Episode 11 - So don't act like you're some angel, kay?

Minamo: Previously, On Survivor!

(The final seven head back to camp, after a surprising Tribal Council.)

Minamo: After Kaoru's blindside, the rest of the Anime alliance worked to get others on their side...

(Late at night, Gaku and Koizumi are talking down on the beach.)

Gaku: Um... We definitely need to talk to Nenene. And all of the others, too!

Minamo: But it didn't go well, thanks to their arguing...

(At camp, Koizumi, Gaku, and Miriallia are strategizing.)

Miriallia (getting annoyed): We shouldn't waste our time with her, we should concentrate more on the others!

Minamo: ...And the other tribe’s refusal to switch.

(Down at the river, Ed and Gaku talk while they fish.)

Gaku: Hm... You wouldn't be willing to vote her out, then?

Ed: Nah...

Minamo: In the end, despite making a deal with Edd...

(In the early morning, Edd and Koizumi are talking around the fire.)

Koizumi: Yes... Here's the deal: If you don't vote for me tonight, then I'll give you my vote in the jury.

Minamo: Koizumi was voted out.

(At Tribal Council, Koizumi stands up and gets his torch.)

Minamo: Koizumi, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: Now, six remain.... Who will be eliminated... Tonight?

Opening Credits:

Athha Tribe:

Gaku - Sukisho
Miriallia - Gundam Seed
Nenene - R.O.D the TV
Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club
Ed - Ed, Edd & Eddy
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Daria - Daria


Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents
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Stacy - Daria
Yuki - Fruits Basket
Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Day 30 - After Tribal Council

(The final six all head back to the their shelter as soon as they get back, but as they lay down, some look like their minds are preoccupied. One of these is Edd, who is clearly thinking about the last Tribal Council.)

Edd: Well, Koizumi had approached me about a possible deal with him; that if I did not vote for him at the next Tribal Council, he would guarantee me his jury vote. And I would be lying if I say I didn't consider it, at bare minimum... However, the alliance was set on Koizumi, and it would have been a horrendous strategic move to betray my alliance at this point, therefore he had to be eliminated.

(Eventually, Edd stops thinking about the Tribal Council, and finally goes to sleep. He wasn't the only one having problems, though. At the other side of the shelter, Gaku is sitting up, as he too thinks about what just happened.)

Gaku: Um... Last night went really badly for us! We didn't have either of the Eds, so Koizumi got voted out... But something good happened, too! We all voted Nenene, so she has seven votes now... Miri has three, and I have none! So, if we can any of them to switch on Nenene, we can get into the majority again... That's gonna be hard, though, but we have a chance. Oh well!

(Like Edd, Gaku eventually relaxes, and lies down to go to sleep as well.)

Day 31 - Athha Tribe

(The next day, the first two up are two members of the Toon alliance - Nenene and Daria. As usual, they sit around the fire, talking.)

Daria: So... How was the reward?

Nenene: It was awesome after being in this hellhole for the last 30 days...

(Daria nods, getting Nenene’s point.)

Daria: I can see why…

Nenene: And then we came back here, and it all came crashing down.

Daria: Yeah, but there's only what, 9 days left? And then we're the final 2.

Nenene: Right, perfect…

(At this point, Ed starts waking up, so the Daria and Nenene quickly stop talking. After a minute, he joins them.)

Ed: Hello!

Daria: Oh... Hey Ed.

Ed: Good morning!

Nenene: Morning…

Ed: Boy, that reward sure was fun!

(Daria glances at Nenene suspiciously, but Nenene doesn't notice.)

Nenene: Yeah, the food was good.

(Daria looks slightly annoyed, before joining the conversation as well.)

Daria: ...What was there?

Daria: Nenene and Ed became closer after the reward... I know it's just Ed, but I'm getting paranoid about that, it could become an issue. .

(Later, in the forest, Gaku and Miriallia are out there, walking along a path. Miriallia's obviously quite depressed, but Gaku is his usual self.)

Miriallia: Well... That didn't work out well.

Gaku: Nope... But we still have a chance!

Miriallia: How, force a tie?

Gaku: Yep!

Miriallia: But that's impossible... I mean, not trying to be pessimistic, but if we couldn't do it before, why do you think we could do it now?

Gaku: Well, we can't just give up!

Miriallia: But there's nothing we can do! Listen, we've done all we can... But now... I don't think we can do anything. Nenene won't flip, Ed won't flip, the other Edd won't flip, and Daria won't flip!

Gaku: Doesn't mean we can't try...

Miriallia (bitterly): No, it just means we can't win.

(Gaku rolls his eyes, getting annoyed.)

Miriallia (continuing): Just face it... We're done.

(She sighs.)

Miriallia: Dammit... We really could have gotten to the final two, too.

Gaku: I think we can...

Miriallia (practically shouting): No we can't! We're screwed, Gaku, no one will switch!

(This comment seems to strike a cord in Gaku, as he frowns, slightly coldly.)

Gaku (calmly): I'm not giving up. I'm not a quitter. And I'm not leaving without trying!

(With this comment, he starts heading back to camp. Miriallia just stands there.)

Miriallia: It's just... We tried so hard the last three days, to not get anything was just really frustrating for me. I know I need to take a step back and breathe, but still...

(Later, down by the river, the Eds are both fishing, as they talk.)

Ed: Boy, I hope we get lots of fish today!

Edd: Yes, that would always help us out...

Ed: Food is always good out here!

Edd: Right...

Ed: Hm... I wonder why Gaku didn't come!

(Edd looks away briefly.)

Edd: He may be... Disappointed over Koizumi's elimination, perhaps?

Ed: Hm... Nah! I don't think he'd be that!

Edd: Well, he has lost two of his closest friends out here in the past few days…

Ed: Yeah, but he's never sad!

Edd: I guess so... And he will, unless he wins immunity, be next out.

(Edd looks towards Ed, studying his reaction; Ed doesn’t notice at all.)

Ed: Yep!

(Satisfied, Edd goes back to fishing.)

Edd: Gaku is... A rather interesting person. He's smart and strong, however, he does not always seem that way... That is why he is such a big threat to me, especially due to his closeness with Ed.

