Episode 6 - We've been all fake today.

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(A shot of both teams competing in the reward challenge. We see Ed pushing Yuki out of the circle.)

Minamo: The Toon Tribe blew a lead in the reward challenge, allowing the Anime Tribe to win.

(The Toon Tribe is all sitting around after that loss.)

Numbah 5: How could we lose that!

Minamo: Meanwhile, Yuki became the swing vote in the Anime Tribe.

(Yuki’s in the confessional.)

Yuki: I’m quite conflicted at this point…I’m not sure who I’ll side with…

Minamo: …And in the Toon Tribe, the dominant alliance started to turn on each other.

(In the forest, Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5 are talking.)

Edd: Would it better for Mac or Daria to go next?

Minamo: But when the Toon Tribe won immunity, Yuki paid the price for not committing to either side.

(There’s a shot of Yuki bringing Minamo his torch.)

Minamo: Yuki, the tribe has spoken.

Minamo: 11 remain, who will be voted out…next?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi - Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy - Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria

Day 15 (After Tribal Council)

(Tired after a long Tribal Council, the Anime Tribe heads back to their camp quickly. Not heading to their shelter immediately, Winry, Miriallia, and Nenene all quietly chat over to the side of the camp.)

Miriallia (quiet): That went well…

Winry (quiet): It was awesome! Did you see the look on his face? Serves him right for not being with us!

(To this, Nenene just rolls her eyes and keeps quiet.)

Nenene: Winry is pretty tactless. Her comments after Tribal Council were obnoxious. I can’t stand her and her entitlement; I barely know I’m in an alliance with her. I might not be a beacon of brightness myself, but at least I'm not an idiot.

(Over in the side of the shelter, Koizumi is also thinking about the Tribal Council, as he tries to sleep.)

Koizumi: We decided that it would be best to vote out Yuki last night. I wasn’t convinced that it was a good idea; but I would like for this alliance to stay together. (He shrugs.) I guess that voting out Yuki was a good idea, but we would have been in the majority no matter what happened.

Day 16 – Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe early in the morning, only a couple of people, Edd and Daria, are awake. They sit by the fire, as they chat.)

Edd: Well… I’m very glad we avoided going to Tribal Council again last night.

Daria: Right… It would’ve sucked.

(Edd nods.)

Edd: Correct... Then we would be down to 4 members, and barring a twist, been in the minority of the merged tribe guaranteed.

Daria: We still have another immunity challenge to win, though. And that’s the important one…

Edd: … As it essentially decides our fates in the game. We win, then I believe that we have a solid chance, but if we lose, then we will be in a very undesirable position.

Daria: Even if we win, though, then we’re only tied. We’d have to convince someone to switch, unless we wanted to take a huge risk.

Edd: Well… We could find out a weak link in their tribe. Or we could also try to gather information from them, and try to find out the past votes.

Daria: They’d expect us to try both, though.

Edd: Yes, but if there is a weak link, then they might be willing to give us the information easily. Unfortunately, time would be against us. We’d have only 3 days to find out all of this information.

Daria: …So we’d need to do it quickly.

Edd: Exactly. The same goes for them, of course.

Daria: Let’s just worry about it when we get there. We still have lots of time.

Daria: I respect Edd. He’s intelligent. That doesn’t mean that I’ll hesitate to vote him out, I’ve already shown that. I’ll vote for whoever I need to to win the game.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, it seems that mostly everyone has decided to sleep in; the only people awake are Kaoru and Gaku. Gaku tends the fire, as Kaoru sits near it, trying to warm up.)

Gaku: Last night was really good! I thought it might be harder…

(Kaoru nods in agreement.)

Kaoru: Yeah, I thought that the girls might have tricked us. It was rather surprising.

Gaku: I feel bad for Yuki, though… He was really surprised.

(Kaoru just shrugs.)

Kaoru: We can’t feel bad about who we vote out. Most everyone is going to be eliminated, and being emotional just increases the chances of that happening to you.

Gaku (insisting): I’ll vote out who I need to vote out! But that doesn’t mean I can’t like them!

Kaoru: I suppose not… But we can’t make decisions based on emotions…

Gaku: I know… That’s why we’re voting out Miriallia if we lose again…

Kaoru: Right… But it’s important we win immunity.

Gaku: Yeah, for the merge…

Kaoru: I’m worried about Gaku…He might be too impulsive and emotional to play the game to the extent that he could.

Toon Tribe

(Back to the Toon Tribe, everyone is now awake. Unfortunately for them, they’re getting their least favorite type of weather – rain. And just like before, they’re all huddled under their shelter, with the rice, flint, machete, and per Daria’s suggestion, some firewood.)

Numbah 5: Man, and it had not rained in so long! Why start again now?!

Daria: Because our luck sucks, of course. Besides, it’s not raining hard. It probably will lighten soon.

Edd: … Not likely, I believe. When it rains in Orb, it usually doesn’t stop for quite a while, from my experiences during the past 16 days.

Daria: Well, maybe that pattern will break, if we’re lucky.

Ed: Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day!

Numbah 5: Only if we’re lucky, Ed…

Ed: Aw…

Mac: Well… What’s there to do while it rains?

Edd: Well, we have the option of…. Talking?

Daria: Not a whole lot of choices…

(She shrugs.)

Numbah 5: I don’t like it when it rains out here! It’s so borin’ out here. Luckily, it barely rains, though, otherwise it’d be a lot worse for us out here.

Ed: Rain? It makes everything wet! But we don’t want it to be wet…It’s not fun at all! Boo rain, go bye bye!

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, they’re experiencing the same thing the Toon Tribe is; they’re all huddled up under their shelter, with their supplies.)

Kaoru: I dislike the rain… It’s not really good for anything.

Koizumi: At least it hasn’t rained much; otherwise, we would be much worse off.

Miriallia: We need to start the fire again… Good thing we still have flint.

