Episode 5 - …This is going to be interesting.

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(A shot of the Toon Tribe winning reward.)

Minamo: The Toon Tribe won their second challenge in a row, depressing the Anime Tribe.

(Nenene talking, back at camp.)

Nenene: That sucked…

Minamo: Meanwhile, the race for allies on both sides continued. On the Toon Tribe, it was Mac caught in the middle…

(A shot of Daria and Stacy talking to Mac.)

Daria: Remember, the plan is to vote for Edd.

(Another shot of Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5, also talking to Mac.)

Numbah 5: Plan’s to vote out Stacy ‘night

Minamo: …And in the Anime Tribe, it was Yuki.

(A shot of Yuki, on a confessional.)

Yuki: This puts me in a precarious position.

Minamo: And when the Toon Tribe went to Tribal Council, Mac chose his side, and it was Stacy who paid the price.

(There’s a shot of Stacy’s torch being extinguished.)

Minamo: 12 remain, who will be voted out…next?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi - Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy - Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria

Day 12 (After Tribal Council)

(After another tough Tribal Council, the Toon Tribe heads back to camp, exhausted. They all immediately go to their shelter, but as they do, Daria glances at Mac, who tries to avoid the look.)

Daria: Last night, Mac stayed with the other alliance, and voted out Stacy. That puts me in a really crappy situation. I need to find out some way to turn this around, or I’ll be out soon. (She smirks.) Bring it on.

(In the shelter, Mac turns to his side, clearly thinking about Tribal Council.)

Mac: I’m not really sure if I made the right move, or not. I thought Stacy contributed less to the camp, because Edd was a lot smarter than she was, and I just feel that there’s going to be some sort of mental challenge soon…We haven’t had too many. But still, I dunno, maybe Daria and Stacy were right?

(After Mac successfully falls asleep, the night moon turns into the morning sun.)

Day 13 – Anime Tribe

(After having another peaceful night of not going to Tribal Council, the Anime Tribe is already completely awake, early in the morning. Meanwhile, Miriallia is making some rice for breakfast, and Winry and Nenene are both talking to her quietly.)

Nenene: …I think the other guys beat us to the punch for Yuki.

Winry (shocked, but keeping quiet): What?! Are you kidding me?

(Nenene shakes her head.)

Nenene: No. He was evasive when I asked.

Miriallia: What was response, though?

Nenene: He said sure, eventually. But we can’t trust that.

Winry (sotto): That bastard…

(Nenene glares at Winry.)

Nenene (quiet but extremely sarcastic): I know, how dare he try to play the game. That’s unbelievable!

(Now Winry glares back at Nenene. They continue, and Miriallia sighs.)

Miriallia (getting in between them): Stop fighting! If we want to do well, we need to work together. And that can’t happen if you two are at each other’s throats, so stop it!

(They both quietly glare at each other, neither are happy. Winry crosses her arms, while Nenene just frowns.)

Miriallia (annoyed): Listen, no matter what, we need to work together. Just because Yuki was in doubt, doesn’t mean that we can’t change his mind…We just need to talk to him some more.

Nenene (quietly): Right, sure.

Winry: Ugh…I can’t stand Nenene. The only reason I’m in an alliance with her, is because Miriallia insists so. The moment we have Yuki and the majority, I’ll be more than happy to say bye-bye to Miss Nenene.

Miriallia: Nenene and Winry are having some problems…I hope we can work around them. It would be bad otherwise, we can’t really afford them not getting along!

(Out near the river, Yuki and Kaoru are talking as they fish...)

Yuki: … Nenene asked me for an alliance yesterday.

(Kaoru’s obviously surprised, but recovers well.)

Kaoru: What?! What was your answer?

Yuki: I told her maybe, just to satisfy her. But she did tell me that she was working with Miriallia and Winry.

(Kaoru glances at Yuki, suspicious.)

Kaoru: Right… But she and Winry dislike each other. We could use that to our advantage.

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: We should let Koizumi and Gaku know, too.

Kaoru: Of course…

Kaoru: As soon as I heard that Yuki told Nenene maybe, I was worried. I thought that his bonds to Nenene would still be there... This could be a very bad situation for us.

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe’s camp, there’s a different scene. Almost everyone is sleeping in, with the only exceptions being the Eds.)

Edd: I find that this has been a stressful experience so far, at least at Tribal Council. Every time we find ourselves there, I have received votes. It greatly concerns me…

Ed: Aw, cheer up Double D. You’re still here! And Mac even stayed with us last time, too!

Edd: I know Ed… It’s just getting tiresome.

Ed: Well… Maybe we’ll win immunity again! Then we won’t have to go to Tribal Council, and then you can’t get any votes! Besides, we have a good alliance!

(Ed looks very happy at this prospect.)

Edd: Well, we can only try our best, Ed. But it could happen.

Ed: Yay! We’re gonna win immunity!

Edd: …That’s not a sure thing yet. The other tribe is very talented… And even still, we have a few more days before we even need to worry about this, I believe…

Ed: ‘Cause if we worry now, we won’t worry later.

(Edd looks at him oddly.)

Ed: Um…I guess that makes sense, Ed.

(Once again, Ed looks happy.)

Ed: We don’t need to worry about the challenges when they’re here! Otherwise, we’d do bad in them... And that means losing, and losing is bad!

Anime Tribe

(Back over at the Anime Tribe, Miriallia has now finished cooking the rice, and everyone is eating some, along with some fruits and fish, too.)

Koizumi: This is quiet good, Miriallia.

Gaku: Yeah, this is great!

Miriallia: Thanks guys… But now we’re out of the fruit from that the reward challenge that was held a while ago.

Yuki: It was good while it lasted.

Nenene: Eh, we still have some from the forest. And there’s always more of that if we want it.

Kaoru: Less variety, though… And not as good.

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: Take what you can get.

Kaoru: I guess so…

Winry: This is going to be one of those really dull days…I hate ‘em.

Miriallia: Yeah…There are no challenges to do, and nothing else interesting to happen.

Nenene: We just have to wait, and there’ll be something to do.

