Episode 4 - But…you just said the opposite!

Minamo: Previously, on Survivor!

(A shot of the Toon Tribe returning from Tribal Council.)

Minamo: The Toon Tribe was down to 6, as clear factions emerged.

(There’s a shot of Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5 talking, and another shot of Daria and Stacy talking.)

Minamo: …These alliances fought over Mac, who was in the middle of it.

(A shot of Daria and Stacy talking.)

Daria (realization): We need Mac.

Minamo: Meanwhile, on the Anime Tribe, the 3 alliances all had their own agendas…

(There’s a shot of Hitomi, Nenene, and Yuki talking.)

Hitomi (quiet): We should start talking to people.

Minamo: And when the Anime Tribe attended their first Tribal Council, it was Hitomi who paid the price.

(A shot of Hitomi’s torch being extinguished.)

Minamo: 13 remain, who will be voted out next?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi - Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy - Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria

Day 9 (After Tribal Council)

(After voting out Hitomi, the Anime Tribe has returned back to their to camp. Off to one side of the shelter, Yuki is obviously deep in thought.)

Yuki: Last night did not go the way we planned for it at all… We obviously failed to convince Winry and anyone else to cast their vote for Miriallia. This puts Nenene and myself in an extremely bad position; we’re targets now, as the only ones who voted for Miriallia..

(Over at the other end of the shelter, Nenene is also thinking about her position in tribe. After thinking for a minute, she lays down, trying to sleep.)

Nenene: Damn it, that was not good at all. And now I’m in a bad position. Go me. I need to make another ally or 2 fast, or this might end my game. But don’t count me out just yet…

(As the two allies continue to think about ways to avoid being voted out next, time passes, and eventually they both fall to sleep like the rest of their tribe.)

Day 10 – Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe the next morning, some have risen already, like Edd and Daria, but the rest have decided to sleep in.)

Edd (yawning): Well, it seems dry enough to make a fire…

Daria: Yeah. We need to make some food to eat.

Edd: Agreed... Shall we wake the others?

Daria: Nah. Maybe later. There’s no reason right now without anything done.

Edd: Alright. Do you have enough firewood to make a fire?

(Daria looks at the small pile.)

Daria: Not enough to keep it going. We should get some.

Edd: Then let’s go.

(They head off into the forest.)

Edd: It appears that our tribe has started improve morale after the beginning days… We have the ability to make a fire again and additionally, we were victorious in the last immunity challenge. It was a much needed victory for us.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, it seems they’ve all slept in after returning from a late Tribal Council. However, Gaku is already up, as is Koizumi. They’re both sitting around the fire, talking.)

Koizumi: That went well, don’t you think?

Gaku: Yeah… I don’t want to have to it again, though. I don’t like voting people off!

(Koizumi shrugs.)

Koizumi: Well, it is an individual game. Remember, only one person can win in the end.

Gaku: I know… But we’re supposed to be a team now. We won’t be one later after the merge, I know that, but we are now...

Koizumi: Well, it will just get harder. But, if we win immunity, we won’t have to deal with voting people off.

Gaku: So all we have to do is win immunity!

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: That’s right…

Koizumi: Gaku seemed to be slightly depressed after voting Hitomi out last night... That doesn’t bode well for his future in this game, where it’ll only get more cut throat. And if he doubts the alliance, it will cause disaster for us…

Gaku: I just don’t want to vote anyone teammates out! When it’s individual, I think it’ll be better, ‘cause we have to go to Tribal Council... I hope…

Toon Tribe

(A bit later, Daria and Edd are returning from their expedition for firewood; meanwhile, Mac and Numbah 5 have woken up as well.)

Numbah 5: Ya back?

Daria: We needed more firewood to keep a fire going. I think we can finally make another one. We need to eat something.

Mac: Yeah, we do... Do we have anything else besides rice?

Daria: No. Unless you want to try to fish without any supplies.

Mac: Um… No thanks.

(Daria nods.)

Daria: Good move.

(She sits down and starts working on the fire. It doesn’t take her very long to start it.)

Daria: Someone hand me the bag of rice.

(Numbah 5 hands the bag of rice to Daria. Daria takes some rice out of there, and puts it in the pot they have.)

Mac: Should we wake up Ed and Stacy?

Numbah 5: Let ‘em sleep…

Anime Tribe

(And once again, we switch over to the Anime Tribe. Besides Gaku and Koizumi, now Miriallia and Nenene are also up. However, at the camp, Koizumi and Gaku are both absent, out to collecting some firewood.)

Miriallia: Should we wait to make some food, or should we just make some now, and warm it up later?

Nenene: Make it now. We’re all hungry, and it’ll be fine later.

Miriallia: I guess that makes sense… It would be kinda mean, though. I think we should just wait.

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: Whatever you want. You’re the one cooking the food, you get the final decision.

Miriallia: Okay... We’re going to wait

Nenene: Sure…

Nenene: Sure, it might be a good idea to tread carefully now. But that’s not really me. Besides, I don’t really have any idea about what’s going on behind the scenes in camp. So, whatever…

(Out in the forest, Koizumi and Gaku are, as mentioned, gathering firewood. However, they are continuing to talk about the game, with Koizumi doing most of the talking.)

Koizumi: … So, we need to figure out if we should get Yuki or Nenene as an ally, since otherwise, they could team up to put us in the minority at the next Tribal Council.

Gaku: Right… I don’t think Kaoru likes Yuki, though. And I don’t think Nenene would be a good ally since we voted out Hitomi.

Koizumi: I believe that she would be loyal to any alliance. She’s not in a position to be that picky…

Gaku: She has no reason to be loyal to us! We voted out her friend…. Besides, she has Yuki, too. Hey, what about Miriallia and Winry for an alliance?

Koizumi: Miriallia and Winry are too close. As for Nenene, I think she isn’t that close to Yuki. They seem to barely talk. She could become more loyal to us if we make the right moves...

Gaku: But…you just said the opposite!

(Koizumi shrugs.)

