Episode 9 – It’s weird, this could actually be a simple vote.

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(The nine survivors sit back in their shelter, following Tribal Council.)

Minamo: Daria tried to find out what happened to the alliance...

(Daria and Numbah 5 are talking on the beach.)

Daria (angry, blunt): What the hell was last night about? I thought we had a plan.

Minamo: And Nenene continued to have problems with hers.

(Now, Nenene and Miriallia are down on the beach, talking.)

Nenene: Where does he get off telling us what to do?!

Minamo: At the reward challenge, Koizumi won, and took Kaoru with him on an overnight cruise...

(A shot of Koizumi shooting an arrow at the challenge.)

Minamo: Where they plotted to betray their Toon Tribe allies.

(Now Kaoru and Koizumi are talking in their room.)

Kaoru: We should vote off a Toon Tribe member.

Koizumi: Meaning either Numbah 5 or one of the Eds?

Minamo: In the end, they got their way, and Numbah 5 was the eighth person voted out of the game.

(At Tribal Council, Numbah 5 gives her torch to Minamo.)

Minamo: Numbah 5, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: Only eight are left... Who will be voted out tonight?

Opening Credits:

Athha Tribe:

Gaku - Sukisho
Miriallia - Gundam Seed
Nenene - R.O.D the TV
Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club
Ed - Ed, Edd & Eddy
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Edd - Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Numbah 5 - Codename: Kids Next Door
Daria - Daria


Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents
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Hitomi - Loveless
Stacy - Daria
Yuki - Fruits Basket
Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Day 24 (After Tribal Council) - Athha Tribe

(Back at the camp, the remaining survivors mostly head to the shelter to lay down. The exceptions are the Eds and Daria, who are talking quietly away from the shelter.)

Daria: We just got completely screwed over.

Edd: Unfortunately, that's what happened.

Ed: Aw, I liked Numbah 5! What now?

Edd: Well, I'd say we have to find a weak point in the opposing alliance…

(Daria nods, not that any of them can see it.)

Daria: Right. Talk to everyone.

Edd: We must start tomorrow to do it...

Ed: Or bad things will happen!

Daria: We're back at the beginning again. We were just in this situation 6 days ago.

Edd: We got out of that... We can do it again.

Daria: Except we ended up screwed over 2 Tribal Councils later... Whatever. I'm heading to bed.

Edd: Agreed…

(All three of them head to the shelter, and lie down.)

Day 25 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, Kaoru and Gaku have woken up first. They both sit around the fire, talking.)

Kaoru: It's a new day... Here we go again.

Gaku: Yep...

Kaoru: Tired?

Gaku: Eh... Yep. Didn't sleep much.

(He yawns.)

Kaoru: Ah... Tribal Council always ruins our sleep patterns.

Gaku: And we have to go to it every 3 days now!

(Kaoru just shrugs.)

Kaoru: That's the price we pay for making it so far, I guess.

Gaku: Nothing we can do about it now. Oh well…

Kaoru: Right. No one's come this far to quit, right?

Gaku: Nope! That would be stupid!

Kaoru: Right... We're here to win.

Gaku: Yep! We still don't have much food though.

Kaoru: We still haven't managed to gather much... We still have some rice left, right?

Gaku: Yeah... But not much.

Kaoru: We need more...

Kaoru: The food situation isn't good... We need to make all of it last.

(Later on, we see that Nenene and Daria are both out in the forest, looking for food.)

Daria: You know, it was that stupid feast's fault we can't find anything.

Nenene: We overgathered, huh?

Daria: This is why I was opposed to it...

Nenene: Well, nothing we can do now. Guess it wasn't great after all. Oh well.

Daria: Right.

(There's a pause, as the two continue to look for food.)

Daria: ...Any way we could go hunting?

Nenene: Hm? Well... I guess we could use that fishing spear. Or the machete, maybe. Why?

Daria: We need food, and we haven't tried it yet.

Nenene: Gotcha. You feel like it?

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Why not?

Nenene: You don't come off as strong, you know.

Daria: Don't see who else would do it... Maybe Ed.

Nenene: Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

(There's another pause.)

Daria: ...Would you be willing to vote out Koizumi?

Nenene: What, wait?!

Daria: Would you vote out Koizumi?

Nenene: Awfully early to start campaigning... You must be desperate.

Daria: Stop avoiding the question…

Nenene: Well... I'll think about it. Sure I'd like to get rid of him, but I'm not gonna screw myself over in the process.

(Daria frowns, then sighs.)

Daria: ... Fine.

Daria: If I can't convince her, I can't convince her. I talked to her, now I just have to wait.

(We head over to the camp area, where now, we see the Eds making the same pitch as Daria, to Miriallia.)

Edd: You see, it would be beneficial to vote out either Kaoru, or Koizumi.

Ed: It would be so good!

(Miriallia's quite evasive about answering.)

Miriallia: Well...

Edd: That alliance would not hesitate to vote you out whenever it benefits them.

Ed: Just like Numbah 5!

Edd: See, if you go to the end with them, you would be at fourth place at best.

Ed: They'd all vote you out then!

Miriallia: ... That could happen. (After a moment, she starts to backtrack.) But it won't!

Edd: You can't be sure about that…

Miriallia: And? I'll be getting the same deal with you guys.

Edd: Well... I think we'd be willing to go to the final 3 with you. Right Ed?

Ed: Yep!

Miriallia: Well... It's hard to tell what I'm gonna do now, you know. Just give me some time to think, kay?

Ed: Okay!

Edd: It that's what you need...

(Miriallia gets up, and walks into the forest. After walking a bit, she finds Gaku, who has some fruits in his hand.)

Gaku: Hey Miri!

Miriallia: Hey... (Quietly) We need to talk.

Gaku: Eh? Sure, about what?

Miriallia: The Eds just offered me a final 3 deal if I flipped.

Gaku: You aren't going to take it, right?!

Miriallia: No! But... We still have a final 2 deal, right?

Gaku: Yep!

Miriallia: Good. They talked a lot about how I was getting fourth place at best.

Gaku: Miri, you can't trust them! We know us better than they do!

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so.

Gaku: Besides... They don't know about our deal!

Miriallia: Right...

Gaku: So everything'll be fine!

Miriallia: What about Nenene? They'll probably talk to her, too.

Gaku: Hm... You should make sure she stays!

Miriallia: Right... I'll talk to her later.

Gaku: Yep, we can't let her switch! That'd be really bad...

