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Not a whole lot happened at the reg table. Talked to passers-by, gave out a few flyers, helped our other neighbors Ohayocon set up and chilled for a while. Sarah and Evan left to check out the host club across the street. Yes, they apparently had a host club across the street. So it was blah for a couple hours.

Friday / Saturday Morning
Don't Stop The Music

Didn't stop me from getting pictures though.

Kitsune Kon had Nurse Joy helping them out.

There was also a very authentic-looking Green Ranger.

And Karasuma with the kappa raingear. I made mention of the fact that Karasuma's VA will be at Geek.Kon.

Apparently Evan had put a sign out that said we did emergency cosplay repairs, which a couple people did attempt to take advantage of. I had to dig through his stuff to find the materials that would help them make emergency repairs, but we succeeded in saving at least one patient.

Sarah returned from being coddled by Kyoya (apparently it was authentic Ouran Host Club to boot). We were off to the first Hetalia photoshoot of the weekend.

Once again, we'll move all the Hetalia pictures into a different page, but this most of Friday's shoot participants. This doesn't count the Seychelles and Lithuania that organizer Russia scared away.

Latvia and I didn't escape in time.

These were all the folks taking pictures of the event. It was nuts.

After all that, I took a few seconds to chill, but not a whole lot as the next item on the agenda was Your Favorite Anime Sucks, something I was determined to get into after being stymied at ACens past. Sarah decided at the last second to skip out, later opting for a Persona photoshoot instead.

All of the SEES members from Persona 3 were there, but I'm weird so I'll only steal pics of the robot and the dog.

I arrived more than 30 minutes early and the line was already around the corner. Every year, ACen underestimates the draw of this event, which is saying something as they put him in the biggest not-Main Programming room they had. By the time the panel started, the line stretched to Main Programming. Voice actor Wendy Powell walked by and the size of the line tempted her to skip her own panel to join it.

It took me twenty minutes to realize I was sitting next to a girl in a very nice Nia outfit.

After an adventure filing everybody in, the guys led off with a song- I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan. I want Richard and Nick Izumi to sing that now.

I forgot how crude the humor was at this panel, but it was definitely enjoyable. Quote of the day came when a discussion on InuYasha led to a poll on who actually paid to watch the series. He let the one person who paid to watch all of the series pick the next show and got a response of Elfen Lied: "InuYasha to Elfen Lied?! How do you go from 'embarrassed to touch hands' to 'twelve-year-old being raped?!"

He also encouraged fans of Gravitation, Descendents of Darkness and other shounen-ai titles to suck it up and watch yaoi hentai.

Upon my return, I changed out of Estonia and again chilled only briefly. It was time to get into another line! This time it was for Anime Hell, and I was dragging Sarah to this. For Anime Hell is a test of survival, and I was timing her.

The line for Anime Hell. This is why we arrived an hour early.

We ended up hanging out and goofing off with a pair of Hetalia folks:

One was a Prussia, almost qualifying for the rave mode Erika gave to Len at No Brand.

We also got Gakuen Seychelles, the high school from the unfinished game where she made her most prominent appearance fending off advances from both France and England.

Something was missing when we got inside. Apparently, they decided that chairs were only necessary in the back few rows. I'm sure a lot of thought went into that decision and I'm sure there were logical reasons for it. Sarah and I jumped into the chairs in the back few rows rather than sit like we were at a tea ceremony.

Sarah made it 90 whole minutes before an "industrial safety" video worse than German Forklift Video knocked her out. There were only a few familiar videos- namely the G.I. Joe PSAs and Fish Fight. The rest were a crop of randomness, but still quite enjoyable, particularly the anime short of Extreme mahjong between Kim Jong-il and a portrayal of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi that would make Chuck Norris blush. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more with the usual packed house. The lack of seats squeezed the crowd upfront and the rave next door probably stole some eyes away.

It wasn't just extreme workplace violence that did Sarah in. She also wanted to help set up the room party. Not much to report from that, particularly since I didn't take pictures. Lots of friends stop by, several fliers and food passed out to folks who drop in, and our little room at one point held about 10 convention staffers at once. This included Nick F. dropping by after his shift and KORfan and TongoJeff stopping in, so that meant Geek.Kon, No Brand, Kitsune Kon, ACen and Anime Iowa were represented.

Eventually, things settled down and we busted out Apples to Apples for a few rounds with our inter-con fans. Despite not playing with many of them before, I totally owned this round, despite going not just ironic, but comically opposite ones like Atlantis for Shallow and The Common Loon for a word with uncommon in its definition. I even took one of our special green cards- Pics Or It Didn't Happen.

Saturday, I woke up at 9:30 for the panel I'd been waiting seven years for: Anime Theme Song Adaptation. My old English Anime Lyrics Archive hasn't gotten a whole lot of love lately, but it's still an art form close to my heart and I'm just happy to have anybody talking about it. Only in this case, it was Vic Mignogna. Despite the material, and despite the 10:00 time, Sarah warned me to expect nothing but a room full of gushing fangirls. When I arrived, I was a tad worried as there was a sizable line for the event... or the one next door. We weren't entirely sure. I was tempted to just ask Vic when he walked by en route to his secret entrance, but he probably didn't know either.

As it turned out, it was only half-full of gushing fangirls and a respectable number of guys. And they were there to learn.

...and Vic just wanted the audio on the laptop to work. While he tried to stall for time with a soliloquy on lyric adaptation, the panel didn't start in earnest until Nick F. came in and fixed it with little more than a push of a button. For one fleeting moment, the gushing fangirls gushed for him.

Anyway, while I was sleeping, apparently people started taking lyric adaptation seriously. Vic dissected Tamaki's image song from Ouran, going through all the steps in the process that I was already familiar with. The important thing was that he incorporated all the steps in the process, including meter and rhyme, that tend to get ignored far too often. Frankly, that song had one of the best dubs I'd ever heard.

Not to be outdone, I got my two cents in during the Q&A process, mentioning an edit I made to my version of the Chobits opening, where an edited line sounded better when it ended on the same phoneme as the Japanese version. It floored him that after all the prior steps in the process, I still was able to do that. Frankly, though, mad props go to the girls attempting to dub the Persona 3 FES opening. After the panel, I ran to the front of the room, politely shook Vic's hand, then gushed over them.

Take a bow, Ryuji/Pharos.

With that over with, I headed towards the Ghibli photoshoot. It was time for a quest.

To get to Koshien!

Okay, no... in fact, I was a bit rude to this Ryo cosplayer when I mentioned that Ryo was left-handed. Normally, it's a simple matter of switching props to the other hand, but I momentarily forgot that baseball gloves are fitted for specific hands and she didn't have a glove for lefties.

Thankfully, we can take care of it in post!

But anyway, our quest was to find the elusive Noh Face. One of Chairman Bob's prized traditions at ACen is wandering the Hyatt as No-Face, never breaking character, and handing out soap tokens. He was hoping to hit the Studio Ghibli meet as a little girl playing Chihiro wanted to get a picture of him.

No No-Face when we got there, but we did get some Porco Rosso action going on.

Bob did arrive eventually, but we had to dash off to the second Hetalia shoot and couldn't stick around. We found the mob already gathered across the street and ran to them.

But not so fast as to miss Riku from Eyeshield rodeo driving past us.

You know what, let's just do all the Hetalia pictures next and stay in somewhat-chronological order.

Everybody else can go to the official Page Three.