Daisho Con 2008

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It's been a hell of a year for anime conventions. Topping it off for 2008 is a scrappy upstart up in Stevens Point called Daisho Con. Using a lot of the ideas and concepts popularized by No Brand Con, this was set to be a great little fall convention in a region that really needed one. If Reactor is ACen's snotty little brother, then this is No Brand's lovable hick cousin with a heart of gold. Friendly forums, staffers that I know are good people and a buzz like no other. So the year wraps up with convention number seven.

So who do we mooch off of for crash space this time? Well, let's take a look at what we've done so far:

Ohayocon: Green Bay (Me, three other guys and a funky blue leopard thingy costume)
Anime Milwaukee: One day trip (no crashing necessary)
No Brand Con: 202 Crew (I know 202 broke up in '06, but it's a good guild name)
Anime Central: Nick K. (Silly drunk late night drama*)
Anime Iowa: 202 Crew (Did I mention one of them snores something awful?)
Geek.kon: My place, my bed (...not quite feasible for Stevens Point)

This time, to hell with it. The rates in Point were very good, and frankly I was sick of dealing with snoring and silly drunk late night drama. For the last con of 2008, I was flying solo. Not only that, but with full executive control over the room I was going to give something back to the community. After enjoying the experience of the Devil Bat themed tailgater at No Brand '07, it was time to throw a room party of my own!

* As you could probably guess, certain events and exploits get a bit gossipy or private and are inappropriate to share. Doubly so now that many of the characters are also reading these recaps and doing such anal things like fact checking (fox ears, cat ears... what's the difference?). So various juicy bits are omitted and only available on the Convention Recaps UNCUT DVD. Please have a major credit card ready; you must be over 18 to order.

Right Now Adam Is Thinking About A Solo Project
(And Getting Someone To Crash)

The first greeters upon arriving in Stevens Point turned out to be reps from Geek.kon, including Mike (RedPractice Ninja), who jumped ship to Madison and is helping them transition to a fee-based hotel convention. That's right... they're charging next year. Stay tuned.

Anyway, my first foray into being responsible for the hotel went fine, although they did misspell my last name. Thankfully, I had my confirmation number on my handy dandy notebook and got in. After following a maze of hallways to the Tower wing and room 2000.

In the room 2000 (falsetto echo: in the room 2000!), I unloaded, got a basic idea of what I wanted the room party to look like, and sat down and appreciated how clean it was.

It's mine! All mine!

The next step was adding the room number to my posters. The awesomeness of Kathryn-chan was bound to win some converts.

Another run through the maze led me to the convention center and the registration desk.

Soon as I pick up my badge from Scooby I am greeted by the familiar faces of Zack and Tiffany Grant. Yeah, Tiffany Grant Run-In #9 sets a new speed record. In fact, Zack just kinda left her with me for a few minutes while I signed my badge and we got caught up on things. Next one is convention number ten. We'll have to make it a good one for you.

Dang FF cosplayers sneaking into my hallway pictures. Good set-up though. Everything's nice and together and quartered away from everybody else at the hotel.

After taking care of business and getting a few posters up, I check out the expansive video game room. Not so much because of all the games (not that the selection was bad- better than Iowa and ACen at least). Ended up playing some Rock Band... er... Guitar Hero: World Tour with Mike, finally getting some more licks in on drums. It killed time until Opening Ceremonies.

As did staffers doing silly dances. Incidentally, nifty shirts. Even the UPS driver look is an improvement over the Battle Royale Kevlar ACen uses.

Nick Izumi warms up the early birds by plugging his series of "animated" shorts on YouTube. I warm them up by cosplaying Nick Izumi. Didn't quite get the hair right, but otherwise a faithful rendition.

Zack and Nick go through the general opening ceremonies bit- welcome everybody, quick roundup of events, introduce Tiff, plug Nick's webseries, search for missing mascot... the usual.

Yeah, apparently the mascot for Daisho Con, yellow anthro-dog wonder Stevie Musashi, has vanished and local superhero Nintendo Boy needs help to find him...

Yeah, the No Brand influence is just a little transparent.

Following Opening Ceremonies, the Vendor's Room opened up.

Besides being really freaking cold in there, it's a nice, small setup with pretty much one of everything. Including John. And I mean that literally because he is manning his booth solo... despite having two sections and two terminals.

At ACen, it was out of boredom. This time, it was out of pity.

I stayed for about half an hour before heading to the forum meetup.

I usually shy away from the Square RPG characters, but I will make an exception for Geno.

Sarah here as Chipette Jeanette (hey, that rhymes!). She was always matched up with Simon. Sweet.

After the usual forum member roll call and some chit-chat, we're entertained with a dramatic reading of our "three word story" thread. You know those threads where one person types three words and passes it on, and it ends up becoming random and indecipherable. Ours had Ewoks. And apparently reading them aloud makes them hilarious.

Along the path to the dealers room lies a rumble... Kenji Harima!

Just a normal cute catgirl, right? Wait... is that Cassie?

Yes, folks, it's Cassie, the Kino-Tonberry-Mudkip cute cosplay savant... in a scanty catgirl outfit. She looks good in it, that's not the point. But I actually did a double-take when I saw this because her cosplay tends to be cute, kickass and not so... you know. Another point is that it's about 30 degrees outside and she's wearing this, yet at Anime Iowa last year she's in her giant burlap Tonberry suit with a heat index in the triple digits. And she's a smart girl!

Anyway, about this time I got a call from the hotel. They want to see me about those posters. I figure either the con didn't inform the hotel about the concept of room parties... or they're all just big Kathryn fans and want to keep a poster as a momento... maybe have me sign it...

Nope, it's the room party business. They are absolutely not authorizing such an activity in a sleeping room because of... well, pretty much for all the reasons room parties that get out of control get shut down by con security. Too loud, too many people, uncontrolled alcohol consumption... you know. I calmly go into "schmoozing my way out of a speeding ticket" mode, nod with everything he says and convince him that I'm not that guy. He settles down, lets me proceed with the party but warns me that security will be keeping close tabs on things and will shut it down if necessary. As if a different hotel would do anything else. Once he's gone, I snicker and wonder what he's going to do about the three other room parties that hadn't gotten their posters up yet.

Later, I found out that he visited with Zack about the matter too, and got pretty much the same reaction from him. Only he not only snickered about the three other room parties the guy didn't know about, but also how wild and rambunctious I tend to get at these outings.

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