Koizumi: Agreed. There’s really nothing else we can do.

Winry: I know… But I don’t have to like it.

Koizumi: Once again, I agree.

Winry: Koizumi…He’s just so mysterious. He’s always smiling, always agreeing with everyone else, and he never talks about himself or his opinions. It’s so weird…

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, everyone has now woken up, and begun their day. Currently, Daria is cooking some rice, while Mac takes a seat next to her.)

Mac: So… About last night…

Daria: Save it. You did what you had to do.

Mac: Right… I just feel bad about it.

Daria: Nothing you can do now…

(Mac shrugs.)

Mac: I guess..

Daria: But you know, we do need to break up the Eds. They’re going to vote you out right after me, if everything goes according to their plan.

Mac: Yeah… I know…

Daria : So why settle for 4th? I’m open to an alliance. And then we can get Numbah 5 on our side, and then we’d have the majority.

Mac: But I don’t think that we could get her on our side.

Daria: She knows the same thing about the Eds as I do, they’ll vote the 2 of you out once they reach the end stage. Besides, what’s better, definite 4th, or 4th with a good shot at 1st? She won’t settle for 3rd, either.

Mac: I think this could work… Alright, it's a deal.

Daria: Good.

Daria: I’m not going to just quit and give up. I know that there’s more I can do. And why not try? I'm still here, you know.

(Down at the beach, the other Toon Tribe members; Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5, are also talking.)

Ed: That was good!

Numbah 5: Yeah. They figured out what they could do, and did it. We’re lucky Mac was with us.

Edd: And now, the three of us now have a solid majority. We have firm control of this tribe.

Ed: Nothing can go wrong now! Yay!

Edd: Although…We also need to be concerned about the merge, as it will come rather soon, I believe. We have to be in the good graces of both Mac and Daria, and we need to win at least another immunity challenge if we want to have a chance at this.

Numbah 5: Right…We got Mac already; I’m worried about Daria though. She could be tough.

Edd: Well, we have some time before then; these are just long term goals we need to keep in mind.

Ed: Right! … But if we lose, I want vote Mac out! He’s really, really, really smart.

Edd: We have an alliance with him, though…Would that be smart?

Numbah 5: Well… Mac knows the game. He could flip if we’re down in the merge. Daria, I think she’s more loyal. Besides, we’re just with Mac ‘cause we need to be.

Edd: Well…Let’s think it over first. Sorry, but I have reasonable doubts against it.

Ed: But he was with Jimmy!

Edd: I had my doubts before, but he did prove to be loyal to us at Tribal Council…

Edd: I’m honestly quite conflicted between Mac and Daria…I believe Mac to be loyal, but I am concerned that he is a threat…And Daria is intelligent, but she also could be too smart... I’m just not convinced yet as to who we should side yet. As a false move, that means absolute disaster in a game like this.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, everyone is finished eating, and now, Gaku, Koizumi, and Kaoru are all talking in quiet voices.)

Kaoru: Yuki said he was asked for a Nenene-Miriallia-Winry-Yuki alliance… Apparently, he said maybe to it.

Gaku (surprised, but keeping quiet): What? How do you know this?

Kaoru: Yuki told me…But he also claimed to only say maybe, because Nenene wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Koizumi (after thinking): This is quite worrisome. Yuki has suddenly become the swing vote… But he is aligned to us.

Gaku: He’s aligned, or was, anyways, to Nenene, as well! He could go either way, I think!

Koizumi: …Now, let’s wait for a while before jumping to such bold conclusions. I would like to hear what Yuki says about this.

Gaku: Right… This could be nothing, I guess…

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: Well, this is an interesting development…We don’t have much power in this type of situation, unfortunately. We need to figure out a way to get out of this, if it’s really as bad as Kaoru makes it sound.

(In the forest, Miriallia and Nenene are walking about, each with some fruit in their hand, but not a lot.)

Miriallia: We need to find a way to get Yuki on our side for sure… But I’m not sure how.

Nenene: I’m going to talk to him some more. There’s always a chance we could get him.

Miriallia: Just not a good one…

Nenene (annoyed): Oh, come on! I mean, I had an alliance with him, so don’t discount it! Besides, you wouldn’t be voted out…I mean, you’re pretty close with Gaku, so it’s more likely to be Winry.

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so. It’s just not a good situation…

Nenene: There’s no denying that, but we have a chance.

Miriallia: Right. And we need to take that chance.

(Nenene nods.)

Nenene: Exactly.

Miriallia: I say it's 50-50 for Yuki chooses. We have Nenene, but the others made an alliance with him first. It’s really up in the air… That won’t be a fun Tribal Council at all.

Toon Tribe

(Back over at the Toon Tribe, Numbah 5 and Daria are, like Miriallia and Nenene, in the woods, trying to collect fruits, too. But unlike the Anime Tribe, they’re not having much success.)

Numbah 5: Why is there no fruit here? I wonder if the other tribe has the same troubles.

Daria: Probably. It can’t just be us.

Numbah 5: Right… What are your thoughts on the game?

(Daria looks surprised at this sudden question, and takes a moment to think.)

Daria: Well…We need immunity. Otherwise, we’re pretty much screwed.

Numbah 5: Hm... You or us?

Daria: Both, most likely… Hey wait, why are you asking me this?

(Numbah 5 smiles innocently.)

Numbah 5: Just makin’ conversation.

Daria: Right… (There’s an awkward pause) You know you’re screwed, too, if you stay with the Eds. They’re more loyal to each other than you.

Numbah 5: We’re not at that time yet. We have a long way to go before that happens.

Daria: Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about it. If you go with me, and we get Mac, the two of us can do extremely well… Maybe final 2 even?

(Numbah 5 takes a moment to think about it, then shrugs.)

Numbah 5: … Alright, I guess.

(Daria does a little half-smile.)

Daria: Good…

Numbah 5: We should get back now…It’s gettin’ dark.

Daria: Right.

Numbah 5: Now I have deals wit’ every person here! This can’t end well… But for the moment, it sets me up pretty well.

(Back at the camp, Mac and Ed are talking.)

