Episode 3 – I didn’t even consider it for a second.

Minamo: Previously on Survivor!

(A shot of both tribes competing in the immunity challenge.)

Minamo: The Toon Tribe was down to 7 members, and tension began to emerge.

(A shot of Mac and Jimmy talking after their first Tribal Council.)

Mac: Well, if we lose again we could vote him out.

Minamo: This culminated in a blow up where Jimmy revealed alliances.

(There’s a shot of Jimmy arguing with Edd.)

Jimmy: You know, your oh-so-obvious alliance with Ed, and your secret alliance with Numbah 5!

Minamo: Meanwhile, on the Anime Tribe, more strategy emerged itself.

(A shot of Koizumi, Miriallia, and Winry talking.)

Koizumi: Earlier today, I started talking with Winry and Miriallia because I figure they’re the swing votes.

Minamo: However, when the Toon Tribe lost immunity again, Jimmy was voted out for his blow up. 14 remain, who will be voted out, next?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi – Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry – Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy - Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria

Day 6 (After Tribal Council)

(After voting off Jimmy, we see the Toon Tribe is returning to their camp. Tired, most go straight to their shelter, but Mac takes a quick stroll down to the beach. He’s clearly not in a good mood.)

Mac: Well, last night, Jimmy was voted out in a nearly unanimous vote. Which is bad for 2 reasons – I lost an ally, and I was the only one in the minority. This puts me in a really bad position. But I'm not gonna give up...

(Mac sits in the sand for a second, takes a deep breath, and then goes back up to rejoin his tribe.)

Mac: But, you know, I’m still in this game. I still have a chance at turning this around somehow. I just need to figure out how... I'm gonna keep fighting until the very end!

(And as Mac takes a seat in the shelter, we see Daria is sitting up.)

Daria: Last night, we got rid of Jimmy. But, he did have a point about Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5 holding power. We need to get them out of power, because right now, they’re sitting pretty with half of the votes. That’s not good for the rest of us if we want any shot at winning this thing.

(Soon enough, Daria sits down and goes to sleep.)

Day 7 – Anime Tribe

(We see that the early the next day, the Anime Tribe is mostly up. And as usual, Miriallia is tending the fire, with a few others around her, while Kaoru and Yuki are absent.)

Winry: Those fish you cooked yesterday were so good, Miri. I hope the guys catch some more.

Miriallia: It would be nice. (She smiles.) But if they don’t, we have some leftover fruit to go with the rice.

Koizumi: It’ll be fine either way it is.

Winry: I guess…but some fish would be good.

Koizumi: Well, there’s no denying that.

Miriallia: Agreed.

(Over at the ocean, Kaoru and Yuki are, just as their tribe members discussed, trying to catch some fish. This time, Yuki is fishing using the fishing pole, while Kaoru is using the spear they got from the reward challenge.)

Kaoru: I’ve been doing some fishing lately, since we got our fishing gear. Gaku came with me twice, and today, Yuki came out with me, for some reason. Not sure why. (He shrugs.)

Kaoru: Yuki, are you having any luck with catching fish?

Yuki: No… I haven’t gotten a nibble yet.

Kaoru: And I was so sure that the rice would work as bait.

Yuki: Guess not.

Kaoru: Yeah…

(Kaoru suddenly sees a fish, and quickly jabs at it.)

Kaoru: Yeah!

(We see that Kaoru has gotten the fish he was aiming at.)

Yuki: Good. Put it into the bucket quickly.

(Kaoru moves over to put the fish into a small wooden crate they brought along with them.)

Kaoru: Right, right.

Yuki: I went fishing today because I figured that I should be more social. I don’t spend much time with many people in my tribe, and I know that that isn’t the best way to play this game.

Kaoru: I still consider Yuki a threat in this game… Turns out Koizumi was right; he’s too quiet, and we need him out.

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe on their seventh day out here, there’s a discussion going on between Numbah 5, Ed, and Edd.)

Ed: That was good!

Numbah 5: It went down way easy.

Edd: Agreed. However, it was very fortunate for us that both Daria and Stacy chose our side…

Numbah 5: Yeah, but we can’t let our guard down. Moment we do, something real bad will happen.

Ed: Yeah, like if the others team up against us!

(The others take a moment to think about this.)

Edd: …Ed, I think you’re on to something. They could force a tie…

Numbah 5: …And whoever has more past votes will be out!

(Edd and Numbah 5 both suddenly look worried about Ed’s revelation.)

Edd (suddenly whispering): We need to fix that. We should get one of them into an alliance with us.

Numbah 5 (also quiet): Yeah. I think Mac would be best.

Edd (still whispering): He’s the strongest of them.

Ed (loud): He could get them to team up, too!

Edd: Ed! This has to be secret so the others do not start to work together.

Ed: Oh, right. Sorry Double D.

Edd: That’s quite alright, Ed.

(After checking to make sure no one’s listening to them, a la Jimmy, Edd addresses the alliance again.)

Edd (quiet): So, it’s agreed that we get Mac into an alliance with us?

Numbah 5: Yeah. But we can’t do it too soon, or it’ll give him time to change his mind.

Edd: Well, I guess so.

Numbah 5: Ed realized that the others could team up on us, so we know we have to have one of them with us. Mac is the best choice outta them, definitely.

Ed: We need the numbers. (He shows his hands to the camera and starts counting.) One…two…three…four…That’s more than 3, which is half of 6, which is how many people we have, according to Double D. Yay numbers!

(In the forest, Daria and Stacy are both carrying canteens with them, to get some water from a stream.)