Kaoru: Too bad we can’t keep the fire going somehow….

Gaku: Actually, couldn’t we make a shelter-thing over it?

(Koizumi thinks for a moment, then shakes his head.)

Koizumi: It would be difficult to make it full waterproof, though.

Gaku: Well, we could use that box our supplies came in! And, uh, reinforce it a lot to make sure the fire keeps going!

Kaoru: …Water might still fall on the fire. Or worse, the fire lights the wood.

(Koizumi nods, agreeing with Kaoru.)

Koizumi: …And doing anything else would over-complicate it.

Gaku: …I guess so.

Miriallia: We’ll just have to make a fire again later… It’s not a big deal. And until then, we have some fruits and water to have.

Winry: And, if we’re lucky, the rain will let up soon, and then we can do something else!

Miriallia: Right!

Toon Tribe

(We see that some time has passed in the Toon Tribe, as now it’s just beginning to get darker, and the rain has also stopped. Over in the forest, Daria and Mac are walking and talking, as they look for fruits.)

Daria: It won’t matter, I’ve looked here before. There’s no fruit over here.

Mac: Well, let’s check again. Besides, I’d rather look for food than just lay under the shelter. We’ve done that enough for today!

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Sure, whatever…

Mac: … Daria, we really need to win this immunity challenge in a few days. Otherwise, I think you’re probably going to go.

(Daria seems surprised at this.)

Daria: Hm. How do you know that? Someone tell you?

Mac: Well… No offense, but it seems kind of obvious… Besides, Ed told me, a few days ago.

Daria: Well, I heard from Numbah 5 yesterday, that everyone would vote you out.

Daria: And with that, I just got Mac on my side for sure. Perfect.

(Mac’s eyes bug out as soon as he hears this news.)

Mac (very surprised): What?! When?!

Daria (remaining calm): Right before the immunity challenge yesterday.

Mac: B-but… I haven’t heard anything from them about it! They should have given me some warning!

Daria: But if you found out, maybe they figure that you’d have a bad reaction. Which you are.

Mac: Well, I never seriously figured that they’d try to boot me! We need to stop this!

Daria: Right… I’ll talk with Numbah 5 later. But Mac, you need to act like you don’t know this. Otherwise, it’d tip them that you know. We don’t need that right now, it’d essentially alienate any chance we having Numbah 5 switching sides.

Mac: R-right…

Daria: Remember what happened to Jimmy…

Mac: I always thought it would be Daria next for the alliance, to be honest. I just acted worried, to make our alliance stick. But now, I have to seriously worry! And I have a new goal thanks to this... I'm going to break up the Eds....

(Back at camp, Edd and Ed are talking, as Edd attempts to get fire going. Numbah 5 is absent from the camp.)

Edd: Cursed rain, I can not get a flame going!

Ed: Bad, rain, bad!

Edd: Well… Nothing we can do about it now.

Ed: But we have no fire! No fire means no food! We need fire, Double D!

Edd: I agree with your sentiments, Ed, but unfortunately, we are restricted by Mother Nature for what we can and can not do.

Ed: Stupid Mother Nature… I hope we can eat.

Edd: Our most likely chance is if Mac and Daria return with some fruit. But considering our previous experiences with fruit, I doubt they will.

Ed: You can always hope, Double D!

(Ed leans over and pats Edd on the back. He then stands up, triumphantly, with his fist raised.)

Ed: We will have fire soon. Or my name isn’t… Uh… Ed?

(Edd looks at his friend oddly, before continuing to try to make a fire.)

Edd: Whatever you say, Ed…

(Ed just sits back down and watches Edd absentmindedly.)

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, they're having better luck than the Toon Tribe, as Miriallia is able to get the fire going after the rain has ended. They're all gathered around her, happy, as she cooks some rice.)

Koizumi: It's good that we were able to start a fire. (He looks up.) Especially after it raining.

Miriallia: Yeah, it's really good. We need to always have some energy.

Kaoru: Even if it is just rice...

Nenene: Not a fan of rice? Have something against it?

Kaoru: It's fine, not just what I prefer to eat. (He smiles at Miriallia.) But it is quite good.

Miriallia: Thanks... Hey, what did all of you think about last night's vote?

Koizumi: It was quite coldhearted, but we all did what we needed to do.

Gaku: Yeah... I didn't like it, though.

Winry: Are you kidding me?! I thought it was awesome!

Gaku: We were all hanging around after the rain, and Winry and Nenene got into a big fight! This could be really good for us, if we go to Tribal Council again! I like Miriallia...

(To this, Nenene rolls her eyes. Winry notices and glares at her.)

Nenene (snapping at her): What, you have a problem with me?

Winry (snapping back): Stop being so damn depressing!

Nenene (borderline yelling): I'm not being depressed! I'm just tired of you!

Miriallia (off to the side): Guys... Stop fighting.

Winry (yelling back): What, tired of me being honest?! Want me to lie to you, would that make you happy?!

(Off to the side, Kaoru and Gaku both sigh. Miriallia looks worried. Koizumi’s watching this with interest.)

Nenene (yelling): I'm tired of you being so obnoxious! Get over yourself!

Miriallia (tired and annoyed): Guys...

(They continue to yell at each other, as Miriallia looks more and more annoyed.)

Winry (yelling): Stop being such a hypocrite!

Miriallia (getting between them, as she yells over them): Guys! Stop fighting!

(Both stop fighting, and look at her, as Miriallia continues to yell at both of them.)

Miriallia: Listen, we're on the same tribe, and we need to work together! You can't be going at each other every second, and I'm not going to be here to stop you two from fighting!

(Winry and Nenene both sit down, at opposite ends of the group, as everyone just settles back down. Kaoru and Koizumi glance at each other, with Koizumi now having a small, confident smile.)

Miriallia (frowning): That was the worst possible time for them to fight... In front of everyone?! Seriously?! We have to work together, for goodness sakes!

