Episode 2 – Yelling at the grass won’t help.

Minamo: Previously on Survivor!

(A shot of all 16 castaways on the beach.)

Minamo: 16 castaways met, and started a 39 day adventure, here, on the island of Orb. Immediately, both friends…

(We see a shot of Kaoru and Koizumi talking in the woods.)

Kaoru: I approached Koizumi for an alliance, because I thought he was someone I could trust.

Minamo: …And enemies were made.

(There’s a shot of Daria and Vicky arguing about the shelter.)

Vicky: Of course not, to a fashion-less freak like you.

Daria: Hey!

Minamo: In the end, Vicky was voted out by her tribe, due to her bossiness and anger. 15 remain, who will be eliminated tonight?

Opening Credits:

Anime Tribe:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi – Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry – Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D. the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club

Toon Tribe:

Stacy – Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria

Day 3, after Tribal Council

(As the Toon Tribe comes back from their first Tribal Council, they try to get settled in for the night, while some discussion takes place about the Tribal Council. We see Ed and Edd talking quietly.)

Ed: Aw, that wasn’t that bad, Double D...

(Edd nods.)

Edd: Yes Ed, but I still feel like we can’t take a moment to catch our breath in this game.

Ed (confused): But we don’t have anyone to worry about now, do we?

Edd: Well…. No… But we just can’t be too safe.

(At another part of the Toon Tribe camp, Jimmy and Mac are also talking.)

Mac: See, everything worked out well.

Jimmy: Yeah, but I’m just still not fully convinced Vicky was worse than Edd.

Mac: Well, if we lose again we could vote him out…

Jimmy: That’s my plan…

(As Mac and Jimmy finish up their conversation, we see Daria to the side, out of eyesight in the night, but definitely within earshot of their conversation.)

Daria: Last night, we all voted Vicky out. She wasn’t the weakest, but she was the worst person in the tribe, by far. And when we got back to camp, I accidentally overhear Jimmy and Mac say that they want Edd out. I’m not too sure which one I think of that; but I definitely don’t like hearing plotting so soon after the last Tribal Council.

(And with that closing note, we see the castaways sleep, as night turns to day.)

Day 4 – Anime Tribe

(First, we see everyone is already mostly up. Hitomi, Nenene, and Gaku are up, trying to start a fire, still.)

Gaku: Work! Catch on fire!

Nenene: You know, yelling at the grass won’t help. It can’t hear you.

Gaku: I know, but what am I supposed to do?

Nenene: …Not talk to it?

Gaku: That’s no fun!

Nenene: Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

Hitomi: I hope this works soon...

Nenene: Four days into this, and we still don’t have fire! We better get some soon, or this will not be good, since the others have flint already. That gives them a major advantage on us!

(At another part of camp, Winry and Miriallia are talking, too.)

Winry: So, who do you think the others voted off? My bet is that weak girl with the pig tails. …What was her name?

Miriallia: I wasn’t paying attention; I was concentrating more on the challenges...

Winry: Yeah, same here…

Miriallia: But yeah, I think she probably went. Or maybe the red head who yelled during the challenges, she seemed really annoying.

(Winry nods, agreeing.)

Winry: You know, none of the people on the Toon Tribe really impressed me, besides that kid who took out the pole in one swing.

Miriallia: I wouldn’t count them out yet. I mean, we did lose the reward challenge to them…

(Winry shrugs.)

Winry: Yeah, I guess so…

Winry: Hell yeah, I’m confident in our tribe. We’re all pretty strong and smart, so I don’t see any reason why we can’t dominate the challenges!

(Later, over in the forest near the tribe, Yuki and Hitomi are both out there, looking for some fruit.)

Yuki: Hm… We definitely need a supply of fruit at the moment.

Hitomi: Because we can’t get any fire right now?

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Fruits would have enough water to not let us get dehydrated…

Hitomi: Hopefully we’ll get fire soon…

Yuki: It’s the first priority at this point.

(There’s a pause, as the two continue to look in vain for more food.)

Hitomi: Well, um, Yuki, I have a question to ask you…

Yuki: Hm?

Hitomi: Well… Would you like an alliance?

(Yuki is silent for a second, processing the request.)

Yuki: …Would it be a strong alliance?

Hitomi (after thinking it over): I think I can guarantee it… I really think we should have an alliance.

