Episode 10 - Fine... Do whatever you want.


Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(The final eight survivors are all at camp, eating.)

Minamo: Following Numbah 5's blindside, the remaining members of the Toon Tribe attempted to convince someone to switch sides...

(Down on the beach, Daria and the Eds are talking.)

Daria: We have to use anything we can right now

Minamo: ... Meanwhile, the food situation became a worry for the whole tribe.

(Early in the morning, Kaoru and Gaku talk around the fire.)

Gaku: We still don't have much food though.

Minamo: At the reward challenge, some people became aware of their positions in the tribe...

Minamo: Who doesn't deserve to be here?

(A shot of people answering Miriallia.)

Minamo: And the correct answer is... Miriallia.

Miriallia: That's not good...

Minamo: And Nenene decided to give up her reward for more food for the tribe.

Minamo: So, Nenene, will you take the trip, or will you take the rice?

Nenene: Easy. I'll take the rice.

Minamo: In the immunity challenge, Gaku gave Koizumi a much needed immunity...

(In the rain, Koizumi and Gaku are the last two standing.)

Koizumi: C'mon Gaku, step down. We both know I need this immunity more than you.

(Gaku dives into the water.)

Minamo: ... Because, in the end, Nenene betrayed her tribe, and Kaoru was voted due to his past votes.

(At Tribal Council, Kaoru gets up and gives Minamo his torch.)

Minamo: Kaoru, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: Now, seven remain. Who will be voted of... Tonight?

Opening Credits:

Athha Tribe:

Gaku - Sukisho
Miriallia - Gundam Seed
Nenene - R.O.D the TV
Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club
Ed - Ed, Edd & Eddy
Mac - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Edd - Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Numbah 5 - Codename: Kids Next Door
Daria - Daria


Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents
Jimmy - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Hitomi - Loveless
Stacy - Daria
Yuki - Fruits Basket
Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Day 27 - After Tribal Council

(The final seven head back to their camp for the night, some moving slower than others. However, while most go to the shelter right away, Koizumi walks past it, and heads down on the beach. Down there, he stands and watches the water for a bit.)

Koizumi: Well, after our last Tribal Council, I felt the need to not go to sleep immediately, and think for a while. You know, about what happened, and what to do about it now. It's definitely not a good position to be in, and I'm not at all used to it... This is the first time I've been completely surprised at a vote.

(Down at the beach, Koizumi continues to stand there, but after a while, Gaku comes down there as well. Neither of them are happy at all.)

Koizumi: I guess I really did need immunity.

Gaku: Yeah...

Koizumi: This isn't good at all.

Gaku: Nope.

Koizumi: Think it was Miriallia or Nenene that betrayed us?

Gaku: Oh, um, totally Nenene! I was sitting next to Miri, and she was just as surprised as me...

Koizumi: ...What do you think we should do next?

Gaku: Um... We definitely need to talk to Nenene. And all of the others, too!

Koizumi: Do anything possible, huh...

Gaku: Right! Why not?

Koizumi: Gaku, you’re so… Energetic. We've just lost our ally, and it looks like we're set to go next.

Gaku: Yeah, but there’s nothing we could do about that! So being depressed won't help us at all, we can try to turn it around! (There’s a pause.) C'mon, let’s head back to camp, it's pretty late.

(Further demonstrating his point, Gaku yawns.)

Koizumi: I suppose you're right. Let's go.

(He turns around and starts to head back to camp, with Gaku following.)

Gaku: Right now... I'm not feeling that great. We just lost Kaoru, and I still don't feel good from that stupid challenge! But, um, there wasn’t anything we could do to avoid this, so we just need to stay in good spirits and try to turn it around!

(The two of them soon get back to camp, and take their places in the shelter, eventually falling asleep.)

Day 28 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, the first two people awake are the odd combination of Ed and Miriallia. They both sit around the fire, not talking. Ed's just staring off into space, and Miriallia's doing the exact same thing.)

Miriallia: Well, this morning, I spent some time with Ed, of all people. What's there to say about him? He's... Unique.

Ed (out of the blue): We should do something fun today!

(This snaps Miriallia out of the stupor she was in.)

Miriallia: Huh? Oh, wait, why?

Ed: Why not? It'd be fun!

Miriallia: Yeah, but what kind of activity would we do?

Ed: Um... I dunno. Let's build a sand castle!

Miriallia (trying to be diplomatic): ...I don't think that would be the best use of our time, Ed.

Ed: Aw... We have lots of food now!

Miriallia: Yeah, but there's still a lot of work to do around here. With, like fire wood, and we're low on water, too. And it wouldn't hurt to get more food.

Ed: Um, I guess so…

Miriallia: Yeah, and it would be really good if you went fishing, and caught us another great fish, instead of working on some stupid sand castle.

(Ed thinks it over for a moment.)

Ed: Okay! I think I'll go do that now!

(Before Miriallia can say anything else, Ed gets up and jogs into the forest.)

Miriallia: Maybe now I can relax...

Miriallia: And Ed's kinda... Dumb sometimes. We don't really have the spare time to build a sand castle. We have lots of more important things to do. So, yeah, Ed is sometimes an idiot.

(A bit later, in the forest, Daria and Nenene are walking on a path, looking for some food.)

Daria: ...You voted out Kaoru, didn't you?

Nenene: Guilty as charged. Final two?

Daria: That's the deal.

Nenene: Good. That's the only reason I voted him out, you know.

Daria: Hey, as long as you did it, I don't care why.

Nenene: Right... Who's next?

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Doesn't matter to me.

Nenene: Good... I want Koizumi out.

Daria: Not exactly his biggest fan?

Nenene: Hell no… So, you in?

Daria: Sure. We'll have to talk it over with the Eds, but there shouldn't be a problem.

Nenene: Well, you did target him before.

Daria (deadpan): Damn immunity challenge.

Nenene: Well, he knew he needed it and wasn't gonna let a thing stop him.

Daria: He even got Gaku to dive into the water...

Nenene: Well, Gaku doesn't have any past votes, you know.

