Episode 7 – Who gives you the right to tell us how to vote?

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(A shot of the Anime Tribe returning from Tribal Council.)

Minamo: After voting out Yuki, tensions erupted in the Anime Tribe.

(The Anime Tribe is gathered around the fire, as Winry and Nenene yell at each other.)

Winry (yelling): Stop being so damn depressing!

Minamo: And in the Toon Tribe, Mac found out that he was a target, and started to plot revenge.

(Mac and Daria are in the forest, talking.)

Daria: I heard from Numbah 5 yesterday, that everyone would vote you out.

(Now Mac's giving a confessional.)

Mac: And I have a new goal thanks to this... I'm going to break up the Eds...

Minamo: And when the Anime Tribe lost immunity, Nenene betrayed her alliance...

(Kaoru, Koizumi, and Gaku are talking outside of the shelter. Nenene approaches them.)

Nenene: I want to make a deal.

Minamo: ... And Winry paid the price.

(Up at Tribal Council, Minamo extinguishes Winry's torch.)

Minamo: Winry, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: 10 survivors remain... Who will be voted out, next?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki - Fruits Basket
Hitomi - Loveless

Gaku - Sukisho
Miriallia - Gundam Seed
Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene - R.O.D the TV
Koizumi - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kaoru - Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy – Daria

Ed - Ed, Edd & Eddy
Mac - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents
Edd - Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Numbah 5 - Codename: Kids Next Door
Daria - Daria

Day 18 - After Tribal Council

(As Anime Tribe, now down to 5, returns to their camp, most head immediately to their shelter, to go to sleep. But Miriallia, the only person who didn't vote for Winry, doesn't. She heads down to the beach, and takes a seat.)

Miriallia: Last night... It wasn't good. Nenene seems to have got the guys to vote out Winry. I was shocked. I didn't expect that at all... But I suppose it was good for me. I mean, I would have gone if they didn't vote for Winry. So, I'm glad to be here, I'm just upset at being blindsided. It really sucks, you know?

(Eventually, Miriallia gets up and heads back to the shelter, to sleep. She tries to be as quiet as possible, but both Gaku and Nenene notice her.)

Gaku: Miriallia's acting really sad since we got back... But she would have gone otherwise! I hope she feels better soon...

Nenene: We blindsided Winry... Fine. But Miriallia better stay with us in the merge. (Nenene shrugs.) I guess I should talk to her.

(Eventually, the 3 stragglers all fall asleep, ready to begin a new day.)

Day 19 - Toon Tribe

(We head over to the Toon Tribe, early in the morning. Today, Edd and Ed are the first two up, and they talk as Edd tends to the fire.)

Edd: Well, I do believe that we may merge into one tribe with the Anime Tribe today.

Ed: We'd be tied!

Edd: Well, yes, that will most likely be a problem. We will have to figure out a weak link in the tribe, or face probable elimination.

Ed: They don’t know more than us!

Edd: I would dislike hinging my chances in this game on a rather blind vote... Especially as I am the only person in this tribe, who has received previous votes.

Ed (catching on): Hm... We have to guess?

Edd: ...Unless we find out who else has received past votes.

Ed: What about Mac and Daria, Double D?

Edd: What about them? (He realizes what Ed is trying to say.) There is the possibility of them switching over on us!

Ed: Yeppers!

Edd: Well, we then have only a few choices... Ed, do you think we should switch as well? I mean, make an alliance with only a few members of the Anime Tribe, as we would be targets later on...

Ed: Hard is bad…

Edd: It would be quite difficult to pull off...

Ed: I like my tribe!

Edd (thinks for a second): Well, I guess it would be best for us to stay with our current tribe for the moment.

Ed: Yay!

Edd: We are all apprehensive about the strong chance of a merge soon, due to it being a tie between the tribes at the moment. They must also be feeling the same thing, and I believe it’s likely that they’re plotting as well… This may be a very difficult situation to get out of.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, today's early risers are Gaku and Nenene. They sit around the fire, talking.)

Nenene (shivering): I hate the cold...

Gaku: But we have fire!

Nenene: It helps, but not too much. ..

Gaku: I guess so... At least it's not raining!

Nenene: Don't jinx us. That's the last thing we need now.

Gaku: Yeah... Especially after last night's vote!

Nenene: Yeah. I kinda feel bad for Miriallia, though. She didn't expect it at all.

Gaku: If we told her, it would have caused another argument, though!

Nenene (sotto): Thanks to Winry... (Louder) I'm glad we voted her out.

Gaku: Me too! I don't want Miriallia to go... That wouldn’t have been fun at all!

Nenene: Right. But now, it's going to be a whole new ball game.

Gaku (excited): It'll be fun! Just like beginning the game again.

Nenene: Right... Think we'll stay at our camp, or go to the others?

Gaku: Maybe we'll have to build a new one!

Nenene: Eh, that would suck. I hated building a shelter the first time; I don't feel like doing it again.

Gaku: Yeah, I guess so…

Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe, everyone's now awake as they eat some leftover fish around the fire.)

Numbah 5: Why is it so cold?!

Daria: Who knows... Just our luck, to have it be so cold today.

Mac: Well, maybe we'll merge today. That would be awesome!

(Daria shakes her head, disagreeing.)

Daria: Eh, I think it just throws a loop hole into everything. We don't know the people, and we don't know what they're like. Besides, we're tied. It's going to be a sticky situation; I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Mac: Yeah... But I just want to meet all of them! I think it's going to be fun.

Daria (giving up): Sure... Whatever.

Mac: Besides, it opens up a lot of possibilities, too, strategy-wise.

Edd: It will be quite interesting to see what happens in the merge...

(Mac shoots Edd a quick glance. Edd doesn't seem to notice it.)

Numbah 5: 'Specially the first vote! That's gonna be interesting.

Edd: Quite. It'll most likely be a 5-5 vote.

Ed: That's no fun!

(Daria nods, agreeing.)

Daria: We have to find a weak link somewhere.

Edd: And they must be thinking the same thing.

Numbah 5 (sarcastic): This is gonna be fun...

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, it seems more people have woken up. Currently, Nenene and Kaoru are walking through the forest, on a small path.)

Kaoru: These next few days will be rather interesting. I'm excited to see how we'll do.

Nenene: Yeah... Who should we target?

Kaoru: Hm... (He shrugs.) That depends on what information we can find... But probably not the strongest on their tribe. They obviously wouldn’t vote for him.

Nenene: Eh, we voted out Yuki... The next few days are going to be stressful.

(Kaoru smiles.)

Kaoru: That's just what makes the game so fun.

