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Over the course of the weekend, I slowly began to realize something. Last year I wasn't too impressed with ACen, its lines and its lack of originality. No Brand Con was quickly surpassing it in terms of funn and spontaneity. I was even planning to stop going after this year.

Maybe it was the presence of Star and Artful and Zach, but this year kicked butt. The lines were shorter (even Janey didn't have to wait terribly long), the panelists and participants defied the organizers and made it original, and the problems were natural and minimal.

ACen, why can't I quit you?

Damn You For Being So Awesome
Does This Mean I Have to Go to Otakon Now?

I wasn't the last one back Saturday night. Nick and Heather apparently found Lynn and ended up having one of their trademark two-hour conversations. Didn't matter, because I was the first one up again. Janey was right behind me, but in no position to actually get up and leave. I needed to get to Whose Line and meet up with the online fellers again, so I explained the plan- while I was gone, they could wake up and start packing. I would return soon after so we could haul everything to the car and check out by noon.

You can start laughing now.

Whose Line's Sunday edition was marginally less entertaining, likely due to the lack of mousetraps. They played Scenes From a Hat, which is one of my favorite games. It was also one of theirs, apparently, as they played it for a half hour. It was a very big hat.

They also hit Party Quirks again, highlighted by Spanish Ranma (mistakenly identified as Mexican InuYasha), and a kleptomaniac who eventually went through the audience and grabbed everything that wasn't nailed down (including my bag and someone's yaoi paddle).

Once that was over, it was time to part with Zach, who had a long flight back to Minnesota ahead of him.


I know someone from the internet now!

As promised, it was back to the hotel room to wake up the rest of my roommates and pack. While we do that, here's my set of cosplay pictures, once again personalized to my tastes (meaning I reward obscurity and personal preference over actual talent):

I believe I can fly...

I've only seen one episode of Full Moon, and didn't care for it much, but for some reason I insist that Full Moon cosplayers should be rewarded with many pictures. It's gotta be the bunny ears.


The true highlight is the wallet of Alicia framegrabs. Mention Pedo-Bear and you get the same fate as Hughes.

There are motherf**king snakes on this motherf**king plane!

Most inventive cosplay ever for what's sure to be the greatest movie ever- Snakes on a Plane.

In this day and age, anyone who even remembers Magic User's Club wins points with me.

Speaking of old school-

A wild romantic rover, this cat gets down down with a love hangover.

Samurai Pizza Cats cosplay! To this day, "Guido Anchovy" remains the best Saban dub name ever, and he paved the way for characters like Brock.

Dodongo Dislikes Smoke

I take it back- this is old school. I don't even acknowledge the existence of any Zelda games after "Link to the Past."

 Fifi says it's time to go.

This almost made up for the lack of Eyeshield 21 cosplayers. Not only is it Princess Nine, but it's also Yuki, the most messed up of the group.

Hika says sinners can die in hell!

Even if you don't like Digimon, or if you do, even if you think Kari (or "Hika" for the CrapBoardia crowd) is a pretentious bitch, this is a very good cosplay. They even got the shoes right.

This makes me regret that if I had known AMV Hell was taking submissions, I would have made a Princess Mononoke video to "Da Turdy Point Buck" song.

Okay, that distracted you while we got everything in the car (and I mean everything- we took two cars, yet fit all our stuff into mine). We checked out at 12:30. Close enough, and enough time for one last run to the dealer's room.

Side Story Time!

Nick and Heather lost their badges at some point yesterday. Heather I forgive because the registration line actually ran out of badge holders (and the replacements they got Friday afternoon were too small). In fact, I ended up stealing some of Star's bobby pins to hold mine on. Nick, however, put his badge inside his lucky ACen '99 lanyard... and still lost it.

We hatched an incredibly cunning plan- namely Janey and I making our run through the Dealer's Room and lending our badges to Nick and Heather for their run. Ignore the fact that this is way against the rules and grounds for losing the badge (it was Sunday afternoon anyway, and the only event left was the AMV awards). There was only one snag-

RedOctane was selling their Ignition 3.0 DDR Pads (best soft pads on the market) for $50.

They normally retail for $110.

My wallet was empty after my loli/yuri/incest run Saturday and I bought it *anyway*. It is physically impossible to pass that deal up, and I made the vendor well-aware of that by cursing him out while he rang up the purchase. If I can't make my car payment next month, he's to blame.

To give you an idea of how irresistible the offer is, while Janey was browsing some manga, I ran into Mike, the DDR fanatic from '03 and someone that I hadn't seen in a year. He saw my DDR Pad, I said "$50" and pointed to the booth.

He was gone.

Aren't we smug-looking bastards?

Haven't spoken to him in a year, and this was the extent of our conversation.

Janey finished up her last-minute purchases and we traded our badges to Nick and Heather. I ran to dump the pad in the car and got back just in time to see that he also bought one. Didn't let him take it to the car because we had to get to the AMV award ceremony. How appropriate that for the last event of the day, not only were Star and Artful waiting for us, but with them were Scott, Slim, and Nick #2.

Okay, maybe not so much appropriate as it was doggone convenient for me.

As for the winners- I agreed with the winners for Romance (it's a recurring theme that KOR wins everything), Action (that awesome video with the Berserk manga), Best in Show (Wedding Rings gives Suberunker his second straight... not involving lens flare nipples), and Drama. No, I didn't win, but it was a strong, angsty Saikano video, leading me to believe that Saikano is quickly replacing Haibane Renmei for angsty sources that win Drama AMV awards. I did not agree with Best Theme (Azumanga Daioh: The Animated Fanfic, which strung a bunch of random clips together with subtitles providing the story), Best Comedy (Azumanga DIEoh, a truly pathetic AMV Hell-wannabe that features a couple amusing video shorts: I am officially declaring the art of the traditional Comedy AMV dead), and Best Upbeat (a bunch of special effects to some mindless Europop, with some Dual clips thrown in to make it legit).

The last three would all fall under the "How Not To Make An AMV" category.

With that done, it was time to head out. I said goodbye to Star and Artful and the Whitewater group planned its escape. There was one more strange subplot involving Nick trying to deliver a laptop that he had sold last year, but by this point it's hardly amusing enough to close out on. There's only one more thing that this recap needs:

This makes up for those two AMV winners...

The obligatory Chiyo-no-Chichi picture! Good night everybody!