Episode 8 – It’s simple strategy…

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(There's a shot of the two tribes on the beach, as Minamo tells them they're merging.)

Minamo: Two tribes became one, the Athha Tribe. And immediately, both sides tried to break the tie.

(In the Toon Tribe's camp, everyone's talking.)

Daria: We have to find a weak link somewhere.

(Now we see Nenene and Miriallia talking on the beach.)

Nenene: Well, no one has found anything out about the other tribe.

Minamo: And Koizumi launched a daring plan...

(Koizumi, Gaku, and Kaoru are talking quietly in the shelter)

Koizumi: We could go to the Eds....

Minamo: But not everyone liked it.

(Nenene and Koizumi are arguing down on the beach, as Kaoru, Miriallia, and Gaku watch.)

Nenene (angry): Who gives you the right to tell us how to vote?

Minamo: But in the end, his plan worked, and Mac was voted out.

(At Tribal Council, Minamo extinguishes Mac's torch.)

Minamo: Mac, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: 9 remain, who will be voted out... Next?

Opening Credits:

Athha Tribe:

Gaku - Sukisho
Miriallia - Gundam Seed
Nenene - R.O.D the TV
Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club
Ed - Ed, Edd & Eddy
Mac - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Edd - Ed, Edd, & Eddy
Numbah 5 - Codename: Kids Next Door
Daria - Daria


Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents
Jimmy - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Hitomi - Loveless
Stacy - Daria
Yuki - Fruits Basket
Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Day 21 - After Tribal Council

(As the final 9 heads back to the, everyone immediately heads to the shelter and lies down. But it's obvious from the look on her face that Daria isn't happy. She just lies down and frowns, not happy with the vote at all.)

Daria: I have no clue what happened last night. I know that the Eds and Numbah 5 voted Mac, but no reason why... This isn't good. But if I want to have a chance in this game, I know that I'll have to make peace with them soon... Dang.

(Over in another part of the shelter, Daria's Anime Tribe counterpart, Nenene, is also still wide awake. She's obviously thinking hard, as she taps her fingers against the shelter absentmindedly.)

Nenene: There's no doubt that I want to change up the game... I'm not going to let Koizumi walk to an easy win! The key is to make my move at the right time. I don't want to get caught up in the same situation I'm in over here.

(Eventually, the two of them are finally able to go to sleep, and a new day begins...)

Day 22 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, it seems most people have decided to sleep in. The two exceptions are Gaku, and Miriallia, who are relaxing near the fire.)

Miriallia: So... Final 9! We're going to be on the jury, at least.

Gaku: Yep, but I think we can do a lot better than that!

Miriallia: Really? How so?

Gaku: Well... I think the two of us could be in the final 2, somehow! We could definitely get to the end together!

Miriallia: Oh, I think that'd be awesome!

Gaku (enthusiastic): It would be so much fun!

Miriallia (less excited): Yeah... What about Koizumi?

Gaku: Hm? What about him?

Miriallia: I don't know... I just don't think we can trust him

Gaku: We need him... For now.

Miriallia: Yeah, I agree, but I just don't trust him.

Gaku: Oh, we don’t have to worry about him! He won't do anything without support...

Miriallia: He... He just seems to be in a powerful position right now.

Miriallia: Would I like Koizumi out? Definitely. But before that happens, I have to be able to get in a good position afterwards. But a final 2 deal with Gaku... I think that'll be really good in the future, it would be so useful!

Gaku: Um… I’d say Daria and Nenene would probably be the next two out, to be honest… We have an alliance with the rest of the Toon Tribe, so we can’t just vote them out now! We’re gonna have to, for Miri to stay, but not right now!

(Later in time, more people have woken up, and joined Gaku and Miriallia around the fire. Right now that group consists of Ed, Numbah 5, Gaku and Miriallia.)

Miriallia: Hey, do you think we'll have a reward challenge tomorrow?

Ed: I think we should!

Numbah 5: Considerin' we didn't get anythin' last time, definitely!

Gaku: I wonder what the reward would be... Maybe some food!

Ed: That would be great!

Miriallia: Or a night in some sort of place to relax!

Ed: Yeah! Or a place with TV!

Numbah 5: Man, that'd be awesome! But I'd really like to get somethin' sugary, like candy!

Ed: Oh, jawbreakers! That would be so cool.

Gaku: I've never had those...

Ed: No?! You should try them!

Gaku: Yeah, I probably should...

Numbah 5: Ed and Gaku, they're pretty close. That worries me. But since we're in an alliance with 'im, I guess it's fine for now. But man, it better not screw up our game later!

Gaku: Ed? Well, he's really fun to be around! He's just really entertaining and fun!

(Back at camp, even more people have awoken, and people have started to split of into groups. Right now, Numbah 5 is talking with Daria, down on the beach.)

Daria (angry, blunt): What the hell was last night about? I thought we had a plan.

Numbah 5: Well, we had to get around the tie somehow.

Daria: Mac said Kaoru had past votes, that's how we would have gotten around it.

Numbah 5: Yeah, but they would've voted out Edd! And I doubt Kaoru's got more than 5 votes. If he’s got votes at all, you know Mac was tryin’ to screw us over!

Daria: But why not tell me?

Numbah 5: Listen, we need their trust for now. But all of us, we know that come final 6, there'll be a tie if it all works out.

Daria: Yeah, and?

Numbah 5: So, we want to avoid that. So, here's what we plannin'. We get you to stay to the final 7, and the four of us get together, and go to the final 4!

Daria: Wait, who do you have an alliance with?

Numbah 5: Well... We got it with Gaku, Koizumi, and Kaoru.

Daria: Right... And you think they'll let it happen?

(Numbah 5 shrugs.)

Numbah 5: Well, we're hopin' so.

(Daria looks skeptical.)

Numbah 5: But listen, Daria. I think we need them for at least this next vote. But I think we should still be workin' together.

(Daria seems to like this news.)

Daria: Final 4, take out Edd, and then we're in the final 3?

Number: Totally! See, that's totally what we want to happen.

Daria: Yeah... What's going to go wrong?