Daria: He wouldn't have been a target either way. We weren't sure if he had past votes.

Nenene: Didn't stop you from targeting Koizumi...

(Daria looks irked when Nenene brings this up.)

Daria: That was just a stupid mistake. Besides, you confirmed it for us.

Nenene: Doesn't mean it wasn't idiotic…

Daria (getting annoyed): I never said it wasn't.

Nenene: Right, right...

Nenene: I do think that switching was the right move. With Miriallia, we were depending on Gaku switching final five. With Daria, I know exactly what's going to happen and I know that it'll be fine.

(Back at camp, the remaining three members of the Anime alliance are all sitting around near the edge of camp, talking.)

Miriallia: Well, that sucked.

Koizumi: That's one way to put it... You voted Ed out, right?

Miriallia: Yeah, like we planned!

Koizumi: That means Nenene voted out Kaoru...

Gaku: Just like we thought!

Miriallia: I can't believe that Nenene betrayed us!

Koizumi: It was quite a surprise. I thought we had her.

Gaku: Yeah, so did I!

Koizumi: We have to talk to her. See if we can get her to switch back.

Miriallia: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Gaku: Eh, why not?!

Miriallia: I mean, if she betrayed us, why should we think she's just going to switch over?

Koizumi: I think we'd have a better chance at convincing her than we do of the others…

Miriallia (getting annoyed): Yeah, but I don't think someone who betrayed us would just jump back to our side so easily. We shouldn't waste our time with her; we should concentrate more on the others!

(Koizumi doesn't seem convinced by her idea.)

Koizumi: Why not try everything possible? We shouldn't just count her out.

Miriallia: But she's not gonna switch! Besides, we can't trust her; she's betrayed us so many times! It was her idea to vote out Yuki, Winry, and Kaoru, even though she was allies with all of them!

(Koizumi takes a moment to think this over.)

Koizumi: So, if she betrays her allies so much, why can't we assume that she would betray her current allies?

(Miriallia frowns, obviously not expecting that response.)

Miriallia: But... That's not my point! (A pause) Nevermind.... Gaku, what do you think? Campaign to Nenene or not?

Gaku: Um... Sorry Miri, but I say we should go for Nenene! It can't hurt us, right?

(Once again, Miriallia frowns.)

Miriallia: Fine... Do whatever you want.

(She gets up and walks away.)

Gaku: This is not what we need right now...

Miriallia: Ugh... I have really not been in a good mood all day. I don't know, I was just... Hurt by Nenene's betrayal. We had a final 2 deal, for goodness sake! So, yeah, I was really mad at her that she betrayed us, and I was pretty mad at the whole Toon alliance or whatever for voting Kaoru out.

(Down at the river, Gaku and Ed are both fishing, but neither of them are using the fishing pole, which is lying by river.)

Gaku (looking at the fishing pole): We need someone else to fish with us.

Ed: Yeah, especially since we voted out Kaoru last night!

(This seems to strike nerve with Gaku, who grimaces for a second, but recovers quickly.)

Gaku: Yeah, I think Miri was interested in it, we could get her!

Ed: Oh, or Double D! He's fun to be with!

Gaku (changing the subject): Hm... We aren't having much luck today, are we?

Ed: I haven't seen a fish yet!

Gaku: Neither have I, it's so annoying!

Ed: Not that we really need it, though. We have so much rice!

Gaku: Yeah, but do you want to eat the same thing so much?

Ed: Only if it was butter toast!

Gaku: Um... Ed? We don't have any out here.

Ed: And that makes Ed sad...

(There's a pause, as the two continue to look for fish without success.)

Gaku: Hey, Ed, what do you think of Nenene?

Ed: Um... I like her! She saved me!

Gaku: Do you think she's nice?

Ed: Yep!

Gaku: Hm... You wouldn't be willing to vote her out, then?

Ed: Nah... Not without Double D, anyways!

Gaku: Yeah, but jury won't respect you!

Ed: Huh? Jury?

(At this moment, the two of them hear some rustling in the bushes. Gaku stops and looks at the origin of the noise, while Ed just looks oblivious.)

Gaku: Hey, who's there?

Ed: Huh?

(The leaves rustle some more, and out of the bushes comes Edd. Gaku looks suspicious, but Ed looks glad to see him.)

Ed: Double D! Gonna fish with us?

(Edd looks a bit suspicious as well, but tries to shake it off.)

Edd: Um... Yes, Ed, that's why I'm here. I figured that you could use another person to help you fish.

Edd: Why yes, I did here the end of Ed and Gaku's talk... And it did make me quite nervous. I'm aware Gaku is a large threat, maybe more so than Koizumi. I don't think that Ed would betray me, but Gaku did raise some interesting points...

Ed: Well, c'mon down, partner!

(Edd walks next to Ed, and picks up the fishing pole.)

Edd: Let's see how I do with this...

Gaku (a bit dismissive): Good luck.

Gaku: It was totally annoying to see Edd come! I don't know how much he heard, and I couldn't even ask Ed more questions! It was so annoying. But oh well... I mean, I'll have plenty of chances to talk to Ed!

(At the camp, as Daria cooks rice, Koizumi comes up and takes a seat next to her.)

Koizumi: Hello Daria...

Daria (coldly): Hi. What do you want?

Koizumi: Now, Daria, there's no reason to be so cold to me. I just want a friendly chat.

(Daria just rolls her eyes.)

Daria: A friendly chat about me switching, you mean.

Koizumi: What gives you that idea?

(Daria just looks at him.)

Koizumi: Fine, fine, guilty as charged. I do have a bit of a reputation here.

Daria: One that seems to be particularly true.

Koizumi: I'll take that as a no, then.

Daria: Yep.

Koizumi: Well, that's too bad. Say, you really trust the members of your alliance, don't you?

Daria: Why shouldn't I?

Koizumi: Well, the Eds are both very close, and you're not included in their little group. As for Nenene, she does have a history of backstabbing, beyond her vote for Kaoru. You aren't that close to any of them, and none of them can be trusted.