Koizumi: That was an interesting development. We can use that to our advantage, but we might not even need to. We're in complete control of the tribe right now. Quite a good situation to be in for my alliance.

Toon Tribe

(Back over in the Toon Tribe, Daria and Numbah 5 talk, as they walk to the watering whole. Both are carrying their fair share of canteens.)

Numbah 5: Stupid rain... It made us lose most of the day!

Daria: Then we'll just have to do what we need to do tomorrow... We'll need a fire again, though. Too bad the rain makes it impossible for us to get a fire lit for a while after it.

Numbah 5: Yeah, it usually takes, like a day!

Daria (bitterly): I bet the other tribe doesn't have that problem.

Numbah 5: Well, we’re gonna find out if the merge comes, like we all expect it to.

Daria: ... Assuming we don't go to Tribal Council again.

(Numbah 5 looks around before she starts talking quietly.)

Numbah 5: You know Mac's the target...

Daria: We could still change it up and vote out Ed. We have the votes!

Numbah 5: Which Ed? Strong Ed or weak Edd?

Daria: Doesn't make much difference. But we should target the stronger of the 2, if this really is right before the merge.

(Arriving at the river, the both stop and start filling up the canteens.)

Numbah 5 (slightly concerned): Yeah... They got our back, though. Mac doesn't.

Daria: You mean your back?

(There's an awkward pause as both digest that question.)

Daria (after a sigh): But you might be right... I told Mac about the plans to vote him out.

Numbah 5: You what?!

Daria (getting annoyed): He's on our side, for sure. We have his vote.

Numbah 5: Right... I think we need more time. We don't need to worry about votin'!

(Daria nods, not really agreeing, but knowing it’s pointless to continue.)

Daria: Right... It's almost night. We should get back to camp.

(They finish getting water, and head back to camp.)

Day 17 - Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, today's early risers are Miriallia and Gaku. They sit by the fire, talking.)

Gaku: What was with Nenene and Winry yesterday? I didn’t realize that they disliked each other that much!

Miriallia: They've been having a few problems lately, but nothing as bad as that... They've been ignoring each other since then!

Gaku: Well, they wouldn't want to talk after that argument, it just makes sense!

Miriallia: I guess... This could be really bad. What if they start it again in one of the challenges?

Gaku: Then... We’d probably lose that challenge!

Miriallia (sighs): They just have to work together... Can they even do that?

(Gaku shrugs.)

Miriallia: This could be bad…

Gaku: They could get over it before the challenge... Or they could just keep ignoring each other, that might be for the best!

Miriallia: I really don't know what to do with Winry and Nenene... We're in a bad enough position as it is!

Gaku: I feel bad for Miri right now… She’s kinda stuck being the peacemaker right now in her own alliance! That’s really not a good spot to be in…

Toon Tribe

(In the other tribe, everyone has woken up early, as they do various activities. Ed and Edd sit by a newly made fire, cooking some rice.)

Edd: I am quite glad that we have been fortunate enough to get a fire going…

Ed: Yay, fire! Especially with the bad rain!

Edd: Right... We do need fire in order to make food.

Ed: And water!

Edd: Yes, we do need to purify the water as well. It’s fortunate we have fresh water to use, salt water may have been more difficult to use.

Ed: Fresh water is good... We have a challenge today, too!

Edd: I suppose we do. A reward challenge, as I recall?

Ed: I hope we get a TV! Along with the 6 seasons of "Mutant Lizards from Beneath the Ground"! I love that show!

Edd: Um... That may be out of the question, Ed. And I would rather have a reward challenge for food. I believe that we need that more than entertainment at this point.

(Ed looks at Edd like it’s the weirdest idea he’s ever heard.)

Ed: Hm... TV it is!

(He smiles and walks into the forest, leaving Edd by himself.)

Edd: Um... Ed, where are you going? … Ed?

(Over in the forest, Mac and Daria talk as they wander about.)

Daria: We need to stop doing this. Every day, we look for fruits, and every day, there's nothing.

Mac: Well... It's just an excuse, really.

Daria: Right... If we lose, who's next? Which Ed do you think should we vote out?

Mac: Um... Double D Edd. He's really smart, besides, he's the reason's Jimmy's gone!

Daria: Right... You're still mad about that?

Mac: Of course! He's the reason why I'm in a really bad position in the first place.

(Daria rolls her eyes quickly, but Mac doesn’t notice.)

Daria: Sure…

Mac: And you have Numbah 5 100% right? We really need her!

(Daria nods.)

Daria: Trust me, I do.

Mac: Excellent...

Mac: If we have to go to Tribal Council, Edd would totally be blindsided! It would be kinda hilarious, I can just imagine the look on his face when he sees the last vote come up!

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, it's later in the day, and at the beach, Kaoru' fishing, while Koizumi uses their spear, but he isn't paying that much attention to fishing.)

Kaoru: Usually Yuki came fishing with me, but we voted him out last night. Now Koizumi came with me, so we could talk strategy... Even though it's early for that. (He shrugs.) But Koizumi is odd. I would prefer not to talk about strategy this early, but whatever.

Koizumi: I believe that we could us last night's events to our advantage.

Kaoru (dismissive): Yeah, but we don't need to. Only you and Miriallia have past votes. We vote for her if we lose, she's gone.

Koizumi: Right.... I doubt Gaku, though. He is rather close with Miriallia.

(Kaoru looks surprised at Koizumi's doubt.)

Kaoru: He's been loyal so far, we don't have any reason to doubt him.

Koizumi: We won't until he votes us out… And his dislike of voting out people out could hinder him…

(Kaoru's getting aggravated with Koizumi. He rolls his eyes at Koizumi's latest remark.)

Kaoru: Okay, but we’re both pretty close with him, too.

Koizumi: Anyways, voting out Miriallia would only let Winry and Nenene get worse…

(Kaoru gets this point, nodding.)