Numbah 5: Nothin', if we lucky.

Daria: What choice do I have now? None. I have to cooperate with the rest of my tribe, even though they back stabbed me. Oh well.

(In the forest, we see Gaku and Kaoru walking through the forest, fishing gear in hand.)

Kaoru: Well, last night went well. I expected more trouble than that…

Gaku: Yeah, I was worried about Nenene... I didn't think she would vote for Edd.

Kaoru: I'm worried about Nenene, too. I think we have Miriallia, though.

Gaku: Yep, we do! She won't betray us.

Kaoru: As long as you're sure...

Gaku: I am! We talked this morning, and she's totally with us!

(They arrive at the river, and begin setting up for fishing.)

Kaoru: Good. And now that we have the majority, we don’t really need the Toon Tribe anymore.

Gaku (confused): You want to vote out the Toon Tribe, even our friends in the alliance?

Kaoru (after a pause): Yes. It would be best for us. They would be a huge wild factor after this vote.

Gaku (confused): Huh? They'd just have 4 votes, at best. Less if we take out Daria now!

Kaoru: But they'd be able to cause a tie.

Gaku: And we don't know for sure who has past votes, besides Edd…

Kaoru: Worst case scenario, Edd and I have to do a tiebreaker...

Gaku: That would be bad!

(Kaoru nods.)

Kaoru: Right. That's why we have to vote one of them out.

(Gaku looks down, as he stabs for a fish.)

Gaku (to himself): I still don't like it...

Gaku: I trust Kaoru and Koizumi a lot! But I don't want to betray people...

(Back at camp, only Daria, Numbah 5 and Koizumi are by the fire. Daria's cooking, and the other 2 are just sitting there.)

Koizumi: Well, I believe that we've got the camp together remarkably well.

Numbah 5: Yeah, we got what we need. Shelter, food, and anythin' else.

Daria: Food's going to be an issue, eventually. We can't rely on getting fish and fruit everyday.

Koizumi: Ah, Daria, you worry too much.

Numbah 5: Nah, she's right. We shouldn't make so much rice when we got other things to have!

Koizumi: We just don't need to think about the issue now; we have plenty of rice.

Numbah 5: Yeah, I guess so...

Daria (annoyed): If we don't think about it now, we might never think about it. And then we'd be screwed when we actually need food.

Koizumi: Yes, but we will find a solution when we need to. We just have no need to, yet.

Daria (still annoyed): Whatever...

Daria: Do I dislike find Koizumi annoying? Obviously. And I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of others dislike him, too. But from what I know, he's too powerful to get voted out right now.

(In the forest near the camp, we see that Edd and Ed are talking, as they walk around.)

Edd: My, this area is quite beautiful. And I see many fruit trees!

Ed: Do they have fruit in them?

(Edd looks up, at a few different trees. He eventually points at one.)

Edd: Well... I see a few in that tree. But not very many others. The former Anime Tribe must have collected them already.

Ed: Ahhh, too bad. I want some more fruit!

Edd: That's why we're out here, Ed; looking for fruit.

Ed: Oh, oh, I see some!

Edd (excited): Where, Ed, where?

(Ed points to high up in a tree.)

Ed: There! Those look really good!

(Edd looks to see where Ed's pointing.)

Edd: Hm... I can't see what type they are... Can you reach them Ed?

Ed: Of course!

(Instead of climbing, Ed takes the machete he brought along, and chops the whole tree down. After it crashes into the ground, he happily starts collecting fruit from it.)

Edd (shocked): Ed... How do you do that?

Ed: Well, I just swing the, um... Knife thingy, and it came down!

Edd: Machete, Ed, it's called a machete.

Ed: Machete... Cool name!

Edd: Back to the point, let's gather some more fruit, shall we?

Ed: Okay! I like to get fruit...

Edd: Ed is, by far, one of the most valuable assets we have. He works incredibly hard out here, and is very good at manual labor.

(And down on the beach, Nenene and Miriallia are also talking, as they lay in the sun.)

Miriallia: See, isn't it nice to just relax down here once in a while?

Nenene (begrudgingly): Yeah, it's nice... Good to get away from the others, too.

Miriallia: It's like a place to just relax and think.

Nenene: Good, 'cause I need to... Especially after all of the crap from yesterday.

Miriallia (agreeing): With Koizumi and Tribal Council?

Nenene: Bingo. Where does he get off telling us what to do?!

Miriallia: We don't really have a choice, right now. We just have to follow what he says, for now. (She sighs.) This sucks...

Nenene: He has to go soon. I mean, we're going to let him win the game at this rate!

Miriallia: And that can not happen... But best case scenario, we're stuck with him for a while. I think we can get him out at the final 5, and still be in a good position afterwards…

Nenene: Assuming that it's an all Anime Tribe final 5? He has Gaku and Kaoru on his side for sure, so that won’t happen.

Miriallia: Oh, it totally will... I talked earlier with Gaku about it. That's all the votes we need!

(Nenene looks skeptical of Miriallia's idea. After a pause, Miriallia continues to speak.)

Miriallia: You know what? I think we should cook an amazing meal for the whole tribe sometime soon. I mean, we've been starving out here, and I think making jury is kinda a landmark, so why not?

Nenene: It would waste most of our food, so I don't think so.

Miriallia: Well, I heard that Ed is really good at fishing, so maybe he can catch us a lot of fish. And then we could gather more fruit, and mix those things together, and I think it would be awesome!

Nenene (contemplating it): Hm... If you could get the fruits and fish together, and not use any rice, then I'd think everyone would go for it.

Miriallia: Great! I think I'll talk to Ed later...

Nenene: Miriallia is a nice girl, but I don't think she has a killer instinct. She much rather stay together than vote a friend off... But she's good to have around for that reason, too.

(Back at camp, it's now time for some food, and everyone's gathered to eat.)

Ed: We have so many fruit!

Numbah 5: Man, this area's so much better than the Toon Tribe's camp!

Miriallia: Was it really that bad?

Numbah 5: Yeah, we had no fruit over there! And we had trouble fishin', too. I had to make a spear out of a stick!