Gaku: It made me really nervous to hear that they were talking to everyone! But that's what's expected, though... Oh well!

(Head back to the camp, where Koizumi and Kaoru are now talking quietly by the shelter. They occasionally look around to make sure no one's watching them)

Koizumi: We have to be cautious about what we do...

Kaoru: Right... We can't afford to alienate anyone.

Koizumi: Well, we have Gaku for sure. Miriallia and Nenene, who knows?

Kaoru: Gaku claims to have Miri... But they won't switch. It'd be horrible strategically.

Koizumi: They'd be guaranteed fourth... Third at best.

Kaoru: Yep.

Koizumi: We should talk to them about it...

Kaoru: That would only annoy Nenene, though. It'd be counter-productive...

Koizumi: We can't just leave her, though. Maybe Miriallia?

Kaoru: Do we trust her?

Koizumi: And that leaves us with Gaku.

Kaoru: Eh, fine by me.

Koizumi: He's not exactly persuasive, though.

Kaoru: And? We don't exactly have a lot of choices.

Koizumi: I'd just prefer if we did it ourselves...

Kaoru (getting annoyed): But we can't.

Koizumi: Right, right... Let's get Gaku to do it then.

Koizumi: It's not that I don't like Gaku... It's just that I feel that he can be impulsive at times. And that's not what we need when dealing with Nenene. But then again, she can't stand me, so what can I do?

(Head down to the beach, where the remaining Toon Tribe members are all down there, talking.)

Edd: Any luck?

Daria: No. Nenene was avoiding the question.

Edd: And Miriallia was insisting that she would be fine with her current alliance.

Ed: It didn't work! We need a new plan!

Edd: I'm afraid Ed's right... Approaching them outright didn't work. We might try trying to get close to them.

Daria: You mean sucking up to them?

Edd: Well, that's not how I would put it...

Daria: It's what it is... Fine. If I have to do this, then I will.

Edd: We don't much of a choice...

Daria: Right. I'll take Nenene, I guess.

Ed: Then I'll get Gaku!

Edd: And I'll try to appeal to Kaoru or Koizumi...

Daria: Right. Get to their logical side.

Edd: I certainly intend to try...

Edd: Right now, it does that we are in a precarious position. But we aren't going to stop trying, then we would certainly be voted out.

Ed: Um... We have a plan! I'm supposed to talk to um... Gaku! And then he'll switch! Yay!

(We skip some time, as now, Miriallia and Nenene are down on the beach, talking.)

Miriallia: Today's been so boring... I hate these off days.

Nenene: Can't wait for the reward challenge... Man, I hope it's something easy.

Miriallia: Yeah, getting out of here, just for a little, would be great.

Nenene: With our luck, it's probably something stupid.

Miriallia: The challenge or the reward?

Nenene: Both. Just to annoy us.

Miriallia: You're starting to sound like Daria now...

Nenene: Oh yeah, I guess so.

Miriallia: She's really smart... I think she's a threat.

Nenene: Wait, what? Daria's not as big a threat as either of the Eds!

Miriallia: Well... She's smart. And we can't let her slide through the game.

Nenene: Hm... We could use her at final 6, though. To get Koizumi out.

Miriallia: No, that's what I'm talking about! If we let slide to the finals, she'll have 3 votes guaranteed! We can't let her go to the final 3!

(Nenene appears surprised at this reaction.)

Nenene: Well, she's destined for sixth, I guess. I just think she would be a better ally than Gaku would be.

Miriallia: She has no loyalty to us.

Nenene: Neither does Gaku. He's been with the guys since the beginning!

Miriallia (insisting): But I have him.

Nenene (realization): ... You have a final 2 deal, don't you?

(Miriallia's shocked that Nenene figured it out.)

Nenene: Of course, that's why you have Gaku. But guess what, he's still gonna screw you over in the end. He's just a big a threat as everyone else.

(Nenene gets up, and heads back to camp.)

Nenene: I need to find a way to get into a good position... Damn, there must be something I can do!

Miriallia: It's so important that Nenene stays with us. I have to do something about it... This is not good.

(Down at the river, the usual combination of Gaku, Kaoru, and Ed are all down there, fishing as usual. It seems that they're quieter today, partly because they're not having much success.)

Ed: Hm... No fish today!

Kaoru: No... It doesn't seem like we'll have much to eat.

Gaku: Yeah! The rice is really a problem...

Ed: And there's no fruit around!

Kaoru: We're running out of food quickly... We need something else.

Ed: Yep! I want food!

Gaku: And the challenge isn't until tomorrow...

Kaoru: We don't even know if the reward is food. It could be something else entirely.

Gaku: Oh yeah...

Ed: Then let's catch fish!

(Once again, Ed dives into the river dramatically, as Kaoru and Gaku look on, surprised.)

Kaoru: Uh... Ed?

(After a moment, Ed pops out of the water, with an extremely large fish in both of his arms.)

Ed (pleased): This'll do!

Kaoru: Wow...

Gaku: That's great Ed! Now let's go eat it!

(Gaku and Ed turn around and start heading back to camp. A shocked Kaoru waits for a moment, before catching up with them.)

Ed: Yay! I caught another fish! That's good!

(At camp, everyone's gathered around the fire, as they start to eat a portion of the fish Ed caught. Everyone's quite pleased, too.)

Miriallia: Wow Ed... How'd you catch this thing?!

Ed: I just dove in the water and grabbed it!

Koizumi: That's certainly something...

Edd: It's the size of that other fish you caught, Ed!

Ed: Yep!

Gaku: We finally got food!

Koizumi: It won't last forever, though.

Daria (annoyed): Hey, you were the one who wanted to avoid the issue before.

Koizumi: It's more of an issue now, and therefore, it needs more attention.

Daria: But if we did something about it when it wasn't an issue, we wouldn't need to catch huge fish to feed ourselves.

Kaoru: But the fish will last for several days.

Daria: It’ll stink up the camp way before then. And that's not the point. We could have avoided this if we felt like, but we didn't.

Koizumi: Daria, we can't change the past now... There's no use in getting self-righteous, now is there?

Daria: I'm not! I'm just saying this could have been avoided.

Gaku: Um... Is there anything else we can try? To get food, I mean.

Nenene: Didn't you talk about going hunting earlier?

Koizumi: That could possibly work.

Edd: I don't see any reason not too...

Ed: I could do it!

Miriallia: Wait, do we have anything to hunt with?

Kaoru: The fishing spear?