Stacy: Um… Daria, what did you think of last night’s vote?

Daria: We voted out the right person. Jimmy was weak and a threat.

Stacy: Yeah…

Daria: But he had one point we have to remember. Now Edd, Ed, and Numbah 5 are in control of the tribe. They pretty much have the majority.

Stacy: But they only have half the votes… Not really the majority.

Daria: And then there’s the two of us… And Mac.

Stacy: So, unless we force a tie, they’re in complete control.

Daria (realization): We need Mac.

Stacy: Right!

Daria: So, I went out on this walk to get water with Stacy, and we realized that unless we get Mac on our side, we’re doomed. So now I’m stuck in this kinda alliance with Stacy, even though I said no to last time she asked me to be in an alliance. But hell if I'm going to give control in this game to someone.

Stacy: So, uh, Daria and I both thought that we needed to get an alliance with Mac, ‘cause otherwise we’re not in a good position, at all. I think she’s finally come around to my idea, it's a step in the right direction!

Anime Tribe

(We take a break from the plotting of the Toon Tribe, and jump on over to the Anime Tribe. Over there, Hitomi and Nenene are talking at one part of camp.)

Hitomi: We’ve been really lucky so far, when it comes to the challenges…

Nenene: Can’t last forever, though… We’ll lose again, eventually.

Hitomi: Well, we should enjoy it while it lasts!

Nenene: Yeah… (Quiet voice) We still need to think about the votes, though, so we can be prepared for when it does happen.

Hitomi (quiet): Well, we know what we want to do, so now it’s just a matter of getting it done.

Nenene: I have a feeling convincing Winry would be hard, though.

Hitomi: Then we should talk to the others, too.

Nenene: Still might be tough, though.

Hitomi: I guess we’ll find out…

Nenene: Yeah, I think we will.

Nenene: Hitomi seems to have this idea that when we lose, because we will eventually, we’ll have an easy vote. I’m not so sure. The guys are close, and so are Winry and Miriallia. It’s going to be quite interesting to see how this is all gonna play out.

(And in the forest, we see that Gaku and Miriallia are going to get some water.)

Miriallia: Well, I think we’ve done pretty well so far. I mean, in the challenges and all. And we’ve barely had any trouble around here, too.

Gaku: Yeah, it’s really nice!

Miriallia: I hope that it doesn’t end soon…I mean, when we lose, we should at least get along, right?

Gaku: Yep! But…I think it might get ugly…

Winry: Really? Why?

Gaku: I don’t think that so many people can get along for this long... Something will happen sooner or later, I bet!

Miriallia: I guess so…Well, I think we should try to avoid it, don’t you?

Gaku: Yeah! It would be really nice to not have lots of drama!

Miriallia: Gaku and I, we’ve been talking some more recently, and getting along rather well. It’s not really strategic, though. Not everything in this game is strategy, after all…

Toon Tribe

(A bit later, we see that Stacy and Mac are in the forest, trying to collect some food to eat.)

Mac: Hey, Stacy, why’d you vote Jimmy out?

Stacy: Um…’Cause then, I would be in the majority, like 100%.

Mac: You didn’t want to become a target, if it failed?

Stacy: Yeah! Exactly... And even if I voted with you, Jimmy would still have been voted out, so it doesn’t really matter.

Mac: I guess so... I just wanted to figure out why you voted Jimmy out. Any ideas on why Daria did?

Stacy: Don’t know. She kinda was annoyed by him though.

(Mac thinks about that for a second.)

Mac: Yeah, I can see that. Especially with Daria.

Stacy: Yeah… I think she made up her mind after the outburst Jimmy had.

(Mac nods.)

Mac: That makes a lot of sense. It wasn’t a good move for Jimmy to make…

Stacy: Yeah. It made him seem, you know, unreliable.

Mac: I guess so…

Stacy: So, um, I had a talk with Mac today about the vote. I think it was good to do, since it might make him side with us later, I hope. It’s a start!

Mac: I just wanted to find out why Stacy voted him out. (He shrugs.) No big deal. She didn’t seem to, like hold it against me or anything, which is definitely good for me…

(Back at camp, we see Daria and Edd, also talking about the previous nights vote.)

Edd: Daria, I would like to thank you for voting with us last night…

Daria: Right, right… He was the right choice, that’s all

Edd: Agreed. I think that he played the game wrongly, so I was quite glad to see that he was eliminated.

Daria: Yeah. Definitely the right choice to go…

Anime Tribe

(Later, at the Anime Tribe’s camp, we see them all under the shelter. The reason? Once again, it’s raining out, forcing them under it. And just like last time, they have their rice and flint with them.)

Kaoru: I hate the rain…It’s depressing.

Nenene: Nothing we can do about it…

Kaoru: Doesn’t mean it’s not depressing.

Nenene: …I guess so.

Miriallia: Well, when the rain stops, we’ll need to find some more fruits or something… It’ll be too wet again for a fire.

Winry: Miriallia is kinda the leader of the tribe. She’s not bossy, but suggests what we have to do. And I think it’s good for us.

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: I’ll go look later.

Nenene: Sounds good.

Miriallia: I don’t think I’ve really taken the leadership position, I’m just letting people know what we’ll need to do for food. That’s all, I’m not trying to be a leader or anything.

Toon Tribe

(We head over at the Toon Tribe, where as night falls, it’s still raining. Thus, they’re all stuck under their shelter and getting quite annoyed.)

Stacy: …This sucks!

Edd: I quite agree…

Ed: It’s sad! We can’t do anything at all!

Daria: It’ll get better… Eventually.