Mac: Well…I’m really surprised at how well this went last night.

Ed: Yeah, everything was good!

Mac: Honestly, I was kinda worried about it…I thought maybe you would have all turned on me.

(Mac and Ed share an awkward laugh.)

Ed (slightly stilted): There’s no way we would have done that! You’re one of us.

Mac: … Thanks, Ed.

Ed: Mac doesn’t trust us! That’s really bad… Oh well!

(And we leave the chaos of the Toon Tribe, as the night is coming, and everyone goes to sleep, and so, we begin the 2 week mark.)

Day 14 – Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe early in the morning, only 2 people have awoken so far: Gaku and Miriallia. They sit off to the side, talking in quiet voices.)

Gaku: We have a challenge today…I hope we win this one, too!

Miriallia: Yeah, so do I... I think we can do very well in this challenge. Although, I hope it’s not as hard as that last immunity challenge; I hated that one.

Gaku: But we won it, so it wasn’t that bad…

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so. I wonder what today’s challenge is going to be…

Gaku: We’ll find out soon!

Miriallia: Yeah, probably. I hope we have enough energy for today’s challenge, though… I hope just some rice, and maybe a fish or 2 will be enough… It mostly depends on what Yuki and Kaoru catch.

Gaku: Yeah…But they’re good at fishing! They’re getting good at it!

Miriallia: Maybe I’ll go today, too…

(Gaku seems worried at this prospect, but tries to hide it a little.)

Gaku (quickly): No, no, I think they’d be fine… Besides, we only have a spear and a fishing pole, and Yuki and Kaoru are really good at it!

(Miriallia glances at Gaku oddly, and then shrugs.)

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so. I might get in the way…

(Gaku looks relieved, but tries to hide it.)

Gaku: Miriallia wanted to go out with Yuki and Kaoru for fishing. That would’ve been really bad, Kaoru has to get Yuki to stay with us!

Toon Tribe

(Back over in the Toon Tribe, there are only 2 up so far. Those 2 people are Mac and Edd, who are both looking over the fire.)

Mac: We need more food…

Edd: I quite agree, we only have rice now… We finished off the sodas, but that unfortunately, didn’t help out our challenge performance.

Mac: Yeah… Maybe we’ll win reward again!

Edd: We can only hope so… Maybe it’ll be some sort of intellectual challenge. We would perform very well in one of those.

Mac: Yeah, you, and Daria, and Numbah 5 are all really smart, and I’m decent at it. Although… Ed wouldn’t be good at it.

Edd: Yes, Ed probably would have some difficulties with it. But on the whole, we’re very intelligent, possibly more so than our worthy competitors, the Anime Tribe.

Mac: Yeah, they’re really good. That guy with the silver hair is really impressive.

Edd: He was quite good in the last few challenges… Very strong.

Mac: Yeah, he was good… He would be a threat, though.

Edd: But very useful, for their tribe at the moment.

Mac: Oh yeah, definitely. They’d be crazy to get rid of him…

Anime Tribe

(Over the Anime Tribe, more people are now awake, and now doing various things. Koizumi is chatting with Winry and Miriallia, as they sit around, tending the fire.)

Koizumi: I believe that we should get some fish to go along with that meal.

Miriallia: Yeah, so do I. But Yuki is out collecting more firewood with Nenene right now.

(Koizumi looks slightly annoyed, but goes back to his trademark smile quickly enough so no one notices.)

Koizumi: Really? Well, I guess it makes sense, considering how he was teamed up with Nenene and Hitomi earlier. I wonder how that alliance is doing now…

(Not taking the bait, Winry just shrugs.)

Winry: Who knows? They’re both huge targets right now; after Hitomi was voted out.

Miriallia: Yeah, they’re probably trying to figure out how to save themselves at this point…

(Now it’s Koizumi’s turn to shrug.)

Koizumi: I guess so…They haven’t approached either of you? Or you haven’t approached them?

Miriallia: No, we haven’t really talked alliances with them. Besides, Winry and I are just fine with your group; we don’t have a reason to go to them.

Winry: Yeah, I can’t stand ‘em. Nenene is so obnoxious. What about you?

Koizumi: No, we haven’t made any deals with them, either…

Winry (hesitantly): …Right.

Winry: Miri and I had such a stupid conversation with Koizumi! I mean, I know that he’s trying to make a deal with Yuki, and he’s trying to act as if he isn’t. Just come out with it already!

Koizumi: Winry and Miriallia obviously don’t trust me. Between their dealings and lying to me, I can’t trust them…It’s important to get them out at this point, since that’s the case.

(And in the forest, Nenene and Yuki are collecting some firewood, just as Miriallia claimed. Both have small piles of wood in their hands.)

Nenene: That’s enough, let’s head back. We still have plenty left at camp…

Yuki: Then why’d you ask me to come with you? To talk about alliances?

Nenene: Duh…

Yuki (calmly): Nenene, I’m going to chose whoever I’m going to chose…. And I’m not sure who I’ll side with yet. I also don’t intend on making a move too early, when I don’t need to. We still have immunity, don’t forget.

(Nenene rolls her eyes.)

Nenene: You have no ideas on who you’ll side with? That’s crap, you have to have some idea!

Yuki: Well, the other guys are stronger than the others, but I would be the outsider in that alliance. Meanwhile… Your alliance is less close, but physically weaker than the guys.

(Nenene nods, getting the logic.)

Nenene: The merge is coming pretty soon…You have to consider that.

Yuki: Right, that’s another point to consider…

Nenene: Hell yeah, it’s worrying that we have about no power in this situation. (She frowns.) I don’t like people controlling me.

Reward Challenge

(That’s right; it’s time for the reward challenge. First the Anime Tribe heads in to their mat, while the Toon Tribe begins to head in. Naturally, Minamo is already there, with a basket covered by a piece of fabric. She first addresses the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, getting your first look at the new Toon Tribe. Stacy voted out at Tribal Council…Now let’s get to today’s challenge. What’s going to happen is that we’re going to have a wrestling contest. Each competitor will get a large padded bag to hit the other person with. First to push the other out gets a point. First to 5 wins, so some people may have to go twice. Sound good?