Daria: Alright, explain to me why I should believe anything you say. I know you're just trying to get me to switch, remember?

Koizumi: Trust me, because even if I am trying to get you to switch, that doesn't make what I say any more or less true. And it is true.

(Daria takes a moment to think about it, then frowns.)

Daria: How 'bout I think about it.

(Now it's Koizumi's turn to frown.)

Koizumi: Fine... But it is true, and you know it.

(He gets up and goes off.)

Daria: Koizumi... He has some half decent points. But that doesn't change the fact that he's just campaigning for votes, and that I've got a path to the final two.

(Down on the beach, as it gets dark out, Miriallia and Gaku are both down there, talking quietly.)

Miriallia: So, I've been doing some thinking... And I have an idea.

Gaku: About getting someone to switch?

Miriallia: No, not exactly... It would be more about getting ourselves into a better position. For the rest of the game, you know?

Gaku (slightly tentative): Yeah... What's the idea?

Miriallia: Well... I think we should vote out Koizumi at the next Tribal Council.

Gaku (shocked, slightly angry): What?! We can't just betray Koizumi like that!

Miriallia: Gaku, listen to me... It'd make it a whole lot easier to switch next time!

Gaku: But no one else would trust us! No one would switch if we did that!

Miriallia: It would be the right move, Gaku. We need to show them that, hey, maybe we're not unified, and maybe they can use that to their advantage.

Gaku: I still don't like it... I don't want to vote out Koizumi!

Miriallia: Yeah, but it could help us…

Gaku: Or it could hurt us, too!

Miriallia: We have to take a risk now! We know that they'll probably vote out Koizumi, so why not take a chance?

Gaku: But we're taking a chance now, too! We could get Daria, or Nenene, or either of the Eds to switch!

Miriallia: Yeah, but that's not likely now, we'd have better chances if we voted out Koizumi!

Gaku: That's not guaranteed!

(There’s a pause.)

Miriallia: At least think about it, Gaku…

Gaku (grudgingly): Fine... I'm gonna head to sleep now. It's getting dark...

(He walks off, obviously somewhat mad, leaving Miriallia there for a second.)

Miriallia (quietly): Damn, that was not good.

Miriallia: Ugh... Our alliance is falling apart... And most of it is my fault. In one day, I've had fights with both Koizumi and Gaku! But still, I do think my ideas are good ones, and I'm not going to stop defending them just because others disagree.

Day 29 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, the first to wake up are Koizumi and Edd. They're currently sitting around the fire, making in awkward conversation.)

Koizumi: We're probably going to have a reward challenge today.

Edd: It seems likely, doesn't it?

Koizumi: It would seem so... I wonder if we'll have another twist today.

Edd: Like the previous time, with the choice given to Nenene? I doubt it... I think something like that would just be a one time offer.

Koizumi: Who knows? I guess we'll find out in due time.

Edd: It shouldn't be that long. Late challenges are not exactly common.

Koizumi: Agreed.

(There's a pause.)

Koizumi: Theoretically, is there anything I could offer you that would get you to switch?

Edd: Hm, that depends on what you offer me, now doesn't it?

Koizumi: Yes, I suppose so.

(There’s a slight pause.)

Edd: ... Are you going to offer me something?

Koizumi: Yes... Here's the deal: If you don't vote for me tonight, then I'll give you my vote in the jury.

Edd: Hm…Would the same idea apply to Gaku and Miriallia?

Koizumi: No. You could vote for whoever you want besides myself... Of course, it would preferably not be Gaku or Miriallia, but that's not part of the deal.

Edd (more to himself): Intriguing.... (to Koizumi) It would be no matter whom I was up against, correct?

Koizumi: If you make the final two, yes.

(Edd's obviously wondering about the deal.)

Edd: This deal, it seems quite good to me, honestly. However, it does raise some questions... For one, I'm not sure that I can trust Koizumi entirely. And two, how do I know he won't say the same thing to me after this vote? There's no way to tell... But of course, I do need to consider everything at this point in the game... Especially after Numbah 5's departure.

(Down on the beach now, Daria and Edd are talking to each other, as they walk along it.)

Edd: Well, what move do we make now?

Daria: That's obvious... Koizumi.

Edd: ... He is the leader of the opposing alliance... But I feel concerned that we're ignoring the threat of Gaku and Miriallia.

Daria: What, you think they're more dangerous than Koizumi?

Edd: Not really... But they are quite the close pair.

Daria: So's Koizumi and Gaku.

Edd: I just feel that... It would be more difficult to break up Miriallia and Gaku than Koizumi and Gaku. And theoretically, we could break them both up at the same time.

Daria: Vote out Gaku?

Edd: That's what I am thinking...

Daria: What about Nenene? She's set on Koizumi; she can't stand him.

(Edd frowns.)

Edd: Nenene... She is the key vote. We can't afford to anger her.

Daria: Bingo. She can screw us over easily.

Edd: If we're that concerned with her, there is another option we could take...

Daria (guessing what Edd's up to): But then we'd have a tie. We'd be screwed.

Edd: Yes, I suppose you're right...

Daria: Edd... He's been considering everything. He's over thinking this way too much, it could screw us over in the future. We know what we have to do; this is no time for changing up the whole damn plan.

(Up at camp, Nenene is laying in the shelter, relaxing, as Miriallia comes up and sits next to her.)

Miriallia: Um... Hey, Nenene.

Nenene (not looking up): Hey.

Miriallia (awkwardly): So... Why'd you vote for Kaoru last night?

Nenene: It was the best move for me.

Miriallia: But we had a deal!

Nenene: Depending on one person in the final five!

Miriallia: Like your chances are much better with the Toon Tribe...

(Nenene just smirks.)

Nenene: They are.

(This piques Miriallia's interest.)

Miriallia: Oh, really? Who's your deal with?

(Nenene doesn't respond.)

Miriallia: Oh, so you do have a deal with someone...

(Still no response from Nenene.)

Miriallia: Well, it's either to the final three with the Eds...