Kaoru: They might sell each other to the other tribe. Assuming it’s a tie, of course.

Koizumi: Which makes this coming immunity challenge even more important…

Kaoru: It’s important to win it, no matter who we vote out…

Koizumi: It’s definitely a precarious position that we’re in. Miriallia’s most likely to go if we lose, but on the other hand, leaving Nenene and Winry together isn’t good for our tribe at all.

(Down at the beach, Winry and Miriallia talk, as they lay around, sunbathing.)

Winry: It's so good to relax... These past few days have been so stressful! And not just with Nenene, all that talking about voting, too. Ugh.

Miriallia: Yeah... It's a necessarily evil, I guess. Otherwise we'd be voted out quickly.

(Winry nods.)

Winry: Seriously.

Miriallia: Too bad we're in a bad position right now... We should have voted out Koizumi.

Winry (shrugs): We did what we had to do. It was just too big a risk to keep Yuki around.

Miriallia: I guess so. But he did vote for Koizumi in the end…

Winry: Nothing we can do now…

Miriallia: It’s just that we’re not in a great place right now, strategically…

Reward Challenge

(Down at the beach, the Toon Tribe heads on down to the reward challenge. Naturally, Minamo is already there, with a small basket covered by cloth, and a large board set up behind her. There's a board on each side, with green balloons on one side, and purple on the other. The balloons are set up in 3 rows of 3. Down the beach, there are 2 large piles of sand)

Minamo: C'mon in everyone!

(The Toon Tribe goes to their platform, as the Anime Tribe files in behind them.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, getting your first look at the new Anime Tribe. Yuki voted out last Tribal Council.

(It takes a second, but when they realize who isn't there, most have a look mixed with surprise and relief on their face.)

Minamo: Okay, here's today's challenge... We'll have 2 throwers and 3 retrievers. Each retriever will dig in a sand pile, looking for bundles of darts in a small container. Once they find the darts, they'll run them to the throwers, who try to take out the your own tribe's colored balloons. First tribe to take out all of the your balloons wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

(Everyone nods excitedly.)

Minamo: For this reward, you'll be playing for...(She takes the cover off of the basket.) Toiletries! Soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Worth playing for?

(The consensus seems to be yes.)

Minamo: Alright, Anime Tribe, since you have 1 extra person, one of you must sit out. You can not sit out in back to back challenges, so whoever sits out here has to compete for immunity. Who'll it be?

(Miriallia raises her hand and comes to take a seat.)

Minamo: I'll give you a minute to strategize and get in position...

(They do, and it's decided that Numbah 5 and Mac will be throwing for the Toon Tribe, while Nenene and Kaoru are the throwers for the Anime Tribe. The others are at one of 2 piles of sand.)

Minamo: Survivors, for reward... Go!

(Immediately, the retrievers start digging in. Some, like Gaku, just push sand out of the way, while others, like Daria, are more careful in their approach. Eventually, Winry finds the first jar, which contains 2 darts. She picks it up, and gives it to Kaoru. He takes the darts and throws both, but neither hits.)

Minamo: Kaoru misses! No one's hit yet…

(Soon after she says that, Edd and Gaku both find containers of 3, and run them to their team mates, with Gaku getting there first. Nenene takes 2, while Kaoru takes 1. They both throw, and one of Nenene's hits. Meanwhile, Numbah 5 throws 2, and both hit, but Mac's only throw misses.)

Minamo: Both tribes are on the board! Anime Tribe has 8 left, Toon Tribe has 7!

(Both tribes continue searching. It takes a while, but Winry and Koizumi both find a container, with 2 darts in it. Winry gives hers to Kaoru, Koizumi gives his to Nenene, and both throw. Each hit one target.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe 7, but the Anime Tribe takes the lead with 6 left! It's close, though!

(As Winry and Koizumi return to their piles of sand, Daria finds a container of 3, and runs over to give it to Numbah 5 and Mac. Just like before, Numbah 5 takes 2, as Mac takes 1. Mac misses his throw, while Numbah 5 hits 1 target.)

Minamo: The retrievers continue to search for containers, as Numbah 5 hits a target! It's tied up, 6 a piece now….

(Eventually, Ed and Koizumi find containers of 2, and each give them to the throwers, who take 1 each. Numbah 5, Mac, and Kaoru all miss, but Nenene hits her target, putting the Anime Tribe back in the lead. Soon after, Gaku finds a pack of 3, and gives them to the throwers. Nenene hits both of her targets, but Kaoru misses his.)

Minamo: Nenene connects three in a row, making it Toon Tribe 6, Anime Tribe 3 remaining! Toon Tribe, you're still in this, though!

(Soon after, Winry finds a pack of 3, and Koizumi finds a pack of 2. They run back, as Nenene takes 2, while Kaoru gets 3. Nenene hits one target, but misses with her other dart, while Kaoru misses his first 2, but gets his last to hit a target.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe's down to 1! You need to pick it up!

(Ed finds a container of 2, and gives them to Numbah 5 and Mac. Mac misses, but Numbah 5 hits, bringing the Anime Tribe down to 5. Then Gaku finds a pack of 2, and gives it to Nenene and Kaoru. They make the decision to let Nenene throw both of them. The first misses, but the second hits, popping the Toon Tribe's final balloon.)

Minamo: It's over! Anime Tribe, wins reward!

(The tribe celebrates, especially Winry and Miriallia. Minamo gives the basket to Miriallia, as she rejoins her tribe. Minamo then turns to address the Toon Tribe.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I've got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

(Unsurprisingly, the Toon Tribe heads off disappointed, while the Anime Tribe is ecstatic.)

Nenene: Duh, I'm happy with winning. What'd you expect, for me to be upset?