(Everyone nods, although some, such as Edd and Daria are nervous.)

Minamo: Alright, everyone want to know what you’re playing for?

(Everyone nods.)

Minamo: Okay, here it is… (She takes the fabric off of the basket) …Cake! The winning tribe will receive 2 large cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. Worth playing for?

(Everyone is obviously excited for the reward.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, since you have 2 extra members, 2 of you must sit out. It has to be 1 guy and 1 girl. Remember, whoever sits out here must compete in the immunity challenge since people can not sit out back to back challenges. Who’ll it be?

(After a short discussion, they decide on Nenene and Kaoru.)

Minamo: Alright, Kaoru and Nenene, you can come over and take a seat. Everyone else, get into position. First up is Ed vs. Yuki. Survivors ready? Go!

(Yuki and Ed both take a moment after the challenge officially begins to size up each other. Soon after, though, Yuki makes the first move. He charges, and tries to run around and ram Ed, but Ed simply doesn’t budge. Not long after, Ed turns around, and throws Yuki off him. However, Yuki doesn’t fall out of the marked circle, and quickly gets up.)

Minamo: Yuki falls over, but not out of the circle! He needs a new strategy!

Mac: Knock him out, Ed!

Miriallia: C’mon Yuki, find his weak point! He has to have one!

(Yuki ignores the yelling from the sidelines, but Ed looks at Mac and then smiles.)

Ed: Okay!

(Without any other warning, Ed charges at Yuki. Yuki blocks it, but is overpowered, and eventually knocked out.)

Minamo: Yuki is out of the ring! Ed wins the first round; the Toon Tribe leads 1-0!

(As Yuki scowls and heads back to his tribe’s mat, Ed races back to his own tribe, very happy.)

Minamo: Next match – Numbah 5 vs. Winry! Survivors ready? Go!

(Just like Yuki and Ed, both take a moment to stare each other down before Winry charges. They meet head on, and try to overpower each other. After a struggle, Numbah 5 is knocked back, but not out. She quickly rolls away as Winry tries to roll her out. Once she’s behind Winry, she stands up, and pushes Winry, who’s still facing the opposite direction, out of the ring.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 knocks out Winry! Toon Tribe is leading 2-0! Next up is Mac vs. Koizumi! Survivors ready? Go!

(As soon as Minamo says go, Mac runs up to Koizumi, and tries to knock him out. Koizumi, however, side steps the attack, and tries to push Mac out. Mac, however, blocks the attack, and knowing he can’t overpower Koizumi, he dodges back to the middle, away from Koizumi. Mac takes a short breather, but that is cut short, as Koizumi tries to push Mac out of the circle. Mac is eventually overpowered, and is pushed out by Koizumi.)

Minamo: Koizumi beats Mac, giving the Anime Tribe their first point! Now it’s 2-1, Toon Tribe still leading… Next match – Daria vs. Miriallia! Survivors ready, go!

(Quickly Miriallia charges towards Daria, but Daria tries to block it. She can’t, and is knocked on the ground. As Miriallia tries to push her out, Daria manages to swing around, and take out Miriallia’s legs, also knocking her to the ground. Daria then immediately goes Miriallia, not giving her time to recover. Miriallia is unable to develop a decent counter attack, and so she is rolled off of the mat.)

Minamo: Daria rolls out Miriallia! Toon Tribe leads 3-1! Next up is Edd vs. Gaku! Go!

(This one is a very lopsided match. Gaku runs towards Edd immediately, and pushes him as hard as he can. Edd quickly is knocked down, and from there, Gaku just pushes him out easily.)

Minamo: Gaku beats Edd! Toon Tribe still leads 3-2! Next up, we’re back to the beginning, and it’s Ed vs. Yuki! Survivors, go!

(In the first rematch, Yuki charges first, trying a different strategy. He goes to Ed’s side, and tries to get him that way. Ed swings his bag around, but Yuki ducks it, and tries to go for Ed’s face. He connects, and Ed stumbles back. However, Ed gets determined, and then pushes Yuki back the next time Yuki tries to connect. This keeps happening, and Yuki is, once again, pushed out of the ring.)

Minamo: Once again, Ed beats Yuki! It’s 4-2 Toon Tribe leading! They just need 1 more win! Another rematch is next – Numbah 5 vs. Winry! Survivors, ready? Go!

(Numbah 5 is obviously rather eager to win and charges right after the match begins. Winry is ready for her, and side steps Numbah 5’s attack. She pushes Numbah 5 down, and, learning from last time, immediately goes to pushing her out. It works, and Numbah 5 is sent out of the circle.)

Minamo: Winry takes vengeance on Numbah 5! Now it’s 4-3, Toon Tribe still leading! Next up – Mac vs. Koizumi! Survivors ready, go!

(Mac waits this time, and Koizumi is able to rush him first. Mac is taken by surprise, and is pushed far back. Just as he reaches the edge, he is able to take Koizumi by pushing past him, and going back to the center. However, this time, Mac doesn’t take a breath; he circles around and pushes against Koizumi, who is now at the edge. Then, Koizumi is able knock Mac down, get behind him, and just like last time, push Mac out of the circle.)

Minamo: Koizumi ties it up! Now’s its 4-4, anyone’s game! Whoever wins this wins reward… The deciding match is Daria vs. Miriallia! For reward, survivors, go!

(Daria and Miriallia both stare each other down, before Miriallia charges at Daria. Miriallia tries to knock her down, but Daria blocks her attempt. They both struggle against each other, but eventually, Miriallia knocks Daria down to the ground. Just like last time, Miriallia tries to roll Daria to the side, but unlike last time, Daria isn’t able to come up with a counter attack, and so, she’s knocked out of the circle. As soon as Daria’s out of the ring, the Anime Tribe starts celebrating, with the exception of Miriallia, who helps Daria to her feet, and takes a breather.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe wins reward!

(As Daria and Miriallia return to their tribes, Miriallia joins the celebration, while Daria just looks annoyed.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, come get your reward.