(Speaking of Gaku, he and Daria are both back at camp. Daria's lying in the shelter, while Gaku's sitting next to her, talking.)

Gaku: I really hope the next reward is for something really fun!

Daria (not really into the conversation): ...Yeah.

Gaku: And since there's only six of us left, that means there's less competition!

Daria: Right...

Gaku: You're not really talkative right now, are ya?

Daria: ...No. Just waiting for the inevitable pitch.

Gaku: Eh?

Daria: You're going to make an offer, right? That's what I'm waiting for.

Gaku (confused): I wasn't going to make an offer... I mean what would I have to offer right now? That'd be stupid!

(Gaku's response obviously confuses Daria, who sits up.)

Daria: So, you weren't going to make an offer?

Gaku: Nope! I know you wouldn't switch for nothing!

Daria: Then why were you talking to me? We haven't exactly talked much.

(Gaku shrugs.)

Gaku: Why not?

(This comment actually makes Daria do a little smile.)

Daria: Gaku's nice, I guess. He's interesting to talk to, at least. Who knows, maybe playing a good social game is Gaku’s strategy…

(Down at the beach, Miriallia is laying down there, relaxing. After a few moments, she sits up and sees Nenene walking towards her.)

Miriallia (sotto): Oh great... (Louder) Hey.

Nenene: Hey... We have to talk.

Miriallia: Right. Gonna apologize for voting out Kaoru and Koizumi?

Nenene: No.

Miriallia: Then why come to talk?!

Nenene: Listen, it's obvious you're pissed at me...

(This comment obviously surprises and confuses Miriallia, who slightly opens her mouth in confusion.)

Miriallia: What?! I've been nice to you every time we talked since then!

Nenene: You talked to me once, just once. (She holds up a finger to demonstrate.) And the rest of the time? You've avoided me completely. So don't act like you're some angel, kay?

Miriallia: Whatever...

Nenene: Alright, so here's what I'm gonna say... I know you're mad, and I'm not gonna switch. But listen, let's just get over the bitter, kay? It'll be a lot better for everyone if that happens.

Miriallia: So, you don't want to work together, you don't want to be friends, you just think we should get over it?

Nenene: Sure, why the hell not?

(She offers her hand. After a second of hesitation, Miriallia accepts it.)

Miriallia: Nenene came up to me and offered me some kind of truce... Whatever. I took it, but I still don't forgive her for screwing us over...

Nenene: The deal? Well, it's jury votes, duh. I'm being a suck up, but what the hell? I won't win in the final two against Daria if I don't get votes from the Anime Tribe.

(Later, at the tribe's shelter, the Toon Tribe alliance is all there (including Nenene), talking about their next target.)

Edd: Well, voting out Gaku is the logical choice.

Nenene: Right. Miriallia's not exactly the most strategic person out here.

Daria: Or the strongest.

Nenene: Or the smartest.

Edd: Then, it's easily agreed on Gaku?

Daria: Sure, why not?

(Nenene nods, agreeing.)

Nenene: Cool with me.

(All three of them look towards Ed, who's been staring into space this entire conversation.)

Edd: And you, Ed?

(Ed snaps out his stupor, then looks at Edd.)

Ed: Hello!

(Daria and Nenene roll their eyes in unison.)

Edd: Um, Ed, are you willing to go along with voting out Gaku next Tribal Council?

Ed: Um... Sure!

(None of the others seem satisfied with his response, and Ed actually seems to notice this.)

Ed: He's really strong and stuff! A lot more than Miriallia!

(This satisfies Edd a bit more, but the other two remain unconvinced.)

Daria: ... Fine.

Edd: Daria and Nenene may be concerned about Ed's status in our alliance, but I do think he is with us. Ed isn't the deceitful type, so I trust that he intends to stick to his word...

(Right after this conference, Daria and Nenene are both down on the beach, where they are talking in private.)

Daria: So... You trust Ed?

(Nenene shakes her head.)

Nenene: Nah. You?

Daria: Hell no. He's too close to Gaku.

Nenene: Yeah, but we don't exactly have a choice. It's either vote out Gaku or get screwed over.

(This doesn't convince Daria at all, it seems.)

Daria: Right... Does he have any past votes?

Nenene: Gaku? Nope, he's clean.

Daria: Dammit... Miriallia?

Nenene: She has three. From our first Tribal Council... Why?

Daria (unconvincingly): Just... Wondering. (To herself) And Ed just has four...

(Nenene doesn't seem notice Daria's comment.)

Daria: So, my plan for the final four is completely screwed at this point. We were counting on the Anime Tribe voting for Ed instead of Nenene last Tribal Council, so then, we'd be able to vote out Ed. But thanks to the others, that's not happening. And, to make it all better, Nenene hasn't realized it yet. Great. Just great. Sure we could vote out Double D instead, but if there’s an endurance challenge, we all know he’d kick our asses. And he’s tied with Nenene for votes right not. At least I can hold my own against Edd in endurance.

(The next is scene is out by the river, where Gaku and Ed are doing there usual activity, with no Edd present.)

Gaku: I hope we get more fish now...

Ed: Yeah, there were none when Edd and Ed came out here earlier!

Gaku: That's not good...

Ed: Nope!

Gaku: Hey, Ed! Why'd you vote for Koizumi last night?

Ed: Well... He was a threat! That's what Double D said at least...

Gaku (disappointed): ... Oh. Who're you going to vote for next?

(Ed frowns and looks away as soon as Gaku finishes that sentence.)

Ed: Well, um, I think.... FISH!

(He dives into the water suddenly, but comes up empty.)

Ed: Stupid fish got away!

Gaku: That sucks!

Ed: It was a big one!

Gaku: Oh well... Can't win 'em all. I didn’t even see it though!

Ed: It was real big!

(They go back to fishing, the talk about voting apparently stopping.)

Gaku: I really like Ed, just 'cause he's a lot of fun! You can trust him, and he's not gonna go back and tell people everything you said! It's easy to relax around him... And that's really, really rare in this game!

(Back at camp, Nenene and Edd are both there, talking.)

Nenene: I don't trust Ed…

Edd: Well, we unfortunately don't have many choices in this situation.

(Nenene smiles, oddly enough.)