Koizumi: Well… I believe that she would be loyal to someone she was close with, and she isn’t that close with Yuki.

Gaku: None of us are close to her, either…

Koizumi: We could become close to her. It wouldn’t be very difficult.

Gaku: I’m not sure about that…. I think Yuki would be a better choice! I still think Nenene would be difficult. Yuki… I think we could get him on our side.

Koizumi: An all male alliance? That would be interesting.

Gaku: Well…. Yeah, I guess so. Hey, shouldn’t we be talking with Kaoru, too?

(Koizumi shrugs again.)

Koizumi: Yes, I suppose so. But we need to talk about it, and Kaoru’s currently asleep.

Gaku: Right, right….

Gaku: Koizumi seems like all he thinks about is the game! Everything he does is part of some plan…He’s really smart, though, so he’s good to have an alliance though! It's kinda dangerous, though, at the same time...

Toon Tribe

(Later at the Toon Tribe, everyone is now awake, with the shelter being empty. Putting their plan into action, Stacy and Daria are talking to Mac at the side of camp, while the others are out.)

Stacy: It was great to not have to go to Tribal Council last night…

Mac: Yeah, it was really nice. Ed did great in that challenge.

Daria: Yeah… He did.

Stacy: Let’s continue that win! Keep the momentum going!

(Daria rolls her eyes.)

Daria: You sound like some annoying cheerleader.

Stacy: Well, duh, Daria. I’m trying to be a cheerleader.

Daria: Right, sure…

(Daria and Stacy share a quick look and nod.)

Stacy: Hey Mac….

Mac: Yeah? What is it?

Stacy: Well, uh… Daria and I were wondering…

Daria (interrupting): We were wondering if you would join our alliance. Then, we could take out Edd and have the majority.

Mac: Um… Sure.

(Daria’s not convinced at all by his answer.)

Daria: Don’t be uncertain… Listen, Edd is weak. We need to get him out for this tribe to do well in the future. And either you’re out next, or out soon. Those three are solid.

Mac: I guess…

Daria (after a pause): Do you have an alliance with them? Because if you do, you have to know they’ll get rid of you.

Mac: Wh-why would you think that?

(Mac’s stumbling just convinces Daria further. She smirks, now sure of that fact.)

Daria: Because. The only reason to have an alliance with your enemy, who was you, would be that they were scared of something.

Mac: Like what?

Daria: Us causing a tie, and ousting them. Edd is the only one here with previous votes. If there was a tie, he would be out for sure..

Stacy: Totally. They’re scared of us! And we need to prove them right.

Mac: I don’t know…Edd is smart.

Daria: And how many mental challenges have we had?

Stacy: Very few. Like, only one or something.

Daria: And we lost both of those. His brain isn’t anything we can’t do without.

Stacy: And we voted off Jimmy, too! So we don’t really need brains….

(Mac takes a moment for responding.)

Mac: Right. I’ll think about it, okay?

(Stacy and Daria share another look, not entirely happy with that answer.)

Stacy: Um…okay.

Mac: Okay. I’m gonna go help Numbah 5 get fire wood. We’re running low now… Later.

(He gets up and leaves. As soon as they’re sure he’s gone and out of earshot, Daria and Stacy talk in low voices.)

Stacy: That was not good, at all. He was so, non-committed. I’m worried.

Daria: We can’t trust him. We should talk to him more.

(Stacy nods.)

Stacy: Right. Maybe we can convince him.

Daria: We don’t have a choice.

Stacy: Yeah….

Stacy: It is so important for us to get Mac on our side… And he has that alliance with the others, too, which is really bad! But unless we can convince him to be on our side, then either me or Daria will go next time we go Tribal Council… I just hope it’s not me.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, everyone is also now awake. And over down on the beach, Kaoru, Koizumi, and Gaku are talking.)

Kaoru: Yuki or Nenene? Tough choice... I would prefer neither, honestly. I don’t trust Yuki, and Nenene wouldn’t be a good ally.

Gaku: I think Yuki would be better….

Kaoru: He’s too guarded... We can’t predict what he’s going to do.

Gaku: Still… Nenene might be mad about the vote! I don’t think Yuki would be.

Koizumi: There’s also the matter of loyalty. I believe that Nenene would be better for that.

Gaku: Huh, you think so?

Kaoru (thinks): Not if she was mad about us voting out Hitomi… Maybe Yuki would be better after all. I don’t think he would betray us.

Koizumi (conceding): So, both of you believe Yuki is better? I guess we should go with him, then.

Kaoru: I’ll talk to him if we go fishing today.

Koizumi: Right. Then we’re in agreement?

Gaku: Yep!

Koizumi: We decided on Yuki for an alliance member. It doesn’t matter; it doesn’t seem like either of our choices are that good. And I would prefer to not insist on anything if it could alienate Gaku and Kaoru. So, Yuki it is for us.

(Back at the camp, Miriallia and Winry are also talking.)

Winry: That vote went pretty well, actually. I thought the guys might have voted you out for a second.

Miriallia: Yeah…I was really nervous for a minute. Did Minamo have to read, like all of the votes for me first?

(Winry shrugs.)

Winry: Had to create suspense, I guess.

Miriallia: Maybe… But now, we’re kinda in a weird position. Koizumi, Kaoru, and Gaku are the biggest alliance here. And don’t forget, Koizumi is trying to manipulate us, or something.

Winry: Yeah, we need to get them out. But for that, we’d need Yuki and Nenene…

Miriallia (continuing the though): And they targeted us. We can’t really trust them.

Winry: So we’re screwed either way. Gah, this sucks!

Miriallia: Yeah… Do we want to trust Koizumi and the others? Or do we want to try to align with Yuki and Nenene?

(Winry takes a minute to think it over.)

Winry: Hm… Neither.

Miriallia: That would be even worse… We need to do something, make some kind of move…

Winry: Yeah, I get that… But all our options suck.

Miriallia: Let’s think about this some more, later, kay? We need time to think this through.