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Fine, then I accept your offer.

Hitomi: Great! Um… I also have an alliance with Nenene, so it’d be a three person alliance.

Yuki: Alright…

Hitomi: I was very glad to get into an alliance with Yuki. I think he’s very intelligent and strong, so that should be good.

Yuki: It was good to get an alliance with Hitomi and Nenene. It offers some sort of protection, so it’s a solid start to the game.

Toon Tribe

(At the other tribe, we see them handling their first day without Vicky. Mac and Jimmy are relaxing in their shelter.)

Mac: So, since Vicky’s gone, we don’t need to worry about the shelter anymore, right?

Jimmy: Well, unless Edd’s design doesn’t hold up, which is a likely possibility, then we don’t…

(Mac glances at the shelter.)

Mac: You’re really down on Edd, aren’t you? Besides, what’s wrong with it? It seems fine the way I see it.

Jimmy: Well, I doubt it will hold up to nature...

Mac (considers it): Well, I guess that could happen.

Jimmy: It will. There are so many flaws in the design; I can’t believe that he thought it was good.

Mac: Well, I guess we’ll see… I hope it doesn’t, though.

(Meanwhile, at another part of camp, Daria is sitting down, working on keeping the fire going, while Stacy comes over, to surprisingly talk with Daria.)

Stacy: Um…Daria?

Daria: What?

Stacy: Well… I was thinking that maybe we should, we know, work together? I mean, we are from like, the same place, and go the same school, so it would make some sense.

(Daria takes a moment to consider this.)

Daria (firmly): No.

Stacy: Why not? I mean, you don’t exactly have a lot of allies, and I don’t either, and so we should totally work together!

Daria: The reason is that we don’t come from the same world, in or out of the game. There’s no reason other than a temporary situation after only 4 days to make an alliance that wouldn’t even work out.

Stacy: Well…well, isn’t an alliance better than no alliance?

Daria: Not at this early stage in the game, when people aren’t voted out solely by alliances. People are voted out because they’re weak or annoying, for the most part.

Stacy: But….but…

Daria: Listen, at this point, we don’t need an alliance, which wouldn’t even work out. Besides, there are still some things in camp that should get us past the next vote.

Stacy: Wait, what? There are some things happening in camp? What do you mean?

(At this point, Daria realized she said too much, and begins to backtrack.)

Daria: Never mind. Forget what I said.

(Stacy is clearly interested in what Daria said, but knows it’s pointless to probe further.)

Stacy: So, I like, asked Daria for an alliance, and she said no, which is bad. But I did find out there was something going on in camp, and maybe I can use that, which is awesome. I’m not gonna just let people vote me out!

Daria: I let it slip to Stacy of all people, that there was some things going on in our tribe that could cause another elimination. That was stupid, I was hoping to be able to use it more.

Anime Tribe

(Over in the forest around camp, we see Yuki and Kaoru looking for food.)

Kaoru: So, today, I decided to see for myself if Yuki would be better as an alliance member or if Koizumi is right about him… It was interesting, to say the least.

(Yuki and Kaoru spot some berries in a tree, so Yuki starts to climb it.)

Yuki: Kaoru, catch.

(Unsurprisingly, Yuki tosses down some of the berries, and Kaoru catches them, then examines them.)

Kaoru: … Are these edible?

(From the tree, Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Yeah, they are.

Kaoru: Right…

(As we see them head back to camp, there’s silence between the two.)

Kaoru: …And I came to the conclusion that Koizumi was right. He was too quiet, not exactly sociable. I don’t trust him.

(And at the camp, we see that Miriallia and Gaku are now talking, while Gaku continues to try to make the fire.)

Miriallia: Gaku, how long have you been doing this? I mean, you’ve been doing this for a few hours, I think.

Gaku: Um…. (He counts the hours with one hand.) Maybe 2 hours? I took a break after doing it earlier.

Miriallia: Oh. I don’t think you should get too caught up in this idea. I mean, people might think you’re lazy or something, if this is what you spend lots of time doing.

(This idea obviously confuses Gaku.)

Gaku: What? Why would anyone think that?

Miriallia: Well…I mean someone could think you were just doing that so you wouldn’t have to work. I think that would be a bad way to think of it, but I do think someone might think that.

Gaku: Oh…. We need fire, though!

