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December 30, 2006
The long-awaited stage seven of Level 3: Experiments is up. Only one more stage left, and I'm hoping to really hit that hard in the next month or so to make way for Champion's Cup and my original series- Magical Security Taskforce, which has a target launch date of April.
November 30, 2006
And here's round two! Here's the finale for Survivor: Dewford Islands. With both epics complete, the door is open to begin the next season. That means it's my turn to shine! Check back in a couple weeks for the page for the next series on the docket: Champion's Cup! As for Gomamon and Chromus, Gomamon has already announced plans for his next Survivor and whispers of a fourth Animezing Race series are already spreading. One thing's for sure- Full Metal Alchemist will finally make its Anime Reality debut!
November 26, 2006
Let's finish this! Or at least finish one series. The grand finale for Murder Game 3 is up, with Survivor's big finish expected any time soon. So which of our femmes did it? I will say only this- when the suspect list was announced in April '05, I made a blind guess at the final three before hearing the motives. One of my picks was the killer. I have the chat transcript to back this up. :P
October 29, 2006
Episodes nine and ten of Murder Game 3 are up! Well, episode nine only has one part and episode ten's not that long... but... uh... we are at the final three! Hooray for ditching overrated series! And that's not a spoiler since I didn't say which overrated series got the boot. :)
October 4, 2006
Two updates for the price of one! The planets of aligned and we have new chapters of both Survivor: Dewford Islands and Murder Game 3 for you! We're reaching the end here- dwindling down to the final four on both sides! This also means Anime Reality needs submissions for the upcoming season- if you're writing a reality port or know of a good one that should be posted here, send it in today!
September 6, 2006
Episode 11 of Survivor: Dewford Islands is here and everybody's strutting their stuff in the final six. I also updated the FAQ to include some frequently-used script format terminology, indirectly acknowledge Digimon Savers, as well as fix up the Survivor section regarding the Tribal Rivalry format (and for anyone interested in the upcoming series of the real thing- I point out that the two ethnically-divided Animation Survivor series have been won by an Asian and an African-American).
August 29, 2006
That time of the month- episode 7 of Murder Game 3 is up.
August 10, 2006
Otakon may be halfway across the country, but who needs Baltimore to have a hoedown. My recap of Anime Iowa 2006 is up!
July 24, 2006
At long last, stage six of Level 3: Experiments is now up. Given how giant these chapters are, I'm thinking about posting stage seven in segments on this site. The only way to keep tabs on it, of course, is to keep checking back here!
July 23, 2006
Episode 6 of Murder Game 3 is up. This one's for the kiddies... or not.
July 15, 2006
Who's in the Final Six? It's Episode 10 of Survivor: Dewford Islands. Hooray for nervous breakdowns!
June 26, 2006
Episode 5 of Murder Game 3 is up. Let's up the death count, shall we?
June 19, 2006
Surprises galore in Episode 9 of Survivor: Dewford Islands. I still say the best way to break a tie is "slowest to finish the quiz."
May 28, 2006
Episode 4 of Murder Game 3 is up, and business is starting to pick up. This includes the checklist, so you're in for a huge spoiler if you go there first.
May 25, 2006
Who's first up for jury duty? Episode 8 of Survivor: Dewford Islands is up. Also finally got around to updating the checklist for episode 3 of Murder Game 3. Pretty futile since episode four is coming Sunday (thankfully Chromus is providing the info now).
May 15, 2006
Online friends, No Brand friends, and Whitewater friends collide at Anime Central 2006. The recap is up and ready!
April 30, 2006
Episode 3 of Murder Game 3 is up! The recap will be updated once I get a chance to sit down and actually read this (I've been a tad busy this week).
April 29, 2006
It's bigger than ever! The longest and most picture-intensive convention recap to date is now online! Relive my trip through No Brand Con 5!
April 26, 2006
Presenting the Anime Music Video section! The page for my newest video, Forget Tomorrow is up- including a condensed download for you to enjoy! There's also a link to my first video, Muska the Dreamer, on
April 20, 2006
Now here's Episode 7 of Survivor: Dewford Islands. Feel the mergey goodness!
April 7, 2006
The link to Episode 6 of Survivor: Dewford Islands is now up. And you all thought Ash's episode 5 curse was bad...
April 2, 2006
Episode 2 of Murder Game 3 is up! That includes the episode recap page. Also enlarged the character pics for the entire MG series and Animole. You can also expect a new episode of Survivor: Dewford Islands this week.
March 25, 2006
At long last, two of the classics in anime reality stories is now up on Anime Reality! Roomies: Girls and Roomies: Boys are now up. I'm also enlarging the character pics on all of the story pages, starting tonight with the entire Roomies series.
March 11, 2006
Fixed one of the links on the ACen '03 that was causing some 404 errors. I'm just stoked that my stats page reports the source of 404 errors. It also reports visitor nationalities. Whoever's coming here from Latvia- you rock.
March 5, 2006
Added a page to the Murder Game 3 section charting eliminated detectives and cleared suspects. Needless to say, thar be spoilers.
March 2, 2006
Look over there! If you actually feel like reading my bloggish-like table of random thoughts, but hate the condensed space, you can now click on the "Random Thoughts" header and go to a page where it takes up as much space as it needs. Now I just need to say something interesting...
February 26, 2006
It has begun!! The premiere episode of Chromus's Murder Game 3 is now up!
February 21, 2006
The link to Episode 5 of Survivor: Dewford Islands is now up.
February 6, 2006
Uploaded the missing episode 6 of Roomies 3: Digital Frontier. Also confirmed that the much-anticipated Murder Game 3 will start February 26.
February 3, 2006
Fixed ACen '03 page with updated link to Pulp Fanfiction. Thanks Star for the link, and giving me a reason to update this soon! Okay mofos: go read Pulp Fanfiction to thank her!
February 1, 2006
Welcome to First Agent Productions! While this is not quite a fully-functional battle station, it will still suck the air out of a planet at 2/3rds capacity. The About section (explaining how this place came to be, with links and a guide to my favorite anime) and the Projects section (Anime Music Videos!) are down. Everything else is up and fully-operational, so feel free to look around, press buttons and kill time while I get everything else in order.