Winry: Sure.

Winry: I don’t want to be in an alliance with Koizumi, and I don’t want to be in an alliance with Yuki and Nenene…This isn’t good at all.

Toon Tribe

(Once again, we’re at the Toon Tribe, towards the end of the day. Ed and Mac are out gathering firewood, as it’s in short supply, apparently. Ed is obviously frustrated with this.)

Ed: Why is it so hard to find?

Mac: Um…I don’t know, Ed.

Ed: We need to find some to eat! Otherwise, no food means no energy, and no energy means no winning, and no winning means going to Tribal Council, which means being voted out, which means facing angry Sarah! I don’t wanna face angry Sarah!

(Mac’s thoroughly confused by Ed at this point.)

Mac: Um….Who’s Sarah, Ed?

Ed: My sister!

Mac: Um... Alright, Ed.

(There’s a pause.)

Ed: Do we have enough?

Mac: Maybe a little more…

Ed: Okay!

(Ed takes the machete they brought with them, and in one swing, takes down a decently sized tree. He stands back as Mac stares in awe.)

Mac: That was amazing, Ed! Why didn’t you do it before?

(Ed shrugs.)

Ed: Dunno!

Mac: Um, but… How are we going to get it back to camp?

(In response, Ed picks the entire tree up and starts heading back to camp. Mac stares in awe for another second, before chasing after him. As they head back, the remaining sun disappears, and turns into night)

Day 11 – Anime Tribe

(The next day, over in the Anime Tribe, only a few are up the next morning. This awake group includes Koizumi, Miriallia, and Nenene, preventing any strategic talk.)

Koizumi: Well, we should have another challenge today... It would be unfortunate for them to win this one, and become convinced the last one wasn’t a fluke.

(Miriallia nods, agreeing.)

Miriallia: Winning challenges is always a good idea.

Nenene: Might be tough, though. Now they actually believe they can win. (She shrugs.)

Koizumi: I believe we could prove them wrong... We have an excellent track record in challenges so far...

Miriallia: So we can hopefully win this one, too. Reward challenges are my favorite. There’s a lot less pressure to win them.

Nenene: Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to win.

Miriallia: Oh yeah, I know! It’s just less disappointing if we lose the reward challenge, than if we lose the immunity challenge.

Koizumi: I agree. Although, I believe winning all challenges is important.

Nenene: Definitely. Winning is always a good thing to do.

Miriallia: A challenge is always exciting… We really want to win this one, since we lost the last one we had. We need to get back on track!

Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe, Daria and Edd are once again the early risers. However, now in the camp, there is a large tree, courteous of Ed.)

Edd: Good morning, Daria...

Daria: Right. (She glances at the tree.) Did he really knock it down and carry it here?

Edd: Ed? I believe he did. He is quite strong, after all.

Daria: Yeah… But no one is that strong.

Edd: Well, Ed is. I’m not quite positive how, but he is.

Daria: … If you say so. But why didn’t he do it before?

Edd: Well, Ed… He is not the most logical person.

Daria (sarcastically): No, really?

(Edd chuckles.)

Daria: He’s really that strong, though?

Edd: Trust me, he is… Now, do we have enough supplies for cooking this fine morning?

Daria: Yeah, I think so. Thanks to this tree.

(Daria gets up, takes the machete, and cuts off a branch.)

Edd: Anything else we need?

Daria: Some water.

Edd: Alright. Shall we wait for more to get up, or shall we go get it now?

Daria: Eh, let’s go.

(They head out to get some water.)

Anime Tribe

(Later, at the Anime Tribe, everyone is now awake. Gaku and Winry are talking near the edge of camp.)

Gaku: I wonder what the reward will be for the challenge….I hope it’s really good!

Winry: Yeah, some chocolate would be nice!

Gaku: Yep, I would like that… Or some kind of cake!

Nenene (calling from the side): Hey, stop talking about food! You’re making all of us hungry!

Koizumi: Nenene’s right… You’re just making our hunger worse. No offense to Miriallia, but I believe we would all prefer sweets to what we have out here.

Miriallia: No, I totally agree.

Kaoru: Now I’m hungry for something sugary… (He gets up.) Speaking of food, I’m going to go fish. Would anyone care to join me?

(Yuki stands up as well.)

Yuki: I’ll come.

Kaoru: Alright.

(They grab the supplies and head out.)

Koizumi (softly, to himself): Good…

(The next shot, is that of Yuki and Kaoru unsurprisingly fishing. Yuki is using the fishing pole and Kaoru uses the spear.)

Kaoru: I volunteered to make the alliance with Yuki, since we fish together often... It’s hard to tell how he’ll react. Guess we’ll find out. (He shrugs.)

Kaoru (breaking a pause): Hey Yuki…

Yuki (concentrating on fishing): Hm?

Kaoru: …What would you think of an alliance?

(Yuki doesn’t respond right away, thinking about it before he responds.)

Yuki: Between whom? You, me, Koizumi, and Gaku?

Kaoru: Yeah… The 4 of us would make up the majority.

Yuki: Hm… What about Nenene?

Kaoru: We don’t need her… But if you like, we can keep her around for a few votes, assuming we go to Tribal Council.

(Yuki nods, happy with this arrangement.)

Yuki: …Sure. That would be fine.

Kaoru: Making an alliance with Yuki went fine, I guess. (He shrugs.) But he’s so damn quiet, I don’t know what he’s going to do. I don’t fully trust him, and honestly? There’s no reason he should trust us, either.

Yuki: Kaoru suddenly asked me for an alliance. I was happy to get one, although, I did want Nenene to be included as well. Still, it’s a selfish game, and I need to look out for myself.

Reward Challenge

(We now skip over to the reward challenge. The Toon Tribe arrives first, and as always, Minamo is waiting for them, with two small chests behind her, and a basket with a hood over it. They go to their platform, and Minamo addresses them as the Anime Tribe goes in.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, you’re getting your first look at the Anime Tribe. Hitomi voted out at Tribal Council.