Kaoru: I have been thinking about the merge. My first priority is obviously to get my tribe in the majority, but after that... Ideally, I could make my move in the final 8, and retain the majority regardless.

(Kaoru and Nenene continue to talk, and quickly, they arrive at a small chest on the ground, with flags on both sides. They stop there and open the box.)

Nenene: We got treemail...

Kaoru: So it seems...

(Kaoru reaches in and picks up the note inside of the box.)

Kaoru: Should we open it here, or wait to open at camp?

Nenene: Eh, it might be important.

Kaoru: Camp?

Nenene: Sure, whatever.

Kaoru: Now the game's really beginning, we're starting the final portion of the game, and the jury is starting soon. I may have been content floating along before, but now... It's game on. And I want to be in the end of the game, whatever it takes.

(Kaoru and Nenene close the chest, and begin heading back to camp.)

Toon Tribe

(At the Toon Tribe, everyone is eagerly gathered around Mac, as he reads the same note that Kaoru and Nenene found not too long ago.)

Mac: ...And the game's truly begun/But who will have the most fun?

Numbah 5 (excited): Sounds like we gonna merge!

Daria: Obviously.

Edd (observing): It doesn't say anything about choosing which camp to stay at…

Ed: But merge, Double D! Be happy!

Edd: I am excited about this event, but I would just like to have more knowledge on the situation…

Daria: We'll find out when we find out. We can't do anything until then.

Edd: I suppose so.

Mac: Hey, what does the rhyme mean by "fun"?

Daria: Probably asking who will win. With these stupid poems, it makes sense.

Numbah 5: Yeah, probably it. Winnin' is fun!

Mac: Oh yeah, that makes some sense.

Daria: So, we have to be at the Challenge Beach in 2 hours?

Edd: It seems that way... Should we bring our belongings with us?

Numbah 5: Says nothin' about belongings...

Edd: Just in case we do have to build a new shelter. I would rather be safe than sorry.

Numbah 5: Nah. Too much effort.

Edd: ... Alright.

Challenge Beach

(We see both tribes heading down to the beach where challenges usually take place, which has the incredibly obvious name of Challenge Beach. Anyways, both tribes head down to their respective mats, with Minamo already there, a small closed box under her arms.)

Minamo: Okay, everyone... Drop your buffs.

(She pauses for a second, as most people immediately understand what's happening. The few who don't, quickly follow suit, as they take off their buffs.)

Minamo: ...You are now 1 tribe. You get to decide the name, but not now. Someone come get the buffs.

(Gaku, who's easily the most excited about this, runs up and takes them from Minamo, before anyone else has a chance. He hands them out to the Anime Tribe first, then the Toon Tribe, introducing himself to each of them. He then takes one for himself, and goes back to the now-former Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Alright, here's the deal. None of you have seen the other's camps. So here's what you can do. You can talk about it, and either build a new camp, or choose which camp you go to. Of course, you all can also head over to the camp you don't chose, and get your supplies, as well. I'll give you a minute to decide.

(Both groups approach each other, rather tentatively, with no one really wanting to speak up...)

Minamo: Get talking…

Edd: Well... How is your camp?

Koizumi: Quite nice. We have plenty of food.

Daria: What about shelter?

Nenene: We'd have to make it bigger... What about you?

Daria: Not much food, shelter's nice though.

Miriallia: Well, we'd have to expand ours anyway. If we go to our camp, and then make the shelter like yours, it'll be the best of both of camps!

Kaoru: There were a few people from each tribe who stepped up. I decided that it would be best just to observe our new tribemates for now.

Mac: That'd be cool!

Koizumi: So, it's decided?

Gaku: Yep!

Edd: It seems so... We need to go back to our old camp, for our belongings.

Miriallia: Okay...

(At this point, Minamo addresses them again.)

Minamo: It seems you've decided. What's your decision?

Koizumi: We've decided to go to the Anime Tribe's camp.

Minamo: Alright... Head to your camp, everyone.

(One final shot, as everyone tries to get to know the other tribe. Some are being talkative, while others are being quiet and watching.)

Unnamed Merge Tribe

(At the former Anime Tribe's camp, we see everyone heading in. Miriallia are showing Edd, Ed, and Daria around, as Gaku points everything out to Mac.)

Miriallia: Okay, I think you've seen everything you need to know what the camp...

Edd: I'll get started on plans for expanding the shelter…

Daria: We should head back to our camp - the Toon Tribe's camp tonight, before it gets dark.

Edd: It seems that we have two main objectives for today.

Miriallia: Make a shelter and go to the Toon Tribe's camp, right?

Edd: Correct.

Miriallia: Okay, any of you want to go to your old camp?

Ed: Nah!

Edd: I believe Ed and I shall stay here to work on the shelter.

Daria: Right. I'll go back to camp.

(At this point, Kaoru and Koizumi come over to the group.)

Koizumi: Are we planning the trip back to the Toon Tribe's camp?

Miriallia: Yep. Edd and Ed are going to stay here, to work on the shelter, and um...

Daria (butting in): Daria.

Miriallia: Yeah, thanks. Daria's gonna go to the camp.

Koizumi: Hm... I believe that I'll stay here and assist with building the shelter as well.

Kaoru: Hey, I'll head to the camp.

Miriallia: Okay! I'll go ask some more people...

Kaoru (slightly annoyed): We started working as soon as the other tribe arrived here... Don't we usually get a feast or something?

(We now jump in time, as now some castaways have departed from camp. Remaining there are Ed, Edd, Koizumi, Gaku, and Mac. They're all working on doing the shelter, which seems to be coming together. Edd is overseeing the project, and everyone else is working on putting it together.)

Mac: Will this be big enough for all of us?

(Edd nods.)

Edd: Yes, it will be. I can guarantee you that all 10 of us will be able to fit in it.

Koizumi: That's good.

Mac: Sure…

Edd: Hm... I believe we're going to need more supplies for the roof. Ed, shall we go retrieve them?

Ed: Okay!

(The Eds head off into the forest, leaving the other 3 behind, doing nothing.)

Koizumi: They're rather close, aren't they?

Mac: Yeah... Can't stand 'em.

(This seems to surprise Koizumi and Gaku, who glance at each other briefly before looking back at Mac.)

Koizumi (tentatively): You dislike them?

Mac: Yeah. They're in total control of our tribe. Them and Numbah 5.

Gaku: Really?!

Mac: Yeah. They've had control since the beginning of the game!

Koizumi (to himself): Interesting...

Mac: I really want them out…

Koizumi: Would you be willing to vote them out?

(At this point, Mac is on to Koizumi.)

Mac: Maybe... But I might also just want to give out info on them...

Gaku (excited): What kind of info?

Mac: Well... Edd, with the hat, has some previous votes.

