Anime Central 2007: Star's Multi-media Extravaganza Report!

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Thursday Prologue

This year, I was prepared for ACen to be a blast if last year's experience was an example to go by.  Add into the fact that Chromus was going to be there and he finally had a chance at taking himself off the "suck" list.  Zach Kaiser couldn't make it this year, but that's okay, he's off the "suck" list and he'll stay off.  Adam would definitely be there, and that was always good for laughs.  Obviously, Artful would be with me, since... well... the reason is obvious, yes?

Artful and I learned from last year's mistake of lodging in the off-site Exel Inn - while conveniently cheap, it had limited shuttle service, which forced us to miss out on the late-nite shenanigans of Anime Hell, Midnight Madness, the rave, and room parties.  So I was shelling out for a delicious little room at the Hyatt, just for the convenience (which was definitely worth it).  In exchange for staying with me, Art just had to buy me swag and feed me until he paid off his half of the room.

I arrived in Chicago on Thursday evening after a string of plane mishaps.  Let it be said that I was a bundle of nerves since may plans with Art went to pot and I wasn't expecting any more delays or glitches.  Then it turned out that someone had checked in my room already.  After coming close to a meltdown and waiting out the entire evening for the front desk to clear up this issue, it turned out that Art - thinking he'd be sweet - checked into my room for me and didn't know it would cause me much more pain and grief.

I would certainly exact revenge on his wallet and psyche.  Adam and Chromus know that yaoi panels are great tools of psychological torture, and I threatened to drag Art to them if he ever caused me displeasure or distress.  There's proof of this - I colour coded the on-line schedule for panels that were of interest in varying degrees, and one particularly fruity colour meant:

"Make me happy, then no yaoi.  Make me mad, then buttsex shall be had."

Art's in trouble and I'm plotting revenge.  What a great way to kick off ACen!

While I worried and fretted over who was holed up in my room, I wandered around taking a few pictures and videos.

One thing to note is that this report will be filled with 4chan references, so if anyone's lost about some things, I implore you to either go to WikiChan or LURKMORE.  Now, let's kick things off with this first incident.

I saw a well-suited fellow with an afro. I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but... is the pool closed?"

His eyes lit up. "The pool is closed due to stairs!"

Now, the Hyatt underwent some major renovations earlier this year. The front desk was moved from the first floor to the second. The front doors, escalators, and stairways were replaced and given a shiny new facelift. A new restaurant and bar were put in, and the pool area was converted into a solarium with a staircase leading into the lower floor. The improvements were quite beautiful and certainly appreciated.

I found a /b/tard. I was happy.

I chatted with the Nigra cosplaying /b/tard (whom I later found out was named Tom). It was nice to make another new friend.

Then a Bridget cosplayer walked by.

Star: Is that Bridget?
Tom: Yeah, I think it is.
Star: Do you think he can hear this from here?
Tom: Hear what?

I yelled at the top of my lungs: "BRIDGET! I'M GAY FOR YOU!"

Everyone in the immediate area started cheering and clapping. Someone even joined in on declaring their gay Bridget love.

Met some /b/tards, had the audacity to yell in the middle of the hotel lobby (people from the third floor heard me, oh yeah), and start some mad-on Bridget love.

This Excel remembered my Lois Griffin cosplay!

And here's footage of Snake getting pwned by Lara Croft.

I finally did manage to get the matter of my room cleared up.  The people at the front desk were kind enough to offer me a security escort, just so I didn't kill my boyfriend or anything silly like that... I graciously declined and went to my room to threaten Art about the hardcore yaoi panel that was being held Friday night, and then get some much needed sleep.

And with that start, we move onto... Friday.