Stacy: Oh, God, I hope so. I can’t stand this.

Numbah 5: Yeah, rain is bad.

Ed: Bye-bye, rain! Go away now, please?

(As it continues to rain, the day becomes night, and again becomes day.)

Day 8 – Anime Tribe

(The next morning, on the Anime Tribe, we see that it’s still very wet outside. Even inside, it looks like most of the castaways are wet.)

Winry: Ugh. That rain sucked.

Koizumi: And I don’t suppose that the leaky shelter helped at all.

Nenene: Just means we need to fix it, then.

Kaoru: I’ll go get some supplies.

Gaku: I’ll come too!

Kaoru: Alright, let’s go.

(As Kaoru and Gaku head off into the forest, the remaining members of the Anime Tribe continue to talk.)

Miriallia: There’s no sense in just lying around, I think we should do something.

Yuki: We should look for food. I’ll go.

(He gets up.)

Koizumi: I might as well head, too.

(He also gets up, and catches up to Yuki.)

Miriallia: That just leaves the girls.

Hitomi: We should do something, too!

Winry: Like what?

Hitomi: Um…I don’t know. Maybe we should…

Miriallia: We could look for dry wood…

Nenene: Great idea. I’ll go.

(Nenene also gets up and heads out.)

Winry: Looks like there’s nothing for us to do now, but wait.

(The three remaining at the camp just lie back in their shelter.)

Toon Tribe

(Back over at the Toon Tribe, we see that they haven’t had leaky roof problems that the Anime Tribe has had. Right now, Daria and Ed are talking are on one side of camp.)

Daria: Ed, what do you think of the game so far?

Ed: Well… I think its fun! Even though we haven’t done well.

Daria: Right. What about the voting aspect?

Ed: As long as I’m here, I’m fine!

(Daria looks surprised for a second, but recovers.)

Daria: …Even if the other Edd is gone?

Ed (takes a moment): Well, it would be bad, but it would be badder if I wasn’t here!

Daria: Right…

Daria: Today, I was talking with Ed for some reason, and I found out that he would be fine, even if Edd was gone. That was interesting, I didn’t consider it before. I’d just assumed he’d curl up into a ball if Edd got voted out. He'd practically be a free vote.

(Over in the forest, we see that Mac and Numbah 5 are talking with each other.)

Mac: Well, I definitely think we need to win some of our challenges soon. I mean, 3 in a row is pretty bad.

Numbah 5: Yeah. Can’t let it get down, though. That means they win.

Mac: Yeah, I know.

Numbah 5: Besides, we won one, we can win again.

(Mac shakes his head, disagreeing.)

Mac: Yeah, but that was the first challenge. And Vicky was one of our stronger members, and we voted her out.

Numbah 5: Yeah, but we have plenty strong people. We just need to do better.

Mac: I hope so…

Reward Challenge

(Again, we skip tree mail for this early challenge. The Anime Tribe arrives on the beach, with Minamo already there, but with nothing but a line and a table with a cloth over it set up. As the Toon Tribe arrives, the Anime Tribe looks at them, and Minamo addresses the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, getting your first look at the new Toon Tribe. Jimmy voted out at the last Tribal Council.

(A few reaction shots of the Anime Tribe. No one is shocked or upset. Or showing any emotion about Jimmy’s elimination at all, for that matter.)

Minamo: Welcome to your next reward challenge. And for this one, we have a fairly simple set up. All it is, is a race. 1 person from each tribe runs, first to cross the line earns 1 point. First to 4 wins. If it’s a tie at 3-3, we go to a tie breaker, with each tribe selecting the other’s representative. Anime Tribe, since you’re up 2 people, you have to have 2 people, one man and one woman, to sit out. Take a sec to talk it over. Remember, you can not have people sit out in back to back challenges, so whoever sits out here must compete in the immunity challenge.

(The Anime Tribe talks it over for a second, and then decides that Kaoru and Nenene will sit out of this challenge.)

Minamo: Kaoru and Nenene are sitting out, come take a seat. Everyone want to know what you’re playing for?

(Everyone nods.)

Minamo: Okay, the winner of this challenge will have…Fresh fruit! (She takes the cloth off of the table, revealing a large basket of various fruits.) None of these are found on the island, so you’ll be able to have a large variety of choices to eat!

(Everyone is clearly excited about the food.)

Minamo: Alright, let’s start the challenge. First, 2 girls compete. Who’s up?

(Numbah 5 and Winry both raise their hands.)

Minamo: Okay, it’s Numbah 5 and Winry! Survivors ready? Go!

(It’s a fairly close race, but Numbah 5 gets the early lead, and never lets go.)

Minamo: 1-0, Toon Tribe in the lead! Next are 2 guys, Ed and Yuki. Go!

(This time, Yuki sprints very quickly, taking it easily, which ties it up.)

Minamo: 1-1 now! Next up, Stacy and Hitomi!

(This one is close, as neither are particularly fast, but Stacy manages to eek out a close one.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe’s leading, 2-1! Next up are Mac and Gaku! Go!

(Not a close one at all, as Mac isn’t the best runner, and Gaku runs as fast as he cans.)

Minamo: It’s tied again! Next up, Miriallia and Daria… Survivors ready, go!

(Neither are super athletic, but Miriallia is ahead early and keeps it throughout the race.)

Minamo: Now our last race. If the Anime Tribe wins this one, they win the reward! Toon Tribe needs this one to stay in it, it’s between Koizumi and Edd!

(As they head up to the starting line, Edd looks very nervous, while Koizumi is calm.)