Nenene: So, you don't trust him either...

Edd: I do trust that Ed will do what he says and not deceive us... At the same time, he is an emotional player, I feel.

Nenene: He wasn't exactly overwhelmingly supportive of the plan earlier...

Edd: Once again, I doubt we have much of a choice in this situation but to rely on him.

Nenene: ... You ever hear about why Yuki was voted out?

Edd: Yuki? From the premerge portion of the game? No, I don't believe I did...

Nenene: He didn't choose an alliance; kept wavering back and forth... So we voted him out.

(Edd ponders this for a moment.)

Edd: And you would like to do the same thing to Ed?

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: Hey, better we do that than get screwed over by him.

Edd: Still...

Nenene: Listen, do whatever you want to do. But I'm just saying, consider the possibility...

Edd: Right. We would still have the majority...

Nenene: Bingo. After him, we get out Gaku and Miriallia. And Ed is the biggest competition threat left.

Edd: I thought you were close with him...

Nenene: Eh, I'll do what I need to do.

Edd: Nenene's idea has its advantages and disadvantages... It is worrisome to vote out my closest friend in the competition, but at the same time, I believe that I would have his jury vote. But that is assuming that I got to the final two...

Nenene: So what if I have a history of backstabbing? I like Ed, but I liked Yuki too. If I have to vote someone off, then why the hell shouldn't I? I'm not gonna win by playing nice. It sucks, but it's what I gotta do.

(Meanwhile, as others plot and strategize, Miriallia is just resting down on the beach as the sun begins to set, with her eyes closed.)

Miriallia: You know, I've always just loved relaxing on the beach. Since I got out here, it's the place where I feel that I can just relax, and not think so much about the game. It's a very peaceful place, and it gives me time to think.

(Down at the beach, Miriallia sighs.)

Miriallia: If only the whole game could be like this...

(She hears foot steps, and looks up, seeing a calm Gaku approaching her.)

Miriallia: Oh... Hey.

Gaku: Hey.

(He takes a seat next to her. An awkward silence passes for a minute.)

Miriallia: So, about today...

Gaku: Yeah?

Miriallia: Sorry about that. I was just annoyed about that last Tribal Council.

Gaku: Yeah, I'm sorry too!

Miriallia: So... Working together?

Gaku: Of course!

Miriallia: Good... So, what should we do?

Gaku: Um... I think I could get Daria!

Miriallia: Daria? Really? She's so dour, though.

Gaku: Yeah, but I don't think anyone else might switch!

Miriallia: Yeah, good point...

Gaku: Well, it's getting late now, so I'm gonna head to bed... 'Night!

Miriallia: Night...

Gaku: I really do think that I could get Daria on our side! I mean, why not try, at least? It'd be stupid not to!

Day 32 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, Nenene and Edd are the first two up, and, as always, they sit around the morning fire.)

Edd: The weather is actually quite nice, for a change...

Nenene: Took long enough. And with our luck, it's probably going to rain soon.

Edd: Hm... That is not what we need at this point. Especially after the shelter debacle a few days ago.

Nenene (sarcastically): Yeah, I don't think anyone wants to do that again.

Edd: Well, it is better designed now, so it should hold up...

(There's a pause.)

Nenene (suddenly quieter): So... Think about it?

Edd: It's crossed my mind a few times…

Nenene: And?

(Edd sighs.)

Edd: ... I truly believe that Ed is on our side. I know him quite well, and he's not the type to just go against what his friends are doing. He may not like it, but I do think he is with us.

Nenene: You don't think Gaku is gonna try to get him to switch?

Edd: No... I just feel that he won't succeed.

(Nenene frowns.)

Nenene: Just... Make sure of that. Got it?

Edd: I have every intention of doing so...

Edd: I do trust Ed... However, as I said before, I feel that Gaku is a very strong player. He may be even more dangerous than Koizumi, in my opinion. So that is why I need to guarantee that Ed is indeed on our side.

(Later, down on the beach, Daria and Ed are both down there, talking.)

Ed: Seashells! Yay!

Daria: Um... Sure.

(There's already a pause, as Ed happily continues playing in the sand.)

Daria: Ed?

Ed: That's me!

Daria: Who are you going to vote for tomorrow?

Ed: Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?

(She glares at him.)

Daria: Tribal Council.

Ed: Oh yeah! Um... What was the question?

Daria: Who are you voting for?

Ed: Oh... Gaku! 'Cause that's who we need to vote for, right?

Daria: Right.

Daria: Ed was acting... Stupider than usual today. He was avoiding the topic of Tribal Council. Of course, he's Ed, so it's hard to tell if he does plan on switching or what... Of course, it would help to know for my own decision tomorrow, too.

Reward Challenge

(The last six contestants all head down to the beach, where Minamo is waiting, with a large maze set up behind her.)

Minamo: So, I'm sure you all could guess what the challenge is... But before I explain it, I'm gonna show you what you're playing for...

(This confuses most of the contestants, before a young girl, with red hair enters the beach from a different path. Edd smiles discretely, as he's figured out the challenge, while Ed is just very happy.)

Ed: Baby sister!

Minamo: That's right, it's time for the family reward! Ed, here's you little sister, Sarah.

(This is met with cheering from the survivors.)

Minamo: Alright, Sarah, come stand next to me.

Sarah: Fine, whatever.

Minamo: Next up - Nenene, here's your friend, Yomiko!

(Nenene does a little smile, as the long-haired bookworm emerges from the path. Yomiko shyly waves at Nenene.)

Minamo: Third up - Daria, your visitor is your friend, Jane!

(Daria actually smiles, relieved that it wasn't her family.)

Jane: Hey.

Daria: Hey.

(Jane walks over to join Sarah and Yomiko.)

Minamo: And here's Gaku's boyfriend, Nagase!

Gaku: Yay!

(Gaku's obviously overjoyed, as Nagase walks out calmly. He nods at Gaku.)

Minamo: Next... Here's Edd's friend, Eddy!

(Edd is also very happy.)

Eddy: Double D...

Edd: Yes, Eddy?

Eddy: You better win! Do you realize how many jawbreakers we could buy with ONE MILLION DOLLARS?!

Edd: After taxes, of course...

