Killing Two Reindeer With One Shuriken

Posted on July 7, 2007

After an unnecessarily long delay, we have new episodes of both Manga Survivor: Grandline and Champion’s Cup for you. This is episode four for both series, and business really picks up. For the second time, two series posted at roughly the same time are using the same challenge, but at least it involves weapons and not gross food.

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2 Comments so far
  1. TnAdct1 July 10, 2007 2:58 pm

    Sorry for the delay (hey, I’ve been very busy with various anime-related stuff). Here’s my comments for Chapter 4 of the Champion’s Cup.

    -That is so true. When it comes to anime girls, no one can out-cute Chiyo-chan.

    -After hearing Misato comparing Sana and Hayama to Asuka and Shinji, did anyone else think of the MAD-like videos that has the Evangelion cast recreating the OP’s to Kodocha?

    -Oh yeah, with Sana and Hayama in the same house now, the humor between those two will definitely pick up.

    -You gotta enjoy the Yellow House’s versions of the eviction voting, especially Yukari-sensei’s impression of Jessie and Ruri’s deadpan version of Kari.

  2. TnAdct1 July 10, 2007 3:13 pm

    Part 2 (as I accidentally posted this too early):

    -LOL Misato asking Shinji if there’s any beer inside Yellow’s house.

    -That’s the Tracey that’s familiar with Anime Reality fanfic readers: the scheming type (as seen by his secret plan to backstab Mistune). BTW, considering Tracey’s Japanese seiyuu, it’s a shame that Arp can’t make it to Otakon this year. Of course, considering one of the other Japanese guests at Otakon (not the one that interests me, Chromus), it’s probably a smart move not to attend, Arp.

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