Edd: That was quite a disappointing loss for us... We just suddenly lost all luck in finding those cursed darts.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the victorious tribe, people are testing out their rewards, at the river. A few, like Winry and Miriallia are washing their hair, while others are brushing their teeth.)

Winry (very happy): Oh my God, this is amazing! My hair looks like crap after being out here for so long....

Miriallia: Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about.

(Nenene rolls her eyes at Miriallia and Winry, as they continue to talk about how much the love the reward. Kaoru notices, and looks at her with interest.)

Kaoru: Theoretically, we could get Nenene or Winry out, if we happen to lose. But we could get Miriallia out just as easily. We would be depending on 1 person for both votes, and I definitely trust Gaku much more.

(Back at the river, the 4 of them continue to talk.)

Kaoru: Well, this reward is coming in handy.

Winry: Definitely! It's the best reward yet!

Winry: It's just an awesome thing to have! We've been out here for, like 2 weeks now! Can you imagine how bad we all feel right now?

(Away from the others, Koizumi and Gaku are talking, as they brush their teeth.)

Koizumi: We need to win immunity... I feel it would be bad for us to go into the merge as a tie.

Gaku: Yeah... It would be a tie! How could we get around that?

Koizumi: We have the option of finding a weak link in them…. If we lose, of course.

Gaku: They could lie to us, though! They could be faking us out…

Koizumi: So, basically, you believe that we need another plan.

Gaku: Yeah!

Koizumi: Any ideas?

Gaku: Well... (He starts to talk quietly.) We could make an alliance with 2 of them, and bring Miriallia with us.

(Koizumi looks surprised at Gaku's suggestion.)

Koizumi: I suppose so...

Koizumi: Gaku... He’s not someone I’ve considered that much of a threat, but still, I may be underestimating him…

Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe, the entire tribe sits around the fire, as they eat a little bit of rice. Everyone seems to be in pretty good spirits, with the exception of Mac, who looks at the others slightly nervously.)

Daria: This is good. We finally have some fruits to go with it, too.

Numbah 5: Why didn't we find ‘em earlier?!

Edd: We likely never looked through that location carefully enough…

Ed: But we did today!

Daria (deadpan): And now we have something to make the rice a little less bland.

Numbah 5: Take whatcha can get…

Daria: I know. Doesn't make it less bland.

Edd: Too bad we have been unsuccessful in all of our attempts to catch fish. They would be very tasteful at this moment. ..

Daria: Thinking about it would just make us hungry. That's not what we need.

Ed: Fish are yummy... I want to catch some! Yay for fish!

Edd: Um, Ed? I believe that that might be much more difficult than it sounds.

Ed (getting uppity): Well, I guess we'll just find out, now won't we.

Daria: Wait until tomorrow, at least. We could use the energy then, and it's getting too late.

Ed (disappointed): Oh... Okay.

Numbah 5: Despite everythin' that's gone on in camp, we get along rather well. It's good for us to not have that drama we had before.

Anime Tribe

(The Anime Tribe has returned to camp, and currently, Nenene and Kaoru are near the shelter, splitting a small fruit.)

Kaoru: This's been a good day..

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: I guess. Not a fan of the reward, though.

Kaoru: I found it quite nice… Why not?

Nenene: Too shallow for me. I mean, I don't wash my hair every day, like some people in this tribe. But I suppose the toothbrushes were nice.

Kaoru: Extremely.

Nenene: And now... (She yawns.) I think I'll head to sleep soon. It's been a long day.

Kaoru: At least we had the easy part of the challenge...

Nenene: Oh yeah, we did great in it. And we didn't kill ourselves over it!

(Off to the side, Gaku and Miriallia are also talking.)

Miriallia (yawning): Wow, I'm tired... I hope we have a late immunity challenge tomorrow. But I'll still have to get up early to cook.

Gaku: Yeah... Someone else could cook, and you could sleep some more!

Miriallia: Who else knows how to cook? I know you, and Koizumi I think, can light a fire…

Gaku: I could try! And Winry mentioned something to me about it once.

Miriallia: Really? I haven't heard that from her…

Gaku (trying to remember): She mentioned it... Sometime on the first day, I think.

Miriallia (no recollection): Oh? I must not have been paying attention. Oh well! Anyways... I think I'm going to go to sleep now. (She yawns again.) I'm really tired for some reason.

Gaku: ‘Night!

(Gaku heads off to talk to someone else, as Miriallia just stands there for a second.)

(The sky just gets darker and darker, as everyone eventually does what Miriallia does, and heads to bed. Then the morning comes, and they start the whole cycle over again.)

Day 18 - Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe, Mac and Ed have gotten up first. They sit around the fire, rather uncomfortably, until Mac decides to break the ice.)

Mac: So... I wonder what today's challenge will be.

Ed: I hope it's easy!

Mac: I think we could win one like the last immunity challenge again… But they probably wouldn't have one so similar to last time.

Ed (excited): Or the other one we won! I was good in that.

Mac: Um... Yeah. I think we could do well in either of those…

Ed: Double D can do thinking stuff, and I can do strong stuff! We're gonna win the challenge!

(Mac seems annoyed at this remark.)

Mac (dismissive): ... Sure Ed.

Ed: It's really important, remember!

Mac: Right... Otherwise we'd be down in the merge.

Ed: But if we win, we'll be... Tied!

Mac: Then there's a whole new set of problems. We don't know if any of them have past votes…

Ed: It'd be crazy!

Mac (sneakily): I have an idea to get around it, though.

Ed: Really?! What is it?

Mac (backtracking): Well, uh, you'll just have to find out.

(Ed seems oblivious to Mac's intentions.)

Mac: I'd be stupid to stay with the Eds after the merge... I want to get them out.

Anime Tribe

(At the other tribe, today Winry and Gaku have already woken up. Just like the Toon Tribe, they sit around the fire, talking.)

Winry (obviously tired): Well, it's the big day...

Gaku (energetic): Yep! Merge probably comes soon, too!