Gaku: I don’t think any of my tribe mates would think I’m lazy for trying to make fire! I don’t think any of them are like that…

Toon Tribe

(Now we see the Toon Tribe, where Edd and Ed are talking off by themselves in the forest.)

Ed: It sure was nice of Numbah 5 to help us out last vote!

Edd: Indubitably, Ed. I can’t help but wonder why, though…

Ed: Didn’t she say why? She wanted Vicky out!

Edd: Well, yes, I believe she did, but I can’t help but believe that there was an alternative motive…

Ed: Uh… Like what?

Edd: Well…maybe she wants an alliance? That’s a possibility... Shall we make one with her?

(Ed shrugs.)

Edd: Well… I think we should. It never hurts to have another ally, right?

Ed: Unless she’s the evil mutant twin of an alien chicken from outer space!

(Edd blinks in confusion.)

Edd: I guess that would be bad, Ed…

(A bit later, we see Jimmy down on the beach, walking around. Daria goes onto the beach, and heads to Jimmy.)

Jimmy: So here I was, just hanging out on the beach, and Daria comes down to talk to me. Which I thought was weird since I haven’t talked with her much at all since we got here, but whatever.

Daria: …Hey Jimmy.

Jimmy: Oh, hi Daria.

Daria: Um…I was wondering if you could show me how to make a fire….

Jimmy: Um… Sure Daria.

Daria: I asked Jimmy to show me how to make fire, since I think either he or Edd will go next, if Jimmy really dislikes him as much as I think he does. I figure there will be some drama between the two next time we lose immunity, and I don’t want to keep someone just because they can make fire. We can’t depend on him if my hunch is right.

(We see that back at camp, Jimmy is showing Daria how to use the flint to make the fire.)

Jimmy: … And now you take the machete in one hand, and then strike the flint like this. (He acts like he’s doing it.) This will produce some sparks, which will land on the flammable substance, whatever it may be, and then start a fire.

(Daria takes a moment to take this all in.)

Daria: Okay. Sounds easy enough.

Jimmy: Great. Now if you excuse me, I’m going back to the beach.

Daria: Right.

(He gets up and hurries back down to the beach.)

Daria: ...But the way Jimmy explained it bugged me. I mean, “And now you take the machete in one hand”? What kind of crap is that?

Anime Tribe

(Back with the other tribe, we see that Winry and Miriallia are talking down at the beach.)

Winry: You know what? I like our tribe so much. I mean, there’s no drama around here.

Miriallia: Yeah, I agree. The other tribe doesn’t seem so lucky, though. ..

Winry: Yeah, that’s the impression that I get of them, too. Oh well. Good for us, then.

Miriallia: I guess so... C’mon, let’s head back, it’s getting late.

Winry: Right, right…

(After we see the girls head back, we see the day turn into night, and back into day.)

Day 5 – Toon Tribe

(Early the next day, we see that there are a few people already up. This includes Numbah 5, Edd, and Jimmy. They’re just sitting around camp while others sleep.)

Edd: Hey, Numbah 5, since the others are sleeping at the moment, would you like to go get water with me?

Numbah 5: Sure, I’ll go with ya.

(As they head out, Jimmy is watching them leave. As soon as they’re out of his eyesight, Jimmy gets up and goes in the same direction as they did.)

Jimmy: Early this morning, when almost no one was up, Edd and Numbah 5 went to go get water. I thought it was weird, since I haven’t seen them talk much so far. So I followed them, to see what was up.

(In the forest, Edd and Numbah 5 are walking to get water from a small stream, while Jimmy silently follows him. Numbah 5 looks back a few times, but doesn’t notice him.)

Edd: Um, Numbah 5, I would like to have an intellectual chat with you about this game.

Numbah 5: Sure, what’s up?

Edd: Well, I was wondering… If you would consider joining my alliance.

Numbah 5: That would be cool. It’s one with 3 people, right?

(At this point, they arrive at the stream and start getting the water. Behind them is Jimmy, who is making sure to be quiet as he hides behind a tree.)

Edd: Well, now it is. You, myself, and Ed.

(She nods.)

Numbah 5: Thought so. We have any plans?

Edd: No, not yet. I believe it would be best to wait until we need to, to start strategizing. But we have a solid threesome as of now.

Numbah 5: Right, could blow up in our faces in a snap otherwise.