Nenene: Yeah, but you had Ed, too.

Numbah 5: He barely fished 'till the end!

Edd: We never knew that he would be such a fisherman. Also, I don't believe that he considered it early on...

Ed: But it was really fun!

Koizumi: Sounds difficult to live in...

Daria: We did fine with what we had. It helped that we voted out so many early on.

Miriallia: That's mean...

Daria: It's true. We used less food than if we had won more immunity challenges.

Numbah 5: Still not good to lose those early challenges, though.

Daria: I'm not saying it is. I'm saying that it was good for our food supply. Especially since we didn't win a real food reward.

Nenene: Yeah, but we had like, 2 of them.

Numbah 5: Eh, that soda was fine.

Miriallia (after a pause): Oh, everyone, what do you think of making some sort of big meal? We didn't get anything for merging, and I think we could totally pull it off!

Koizumi: We don't have enough for it to be truly successful, Miriallia. We don't want to waste it.

Edd: If we can not use much rice, I would be behind it...

Ed: I like it! It sounds so good...

Miriallia: We could gather up fruits and fish, and not use any rice!

Nenene: You know what? I think we should just do it.

Edd: Maybe we should vote on it...

Miriallia: Right. Who's for it?

(Ed, Numbah 5, Gaku, Nenene, Edd, and Miriallia all raise their hand. After a moment, Kaoru does as well, and Koizumi not long after, leaving only Daria opposed.)

Miriallia (happy): Looks like we're doing it! Daria, are you okay with it?

Daria: Fine... As long as we don't use too much rice.

Edd: I believe that that's the idea…

Gaku: But we don't have enough light to do it tonight... Tomorrow then!

Koizumi: It will be very good if pulled off correctly.

Daria: We're planning this big feast thing for tomorrow... Fine. As long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, food wise.

Ed: Um... I really like the idea! I'm so hungry... So yay for food!

(Out in the forest, it's beginning to get dark, and we see that Koizumi and Kaoru are out collecting fruit. They're not having much success, though.)

Kaoru: This plan seems like a lot of work...

Koizumi: I think it's nice, though.

Kaoru (distracted): Hm?

Koizumi: It's a chance to focus on something other than the game. Especially since I've been so focused on it.

(Kaoru just shrugs.)

Kaoru: I guess so.

(Kaoru stops to look at a tree.)

Kaoru: Hm... Any up in there?

Koizumi: Doesn't look like it.

Kaoru: We've picked just about everything in this area.

Koizumi: It seems so. We should move on, then.

(Koizumi starts walking away, and Kaoru quickly catches up.)

Kaoru: We should go soon... It's starting to get dark.

Koizumi: Right... I hope this comes out well.

Kaoru: If we're lucky, it will...

(They turn around and head back to camp, as the remaining sun goes down.)

Day 23 - Athha Tribe

(The next day, the first two people are up Numbah 5 and Ed. Per usual, they're sitting near the fire, trying to warm up on what seems to be a chilly day.)

Numbah 5: Man, this weather sucks! Seriously, what is with this place?! One day it's hot, the next it's freezin'!

Ed: Aw... I think it's fun! It's like the best part of winter and um... The third best part of summer in one!

Numbah 5: But I wish it wouldn't be so different, ya know?

Ed: Hm... Nope! I like it.

Numbah 5: Oh, by the way, who do you think we should get out next? I'm thinkin' Miri.

Ed: Miriallia or Nenene?

Numbah 5: Eh, I got no problem with 'em, but I think we need to decide early.

Ed: I vote Nenene! She's scary...

Numbah 5 (quietly, but annoyed): Sh! Don't wake 'em up, Ed! Can't let them hear you!

Ed (quiet, too): Oh, right! That would be bad... Can't let them know!

Numbah 5: So, I say we talk to Edd about it, I guess. I mean, we're not going to decide...

Ed: Yeah, and Koizumi and Kaoru and Gaku, too!

Numbah 5: Of course... But Edd comes first. Those guys are just temps for us.

Ed: Yep! You, me, and Double D... Hey, that rhymed! But we're the final 3...

Numbah 5 (avoiding the subject): Right...

Ed: It'll be so much fun!

Numbah 5: Hope everythin' goes right, though.

Ed: It will! I can't wait for the end!

Numbah 5: And one of us will hopefully win.

Ed: You need to be more confident! It'll be fine!

(She looks slightly dubious as Ed is perfectly content.)

Numbah 5: I know I can't get to the end with Eds. But I can't let 'em know that, either, that wouldn’t be good!

(And of course, we now skip some time, to when more people have gotten up. Among those are Kaoru, Edd, and Nenene, while everyone else is still sleeping. Edd has joined Numbah 5 and Ed at the fire, while Kaoru and Nenene are talking off to the side.)

Nenene: So... We have a plan yet?

Kaoru (quiet): Nothing official... We need to talk to Koizumi about it.

Nenene (sarcastic): Great... Why is he the boss of us?

Kaoru: Well... We need him. Dumping him now would be a bad choice.

Nenene: He's a threat, though. We need to get rid of him eventually.

Kaoru: Trust me... We all know that. There's no one here who doesn't think that... But it's not the time.

Nenene: And when will be the time? Whenever you feel like it?

Kaoru: No... When we'll still be in a good position afterwards.

Nenene: 'Cause if we do it now, we'll probably get a tie next time…

Kaoru: Exactly.... (He glances towards the others, who are out of earshot.) And we can't let that happen.

Nenene: Duh. We'd be screwed. So, who's next?

(Kaoru shrugs.)

Kaoru: We haven't decided yet...

Kaoru: I need to stay on good terms with everyone... It's the best way to make sure what we're all on the same page, strategically.

(Back at camp, we leave this conversation, and head over to another one - one with Numbah 5, Ed, and Edd talking near a fire.)

Edd: This game has become much more complicated since we merged...

Numbah 5: Eh, I'd say not. It was pretty crazy over there, too!

Edd: But now we always have the issue of Tribal Council to think about…

Ed: And Tribal Council is bad!