Edd: Taxes, shmaxes. Just know, you better win!

Minamo (annoyed): Eddy, come stand next to me.

Eddy (grumbling): Right, right.

(He moves on over.)

Minamo: And Miriallia - here's your friend, Sai!

(Miriallia smiles, as the final family visitor comes out and joins the others.)

Minamo: Alright, since all the family and friends have been introduced, and you're playing for the right to bring them to camp. For the challenge each of the visitors will be blindfolded, and put in the start of the maze. The rest of you, it's your job to yell out instructions, so that they reach the platform in the center first. Whoever gets their first, wins the reward, and gets to chose one other person to bring their family member back to them. Simple enough?

(Everyone seems to agree it is.)

Minamo: Then let's get the loved ones blindfolded, and get ready to start.

(After a second, all the loved ones are lined up at the start of the maze, while the survivors are all behind them.)

Minamo: Survivors and loved ones... For reward. Go!

(Immediately, it's all chaos. The survivors are all shouting loudly, and drowning each other out, leaving the loved ones to just wander aimlessly.)

Daria: Go right!

Jane: Yours or mine?

Daria: They're the same, dammit!

Ed: Sarah! Cover your ears!

Sarah (annoyed): I'm waiting for something to do, Ed!

Ed: Um... Straight!

(Sarah does so, but walks into a rail.)

Sarah (yelling): Ed!

Minamo: Everyone's having problems so far! Nenene and Yomiko are the furthest in, but not by much!

Nenene: And go to your left... No, your left, Yomiko!

Yomiko: Oh, right!

(Nenene rolls her eyes)

Gaku (flustered): Um, go to your left - no, right!

Nagase (calmly): Do not rush. Find the pathway and then tell me.

Gaku: R-right...

(He pauses for a second, looking at the paths.)

Gaku: Okay, go left!

(Silently, Nagase starts following Gaku's instructions.)

Minamo: Nenene and Yomiko are still leading, despite some communication problems! Then, Gaku and Nagase are doing well, too. On the other hand, Ed and Sarah, along with Daria and Jane are still having some problems!

Jane (sarcastically): Oh. Great.

Daria (equally sarcastic): Joy.

Edd: Eddy! Turn 180 degrees!

Eddy: In English, please!

Edd: Turn around!

Eddy: You coulda just said so...

(Meanwhile, Gaku and Nagase have caught up with Nenene and Yomiko, and both teams are approaching the center platform.)

Minamo: Nenene and Gaku have a huge lead on everyone else! The others really need to step it up!

Nenene: Now turn left!

Yomiko: Okay!

Gaku: And now a right!

(Nagase silently does so.)

Ed: Baby sister, go straight!

(She does so, but walks into yet another rail.)

Ed: My straight!

Sarah: Ed... I'm blindfolded, you idiot!

Miriallia: C'mon, go left!

Sai: Right...

Daria: Now go left.

Jane: Yours or mine?

Daria: Yours.

Jane: ... Oh.

Gaku: You're almost there, go straight!

Nenene: Go left!

Minamo: Gaku and Nenene are nearly at the platform! Who's gonna get there first?!

(As if on cue, Nagase reaches the platform, but is on the wrong side of the stairs. Meanwhile, Yomiko is close to the stairs as well, but still in the maze.)

Gaku: No, go around it!

Nenene: Turn left, then right, you're almost there!

(After a moment, Nagase is the first to reach the platform and climbs up on it.)

Minamo: That's it, Gaku wins reward!

Gaku: Alright!

(Everyone else looks disappointed, except for obviously Gaku and Nagase.)

Minamo: Now, Gaku, chose one other person to have their loved one come back to camp with them.

(Gaku scans the other five contestants. Everyone looks like they already know what's going to happen.)

Gaku: Um... I choose... Daria!

(Everyone, even Minamo, is immediately shocked, none more so than Daria. On the other side, Miriallia's obviously upset.)

Minamo: Alright... Nagase and Jane will both head back to camp with you, and leave in the morning... Head back to camp.

(They do so, still shocked at Gaku's decision.)

Edd: Gaku's decision... It came out of the blue for all of us. Logically, we were expecting him to pick Miriallia, or perhaps Ed. This could get dangerous....

(Back at camp, Ed, Nenene and Edd are all around the camp fire, talking about the reward challenge.)

Edd: Well, that was quite a shock...

Ed: Where's Miri?!

Nenene: Off sulking somewhere...

Ed: Oh!

Edd: She did seem quite upset after the challenge.

Nenene: Duh, she is Gaku's friend....

Edd: I agree...

Nenene: But seriously, we need to make sure Daria knows not to fall for Gaku's trap.

Ed: Huh, trap?

Edd: He's trying to tempt her over to the other side, I believe.

Ed: Oh!

Edd: He's quite the threat....

Nenene: Bingo.

(Speaking of Gaku and Daria, the two of them, along with their respective guests, are in the forest.)

Gaku: Yeah, and here is the path to go fishing!

Jane (bored out of her mind): Cool.

Daria (suddenly): Gaku?

Gaku: Hm?

Daria: Why'd you take us out in the middle of nowhere?

Gaku: Oh, I wanted to talk to you!

Daria: Wait, what?

Gaku: I wanted to make a deal with you out here...

(Daria's confused.)

Daria: What kind of deal?

Gaku (suddenly serious): A final two deal.

Daria: What?!

Jane: Damn, that's a big offer.

(Nagase doesn't say anything, but looks on with interested.)

Gaku: See, you switch, and we can vote out anyone! Nenene and Ed have lots of votes, I think Double D does, too! Then, we get to the final three with Miri, and we can vote her out!

Daria: So, basically, I'd be playing for third.

Gaku: Huh?

Daria: You obviously won't betray Miriallia...

Gaku: Well... I adore Miri, but I'm not sure if she can last in the game, the last week really stressed her! We had a kinda big argument earlier, too... So, we can vote her out then…

Daria: Hm... I'll think about it, kay?

Gaku: Sure!

Daria: Great. Jane, let's head back to the beach.

(Jane shrugs.)

Jane: Sure, let’s go.

(The two depart, leaving Gaku and Nagase there by themselves.)

Nagase: Interesting... Do you believe it will work?