Minamo: Survivors ready? Go!

(This one isn’t close at all either. Edd tries hard, but can’t even come close to passing Koizumi.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, wins reward!

(Once again, the Anime Tribe celebrates, while the Toon Tribe looks dejected.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

Toon Tribe

(Back over at the Toon Tribe, they are reeling over their 4th straight defeat.)

Mac: Man, we lost again. Not good…

Stacy: This is just sad…We really need to win something soon.

Daria: Well, we’ll have to do better next time. Besides, immunity is more important. We need to win that more than we need the reward.

Numbah 5: We better, or we’d be down to just five.

Stacy: I hope we can do better at that one…

Ed: We’ll be fine! We can win it!

Mac: This is getting ridiculous! I mean, we’ve lost every challenge since the one on day 2! We really need to win something, anything… Our morale is getting so low right now, it's just insane.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, they’re celebrating their latest victory by deciding what to do with their reward.)

Koizumi: We could either do a large feast, or spread it out.

Kaoru: We should spread it out… It lasts longer and we get more energy.

Hitomi: I think conserving it would be best…

Miriallia: Yeah, I think that’s best, too. Anyone disagree?

(They wait for a second, but no one speaks up.)

Miriallia: Looks like we’re spreading it out then…

Winry: Well, at least we should have some now.

Yuki: It sounds like it’s a good idea.

Miriallia: Right.

Nenene: We should just have fruits for this next meal. It’s still too damp to make a fire and cook anything.

Winry: Stupid rain…

Yuki: We could look for some dry firewood in the forest.

Gaku: I’ll go too!

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Alright, let’s go.

(They both head out.)

Miriallia: I’m really happy with how we’re doing as a tribe right now. Even with rain, we have food, and everyone’s working well together. If we can keep up, we’ll be golden!

Toon Tribe

(At the other tribe, we see that Daria and Numbah 5 are in the forest, looking for more food.)

Daria: I can’t believe we don’t have anything to eat besides rice. We need to ration more carefully.

Numbah 5: Yeah, yeah. We just need to stockpile more in the future.

Daria: We would need to find some first… Then we can stockpile it.

Numbah 5: Right. But if we find some, we shouldn’t take it all. It’d rot before we could eat it.

Daria: Yeah. Too bad we’re not having any luck finding them.

Numbah 5: Eh, we’ll find some eventually. We just need to look harder.

Daria (sotto): Sure. When hell freezes over.

Daria: So, it’s wet, so we can’t cook, and we don’t have any food that we don’t need fire for, ‘cause we used it up. Yay us, we're doing so well.

(Back at camp, Stacy and Mac are trying to light a fire, but aren’t exactly doing well with it. Stacy’s obviously getting annoyed with the flint.)

Stacy: Why won’t it light?! The flints dry, we have dry fire…stuff, and this stupid machete is fine, so why won’t it light?!

Mac: Well, maybe you’re striking it wrong, or something.

Stacy: Yeah, like what?

Mac: I don’t know, let me try.

(Stacy sighs, then hands over the machete and flint to Mac.)

Stacy: Good luck…

Mac: Right…Now how to do this…

(He also tries to do light a fire, but can’t do it either.)

Mac: Maybe the grounds too wet...

Stacy: Yeah, maybe. Let’s ask Daria when she gets back, I think she knows how to do it…

(Mac nods.)

Mac: Good idea.

(Mac and Stacy stand up, head over to their shelter, and put down the flint and machete.)

Stacy: Ugh, I hate the rain. We couldn’t start a fire because of it, and that means we don’t have any food to eat. Frickin’ joy.

Anime Tribe

(At the Anime Tribe, while Gaku and Yuki are still out looking for dry firewood, while Kaoru and Koizumi are talking.)

Koizumi: This has been going quite well, don’t you think?

Kaoru (quiet): We can’t get too comfortable in our position. We can’t stop thinking about the game.

Koizumi (also quiet): Don’t worry. I believe that I have Miriallia and Winry with us.

Kaoru: Good. We’re still targeting Yuki?

Koizumi: I think so. Although…Hitomi is weaker. Yuki has been good in challenges, but Hitomi’s sat a few out.

Kaoru (a bit agitated, but still quiet): You’re not sure?

Koizumi (after a moment): Well, I believe that we should consider all possibilities. Hitomi and Yuki are both good choices.

Kaoru: What happened to, “We need as many potential votes as possible”?

Koizumi: Well… Nenene and Yuki have gotten closer. Besides, I know I have Miriallia and Winry with us.

Kaoru (after a pause): We should talk about this with Gaku then, if we’re seriously considering this.

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: Right, I agree.

Kaoru: Koizumi said that he might want to vote out Hitomi instead of Yuki, if we go to Tribal Council. He didn’t even know if he wanted to switch! Ugh… That’s ridiculous. Make up your mind, Koizumi.

Koizumi: I simply stated that maybe Yuki was more valuable than Hitomi. And I knew that Kaoru had wanted Hitomi out instead, so I thought it was worth mentioning, if he still had some doubts about Yuki’s elimination. They're both viable choices.

(Over in the forest, Gaku and Yuki are still collecting firewood.)

Gaku: Yuki, do you think we have enough?

Yuki: Well, we need to get as much as possible, in case it rains again…

Gaku: Yeah, but we can stockpile some when everything’s not so wet! ‘Cause now, there’s nothing to work with!

Yuki: That’s a good point… There’s not actually enough to stockpile, after all.

Gaku: We have enough! Let’s head back.

Yuki (relenting): …Sure.