(She pauses, looking for a reaction, but doesn't find any.)

Miriallia (continuing): Or to the final two with Daria... Which is it?

(Nenene just looks amused.)

Nenene: You really think I'd tell you?

Miriallia: Eh, not really. Worth a try, though.

(There's a pause.)

Nenene: ...You here to offer me a deal? I'm not gonna take it.

Miriallia: Well, I guess that there's no point in trying, then...

Nenene: Nah, you'd be wasting your time.

Miriallia: ... Fine.

(She gets up and walks away.)

Miriallia: I wanted to talk to Nenene, just to test the waters, you know? I wanted to see if we should try to convince her to switch again, or if we should avoid her... I still think that we shouldn't bother, but now I have more proof.

(Down at the beach, the Eds are down there, talking by themselves.)

Ed: Now we won't be voted out!

Edd: For the time being, that seems rather unlikely.

Ed: Thanks to Nenene! Yay!

Edd: Quite correct, Ed…

(There's a pause.)

Ed: Um, Double D?

Edd: Yes, Ed?

Ed: Can we trust Nenene?

(Edd seems slightly surprised at this question.)

Edd: Well, for the time being, there is not much we can do...

Ed: But she's from the Anime Tribe!

Edd: I know... But she helped us, so we must trust her.

(Ed doesn't seem convinced.)

Ed: Um... I like Nenene! And she saved us, too! But, um... She might be friends with the Anime Tribe, I think!

Reward Challenge

(The remaining seven survivors all head down to the challenge beach, where Minamo's already waiting for them, naturally. Behind her is a large obstacle course.)

Minamo: Welcome to your next reward challenge... As you can see, you'll be doing an obstacle course. First you'll be running across three logs, and climbing up a rope, to the platform you see. However, the last three people to arrive there will be eliminated. Then you'll zip down, and run to the water, swimming the buoy out in the water. Once there, pick up a flag from the buoy, and bring it back here. Whoever makes it back first wins.

Ed: Yep!

Minamo: Wanna know what you're playing for?

(Everyone quickly says yes.)

Minamo: Well, the winner, and one guest, will take off from here by a private plane, and spend the rest of the day in one of Orb's best hotels, where they'll be able to wash, sleep, and most importantly, eat. Worth playing for?

(The consensus is yes.)

Minamo: Alright, we’ll draw positions and then get started!

(We fast forward to where everyone's at the beginning of their log.)

Minamo: Survivors... Go!

(Everyone starts on their logs, some more carefully than others. Quickly, though, Daria slips off, while Ed and Gaku take the early lead.)

Minamo: Daria's off, go back to the start!

Daria: What?!

(Annoyed, Daria walks back there and begins again. Soon after she starts, however, Nenene also slips off and has to go back to the beginning.)

Minamo: Ed and Gaku are doing pretty well... Miriallia and Koizumi following them closely. Edd's ahead of Daria and Nenene, but Nenene's making progress!

(Edd looks back at Nenene, who is slowly moving catching up to him, so Edd increases his speed a little. Ed and Gaku are still leading, and move onto their second log.)

Minamo: Ed and Gaku are finished with the first log, Miriallia's just behind! Nenene's passed Edd, leaving him and Daria in last! Remember, the last three people will be eliminated!

(At this point, Gaku's in the lead, followed by Ed, Miriallia, Koizumi, Nenene, Edd, and Daria. However, Gaku falls off, trying to move a little fast for himself.)

Minamo: Gaku's down, but he just has to go back to the second log!

Gaku: Okay!

(He quickly gets off and goes back to the start of the second log, but this costs him time, as Miriallia passes him.)

Minamo: Miriallia's into second, but everyone is still way behind Ed! Koizumi's starting on his second log as well!

(Everything stays the same for a while, as everyone concentrates on getting across the logs. Soon enough, Ed starts on the final log, while Gaku and Miriallia are neck and neck.)

Minamo: Daria, Nenene and Edd need to speed up, or they'll be eliminated!

(Near the back of the pack, Edd and Daria both look worried, as everyone else has a large lead on them. However, Nenene is approaching a cautious Koizumi.)

Minamo: Ed's finished with the final log! He's starting on rope climb!

(Ed initially has some problems with the rope, but he grits his teeth and gets up to the platform, as Gaku and Miriallia start on the rope as well.)

Minamo: Ed's the first to advance! Now we're waiting for the three others who will join him for the second round!

(Ed smiles and waits, as Gaku gets ahead of Miriallia on the rope climb. However, both make it up comfortably and advance to the next round as well.)

Minamo: Now it's a four person race for the last spot... Nenene and Koizumi are tied for the spot, but Daria and Edd are still in this!

Daria (sotto): Sure we are...

(By now, Nenene and Koizumi have both reached the bottom of the rope climb, but neither have much luck at first.)

Minamo: Nenene and Koizumi having some problems! It's anyone's game!

(They continue struggling up, at about the same rate, eventually reaching the half way point.)

Minamo: Now Daria and Edd are starting on the rope, too!

Nenene: Just great...

(She continues struggling up, getting a bit of a lead over Koizumi.)

Minamo: Nenene's almost there... Can she keep it?

(She continues a bit more, eventually getting up to the platform, beating Koizumi.)

Minamo: That's it, the first stage is over! Ed, Gaku, Miriallia, and Nenene will be advancing... Koizumi, Edd, and Daria, come take a seat.

(Edd and Daria, who were barely off the ground, jump off and go take their seats, with Koizumi following a minute later.)

Minamo: Now for the second part of the challenge. All four of you will grab a zip line and hang on, until you reach the bottom. Then, swim to the buoy, grab a flag, and head back. First back wins reward. Survivors... Go!

(Immediately, all four of them turn around and grab the zip lines, although Miriallia is half a second behind the others, and therefore, lands half a second after. This puts her quickly behind in the dash to the ocean.)

Minamo: Heading into the ocean, Gaku and Ed are neck-in-neck, Nenene's just behind them! Miriallia needs to make up time, though!