(None of the Toon Tribe members are too upset or surprised, as they don’t really know the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Alright, let’s get to today’s challenge. Survivors, you’ll have to search in the forest for a large number of keys. Once you find one, head back, try to unlock one of your 6 locks on your tribe box. If it unlocks, then go get another. If it doesn’t fit, then it’s no good. Not all the keys open the locks, however. Also, the locks for each tribe are the exact same, so if a key doesn’t fit one of your boxes, then it won’t fit the other’s, either. First to open this box, and bring the contents back to their platform win. Everyone want to know what you’re playing for?

(Everyone is anxious to find out.)

Minamo: Okay, you’ll be playing for…

(She takes the hood off…)

Minamo: …Soft drinks!

(Underneath the hood, is a basket of various sodas.)

Minamo: You’ll get a large variety of sodas, 6 different flavors worth… Worth playing for?

(Everyone seems excited.)

Minamo: Okay, Anime Tribe, since you have 1 extra member, you need to sit out 1 guy. And since players can’t sit out of back-to-back challenges, whoever sits out here will have to compete for immunity.

(A short discussion and it is revealed that Gaku will sit out of this one.)

Minamo: Alright, Gaku, come take a seat. Survivors ready? Go!

(The competing 12 Survivors all run into the forest in a mad dash. None stick together, they all split up and look around. Soon after, Miriallia comes out with a key, followed by Numbah 5. Both run to their separate boxes. It takes a moment, but Numbah 5 gets her key in the lock, but Miriallia fails to do so.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 gets her key in, Miriallia doesn’t! The Toon Tribe leads 1-0!

(They both run into the forest, Numbah 5 with a lead.)

(At another point in the forest, Edd and Nenene both race for a key. Nenene narrowly wins it and runs back out. At the beach, she runs and gets the key into the lock quickly, tying it up.)

Minamo: Nenene gets the key into the lock, now it’s tied, 1-1!

(Soon after Nenene runs back into the forest, Edd and Mac both run out of different spots, both naturally having keys. They go to their box, and while Edd’s fits, Mac’s doesn’t.)

Minamo: Now it’s 2-1 Toon Tribe, Edd gets his in, Mac doesn’t!

(They both head back to the forest, although Edd runs slowly, getting tired. However, as soon as they head back in, Koizumi and Daria both also come out of the forest, with Koizumi having a slight lead. They both run to their boxes.)

Minamo: Daria and Koizumi race to their boxes, but neither key fits! Still 2-1, Toon Tribe leading!

(True to Minamo’s word, neither key fits into any lock, so Koizumi and Daria run back to the forest to continue to look for keys. It takes a minute, but the next person to run out is Mac. He runs, and gets the key in on his first try.)

Minamo: Now the Toon Tribe has increased their lead to 3-1!

(As Minamo announces that, there’s a shot of the Survivors in the forest. Some, like Kaoru and Yuki are just beginning to look frustrated, while Winry and Nenene are already frustrated. Miriallia and Koizumi just keep looking for more keys. As for the Toon Tribe, Ed just has a blank look on his face, Edd and Stacy seem tired, Daria is concentrating on finding a key, and Mac and Numbah 5 are just looking. It doesn’t take long for another person to find a key and run out.)

Minamo: Numbah 5! Comes out to try to increase their lead!

(She runs to go to her box. The first 2 locks she tries are busts, but the third actually fits in.)

Minamo: And Numbah 5’s key fits! The Toon Tribe is now leading 4-1! Anime Tribe, you’ve got to hurry!

(As soon as she says that, Kaoru comes out of the forest, with a key in his hand and a slight scowl on his face, due to the lack of success in this challenge so far. He quickly runs over to the box, and after a bit of struggle, gets the key in.)

Minamo: Now Kaoru’s got a key in! But the Anime Tribe is still trailing, 4-2.

(As Kaoru dashes back to the forest, Miriallia runs back out to the beach. She’s starting to slow down, however, clearly tired from the challenge. She gets to the box in decent time, however, and this key also fits in one of the locks.)

Minamo: Thanks to Miriallia, the scores now 4-3! Anime Tribe, you’re still in this!

(A quick reaction shot of the Survivors. For the most part, the Toon Tribe is starting to get worried, while the Anime Tribe speeds up their search. Then, another person runs out of the forest, and it’s…)

Minamo: Here comes Stacy!

(Stacy is running out, though she isn’t very quick. She gets over to the box, but her key doesn’t fit in. She is clearly annoyed and throws the key to the ground.)

Minamo: Stacy’s key doesn’t fit! Still 4-3, Toon Tribe leading, though!

(She jogs back into the forest, but as she reenters it, there’s another race to the boxes, between Daria and Yuki. However, Yuki easily wins it. He goes over and gets the key to fit in the lock quickly.)

Minamo: Yuki ties it up! 4-4 now!

(Soon after, Daria also gets her key in one of the locks.)

Minamo: But Daria puts the Toon Tribe back in the lead! 5-4, only 1 more key now!

(After Daria runs back into the forest, there is a pause before anyone comes back out. However, the next is a 4 way race – Ed, Mac, Koizumi and Nenene. Mac and Koizumi are the first 2 to reach their boxes, with Mac having a slight lead. However, his key doesn’t fit, and he lets Ed take over.)

Minamo: Mac’s doesn’t fit, but Koizumi’s does! If Ed’s or Nenene’s fit, they’re almost guaranteed to win!

(As said, Koizumi has gotten his key in, and lets Nenene try. Both Ed and Nenene take a moment, but eventually one fits, and it’s…)

Minamo: Toon Tribe! Opens their box!

(Ed and Mac open up their box, take the contents (a small version of the immunity idol), and Ed runs as fast as he cans to the platform. When he gets there, Minamo blows an airhorn she has.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe! Wins reward!

(As Mac and Ed celebrate, the other survivors come out of the forest slowly. Immediately, the other Toon Tribe members start celebrating, while the Anime Tribe members just go to their mat, depressed. When everyone is back, Minamo turns to address them.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, congrats on winning reward… You’ll have a large variety of soda back at camp, kay?