(And with that, Yuki and Gaku turn around, carrying a small amount of firewood with them.)

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, it’s beginning to get dark, and as it does, Daria tries to make a fire. Mac and Stacy are around her, trying to watch how she does it.)

Daria: Get it now?

Stacy: Well, yeah, but…You haven’t lighted a fire.

Daria: It’s damp out. It might not light.

Stacy: Well, we don’t have enough other food to eat if we don’t have a fire. So make the fire!

Daria (sharply): Well, if we need it so much, why don’t you make one?

Stacy: Because I can’t!

Mac: Hey, you two, stop fighting! We’re supposed to be working together, not fighting!

Daria: Right, right…

Stacy: Daria and I kinda got into a little fight about making the fire earlier. Um…It really wasn’t a big fight, but it could hurt us working together. Not what we need now!

(Out in the forest, Numbah 5 and Ed are talking, while looking for more fruit.)

Numbah 5: Why is there no food out here?! It’s gettin’ annoyin'.

Ed: Maybe we used it all?

Numbah 5: Well, we need to find somethin’ soon, ‘cause we won’t eat otherwise!

Ed: Well, then let’s look!

Numbah 5: I’ve been lookin’!

(They continue to look around. However, it’s getting darker by the second, and so they have to head back to camp.)

Numbah 5: We’re not doin’ so hot at the moment. The lack of food is pretty annoyin’ and we need to do somethin’ about it soon. Otherwise, we're gonna be screwed soon!

Day 9 – Anime Tribe

(The next day, over at the Anime Tribe, most of the tribe members are already up. Over at one side of the camp, Nenene, Yuki, and Hitomi are talking quietly, occasionally checking to make sure no one is listening.)

Hitomi: We should start talking to people soon, just in case… Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Nenene: Right... (She turns to Yuki.) I think you should talk to the Gaku or Kaoru or one of the guys. (She turns to Hitomi.) And I think you should talk to Winry.

Yuki: Sounds good to me…

Hitomi: Alright. But I don’t think I should talk to Winry until after immunity…It could stir up trouble…

Nenene: Whatever. We should at least talk to the others at some point, preferably before the immunity challenge

Hitomi: Alright, then.

Yuki: Our winning streak, as nice as it is, won’t last forever. We simply want to be prepared for the vote before that happens.

(Over at another part of camp, Koizumi is chatting with Winry and Miriallia, as the latter tries to make fire.)

Winry: Another day, another challenge to win…We’ve been on such a roll lately.

Koizumi: Agreed… I believe that we can continue this streak of ours.

Miriallia: Especially since immunity is more important. I hope we all do great in it again.

(Koizumi nods.)

Koizumi: That’s very possible. It should be interesting to see what happens.

Miriallia: Yeah, I really don’t want to vote anyone out. Going to Tribal Council would be horrible!

Koizumi: Agreed. I haven’t decided on who I would vote out, either.

(Winry rolls her eyes, but Koizumi doesn’t seem to notice.)

Miriallia: Same here. I’m thinking someone weak, probably Hitomi, though.

Winry: Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Koizumi: Hm… I don’t trust Yuki at this point, though, he’s rather guarded...

Miriallia: Yeah, I guess so…. Let’s not try to think about this now, we still have the immunity idol!

Winry: Totally. There’s no need to!

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe, Numbah 5 and Edd are talking to Mac, without anyone else around.)

Mac: Well, I think we need to win this immunity challenge. I mean, we have to break our record sometime, right?

Edd: Yes, I believe so. We won the first challenge, so I doubt there is a reason we can’t do it again.

Numbah 5: Yeah, we can totally win.

Mac: Yeah….

(There’s a pause, as Numbah 5 and Edd glance at each other and nod.)

Numbah 5: Besides, even if we lose, we can guarantee your safety at T.C.…

Mac: Really? How?

Edd: Well, if you join the alliance consisting of myself, Ed, and Numbah 5, then I can guarantee you that will not be voted out next if we lose immunity.

Mac (very surprised): Sure! That would be great!

Numbah 5: That’s good. This’ll be awesome, having a strong alliance together.

Mac: Yeah, it’ll be great! But who would we vote out? I mean, if we lose?

Numbah 5: I’d say Stacy. She’s weak.

Mac: Okay, that’s great!

Mac: Yeah, it’s definitely great to have this alliance now. I thought I was in a pretty bad spot since I allied with Jimmy and all that, but as long as I’m safe, I don’t really care who I’m in an alliance with…

Anime Tribe

(Back over at the Anime Tribe, the alliance of Gaku, Kaoru, and Koizumi are all talking, in small, quiet voices.)

Koizumi: Gaku, what do you think of voting out Hitomi instead of Kaoru…?

(Gaku thinks it over for a moment.)

Gaku: It would be better... But we still have immunity!

Kaoru: We can’t stop thinking about the game. I think we should vote out Hitomi as well. Koizumi?

Koizumi: Hitomi might be better…Yeah, I think we should target her instead. So, it’s agreed?

Gaku: Yep!

Koizumi: Okay, then Hitomi it is... I believe I have Miriallia and Winry on our side as well.

(Kaoru nods, but Gaku still looks apprehensive.)

Kaoru: Good…

Gaku: We have immunity! I don’t think we should talk about voting people out when we don’t need to... It's just gonna bring all the drama ups!

(Over down on the beach, Miriallia and Winry are also talking.)

Winry: …I don’t trust Koizumi. He feels fake to me…Like he’ll agree with whatever we say.

Miriallia: Yeah, I’ve kinda been getting that vibe recently, too.