Ed: Numbah 5 made one, too!

Miriallia: Yeah, but that's for fishing...

Edd: I suppose I could make something... Or the machete, perhaps. That would probably make due.

Kaoru: I guess that's what we'll do, then.

Ed: Cool! Who's gonna join me?

(There's a pause, as no one seems willing to jump in.)

Kaoru: I guess I will. I don't promise I'll be good, though.

Ed: Aw, that's fine!

Koizumi: I'm not worried about Kaoru hunting with Ed at all. In fact, it's best if Kaoru went. Nenene and Miriallia, even Gaku, they may listen to any offer Ed may make. Kaoru won’t.

(A bit later, Edd's alone, working on something that looks like bow. Kaoru comes over, and sits next to him, taking a look at what Edd's doing.)

Kaoru: A bow?

Edd: Yes, that's what I'm working on.

Kaoru: And I suppose arrows come after, right?

Edd: Yep. Ed's collecting materials for that right now.

Kaoru: Ah... The two of you seem to make a good team.

Edd: Agreed. He does the manual work, and I come up with the plans.

Kaoru: Right...

(There's a pause, as Edd continues to fiddle with a vine.)

Edd: So... What do you think of your current alliance?

Kaoru: I'm not betraying them if that's what your asking.

(Edd doesn't seem surprised at Kaoru's answer.)

Edd: Seems that word has gotten around...

Kaoru: That, and it was obvious from your question.

Edd: I'll also take that to mean that you wouldn’t tell us any information...

(Kaoru nods.)

Kaoru: That’s right…

Edd: I suppose that you won’t listen to my plea to vote one of them out, then…

Kaoru: Well, that depends on who you intend to vote out.

Edd: Probably Nenene, as she has votes… We don't care about who it is, though...

Kaoru: As long as it isn't you, huh...

(Kaoru gets up.)

Kaoru: Well, I guess I'll go to sleep now... It's getting rather late.

(He walks away, towards the shelter, as night settles over the camp.)

Day 26 - Athha Tribe

(The next day, the early risers are Gaku and Daria. As usual, they're both sitting around the fire.)

Daria: What the hell, I’ll give talking to Gaku a try. Ed’s not exactly the most persuasive person, you know.

Gaku: Hm... It's really cloudy today!

Daria: It's probably going to rain. Fun.

Gaku: That's the last thing we need! It's been raining a lot lately…

Daria: And the weather was actually nice in the beginning.

Gaku: Yeah, it barely rained then! Now it rains so much...

Daria: Nothing we can do about it.

Gaku: Hm... Yep!

Daria: It's just water, though. It can't hurt you.

Gaku: Unless you get sick from it…

Daria: Only if you're in it for a long time. And what kind of idiot would do that?

(Gaku thinks about it for a moment.)

Gaku: One who likes rain?

Daria: ... Never mind.

(There's a pause.)

Daria: ...What do you think of Koizumi?

Gaku: Huh? Oh... I like him! Why?

Daria: No reason.

Gaku (suddenly): And nope, not gonna switch!

Daria: Wait, what?

Gaku: You want people to switch, right? And I'm not going to!

Daria (to herself): Damn, they all must know.

Gaku: Hey, how come you're going after Koizumi?

Daria: Because... He's the obvious target.

(Gaku looks confused for a moment, but quickly recovers.)

Gaku: ...Oh.

Daria: What, something wrong with going after him?

Gaku (quickly): No! Nothing wrong with it!

(Daria look at him oddly, but doesn't seem to figure anything out.)

Gaku: I was kinda confused why they were going after Koizumi. They shouldn't know about his votes! It’s weird!

(Later on, Miriallia and Nenene are in the forest, looking in vain for some fruits.)

Miriallia: Did the Eds try to make a deal with you yesterday?

Nenene: The Eds, no. But Daria talked to me about it.

Miriallia: ... And?

Nenene: I told them no. You?

Miriallia: Same here...

(There's a pause, before Miriallia speaks up again.)

Miriallia: You know... I think we should make a deal. I think we should go to the final 2 together.

Nenene: You have a deal with Gaku, remember?

Miriallia: Well, um... I think... I think he's too big a threat to go to the jury with.

(Nenene doesn't seem to entirely believe Miriallia's point.)

Nenene: ... Okay, here's a question. Say the Anime Tribe's the final 5... What then?

Miriallia: Hm... First Koizumi. Then Kaoru. And then Gaku!

(Nenene's still not convinced, but Miriallia doesn't notice.)

Miriallia: So, what do you say?

(Nenene thinks it over for a moment, then sighs.)

Nenene: ... Fine. Final 2 it is.

Miriallia: Great!

Miriallia: So, now, I have a deal with Gaku and Nenene for the final 2... Um... I don't know who I'd take. I like them both. Probably Gaku, though...

Reward Challenge

(The remaining 8 survivors all head down to the beach. Naturally, Minamo is waiting there, with several pieces of paper in her hand, and several buckets raised over a structure, with strings holding them up.)

Minamo: C'mon in everyone! So, first things first, I need all of you to fill out one of these surveys... After you do that, then we'll get to the challenge.

(One by one, they all go up and get their piece of paper and pencil to fill out the survey. There's a quick montage of everyone working on it, and then handing it in.)

Kaoru: So, we fill this survey out... It was all questions about what we think of the others. I knew what kind of challenge this would be pretty quickly.

Minamo: Alright, now here's how the challenge will go. I'll ask you a question from the survey, and you answer it with one of the contestant's name, whoever you think the majority of the people answered. If you get it right, you use the machete to chop off 1 of the strings holding the bucket up. Each bucket has someone's name on it, and when all 3 strings are chopped, then that person is out of the challenge. Sound easy?

(General agreement is yes.)

Minamo: And here's what you're playing for... A trip to the mainland, where you'll stay at one of Orb's finest hotels. You'll stay the night, come back in the morning. Worth playing for?

(Once again, everyone answers yes.)

Minamo: Alright, first question: Who doesn't deserve to be here? Remember, it's who the majority said. Alright, reveal.

(And they all do so. Gaku, Kaoru, Nenene, and Edd all wrote down Miriallia. Miriallia, and Ed surprisingly enough put down Ed, Koizumi and Daria put down Nenene.)

Minamo: And the correct answer is... Miriallia. That means that Edd, Gaku, Kaoru and Nenene all get to cut down one rope. Go to it.

Miriallia: That's not good...

Gaku: Sorry Miri!