Numbah 5: I guess so, but I think we made it so complicated now ourselves...

Edd: Well, there's no denying that. The alliances have become all entangled, it seems…

Ed: Yeah, and mixed up, too!

(There's a pause, as Ed leans over and picks up a small fruit from nearby, and happily starts munching on it.)

Edd: But I feel that we've been doing fine, and we can continue that trend.

Numbah 5: Not gonna be easy. (She shrugs.) We’re gonna be fine, though.

Edd: I hope so...

Ed (still chewing): Ah, we will be! Why not?

Edd: Well, I believe it isn't wise to count out our competitors, especially when there are so many of them.

Numbah 5: If we make the right move, we'd be fine...

Edd: ... But what is the right move? That is what we need to figure out.

Numbah 5: Provided we don't get screwed over, we're fine for now...

Ed: Yep!

Edd: I hope we aren't...

Reward Challenge

(Down at the challenge beach, we see the Athha Tribe heading down there. As always, Minamo's already there, with a large target behind her.)

Minamo: Welcome, Athha Tribe, to your first reward individual challenge... Here's how it's gonna go. We're having a target competition today, and we're using good old fashioned bows and arrows. The outer ring is 1 point, then the next is 2 points, the third ring is 4 points, the one closest to the bull’s-eye is 5 points, and a bulls-eye is 10 points. You all get 3 shots, and the top 4 scorers move to the next round. Then we'll repeat then process, and we'll have our winner. Wanna know what you're playing for?

(Naturally, most everyone says yes.)

Minamo: Well, the winner will be able to go on an overnight cruise, where they'll get a good meal, a shower, a good bed, and a chance to relax. Additional, they will be able to one person with them... Worth playing for?

Gaku: Yep!

Minamo: Alright, we've randomly selected the order, and Kaoru, you're up first. Everyone else please take a seat.

(Everyone, bar Kaoru obviously, takes a seat. Minamo hands the bow and the 3 arrows over to Kaoru.)

Minamo: Alright, start whenever you feel like it...

(Kaoru takes a moment to examine the bow and arrows, before getting in position. He takes his first shot, which hits the second outermost ring. He takes a breath, and takes his second shot. Unfortunately, his aim is off, and it flies over the target.)

Minamo: 2 shots and you've got 2 points so far. Last arrow…

(Kaoru goes up, and gets into position. He lets the arrow fly, and hits the second innermost ring.)

Minamo: And that's 3 points, so you now have 5. Take a seat... Daria, you're up next.

(Daria's up next and it's immediately obvious that she's in trouble here. She takes the bow awkwardly, and puts the arrow in her hands. She fires her first arrow; it doesn't make it to the target, it lands at about the half way point. She sighs, and goes up for her second shot. This one actually hits the target but falls off.)

Minamo: Sorry, no points for that. You have 1 more shot.

(She picks up her final arrow, and shots this one off rather quickly. This one just flies over the target.)

Minamo: Well, after three shots, you've got zero points. Take a seat... Numbah 5, you're up next.

Numbah 5: Fine by me.

(She strolls up, rather confidently, and takes the equipment from Minamo. She quickly gets into position, and lets her first arrow fly. Unfortunately for her, it flies over the target, missing completely.)

Minamo (narrating): Numbah 5 way off her first shot...

(She scowls slightly, as she takes her second arrow. She shoots, and this one is much better, as it hits the inside ring, for 5 points.)

Minamo: One more shot... If Numbah 5 hits the target at all she'll be in the lead.

(Numbah 5 takes her next arrow confidently, and shoots it off quickly. It connects with the target, in the second innermost ring.)

Minamo: That's 8 points... You're in the lead. Koizumi, you're up next.

(Koizumi goes up to the line, and takes his bow and arrows calmly. He fires his first shot, and it's a good one - second innermost ring. He calmly takes his second arrow after, and does the exact same thing as last time. And like last time, he gets the same result. And once again he repeats this process, getting the same exact ring as the first two times.)

Minamo: And Koizumi hits the one ring all 3 times, for 9 points. He's our new leader, followed by Numbah 5, Kaoru, and Daria. Double D, you're up next.

(Edd approaches cautiously, and picks up the bow and arrow even more awkwardly than Daria. He takes his first shot, but it doesn't even make it halfway to the target. Before picking up his second shot, he pretends to write on his hand with his finger. Then he takes the arrow, and surprisingly shoots it upwards. Everyone’s very confused by this, but Edd seems confident.)

Minamo: Wha? Edd, after two shots, has 0 points...

(Edd just smiles, as soon after, his second arrow flies down and hits the target, in the innermost ring.)

Edd: Drat. My calculations were off…

Minamo (very surprised): Make that 5...

(Edd takes his next shot, trying the same strategy as last time. However, this time the arrow misses the target completely, as Edd looks frustrated.)

Edd: Hm... Seems that the wind was not what I expected.

Minamo: Edd finishes with 5, tying with Kaoru for second. Nenene, you're up.

(She strolls, and gets her bow and arrows nonchalantly. She pulls back rather quickly, and releases. Her shot gets the second outermost target, getting her on the board with 2 points. She fires her second shot soon after, but this one is too hard, and flies over the target. Nenene frowns, as she picks up her last arrow. She releases, and this one hits the outer ring.)

Minamo: And that's 3 points for the Nenene. Four others have more than you, so you're out. Next up - Miriallia.

(She walks up, rather neutral, and grabs her bow and arrow. Her first shot rivals Daria's for worst yet, as it lands at about the half way point.)

Miriallia (smiling, to herself): Oh, great shot, Miri.

(She picks up her second arrow, and this shot is better - it hits the target! More precisely, it hits the outer ring, earning her a grand total of one point.)

Minamo: And Miriallia's on the board! Last shot. You need the inner ring or the bulls-eye to stay in it.

(She takes a quick breath, before she fires her last shot. It's decent, but hits the outer ring again.)

Minamo: Sorry, not enough to stay in it. Take a seat... Gaku, you're up next. Our current leaders are Koizumi, Numbah 5, and Kaoru and Edd, tied. You need 5 points to crack the top 4.