Gaku: ... Sure. It has to, ya know?.

(Down on the beach, Daria and Jane are both down there, talking.)

Jane: So... Let me get this straight. You have an alliance with the dumb one, the smart one, and future you.

(Daria nods.)

Daria: Right.

Jane: But now, you could go to the end with the bitter chick and the one who's actually kinda cute?

Daria: Right.

Jane: So... What're you going to do?

(Daria sighs and shrugs.)

Jane: Damn, this game is really getting to you, isn't it?

Daria: Yeah...

Jane: Weird.

Daria (sarcastically): Thanks.

Jane: So... Seriously, whatcha gonna do? 'Cause you said the other two are close.

Daria: Gaku and Miri? Yeah. But... Nenene and I don't have the way to get to the final two.

Jane: Then what's the big deal?

Daria: I can't just betray them...

(Jane shrugs.)

Jane: Do whatever you feel like, I guess.

Daria: I'm here to win. So of course I'm gonna do what I need to. But that doesn't mean I betray everyone for no damn reason. If I do betray people, it has to actually be smart.

(At this point, Daria and Jane both head up back to the shelter, where Ed and Nenene are already.)

Nenene (to Ed): Gonna vote for Gaku, right?

Ed: Um... Sure! But what if he wins immunity?

Daria: Easy, then Miriallia.

(Jane glances at Daria oddly.)

Ed: Oh, okay!

Nenene: Good with that?

Ed: Yep!

Nenene: Good...

Ed: I'm gonna go get food!

Nenene: Sure, we could use some more...

(Ed trots off into the forest, leaving the others by themselves. After Ed's out of earshot, Nenene turns to Daria.)

Nenene: You know what Gaku's up to, right?

Daria: Sucking up, I know.

Nenene: Good.

Daria: Trust me, I'm not going to fall for something as dumb as that.

Nenene: I never expected you to... Still worried about Ed, though.

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: I don't exactly trust him.

Nenene: Neither do I... But Edd won't vote him out.

Jane: You'd vote him out?

Nenene: Hell, we'd still have the majority.

Daria: And he is a threat.

Jane: Yeah, I noticed...

Daria: Whatever I'm gonna do, I haven't decided. (Sarcastically) It's gonna be one fun Tribal Council. Especially with Ed and Nenene around.

(In the forest later, Ed, Gaku, and Nagase are out there, as Ed and Gaku do some fishing while Nagase just observes.)

Nagase: Hm… Do you do this everyday?

Gaku: Yep, we need to get food!

Ed: It’s fun!

(There's a pause.)

Gaku: Ed... Who ya gonna vote for tomorrow?

(Nagase just glances at Gaku.)

Ed: Um... I dunno.

Gaku: Really? Then you could vote for Nenene, maybe?

Ed: Maybe!

Gaku: What about Edd?

Ed: Vote for Double D? No way!

Gaku: Okay! Just really consider Nenene, okay? It'd be good if you did it!

Ed: Um... Sure!

Nagase (to himself): Impressive…

Ed: I like Gaku, but I like Double D, too! I want all three of us to stay here, and be happy! But that won't work...

(Later, the swing votes Daria and Ed, plus Jane, meet up in the shelter, where they talk.)

Daria: Ed, just tell me who you're voting for.

Ed: Um... Gaku!

Daria (leading him on): Why, because the alliance says so?

Jane (to Daria): Is this a good idea?

Daria (to Jane): Of course.

Ed (not hearing them): Yeah, that's why!

Daria: Even though he's your friend?

Ed: Um... Yeah!

Daria: Have you been considering anyone else?

Ed: Gaku wanted me to think about Nenene, but nah!

Daria (to herself): Nenene, huh?

Ed: Why?

Daria: Just... Making sure.

Ed: Oh, okay!

(Ed goes trotting off happily, into the forest.)

Jane: What was that all about?

Daria: Finding out what he's up to.

Jane: You sure he won't tell?

Daria: Please... He's Ed.

(Jane shrugs.)

Daria: Trust me, he won't tell anyone anything.

Jane: ...Whatever.

(We jump over to the forest, where Miriallia and Gaku (along with Nagase, who’s standing to the side) are talking.)

Gaku: I'm sorry, but I really, really needed to do it!

Miriallia: To try to get Daria on our side?

Gaku: Yeah, exactly!

(Miriallia looks less than impressed.)

Miriallia: Don't you think that's kinda obvious? The others will probably figure that out.

Gaku: It doesn't matter, we just need to convince Daria to switch!

Miriallia: I guess so... I just think that it couldn't work. I mean, besides this, why would she switch?

(Gaku looks away.)

Gaku: Um, I kinda had to make a fake final two deal with her...

Miriallia: What?!

Gaku: Well, you made one with Nenene, so it's okay, right?!

Miriallia: Um... Sure. I guess so.

Gaku: Good! It's just fake, so don't worry!

Miriallia: Right...

Miriallia: Um, I do trust Gaku and I don't think he'll vote me out, but I can't help but be... Paranoid, I guess I could say. Just the thought that he might have other deals...

(Later, as the sun beings to set, the Eds are both at camp, sitting in the shelter.)

Ed: Whee, today was fun!

Edd: Because we were able to see our friends or family for a few minutes?

Ed: Yeah!

Edd: I suppose it was quite nice... Even though we weren't fortunate enough to win.

Ed: I wish I won!

Edd: Agreed, Ed... It would have been quite nice for to see someone from back home.

Ed: Aw... Homesick, Double D?

Edd: Yes, that seems to be the case.

Ed: Me too!

Edd: I do wonder why Gaku didn't give the reward to you today...

(After saying that, Edd turns to face Ed, ready to study the latter’s reaction.)

Ed: Ah, I'm sure he likes Daria, too!

Edd: If you insist...

Ed: Yep!

(Ed yawns.)

Ed: I wanna sleep!

Edd: It is rather late...

(By the time Edd has finished this sentence, Ed has already drifted off to sleep.)

Edd: Good night, Ed...

Day 33

(The next morning, the first thing happening is down on the beach, where a boat has arrived to pick Nagase and Jane up. Only Gaku and Daria are down there with them, as it's early in the morning.)