(At this point, Jimmy apparently decides he has seen enough, and heads back to camp, but goes another route, to be sure that he’s not seen.)

Edd: Agreed... However, we need someone else to make our alliance be in the majority, so we should try to get someone else.

Numbah 5: Right. But I think all of them are bad choices. Daria’s kinda weird, Stacy’s weak, and Mac and Jimmy are too close right now.

Edd: All true… .Maybe we should wait and see what happens?

Numbah 5: Might be best, yeah.

(Edd and Numbah 5 finish getting water and head back to camp.)

Edd: So, early today, I put our plan into action and made an alliance with Numbah 5. I think it went rather well. We almost have the majority in the tribe; we just need one more member. Then, hopefully, we will be in a strong position.

Jimmy: Well, when I followed Edd and Numbah 5, I saw them make an alliance. And of course, the other Ed is included in it. This means they have almost half the votes. This isn’t going well at all; they need to be broken up.

Anime Tribe

(Over on the Anime Tribe, we see that few are awake over there, as well. So far the only people up are Gaku, Nenene and Winry. They’re sitting away from camp, not doing anything yet.)

Winry: We really need fire…..

Nenene: Well, we’re working on it.

Gaku: The glasses idea isn’t working... Maybe we’ll get some if we win reward!

Nenene: If we’re lucky, that is.

Winry: Hey, we could win it. Don’t doubt us.

Nenene: I’m not. I’m just saying that there has to be flint as a reward, and we need to win it. Both are possible, but not certain. We just can’t assume that we’ll win, and that flint would be a reward. Overconfidence leads to us losing.

Winry: Whatever….

Gaku: Um… I’m not sure that Winry and Nenene really like each other… They disagree a lot.

(Fast forward a bit, and now all of the members of the Anime Tribe have woken up. Near the shelter, Koizumi, Winry and Miriallia are all talking.)

Winry: What do you think of Nenene, Koizumi?

Koizumi: Well…. I haven’t gotten to know her that well. But she seems….opinionated from what I can see.

Winry: Well, I think she’s too pessimistic.

Miriallia: Wait, why?

Winry: She doesn’t think we’ll win the next reward challenge and get fire. She pretty much said it earlier.

Koizumi: Hm… Did she say it out right?

Winry: Well… She just implied it, but I thought it was pretty obvious.

Koizumi: Ah…

Koizumi: Earlier today, I started talking with Winry and Miriallia because I figure they could become swing votes eventually. As a bonus, I hear that Winry has some problems with Nenene. This will be interesting if or when we go to Tribal Council.

Toon Tribe

(Back at the Toon Tribe, everyone is now awake and doing various activities. Stacy walks into camp with a piece of paper in her hand and looking excited.)

Stacy: Hey guys, I, um, got some tree mail.

(Everyone gathers around her.)

Jimmy: Really? Then read it!

Stacy: Ok, here it goes, “One is now gone/Many remain/But for this challenge/You must be game.”

(There’s a pause.)

Stacy: … That’s pretty useless, to be honest…

Daria: Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Mac: ‘Cause all of them have been useless so far?

Ed: Let’s win it, yay!

Anime Tribe

(Quite obviously, they’ve got the same news from Hitomi, who is reading the letter.)

Hitomi: “…You must be game”. That sounds rather odd, right?

Nenene: Well, yeah.

Koizumi: I wonder what the reward will be...

Hitomi: Well, maybe flint? If we’re lucky...

Gaku: Well, let’s go and find out!

Reward Challenge

(As the Anime Tribe enters the challenge area, Minamo is already waiting for them. Behind her is 2 platforms in the water, 4 slingshots in the ground, and two large squares of sand marked off.)

Minamo: Hello, Anime Tribe, welcome to your second reward challenge.

(At this point, the Toon Tribe enters, while Minamo continues to address the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: You’re getting your first look at the new Toon Tribe, Vicky votes out last night.

(A few shots of the Anime Tribe. No one is really that surprised, since they barely know any of the people on the Toon Tribe.)

Minamo: Now, let’s get to the reward challenge. What will happen is that for each tribe, there will be three runners, two launchers, and two catchers. When I say go, the runners run and try to find these beige colored balls that we’ve hidden in the sand marked off by the squares – green for the Toon Tribe, purple for the Anime Tribe.