Gaku: Gotcha!

(He goes up, as energetic as ever, and picks up the bow and arrow. He quickly fires off his first shot, but this one flies over the target. He looks depressed for a moment, but picks up his second arrow, and fires that one off quickly, too. This one is better, as it hits the second-most inside ring.)

Minamo: That's 3 points... Need to hits anything besides the outer target to move onto the next around.

(Gaku excitedly picks up his last arrow, and fires this one off quickly as well. But just like his first shot, this one goes over the target.)

Minamo: Three points... Not enough. Take a seat. Ed, you're up next.

Ed: Oh goodie!

(He jogs up happily, but it's clear from the time he picks up the bow and arrow that he has no idea how to use it. He eventually gets it into the right position (after a little help), but his first shot is poor, not even reaching the target.)

Edd: Not like that, Ed...

Minamo: Just two shots left.

(Ed takes his second shot, but this one is the opposite of last time, and goes flying right over. He looks annoyed as he picks up his third arrow, and this one goes over as well.)

Minamo: And that's 0 points for Ed... Moving into the final around are Edd, Koizumi, Kaoru, and Numbah 5. This round's the same as the first, target's just moved back. Whoever gets the most wins reward. Edd, you're up first.

(Edd goes up, taking his bow and arrow. He looks up, replicating his strategy from the previous round, but quickly frowns, as the sun's now in his eyes. He sighs, but fires his shot into the air anyway. Unfortunately for him, it misses the target completely. Edd tries his strategy for the second shot as well, but this one also misses. He keeps going with his third shot, and actually hits the target this time, on the second outer most ring.)

Minamo: That's two points for Edd... Kaoru, you're up next.

(Kaoru calmly walks up to, and gets his bow and arrows. He takes his first shot, and this one hits the second innermost ring, for 3 points. He fires his second arrow quickly after, and this one isn't as good - it hits the outer ring, for another point.)

Minamo: 2 shots, and Kaoru's in the lead, with 4 points. Now he's just trying to build on it.

(And soon after Minamo's comment, Kaoru fires his final shot, and gets another 2 points, from the second outermost ring.)

Minamo: And he finishes with 6 points. Koizumi, you're up next.

(Like Kaoru, Koizumi walks calmly to the bow and arrows, and quickly fires off his first shot. And just like Koizumi's previous shots, it gets the second innermost ring, for three points.)

Minamo: He needs 3 more points to tie, 4 to lead.

(Koizumi seems to ignore Minamo, as he fires his next shot. Same result as the previous 4 times, so he's up to 6, tied for the lead. One more shot - That's right, in the same place, and he's in the lead, with 9 points.)

Minamo: Now Edd and Kaoru are both out of it... Can Numbah 5 beat Koizumi's 9? Let's find out.

(She strides up, confidently. She takes her bow and arrows, and fires her first arrow rather quickly. It's a decent shot, hitting the second outermost ring, for 2 points. Soon after, she fires of her second shot, which earns her 3 more points.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 has 5 points now. She needs the inner ring or better to win.

(Time for Numbah 5's last shot - But it's not good enough, as it hits the second innermost ring.)

Minamo: Koizumi wins reward!

(Koizumi simply smiles, his normal reaction to... Just about everything, actually.)

Minamo: Now, Koizumi, you have to pick 1 person to go with you... Who's it gonna be?

Koizumi: Hm... I'll take Kaoru, then.

(No one's surprised, but Kaoru's clearly happy about it.)

Kaoru: Lucky...

Minamo: Okay, you two, come with me. Everyone else, head back to camp.

(The other 7 members of the Athha Tribe head out, while Koizumi and Kaoru follow Minamo on a different path.)

Numbah 5: I don't think anyone was surprised... They are close, ya know? Kinda dangerous, too.

Kaoru: It's a fun little trip, in the middle of the game. I'm quite glad I got to go.

(Next shot we see, is of Koizumi and Kaoru, on the deck of the cruise ship. They both have a lot of food in front of them, and are talking casually.)

Koizumi: It's quite nice to relax...

Kaoru: Definitely. This food doesn't hurt, either.

Koizumi: It is quite nice... This gives us a chance to just relax.

(He takes a bite, as does Kaoru.)

Koizumi: Should we bring any back to the others?

Kaoru: Hm? Nah... They're probably doing their feast now.

Koizumi: Right…

(There's a pause, as the two continue to eat.)

Kaoru (very pleased): This a great change from camp life!

Koizumi: You're more used to this food, right Kaoru?

Kaoru: Yeah! But I'm starting to get used to camp life, too... Scary.

Koizumi (sarcastically): Looking forward to going back home?

Kaoru (joking): Not for 16 more days...

Koizumi: Agreed...

Koizumi: It was a nice chance to be able to relax for even a moment... It's interesting after being on the island for 20 something days...

(And back at the island, we see that the combination of Ed, Gaku, and Miriallia are all out near the river, doing some fishing. Gaku and Ed have both done this before, so they're doing pretty well, but Miriallia's struggling with the fishing pole.)

Miriallia: Thanks for bringing me out, guys! If we catch a lot, it'll totally help our feast!

Ed: And that would be good! Food is good...

Gaku: Yep! It's gonna be great!

Miriallia: If we have enough things...

Gaku: We can get them. It'll be easy!

Ed: Oh, there's a fish!

(Ed dramatically dives into the river, and is under the water for a second, before coming up with a small fish.)

Ed (completely serious): Fish, I have conquered you!

(Miriallia and Gaku are just looking on.)

Miriallia: Um... That's a start. I guess.

Gaku: Yay Ed! Now let's catch lots more!

(He starts concentrating fiercely on the river, looking for a fish. He quickly stabs at something with his spear, and up comes a fish, but this one's small, too.)

Gaku: We have 2 now!

Miriallia: ...We're going to need a lot more than that...

Ed: Aw...

Gaku: We still have time, though.

Ed: Yeah, we do!

(In the forest, we see that Daria and Edd are out walking. Each have some fruit in their hands.)

Daria: And why could you not have taken Ed with you?