(Edd's up first, and he cuts down Gaku's rope, and Gaku gets Edd back with his cut. Kaoru then goes for Miriallia, and so does Nenene.)

Minamo: Miriallia’s taking quite a beating already, and we're only 1 question into it. She's down to one rope, Gaku and Edd have 2, and everyone else has 3. Next question: Who's the loudest contestant left? Alright... Reveal.

(Once again, they all show their answers. Daria said Gaku, but everyone else, including Nenene, put Nenene down as the answer.)

Minamo: Right answer is... Nenene. Everyone but Daria got it. First up to cut - Nenene.

(She goes, and cuts down Koizumi's first rope. Then the Eds follow suit, knocking Koizumi out of the competition.)

Minamo: And Koizumi's the first out... You still get to cut down a rope, just come sit down right after.

Koizumi (still smiling): That's unlucky.

(Koizumi goes and cuts down another one of Edd's ropes. Then Kaoru goes and cuts down one of Daria's ropes, followed by Gaku getting Kaoru's rope. Last up is Miriallia, who takes out another one of Kaoru's ropes.)

Minamo: Now Kaoru, Miriallia, and Edd are all now down to 1 rope left. Gaku and Daria have 2, while Ed and Nenene have all 3 of theirs left. Next question: Who's the least trustworthy? And... Reveal.

(Daria, Ed, Nenene, Kaoru and Edd all have Koizumi written down, while Gaku and Miriallia both have Nenene written down.)

Nenene (to Gaku and Miriallia): Thanks guys...

Miriallia: Well, you did vote out Winry...

Minamo: And... Koizumi's the right answer. Only Gaku and Miriallia got it wrong, everyone else gets to go cut down a rope.

(First up is Daria, who cuts down one of Ed's ropes; Ed then returns the favor. Kaoru goes and cuts down another one of Gaku's ropes, and Edd takes out one of Nenene's. Finally, Nenene goes and takes down Gaku's final rope.)

Minamo: Alright Gaku, you're out of the game... Take a seat. Anyway, everyone has 1 rope left, except for Ed and Nenene, who both have two. Fourth question: Who has surprised you the most out here? Reveal your answers.

(So, Edd writes down Daria, Ed and Daria write down Edd. Miriallia and Nenene both write down Gaku and Kaoru wrote himself down for the answer.)

Minamo: Not a lot of agreement here, I see. The correct answer is... Edd. Only Ed and Daria got it, only they get to cut a rope down.

(Daria goes first, and she cuts down Edd's final rope. Then Ed goes and cuts down Daria's final rope as well.)

Minamo: So, Edd and Daria, both of you are out, come and take a seat next to Gaku and Koizumi. Now we're down to four. Ed and Nenene have 2 ropes left, while Kaoru and Miriallia both have one. Next question: Who would you not vote for in the final 2? Reveal.

(Kaoru, Miriallia and Nenene all write Kaoru's name down, while Ed writes down Koizumi.)

Minamo: And... Kaoru's the right answer, only Ed got it wrong.

Ed: Aw....

(Kaoru just shrugs at seeing the answers.)

Kaoru: Well, that's to be expected, considering my background....

Minamo: Now, go cut down some ropes.

(First up is Kaoru, who goes and cuts down Ed's second rope, and Miriallia does the same thing to Nenene. Nenene rolls her eyes, and cuts down Miriallia's last rope.)

Minamo: Now Miriallia's out, and everyone's down to one rope... Come take a seat. Next question: Who did the least to get this far? And... Reveal.

(Kaoru writes down Ed, Ed writes down Daria, and Nenene has Miriallia written down.)

Minamo: No agreement here, either... But the correct answer was Daria. Only Ed has it right.

Daria: What the hell?

(Ed goes, and chops down Kaoru's final rope.)

Minamo: Now we're down to just Nenene and Ed... Kaoru, take a seat. Here's how it's gonna work. If you both get it right, we just move onto the next question. And here's the next question: Who is most likely to win the game? And... Reveal.

(Ed has himself written down, while Nenene writes down Koizumi.)

Minamo: And, one of you has it correct... The right answer is... Koizumi. Nenene, wins reward!

Nenene: Hell yes!

(She goes, and cuts down Ed's final rope.)

Minamo: Now, Nenene... I have an offer to make you.

Nenene (not surprised): Of course.

Minamo: Now, we know you're low on food, so here's the deal. Nenene, if you give up the reward, then we will give you one container of rice.

(The other contestants become excited at this offer.)

Ed: Do it! Do it!

Miriallia: C'mon Nenene, it would really help us...

Minamo: So, Nenene, will you take the trip, or will you take the rice?

Nenene: Easy. I'll take the rice.

Ed: Yay!

Minamo: Alright. The rice will be back at camp when you get back there... Speaking of which, head back to camp.

Miriallia: The challenge... Um, it really gives you some insight to how the tribe thinks. Like, I apparently don't deserve to be here. I know I was really surprised at some of the answers. But the important thing is that we got more food. It's great!

(Back at camp, everyone's eating some of their newfound rice, and everyone's quite pleased.)

Gaku: Yep, more food is good!

Edd: It is quite nice to eat for a change... Thanks, Nenene.

Nenene: We needed more food... Like I was going to pass on that offer.

Miriallia: But still, it was so nice of you to do that!

Nenene: It was nothing.

Edd: It was quite admirable.

(Now Nenene's getting frustrated.)

Nenene: No, really it was nothing.

Koizumi: Nenene, it seems to me that you're getting annoyed by this...

(Nenene just glares at him. Daria chuckles.)

Kaoru: Well, now our food issue is solved...

Ed: Yep! But I still want to go hunting, though!

Edd: Well, it would be a waste of the bow and arrows I made...

Gaku: And more food wouldn't hurt!

Koizumi: Sounds like a good plan. Right, Kaoru?

Kaoru: Hm? Yeah, sounds good.

(Later on, down on the beach, the Toon alliance is all there, talking.)

Daria: So, basically, nothing useful happened.

Edd: I still believe we have a chance for Nenene or Miriallia... Gaku seems to be too loyal.

Ed: Yeah, and then we'll take out Koizumi!

Daria: That's the pla - Oh crap, we've just made a huge mistake.

Edd: What, what did we do?

Daria: We don't know if Koizumi has any past votes! Damn!

Edd: Oh my... You're right.

Ed: Oh no!

Edd: This is a huge mistake...

Daria: And we've been talking about getting him out… We know Kaoru and Nenene have previous votes, however.

