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Let's run through these fast, we have a LOT to go over!

Change The World

Bouncing right into things with Ukraine...

After the boring ol' Axis and Allies, the Neutrals... or countries comically subdued early on.

England's kids in one lovely Commonwealth photo: Canada, Hong Kong, America and Sealand.

The Asians. I'm just floored there are multiple Hong Kongs.

Latvia and I get a brief moment in the sun before they decide that just the Baltics is boring and invite everybody behind the Iron Curtain.

Sarah didn't realize Hungary was "one with Russia" and sat out for the Warsaw Pact photo. And before anyone asks, Prussia often stands in for East Germany for this kind of thing.

I stole the Lithuania before he ran away and got a decent photo of the three Baltics away from the action.

We had a Cuba! As a World Cup announcer who can barely stand soccer, he's been the breakaway star.

Gentle photo of sisters Ukraine and Belarus.

Not-so-gentle photo of Belarus proposing marriage with Russia.

Hey, while we're doing pairings, somebody came up with the crazy idea of Germany-Italy. And hey! Someone actually cosplayed North Italy!

Just for the hell of it, Russia with Pikachu. with Russia, we get it.

Someone asked for a pic of Latvia beating up Russia, but things just naturally drifted back into place. I was tempted to rush in and club Russia with Estonia's laptop.

France/Seychelles. I'm sure Sarah's wishing there was a France at Iowa right about now.

Time to shoehorn the cute Gakuen Seychelles picture in here.

Most of the whole group for shoot 1. How did shoot 2 compare?

Dunno, I didn't get everybody.

Got Turkey though!

A few more Ukraines for good measure.

One damn good Austria.

Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire!

Gathering of the "Sovies," with Prussia for good measure.

Sweden, Finland and adopted son Sealand.

And what happens when Sweden doesn't feel like putting up with Sealand's crap.

Somebody wanted a Finland/Estonia picture. I'm cool with that since they're BFFs, but the crowd wanted more. Sweden said no.

And that covers the Hetalia. We now resume regular programming.