(Winry nods.)

Winry: He’s totally sucking up to us.

Miriallia: We’ll need to get him out eventually…

Winry: Not yet, though. We could use him to vote out who we want to be out.

Miriallia: Yeah… Besides, we would need the solid majority first. I think he might be able to convince people to go against us. He’s a threat.

Winry: Totally…

Winry: No, we can not trust Koizumi at all at this point! He seems like the type who’ll stab us in the back if he needs to. He may seem friendly, but you gotta watch out for him. He'll stab us in the back first chance he can get.

Immunity Challenge

(Down at the challenge beach, we see both tribes heading in. Minamo is already waiting. Behind her is a large metal structure, with 12 metal bars hanging down from it.)

Minamo: C’mon in everyone!

(Both tribes head to their colored mats.)

Minamo: Ok, first things first, I’ll need the immunity idol back.

(She goes over and gets it from Hitomi.)

Minamo: Now, here’s the immunity challenge; it’s a pretty simple one. Each person competing will hang on the metal bar for as long as they can, just using their hands. Whichever tribe has the last member standing wins immunity. Pretty simple, right?

(Both tribes seem to agree.)

Minamo: However… There’s a catch. All of you will also have 25% of your body weight on your back in a backpack, for added difficulty.

(There are obviously groans from the tribes as they hear this.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, since you have 2 extra tribe members, 2 of you, a guy and a girl, will have to sit out. You can not sit out people in back-to-back challenges, so Kaoru and Nenene will be competing. You can take a second to decide...

(The Anime Tribe consults each other, and it is decided that Koizumi and Miriallia will be sitting out.)

Minamo: Alright, Miriallia and Koizumi, come over here and take a seat. Let’s let everyone their packs and let them get into position.

(A moment later, we see everyone is ready to hang on the bars.)

Minamo: Okay, for immunity! Survivors, go!

(Everyone starts to hang, while a timer appears in the corner, and immediately some begin to look shaky, mainly Edd and Stacy.)

Edd: Curse my lack of upper body strength…

Ed: I’m fine, yay!

(Soon after, Edd falls down into the water.)

Minamo: Okay, Edd’s in. The Toon Tribe’s down to 5!

Edd falls – 37 seconds

(Time passes, with Edd back down on the beach. We see that Hitomi, Mac, and Stacy are struggling.)

Minamo: You’re at the 2 minute mark!

(Soon after she says that, Hitomi and Stacy both fall into the water at about the same time.)

Minamo: Hitomi and Stacy fall! Meanwhile a few people like Ed, Numbah 5 and Yuki don’t even look tired…

Hitomi falls – 2:02

Stacy falls – 2:03

(More time passes, at the timer now passes the 3 minute mark. Ed and Yuki are, as Minamo said, looking fine. Mac continues to struggle, while Daria and Nenene begin to both look shaky as well.)

Minamo: C’mon, hang in there all of you!

(Time passes, and suddenly, Nenene falls into the water.)

Minamo: Nenene’s in! Now each tribe has 4 people remaining – Ed, Numbah 5, Mac, and Daria for the Toon Tribe, and Yuki, Kaoru, Gaku, and Winry for the Anime Tribe!

Nenene falls – 4:27

(Soon after Nenene’s fall, Mac and Daria fall in the water, too. Daria’s obviously not that happy as she swims back to shore.)

Minamo: Daria and Mac fall in! The Toon Tribe’s down to 2, just Ed and Numbah 5!

Daria falls – 5:13

Mac falls – 5:14

(After those two fall, no one else is looking shaky. However, Kaoru soon falls in afterwards suddenly.)

Minamo: Kaoru’s in now, too! Now only 5 remain!

Kaoru: Shoot… Lost my grip.

Kaoru falls – 5:35

(Kaoru scowls, as he swims back to shore. Meanwhile, the remaining 5 look good, although Gaku and Winry both start to struggle.)

Minamo: Keep going! You’re at the 6 minute mark!

(The remaining contestants keep focused on the challenge, with some keeping their eyes closed, while others just concentrate. However, Winry falls in after some more time passes.)

Minamo: Winry’s in! Now there are 2 for each tribe!

Winry falls – 7:19

(More time passes, as Gaku begins to struggle more and more. Numbah 5 also begins to not look so good.)

Minamo: Gaku is having difficulty! Meanwhile, Ed and Yuki continue to look good!

(Gaku tries to hang on, but can’t, and so he falls in the water.)

Minamo: Now Gaku falls into the water! Only Yuki remains for the Anime Tribe, he needs to hang on!

Gaku falls – 10:39

(Yuki keeps his eyes closed, and continues to try his best to win immunity for the Anime Tribe. Meanwhile, Numbah 5 starts to look shaky as she hangs on. Soon after, she also falls in.)

Minamo: And now Numbah 5 is in! Just 2 competitors remain – Ed and Yuki! Whoever hangs on longer wins!

Numbah 5 falls – 11:12

(A lot of time elapses, as the timer now reads 15:01. Both continue to hang on to the metal bars, although both are starting to look weary.)

Minamo: Looking good! Now you’re at 15 minutes!

(Even more time passes, and both aren’t looking great. At the 20 minute mark, however, someone falls….)

Minamo: Toon Tribe! Wins Immunity!

(Yep, Yuki fell into the water. He swims back, disappointed, while Ed lets go, and the Toon Tribe celebrates, after finally winning a challenge.)

Minamo: Here ya go.

(She hands the immunity idol to Mac, as Yuki and Ed return to the beach.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, I’ll see you for your first Tribal Council. Head back to camp.