Winry: Yeah... Pass me a fruit, kay?

(Gaku reaches over and hands her a small fruit.)

Winry (sleepy): ...Thanks. Want some?

Gaku: Sure!

(She picks up a dart and cuts it in half. She hands one of the pieces to Gaku. They then chow down.)

Winry (yawning): That was good....

Gaku: We need our energy for later!

Winry: Right... We need to collect some more water, too.

Gaku: I'll get it!

(He springs up, and gets the canteens. He then runs off, as Winry watches.)

Winry (talking to no one in particular): ... Why is he so damn energetic?

Winry: Of course, I think we're all nervous for the challenge. Why shouldn't we be? We just need to not over think it.

Toon Tribe

(Back with the Toon Tribe, now everyone's awake and going about their various activities. Daria and Edd talk, as Daria tends the fire.)

Daria: We need to have a good meal today.

Edd: Well, Ed is out trying to catch fish with Numbah 5 at this moment.

Daria (pessimistic): We don't have the equipment.

Edd: Well, Numbah 5 has been working on a spear as well. And I would not count Ed out. You never know what he can do…

Daria (wondering): Could he actually catch something?

Edd: I wouldn't be surprised... He is rather unusual.

Daria: We're going to find out, I guess.

(Edd just nods.)

Edd: We shall.

Edd: Ed is... unpredictable, to say the least. I defy anyone to figure out what he will do next.

(We then switch over to see Ed and Numbah 5, as they try to fish. Numbah 5 is using a makeshift spear she made, while Ed just uses his hands.)

Numbah 5: I wonder where the fish are…

Ed: Here!

(He dives after a fish, but comes up empty.)

Ed: Or, uh, not!

(Numbah 5 just chuckles at this.)

Numbah 5: We better find somethin' here. Fish would be really good right now.

Ed: Then let's catch some!

(At this point, Numbah 5, jabs at something fiercely with her spear. But like Ed, she comes up with nothing.)

Numbah 5: Dang! Almost had it…

Ed: Aw… We'll get one!

Numbah 5 (annoyed): Eventually...

Ed: Ah... Don't get down, Numbah 5!

Numbah 5: We just have bad luck, that's all it is. So why can't we just catch a stupid fish!

(Ed seems to ponder this for a moment, but then suddenly dives into the water again, creating a huge splash. Numbah 5 gets soaked, but Ed comes up with a large fish - easily enough for all 5 of them.)

Ed: See, fish!

Numbah 5 (shocked): You caught that?!

Ed: Um... Yep!

Numbah 5 (still in shock): Well... We should be gettin' back to camp with that!

Ed: Food, yay! Let's go!

(They head back to camp, with Ed leading the way. Numbah 5 follows behind, still not believing it.)

Anime Tribe

(We head back over to the Anime Tribe, as everyone has gathered around the fire, as Gaku gives everyone some food.)

Miriallia: Thanks for cooking today…

Gaku (quite pleased): I liked it!

Koizumi: This is quite good... Especially with such an important event coming up later today.

Winry (agreeing): This is good... We're so gonna rock this challenge!

Nenene: They're tough, though. It could be harder than you think

Winry (dismissive, condescending): Oh, please, Nenene. Just because you're weak and a pessimist, doesn't mean all of us are. So stop trying to bring us down, kay?

(The others just grimace as Nenene rolls her eyes.)

Miriallia: …Can we please not fight?

Nenene (to Winry): Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself speak?

Winry: Do you ever get tired of criticizing me every chance you get?

Miriallia (firm): Not now. We need to be a team today, so just stop fighting.

Winry: Whatever…

Immunity Challenge

(It's time for this episode's immunity challenge, so we see both tribes heading down to the beach. Of course, Minamo is already there, waiting for them. With her, are 2 long poles, 8 chairs, 8 chalkboards and many sand bags, in 2 piles.)

Minamo: Okay, I'm gonna need the immunity idol back now…

(She goes over and takes it from Daria.)

Minamo: So, let's get to today's challenge. Each tribe will have 1 person act as a weight holder, standing on the side, holding the pole up. We're going to give the other 4 members of each tribe a chalkboard and ask them a true or false question about eliminated contestants every 2 minutes or so. Every answer someone gets correct, they get to add on of these 4 pound bags to the person's pole. When one of the holders falls, the game's over. Sound simple?

(The contestants agree.)

Minamo: Alright, Anime Tribe, you have to sit someone out. Miriallia sat out last time, so she can't it out this time. Who's it going to be?

(Kaoru volunteers, and heads on over to take a seat next to Minamo.)

Minamo: Okay, I'll give you a minute to strategize...

(They do, and it's decided that Ed and Gaku will be holding up the poles. They get into the position.)

Minamo: Ok, everyone ready? Here's the first question: true or false - Vicky makes her money by working at a fast food restaurant... Everybody ready? Reveal

(Mac, Edd, Numbah 5, along with Miriallia, Nenene and Koizumi all have true written down. Only Daria and Winry have false written down.)

Minamo: The right answer is...false! She works as a babysitter. Daria and Winry, go put sand bags on the other tribe.

(They do so, and head back to their places quickly.)

Minamo: Second question: true or false - Jimmy lived in Retroville... Okay, everyone reveal your answers.

(This time, Edd, Numbah 5, and Nenene have true. Everyone else has false written down.)

Minamo: True is the correct answer... Edd, Numbah 5 and Nenene, go put on your sandbags.

(As Edd and Numbah 5 pick up their sandbags, Edd leans over to Numbah 5's ear.)

Edd (very quietly): We should put it on the same side.

(Numbah 5 seems to take that advice as they both put their sandbags next to Daria's. Nenene puts hers on the opposite side of Winry's.)

Minamo: Ed's holding 8 pounds, Gaku has 12. Both seem to be doing fine so far. Next question: Hitomi is a 6th grade teacher. Reveal.