Edd: Well, we are down one fisherman, so he would be better use there…

Daria: Yeah, but he could just cut down the trees, and we wouldn't have to climb up them. We're not exactly the most athletic people.

Edd: Well... We can't rely entirely on him forever.

Daria: Whatever... This is for the feast thing, right?

Edd: I believe so... It seems like we're doing it tonight.

Daria: Fine.

(There's a pause, as the two continue to look for fruit.)

Daria: ... Do you have a plan for tomorrow yet?

Edd: Unfortunately, no. We haven't had the chance to discuss it with our... Alliance mates, yet.

Daria: Koizumi and Kaoru, you mean. I talked with Numbah 5 yesterday.

Edd: Well, yes. We intend on doing it when they come back... It's most likely Nenene at this point. Does it matter to you?

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Fine by me. As long as it's not me.

Edd: Right... I believe we have enough fruit for now.

Daria: Let's head back.

Daria: I don't intend on getting voted out. But I'm sure as hell not letting others make decisions for me, I’m not going to play coattail rider.

(We head back to the cruise ship, where Kaoru and Koizumi are now in the room where they'll be staying for the night. Koizumi's sitting on one of two beds, relaxing. Kaoru walks out of an attached room, after taking a shower. He takes a seat on the other bed.)

Kaoru: Now I remember what civilization feels like...

Koizumi: We do have to go back to camp, however.

Kaoru: Damn... Oh well. (He shrugs.) Still, the game is still on... We better not have missed anything important.

Koizumi: I'm sure Gaku will fill us in, in case we did... Or the others will. We'll need to talk to them immediately, though. However nice this reward has been, we've missed out on what's happened at camp.

Kaoru: Right... We should target Daria next. She is another Toon member, after all.

Koizumi: The others might object to that.

Kaoru: Yeah, but... We don't need the Toon Tribe. If we know they'll object, and that'll make us tied if we give in...

Koizumi: It wouldn't be an ideal spot for us.

Kaoru: Bingo. So we shouldn't do that... We should vote off a Toon Tribe member. Hell, we can vote out any of them.

Koizumi: Meaning either Numbah 5 or one of the Eds?

Kaoru: Exactly. We have all the votes we need, so why not?

Koizumi: Hm... Would Nenene or Miriallia be opposed to this?

Kaoru: Gaku has Miriallia for sure... I'd say we have Nenene. She has to know the alternative...

Koizumi: Right. She's actually quite smart, so she'll stay with us, I assume.

Kaoru: Great... Numbah 5 or Ed?

Koizumi: Well... The strong Ed, right?

Kaoru: Obviously.

Koizumi: Hm... I have a feeling it would be best to break up the Eds…

Kaoru: So Ed, then? Fine by me.

Koizumi: Yeah, it would be best.

Kaoru: We need to think strategically at all times now... The game's complicated, so we have to...

(Back with the rest of the survivors, everyone's finally having their small feast while it's getting dark out. Everyone's sitting around in a circle, eating happily.)

Miriallia: The feast... Well, it turned out well. I mean, I imagined it to be a lot bigger and festive, but still... It turned out fine!

Numbah 5: Man, I could get used to this!

Gaku: Yep, it's good! I wish we had more, though...

Ed: Yummy!

Daria: ... It's nice.

Numbah 5: Quite the sayin', coming from you, Daria.

Daria: I'll give credit when it's due. Just not before.

Numbah 5: Eh, whatever you say.

Edd: And we were able to not use up any of our remaining rice, so that's good as well.

Miriallia: Yeah, it turned out pretty well!

(As if on cue, a few raindrops fall, as Miriallia looks upwards.)

Miriallia (to herself): You've got to be kidding me...

Miriallia: And then it started raining... That sucked.

(Back at camp, the rain only worsens from there, putting a quick end to the feast. Everyone quickly picks up the supplies and heads back under their shelter for the night.)

Day 24

(Back at camp, the rain has stopped, but it obviously continued well into the night, since everything is soaked. The Eds come out of the shelter at the same time and look around briefly before taking a seat around their fire place. There's a somber mood as they talk.)

Ed: Aw... This isn't good.

Edd: Quite... It'll take a while to start a fire, I suppose.

Ed: We have no fruit, too!

Edd: Well... (He sighs.) We'll just need to begin again, I suppose.

Ed: Alright, I'll go look for food! But not right now... I'm sleepy.

(Ed yawns.)

Edd: I suppose we should wait for more people to get up...

Ed: Right!

(The two sit in silence for a moment, before Gaku, Numbah 5 and Miriallia get out of the shelter as well, and join the group.)

Miriallia (tired): Hey guys...

Ed: Hi!

Edd: Good morning.

Miriallia: Yeah... (She yawns.) Ugh... We have Tribal Council tonight.

Numbah 5 (sarcastic): Joy.

Edd: That's never fun...

Miriallia: And we need more food...

Gaku: Yeah, we used it all up!

Edd: And as Ed and I were saying, it's too wet to begin a fire...

Ed: We need fruit!

Numbah 5: Nah, we need anythin'!

Miriallia: Yeah... I don't feel like looking now, sorry.

Gaku: I'll go collect some!

Ed: Oh, I'll come to!

Edd: I might as well come along, too...

Numbah 5: Eh, why not.

Miriallia: I’ll stay here…

Gaku: Okay, let's go collect some fruit!

(The group of four gets up, and heads into the forest, with Gaku leading the way.)

Gaku: Hm.... I don't see anything. We must have been here before!

Numbah 5: Must be.

Ed: Let's go somewhere else, then!

Gaku: Hm... That way!

(He starts off in a random direction, but he quickly stops after only a few steps.)

Gaku (to the others): Hey, there's Koizumi and Kaoru! (louder, to Koizumi and Kaoru) Hi!

(Both Koizumi and Kaoru both look up, not noticing him previously.)

Koizumi (calling back): Hello everyone!

Kaoru: We're back...

(The two of them head to talk with the group.)

Gaku: So, how was it, huh?

Koizumi: Quite nice... Especially after being out here for so long.

Kaoru: Yeah, the food was excellent...