Gaku: Ah, it's sad to see you go! It's just been, like, a day!

Nagase (calmly): There are six more days, maximum. You can handle it.

Gaku: Thanks!

Nagase: And do not trust that girl, Miriallia...

Gaku: Eh?

(With that comment, Nagase gets into the boat.)

Jane: So...

Daria: Yeah...

Jane: Good seeing you?

Daria: That'll work.

Jane: Oh, and when you win the million, you're buying pizza from now on.

Daria: Deal.

Jane: Cool... Later.

(Jane gets into the boat, too, and it sails away.)

Daria: So...

Gaku: That was fun!

Daria: Yeah, it actually was.

Gaku: So... Think about my offer?

Daria: A little. You never told me who we'd vote out, though.

Gaku: Well, Ed and Nenene both have a lot of votes, so one of them!

Daria: Any particular preference?

Gaku: Um… I think Nenene, since she’s more of a threat. Nenene's smart!

(Daria nods.)

Daria: I don’t have that much on an issue with either…

Gaku: Okay! I'll talk to Miri later, so we can decide!

Daria: Sure...

Daria: No, I'm not with Gaku and Miriallia 100%. But if I want them to think I am and keep the option open, then I should act like I am... I haven't actually said to them that I'm with 'em.

(Later, the Eds are together again, but this time, they're near the river, fishing.)

Ed: Yep, time to get fish!

Edd: Always a good idea...

Ed: Yep!

Edd: And it's yet another Tribal Council day...

Ed: Aw... I don't wanna vote people out!

Edd: Still... Are you sure you’re prepared to vote out Gaku?

Ed: Uh... I guess so?

(For the first time, Edd doesn't seem quite convinced.)

Edd: Has Gaku tried to talk to you at all?

Ed: Yep!

Edd: Interesting... What did he say?

Ed: Um... Something about Nenene!

Edd: Hm…Was he trying to get her on his side, as well?

Ed: Uh, nope!

Edd: Well... That's good, at least.

Ed: Yeah!

(Edd ponders for a moment.)

Edd: Did he tell you anything about Daria?

Ed: Nope...

Edd: That's... Interesting.

Edd: After Gaku's... Power play, for lack of a better term, I found it was quite odd for him not to mention anything about Daria to Ed. Perhaps he already has her, and is trying to secure another vote, but there is no way to be sure at this moment...

(Later, Daria and Nenene are at the shelter, talking.)

Nenene: We better stop Gaku from winning immunity...

Daria: Then we just go after Miriallia, simple as that.

Nenene: Miriallia's just about useless by herself, but Gaku's strong enough to win immunity. And he's more of a threat, too, social wise.

Daria: Because of Ed?

Nenene: Yeah, and even you... He's ten times the threat that Miriallia is.

Daria: Good for us, then, if he goes soon.

Nenene: Which I think'll happen, barring another immunity win.

Daria: Right...

Nenene: Ed better not switch on us, though. That'd screw up our plans.

Daria: We've done all we can, I think.

Nenene (sarcastically): Well, that's just great...

(Down on the beach, Gaku and Miriallia are both there, relaxing and talking.)

Gaku: So... I think we should go for Nenene!

Miriallia: Yeah, that makes sense.

Gaku: 'Cause we don't know how many votes Double D has besides those 2 you and Nenene gave him!

Miriallia: And we do want the others on our side… Ed won’t vote for Edd.

Gaku: So, yeah, Nenene's our only choice!

Miriallia: Good...

Gaku: Besides, she has a lot more votes than either of us!

Miriallia: Right! And we can get her back for betraying us...

Gaku: Um... Sure.

Miriallia: Then it's decided!

Immunity Challenge

(The final six head down to the challenge beach, where there are multiple buoys out in the ocean, some attached by string. As always, Minamo is at the beach, waiting for them.)

Minamo: Alright, first thing, Gaku, I need the immunity idol back.

Gaku: Aw...

(Gaku slowly gives it back to Minamo.)

Minamo: Okay, immunity's now up for grabs. For this challenge, each of you will swim out to one string of three buoys. At each of them, you'll dive down, and unclip a bundle of puzzle pieces for a tangram. Then, bring it back to the beach, and go back to repeat that until you have all three bundles on the beach. Take the puzzle pieces out and fit them together, to make a square. The pieces will only go together one right way. First to do that wins immunity - simple enough?

(The consensus is yes.)

Minamo: Alright, we'll get you into position and then start…

(After a second, all of the competitors are in position and ready to start.)

Minamo: Survivors... For immunity, go!

(All six are off, and, as usual in an athletic competition, Gaku and Ed are in an early lead heading into the water and towards the first buoy. On their trail are Miriallia, then Nenene, while Daria and Edd bring up the rear.)

Minamo: It's not far to the first buoy, but all the others are further out! Already, Gaku's almost there!

(As he approaches the first one, Gaku dives down, but soon comes up empty-handed. Meanwhile, Ed and Miriallia have also both arrived at their first buoys, and also dive down. Just like Gaku, they don't get it unclipped, either.)

Minamo: Everyone's having trouble with unattaching their puzzle pieces! It's anyone's game at this point!

(Eventually, Gaku realizes what's wrong, and dives down all the way to the bottom, where he unclips his pieces. He resurfaces, and starts swimming back to shore, just as the other three arrive at their buoys.)

Minamo: Gaku has his first bundle, no one else has any!

(Soon, both Eds and Miriallia figure out where to unclip it as well, although it takes Edd two attempts to get his bundle. But by the time they make it back to shore, Gaku has already made good progress towards his second buoy.)

Minamo: Gaku's still leading, but it's closer now! And Nenene and Daria have both gotten their first bundle of pieces, too!

(They both have, but it's put them very far behind the others, as now even Edd has starting swimming towards the second buoy as well.)

Minamo: Gaku's at the second buoy! He dives down, but comes up empty! He has to hurry, as Ed's there, too!

(Both Ed and Gaku are having troubles unclipping their next bundle, as the place to unclip it seems to be in a different place than before. As Miriallia gets to her second bundle, she has this problem as well. Eventually, Miriallia's the first to realize that it's in the middle of the line, not the bottom, so she gets her second bundle. After she gets it, Gaku finds it too, followed a minute later of Ed, who leaves just as Edd gets there.)