(Again, Koizumi and Gaku glance at each other. Gaku's very excited at this information, but Koizumi's deep in thought.)

Mac: I purposefully let it slip to Koizumi and Gaku that I would be willing to betray my tribe. But I don't want to lose their possible jury votes, so I just let information slip!

Koizumi: Mac... I don't trust him. He could easily be lying to us.
It’s obvious that the Eds are close with Numbah 5, but Mac’s involvement with them is unknown…I have many doubts about him at this point.

(Over at the camp of the former Toon Tribe, the people going - Daria, Numbah 5, Kaoru, Miriallia, and Nenene, are all there. Daria and Nenene are off in one group, Numbah 5, Kaoru, and Miriallia in the other.)

Nenene: So, what do we need?

Daria: Rice, machete, flint, clothes.

Nenene: And the others?

Daria: Why would you want it to leave it to them?

(Nenene smiles, liking that answer.)

Nenene: Agreed, let's not leave it to them.

Daria: Right. Oh, and fishing supplies.

Nenene: Oh... Where'd you get those?

Daria: Numbah 5 made a spear. Hasn't been that successful, though.

Nenene: Then we should just leave the thing, we have plenty of stuff at camp!

Daria: It'd be good firewood, though.

(Nenene snickers.)

Nenene: Definitely…

(At this point, they've walked to the shelter, and are picking up the items.)

Daria: I have the machete and flint... Can you get the clothes?

Nenene: Sure.... They have too many bags.

Daria: Yeah, they brought too much stuff.

Nenene: Ah, I'll just stuff 'em all in a few bags.

(She gets to work, taking stuff out of one bag, and jamming as much as possible into the other bags. Eventually, she gets down to three bags.)

Nenene (feeling accomplished): Perfect.

(She takes the 3 bags, and slings them over her shoulder.)

Daria: What about the rice?

Nenene: Let's let the others carry it.

(Daria nods, agreeing.)

Daria: We were efficient at our old camp. Go in, get supplies, get out. We knew the sun going to be coming down soon, so we wanted to head back quickly.

(We head back to the main camp of the still unnamed tribe, as the 5 left behind work on the shelter, still. Gaku and Ed are putting the finishing touches on the roof.)

Ed: Yay! We're done!

Gaku: Yep! It looks really good!

Ed: I like it…

Edd: We'll need to put some finishing touches on tomorrow morning, but as a temporary structure, it should hold up.

Gaku: Well, that's good! We'll just need to support it more…

Edd: And then we shall be finished with it.

Gaku: I like the other tribe so far... They seem really nice!

Edd: The other tribe has been quite hospitable so far... I doubt it will last much longer, however, mainly due to the situation we are in at this point.

(Back at camp, the expedition has apparently returned, and everyone is gathered around the fire. Miriallia passes out the food to everyone.)

Edd: This has been quite the successful day for our new tribe…

Ed: We did it!

Koizumi: We still have the matter of picking a name for the tribe...

Miriallia (remembering): Oh yeah! I forgot about that...

Kaoru: Anyone have an idea?

Mac: We could, like, merge the names together!

Nenene (sarcastically): Talk about uncreative...

Daria: We need something better.

Mac: Well... Any other ideas?

Kaoru: Hm....

Miriallia (sudden idea): I know! Since we're on Orb, we should name it after someone from Orb!

Daria (disagreeing): One problem: None of us know anything about Orb.

Miriallia: Oh, I know a lot about it. Hm... Well the leading family's name is Athha, so what about that?

Kaoru: Sounds fine.

Ed: I like it!

Edd: So, the Athha tribe? I would be happy with that name.

Miriallia (happy): So, it's decided? The Athha Tribe?

Numbah 5: Sounds cool. I say we take it.

Daria: Sure... It's getting dark. Is there anything we need to do?

Nenene: Nah... (She yawns.) Let's just head to sleep.

(It seems that Daria is right, as the sun heads down, and we enter night. Then we begin, yet another, new day.)

Day 20 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, some people have woken up early, namely Nenene, Numbah 5 and Kaoru. They're gathered around the fire, warming up.)

Numbah 5: Wonder if they’re gonna have a reward challenge today...

Kaoru: We just merged, so probably not…

Numbah 5: Man, I wish we got somethin'! Don't they usually get somethin' at this point?!

Nenene: We just happen to be on the season where we don't get anything for making merge. Talk about luck.

Kaoru: Nothing we can do about it... I would like some food, though.

Kaoru: I'm remaining calm and polite around everyone... Just in case I need to use them later on at any point, it’s best to remain on their good side. And I'm doing that much better than Koizumi’s attempt, to be perfectly honest.

Numbah 5 (excited): Hey, we should make our own feast!

Nenene: Eh, we don't have much food. We should save what we have. We'd run out if we did our own feast.

Numbah 5: Right, right. Maybe Ed'll catch another fish.

Kaoru: We catch fish already…

Numbah 5: Yeah, but I bet you haven't seen the one Ed caught!

Nenene: Which Ed? Freakishly smart Edd or freakishly strong Ed?

Numbah 5: Strong Ed. He caught a huge fish a few days ago! We ate it for 2 days!

Kaoru: Wow... That's quite impressive.

Numbah 5: And he wasn't usin' anything to catch it, either! He just jumped on in and caught one!

(Kaoru and Nenene both seem impressed by that.)

Nenene: Well, we know who our new fisherman is. We'll get 'im to work later.

Numbah 5: Right, he’s good at it…

(We skip ahead in the future, where everyone is now up. Near the shelter, Kaoru, Koizumi, and Gaku are all talking quietly. No one else is within earshot.)

Koizumi (to Kaoru): We found out some interesting information yesterday...

Kaoru (not believing): Really?

Koizumi: Mac... He says he dislikes the 2 Eds and Numbah 5.

Gaku (butting in): And that they're all close! And he said that smart Edd has a vote, too!

Koizumi: We have no proof of that, though. He could easily be lying to us.

Gaku: We don't have a choice!

Kaoru: We have another day, at least.

Gaku: Well, we need to find out if it's true, at least! Besides, we don't have any other leads…

Koizumi: We should talk to Mac more, at bare minimum.

Kaoru: Agreed... What do we do if he's lying?

Koizumi: Easy... Vote him out.

(Kaoru shakes his head, disagreeing.)

Kaoru: We don't have the votes for that.

Koizumi: We could go to the Eds and Number 5.... Even if he is lying about switching or them having votes, he does seem to genuinely dislike them, and they do obviously have an alliance.

Gaku: And make it an 8-2 vote?

Koizumi: Possibly... Maybe we can even avoid that?