(The Anime Tribe is disappointed as a whole; their winning streak snapped, but the Toon Tribe is ecstatic, with everyone crowding around Ed to congratulate him.)

Nenene: That sucked. We were up 4-2, and then 3 of us fall all in a row! Oh well, this just means the game is beginning.

Yuki: That was a very difficult challenge. I thought I did well, but I guess I didn’t do well enough.

Ed: Yay!! That was a lot of fun! And we don’t have to go that scary place again!

Toon Tribe

(At the Toon Tribe, it is clear that everyone is in good spirits. Even Daria seems to be happy, surprisingly enough. Anyways, everyone is hanging around the shelter, with the immunity idol in the center.)

Mac: Ed, that was great! You were really strong!

(Stacy nods, agreeing with Mac.)

Stacy: It was really impressive.

Ed: Ah, thanks guys. It was easy!

Mac: And now we don’t have to go to Tribal Council!

Stacy: That’s totally the best part…

Stacy: I’m really glad we won immunity. It would’ve been a really bad situation for me and Daria if we went there.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, Hitomi is approaching Winry, who sits by the beach after their loss.)

Hitomi: Hello, Winry.

(Winry looks up.)

Winry: Oh, hey Hitomi.

Hitomi: Winry, who do you think you’ll vote out tonight?

Winry: …I don’t know. Maybe Nenene.

Hitomi: Really? I was thinking maybe Miriallia….

Winry (surprised): What? Why?

Hitomi: Well… She’s the weakest, I think.

Winry (slightly sarcastic): Right.

Hitomi: What do you think?

Winry: It’s still too early for me to decide.

Hitomi: Could you please at least think about it?

Winry: Sure, fine.

Winry: So, all of a sudden, Hitomi came up to me, asked me to vote out Miriallia. It was ridiculous. I didn’t even consider it for a second, it was just that pathetic.

Hitomi: Um…Talking to Winry didn’t go as planned. She didn’t seem to like the idea, but I’m optimistic.

(At another part of the Anime Tribe, Yuki is trying to convince the other guys the same thing as Hitomi.)

Yuki: The immunity challenge was rather early today, which was bad since it didn’t give us time to talk to the others. That meant approaching them looked really last minute.

Yuki: Miriallia’s the weakest on the tribe. If we want to continue winning, she should go.

Koizumi: Maybe so, but you should consider her actions in camp as well.

Gaku: Yeah, she works really hard!

Yuki: Agreed, however, she is smart enough to be a threat as well… And strength is important for us to win the challenges.

Kaoru: How ‘bout we consider it. None of us have made up our minds yet on who to vote for.

Yuki (hesitant): Sure. That’s good.

(Some time passes, and back down on the beach, Miriallia and Winry are talking.)

Winry (quiet): Hitomi’s targeting you.

Miriallia (shocked): Really? What did she say?

Winry (quiet): She said that you were the weakest.

Miriallia (whispering): Really? We need to do something about that.

Winry: We can talk to Koizumi…

Miriallia: Right… Even if he’s kinda fake, we can convince him!

Toon Tribe

(We head back over to the Toon Tribe, to see that Daria and Stacy are talking, while they look for some food in the forest.)

Stacy: Uh…we’re still working together, right?

Daria: Of course. We need to, if we want to have a chance. We need to think logically, not emotionally.

Stacy: Okay, good. (Pause.) We should talk to Mac soon, I think.

Daria: Probably. We don’t want to have to go running to him last minute. It was a bad idea to wait long this time.

Stacy: Alright, good... I think tomorrow, sound good?

(Daria nods.)

Daria: Yeah.

(Over at another part of camp, Ed and Edd are also talking.)

Edd: What do you think of our alliance with Mac, Ed?

Ed: Well…. I like him!

Edd: Is that so? I get a sense of untrustworthiness from him…

(Ed’s obviously confused at this idea.)

Ed: Huh, what?

Edd: Well, he was allied with Jimmy, and I feel he’s very smart. I fear he may betray us at some point.

Ed: But we need him!

Edd: For now, at least…We may have to eliminate him at some point in the future. But after the next Tribal Council we go to.

Anime Tribe

(Back over at the Anime Tribe, we see that there’s a large meeting down on the beach. Miriallia and Winry are talking to Koizumi, Gaku, and Kaoru.)

Miriallia (bluntly): We need to vote out Hitomi.

Kaoru: Why approach us now?

Winry: She’s way too weak to stay, and she’s smart, too. She’s been doing some plotting, which means she’s a really big threat.

Koizumi: I believe that might be a good idea.

Winry: What’s with you? You were all for voting her out earlier!

Koizumi: I was merely thinking about her or Yuki. Both are viable choices.

Miriallia: It has to be Hitomi. She’s not as good as Yuki.

Kaoru: I think Hitomi’s a good idea…

Miriallia: Great! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pack up for Tribal Council tonight.

Winry: Yeah, good idea.

(Both Miriallia and Winry head back up to the shelter to pack, while the guys remain on the beach.)

Koizumi: Well, it seems we hold all the power for this vote…

Gaku: Yeah, it really does!

Kaoru: But who should we vote out? Stick with Hitomi, or change to Miriallia?

Koizumi: Fairly obvious, don’t you agree? One move will put us into a good the position, the other would put us into a very bad position.

Gaku: Right….

Kaoru: Either way, we would’ve had a majority. It’s pretty much our decision on who gets eliminated... It’s a good position to be in.

Tribal Council

(The Anime Tribe heads up to their first Tribal Council. Minamo is already waiting for them.)