(Ed and Gaku trade first place back and forth, while Nenene falls further and further behind them.)

Minamo: Remember, you have to grab a flag from the buoy, and give it to me!

(At this point, Miriallia makes her move, and starts swimming faster, getting just ahead of Nenene.)

Minamo: Miriallia's making a comeback! Could she do a come from behind win?

(Both Gaku and Ed hear this, and start to speed up.)

Minamo: Ed and Gaku are still tied, as they approach the buoy!

(Ed and Gaku both turn to the buoy, but they don't see each other, and collide.)

Minamo: Gaku and Ed take a nasty bump! This is costing them precious time!

(Ed quickly recovers and grabs his flag, but Gaku takes a second longer, making him fall behind Ed.)

Minamo: Ed's in the lead! Gaku's right behind him, followed by Miriallia and Nenene! It's gonna be a close race!

(They keep swimming, but the order stays the same. Ed makes it back to the beach first, as expected, and hands the flag to Minamo.)

Minamo: That's it, Ed wins reward!

Ed: Whoopee!

(After a minute, everyone else arrives on the beach.)

Minamo: Now, Ed, you have one decision to make... Who will you take along with you on the reward?

(Everyone looks like they know who he'll pick, but Gaku seems a little hopeful.)

Ed: Um... I choose Nenene!

(His announcement shocks everyone, including Minamo. Even Nenene looks confused. However, Edd just smiles slightly.)

Edd (to himself): Good move, Ed...

Miriallia: Everyone was really surprised when Ed said he'd take Nenene. I mean, he's been best friends with Edd since before the game even started! It's really weird... Maybe he’s smarter than we all thought…

(After getting over the shock, Minamo turns back to address the group.)

Minamo: Alright, Nenene, you and Ed will come with me... Everyone else, head back to camp.

Nenene: ...What the hell? Why did he pick me, exactly?

(Back at the tribe's camp, the five not on the trip all gathered around the fire, talking about the topic of the day - Ed.)

Miriallia: Seriously, why'd he pick Nenene? I've never seen them talk!

Koizumi: It does make sense, strategically.

Miriallia: And since when has Ed ever been strategic?

(She gets no response.)

Gaku (trying to avoid a fight): Um, Edd! What do you think?

Edd: Well, it is quite surprising to me as well. But I assume Ed has a reason for it, however odd it may be.

Daria (sarcastically): He probably thinks she's an alien or something.

Edd (chuckles): He hasn't done anything drastic, so I have to disagree.

Miriallia: Still... It's so weird!

Gaku: Yeah...

Koizumi: Everyone was forced to rethink their opinions of Ed after his little decision. Is he a genius in disguise? A moron who got lucky? Plain insane? It's hard for us to know at the moment.

Edd: It was quite a smart move on Ed's part. Daria, Ed, and I all had reservations about Nenene's allegiances, so I believe that this will secure it for us. It also has the added bonus of preventing her former allies from talking to her.

(Over in the hotel, Ed and Nenene have arrived, and are seated in a restaurant.)

Nenene: Damn, this place is fancy.

Ed: It's pretty! And no one else is here!

Nenene: Yeah, it's completely empty... Now let's get our food!

Ed: Yay!

(They get their menus and begin looking.)

Nenene: The selection's actually pretty good...

Ed: But no butter toast! Or gravy!

(Nenene looks rightfully confused.)

Nenene: Um.... I guess you could order it, or something.

Ed: Good idea! I wish I thought of it.

(There's a pause.)

Nenene: Alright, Ed, spill it. Why did you choose me, exactly?

Ed: Uh....

(Nenene rolls her eyes.)

Ed: Oh, I remember! 'Cause, um... The Anime Tribe wanted you!

Nenene (slightly doubtful): You mean... You took me here, because the Anime Tribe was talking to me?

Ed: They wanted you to switch!

Nenene (subdued): Oh... That's interesting.

(They continue talking, but occasionally, Nenene flashes Ed some confused glances.)

Nenene: Okay, when did Ed become a strategist? I haven't seen him do one thing before now, and suddenly, he's playing the game? What gives? Did Edd tell him to do that or something?

(Back at the Athha Tribe, Miriallia, Gaku, and Koizumi are all in the near the stream, as Gaku and Miriallia fish.)

Miriallia: Now we're missing another fisher...

Gaku: Ed doesn't really use the fishing pole, anyways.

Miriallia: Really? I was thinking of coming out more...

Gaku: Yeah, last time, we had both Eds come out!

Koizumi: So that's where the other Edd was...

Gaku: Yeah, so I couldn't talk with Ed as much as I wanted!

Koizumi: And we have even less time due too the reward.

Miriallia: Yeah.... I talked to Nenene earlier.

Gaku: Oh, what'd she say?

Miriallia: Before I even said anything, she was like, "I'm not gonna change, so don't ask!"

Koizumi: That's not good. You're right, Miriallia, we probably should use our energy on more likely situations...

Gaku: That just leaves us with Edd and Daria!

Koizumi: And Daria seemed unlikely as well...

Miriallia: You talked to her?

Koizumi: Yes. And unfortunately, she doesn't seem like a possibility either...

Gaku: So, it's the Eds now!

Koizumi: Bingo. With the trip factored in...

Gaku: We only have Edd!

Koizumi: I can talk to him... I'll appeal to his rational side.

Miriallia: Good idea! Need any help with it?

Koizumi: No, not yet... I think I'll go find him now.

(He gets up and starts heading back to camp.)

Miriallia (calling to Koizumi): Wait! Who should we target?!

(Koizumi turns around, slightly surprised.)

Koizumi (hadn't thought of it before): Oh... We should probably target Nenene if we’re trying to convince the Eds...

Gaku: She isn't as close with the alliance as the others!

Miriallia: Yeah, good point...

(With that settled, Koizumi turns around again, and continues back to camp. When he's out of sight, Miriallia turns to Gaku.)

Miriallia: That was weird.

Gaku: Yeah....

Miriallia: Think he's plotting something?