(Kaoru and Gaku are both confused at this idea.)

Gaku: You mean with Nenene and Miri?

Koizumi: Precisely…

Gaku: Wh-why?! We should stay with them!

Kaoru: There's more of a chance of them spilling our plan... I don't trust Miriallia or Nenene at this point. And besides, it would be easier to gather the trust of the Eds and Numbah 5 if it was just the 6 of us. Otherwise, it would be too obvious that they'd be booted right after Mac and Daria.

Koizumi (adding on): We especially can't trust them after last Tribal Council. It would simply be too large of a risk.

Kaoru: And it would cause the Toon alliance to believe we had a real alliance… That’s what we need to get around this vote.

Gaku (unsure): ...Sure.

Gaku: I hated the plan... It made no sense! Besides, what if they just stay with each other, that could be really bad for us!

(Down at the beach, the former Toon Tribe is all there. Daria is talking to all of the others, who seem reluctant to be there.)

Daria (taking charge): Listen, we need to stay together.

(Silence... Everyone else has been plotting to betray the tribe, so they're apprehensive about this meeting.)

Daria (getting annoyed): We've had problems in the past, but screw the past! If any one of us betrays the tribe, we're all screwed.

(Still nothing... Daria sighs.)

Daria (giving up): Listen, can we at least agree on who to vote for? Not now, but sometime soon.... Do we know who has a past vote?

(And surprisingly... Nothing. Numbah 5 looks tempted to speak, though.)

Daria: Anyone?

Numbah 5: Well... Can't get anythin' from them! They're just so guarded!

Edd: Well, I suppose that the three remaining men on the other tribe are close, so we should rule them out as informants.

Daria: Nenene or Miriallia, then?

Edd: Seems to be.

Daria: Okay, I'll talk to Nenene... Who wants to talk to Miriallia?

Mac (slightly nervous): Um... I will!

Daria (with a slight smile): Good. I'll talk to her later.

Mac: Daria.. She's trying really hard to make us work together... I can't let them find a weak point! So that's why I volunteered.

Daria: I can't believe what I'm doing... I've been trying to get us to stay together. But there might be too much damage to the tribe... Damn! Why am I trying so hard?

(Some time passes, and back at the shelter, now Nenene and Miriallia are talking, as they split a small fruit.)

Miriallia: This is going to be a tough Tribal Council... You can't expect what's going to happen.

Nenene: Yeah. (She takes a bite of fruit.) We can't trust anyone anymore. Not even our own tribe...

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so...

Nenene: I mean, you should know, after we all voted out Winry last night.

Miriallia: Yeah... Why?

Nenene (shrugs): I just couldn't stand her. I offered them to vote her out, they took it.

Miriallia (upset): But why not tell me?!

Nenene: You wouldn't vote against her.

Miriallia: We at least deserved to know! Why'd you have to blindside us?

Nenene: No matter what, people are going to get upset during the game. Doesn't matter if it's due to a fight, or due to the votes, but it's going to happen. And if you want things to work out for the best, sometimes you have to upset people. You would have tried to convince everyone possible to switch. I couldn't afford you campaigning even more. That's why I didn't tell you.

(Nenene gets up and walks away, leaving Miriallia to think.)

Miriallia: I really need to think about the game right now... I can't trust anyone right now. I need to figure out where I would be in the best position for the end.

(Down at the river, Kaoru and Gaku are fishing. Kaoru's using the fishing pole, while Gaku using the spear. Neither are having much success.)

Kaoru: There aren't any fish today...

Gaku: Maybe they learned to stay away!

Kaoru (nonchalant): I guess so.

(There's a pause as both of them try to look for fish.)

Gaku: Hey, Kaoru?

Kaoru (focused on fishing): Yeah?

Gaku (slightly subdued): Do you really agree with Koizumi? About not going with Miri and Nenene?

Kaoru (now focused on the conversation): Hm... Yes. If we do make an alliance like we planned to, it would be easier to get them to trust us if we don’t let Nenene and Miriallia in on it.

Gaku: But, if we do make an alliance with the others, then we'd be tied at the final 6!

Kaoru: But we could always keep Miriallia or Nenene around to the final 7, and betray the Toon Tribe.

Gaku: They'd think the same thing! And then we'd tie at final 8...

Kaoru (not prepared for this): We know one of the Eds has a vote...

Gaku: But we if that’s true! Koizumi and Miri both have 3 previous votes...

Kaoru: Well... We don't have another plan right now. As soon as we do, we'll change it.

Gaku: I hope so... This is so complicated!

Kaoru: I know... But it'll be fine in the end. (He smiles reassuringly.) ...Wasn't Ed going to be coming to fish with us?

Gaku: Yeah... He said he would be!

(And on cue, Ed comes out of the forest, apparently not having heard the conversation.)

Kaoru (quietly): Speak of the devil...

Gaku: Hey, where's your equipment, Ed?

Ed: Equipment? Equipment... I don't need that stuff!

Gaku (surprised): Really?!

Kaoru: Numbah 5 mentioned that earlier...

Gaku (to Kaoru): Really? When?

Kaoru: Um... This morning, when we were talking with Nenene. You were still asleep.

Gaku: Oh...

Ed: Let's start fishing!

(Ed looks at the water intently. Gaku and Kaoru just shake their heads after a moment.)

Kaoru: Ed... He's quite peculiar. There’s the chance that he could become a threat at challenges if he stays for too long..

(Back at the river, everyone's still fishing, still without luck. Ed is still staring at the water.)

Kaoru: I don't think I've even got a nibble...

Gaku: Yeah... There's one!

(Before Gaku can pounce on it, Ed literally dives into the water, splashing both Kaoru and Gaku. Eventually, Ed rises, with the small fish squirming in his hand.)

Ed: I caught it! Yay!

Kaoru: It's rather small...

Gaku: But it's food, Kaoru!

Ed: It's good!

Kaoru (sotto): Why am I not surprised at these two...

(Some time passes, as now, Numbah 5 and Koizumi are on the beach, with no one else around.)

Numbah 5: So, what did ya want to talk to me about?

Koizumi: Simply put, I know about your 3 person alliance. And I have one of my own…

(Numbah 5 is rightfully suspicious of Koizumi’s idea.)

Numbah 5: You want us to team up?

Koizumi: Well, yes. The 6 of us would be in the majority.

Numbah 5 (considering it): Hm... I'd need the names of your friends.

Koizumi: Well, that would be a secret, unless you accept, of course.

Numbah 5: Right. If we did accept, who'd we target?

(Koizumi just shrugs.)

Koizumi: Entirely up in the air. We'd discuss it, naturally.

Numbah 5: Right... You know, I'd need to talk about it.