(She picks a ball up next to her up, and begins to toss and catch it absent mindlessly.)

Minamo: When you find one, you’ll give it to one of your launchers, who will be stationed at the beach with giant slingshots. They will fire it to one of the catchers, out on the platforms. If you manage to catch one, you get a point and put it in the bucket. First to 5 points wins. Everyone understand?

(A chorus of “Yes,” comes from both tribes.)

Minamo: Good. Everyone want to know what you’re playing for?

(Again, there is a chorus of words from the tribes, basically amounting to “Yes”.)

Minamo: Well, the winner will get….fishing gear! Along with that, they will get more flint for fires.

(Everyone, especially the Anime Tribe looks happy about that.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, since you have one extra member, you need to sit a woman out. Who will it be? Remember, the one who sits out has to participate in the immunity challenge.

(They confer for a moment. Eventually, it’s decided to have Miriallia sit out.)

Minamo: Alright, Miriallia is sitting out. Come over here and take a seat.

(Now, the Survivors get into position. For the Anime Tribe, Kaoru, Yuki and Nenene are running, Hitomi and Koizumi are launching, and Winry and Gaku are catching. For the Toon Tribe, Mac, Ed, and Numbah 5 are running, while Daria and Jimmy release, and Edd and Stacy catch.)

Minamo: Survivors, ready? Go!

(Immediately, the runners, unsurprisingly, run to their squares and start digging. Quick to find a ball is Nenene, followed by Mac.)

Minamo: Both Nenene and Mac have balls, and are delivering them to their launchers!

(Nenene gives her ball to Koizumi, who fires at Gaku, but he fails to catch it. During this time, Mac gives his ball to Jimmy, who launches it at Stacy, which is also a failure.)

Stacy: Sorry guys…

(As Nenene and Mac both run back, Yuki finds a ball. He quickly gets it to Hitomi, who fires at Winry. She is able to catch it.)

Minamo: First point goes to the Anime Tribe! They lead, 1-0!

(As Yuki returns to digging, both Nenene and Numbah 5 find balls. They both run to the launchers, with Numbah 5 gaining a slight lead.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 delivers her ball to Daria, while Nenene gives it to Hitomi. Both fire and both are too short! The score remains the same, with the Anime Tribe leading 1 to zip.

(Frustrated, both Nenene and Numbah 5 go back to looking for balls. Soon after, Ed finds a ball and delivers it to Daria. She takes it, and fires it at Edd.)

Edd: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

(He blindly sticks his hands out, and….)

Minamo: Edd catches the ball! Now it’s tied, 1 a piece!

(As Edd takes a moment to look proud before putting the ball away, Ed goes back to digging, just as Kaoru and Yuki both find balls.)

Minamo: Now both Kaoru and Yuki have balls! This could let them regain the lead!

(Kaoru delivers his to Koizumi as Yuki delivers it to Hitomi. Koizumi fires first to Gaku, who catches it, but falls in the water doing so. After that, Hitomi also fires, but Winry can’t catch it.)

Minamo: Gaku’s catch counts, so the Anime Tribe has the lead again! Now it’s 2-1!

(As Gaku gets back onto his platform, Nenene and Ed both find another ball, and run to deliver it. Nenene takes her time, obviously getting tired.)

Minamo: Ed gives the ball to Jimmy! He fires…and Edd misses!

(Jimmy scowls as Nenene finally delivers her ball to Koizumi. Now he fires, and Gaku is able to catch this one as well.)

Minamo: Gaku catches another one! Now the Anime Tribe has increased their lead to 3-1!

(As Gaku smiles, Numbah 5 finds a ball and quickly runs to deliver it to Jimmy.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe is trying to close the gap!

(Jimmy fires the ball, but it ultimately fails when Stacy can’t reach it.)

Stacy: Ugh!

Minamo: Nope, too far away. The Anime Tribe still leads 3-1.

(After Numbah 5 returns to digging, Kaoru has found another ball and delivers it to Hitomi.)

Minamo: If the Anime Tribe gets this point, they’ll only need 1 more!

(Hitomi fires the ball at Winry, who catches it.)

Minamo: Now it’s 4-1! C’mon Toon Tribe, it’s not over yet!

(As both tribes continue to look for balls, neither tribe has any luck. Eventually, Mac finds a ball and runs to get it to Jimmy.)