Gaku: No, Koizumi wouldn't do that!

Miriallia: ...You still won't vote for him, will you?

Gaku: No!

(Miriallia sighs.)

Miriallia: Then we just have to hope for the best...

(Gaku and Miriallia both frown.)

Gaku: Um... Our chances aren't really good now. Ed isn't here, and Koizumi... He's acting kinda weird! But if we want to survive, we really can't afford to vote him out, not now!

(True to his word, Koizumi's approaching Edd, who's tending the fire.)

Koizumi: Hey...

(Edd looks up.)

Edd: Oh, hello Koizumi.

(Koizumi takes a seat next to him, and looks around him.)

Koizumi: Hm, where did Daria go?

Edd: Oh, I believe that she went to look for fruit in the forest.

Koizumi (not particularly interested): We could always have some more.

Edd: We don't intend on running out again.

Koizumi: Agreed. The extra rice was just luck, we can't count on that happening again.

Edd: Correct...

(There's a pause.)

Koizumi: Have you considered my offer?

Edd: It has been on my mind, I must admit.

Koizumi: And your response?

Edd: Well... It's a possibility.

Koizumi: A possibility doesn't sound too definite.

Edd: I haven't had the chance to talk it over with my allies yet...

Koizumi: Hm, I guess you won't be betraying your current alliance, for instance.

Edd: At the moment, I don't see any reason to...

Koizumi: What if you brought Ed along?

(Edd doesn't seem to have expected this response, so he takes a moment to think it over.)

Edd: We'd be guaranteed fifth and fourth place...

Koizumi: Not necessarily. If you brought Ed along to our alliance, I would flip to you in the final five.

(Edd's obviously surprised and stares at Koizumi.)

Edd: And how do I know I am able trust you?

Koizumi: You can't... Just don't expect someone such as Daria to settle for third place. And if you’re curious, we are voting for Nenene tonight…

(And with this remark, Koizumi gets up and walks back into the forest, leaving Edd with a lot to think about.)

Edd: Koizumi certainly has given me quite a bit to think about the past few days... His offers are quite tempting, I admit.

(Later, as the sun is going down, Miriallia approaches Daria, who's relaxing at the edge of camp.)

Miriallia: Koizumi said he couldn't convince Daria.... But I don't trust him. I wanted to see for myself.

Miriallia: Um... Daria?

Daria (without making eye contact): Oh, hey. Here for a deal?

(Miriallia seems a bit shaken at her response, but continues.)

Miriallia: Well.... Yeah.

(Daria sits up and looks at her.)

Daria: Alright, let's hear it.

Miriallia: Well, the Eds are really close, they'd vote you out final three, easily. Besides, it'd be too hard to beat them for immunity. Ed's too strong, and Double D's too smart.

(Daria nods, understanding her point.)

Miriallia: And you can't trust Nenene, too... She's voted almost all of her allies so far... She betrayed Yuki, she betrayed Winry, and she betrayed Kaoru! She could just as easily betray you, too.

Daria: Yeah, and?

(Miriallia's stumped, she wasn't expecting this response.)

Daria: Listen, all you've done is tell me my alliance sucks. But how the hell is yours any better?

Miriallia: Well, we won't betray you...

Daria: No, you'll just vote me out at the final four. Or do you have a better offer?

Miriallia: Um... Not right now...

Daria: Then what's the point in trying? Listen, it's getting late. If you want to talk to me again, fine. But for now, I'm just going to go to sleep.

(Daria gets up and walks away from a stunned Miriallia.)

Day 30 - Athha Tribe

(Even though it's early and still dark out, all the tribe members are all awake and miserable. The reason is simple - it's pouring out, and the roof's collapsed on them.)

Miriallia: This sucks...

Daria: Edd, I thought this was supposed to be a good shelter.

Edd: As I recall, we kept part of the original shelter as well...

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: That was the first part to fall.

Edd: Then followed by the part I designed…

Daria: Right, right.

Miriallia: So, what do we do now? Just sit here in misery?

Gaku: Seems like it. Unless we start on the shelter again!

Koizumi: No, it's too dark out.

Edd: We'd have a risk of getting injured…

Daria: Edd and Koizumi... They're agreeing a lot. It's kind of annoying. And sure as hell makes me wonder about Edd.

Miriallia: Well, we can't just sit here getting soaked...

Gaku: Hey, we have the flint right?! And the food?

Daria (looking around): Crap, we don't.

Gaku: We have to get it!

Koizumi: I agree with you in theory, however, where'd we put it?

Gaku: Um... We could put quickly put the roof back and put them under that! It'd just take a minute!

Miriallia: Would that work?

Gaku: Well, we need to save the food!

Daria: Unless you want to be out of food again.

Miriallia: Um... No, of course not!

Daria: Then let's do it.

(Gaku and Daria get out of what's left of the shelter, followed by the others, and they begin working on getting something over their heads.)

Gaku: The rain was really bad last night! None of us got any sleep, and I think it ruined more of our rice...

(The next morning, everyone's in their rushed shelter, when Ed and Nenene head back to the camp.)

Nenene: Looks like it poured last night...

Ed: Yep! I'm glad I wasn't here!

Nenene: Yeah, it would have sucked.

(They get in view of camp.)

Nenene: Oh... Crap.

Ed: Huh?

Nenene: Look at the shelter...

(Ed takes a look at it.)

Ed: Um... It's a shelter!

(Nenene sighs.)

Nenene: Take a close look at it.

Ed: It's made of wood!

(She sighs again.)

Nenene: No, half the roof is missing!

(Ed looks at it again, and then realizes that she’s right.)

Ed: Oh yeah, it is! I wonder why...

Nenene: One way to find out…

(They approach the shelter, and see everyone sitting in it.)

Miriallia (tired): Hey...

Nenene: Hey. What the hell happened to the shelter?

Gaku: The storm blew it down!

Ed: That's so sad!

Nenene: So, working on a new one?

Miriallia: Edd's making plans...

Ed: It was sad... Everyone was sad, 'cause the shelter blew down! No fun!