Edd: This is not good, not good at all.

Ed: So... What now?

Daria: We have to keep trying.

Edd: Maybe we can use the reward challenge to our advantage?

Daria: I don't see why not. We have to use anything we can right now.

Ed: I want to stay!

Edd: Agreed, Ed.

Edd: Well, it seems that our alliance has been making a major error in the past 2 days. At least we know about it now, but it is quite annoying. Daria and I are both quite intelligent people, and yet, we were not able to see the mistake until just now… Most unfortunate.

(Down at the river, Gaku, Kaoru and Koizumi are all there. Gaku and Kaoru are fishing, while Koizumi looks on.)

Kaoru: The target's rather obvious this time, don't you think?

Gaku: Yep! We're gonna vote Ed out, right?

Koizumi: Quite... And I don't believe Miriallia or Nenene will have many objections over it.

Gaku: Yeah, that's the last thing we need!

Kaoru: We're pretty sure that neither of them will switch, right?

Gaku: Yep! Oh, and Daria told me they were targeting you, Koizumi!

Koizumi: Hm... Nothing we can do about it…

Kaoru: Do they know about your past votes?

Gaku: I don't know! They shouldn't, though...

Koizumi: Either they made a major blunder or we have a rat...

Kaoru: Nenene could have mentioned it...

Gaku: We can't ask her, she'd get mad!

Koizumi: That's true...

Koizumi: This is a rather worrying issue. It seems that Nenene may be feeding the other tribe information. Of course, there’s also the chance that they have made the mistake themselves…

(Later, back at the camp site, Gaku and Miriallia are both towards the side, talking quietly.)

Gaku: You're totally sure you have Nenene?

Miriallia: Yeah, I think so.

(Gaku isn't convinced, and Miriallia quickly notices.)

Miriallia: Well, I think I have her... I mean, I made a deal with her.

Gaku: Final 3?

Miriallia (obviously lying): Yeah....

Gaku: Miri...

Miriallia: Well... I kinda had to make a fake final 2 deal with her, just to think she's in a good position! But it's just fake, I swear.

Gaku: Hm... Okay! I believe you!

Miriallia (surprised): Really?

Gaku: Yep! It's fine, Miri! Everyone has to play the game, you know...

Miriallia: Yeah, thanks Gaku! I was worried that you'd be mad...

Gaku: Nope, it really is fine!

Miriallia: Yeah... So, that's why I'm sure I have Nenene.

Gaku: Good thing you made that deal, then...

Gaku: Um... I was kinda worried when I heard about the deal Miri made with Nenene. Just 'cause, she might be telling Nenene the same thing she told me! But I couldn't let her know that... And I trust her, so it’s good!

(Later, at the side of the camp, Miriallia's again there, but this time, the Eds are talking to her quietly again.)

Edd: So... Have you considered our deal at all?

Miriallia: Um... Sorry, but no. I just can't do it.

Ed: Why not?!

Miriallia: Because they're all my friends! I can't just betray them for no reason!

Ed: Aw...

Edd: And there's no way you would change your mind?

Miriallia: No... Sorry.

Edd: Even if we, well, offered you a spot in the final 3?

Miriallia: Nope! I'm not playing for third place.

Edd: Hm... You do remember the reward, right?

Miriallia: Yeah, what about it?

Ed: Oh, I know! They all said you didn't deserve to be here!

Miriallia: Yeah, but -

Edd: Well, I certainly didn't put that. Did you, Ed?

Ed: Hm... Nope!

Miriallia: So?

Edd: Well, that means that it was most likely that the Anime Tribe, your allies, who put it.

Ed: Yeah, you can't trust them at all!

Miriallia: I don't think they'd put that!

Edd: Well, there's no other possibility. And there's the possibility that they'd betray you if they put that…

Miriallia: I'd rather take a risk then get third place...

Edd: Even if it makes you seem unstrategic? They won't respect you if you get to the jury phase... They'll all believe that you're riding coattails.

Miriallia: Well... Let me think about it, okay? It's getting late, and I want to sleep.

Edd: That's fine...

Miriallia: Right, thanks... Later.

(Miriallia walks away from them, into the forest.)

Ed: Think it worked?

Edd: I, unfortunately, doubt it.

Ed: This isn't good...

(It's quickly getting darker out, and most of the people have headed to sleep. The only people still awake are Daria and Nenene, who are away from the shelter, talking.)

Daria: Any chance you'd say if Koizumi has past votes?

Nenene: Realized your mistake, then?

Daria: It was an idiot move to make. I can't believe we didn't realize it sooner.

Nenene: Eh, you've been out on an island for, what, 26 days? Like anyone's brain is working.

Daria: I guess so... It was still stupid.

Nenene: Hey, I'm not debating that.

Daria: Right. (A pause) So, does he or not?

Nenene: Hm... And why should I tell?

Daria: So we don't look like complete morons? Besides, if you want him out, just tell us.

Nenene: Hm... Fine. He has a few previous votes.

Daria: Define "a few".

Nenene: Nah... I've helped you out enough.

(Daria scowls.)

Daria: You'd vote for him, wouldn't you?

Nenene: When the time is right...

Daria: And when would that be? Never?

Nenene: Nah... I do want to win, after all.

Daria: ...You're not helping.

Nenene: Should I be? I mean, seriously, what do I get if I switch?

(Daria stops to think for a second.)

Daria: Final 2.

Nenene (suspicious): Is that so?

Daria: Sure. Get to the final 4 with us, vote out Ed.

Nenene: Strong Ed? Does he have past votes?

Daria: He will.

Nenene (not trusting): Since the Anime Tribe will vote for him, since he's a threat?

Daria: Bingo. Then get rid of Edd. He's not strong at all; we can easily beat him.

Nenene: Hm... I'll consider it.

(Daria frowns.)

Nenene: A lot can happen between now and Tribal Council. Hell, Koizumi could win immunity!

Daria: Fine.

Daria: Am I worried? Duh. I'd be an idiot to not worry. This is pretty much our last chance at making a comeback.

(And after the rest of their conversation, both of them head to the shelter as well, eventually going to sleep.)

Day 27 - Athha Tribe

(The next day, there are a few people up early, namely Kaoru, Miriallia, and Edd, so no one has the opportunity to talk strategy.)

Kaoru: Well, it's another Tribal Council day...

Edd: That's always quite unfortunate...

Miriallia: Ugh, I hate it Tribal Council.