(Gaku goes and gets the reward from Minamo, before heading back to the victorious tribe very happily.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

(As they do so, the Toon Tribe is more depressed after this loss than usual. Meanwhile, the Anime Tribe is very happy, winning a very good reward.)

Mac: We should have won that…I mean, we got off to a really good start, but we completely fell apart from there. Oh well, I guess reward isn’t really important… Right?

Anime Tribe

(At the Anime Tribe, there’s obviously a totally different picture. Everyone is just sitting around, each with a piece of cake in their hands.)

Winry: This is such a good reward! I love it!

Gaku: This cake tastes really good! But we should probably ration it…We can have more tomorrow!

Miriallia: Yeah, I think that’s a good idea… Besides, we won’t feel good if we just eat it all now.

(Nenene nods, agreeing.)

Nenene: Sounds good…

Koizumi: That was a very different challenge, though. We almost lost it.

Gaku: Yeah, they put up a good fight! That kid in the green jacket was really strong!

Yuki: Definitely. He beat me twice…

Miriallia: Well, we won, and that’s that matters! I hope we do as well tomorrow.

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, they’re all, as usual, lying around after losing. Daria is cooking some rice, but no one is happy.)

Numbah 5: How would we lose that! We were up 4-2, and then we lose 3 straight… Includin’ mine. I got too ‘cited, and rushed it.

Edd: Well, there is always next time… At least it was not the immunity challenge.

Ed: Any loss is bad! But Double D’s right, we’re gonna win next time! ‘Cause Tribal Council is bad!

Mac: Well… We’ll just have to do better. I mean, there’s not a lot else that we could do.

Numbah 5: Yeah, we just have to do better…

Anime Tribe

(Back to the Anime Tribe, the 4 guys are in the shelter, all talking softly.)

Koizumi: So, Yuki, the girls approached you for an alliance?

(Yuki’s surprised that Koizumi knows this, but recovers quickly and glances at Kaoru.)

Yuki: …Yeah, they did… Nenene was being rather insistent. Did Kaoru tell you?

Kaoru (nonchalant): Yeah, early yesterday… You were out, and we were talking, so I told them.

Yuki: Ah, that’s understandable… They’re still trying to convince me to switch.

Gaku: Nenene is? Or Miriallia and Winry?

Yuki: Nenene…But I think she figured out our alliance. It seemed as much earlier.

(Koizumi just shrugs.)

Koizumi: Well, that can’t be helped, I guess. We’ll going to have to get rid of them all, eventually. But we’re going after Winry first, correct?

Yuki: Right…

Gaku: Yuki seems kinda hesitant about the game... And he’s really smart and quiet, too, so he’s a threat, too!

Yuki: I’m quite conflicted at this point, I’m not sure who I’ll side with…It may be dangerous, but I want to think about my decision carefully. And I trust my alliance enough to not betray me.

Toon Tribe

(Over in the forest, near the river, Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5 are all talking as they fill up their canteens with water.)

Edd: Well, it seems that we’re back to the beginning again. Would it better for Mac or Daria to go next?

Ed: It should be Mac!

Edd: Well…He’s in our alliance, though. Numbah 5, what do you think?

Numbah 5: I think Mac, too. He’s pretty popular. He could slide through this, easy!

(Edd still looks hesitant.)

Edd: I suppose so… So it’s Mac, correct? Well, I guess that’s our decision.

Ed: It’s going to be for the best, Double D!

Numbah 5: Besides, Daria is more desperate than Mac. I think she’d be more loyal to us.

Edd: Right. But, we should still do the best of our ability to win immunity... I don’t think going to Tribal Council again is something that we should look forward.

Numbah 5: Oh, definitely! It’s just good to have a plan…We should head back now. We’ve got water, and it gettin’ dark.

Ed: Okay!

(The three of them head back to camp, and, as Numbah 5 said, the sun is going down, as day 14 ends. Next, we begin day 15.)

Day 15 – Anime Tribe

(The next morning, as usual, Miriallia is already awake, but today she is joined by Nenene. They both sit around the fire, chatting.)

Nenene: Today’s challenge is important… I really don’t feel like going to Tribal Council and seeing if we convinced Yuki to switch.

Miriallia: Yeah, I totally agree. I don’t like having no power in this situation… I mean, there has to be something we can do.

Nenene: Well… Unless we want to try to get Yuki out, we don’t really have a choice.

(Miriallia thinks this idea over for a minute, before smiling.)

Miriallia: But that’s actually good idea! We can go to Koizumi, Kaoru, and Gaku later, and talk to them about it.

Nenene: I guess so… But what if they stick with whoever their target is? We’d be totally screwed.

Miriallia: I’d say Koizumi is likely to listen to us. He…(She trails off.)

Nenene: He what? What did he do?

Miriallia: Well… He thinks we haven’t talked to Yuki…But he said he didn’t either!

Nenene: First off, we all know that’s a load of crap. Besides, situations change. We can just claim that we’ve talked to them since then.

Miriallia: Yeah, good point... Let’s talk it over with Winry later.

Nenene: Eh, it could work. I don’t trust the other alliance at all, but if they know as much as we do, they’ll do it. It’s just a temporary solution, though. Miriallia’s screwed if it works out, though, if we go to Tribal Council again, thanks to those votes from our last Tribal Council. It's not me, though, so I'm fine with it.

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, today’s early risers are Daria and Mac. They sit near the fire, trying to keep warm on a chilly day.)

Daria (very sarcastic): …This is a great day. Some rain would make it just perfect.

Mac: Ugh… Don’t jinx us. Out here, that would probably happen.

Daria: Unfortunately for us; it wouldn’t be a surprise out here.

Mac: Yeah… Although it hasn’t rained lately…Maybe we’ll get lucky today. I really don’t want to have to try to win an immunity challenge in the rain.

Daria: Yeah… This is a really important immunity challenge. If we lose, one of us might be voted out. (She starts talking quietly.) But, I’m trying to get Numbah 5 on our side. I’m not convinced that we have her, though.

Mac (quiet): Well, there’s nothing else we can really do…

Daria: Right. All we have to do now is wait... This is going to be interesting.