Minamo: Lots of trouble at the second buoy, but now Miriallia has the lead! Edd's not having any problems with it, which makes up a lot of time!

(As Minamo said, Edd quickly gets his second bundle and heads back to shore, still a ways behind anyone in front of him. Nenene and Daria have both reached their second buoys as well, but run into the same problem as everyone else.)

Minamo: Gaku and Ed have both caught up with Miriallia! It's a three way tie for first place right now!

(As Minamo says this, all three of them are back on the beach, and put their bundle of pieces with there others. Miriallia maintains a slight lead going back into the water for their final buoy, but that's quickly diminished.)

Minamo: Edd, Daria, and Nenene! You need to pick it up, c'mon!

(All three of them are currently out of it, as the former one has just arrived on the beach, while the latter two just got their second bundles unattached. As for the top three, however, Ed's taken the lead, while Gaku now has second and Miriallia's fallen to third place.)

Minamo: Ed's almost at the third and final buoy! Gaku and Miriallia, not too far behind!

(Ed arrives there soon after, and dives down. This time, he actually learns from before and looks at the entire string, before finding the place to unclip it. Unfortunately for him, he needs air so he swims back up, just as Gaku goes down.)

Minamo: It's close, anyone could win it!

(At this point, Ed gets his puzzle pieces, but unfortunately for him, so does Gaku. They both begin swimming back, as Miriallia gets her last bundle as well.)

Minamo: The three front runners are all heading back!

(Ed maintains his lead going back, with Gaku right on his trail and Miriallia a little behind him. As for the others, Edd's about half way to the final buoy, while the other two are back on the beach with their second bundle of puzzle pieces.)

Minamo: C'mon everyone, there's still time to catch up!

(At the shore, Ed is the first to arrive with his final bundle, but just as he starts untying them, Gaku and then Miriallia arrive on the shore, too.)

Minamo: Ed has his pieces untied! Now, he'll have to solve this tangram puzzle, making it into a square... Now Gaku and Miriallia have both of their pieces untied, too! It's a three person race for immunity!

(All three try to solve the puzzle, but it's Ed who manages to get a surprising early lead. Gaku has to redo part of the puzzle, but Miriallia's doing well at it also. Meanwhile, Edd's at the final buoy, while the others are still swimming towards it.)

Minamo: It's getting down to the wire and it's still anyone's game! Who's gonna solve it first? It only fits in one way, you need to figure that out!

Ed: Done! Yay!

(Minamo heads over to check Ed's puzzle, while Gaku and Miriallia watch anxiously.)

Minamo: That's it, Ed wins individual immunity!

Ed: Yay!

(Both Gaku and Miriallia look rather surprised, as Minamo gives Ed the immunity necklace.)

Minamo (to everyone): Alright, Ed just guaranteed himself a one in five shot at a million dollars... But for the rest of you, your journey will end after 33 long days... Head back to camp.

(Back at camp, everyone is gathered around the fire, talking about their latest challenge.)

Daria: Ed, when the hell did you become smart?

Edd: I must admit, I think everyone was surprised at you victory, Ed.

Ed: Aw, thanks... It was a puzzle from my favorite comic book, "Blue Haired Slime Monsters," volume 2!

Nenene: Figures…

Gaku: That was a really close challenge!

Ed: Yeah!

Miriallia: Yeah... Pretty tiring, though.

Ed: I'm fine!

Gaku: Actually, I'm good, too!

Miriallia (to herself): Of course you two are...

Nenene: Eh, it was good that Ed won immunity... Just so Gaku didn't. But... It does make Ed a bigger threat. Before, everyone wrote him off as a complete moron, but he magically pulled that puzzle out of nowhere to win. We have to keep an eye on him.

(Later, down at the beach, Gaku and Daria are both there, talking.)

Gaku: We're gonna go for Nenene tonight, I think!

Daria: ... Okay. Because of her votes?

Gaku: Bingo! She has seven, and that's a lot more than me or Miri!

Daria: Out of curiosity, how many do you both have?

Gaku: Well... I have none, and Miri has three, from the first Tribal Council we went to!

Daria: ...Oh.

Gaku: What about you?

Daria: I don't have any, either...

Gaku: Oh, that's good!

(There's a pause.)

Gaku: Hey, do you know how the others are gonna vote?

Daria: Probably for you.

Gaku: Oh... Okay!

Gaku: Um... It's not really a surprise, I guess! I mean, I guess I've done better in challenges than Miri, so I guess it makes sense!

(Later, back at the shelter, Edd and Nenene are there, talking.)

Nenene: Listen, we have nothing to worry about. You're sure we have Ed, so what's the problem?

Edd: Well, I am concerned about Daria...

Nenene: Because Gaku gave her the reward? I talked to her, she knows.

Edd: Still... I am concerned about the possibility of her betraying us.

Nenene: Listen. I've been pretty close with Daria. There's no way that'd happen.

Edd: As long as you're sure...

Nenene: Just relax. It'll be cool.

Edd: I suppose I should be...

Nenene: Yep. Besides... It's a game.

Edd: It just happens to be for a million dollars.

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: Pretty much.

Edd: No matter what Nenene says, I am concerned about Daria. If she switches at this Tribal Council and votes out either myself or Nenene, then the remaining members of the alliance would be in a very bad position...

(Later, down by the river, we see Gaku and Ed talking, as they fish.)

Gaku: Congrats on winning the challenge!

Ed: Thanks! It was fun!

Gaku: I kinda wish I won... 'Cause now I might be voted off!

Ed: Aw... That would be sad!

Gaku: Yeah! ...Who are you gonna vote for?

Ed: Um... I dunno!

Gaku: Really?

Ed: Yeah! Double D wants me to vote of you, and you want me to vote off Nenene! I don't wanna vote anyone out!

Gaku: Yeah, I hate Tribal Council!

Ed: So do I!

Gaku: But now we have to go there...

Ed: Drat!

Gaku: I’m actually really nervous about tonight! Uh, I’m not sure if I have Ed or Daria, but if I’m lucky, I’ll get one of them, ‘cause that’s all I really need!