(She turns to the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Sorry, Anime Tribe, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

Kaoru: That was a bad challenge for us. We started off badly, came back, and still lost. That’s not what we needed at all.

Daria: Ed is becoming the best person on our tribe for challenges. We need him around if we want to keep winning these challenges.

Anime Tribe

(Back at camp, there’s a small circle hanging around the shelter. No one feels like working, especially after this lost.)

Nenene: That sucked. I mean, we almost had it, but we lost it…. That sucked. Whatever, life goes on.

Koizumi: Agreed. That was only made worse by our almost comeback.

Winry: Well… I don’t really feel like working… I really wanted those sodas!

Kaoru: Agreed...

(Miriallia shakes her head, not agreeing.)

Miriallia: That’ll make us just pity ourselves. In my opinion, if we want to get over it, we should do something other than sit in a circle and complain about losing.

Gaku: Yeah, sitting around is useless!

(Winry sighs.)

Winry: …What do we need to do?

Miriallia: Well, we could, um….

Gaku: We could make some food, that’d help!

Miriallia: Sure…We need some fire wood, though.

Gaku: I’ll get it!

(The only energetic one, Gaku, runs off into the forest.)

Miriallia: Everyone was really depressed after losing the challenge. I think we needed to move on, I mean, it’s in the past, so let’s get over it. We can’t change the result now!

Toon Tribe

(Over in the Toon Tribe, they’re also sitting around the shelter, but in a very different mood. With the basket in the center, everyone is drinking a soda.)

Stacy: This soda is great! Especially after being out here for… How many days is it now?

Edd: I believe it is day 11, Stacy.

Stacy: Wow, that long already?

Mac: It feels a lot shorter than that.

Daria: We’re almost 1/3 done…

Ed: Yay!

Stacy: Yeah… (There’s a pause) That challenge was really tough. I’m wiped out from it.

Mac: Well, it’s good we have sodas then. That makes up for it.

Daria: We should ration them, though. Maybe save some for tomorrow, at least.

Edd: I agree with Daria, it would wise the ration them. That way, we could save more energy for later, when we will need it more.

Mac: Yeah, we have 6 left, so saving them until tomorrow might be smart…

(Numbah 5 nods, agreeing with the others.)

Numbah 5: Definitely a good move. We shouldn’t ration ‘em too much, though.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the Anime Tribe, Miriallia and Winry are in their favorite location, down on the beach, just as the sun is beginning to set.)

Miriallia: We really need to make a decision….

Winry: I know, I know. Getting caught up in chaos would be about the worst possible thing. But the choices suck!

Miriallia: Yeah, it’s not a great position… Any preference?

Winry: Well, I guess Yuki and Nenene. Koizumi, we can’t trust him one bit. He’s way too untrustworthy.

Miriallia: Right. I think they’re the best choice, too.

Winry: Right….You’ll talk to Nenene?

Miriallia: Sure.

Winry: Good. Then I’ll talk to Yuki, kay?

Miriallia: Yep, that sounds good. But we shouldn’t talk to them immediately.

Winry: Oh, yeah, definitely…

(Meanwhile, back on the camp, the newly formed all male alliance is talking in quiet voices. Koizumi occasionally glances towards the beach.)

Koizumi: Who should we target first? I believe that Miriallia might be the best choice. Hitomi was right, she is rather weak…

Yuki: I think Winry might be better…I find her unreliable, and she does less work than Miriallia.

(Kaoru just shrugs.).

Kaoru: I don’t think either of them is more useless… I don’t care who.

Gaku: Yeah…I think Winry, too. I like Miriallia a lot more!

Koizumi: Well, I guess it’s decided. We’re targeting Winry…

Yuki: Seems good.

Koizumi: My alliance...they’re not what I would like. They each have different opinions than mine and they outnumber me, and occasionally I feel like they’re making the wrong decision. Still, I do not intend on going against their decision, as that would be problematic…

Toon Tribe

(As it continues to get darker, Daria, Stacy, and Mac are all out in the woods, collecting firewood for the night.)

Daria: This is enough. We can head back.

Stacy: Yeah, we have so much wood, it’s gonna keep us good for days...

Mac: I hope so…I really hope it doesn’t rain and ruin our wood supply.

Stacy: Yeah…. There has to be something we can do about that!

Daria: Put it somewhere water proof. Like under our shelter.

Stacy: Hey, that’s a good idea! Why didn’t you think that up before?

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: It didn’t occur to me.

Mac: We’re not gonna have enough room, though, for all of us and the all of this wood…

Daria: Hm… Just put some reserves in there, so we can all fit in there, too.

Mac: …Why didn’t think of that? It seems so obvious.

(And with that comment, the 11th day ends, and as the sun rises, we begin day 12.)

Day 12 - Anime Tribe

(The next morning, there are a few people out. Miriallia is already up, and tending the fire, with Yuki helping her. Just waking up is Kaoru, who comes out of the shelter with a yawn.)

Kaoru (tired): … Morning.

Miriallia: Good morning, Kaoru.

(He takes a seat next to Yuki and Miriallia.)

Yuki: … Kaoru, we should go fishing later.

Kaoru: Right… Not now, though.

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Alright.

Kaoru: … Need anything else?

Miriallia: We’re short on firewood, but Winry went to get some.

Yuki: Besides that, nothing.

Kaoru: Alright… Have we gotten tree mail yet?

Yuki: No. I don’t believe that they would send any this early.

Miriallia: No one would be ready for a challenge… Most people aren’t even awake yet!

Kaoru: Yeah…We need to win immunity. Can’t let ‘em go on a winning streak…

Yuki: Right, that’s the most important part of today. We need to save most of our energy for that.

Miriallia: We can’t get lazy, though…

Yuki: Right, we just don’t over exert ourselves..

Miriallia: Exactly!