(Later, Ed and Gaku are in the forest, collecting some materials for the new roof.)

Ed: We're gonna get lots of stuff!

Gaku: Yep! Make the new roof really strong!

Ed: Yay!

(There's a pause.)

Gaku: Hey, Ed! Who're you gonna vote for tonight?

Ed: Um.... I dunno!

Gaku: Really?

Ed: Yep!

Gaku: ...Would you vote out Nenene?

Ed: If Double D is!

(Gaku doesn't get the answer he was looking for, so he frowns. Ed, of course, doesn't notice.)

Gaku: Oh... Aren't you worried about the jury? They wouldn't vote for you!

Ed: Well, uh... Maybe?

Gaku: Think about it, not with Double D, kay?

Ed: Kay!

Gaku: We can't really not try anything now! I like Ed, but we have to really try!

(Down on the beach, the Toon alliance plus Nenene are all down there, talking.)

Daria: It should be Koizumi.

(Nenene nods, agreeing.)

Nenene: He's the leader of the alliance.

Edd: Well, I agree with that, but...

Daria: But what?

Edd: He's essentially powerless in this situation. We all know that he is not to be trusted. And from what I've observed, Gaku and Miriallia are much close to each other.

Nenene: Yeah, but Koizumi's a snake. No matter how hard you try, you can't get him out. Trust me, I've been trying since before the merge to get him. Now's the perfect time to get him!

Ed: Yeah!

Daria: Once again, Gaku and Koizumi are too dangerous, too.

Edd: Therefore, wouldn't it be wise to break up both pairs?

Ed: Um... How?

Daria: He means vote out Gaku.

Ed: Oh...

(Ed frowns.)

Edd: I'm undecided, but it might be smarter.

Ed (suddenly): No!

(The other three are surprised at Ed's sudden remark.)

Ed: Um... I say Koizumi!

Nenene: You know what, I agree. Koizumi's just more of a threat, he's the leader of the alliance. They'll fall apart without him.

Edd (defeated): I guess so...

Edd: I did try to steer the target away from Koizumi, due to his offer. It didn't work, but there is one option left I could take...

(Later, in the forest, Gaku and Daria are both looking for fruits, but neither are having much luck.)

Daria (out of the blue): Why the hell did you come out here with me?

Gaku: Huh?

Daria: Why'd you come with me?

Gaku: Oh, because more people makes it easier to get food! And we could always use that!

(Daria obviously doesn't believe him, as she crosses her arms.)

Daria (sarcastically): Right. Now, really.

Gaku: That is it! Besides, I know you wouldn't switch!

Daria (surprised): Wait, what?

Gaku: Well, I know that you won't switch... So I won't talk to you about that, kay?

Daria (still surprised): Um... Sure. Let's go.

Gaku: Right!

Daria: Of course I’m surprised that Gaku wasn’t going to talk strategy. At this point, just about everything is about strategy… It’s kinda refreshing.

Immunity Challenge

(The final seven head down to the beach, for their next challenge. Minamo is already waiting there, as always, with red ribbons in her hand.)

Minamo: Alright, Koizumi, I'm gonna need immunity back from you.

(Calmly, Koizumi gives it back.)

Minamo: So, your next challenge is simple. First, each of you will tie a ribbon around your leg. Then, in the water, all seven of you will try to tear off everyone else's ribbon. Last one standing wins immunity. So, I'll give you your ribbons, and get into position.

(Now, everyone is ready to run into the water, ribbons tied around everyone's leg.)

Minamo: For immunity... Survivors, go!

(They all immediately go straight for the water. Ed reaches it first, with Gaku following him. In last is Koizumi, who scopes everyone out, before starting after Edd.)

Minamo: And they're off! Some are out for blood, others just trying to survive, it looks like.

(Out in the water, Miriallia and Daria are just floating away from the group, while everyone else chases someone. Quickly, Nenene notices this, switches from chasing Koizumi, and grabs Miriallia's ribbon unexpectedly.)

Minamo: Miriallia's the first casualty! Come out and grab a towel.

(As Miriallia walks up on the beach, she turns and glares at Nenene.)

Miriallia (to herself): Shoot...

(Back in the water, Gaku is still chasing Ed, while Koizumi finally catches up with Edd and eliminates him.)

Minamo: Edd's out!

(As Edd returns to shore, Ed stops suddenly to look at him, allowing him to be the third casualty of the challenge.)

Minamo: Ed's out, too! Now we're down to just Koizumi, Gaku, Nenene, and Daria!

(Now, everyone starts chasing each other. Gaku's after Nenene, who's after Koizumi, who's after Daria, who's just trying to avoid getting caught. She can't avoid him for very long, however, and is the next one out.)

Minamo: And the last Toon Tribe member, Daria, is out!

(As soon as Daria gets out, Nenene is able to grab Koizumi's ribbon, but isn't able to pull it off.)

Minamo: Koizumi escapes an attempt by Nenene! Only three left, fatigue will be setting in soon...

(Soon enough, it does, as Nenene's almost eliminated by a team of Koizumi and Gaku. She manages to dive under them, then swims away to the side. Gaku and Koizumi are confused about where she is for a second, but Koizumi sees her and they start swimming after her.)

Minamo: Now Gaku and Koizumi have teamed up to take out Nenene! Can she survive it?

(Despite being chased, Nenene finds time to roll her eyes at that comment, before turning and seeing that Koizumi and Gaku are still following her. However, just as Koizumi closes in on her, Gaku grabs the ribbon off of his leg instead.)

Minamo: Gaku just took out Koizumi! Now it's just Nenene and Gaku!

(Koizumi swims back to shore with an uncharacteristic frown, while the others take a quick breather.)

Gaku: Sorry!

(After the break, things continue like before, although Nenene makes a few efforts to grab Gaku's ribbon this time, rather than just focusing on defense.)

Minamo: Now it's anyone's game!

(Nenene and Gaku continue for a while, neither giving the other a chance. Eventually, Nenene makes her move, and tries to grab the ribbon, but misses.)

