an impromptu Let's Play of Super Mario Bros on the big screen... which ought to teach our audio engineer Brian not to play it on his laptop before the show. We survived, and I'll leave it at that. Although apparently I did something right as afterwards I was asked to MC at a different convention.

Then 1st Agent ran off, changed again, and ran a panel on the future of conventions

Actually, I had the staff shirt on under both the Estonia cosplay and the dress shirt.

After an Inter-Convention Staff Reception that we completely forgot to tell other conventions about (although reps from Anime Milwaukee and WisCon stopped by for some great breeze shooting) and the Masquerade Post-Mortem, it was time for the Direction of Conventions panel. It was originally going to be me representing Geek.Kon, OddCon organizer Paul Wiesner and Zack from Daisho talking about different conventions and where they're heading. Zack couldn't make it due to Stuff (the capitalization indicates an excused absence), so Nick Izumi filled in briefly. Later, an organizer from MadCon got up to the table, and representatives from No Brand (Meep), ACen (Nick F.), Iowa (KORfan), Detour and a couple others made it a lot of fun. One of the nice things about Geek.Kon is how all folks used to all sorts of different conventions, from behemoths like Anime Central to local sci-fi cons, can all mingle with each other in a neutral environment.

On Sunday 1st Agent found time to run the Geek Show in Programming Omega

Heh heh... Geek Show itself was great, with six submissions and two walk-ons, one of which was our Wicked cosplayer from last year singing "No Good Deed." A couple times during the song, she forgot the next line. So I fed it from the side. It was fun.

But there's more to talk about here... namely Programming Omega. The local cut-ins for the MDA telethon needed to take over our main programming room on Sunday, so early in the morning we had to move everything to Programming Ω and change all the signage. The concept behind Programming Ω was my way to communicate this to congoers. Rather than having Main Programming, Sub Programming and panel rooms, we simply had Programming 1-5. That way it wasn't a matter of Main Programming moving, it was Programming 1 closing and Programming Ω opening.

Despite the presented magic of rooms disappearing and appearing randomly, we did have to move our AV from 1 to Ω manually. I woke up at 6:00 am to help TheHerald in any way that I could, which also involved moving tables in the Table Top Room (which borrowed Ω's space Friday and Saturday). My 7:30 breakfast at the hotel restaurant felt like the best meal I've ever had.

I had an Assistant Floor Manager shift at 8:00. My job was to check on panels, of which there were none that early in the morning. One of my proudest achievements this year was not scheduling any panels before 10:00 am, but that did make the position a bit slow. TheHerald was doing fine in Ω, so other than helping Evan set things up in the Victorian Lounge (envisioned as a steampunk-ish chill spot on Sunday), I was able to relax for a bit.

At least until we learned that Vendor Head Erin had to work that morning and a communications mix-up left us without anyone to open the Vendor Room Sunday morning.

So for an hour, the Vendor Room and Artist Alley were run by myself (Events/Publications), Sari (Guest Relations) and Joe (Webmaster). Our little ragtag team actually had a lot of fun with it.

This was also when The Coffee Conversation happened. It will forever enter Geek.Kon staff lore. Ask me about it sometime.

1st Agent had so much fun being on Geek.Kon staff that he wanted to share the experience with others, so he ran a panel on it.

Even though I wasn't supposed to. While several people eagerly volunteered to run the Join Geek.Kon staff panel, I don't remember who it was and nobody was there at the start of it. And as Dr. Cancer and the SKAmbies got going smoothly, I was in the clear.

And 1st Agent met with some recruiting success

It got better as Kenny (Treasurer), Sarah B. (Table Top/Masquerade), Mike (Workforce) and John (Ninja) dropped in.

Satisfied with a successful convention, 1st Agent was able to attend closing ceremony where he threatened to confiscate the photographer's camera.

Eh, KORfan pretty much hit that one on the head. For Daisho Con, I think I'll put my camera in my con bag now.