Kaoru: Lately, Miri and Yuki have been talking more then they did previously. It worries me slightly…That’s not good for our alliance.

Toon Tribe

(Over on the Toon Tribe, Daria and Stacy are already up, with everyone else still sleeping.)

Daria (quiet): We need to talk with Mac more. We didn’t have too many opportunities yesterday to do so.

Stacy (also quiet): This is, like, really important to us doing well.

Daria: Right. It also means to keep him away from the others.

Stacy: Sure thing… (Louder) Do we need to do anything today?

Daria: Hm…water, I guess.

Stacy: …Alright. Um… I’ll go later.

Daria: Alright. We have a little, for food.

Daria: Somehow, I’ve taken over the roll of cook for us. I’m not sure how. Oh well, I’m fine with it. I’ll do what we need to, I guess.

Anime Tribe

(Later, at the other camp, everyone is now up, and Miriallia is cooking some food for everyone. Beside her, Winry and Nenene are sitting down, talking.)

Winry: We can totally win today.

Nenene: We better… Otherwise we’re tied with them, and we’ve blown that lead we have.

Miriallia: Besides, we would have to go to Tribal Council again, and that wouldn’t be good.

Winry: Right… You never know what’s going to happen up there.

Miriallia: Yeah… (She looks around cautiously, before whispering to Nenene) Nenene, what would you think of you and Yuki joining Winry and I for an alliance? We’d have the majority…

Nenene: Sure…Why?

Miriallia: Well… Koizumi needs to go. We can’t trust him at all.

Winry: Yeah… He’s a suck up. We’ll get screwed by him if he stays.

Nenene: Right… I doubt the other 2 are huge threats.

(Winry nods.)

Winry: Definitely.

Nenene: Okay, so I’m in. I’ll talk to Yuki later about it.

Miriallia: Sure. That’s fine.

Winry: So, we got Nenene into our alliance, which was easy, and she volunteered to get Yuki into it, too. That’s gonna be a snap. They don’t even realize that we’ll probably dump them whenever we need to.

Nenene: I’m now in an alliance with Winry and Miriallia. It’s just convenient; we’re not huge friends with each other. It’s purely strategic.

Toon Tribe

(Back at the beach of the Toon Tribe, the alliance of Numbah 5, Ed, and Edd are all talking.)

Edd: Mac’s spent a lot of time with Daria and Stacy lately….

Numbah 5: They probably want him to go with ‘em. Can’t let it happen.

Ed: ‘Cause that would be bad… I want to stay!

Edd: Well, we have no proof that Mac will flip on us and vote us out… But we can not let it happen.

Numbah 5: We could just win immunity, and not worry ‘bout that.

Edd: Well… We don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Numbah 5: I think we have ‘im.

Edd: I hope so… It could be quite the issue if we don't

Numbah 5: Yeah, it’s worryin’ about Mac, but we can’t, you know, overplay it or somethin’. That would just make it worse and tempt him to switch! Can't have that happenin'...

Immunity Challenge

(Down at the challenge site, both tribes are arriving. Of course, Minamo is already there, with 6 small poles, each with a purple or a green plate on it, some pieces of tan cloth, and 12 large tubes, each with a large ball in them)

Minamo: C’mon in!

(Both tribes head down to their respective mats.)

Minamo: First things first, I’m going to need the immunity idol back.

(She goes over and takes it from Mac.)

Minamo: Okay, let’s get to today’s challenge. What will happen is that there will be 4 runners, 1 thrower, and 1 defender. Each runner will run to the ocean, and using their piece of cloth, get as much water as possible into it, and pour it into the tube. When enough water is placed in there, the ball inside of it will come out, and then you deliver it to the launcher. The launcher throws it at one of the other tribe’s 3 targets on top of the poles. However, the defender can try to block the balls. First to knock down all the other’s targets wins immunity. If each tribe’s 6 tubes have been used, and there are targets standing on both sides, whoever has knocked more down will win….And if that is tied, then… Both tribes will get free shots until 1 more is knocked down. Sound simple enough?

(Everyone nods.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, you’ll have to sit 1 guy out. Gaku sat out last time; he can not sit out this time. Who’s it gonna be?

(It takes a moment, but Koizumi sits out of this challenge.)

Minamo: Okay, Koizumi, come take a seat.

(He does so.)

Minamo: Survivors, I’ll give you a minute to talk about it, and then get into position.

(The tribes turn to talk to each other, before everyone is set up. For the Anime Tribe, Yuki is blocking, Gaku is throwing, and Winry, Nenene, Miriallia, and Kaoru are running. For the Toon Tribe, Numbah 5 is blocking, Ed is throwing, and Daria, Stacy, Mac, and Edd are running.)

Minamo: Survivors ready? Go!

(The 8 runners all run down to the bay, and fill up their pieces of cloth. Some, like Winry and Mac, fill up quickly and run back, even though they lose water, while others, like Daria take their time to get as much water as possible, and to spill as little as possible. Also, the Anime Tribe focuses on getting all the water into 1 tube, while the Toon Tribe tries to fill up many different tubes. The order in which everyone pours their water into the tube of their choice for the first round is: Winry, Kaoru, Mac, Nenene, Miriallia, Daria, Stacy, and Edd.)

Minamo: Everyone’s going for a different strategy! The Anime Tribe is almost finished with their first tube, while the Toon Tribe is going for 2 different tubes, with only 1 even half full!

(On the second trip, both tribes continue with the same strategy. And as soon as Kaoru dumps in his water, the ball falls out of the tube.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe has their first ball out! Gaku comes and gets it!

(As Gaku runs to get as close as possible to the Toon Tribe’s targets, the runners continue to go fill up the tubes. The Anime Tribe’s second tube is almost finished already, but the Toon Tribe still hasn’t filled up 1 tube. One is almost full as Mac and Daria have been putting water into it, while the other is only half full, as Stacy and Edd are struggling a lot with the challenge.)

Minamo: Gaku goes to throw the ball!