Koizumi: Of course. You can answer me later.

Numbah 5: Alright, I'll talk with 'em about it.

(Numbah 5 heads back up to the shelter.)

Koizumi: This is going to be interesting...

Numbah 5: Man, this isn't good! We got alliances with almost everyone now! But we need to think about what would be best. And I think Koizumi's offer might be good... For now, at least.

(Back at camp, Edd, Nenene, and Miriallia are putting the finishing touches on the new shelter. Edd is guiding them, as Miriallia and Nenene are putting up their makeshift roof.)

Edd: A little to the left, please, Nenene.

Nenene: Right, right...

Miriallia: And this piece of wood is attached to the side of the shelter?

Edd: Yes, by reinforcing the sides, it'll become stronger.

Nenene: We still need a part so that we can get in and out.

Edd: Right. This will just make sure it doesn't fall if we get a heavy storm…

Miriallia: The weather hasn't been too bad out here.

(Edd nods, agreeing.)

Edd: Agreed, but we should prepare for the worst case scenario.

Nenene: I would rather work than be soaked, thank you very much.

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Edd: Miriallia, just attach that piece, and we're finished.

Miriallia (excited): Alright!

(She speeds up her work, and attaches it.)

Miriallia: Finished!

Edd: Oh, good! It seems quite impressive, if I do say so.

Nenene: Yeah, I think it'll hold.

Miriallia: The two tribes have really blended well... I don't think there's been a fight yet! It's really nice to get some peace around here, especially after all the drama there was back at camp before we merged…

(We skip some more time, as Daria has now joined the group of 3.)

Daria: Do we have anything else we need to do?

Miriallia: Well, the shelter's finished, but I think we might need some more food.

Nenene: I can't believe the rice from both tribes won't be enough...

Edd: Well, we only rationed our rice for 21 days, so we don't have much left.

Nenene: Just enough to last to the merge, eh?

Edd: Yeah, that was our strategy. Not good at all in hindsight.

Daria: Definitely not a good idea after all. Who thought that up, anyway?

Edd: Um... Jimmy, I believe. After we won the first reward challenge.

Daria: Gotcha. Why'd we ever listen to him?

Nenene: What, he go crazy or something?

Daria: Pretty much.

Miriallia (curious): Really? What did he do?

Daria (backed into a corner): Well... He revealed alliances.

Nenene: I don't suppose you'll tell me those alliances, will you?

Daria: Not a chance in Hell.

(Nenene shrugs, not particularly disappointed.)

Nenene: Eh, it was worth a shot.

Daria: Oh, it's not going to be that easy....

Nenene: Never expected it to be.

(We now cut over to a shot of the sky, as it begins to rain. Fast forward and everyone's now underneath the shelter.)

Daria (sarcastic): Well, this is pleasant.

Kaoru (equally sarcastic): Isn't it always?

Daria: Pretty much.

Numbah 5: What a way to end the day...

Miriallia: Well, maybe we can get to know each other more…

Ed: I like that idea! It'd be fun!

Mac: Yeah, I think we should do it...

Numbah 5: Right, so what are we gonna talk about?

Miriallia: Oh, we could talk about everyone who went out before we merged!

Ed: Okay! Uh... Who wants to start?

Miriallia: We should probably go in order... What's the name of the girl who was out first?

Daria: Vicky.

Mac: Vicky... Man, I'm glad we all voted her out, she was so bossy!

Edd: Indeed. She even chopped down our original shelter!

Gaku: What?! Why'd she do that?

Edd: As I recall, she though it was ugly…

Daria: That just sealed the deal.

Koizumi: Sounds like an easy decision...

Mac: Oh, totally! Everyone voted her out!

Gaku: And the guy after her?

Daria: He was... Untrustworthy. He revealed the alliances in the camp.

(Edd, Numbah 5, and Mac all look like they dislike this part of the discussion. Ed’s oblivious as always.)

Numbah 5: What about that chick on your tribe? She was next, right?

Nenene: Yeah, Hitomi. She was the weakest of us. That's all it was, nothing particularly exciting.

Gaku: She was nice, though...

Kaoru (quietly, to Gaku): Have to do what you have to do…

Gaku (to Kaoru): Yep... (To everyone) What about the other girl?

Numbah 5: Stacy? She was weak, and not too bright.

Koizumi: Makes sense. And after her, was Yuki.

Ed: He was strong!

Edd: The gray haired guy, as I recall? You went up to him a few times, right Ed?

Ed: Yep!

Miriallia: He was strong... But no one could trust him.

Kaoru: It was a risk to keep him around.

Daria: And then came... Blondie, right?

Miriallia: Winry, yeah. She... She caused some drama.

Mac: And that's why you vote her out?

Nenene: Yep. An excellent decision on our part.

Mac: We all talked about all the people who've been booted so far... Everyone was really careful about giving out information, though! But it was fun, and it was a nice chance to get to know them...

(Back at camp, it's still raining heavily, with no signs of letting up. Everyone just looks tired of it.)

Gaku: This rain is annoying!

Nenene: It's not going to go away any time soon...

Edd: Doesn't look likely, no.

Nenene: Well, I'm just going to go to sleep. It's not worth it to stay up until 3 in the morning, just for the rain to stop.

(Nenene lies down.)

Edd: You know, she does have a point. It would be unhealthy to stay up so late.

Miriallia: I guess that makes sense.

Daria: Yeah, it's a good idea just to go to sleep now.

(Daria and Edd lie down as well, as others take their advice, and go to sleep as well.)

Day 21 - Athha Tribe

(The next morning, it's finally stopped raining, but everything is still soaked. The only people already awake are Edd and Nenene; everyone else is comfortably in the shelter. The other two are sitting around where the fire would normally be, talking.)

Edd: It's too wet to light a fire; everything needs to dry out more.

Nenene: We'll need to get more things to light it with. Everything we had already was soaked.

Edd: Agreed. But we luckily have a decent supply of fruit, in case we are unsuccessful in lighting a fire…

Nenene: Eh, no use in eating all the fruit. Wood'll dry eventually.

Edd: Unless it begins to rain again. (He looks up at the cloudy sky.) Which, considering the weather, would not be a surprise.

Nenene: We could get lucky. Of course, when have we even been lucky out here?!

Edd: My point exactly.

(There’s a pause as Edd looks at the fruit supply.)

Edd: Are there many more fruit trees around the camp? We barely had any at our old one...

Nenene: Yeah, there are a few, so we have a good supply. But there's not a variety, if you care about that.

Edd: Oh no, I believe that we should take whatever we can get out here. Variety is trivial at this point.

Nenene: Well, obviously. Survival is more important than good food!