Numbah 5: Man....

Gaku: Ah, you're so lucky! We got lots of rain last night...

Kaoru: That's not good...

Gaku: Yeah, and we're out of food, too! That's why we're all here looking for some!

Edd: We used it up last night on the feast...

Koizumi: Ah, we thought that might happen.

Ed: But it started raining!

Kaoru: That's not good.

Edd: Well, while all of us are out here, I suppose we should discuss the upcoming vote...

Koizumi: Agreed... Have any of you talked about it?

Numbah 5: I'd say Miriallia...

Ed: I want Nenene out next! She's scary.

Edd: Well... How strong is she compared to Miriallia?

Kaoru: About the same, I'd say.

Gaku: I think we should go for Nenene, too!

Kaoru: Ah, you are good friends with Miri, after all.

Gaku: Yep!

Edd: Sounds fine...

Numbah 5: I guess so...

Edd: I believe we are set for the tonight... All of us seemed to agree that we should vote out Nenene, so unless they were lying to our faces, she is the most likely target.

(Later, we see that Miriallia and Nenene are down on the beach again, walking along the shore.)

Miriallia: It's kinda weird, but I've been hanging out with Nenene a lot since we merged... Just 'cause we're in such a similar position right now, you know?

Miriallia: So... Heard anything yet?

Nenene: Not much... Only that we're going for one of the Toon Tribe, according to Kaoru. You?

Miriallia: Nope. (She sighs.) It sucks not hearing anything...

Nenene: Well, what can you do when our so-called leaders are away for a while.

Miriallia: Yeah, that's not exactly good for us.

Nenene: Yeah... I hate letting them make the decisions. It's driving me mad!

Miriallia: I know, but there's pretty much nothing that we can do right now... We just need to wait.

(Nenene frowns after hearing this.)

Miriallia: Well... We have an immunity challenge soon, don't we?

Nenene: Yeah... Should be about now.

Immunity Challenge

(We jump from that conveniently timed statement to our next immunity challenge. The group of nine heads down to the beach, where Minamo is waiting for them already, of course. There are 9 large buckets with everyone's names on it, with 9 smaller ones next to it.)

Minamo: First thing's first, I'm gonna need immunity back.

(She goes and takes it from Numbah 5, and then gets back into her position.)

Minamo: So, here's how this challenge is going to work. Each of you are going to take one of the smaller buckets, and try to fill up your large bucket, past the white line on the inside. Here's the catch: The small buckets have several holes in them. Get the water past the line to win immunity. Simple enough? Alright, everyone take your positions.

(Everyone does so, starting behind their main bucket with the small bucket in hand.)

Minamo: Survivors... For immunity, go!

(The survivors all take off, running to the water. First to make it there are Numbah 5, Ed and Gaku, followed quickly by Kaoru and Miriallia. Trailing are Edd and Daria, with Nenene and Koizumi just ahead of them. By the time Edd starts on his way back to the large bucket, the three front runners have already dumped what little water that remained into the basket.)

Minamo: The key is figuring you how to get water to the bucket! Whoever does that the best will win this challenge...

(The game continues, and eventually everyone begins to tire. Ed is still in the lead, with Gaku following. Numbah 5's started to wear down, but is still ahead of Kaoru and Miriallia. Everyone's using different strategies to keep the water in, from just using their hands to cover the hole, while others are even using shells. Everyone's not getting much water, though.)

Minamo: This is still anybody's game. Speed is not the most important thing, it's how much water you get!

(And everyone's still trudging along. As we see a quick shot of everyone's bucket, Ed has the most, followed by Kaoru, and then Numbah 5. Edd is also doing quite well, surprisingly enough, as he's using a large shell to cover the main hole in the bucket. Daria's definitely struggling with the challenge, she has barely any water in her bucket, and has slowed down to a walk.)

Minamo: And everyone's getting tired... You need to get as much water as possible into the bucket.

(The challenge has been going on for a while now, and only Ed is running now, not really paying attention to the basket. Despite this, he's doing pretty well, mainly because he's jammed his arm through the hole in the bottom of the basket. Minamo's walking up and down the beach, inspecting the buckets.)

Minamo: A few people are starting to get close to the white lines... Ed, Numbah 5, Kaoru, and Gaku are all almost there.

(Everyone keeps going, although Miriallia's slowed down a lot, as she's started to walk.)

Minamo: C'mon, hurry! You're letting all of the water spill out of the basket!

(Miriallia just sighs and walks a little faster. No one else acknowledges Minamo.)

Minamo: Ed's getting awfully close...

(Indeed he is. He's just below the line, and Minamo's waiting behind the bucket to check. Ed runs up once again, dumps his water in, and this moves it past the line.)

Minamo: That's it! Ed wins immunity!

Ed: Yay!

(Everyone stops the challenge, and heads over to congratulate Ed, as Minamo puts the immunity necklace on him.)

Ed: It's good I won! Um... Now I won't be voted off! Yay for me!

(Back at camp, the entire remaining Anime Tribe has headed down to the beach, where they're all in a circle talking.)

Nenene: So, what's going on?

Koizumi: It has to be Numbah 5, since Ed won immunity.

Gaku (slightly subdued): She's a threat, after all...

Koizumi: She's done well in every individual challenge so far. We can't afford leaving her around.

Nenene: ... Fine.

Koizumi (slightly surprised): You're alright with it?

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: As long as it isn't me, I guess.

Koizumi: Alright.

Gaku: Fine with it, Miri?

Miriallia: Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine with it...

Kaoru: Good. And after her, preferably Ed next.

Nenene: Right, right…

(Kaoru looks at her oddly.)

Miriallia: And then we'll get to the final 5 with no trouble!

Koizumi: Ideally, yes.

Nenene (sotto): And then it'll all go to hell...

Gaku: Eh? Say something Nenene?

Nenene: Nope, nothing at all...

Gaku: Um.... I'm not sure about this. Numbah 5 is an ally! We shouldn't betray her! But I have to go along with this....

(Back up at the camp, Daria and Numbah 5 are talking, as they sit in their shelter.)