Minamo: Okay, c’mon in and light your torches.

(Each member does so.)

Minamo: Remember, fire represents your life in this game. When the fire’s out, so are you... Take your seats.

(Everyone takes a seat.)

Minamo: Alright, let’s start talking. Winry, your tribe was on such a good streak, and then all of a sudden, you lost. What happened?

Winry: That kid, Ed, he’s stronger than any of us. We may have the overall advantage, but individually he’s really good.

Minamo: Okay, fair enough... Koizumi, would you say that anyone has emerged as a leader?

Koizumi: I believe that Miriallia has been leading us. She’s very knowledgeable about Orb, and it’s been very useful.

Minamo: Miriallia, you think this right?

Miriallia: Well… I haven’t actively been trying to be the leader of the tribe, but whatever I can do to help us is what’ll I do…

Minamo: Alright... Koizumi: Do you think this is going to be a unanimous vote? Is there one person here no one likes?

Koizumi: It’ll be a shame no matter who goes. I like our tribe; everyone gets along well.

Minamo: Anyone here feel that they’re in danger?

(Oddly enough, no one raises their hand.)

Minamo: Well, this could be interesting. All of you feel safe, but one of you is about to be voted out. Let’s start the voting. Nenene, you’re up first.

(Nenene heads up to vote. It reads MIRIALLIA.)

Nenene: You’re nice, but we need strength.

(Next, Kaoru goes up, and heads back down.)

(After Kaoru, Winry goes up. She writes HITOMI on her vote.)

Winry: You’re weak and plotted against my friend. Good bye.

(Winry heads back down, and Koizumi goes up. We don’t see his vote.)

(Koizumi returns to his seat, and Yuki goes up next. His vote also reads MIRIALLIA.)

Yuki: Sorry… You’re the weakest here.

(Next, Gaku goes up, but his vote isn’t revealed.)

(After Gaku goes Miriallia. Like Winry, she votes HITOMI.)

Miriallia: I like you, but you want me out, so I don’t really have a choice... Sorry.

(She returns to her seat, and our final voter, Hitomi, goes to vote. She writes down MIRIALLIA.)

Hitomi: Sorry….Nothing personal.

(She returns, as Minamo turns to address them all.)

Minamo: Okay, I’ll go tally the votes.

(She walks off to get them. Through the magic of editing, she returns quickly with the votes.)

Minamo: Ok, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever gets the most votes will be asked to bring me their torch leave the Tribal Council immediately.

(She takes out the first vote.)

Minamo: First vote – MIRIALLIA

(Miriallia’s not surprised.)

Minamo: Second vote – MIRIALLIA. That’s 2 votes Miriallia.

(She’s not surprised, but starts to get worried.)

Minamo: Third vote – HITOMI. 2 votes Miriallia, 1 vote Hitomi.

(Hitomi looks around, slightly surprised.)

Minamo: Fourth vote – MIRIALLIA. 3 votes Miriallia, 1 vote Hitomi.

(Miriallia begins to look nervous.)

Minamo: Fifth vote – HITOMI. 3 votes Miriallia, 2 vote Hitomi.

(Hitomi takes a deep breath.)

Minamo: Sixth vote – HITOMI. Now it’s tied. 3 votes Miriallia, 3 votes Hitomi.

(She’s really beginning to look worried.)

Minamo: Seventh vote – HITOMI. That makes it 4 votes Hitomi, 3 votes Miriallia.

(Hitomi is really scared now.)

Minamo: Eighth vote…and third person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor – HITOMI. Hitomi, you need to bring me your torch.

(Very surprised, it takes Hitomi a second to get up and get her torch. But she does, and brings it to Minamo.)

Minamo: Hitomi, the tribe has spoken.

(She extinguishes Hitomi’s torch, and Hitomi leaves Tribal Council. Afterwards, Minamo turns to the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: Tonight, no one was worried about leaving. Evidently, a few people should have been. Remember, anything can happen in this game…

(And with that note, the Anime Tribe leaves Tribal Council, having claimed their first victim.)

Hitomi: Well, I thought I had a good plan…I guess the others thought I was weak…But I had a lot of fun, and I think I did pretty well out here. I don’t regret this experience at all, it was lovely. Good luck to all of my tribemates, I hope you can so well, particularly Nenene and Yuki.

Next time, on Survivor.

- With two alliances fighting over Mac, who will he chose?

- More alliances form in the Anime Tribe, leaving others behind.

- Will the Toon Tribe be able to keep going, or will the Anime Tribe get the momentum back?


Hitomi (5) – Winry, Miriallia, Gaku, Koizumi, Kaoru

Miriallia (3) – Hitomi, Yuki, Nenene

Author's Notes

And there goes the first Anime Tribe member. Too bad, I think she could've been interesting if she stayed longer. Still, I thought she was the logical choice, being by far the weakest on her tribe, and didn't really have the social game or the strategic game to keep up with others. Just the way the cookie crumbles, pardon the cliché. Shame, Loveless, while not being a series for everyone (shonen-ai, catboys, possibly creepy relationships if you chose to ship that ), but it's still an interesting series.

One more thing to mention, since it first comes up in this episode, and plays a pretty big role later in the rest of the series: the tiebreaker. First, there's a revote with everyone but the tied people voting. Then, we go to past votes, whoever has more is out. And on the off chance they have the same number, then there's a fire making tiebreaker. The main reason for using the past votes, is that I feel that it's the most interesting, allows for the most strategy, and is much less random than something like a purple rock (as fun as that might be).

See ya next episode!