Kaoru: Well, we're at the part of the game where Tribal Council can't be avoided anymore; we just have to deal with it.

Miriallia: Doesn't mean I have to like it…

Kaoru: I never said you had to.

Edd: And we also have an immunity challenge later today...

Miriallia: I hope it's something easy... You know, not a challenge that favors pure athleticism.

Kaoru: That would be nice.

Miriallia: As long as it isn't like the last challenge... I hated that.

Edd: The questions were rather harsh...

Miriallia: I know! Why do people think that I don't deserve to be here?!

(Edd discreetly smiles, but no one notices it.)

Kaoru: Who knows...

Miriallia: What about you, Kaoru? Why aren't you offended at all?

Kaoru: At how no one would vote for me to win? Simple... Everyone knows I come from a prestigious family, I don't need the money. I even answered myself for that question…

Miriallia: Oh yeah, I forgot about that...

Kaoru: Oh, it's no big deal.

Edd: Well, what would you do with the money if you win?

(Kaoru shrugs.)

Kaoru: Haven't thought about it much. I don't want to get too ahead of myself. You?

Edd: Hm... Probably use it on my inventions. You, Miriallia?

Miriallia: Oh, wow... I have no clue. You know, normal things, I guess.

Edd: We are getting quite close to the end of the game...

Kaoru: Only 12 more days.

Miriallia: And that's being optimistic... Only 2 of us can stay that long.

Edd: And figuring out who those 2 will be will be quite complicated...

Miriallia: Yeah, you never know what's going to happen.

(Kaoru glances at her, and Miriallia notices.)

Miriallia (backtracking): I mean, um, that everyone here is a threat! And the immunity challenge, that could really change things up, too!

(She smiles at Kaoru.)

Miriallia: That was a really stupid thing to do, I know... I mean, here I am, a swing vote, and I say that anything could happen. Oh, this better not blow up in my face, I don't want to end up like Yuki!

(We skip time, as now Koizumi, and Gaku are all now in the forest, walking and apparently talking about Miriallia's statement.)

Koizumi: Hm... We really can't trust anyone right now.

Gaku (a bit downbeat): Yeah... Could we ever?

Koizumi: ...Good point.

Gaku: Then it's not really different than normal.

Koizumi: It's more vital that we have the votes now, though. No one's going to do what we ask them to.

Gaku: It's an individual game now, too. I think that's why!

Koizumi: And we're getting quite close to the end... People aren't as willing to just go with the flow.

Gaku: The jury'd hate them!

Koizumi: And everyone knows this... Ironic, as not everyone's playing a completely open game.

Gaku: Everyone's playing in their own way, I guess.

Koizumi: Right...

(There's a pause.)

Gaku: Ed's going tonight, right?

Koizumi: Yeah... You know, Miriallia will have to go sometime, too.

Gaku: Oh, it's fine! I just wanted to make sure that we weren't betraying Nenene or Miri or anything!

Koizumi: No... We can't get rid of either of them just yet.

Gaku: 'Cause we'd alienate the other?

Koizumi: Exactly...

Koizumi: Gaku... He's an interesting person. He appears to be very loud and not that bright, honestly, but he's more intelligent than he lets on most of the time. And I think that after this long, everyone realizes it, but no one truly realizes how dangerous that makes him.

(Back at camp, the remaining Toon Tribe are all gathered around Nenene, talking to her.)

Daria: They wouldn't hesitate to vote you out in a second.

Ed: They are all so smart!

Edd: You wouldn't be able to break the bonds containing Gaku, Kaoru, and Koizumi. ..

Ed: No way!

Nenene: Don't talk about what you don't know.

Daria (deadpan): Then tell us, and then we'll talk about it.

Nenene: Nah...

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Worth a try.

Edd: Then, you have a deal with one of them?

Nenene: And what if I do?

Ed: Then it's bad for us!

Edd: And the situation complicates itself further...

Daria: Is it with Miriallia?

Nenene: ... And why should I tell you?

(There's a pause.)

Daria: Who are you voting out tonight?

Ed: Are we playing 20 questions? I love that game!

(Another pause.)

Nenene: I'm voting out for whoever I want out.

Edd: Have you decided?

Nenene: Yes...

Ed: Hey, why are you being so mysterious? Just tell us!

Nenene: Because... Yuki got voted out for being a swing vote. That's not happening to me.

(There’s another pause.)

Daria: ... This is going to be one hell of a Tribal Council.

Immunity Challenge

(The remaining eight all head down to the challenge beach, for their next immunity challenge. Naturally, Minamo is already there, waiting for them. Behind her, out in the ocean, are eight large poles.)

Minamo: Alright, first, Ed, I need you to give me back the immunity necklace.

Ed: Aw...

(Slowly, he gives it back to Minamo.)

Minamo: Now, immunity's up for grabs. Today's challenge is very, very simple. Each of you will climb up onto one of the poles. Whoever lasts the longest up there wins. Alright, I'll give you all a moment to get into position, and then we'll begin.

(Next thing we see, is of the remaining contestants all standing on top of the poles, while they grab the base. Minamo's in a large boat nearby, waiting for them.)

Minamo: Survivors, when I say start, your hands can not touch the base... The challenge starts now!

(Everyone slowly stands up, with nobody looking shaky immediately.)

Daria: ... This could take a while.

Minamo: Don't be surprised if it does... This could take hours even. Better hope it doesn't rain though.

Miriallia: With our luck, you probably jinxed us.

Minamo: Well, I guess we'll find out…

(There's a few shots of the sun beating down on the contestants, still out there, as a few of them begin to struggle.)

Minamo: Edd's having problems... So is Miriallia. And now, we're officially 30 minutes into the challenge, so let's shake it up.

Nenene: Obviously...

Minamo: Alright, here's what's gonna happen. Everyone who jumps out in the next 60 seconds, will get to drink...

(She picks up a platter from next to her with a lid over it, and takes the lid off.)

Minamo: ...A nice, cold cup of soda. Any takers?

(Silence from everyone else.)

Minamo: No takers? Even after standing in the sun for 30 minutes?

Daria: Sun? What sun?

(Minamo ignores her, as Daria's right - the sky’s become completely cloudy.)

Miriallia (to herself): Eh, what the heck...

(She jumps in.)

Minamo: 30 minutes into the challenge, and Miriallia is the first out... Get onto the boat, and I'll give you your soda.

(She swims to the boat, and climbs up the rope latter. She takes her soda and a towel, and then sits down. More time passes.)