(Only Numbah 5 has this one wrong, as it is true.)

Minamo: Ok, everyone except Numbah 5 gets to put a sandbag on someone.

(Again, Edd whispers to Mac and Daria to put the bags on the same side, and they do so. The Anime Tribe takes a different approach, putting 2 bags on each side.)

Minamo: Now it's tied - Ed and Gaku have a total of 24 pounds on their back. Let's keep the game going.

(Just to save time, we just have a montage of the next few rounds. The Toon Tribe continues their strategy, as Edd and Daria both put sand bags on Gaku, who is starting to struggle. The Anime Tribe, however, is also keeping the same strategy, as Koizumi and Miriallia put 1 sandbag each on Ed, who doesn't seem to be bothered at all.)

Minamo: Ok, here's the current standings. Ed has 40 pounds, but Gaku has 48 pounds. Next question: Yuki has his own fan club at his school... Everyone reveal.

(Nenene and Koizumi answer true for the Anime Tribe, but only Daria gets it for the Toon Tribe. They head to put sandbags on the other tribe. Ed just stands there, perfectly content, while Gaku is trying to shift his weight to the other side.)

Minamo: Looks like Gaku's struggling, but Ed's doin' just fine! Next question: Vicky has a younger br--

(Before Minamo can finish asking the question she's interrupted by the sounds of Gaku falling. Gaku looks mad at himself, the Toon Tribe celebrates.)

Minamo (not trying to yell over the Toon Tribe celebrating): Gaku's down! Toon Tribe wins immunity!

(Mac goes and collects the idol from Minamo.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, I'll see you at Tribal Council. Head back to camp.

Edd: We were able to come up with and execute a good plan for this immunity challenge... I'm very glad that we won; it will certainly help us if we merge soon.

Gaku (very disappointed): I... I wasn't that good at the immunity challenge. I got all off balance, and then tipped over, and I went down... Shoot!

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, everyone is obviously depressed after losing. Down on the beach, Nenene, Miriallia and Winry all talk.)

Miriallia: Listen, all we can do is vote for Koizumi... He's the only one of them who has a past vote.

Winry: Right... Even if there are more deserving people to go tonight.

Nenene: Do you ever shut up about me?

Miriallia (annoyed): Not now! We're in a really bad position, everyone knows it... But I think I can get Gaku to switch, and vote out Koizumi, too.

Nenene: Good. Let's go do it.

Winry: Anything we can do, we should do!

Miriallia: Definitely, yeah!

Nenene: I'm gonna head up to camp, you know, to pack my things…

(She starts heading back to camp, not waiting for Miriallia or Winry to respond.)

Nenene: I want Winry to go tonight. I think Miriallia deserves to stay more than Winry...

(Back at the camp, Kaoru, Koizumi, and Gaku are all talking.)

Koizumi: Tonight should be quite simple. We all vote for Miriallia, and she will be leaving tonight.

Kaoru: Sounds too simple… Votes are usually harder than this. Good for us, though.

(Koizumi shrugs.)

Koizumi: We happened to get lucky with this one. We don't have another option. Is everyone good with this plan?

Kaoru: Obviously.

Koizumi: Gaku?

Gaku (depressed): Yeah...

Koizumi: Don't worry, Gaku. Everything will be fine.

Gaku (not convinced): If you say so...

Gaku: This is really bad for me. I'm the reason we lose immunity, and Miriallia's going to be voted out! This really sucks...

(They 3 guys continue to talk, as Nenene heads up into the shelter, getting her things. She hesitates for a moment when she's finished, but turns to the guys to talk.)

Nenene (suddenly): I want to make a deal…

(This quickly gets the attention of the others. Gaku perks up a little, very interested in her offer.)

Kaoru: About tonight's vote?

Nenene: Duh. All 4 of us team up to take out Winry.

(The others all think for a moment to process this.)

Koizumi: Hm… It sounds like quite the idea, but in reality, how does it benefit us?

(Nenene just rolls her eyes, expecting this sort of response from him.)

Nenene: Do you honestly think, that Winry and I will be able to work together in the merge? Especially if Miriallia leaves.

(Kaoru nods, agreeing with her.)

Kaoru: She has a point. We shouldn't be playing with fire, since we'd be in an already tenuous position…

Koizumi: Hm… Nenene, you do realize that we need time to think this over, right?

Nenene (nonchalant): Sure. But I'm voting for Winry tonight. Just remember to consider that.

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: I will.

Toon Tribe

(We head back to the victorious tribe, as everyone sits around, eating the fish that Ed caught earlier.)

Mac: This...This was a really good catch, Ed.

Ed: Aw... Thanks!

Daria: How did you catch this thing, Ed?

Ed: I grabbed it!

(Daria realizes that she won't get a better answer, and sighs.)

Numbah 5: Man, this is just your day, isn't it! First the fish, then the challenge. You did awesome!

Edd: This has been quite the day for you, Ed.

Daria (joining in): And you couldn't have picked a better day for it.

(Mac rolls his eyes, not liking this conversation at all.)

Mac: We've been all fake today since we won immunity. We've become some sort of stupid love tribe!

Anime Tribe

(We head back over to the Anime Tribe, where now, Gaku sits down on the beach, relaxing, while Miriallia comes to find him.)

Miriallia: Gaku, hey, I've been looking for you!

Gaku: Eh? Why?

Miriallia: Well... I want to talk about the vote.

(Gaku looks down after he hears this.)

Gaku: Oh...

Miriallia: Yeah... I just wanted to say that, we're voting for Koizumi tonight.

Gaku: Right.

Miriallia: And I... I think you should vote with us tonight. You'd be the fourth vote!

Gaku (unsure): Uh, yeah. I'll think about it, kay?

Miriallia: Um, okay. Just please think about it. Do it for me, okay?

(Gaku takes a deep breath.)