Numbah 5: So, I suppose who want to know who's it gonna be, right?

Daria (sarcastic): That would be nice.

Numbah 5: Well... Nenene's getting’ our votes tonight.

Daria: Fine... I guess I'll vote for her, too.

Numbah 5: Yeah, it's probably gonna be 7 to 2, I say.

Daria: You really trust those guys, huh?

Numbah 5: Anime Tribe guys or the Eds?

Daria: Koizumi, Gaku, and Kaoru.

Numbah 5: Eh, I got to for now. I mean, we are tryin' to vote one of 'em out next time...

Daria: Right...

(One last scene, as down on the beach, Nenene and Gaku are talking about their problems with this plan.)

Nenene: We’re giving him way too much power.

Gaku: And we really shouldn’t be betraying an ally!

Nenene: Ugh, I’m so tempted to just vote for Koizumi…

Gaku: Really?

Nenene: Just to show him he doesn’t control me.

Gaku: Yeah, I’m not exactly sure, either!

Nenene: Well, we’re heading up soon. Better figure out what we’re gonna do, and quick.

Gaku: Right, we have to…

Tribal Council

(Per usual, the final 9 all head into Tribal Council and take their seats, as Minamo starts talking to them.)

Minamo: So... You've been with a new tribe for 6 days now. Is the game staying with tribal lines or are the two former tribes mixing together? Daria?

Daria: Everyone's doing something different. Some are mixing it up, others aren't.

Minamo: Does that depend on the player?

Daria: No. It depends more on the situation than the player, I think/

Minamo: Right... Kaoru, you and Koizumi just got away from camp for an overnight reward... How was that?

Kaoru: It was nice… It's tough to just go on the boat, and know you have to go back to the camp, though.

Minamo: Alright, let's get to business. Ed, you won immunity. Gonna give it up?

Ed: No way!

Minamo: Right. Ed has immunity, you can not vote for him. Anyone else is fair game. Miriallia, you're up first.

(Miriallia walk up, and writes something down.)

(She sits back down, and then Ed follows. He writes down NENENE on his ballot.)

Ed: Um... You can be scary. Bye-bye!

(He heads back to his seat, and Koizumi's up next. He votes for NUMBAH 5.)

Koizumi: It's simple strategy... We need to get rid of a threat.

(He takes his seat, and then Nenene comes up to vote.)

(Nenene sits back down, followed by Edd. He votes for NENENE.)

Edd: The Toon Tribe would like to retain the majority right now. You're vote is just as simple as that.

(Edd sits back down, and then Kaoru goes to vote. He writes down NUMBAH 5.)

Kaoru: Numbah 5, now's the time to make our move. Nothing personal.

(He takes a seat, and Numbah 5 goes to vote. She writes down NENENE.)

Numbah 5: Sorry, but I gotta do it.

(She sits back down, and Gaku goes up to vote.)

(Gaku takes his seat, and our final voter, Daria casts her vote. She then takes her seat as well.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes and gets the votes. In a flash, he's back in his original spot.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever receives the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

(She takes the first vote out.)

Minamo: First vote - NENENE.

(Nenene frowns hearing her name.)

Minamo: Second vote - NENENE.

(She just continues to frown.)

Minamo: Third vote - NENENE. That's 3 votes Nenene.

(She rolls her eyes at this one.)

Minamo: Fourth vote - NENENE. 4 votes Nenene. One more vote and you'll be out.

(She's still frowning, but is definitely nervous.)

Minamo: Next vote - NUMBAH 5.

(Numbah 5 seems a bit surprised, but tries to stay calm.)

Minamo: Next vote - NUMBAH 5. 4 votes Nenene, 2 votes Numbah 5.

(Numbah 5 still doesn't look too worried.)

Minamo: Seventh vote - NUMBAH 5.

(And this is when the entire Toon Tribe realizes something is wrong. Numbah 5 glances at Koizumi and Kaoru frantically. They both look away.)

Minamo: Next vote - NUMBAH 5. Now it's a tie... 4 votes Nenene, 4 votes Numbah 5.

(Numbah 5 is panicking now.)

Minamo: Last vote... The eighth person voted out and first member of the jury - NUMBAH 5. You need to bring me your torch.

(Slowly, she gets up and gives Minamo her torch. She extinguishes the torch.)

Minamo: Numbah 5, the tribe has spoken.

(Numbah 5 walks out of Tribal Council, still surprised. After she leaves, Minamo turns to address the final 8.)

Minamo: Whatever alliances you are going by, it's obvious that there are 2 definite sides. Head back to camp.

(They all do, although some move slower in getting up than the others.)

Numbah 5: Man, I have no idea what happened out there! I thought I was in a fine position, but you know, stuff happens. I guess the guys betrayed me... Can't do anythin' now, though. I think I played a good game, but I just trusted 'em too much! I'd say that I woulda not voted out Mac... If we got Nenene or Miri then, I'd still be here!

Next time, on Survivor!

- The tribe’s food supply becomes more limited.

- The remaining Toon Tribe desperately tries to find a break in the others.

- One alliance makes a mistake that could cost them the game.


Numbah 5 (5)
- Gaku, Koizumi, Kaoru, Miriallia, Nenene

Nenene (4) - Edd, Daria, Ed, Numbah 5

Author's Notes

Ladies and gentlemen... The jury is here! Maybe an obvious vote, but too bad for Numbah 5, I personally think she could have definitely won the game if she got to the end game and went against Daria in the final 2, per their plan. Unfortunately, she had a threatening combination of strength, smarts, and social skills that made her too much of a target to stay. That, and of course, you can't trust Koizumi and Kaoru. She was in a bit of a catch 22, though; if she hadn't voted out Mac this might still have occurred (unless Ed lost that immunity challenge). Too bad. She had a lot more potential than I feel like I used, but she did come through at times. But we're down to the final 8 now, and we've reached the point where I feel like almost everyone in the cast would make a good winner – rid of the fodder or characters I didn't. And, of course, anyone here can win, I feel, in some way or another. Who'll turn out on top? Well, you'll just have to read the next episode!