Edd: I can think of some people who would have disagreed.

Nenene: But you're here, and they aren't. Shows them who's right, I think.

Edd: Yes, I do think that it these situations, it's the best idea.

Nenene: Just because I think the other tribe is cool, does not mean I'll make some stupid move. I'm not going to settle for 5th or 6th, and anyone who does is a fool.

(We skip some time, as now everybody has awoken. Some people are absent from the camp, but sitting around the shelter are Mac and Koizumi, who are talking quietly, making sure no one's within earshot.)

Koizumi: Edd has a vote, right?

Mac: Yeah, Double D Edd does.

Koizumi: Mind telling me how many?

Mac: Hm... Enough. He has enough votes to get voted out if there’s a tie…

Koizumi (after a pause): Interesting. Anyone else have votes?

Mac: No one who's left...

Koizumi: So, he's the only choice?

Mac: Pretty much... Besides, if you get rid of him, other Ed won't know what to do. He depends on Double D!

(Koizumi seems to be processing all of this information.)

Koizumi: Right. We'll vote for Edd tonight.

Mac: Good... Who doesn't have any past votes from the Anime Tribe?

Koizumi: You're not planning on voting with us, are you?

Mac: I need to think long term... I don't want the jury to hate me.

Koizumi: But you’ll continue to give us information, right?

Mac: Oh, totally! I'd be willing to switch but not right now... So, who doesn’t have any votes?

Koizumi (after a pause): Kaoru.

Koizumi: I don't fully trust Mac. He's been giving us information, but not that much. And that's why I told him Kaoru didn't have past votes. If I said Nenene, and it got back to her, then she might betray us. Kaoru is much more solid than she is. But besides Mac, we also have another option to take...

(Speaking of the other choice, down on the beach, we see the alliance of Numbah 5, Edd, and Ed talking.)

Edd: So, do we take Koizumi's offer? It sounds good, but I'm worried about a possible betrayal…

Numbah 5: We'd need a trump card in the final 7, at least.

Edd: And then there's the matter of being betrayed at this vote, as well…

Ed: But it could be really good!

Numbah 5: It would be a pass to the final 3, if we play it right.

Edd: Yes, however… It could also eliminate us all fairly quickly.

Ed: That could happen anyways!

Numbah 5: Right. We'd be in danger no matter what move we make!

Edd: So we need to figure out where would be the best for us to go at this point...

Numbah 5: ...Where we’d get the most likely path to the final 3.

Ed: But we can't go there if we're out here!

Numbah 5: I say, we do it. I don't wanna risk everythin’ on votin' for the right person once! It gives us more of a chance, than a tie!

Edd: If we do lose the tiebreak, then we'd be in a bad position.

Numbah 5: Besides, I hear Mac wants you two out! Can't trust him anymore.

Ed: What?!

Edd: Where'd you hear that, Numbah 5?

(There’s a slight pause as the Eds wait for Numbah 5’s answer.)

Numbah 5: …I got it from talkin' with Daria. She says he wants you out.

Edd: So, he might switch on us?

Numbah 5: Yeah, so we should take the deal, and vote him out!

Edd: Okay, I agree.

Ed: Yay!

Immunity Challenge

(Down at the challenge beach, we see the Athha Tribe head down to the beach. Naturally, Minamo is already waiting for them, with boxes lined up near the shore, and a pole covered by the cloth. Out in the ocean, there’s a platform with multiple boxes on it.)

Minamo: Okay, welcome to your first individual immunity challenge. And since it's a new type of immunity, we naturally need a new immunity idol.

(She goes and takes the tribal immunity idol back from Ed. When she gets back, she reveals the new immunity idol - a beaded necklace with a small wooden globe at the bottom of it.)

Minamo: So, have you decided on a name for your tribe?

Miriallia: Um, yes, we have. We're calling it the Athha Tribe.

Minamo: The Athha Tribe... alright. Now, the challenge. In the water, we've put 10 keys. Your goal is to dive down and get one. Then, head back to shore, and open one of 10 boxes with the key; but each key opens only 1 box. Then, inside the box is yet another key. Go to the platform in the water, open the any of the chests, and bring the wooden glob inside of it back to the shore. First person to do all of that wins immunity. Survivors ready?

(Everyone is.)

Minamo: Go!

(Taking off into the water, our leaders at the beginning are Numbah 5, and Gaku, while Ed and Kaoru follow behind. Next, come Koizumi, Mac, Miriallia, and Nenene. Our trailing castaways are Edd and Daria.)

Minamo: Everyone's in the water, you have to dive down to find the key!

(Taking Minamo's advice, everyone dives in, although it takes some longer to go under than others. First to come back up is Edd, but he doesn't have a key in his hand, he just needs to breath.)

Edd (tired): Cursed... Water...

(After taking a short breather, he heads back down. Next to head back up is Kaoru, followed by Nenene, both of whom have keys in their hands. They start swimming back to shore.)

Minamo: First 2 keys have been found! C'mon, everyone, you're still in this!

(As Kaoru and Nenene swim back to shore, Numbah 5, Ed, and Miriallia all come up at about the same time, each with keys in their hands. As they begin swimming back to shore, the current order is Kaoru, Nenene, Numbah 5, Miriallia, and Ed, while the other 5 are still looking for the keys. Koizumi, Edd, and Daria are the next to head up, but all head back down quickly, just taking a short breather.)

Minamo: Half the keys have been found! It's going to be a close race!

(Back on the shore, Kaoru's the first to start looking for the correct box. The first box he tries isn't correct; neither is the second one. Back in the water, Numbah 5 has passed Nenene, while Gaku's found a key as well. This leaves Mac, Edd, Koizumi, and Daria are the only ones not to have found a key yet.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 and Nenene are in the shore! They join Kaoru in looking for the right box!

(Kaoru's having no luck with this challenge, as he goes to the tenth, and final, box, he tries to open it, but can't. Annoyed, he goes back to the beginning, while Numbah 5 finds her box on the third try.)

Kaoru (sotto): You've got to be kidding...

Minamo: Numbah 5 finds her box quickly! Nenene and Kaoru still searching, as Miriallia and Ed arrive on the shore!

(As Kaoru finally finds his box, the others searchers still haven't found theirs. Gaku's almost at the shore as well, and Daria has finally found her key. She begins swimming back slowly to the shore. Meanwhile, Numbah 5 is swimming to the platform, while Kaoru is trailing, but not by much.)

Minamo: C'mon everyone, you're all still in it!

(Back at the beach, Nenene's also found her second key. She takes a short breather, and then runs back into the ocean, but Kaoru and Numbah 5 are both far ahead of her by now. Meanwhile, Gaku also arrives on the shore, and starts looking as well.)