Mac: Really? How?

Daria: Just like last time, it’s going to be close. And everyone will be depending on Numbah 5.

Mac: Yeah, I guess so… Although, I wouldn’t exactly use “Interesting” to describe it…

(Daria just shrugs.)

Mac: I really don’t want to go to Tribal Council again… I trust them, but with only one person outside of the alliance, I’m low on the chopping block. So I’ve decided to make the first move… But Daria is trying to convince Numbah 5, so we have a chance…I’d just prefer not to find out.

Anime Tribe

(At the Anime Tribe, more people are now awake. Winry is tending the fire with Miriallia as they chat.)

Miriallia: Well, we have to win today… It’s really important for us.

Winry: Yeah, totally. Otherwise… Tribal Council would be pretty chaotic. And I really don’t feel like seeing my name come up.

Miriallia: Oh, yeah. It’d be even worse than last time…

Winry: And that was pretty bad!

Miriallia: Yeah… (She starts speaking quietly.) Nenene and I came up with a different plan, though.

Winry (also quiet): Well…What is it?

Miriallia: Well…We want to go to Koizumi, and try to get them to vote out Yuki…

Winry (thinks it over for a second): …Yeah. But if they don’t go along with it, then we’re screwed. At best, it would be a 3-3-1 vote. And then we’d be in a really bad spot... Yuki obviously won't vote for himself.

Miriallia: Well…We have more influence in Koizumi than Yuki. And that’s really what it comes down to, in my opinion.

(Winry shrugs.)

Winry: I guess so…Let’s try it.

Miriallia: Okay. The 3 of us will walk to him later.

Winry: Sure…

Winry: I wasn’t really sure of Nenene and Miriallia’s plan. I think we’d have a better chance at convincing one person than three! Come on, that’s just logical, right?

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, everyone is now awake. Near the shelter, Daria and Numbah 5 are quietly talking.)

Numbah 5: ...It’s Mac. The Eds want ‘im out next.

Daria (surprised): Seriously? … But I’ve got Mac with us…We should still vote out Edd. We have the majority between the 3 of us.

Numbah 5: Well… We shouldn’t splinter this tribe, you know, if we don’t need to! Everyone votes out Mac, and we’re all safe. Especially with the merge comin’.

Daria: But then, if we lose again, we can only tie.

Numbah 5: And then we vote out Double D! He’s got the only votes of all of us, it would be easy.

Daria: Right…Yeah, I guess that’ll happen.

Daria: I wasn’t convinced that it should be Mac. If we’re going to do a coup, we should do it now before it blows up in our faces.

Immunity Challenge

(Both tribes head on in to their respective mats for their latest immunity challenge. Minamo, of course, is already there, with two podiums, one purple, one green, to her sides.)

Minamo: Okay, first thing, I’m going to need the immunity idol back…

(Winry goes over and gives it to her.)

Minamo: Alright for today’s challenge, we’re going to be asking you about your general Survivor experience. One from each tribe will head up to the podium, and I’ll ask the question. You’ll both right down the answers on the provided chalkboards. If you get it right, go to the back of the line, if you’re wrong; please take a seat, because you’ll be out. Whichever tribe runs out first loses. Sound simple?

(Everyone understands, and some, like Edd and Daria, are smiling…Or half-smiling, in Daria’s case.)

Minamo: Okay, Anime Tribe, since you have 2 extra people, 2 of you have to sit out. You can’t sit out of back to back challenges, so Kaoru and Nenene will be competing. Who’ll it be?

(It’s eventually decided to be Koizumi and Winry.)

Minamo: Okay, come over and take a seat. I’ll give the rest of you a second to decide the order.

(They talk it over, and it’s decided. For the Anime Tribe, it’s Nenene, Yuki, Gaku, Miriallia, and Kaoru. For the Toon Tribe, it’s Edd, Daria, Numbah 5, Mac, and Ed.)

Minamo: First up: Edd vs. Nenene. Head up to your podiums. The first question is: What was the first day it rained out here?

(Both quickly scribble answers, and reveal them when Minamo gives the signal. Edd has “6” written down, but Nenene has “5” written down.)

Minamo: … And the correct answer is 6! Edd, go to the back of the line, but Nenene, take a seat next to Koizumi and Winry.

(Nenene frowns as she heads to her seat, and our next contestants, Daria and Yuki take the podium.)

Minamo: Okay, next question: How many votes have been cast at this point?

(Both think for a second, but write down the answers. They reveal, and both have “29” on their chalkboards.)

Minamo: And 29 is correct! Both of you can head to the back of the line.

(They do so, and then Numbah 5 and Gaku go to the podiums.)

Minamo: Third question: How many challenges has the Anime Tribe won, compared to the overall amount of challenges at this point?

(Gaku writes something down quickly, but it takes Numbah 5 a moment before she writes her answer down. Both reveal, and they both have 6/9.)

Minamo: 6/9 is the correct answer! You both can head back.

(Next up, is Miriallia and Mac.)

Minamo: Next question: In the remaining contestants’ names (Abigail, Edd, Ed, Mac, Daria, Kaoru, Koizumi, Nenene, Winry, Gaku, Miriallia, and Yuki), what is the most common letter?

(They both struggle with it, but write something down. Mac has “A” written down, while Miriallia has “I” written down.)

Minamo: The right answer is…I! Mac, take a seat.

(Mac, being the first Toon Tribe member out, takes a seat. Next up, Kaoru and Ed.)

Minamo: In all of the contestants’ names, which is the least common vowel?

(They both write something down. Kaoru has “U”, and Ed has “Q” written down, for some odd reason.)

Minamo: And the right answer is “O”. Both of you, take a seat. Now each tribe is down to 3 people.

(Next are our first repeats, even though they didn’t go against each other round. Yuki vs. Edd are up, and they take the stage.)

Minamo: And now, the sixth question. Multiply the number of days spent out here, including today, by the number of people voted out. Then divide that by the number of letters in the shortest name.

(It doesn’t take them too long, and they both write down “30”.)

Minamo: And 30 is correct. Both of you remain in the game.