Minamo: Now, we're 49 minutes into the challenge... How are all of you doing?

Gaku: I'm fine!

Minamo: Edd, you struggling?

Edd: I'm not going to able to stay up here for much longer...

(Everyone keeps standing up there, as time continues to pass.)

Minamo: Alright, now we're an hour into the challenge... Time for some more fun.

Ed: Yay!

Minamo: Alright... If you jump off now, you'll get...

(She takes the cover off of another item.)

Minamo: ... A pizza. Any takers?

(Daria, Kaoru, and Edd all jump into the water, and swim to the shore.)

Minamo: And there go three more... Leaving just Koizumi, Gaku, Ed, and Nenene.

Koizumi: Fine by me.

Nenene: I don't think any of us mind that.

Gaku: Nope!

Minamo (to the three who just jumped off): So, are you all confident that you don't need immunity, or were you just hungry?

Edd: I wanted to get something out of the challenge... I would not have lasted much longer, I feel.

Kaoru: Agreed. We need to eat anything we can after being out here for 27 days.

Minamo: Well, dig in.

(The three all do so, and the pizza's quickly gone. More time passes, as they clouds continue to get darker. Eventually, it begins to lightly drizzle.)

Nenene: Well, this is just great.

Koizumi: Jump in if you can't handle it, Nenene.

Nenene: Not gonna happen.

Koizumi: Fine by me.

(The rain continues to fall on the remaining contestants, and it eventually starts pouring.)

Minamo: Alright, we're gonna give you another offer now.

Nenene: Took long enough!

Minamo: If you jump off now, I'm gonna give you...

(She takes the top off of a platter.)

Minamo: ...A nice big plate of steak and mashed potatoes.

Nenene: Screw it, I'm going in.

(True to her word, Nenene dives into the water, while Ed considers the deal, too.)

Ed: Does it have gravy?

Minamo: Yes, Ed, it has gravy.

Ed: Oh, goodie!

(He dives in as well, and heads back to the boat.)

Minamo: Now we're down to just 2, Koizumi and Gaku. Gaku's looking kinda shaky there...

Gaku: No, I'm just cold!

Minamo (ignoring him): But Koizumi's looking perfectly fine.

Koizumi (still cheerful): I intend to stay up here for a while.

Gaku (to himself): This sucks...

(The rain continues to fall, as neither of the two are willing to move.)

Koizumi: Gaku, step down.

Gaku: Eh? What?

Koizumi: C'mon Gaku, step down. We both know I need this immunity more than you.

Gaku: Yeah...

(Gaku then dives into the water.)

Minamo: That's it, Koizumi wins immunity!

(On the ship, the Toon alliance all turn to each other, and frown.)

Daria: Damn...

(Now, back on the pole, now Koizumi dives into the water, and climbs up onto the boat. Minamo then gives the immunity necklace to Koizumi, who puts it on.)

Minamo: Koizumi, you're safe tonight, guaranteed a one in seven shot at a million dollars... The rest of you, after 27 days, the journey will be over. Head back to camp.

Edd: This is not good, not good at all. Our primary target got immunity... We'll have to switch to a back-up target now, and that is not good for getting someone to switch.

(Down on the beach, the Anime alliance is all there, talking about Tribal Council.)

Miriallia: So, it's strong Ed tonight, right?

Kaoru: That's the plan...

Koizumi: Unless anyone has a problem with it...

Gaku: No...

(Koizumi looks at him oddly.)

Koizumi: He's your friend, I know, but he has to go eventually, remember?

Gaku (annoyed): It's not that! I just don't feel good from all that rain...

Miriallia: Getting sick?

Gaku: Maybe... But I'm still fine with the vote!

Kaoru: Nenene?

Nenene: No problem with Ed going.

Koizumi: He is incredibly strong, after all.

Miriallia (agreeing): Much more of a threat than the other two.

Nenene (slightly doubting): Despite how dumb he is...

Koizumi: He has won an immunity challenge, after all.

Gaku: Yeah, and Daria and Double D haven't!

Nenene: Right, right.

Miriallia: You know, it's kinda weird. Numbah 5 won immunity, then we voted her out. Now we're doing the same thing to Ed!

Kaoru (jokingly): That doesn't bode well for you, Koizumi.

Koizumi (also jokingly): I'm afraid it doesn't.

Miriallia: It's weird, this actually be a simple vote.

(She glances at Nenene, who notices and glances back.)

Nenene (quietly): Right, simple...

(Later, just as everyone is finishing packing up, Daria approaches Nenene and taps her on the shoulder.)

Nenene: Yeah?

Daria (quietly): It's Kaoru.

Nenene: Kaoru?

Daria: He has the votes from out first merged Tribal Council.

Nenene: Talk it over with the others yet?

Daria: Yeah... Remember my proposal?

Nenene: Final 2?

Daria: Just vote him out tonight and we'll be in a perfect position.

Nenene (thinking to herself): We would be good come final 4... (louder) What about Miri?

Daria: Think she'll switch?

Nenene: No, but I could be wrong.

Daria: Then it'll be a 5-3 vote, the Eds are talking to her right now, and our path gets even easier. Take her to the final 3, and then vote her out.

(Nenene just nods.)

Nenene: I don’t fully trust Daria. You can’t trust anyone at this point in the game!

Tribal Council

(Once again, the remaining eight survivors all head up to Tribal Council and take their seats. As always, Minamo's sitting there, waiting for them.)

Minamo: First off, we will bring in the first member of the jury who will decide the winner. They're just here to observe, not to interact.

(Numbah 5 walks in, and takes a seat separate from Minamo or the remaining survivors.)

Minamo: Alright, as always, let's start with some questions. Daria, last two times you were here, you seemed shocked at the outcomes... Think this'll happen tonight?

Daria: No. Tonight, I'm more aware of what's going on in the camp than before.

Minamo: Alright, let's talk about the challenges... Nenene, you decided to give up your reward for rice to feed the tribe. Why'd you do that?

Nenene: We needed food. It's as simple as that. It wasn't some grand gesture, it was just being smart.

Minamo: Right... Moving onto the immunity challenge, Gaku, why'd you just dive into the water when you did? You might have won that challenge if you didn't.

Gaku: Well, um, the rain really sucked, and besides, Koizumi needed immunity more than I did!

Minamo: Speaking of immunity, will you be giving it up tonight, Koizumi?

Koizumi: No...