Minamo: Numbah 5's the first to the platform! Kaoru's almost there - everyone else's trailing!

(True to Minamo's word, Numbah 5's on the platform, and she quickly opens one of the boxes with her key. She takes the ball in the left hand, and starts swimming back, just as Kaoru also reaches the platform. He kicks Numbah 5's box aside, and opens one of his own, and dives back into the water. Back on the beach, Daria's just getting back to shore, while Miriallia gets her second key as well.)

Minamo: It's a race between Numbah 5 and Kaoru now! Everyone else needs to pick up the pace!

(Numbah 5 and Kaoru are way in the front now, as Numbah 5 has a slight lead. Both are having trouble using their globe, though. Numbah 5's carrying hers, while Kaoru's throwing his in front of him, and swimming to it. They've passed the half way mark back, as Nenene slowly climbs up to the platform, and opens a chest, getting her key.)

Minamo: They're both almost at the beach!

(They both continue to swim, as Kaoru begins to gain some ground. Eventually, Numbah 5 makes the shallow water first, as Kaoru just throws his ball onto the beach. However, Numbah 5 gets to shore too quickly for him, and Kaoru just stops as soon as he sees that she does.)

Minamo: Numbah 5! Wins immunity!

Numbah 5: Alright!

(At this point, everyone just stops and heads over to congratulate Numbah 5, as she catches her breath. We skip some time, and everyone's back on the beach.)

Minamo: Congratulations, Numbah 5, you've won the first individual immunity.

(She gives Numbah 5 the immunity necklace.)

Minamo: Alright everyone, head back to camp.

Numbah 5: Man, it feels great to get immunity! Now I don't have to worry about gettin' voted out! Awesome!

Koizumi: That was primarily a luck based challenge, with some physical ability needed. Numbah 5 happened to have both today. But some of us, myself included, could not find a key no matter how hard we tried. I found that rather frustrating…

(Back at camp, everyone's resting at the moment, after a long challenge.)

Miriallia: That... Was tough.

Kaoru: No arguments here.

Nenene: It'll probably just get harder, though.

Ed: I feel fine! That was fun...

Nenene: Well, Ed, you're weird. C'mon, anyone feel like eating now?

Edd: I second that motion...

Miriallia: I think it's dry enough to start a fire...

Gaku: Great! I'll do it!

(Gaku gets up, and grabs the machete and flint. He goes over to the fire pit they have, and begins working on it.)

Numbah 5: Man, he's as bad as you are, Ed!

(Some chuckles at that comment.)

Daria: How are they so energetic? It's freaky.

Mac: Those two... They seem kinda similar.

Miriallia: Gaku's really smart, though. I wouldn't underestimate him.

Mac: Alright...

(We skip some time, as the next shot is of the former Toon Tribe on the beach again, talking.)

Daria: Do we have any idea of who has no past votes?

(She looks at her former tribe, who offer nothing in return.)

Daria (angry): Are you kidding me?

Mac: Well...

Daria (demanding): Well what?

Mac (slightly hesitating): I heard, that Kaoru has a past vote. So I think we should all vote for him tonight.

(Edd and Numbah 5 glance at each other.)

Daria: ... Fine. Any objections?

(Another pause.)

Daria: Good. Now we just have to hope they don't vote Edd.

Mac: Yeah, that would be bad...

Edd: We should go pack.

Numbah 5: Yeah, I should go to.

Mac: Why? You have immunity.

Numbah 5: Don't want to be arrogant. Besides, I feel like gettin' some water.

Daria: Alright.

(Edd, Ed, and Numbah 5 head back up to the beach. Up there, Koizumi, Gaku, and Kaoru are packing their belongings as well.)

Koizumi: Even if they don't accept, we'll still be in the majority.

Gaku: That's good...

Koizumi: Extremely. We have a good back-up plan, in case they don't accept.

Kaoru: Speaking of them...

(He points to the group of former Toon Tribe members, consisting of the Eds and Numbah 5, who are approaching.)

Numbah 5: Hey, Koizumi, we need to talk.

Koizumi: If you're accepting my deal, just tell me now.

Numbah 5: Fine... We accept. 3 of us, we'll go with ya.

Gaku: Perfect!

Koizumi: I'm glad... (He begins talking quietly.) And it'll be the 6 of us working together.

Ed: Yay! Final 6 for us!

Gaku: Yep.

Kaoru (quietly): Okay... But who's our target?

Koizumi (just as quiet): Yes, we so need to decide that, as well.

Kaoru (to Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5): Any preferences?

Gaku (butting in): Not Miri! I want her to stay...

Edd (quietly): Well... We would like Mac out, I believe.

Ed: Yep, I say Mac!

Numbah 5 (quietly): Can't trust 'im.

Kaoru (to Koizumi and Gaku): Sounds good. We don't think he's that trustworthy, either.

Koizumi: Any objections?

Gaku: Nope!

Koizumi (quiet): Then Mac it is...

Edd: I think everyone, including the Anime Tribe members we're aligned with, is wary of this deal. There are many opportunities for it to go wrong at any point. We all must be extremely cautious when it comes to this alliance.

(We skip some more time, as now Miriallia and Nenene are talking down on the beach.)

Nenene: I don't trust the guys.

Miriallia: They have been acting weird lately. Whenever we talk about voting, Koizumi always wants more time.

Nenene: Well, no one has found anything out about the other tribe.

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so... But they've barely said anything about strategy!

Nenene: Koizumi's controlling Kaoru and Gaku, though, so it makes sense they won’t talk either.

Miriallia: We have to break their control, somehow.

Nenene: Yeah, pretty much.

(Speak of the devil, here comes the rest of the Anime Tribe, Koizumi's leading, while the other 2 are trailing slightly.)

Miriallia: Oh, hey guys...

Koizumi (straight to the point): We need to talk about the vote tonight.

Nenene: Great... What's the plan?

Koizumi: You two vote the weaker of the Eds.

(Nenene frowns, not liking this idea at all.)

Nenene: Hm…You're not telling us something. Who are you voting for?

Koizumi: Just vote for Edd tonight…

(Nenene glares at him.)

Koizumi: Well... Mac. We have a temporary alliance with some members of the former Toon Tribe. Mac's going to go tonight.

Nenene (getting angry): So you have an alliance, and we get screwed over?! Why shouldn't we vote Mac?

Koizumi: Because then, they'll know that we tricked them... We don't want them figuring it out yet.

Nenene (angrier): Who gives you the right to tell us how to vote?

Koizumi (staying calm): This is in case Mac's information was wrong...

Nenene (almost yelling): Oh, come on! Just answer my damn question!