(And as he does, his aim is slightly off, but the ball is thrown very hard. Unfortunately, Numbah 5 doesn’t take the chance, and catches it. She then throws it to the side.)

Minamo: Gaku misses!

(The Toon Tribe breathes a sigh of relief, as everyone continues to fill up the tubes, in the same order as before. As Mac and Nenene put more water in their tubes, both fill up enough to let the balls fall out.)

Minamo: 2 more are out! Gaku and Ed both retrieve their balls!

(The 2 throwers both go, and aim, but Ed throws rather blindly, and misses completely, as Yuki just stares at the shot. Gaku, however, has learned from last time, as he takes a moment, and throws at the one Numbah 5 is farthest from. She can’t get into it in time, as the ball hits the target, and sends in onto the ground.)

Minamo: Gaku knocks 1 down, but Ed misses! Anime Tribe has all 3 targets left, and the Toon Tribe has 2. However, the Anime Tribe also has 4 tubes left, but the Toon Tribe has 5!

(Everyone continues to run back and forth, but as this is their fourth trip, everyone starts to go slower. The Toon Tribe keeps going with their previous strategy, as now 1 tube is almost full, and the other is just getting started. Meanwhile, the Anime Tribe’s tube is more filled up, but is only about ½ way full. Soon enough, the Toon Tribe’s second tube fills up, and Ed comes over to get the ball.)

Minamo: Ed comes to get another ball, trying to tie it up!

(He goes to throw it at a target, and takes better aim, but Yuki is able to stop Ed’s throw.)

Minamo: …But Yuki blocks it! Score hasn’t changed! Both tribes have 4 tubes left now!

(The Toon Tribe’s first tube is now about 1/2 full, and the other is about ¼ at this point. Meanwhile, the Anime Tribe’s tube continues to fill up theirs, breaking the 2/3 mark. Soon enough, the Anime Tribe finishes their third tube, and, once again, Gaku comes to get the ball.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe has their third ball! Gaku tries to increase their lead!

(Gaku goes over to get the ball, and once again, he takes aim carefully. However, Numbah 5 is now able to defend both of the remaining targets. Gaku, however, is able to fake out Numbah 5, and hit the one she was leaning away from.)

Minamo: Gaku hits another target! Now the Toon Tribe only has 1 target left!

(Numbah 5 looks annoyed at this predicament, as does the rest of the Toon Tribe, as they try to increase their pace a little bit, but they continue their strategy. As the Anime Tribe gets started on their 4th tube, the Toon Tribe’s third tube is almost full, and the fourth is about ½ full. Soon, the Toon Tribe’s third tube is full, and the ball falls out, while the Anime Tribe catches up with the Toon Tribe’s other tube.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe tries to get back in it! C’mon, you still have a chance!

(Ed goes over and gets the ball, and runs to the targets. Yuki is in the middle one, trying to guard all 3 at a time. But like Gaku, Ed is able to fake out Yuki, and throw the ball with decent aim at the target. It connects, and the target goes flying.)

Minamo: Ed finally knocks one down! But is it too little, too late?

(While the some of Toon Tribe members start working on their fifth tube, the other has less water in it than the Anime Tribe’s tube, which is now about ¾ done.)

Minamo: It’s a race between the Anime and Toon Tribe! If the Anime Tribe knocks done 1 more target, they’ve won!

(Hurrying it up, then Anime Tribe soon gets their next tube finished, while the Toon Tribe lags behind.)

Minamo: This could be it! If Gaku knocks this one down, it’s over!

(After Gaku gets the ball, he runs over to the target as quickly as possible. However, Numbah 5 is standing right in front of this one. Gaku realizes he needs a new strategy, and takes a moment to think. After a second, he smiles, and begins dashing to the side. Soon enough, he throws the ball. Numbah 5 misjudges the angle, and the final target is knocked down…)

Minamo: That’s it! The Anime Tribe has won immunity!

(The runners are too tired to celebrate, but the others all look extremely pleased. Understandably, the Toon Tribe all look disappointed.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, you tried your best, but it wasn’t good enough. I’ll see you was Tribal Council. Everyone, head back to camp.

(One last shot of everyone, as the runners on both tribes looks very tired. The others are either smiling or depressed, depending on which tribe they’re on.)

Daria: We had a bad strategy for that challenge. If we took the Anime Tribe’s approach, we might have a better chance. But let’s not sell ourselves short, we all sucked in that challenge. Numbah 5 couldn’t block, Ed couldn’t throw, and we were all slower than the Anime Tribe.

Miriallia: That was a really tiring challenge…It was hard not to spill a lot of water while going back and forth. But we won, and I’m really glad for that…

Toon Tribe

(Back at the losing tribe’s camp, everyone is sitting around, being depressed after losing.)

Stacy: Oh my God, I can’t believe we have to go stupid Tribal Council again! I mean, we just started doing well!

Daria: Nothing we can do about it now. We’re going to go Tribal Council, and we’ll vote someone else out.

Numbah 5: We all messed up bad. I mean, that was pathetic!

Edd: Well…. This isn’t good, at all. We were just beginning to get our confidence back, and it has been brutally ripped away from us.

Mac (sighs): Yeah… This isn’t good at all.

Mac: This loss seemed worse than the previous ones. Maybe because it’s we were starting to win, or maybe it’s because we did badly in it, but whatever the cause, it just sucks. None of us want to be there tonight, not at all.

Ed: Aw…I hate being sad! I want us to all be happy! Yay!

Anime Tribe

(Back at the Anime Tribe, everyone is happy as they go about their various activities. In the forest, Yuki and Nenene are talking, as they look for food.)

Yuki: That was a good win. Going to Tribal Council again would have been bad…

Nenene: Yeah…Doesn’t mean that the game’s off, though. We need to think about it.

Yuki: I guess…Do you have plans?

Nenene: Miriallia and Winry offered me an alliance…We want you to join us.

Yuki (surprised): Um…Sure.

Nenene (thinks for a second): Yuki, do you have an alliance with the other guys?