(The next 2 up are Daria and Gaku.)

Minamo: Next question: Take the number of people who will remain on day 23, assuming 1 person is voted out every 3 days, and multiply it by the number of letters in my name.

(It takes them a moment, but both write something down. Daria has “63” while Gaku has “54” written down.)

Minamo: The right answer is…63! Gaku, take a seat.

(He does so; Miriallia and Numbah 5 go to the podium.)

Minamo: Of all the castaways voted out, who had the most letters in their name?

(Miriallia and Numbah 5 both take their time with this, but both write something down eventually. They reveal, and both have “Hitomi” written down.)

Minamo: Hitomi is correct. Next up: Edd vs. Yuki. Your question is: If the tribes were mixed up, with the people with the 6 names starting highest in the alphabet on Tribe A, and the others on Tribe B, how many Anime Tribe members would be on Tribe A?

(They both write down their answers quickly. Edd has “2” written down, while Yuki has “1”.)

Minamo: The correct answer is… 2. Yuki, take a seat. Now it’s just Miriallia vs. Daria, Numbah 5, and Edd. The next question is: Name the prizes from all 5 reward challenges so far.

(Both think, and Daria writes something down first. Miriallia, taking her time, writes something down soon after. Daria has “Comforts-Fruits-Fishing gear-Soda-Cake,” while Miriallia has “Blankets & Pillows-Fishing pole & spear-Fresh fruits-Soda-Cake.)

Minamo: … And Miriallia’s answer is correct, Daria’s isn’t. Daria, take a seat.

(She does, as Numbah 5 takes her place.)

Minamo: Next question: In the immunity challenge on day 9, who were the last 5 people to fall, and in what order, going from last person to 5th place?

(Both Miriallia and Numbah 5 try to recall the challenge, but it’s not easy for either of them. Eventually, they both write something down. Miriallia has “Ed-Yuki-Numbah 5-Winry-Gaku”, but Numbah 5 has “Ed-Yuki-Numbah 5-Gaku-Winry”.)

Minamo: If Miriallia has this wrong, then the Toon Tribe wins immunity... Only 1 of you has it right, and it is…Numbah 5! Toon Tribe wins immunity!

(Immediately, the Toon Tribe starts celebrating, while the Anime Tribe looks depressed, especially Miriallia and Yuki.)

Yuki: I feel that this was a bad loss for us. We weren’t crushed, but I feel like some of us, like myself or Gaku, should have done much better than we actually did. And Tribal Council tonight will not be pleasant.

Edd: I am quite pleased with this victory. This was a very good challenge for myself and others in our tribe, and I feel that we did not disappoint.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, everyone is obviously disheartened after losing the latest immunity challenge. They’re all sitting in a circle, while Miriallia cooks some rice.)

Winry: Man, I can’t believe that we have to go Tribal Council, again!

Gaku: Yeah… Tribal Council sucks…

Koizumi: Well, we’ll just need to do better at the next immunity challenge.

Miriallia: Yeah, there’s nothing we can do now; we going to have to vote someone out… Anyone feel like fishing quickly? Just for something to go with this rice.

(Miriallia looks at Nenene as she says this. Nenene notices, and nods back to her)

Nenene: Eh, I might as well go. Yuki, mind coming with me?

(All the guys look worried at this prospect; although Koizumi and Kaoru try to look normal. Gaku just looks panicked.)

Yuki: Um…Alright.

(Somewhat reluctantly, he gets up, and they leave. After a moment, Miriallia and Winry turn to address the remaining guys.)

Winry: Hey, guys, we need to talk strategy.

Gaku: Eh, about what?

Miriallia: Well…We want to vote out Yuki tonight. Everyone knows he’s the swing vote, but we should take our fate in this game into our own hands. He's too indecisive about who he's voting for...

Winry: If all of us, plus Nenene vote him out, then his decision won’t matter.

Koizumi: But…How do you know that he’s the swing vote?

Winry: Because we’ve been talking to him, and we know for a fact you have, too.

Gaku (surprised): What? How do you know that?!

Winry: Yuki pretty much admitted it. He’s not 100% loyal to you.

(Gaku, Koizumi, and Kaoru all glance at each other, more worried at this announcement.)

Kaoru: …That’s worrisome.

Koizumi: And you’re proposing… That we all vote him out?

(Miriallia and Winry both nod.)

Winry: Exactly.

(There’s a pause as the guys all think about it.)

Gaku: I think we should do it… It seems really smart!

Koizumi: Right…

Kaoru: What Miriallia and Winry said…It threw a wrench in our plans. On one hand, Yuki could screw us over if we don't. On the other, Miriallia, Winry, and Nenene could do the same if we do go along with it. It's not a fun position to be in.

(Out in the forest, Yuki and Nenene are walking with their fishing equipment, as they chat.)

Nenene: Listen, Yuki, this’ll be the last time I’ll say this. If you don’t vote with us now, you’re going to get really screwed down the road by Koizumi.

Yuki: And he’s your target tonight?

Nenene: Yeah. You can’t trust him at all.

Yuki: … I’ll think about it.

Nenene (frowning): …Sure.

Toon Tribe

(Over in the victorious Toon Tribe, they’re celebrating by all gathering around the fire, eating some rice, and a little fruit.)

Mac: That was really impressive, guys! We owned them in that challenge!

Numbah 5: Eh, It was nothin’. Questions got harder toward the end, though.

Daria: Right. At least we won, though.

Edd: I am quite happy with our overall performance in the premier mental challenge of this game. We were, as Mac said, very impressive.

Ed: And we don’t have to go to Tribal Council! We all survived!

Mac: Yeah, that’s even better!

Edd: I hope that we can continue with this success, and build more on this victory than previous ones.

Ed: Yeah!

Numbah 5: Yeah, especially with the merge comin’ up. Best we can do now is a tie.

Daria: But there’s only 1 more immunity challenge. We have a good chance of getting to the merge tied…

Numbah 5: Well, the only thin’ to do is wait, and try our best….