Minamo: Nenene tries to get it, but grabs for the wrong leg! Can Gaku win immunity here?

(Nenene's temporarily stunned at her error, which lets Gaku sneak up and grab her ribbon.)

Minamo: That's it, Gaku wins immunity!

Gaku: Yeah!

(Nenene and Gaku both return the beach, where Minamo gives Gaku the immunity necklace.)

Koizumi: Of course I was disappointed not to win immunity, I'm easily the largest target of my alliance. But I don't hold it against Gaku at all, he knew he'd be a target if I won, and it was likely his best move to eliminate me when he did…

(Back at camp, Gaku and Koizumi are sitting in the newly remade shelter, talking.)

Gaku: Sorry, but I really wanted to win!

Koizumi: Don't worry; I'm aware of why you did it... Good move.

Gaku: Heh, thanks!

Koizumi: Talked to Ed yet?

Gaku: Yeah, I did it earlier today!

Koizumi: Did he sound likely?

Gaku: Um... He said he'd think about it...

Koizumi: That's unfortunate...

Gaku: Should I talk to him again?

Koizumi: Maybe. Don't overdo it, though.

Gaku: Right! That's why you haven't talked to Edd that much, right?

Koizumi: Right…

Gaku: And Miri's talking to Daria right now...

Koizumi: Really? I thought we decided she wouldn't switch.

Gaku: Um... She wanted to find out for herself!

Koizumi: ...Oh.

Tribal Council

(The final seven head up to Tribal Council, and, as always, take their seats. Of course, Minamo is already there.)

Minamo: We will now bring in the members of the jury. They are here just for observation, not interaction.

(Kaoru and Numbah 5 walk in and take a seat separate from the others.)

Minamo: Miriallia, last time you were here, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that you were shocked at the outcome. Do you think that might happen again?

Miriallia: Um... Not really. I mean, I can't exactly expect a shocker, and I think that everyone's aware of what's happening tonight.

Minamo: So, you're down to the final seven now. Edd, does getting this far change the way you're playing?

Edd: Well, I do believe that everyone has at least thought about jury votes now... It would be unwise not to.

Minamo: But will this affect any strategic moves in the game?

Edd: It potentially could... If it does remains to be seen, I guess.

Minamo: Right... So, Ed, yesterday you took Nenene with you on reward. Was it strategic or is she just fun?

Ed: Um... She's a lot of fun! And the food was good!

Minamo: Sure... Alright, Gaku, you won immunity, will you give it up?

Gaku: Sorry, no!

Minamo: Alright, it's time to vote. Koizumi, you're up first.

(Koizumi walks up to the voting booth and writes down NENENE.)

Koizumi: You're untrustworthy... Simple as that.

(He returns to his seat, and Ed goes up to vote.)

(Ed sits back down, then Nenene goes to vote. She writes down KOIZUMI.)

Nenene: This is too late, but what the hell, you're going now.

(She sits back down, and Gaku walks up to the voting booth. He writes down NENENE.)

Gaku: Sorry... We can't do anything else though!

(He returns to his seat, and Miriallia goes to vote. She hesitates, but writes a name down.)

(Miriallia sits down, followed by Edd voting.)

(Edd sits back down, and the final voted, Daria goes.)

(Daria returns to her seat as well.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes and gets the voting jar, then returns.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read the decision is final. Whoever is voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal area immediately.

(She pulls out the first one.)

Minamo: First vote - KOIZUMI.

(Koizumi looks calm, but a bit more nervous than usual.)

Minamo: Second vote - KOIZUMI.

(His expression doesn't change.)

Minamo: Third vote - NENENE. 2 votes Koizumi, 1 vote Nenene.

(She frowns.)

Minamo: Fourth vote - NENENE. We're tied - 2 votes Koizumi, 2 votes Nenene.

(She's still frowning, but isn't surprised.)

Minamo: Next vote - NENENE. 3 votes Nenene, 2 votes Koizumi.

(She rolls her eyes at that vote.)

Minamo: Sixth vote - KOIZUMI. We're tied again. 3 votes Nenene, 3 votes Koizumi.

(Koizumi actually begins to frown at that vote.)

Minamo: Last vote... And third member of our jury - KOIZUMI. Koizumi, you need to bring me your torch.

(Koizumi, now back to his trademark smile, gets up and gets his torch.)

Koizumi: Good game everyone.

(Minamo extinguishes his torch.)

Minamo: Koizumi, the tribe has spoken.

(Koizumi leaves Tribal Council, still smiling.)

Minamo: So, the game is always going on... We're getting down to the end of things, everyone here better start thinking about that. Head back to camp.

(The final six get up and head out, none too surprised.)

Koizumi: Of course it was disappointing to be voted out at this stage in the game. However, it was rather amusing while it lasted, despite the conditions. Perhaps the reputation I acquired in this game caused the others to mistrust me… Still quite the experience, nonetheless.

Next time, on Survivor!

- The majority alliance starts to get paranoid.

- One survivor gets very worried about past votes.

- And it’s time for the family visit! But will strategy play into this at all?


Koizumi (4)
- Daria, Ed, Edd, Nenene

Nenene (3) - Gaku, Koizumi, Miriallia

Author's Notes

Ah, there goes the big villain. Not to worry, though, as his departure won't stop the plotting and arguments, not by a long shoot. Too bad he had to go now, Koizumi's a fantastic character and I would've loved for him to get to the final 4. But alas, I had other plans for him and so he had to go. Funny, I didn't even plan for to be a villain at all in the beginning plans of the situation – that came around when I started writing the first episode and needing to stir up some drama on the Anime Tribe, I decided he would be a good villains. Lasts a while, good downfall, and I wouldn't put it past his personality to one. Oh well, fun while it lasted. Haruhi's a fantastic series, too. Especially the first season. (The second one isn't bad. Contrary to popular opinion, I found Endless Eight hilarious.)

Next episode? Lots of fun, including the visits, which I planned rather far ahead in advance. And then we're down to just 5...