(Gaku and Kaoru look guilty as the two continue to argue; Gaku more so than Kaoru.)

Koizumi: Listen, I can guarantee you this alliance is temporary. The 5 of us will be here for a long time.

Nenene (sarcastically): Sure, we’ll be here with you leading us… Why couldn’t we just vote out Edd anyways! You claim to have their votes split, it’d be easy.

Koizumi: Well… He’s not as big a threat as Mac, he’s much more predictable.

(Nenene rolls her eyes.)

Miriallia: Actually, I think Nenene has a point… We could vote out Edd, and just get rid of all this drama.

Kaoru (butting in): Well, we’ll consider that… I mean, it’s a good idea, but we have a good idea here, too.

(Nenene continues to glare at the 3 guys. Gaku starts to look even guiltier, while Kaoru mouths 'sorry' to her.)

Nenene: Miriallia and I, we are so screwed... We're going to get 5th and 4th, at best! I'm not going to let that happen to me.

Tribal Council

(Yep, the Athha Tribe is heading to their first Tribal Council. As always, Minamo is waiting for them.)

Minamo: C'mon in and take a seat…

(They quickly do so.)

Minamo: Okay, Daria, how has this tribe been doing so far? Any troubles so far?

Daria: We've been doing fine. We work efficiently, and there have been no big fights, from what I know. So it's fine... For now.

Minamo: Does that mean that you think people will start fighting soon?

Daria: It's going to be impossible for a group of so many to never fight. We've seen it before, and it'll happen again.

Minamo: Right... Miriallia, do you share Daria's beliefs?

Miriallia: Well... I think she does have a point. I really hope that there's not much fighting, but there probably will be.

Minamo: Okay. Ed, how does the Athha Tribe compare to the Toon Tribe? Better or worse?

Ed: Um... We have more food! And everyone is really nice.

Minamo: Alright, Numbah 5 you have immunity. Would you like to give it up?

Numbah 5: Nah...

Minamo: Okay, Numbah 5's immune, you can not vote for her. Koizumi, you're up first.

(Koizumi crosses the bridge, writes down his vote, and sits back down.)

(After him comes Mac. He votes KAORU.)

Mac: You're not going to be voted out... This is just for appearances.

(Mac sits back down, and Nenene goes to vote. She votes EDD, but rolls her eyes as she does so.)

Nenene: Koizumi, I will get you. But I'll play along with your games for now.

(Nenene sits back down, and Kaoru goes to vote.)

(Kaoru heads back to his seat, and Numbah 5 goes to vote. She writes down MAC.)

Numbah 5: We can't trust ya, that's why you're going.

(Numbah 5 heads back down, and Miriallia follows. Like Nenene, she votes EDD.)

Miriallia: Sorry... I don't have a choice.

(She sits back down, and Edd goes to vote. He writes down MAC.)

Edd: I am sorry, but you have proven that we can't trust you.

(He heads back to his seat, and then Daria votes. She writes down KAORU.)

Daria: I don't know you, but you have a vote. That's all I need.

(She sits back down, and Ed goes to vote. He writes down MAC.)

Ed: Um... 'Cause they said so!

(Ed sits down, and then our final voter, Gaku, goes. He writes something down, and heads back to his seat.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes and gets the urn they're placed in, and then comes back quickly.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever is voted out will have to leave the tribal area immediately... Let's read the votes.

(She takes the first one out.)

Minamo: First vote - KAORU.

(Kaoru frowns slightly, but remains calm.)

Minamo: Second vote - KAORU.

(He still looks calm, but slightly more nervous.)

Minamo: Third vote - EDD. 2 votes Kaoru, 1 vote Edd.

(Edd looks slightly nervous, but he glances over at Koizumi hopefully, and Koizumi nods at him.)

Minamo: Fourth vote - EDD. 2 votes Kaoru, 2 votes Edd.

(Edd looks more reassured now, but it still just a bit nervous.)

Minamo: Fifth vote - MAC. 2 votes Kaoru, 2 votes Edd, and 1 vote Mac.

(Mac and Daria are both surprised at this vote. Daria's eyes have widened, and Mac is looking at everyone, much more nervous than he was a minute ago.)

Minamo: Sixth vote - MAC. Now it's a three way tie... 2 votes Mac, Edd, and Kaoru.

(Mac just looks down, having no idea what's going on. Daria's glaring at pretty much everyone.)

Minamo: Seventh vote - MAC. 3 votes Mac, 2 votes Edd, 2 votes Kaoru.

(Mac's just shaking his head. Daria's confused as well.)

Minamo: Eighth vote - MAC. 4 votes Mac, 2 votes Edd, 2 votes Kaoru.

(Mac's preparing himself to go.)

Minamo: Ninth vote... And seventh person voted out of Survivor- MAC. That's 5, that's enough. Mac, you need to bring me your torch.

(Mac does so, but slowly.)

Minamo: Mac, the tribe has spoken.

(She extinguishes Mac's torch, and Mac leaves the Tribal Council.)

Minamo: Well, one thing's for sure. There are obvious divisions in the tribe, but from the looks of it, not everyone knows everything that's going on. Head back to camp…

(They do, but slowly. It's obvious that some feel bad, while others are already plotting.)

Mac: Wow... I have no idea what happened here. I thought I had this great plan, but I guess not. I think that I would definitely have played this game differently... Especially in the merge. Now? I guess I'm rooting for Daria, I guess. I think she stayed loyal to me and voted for Kaoru, too.

Next time, on Survivor!

- After a surprising Tribal Council, one survivor tries to figure out their place in the game.

- Two survivors think about betraying their allies.

- Another two survivors grow tired with all the scheming in the game.


Mac (6)
- Ed, Edd, Numbah 5, Kaoru, Koizumi, Gaku

Kaoru (2) - Daria, Mac

Edd (2) - Nenene, Miriallia

Author's Notes

Ah, this was a rather... chaotic episode, if only because so many events happening in it. The aftermath of the last episode, the end of two tribes, the merge itself and the basics that comes with that, and all the strategy in between. And with that, as I mentioned in the last author's notes, it makes up the single longest episode in the series, sans finale. I still think it's a fun episode though, and things settle down a bit next time, which is nice.

Ah, Mac, the seventh boot and last prejury boot. He wasn't a stellar character, but he did nicely and definitely did what I needed him to do, as a character. I'm not a huge Foster's fan, but it's nice enough and a good choice for inclusion. Mac's prime mistake in the game was definitely in episode 4, where he took out Stacy over Edd. The other way around and he would likely do better than this. Of course, not telling Koizumi this episode so quickly probably would have been a help, too. Oh well, he wasn't the best strategist anyways.