Minamo: Right, it's time to vote. You can not vote for Koizumi, everyone else is fair game. Daria, you're up first.

(She walks up to the voting podium, and writes down KAORU on her ballot.)

Daria: Nothing personal, but Koizumi has immunity and you're the only one who won't switch with past votes.

(She takes her seat, and then Koizumi goes up to vote. He votes for ED.)

Koizumi: Ed, you are by far the greatest threat remaining, and that's why you need to go.

(He sits back down, and is followed by Kaoru. Like Koizumi, he voted for Ed.)

Kaoru: This is just something we need to do... Sorry.

(He sits back down, then Miriallia goes to vote.)

(Miriallia takes her seat, followed by Gaku voting.)

(Gaku takes his seat after, and then Ed goes to vote. He writes down KAORU.)

Ed: Um.... You have a vote!

(Ed sits back down, and then Nenene goes to vote.)

(Nenene then takes her seat, and our final voter, Edd walks to the podium. He writes down KAORU.)

Edd: You are just a victim of circumstance. You couldn't have avoided this if you tried…

(Edd sits back down as well.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes off and gets the voting jar.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever receives the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

(She takes out the first vote.)

Minamo: First vote - ED.

(Ed doesn't look surprised, but frowns anyways.)

Minamo: Second vote - ED.

(He gulps nervously.)

Minamo: Third vote - ED. That's 3 votes Ed.

(Ed's really beginning to sweat.)

Minamo: Fourth vote - KAORU. 3 votes Ed, 1 vote Kaoru.

(Kaoru just smiles.)

Minamo: Fifth vote - KAORU. 3 votes Ed, 2 votes Kaoru.

(Kaoru's still calm.)

Minamo: Sixth vote - ED. 4 votes Ed, 2 votes Kaoru.

(Ed’s trying to remain calm, but his iron grip on the seat proves otherwise.)

Minamo: Seventh vote - KAORU. 4 votes Ed, 3 votes Kaoru. If the last vote is for anyone but Kaoru, Ed is out. If it's for Kaoru, then we do a revote.

(Everyone's calm, although Edd and Daria are both looking at Nenene.)

Minamo: Last vote… We have a tie.

(She reveals the vote that says KAORU.)

Minamo: 4 votes Kaoru, 4 votes Ed.

(And this is when everyone gets shocked. Nenene just smiles, while Miriallia is the most surprised out of everyone. The Toon alliance is all smiling, even Daria. Numbah 5's smiling from the jury bench, too. Kaoru's just stunned, as he slightly opens his mouth in surprise.)

Kaoru: Crap...

(He glances at Koizumi, who's frowning, deep in thought.)

Minamo: Alright, as I said, we're gonna be doing a revote. Both of you have 30 seconds to convince your fellow tribe members not to vote for you. Kaoru, you're up first.

Kaoru: Well... I know that one of you betrayed me... And doing that would be strategic suicide. The Toon Tribe would vote you out in the final 4, no matter what anyone tells you. You'd have a better chance with the Anime Tribe…

Minamo: Alright, now Ed, you're up.

Ed: Um.... Don't vote for me! I really want to stay.

(There's a pause, as everyone waits for Ed to continue.)

Minamo: Ed... Is that all?

Ed: ...Is that a trick question?

Minamo (annoyed): No, Ed, it's not.

Ed: Then I'm finished!

Minamo: Alright, now all of you, except for Kaoru and Ed will go up to the podium and vote again, but only for Kaoru or Ed. If there's still a tie, then whoever has the most past votes will be eliminated. Once again, Daria, you're up first.

(She gets up and casts her vote, followed Koizumi, Miriallia, Gaku, Nenene, and Edd.)

Minamo: Now I'll tally the votes...

(She takes out the first vote.)

Minamo: First vote - KAORU.

(Now, Kaoru looks rather defeated.)

Minamo: Next vote - KAORU.

(He frowns.)

Minamo: Third vote - ED. 2 votes Kaoru, 1 vote Ed.

(Ed is trying to remain calm.)

Minamo: Next vote - ED.

(He's still nervous, but not so much.)

Minamo: Fifth vote - ED. 3 votes Ed, 2 votes Kaoru

(He's starting to sweat from nervousness again.)

Minamo: Last vote.... KAORU. We're deadlocked.

(Kaoru sighs.)

Minamo: In case of a deadlock, you all know what happens, whoever has the most previous votes will be eliminated. Ed, how many do you have?

Ed: Um... None!

(Minamo looks at Edd to confirm it.)

Edd: Yes, he doesn't have any votes.

Minamo: And Kaoru, how many votes do you have?

Kaoru: ... Two.

Minamo: Right, Kaoru, you need to bring me your torch.

(Slowly, he gets up and gives his torch to Minamo.)

Minamo: Kaoru, the tribe has spoken.

(She extinguishes Kaoru's torch. Then, Kaoru walks out of the Tribal Council area.)

Minamo: Since the merge, it seems that no matter what happens here, there's always been a blindside… I think right now, the key for everyone is to make sure that that doesn't happen to you... Head back to camp.

(They the tribe gets up, and as they leave, the two emotions in the group are obvious: shock for some, and excitement for others.)

Kaoru: Of course I'm surprised. I really thought that no one would, you know, betray our alliance, but I was wrong... I think that it really was a bad move for whoever made the decision, but I don't hold it against them. It is a game, after all.

Next time, on Survivor!

- The remaining members of the Anime alliance try to pull something together desperately, but it may be too late.

- One survivor's decision leads some to re-evaluate their opinions.

- And two castaways find themselves tempted to betray an ally.


First vote

Kaoru (4)
- Daria, Ed, Edd, Nenene

Ed (4) - Gaku, Kaoru, Koizumi, Miriallia


Kaoru (3)
- Daria, Edd, Nenene

Ed (3) - Gaku, Koizumi, Miriallia

Past Votes

Kaoru (2) - Daria, Mac (Episode 7)

Ed (0)

Author's Notes

And there we go, our first tie... One of my favorite episodes ends, I think. Just because we've been teasing with the tie for many episodes now, and it finally happens. Too bad Kaoru's gone now. I really like everyone in the cast left as characters and even potential winners. Kaoru, while I didn't really get to explore his role as much as I could have, was a lot of fun to write nonetheless. (He's also from one of my favorite series ever, Ouran Host Club). Still, he was just in a bad position at a bad time.

Next time? We see the aftermath of this little vote in a rather chaotic and strategic episode. See ya next time!