Edd: This victory makes us have a probable chance of tying at the merge. The only thing left to do is win the next immunity; but that will be extremely difficult.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, Yuki and Nenene have returned, and the meal has been completed, as the alliance of Gaku, Kaoru, and Koizumi are all talking quietly on the beach.)

Koizumi: So…What do we think of their plan? It is quite a risk; they could turn on us.

Kaoru: Yeah… I believe that there’s about a 50% chance of that happening.

Gaku: I really think that we should do it! It gets us in a good position if it happens!

Koizumi: …How does this put us into a good position? You’re not thinking straight, Gaku.

Gaku: Well… If Yuki is voted out, we don’t have any tensions in the tribe, so that’s good. And we would be in a good position if we lost next week, too! We could all just vote out Miriallia, since she has 3 past votes!

(There’s a pause as Koizumi and Kaoru think this over.)

Kaoru: …But they could screw us over, and then we’d be in the minority.

Gaku: Yuki could screw us over, too, ‘cause of Nenene! And I trust Miriallia more than I trust Yuki!

Kaoru (now convinced): …And Yuki does have an alliance with Nenene.

Koizumi: Well…What should we do? Shall we vote for Winry or Yuki?

Kaoru: Hm…

Tribal Council

(Going to their second Tribal Council, the Anime Tribe walks in and takes a seat. And unsurprisingly, Minamo is there already waiting for them.)

Minamo: Okay, Anime Tribe, welcome to your 2nd Tribal Council. And as always, let’s start with some questions. Nenene, do you think that the Toon Tribe’s making a comeback, or was this just another unlucky challenge?

Nenene: Of course they’re trying to make a comeback! And if we don’t take them seriously, we’re going to keep losing to them.

Minamo: And Kaoru, the Anime Tribe started really well off, but your results have middled lately. Any idea why?

Kaoru: They’ve become determined, that’s all it is. They probably realize how much they need the challenges now.

Minamo: Alright… Last time you were here, the vote was very close… Yuki, do you think that that’ll happen again?

Yuki: Well, with the way the game is going, that’s what I would assume.

Minamo: And is the outcome definite tonight?

(Yuki thinks this over for a minute.)

Yuki: Yes, it seems to be.

Minamo: Alright, let’s start the voting. Winry, you’re up first.

(Our first voter goes up to the voting are. She casts her vote for YUKI.)

Winry: You were caught between 2 alliances and waffled. That’s why you’re getting my vote. Try being more decisive next time.

(With that remark, Winry takes a seat, and then Koizumi goes. We don’t see his vote.)

(Koizumi returns to the tribe, and Yuki goes. We don’t see his vote either.)

(Yuki returns to his seat, and Miriallia goes up to vote. Like Winry, she votes YUKI.)

Miriallia: Sorry… But I’ve gotta do this.

(Miriallia also returns to her seat, as Gaku goes to vote.)

(After casting the vote, Gaku returns to his seat, and Kaoru takes his place.)

(As Kaoru sits back down, Nenene goes up and casts her vote. She also votes YUKI.)

Nenene: This is a cut throat game. Maybe you should realize that.

(Nenene takes a seat, and Minamo addresses them.)

Minamo: I’ll go tally the votes.

(She heads off screen, and then back on screen, this time with the jar of votes.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever receives the most votes will be asked to leave the tribal are immediately. Let’s read the votes.

(She takes out the first one.)

Minamo: First vote – KOIZUMI.

(Koizumi just smiles, looking at the Yuki.)

Minamo: Second vote – YUKI. That’s 1 vote Koizumi, 1 vote Yuki.

(Yuki looks very surprised at this vote. He tries to hide it, but isn’t happy with the vote at all.)

Minamo: Third vote – YUKI. 2 votes Yuki, 1 vote Koizumi.

(Yuki glances around at his tribe, but remains calm.)

Minamo: Fourth vote – YUKI. 3 votes Yuki, 1 vote Koizumi.

(Now, Yuki just looks straight at the voting urn.)

Minamo: Fifth vote… And 5th person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor – YUKI. That’s 4, that’s enough. Yuki, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

(He does so, and Minamo extinguishes it.)

Minamo: Yuki… The tribe has spoken.

(Yuki then walks out of Tribal Council. Afterwards, Minamo, once again, addresses the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: This has been your second in the past nine days. But you really need to win next week, because something very special is coming up. Head back to camp.

(The tribe of now only 6 takes their belongings and leaves Tribal Council.)

Yuki: I’m not sure what happened. For now, I can only assume that my being the swing vote tonight cost me…This has been an interesting experience…I though that I would do better, but there’s nothing I can do now.

Next time, on Survivor!

- With only one immunity challenge until the merge, both tribes desperately want to claim it.

- One tribe member becomes fed up with another, changing everyone’s game plan.

- When one castaway finds out that they’ve been on the chopping block, they start to plot revenge.


Yuki (6) – Kaoru, Winry, Koizumi, Nenene, Gaku, Miriallia

Koizumi (1) - Yuki

Author's Notes

And, yeah, there goes arguably the most popular series from my fanfic (and probably character as well). I'm guessing not too many people are exactly overjoyed at the ending, but oh well, I like this plot a lot, actually. I wasn't too sure how someone like Yuki would approach the game, to be honest; how social he would be around 7 strangers, or how cut throat his strategy would be. And I liked the way he turned out, especially in regards to the latter part – I'm not sure he would know how he'd play the game, either. It's a shame he had to go early, he definitely could have done much better, final 4 possibly, if he played his cards better. But that wavering caught up to him, especially with people like Nenene and Koizumi around. Oh well, Fruits Basket is a series I really do enjoy, I probably could have fit a lot of the characters here and had a lot of fun with them.

Next episode? Well, the chaos on both tribes continues, and gets especially interesting with the dreaded merge right around the corner. Yep, as if Minamo's last line and the preview haven't already made it totally clear – the next episode is the last before the merge, and everyone's feeling the pressure. Will the Anime Tribe have the advantage, or will the Toon Tribe be able to tie it up? And, of course, will the tribes even stick together after all the premerge chaos going on? Well, you'll just have to find out next time, now won't you?