Gaku: I'll see what I can do…

(He gets up, and heads back to the shelter. Up there, Koizumi and Kaoru are already talking, and Gaku joins them.)

Koizumi: There are good points and bad points to voting out Winry...

Kaoru (getting annoyed): Same for voting anybody out. I think taking Winry out would be a good move on our parts; it would be too much of a wild card to let both her and Nenene make the merge.

Koizumi: And voting out Nenene would be quite the risk... But what about Miriallia? She could betray us.

Gaku (butting in): Miri wouldn't betray us.

Koizumi (not convinced): I would like to believe that, but it's impossible to be sure. There's the possibility that it may happen.

Gaku: It won't. I'm sure of it! I really think Miriallia would stay with us...

Kaoru: I agree with Gaku. She'll stay with us.

Koizumi: ... Then do we vote out Winry? Or perhaps Nenene?

Kaoru: Hm.... But what if Nenene’s lying? Then the vote will go against it.

Koizumi: So we can’t rule out voting for Miriallia, either…

Kaoru: And now we’re back where we started…

Tribal Council

(The 6 remaining members of the Anime Tribe, soon to become 5, head on in and take a seat. As always, Minamo is already there, waiting in her usual spot.)

Minamo: Well, welcome back to Tribal Council... You started of strongly, but have had some bad luck since then. Koizumi, why do you think that is?

Koizumi: We've been unsuccessful in the important challenges lately. The other tribe seems to be superior when it comes to mental challenges, and they have a member who is quite strong, physically. Likely better than all of us.

Minamo: Winry, you've been with these people for 18 days now… Will it be hard to vote one of them out?

Winry: Not really. I mean, I like most everyone here just fine, but I'm not really close with any of them, besides Miri that is.

Minamo: Interesting... When you say most, do you mean that you've had problems with others?

Winry: After 18 days out here, it would be hard not to have some problems...

Minamo: Okay. Gaku, do you feel responsible for losing the challenge? Or should everyone be blamed?

Gaku (not wanting to answer it): Well... Kinda. But they're really tough!

Miriallia (butting in): I just want to say that I think that we'd have lost no matter who we put in the same position. I mean, did you see the kid, Ed I think, who they had holding up the sandbags?! He hadn't moved at all in that challenge. And it's not the first time he's outdone all of in a challenge, either!

Minamo: Right... Let's get to voting. Kaoru, you're up first.

(Kaoru heads up to the podium to cast his vote. He does so, and sits back down.)

(Next up is Winry. She writes down KOIZUMI.)

Winry: You're not as good as you think. Get over yourself.

(After that blunt confessional, Winry heads back down, and Nenene goes to vote.)

(Nenene sits back down, and Gaku's next to vote.)

(Gaku returns to his seat, as Koizumi goes to cast his vote.)

(Koizumi also returns to his seat, as our final voter, Miriallia, casts her vote. She writes down KOIZUMI.)

Miriallia: Sorry... I think this is the best thing to do right now.

(Miriallia puts the vote into the box, and takes her seat. Minamo addresses the group.)

Minamo: I'll go tally the votes.

(She goes off screen to do so, and returns in an instant, thanks to editing.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever receives the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately... Let's read the votes.

(She takes the first vote out of the jar.)

Minamo: First vote - KOIZUMI.

(Koizumi simply smiles, not very concerned.)

Minamo: Second vote - KOIZUMI. That's 2 votes Koizumi

(He's still smiling, but is now concentrating entirely on the jar containing the votes.)

Minamo: Third vote - WINRY. 2 votes Koizumi, 1 vote Winry.

(Winry and Miriallia both look concerned and confused now. Winry turns to glare at Nenene, who just smiles.)

Minamo: Fourth vote - WINRY. Now it's tied, 2 votes Koizumi, 2 votes Winry.

(Winry is looking very concerned at this point, while Nenene is smirking a little.)

Minamo: Fifth vote - WINRY. 3 votes Winry, 2 votes Koizumi

(Winry turns around and glares at everyone not named Miriallia. Miriallia just looks defeated.)

Minamo: Sixth vote... and 6th person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor - WINRY. Winry, you have to bring me your torch.

(Slowly, she gets up, and glares once again at most of her tribe. She's obviously mad, as she brings her torch to Minamo. She extinguishes it.)

Minamo: Winry, the tribe has spoken.

(She nods, and walks out of the Tribal Council, ignoring her former tribe. When she's gone, Minamo turns back to the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Well, now both tribes have 5 people remaining... The next few days are going to be interesting. Head back to camp.

(Slowly, everyone gets up, picks up their belongings, and heads out.)

Winry: I guess, in the end, Nenene screwed me over. Not a surprise, she'd sell her soul if it got her past a vote... I think that I never was able to get myself into a good position in the game, you know, always scrambling around. Then, I would've kicked ass! But yeah, it was fun, even if I should still be there.

Next time on Survivor:

- The merge comes, and everyone desperately wants to avoid a tie.

- One survivor tries to take control with a complicated plan that could alienate others.

- And when it comes to trust, some have to decide whether to stick with tribal lines.


Winry (4)- Nenene, Gaku, Koizumi, Kaoru

Koizumi (2)- Winry, Miriallia

Author's Notes

Yep, another episode down! Almost to the half way point in episodes, too, wow. And next episode, of course, the game changes drastically and I think the series really begins to take off. It's a fun, if a bit chaotic episode, and I believe it's the longest episode in the series, not counting the double length finale. (I've written all of these in advance, so I know that already.)

So, Winry. Not a character I'm entirely happy with, honestly. I feel like I could've done more with here – she seemed kind of stuck in jerk mode here – but this is ultimately what the plot called for. She's another early boot who I think I could've done a lot more with, but alas, some people have to go early. FMA is a series I really do enjoy, as well, so double that. But still, I do like all the remaining cast a lot, we've lost all the fodder and more boring characters now, and the game's getting exciting.