Tribal Council

(Speaking of Tribal Council, now the final six head into it and take their seats. Per usual, Minamo's there, waiting for them.)

Minamo: We will now bring in the members of the jury. They are here just for observation, not for interaction…

(Numbah 5, Kaoru, and Koizumi all walk in and take a separate seat from the survivors.)

Minamo: So, let's get things started... Miriallia, the last two times you were here, you weren't exactly happy with the result. Think that'll happen again?

Miriallia: You know, I'm honestly not sure what's going to happen. I really hope I'll be happy with whatever happens, but the chances... Aren't exactly high right now after what’s happened here the last two times.

Minamo: Alright... Gaku, yesterday, when you won reward, everyone was surprised when you chose Daria. Care to explain why you did that?

Gaku: Well... I really like everyone here, but I just thought that if I gave it to Daria, then it could help me out more!

Minamo: Was it a case of just sucking up to a potential vote?

Gaku: No! I like Daria, so I gave the reward to her. What's wrong with that?!

Minamo: Edd, what's your take on this?

Edd: Well, I do feel that is a strategic move... But at the same time, Gaku's reasoning stands. It's more of a combination of both reasons than anything else.

Minamo: Moving on... Ed, did you think that you need the immunity necklace?

Ed: Um... Maybe? But it was fun to win!

Minamo: Will you give it away?

Ed: Nope!

Minamo: Alright, time to vote. Ed is immune, you can not vote for him. Everyone else is fair game. Daria, you're up first.

(Daria walks up and casts her vote.)

(After Daria sits down, Miriallia goes up and votes for NENENE.)

Miriallia: This is what you get for betraying so many people so many times.

(Miriallia takes her seat, and Edd comes up to vote. He writes down GAKU.)

Edd: I respect you, but you are by far the largest threat in the game…

(Edd sits back down, and Nenene goes to vote. Like Edd, she votes for GAKU.)

Nenene: Nothing personal, it's just the game.

(Nenene takes her seat, then Ed goes and votes.)

(After Ed sits down, the final voter, Gaku, goes and casts his ballot for NENENE.)

Gaku: I'm really sorry, but you have lots of votes!

(Gaku sits back down as well.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(Minamo goes and gets the jar of votes. A moment later, she returns to her usual place.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever receives the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal area immediately... I'll read the votes.

(She takes the first one out of the jar.)

Minamo: First vote - GAKU.

(Gaku doesn't seem surprised, but does frown.)

Minamo: Second vote - GAKU. That's 2 votes Gaku.

(Gaku's reaction doesn't change.)

Minamo: Third vote - NENENE. 2 votes Gaku, 1 vote Nenene.

(Nenene glances at Gaku, not really concerned.)

Minamo: Next vote - GAKU. 3 votes Gaku, 1 vote Nenene.

(Gaku glances at both Ed and Daria briefly.)

Minamo: Fifth vote - NENENE. 3 votes Gaku, 2 votes Nenene.

(Nenene still doesn't look concerned.)

Minamo: Last vote... We have a tie.

(Everyone bar Daria looks surprised, as the last vote says NENENE on it.)

Minamo: 3 votes Gaku, 3 votes Nenene...

(Now, Nenene's mad. She turns around and glares at Ed, before she realizes that he's just as surprised. Then, even more stunned, she turns and looks at Daria, who smiles slightly.)

Minamo: Alright, you all know what happens. We're gonna do a revote, but before that, both of you will have 30 seconds to plead your case. Gaku, you're up first.

Gaku: Well... I don't have any votes before, so I'm probably not gonna be voted out! And... Um, I really like being here, too!

Minamo: Nenene?

Nenene: Don't vote for me because, whoever switched? You're gonna be screwed in the final three, no matter what anyone tells you. I guarantee it.

Minamo: Alright, it's time for a revote. All of you, with the exceptions of Gaku and Nenene will vote again, this time between just Gaku and Nenene. Miriallia, you're up first.

(Miriallia goes and casts her vote, followed by Ed, Daria, and then Edd. Of them, we only hear Edd's voting confessional.)

Edd: I respect you greatly... But I don't intend on losing.

(Edd sits back down.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes and gets the jar again.)

Minamo: First vote - NENENE.

(She looks annoyed, but calm.)

Minamo: Second vote - GAKU.

(Gaku looks calm, too.)

Minamo: Third vote - NENENE. 2 votes Nenene, 1 vote Gaku

(Nenene's expression hasn't changed.)

Minamo: Last vote... And fourth member of our jury - NENENE. Nenene, you need to bring me your torch.

(Nenene stands up and brings it to Minamo, still rather calm.)

Minamo: Nenene, the tribe has spoken.

(She extinguishes her torch, and Nenene walks out of Tribal Council.)

Minamo (to the rest): Well, this vote shows one thing - The game is always changing. The key to winning it is to figure out how to adapt to that. Head back to camp...

(The final five all rise up and leave, with a bit of confusion on everyone's faces.)

Nenene: Duh, it's surprising. But, you know? I've played pretty damn well, and I can't really be mad about being voted off. I voted off and betrayed so many, so of course I can't be mad. It was an interesting experience, for sure, so I’m cool with it,

Next time, on Survivor!

- A few survivors have some explaining to do...

- One survivor is surprisingly mad about another's "betrayal."

- A complicated plan is launched to get break an alliance’s trust.


First vote

Nenene (3)
- Daria, Gaku, Miriallia

Gaku (3) - Ed, Edd, Nenene


Nenene (3) - Daria, Edd, Miriallia

Gaku (1) - Ed

Past votes

Nenene (7)
- Daria, Ed, Edd, Numbah 5 (Episode 8), Gaku, Koizumi, Miriallia (Episode 10)

Gaku (0)

Author's Notes:

...And we're back! Oh Nenene, what a shame to lose her. But then again, I like everyone left, so there's not exactly much that I would change. She just got a bit unlucky, unfortunately for her. But I loved her as a character, never one to just go with the flow or play nice. And it worked pretty well for her, but she met her match... By someone who's like a proto-Nenene. Will it ultimately prove smart for Daria? Who knows? (Well, besides me.) Just 2 episodes left, and don't expect things to slow down from here!