(Yuki closes his eyes.)

Yuki (calmly): No.

Nenene (not believing it): Listen, Yuki, the only way to do well is if you align with us. If you don’t, then the others will just screw you over. This way, we have the majority.

Yuki (after a pause): … I’ll think about it.

Nenene (annoyed): Sure.

Yuki: …Nenene came to me and offered me an alliance. This puts me in a precarious position, as I suddenly seem to be the swing vote on the tribe. But it also gives me power... So if I can use this to position myself well, then I'll be in an extremely good position.

Toon Tribe

(Back to the plotting of the Tribal Council, Daria, Stacy, and Mac are all talking up on the beach.)

Daria: Remember, the plan is to vote for Edd. We cause a tie, he’s gone, and we’re much stronger without him.

Stacy: Mac, you’re gonna do it, right? You have to do it.

Mac: Um… Yeah, I’m gonna do it. He’s really weak, like you said.

Stacy: Good! This is going to be great!

(Daria just glances at Mac, not as optimistic as Stacy.)

Mac: Yeah… It’ll be good. I’m going to get a drink before we head to Tribal Council. Later.

(Mac, as he said, goes up to camp. Up there, are the members of the other alliance, all talking.)

Numbah 5: Plan’s to vote out Stacy ‘night. Everyone okay with that?

Edd: I believe it’s good. Mac, you are fine with this, right?

Mac: …Yep, I think this is a good plan.

Ed: Have the others talked to you?

Mac: What? No…

(Edd and Numbah 5 exchange a look.)

Mac: Tonight’s going to be a hard vote. Everyone is expecting me to vote with them, but it’s not going to be possible. I just need to make the best decision I can…

Tribal Council

(The 6 remaining Toon Tribe members enter the Tribal Council, and all take a seat. Of course, Minamo is already there, waiting for them.)

Minamo: Okay, let’s get this thing started. Stacy, how do you feel tonight? Coming from 2 wins, and then losing that challenge, how was that?

Stacy: Tonight….I think anything can happen. I mean, you can’t just expect not to be surprised here. And after losing that challenge, I think we all were sad about that. No one wants to be here right now. It really sucks…

(Minamo nods, accepting that answer.)

Minamo: Ed, do you think you’re at fault for that loss? Had you hit the targets better, you might not be here right now…

Ed: Well.... It’s no one’s fault! We didn’t do well…

Minamo: Mac, how vulnerable do you feel tonight?

Mac: Well, you never know what’s going to happen. I mean, I was the only other person in the minority last time we were here, so yeah, I’d have to be stupid not to be worried.

Minamo: Fair enough. Let’s get to voting. Numbah 5, you’re up first.

(Numbah 5 goes and casts her vote. She votes STACY.)

Numbah 5: Nothin’ personal. You’re not with us, and you’re weaker than Daria.

(She heads back down, and then Ed goes up to vote. Like Numbah 5, he votes for STACY.)

Ed (after a pause): Bye-bye! Nice knowing you.

(Ed leaves the voting area, and then Mac goes up. We don’t see his vote.)

(After Mac’s vote, Daria heads up to vote. She writes down EDD.)

Daria: You’re not what we need right now.

(Daria heads down, and then Edd goes up to cast his vote. Like his other allies, he votes for STACY.)

Edd: Um…. I believe you to be the weakest member here, beside myself, of course.

(Edd then heads back to the seats, and our final voter, Stacy goes to cast her vote. She writes down EDD.)

Stacy: It’s just strategy… Um, sorry.

(She returns, and Minamo addresses them.)

Minamo: I’ll go tally the votes.

(She heads off and does so. Then, she returns, jar in hand.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever is voted out will be asked to leave the tribal area immediately. Now I’ll read the votes.

(She takes the first one out.)

Minamo: First vote – STACY.

(Stacy takes a deep breath and closes her eyes briefly.)

Minamo: Second vote – STACY

(Stacy frowns, not liking this so far.)

Minamo: Third vote – EDD. That’s 2 votes Stacy, 1 vote Edd.

(Edd frowns, realizing the threat.)

Minamo: Fourth vote – EDD. 2 votes Stacy, 2 votes Edd.

(Edd looks at Daria and Stacy briefly.)

Minamo: Fifth vote – STACY. 3 votes Stacy, 2 votes Edd.

(Stacy looks at Mac hopefully.)

Minamo: Last vote…. And 4th person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor – STACY. Stacy, you’ll have to bring me your torch.

(She sighs, but stands up and does so.)

Minamo: Stacy, the tribe has spoken.

(She puts out the flame, and Stacy leaves Tribal Council.)

Minamo: Well, it looks like there’s still not super strong unity in this team. Let’s hope you can work with what you have. Head back to camp.

(Down to just 5, the Toon Tribe leaves the Tribal Council.)

Stacy: Well…That didn’t work out the way I wanted…But I think I did really well! I lasted for a pretty long time out here. And I got along pretty well with everyone, so that’s good, too! It was fun, even if I didn’t win…

Next time, on Survivor!

- Daria fights to get back in the game after being the only one in the minority.

- Yuki’s caught in the middle of 2 alliances and pressure mounts on him to chose.

- Two survivors hatch a risky plan that could change the game.


Stacy (4) – Edd, Ed, Mac, and Numbah 5

Edd (2) – Daria, Stacy.

Author's Notes

So, the Toon Tribe just starts to win a few challenges, before losing their comeback. Too bad, the Anime Tribe is getting really interesting now, I think, with all the chaos going on. And Stacy is one of my favorite characters here, honestly. I really liked her story, so out of her league but still trying to win, and kind of wish she had stayed longer, I think she could have done quite well if she stayed longer. Still, logic said to me that it was her time to go, and so she did She doesn't get that much screen time, but what time she did get, I feel that I was true to.

What's in store for the next episode? Well, not a lot for me to say, the preview covers it pretty well, but I can stay that I think that it's one of the best so far, with lots of events happening on both tribes. See you next time!