Minamo: Now Jimmy has a shot!

(Jimmy fires it at Edd, who is able to catch this one for the Toon Tribe’s second point.)

Minamo: Edd catches another ball. This makes the score 4-2, Anime Tribe leading!

(As Mac runs back, now Kaoru is able to find another ball. He gets it to Koizumi quickly.)

Minamo: If the Anime Tribe catches this one, then they win reward!

(Koizumi ignores Minamo, and launches it at Winry. She catches it without trouble.)

Minamo: That’s it! Anime Tribe wins reward!

(As all members of the Anime Tribe celebrate, the Toon Tribe is especially disappointed at this performance.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, you’ve won fishing gear! You also get flint.

(Koizumi goes to reclaim these items.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I’ve got nothing for you. Go back to camp for now, and rest up.

(Both tribes head back to their respective camps, both in very different moods.)

Mac: We didn’t do so well in that challenge. We had problems catching the balls, but that’s just as much the launcher’s fault as it is the catcher’s... They just outdid is in this challenge.

Koizumi: I am quite pleased with this result. We did very well against the Toon Tribe. With luck, we’ll be able to win the next immunity challenge as well.

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, they have quickly started a fire since winning the flint. Right now, Miriallia is cooking some rice, while a few others are around her.)

Miriallia: Finally! We can make some rice now. It was getting pretty bad around here without it.

Winry: And now, we’ll have energy so that we can crush the other tribe!

Nenene: Let’s not get carried away…

(Winry takes a quick glance at Nenene.)

Miriallia: Anyways… Do you think Kaoru and Gaku will catch any fish?

Koizumi: I wouldn’t doubt them…

Hitomi: Well, I hope so. Some fish would be quite nice.

(And down on the beach, Kaoru and Gaku are trying to catch some fish for food. Gaku is using the spear, while Kaoru is using the fishing pole they have.)

Kaoru: I need some bait…. What do we have that fish eat?

Gaku: Um… Rice?

Kaoru: I didn’t bring any along…

Gaku: Oh. (He tries to stab a fish, creating a splash, but misses the fish.)

Kaoru: … Don’t scare the fish away…

Toon Tribe

(Over at the Toon Tribe’s camp, we see that they’re also cooking food, but they’re in a very different mood.)

Daria: Well, that sucked. What a surprise.

Jimmy: We couldn’t catch at all.

(He glares at Edd; Edd quickly notices.)

Edd: Jimmy, I was not the only catcher, and besides, catching wasn’t the single reason we did not succeed in this challenge.

Jimmy: Well, you didn’t do so well catching, ya know…

Ed: Aw, Jimmy, stop being mean to Double D. It isn’t fair. Fighting is bad!

Jimmy (somewhat bitterly): Yeah, well, life isn’t fair.

(The others are all standing to the side, smartly staying out of this.)

Edd: Yes, but Jimmy, I must know, why do you harbor such resentment for me? I honestly do not have a clue.

Jimmy (very annoyed): Well, maybe it’s because you’re weak, and maybe because of your alliances!

(Everyone is a bit surprised at Jimmy having this outburst.)

Edd: Wh-what?

Jimmy: You know, your oh-so-obvious alliance with Ed, and your secret alliance with Numbah 5!

Numbah 5: Hey, just one second!

Jimmy: What, it’s true! I saw you and Edd make the alliance!

Edd: You followed us?

Jimmy: Well… What if I did?

(Jimmy glares at the alliance of Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5. Mac, Stacy, and Daria are still wisely staying out of this.)

Jimmy: I mean, it was no more of strategy than you making your alliance and trying to control the tribe...

Numbah 5: No, there’s a difference! An alliance is expected, sneakin’ around like that, that’s just underhanded.

Jimmy: Whatever. You guys are impossible...

(With that statement, Jimmy marches off, into the forest, while the rest of the tribe is standing around.)

Stacy: Jimmy blew up at Edd today, and told us about his alliance. Honestly, um, I kinda liked it. It told me stuff about the tribe, and I think it’ll help me stay around. Was this what Daria meant? I can definitely use this!

Daria: I didn’t like what Jimmy did today. It was immature and utterly stupid.

(And with that blow up, we end day 5….)

Day 6 – Toon Tribe

(…The next morning, however, is something new for the castaways – rain. But it’s not just raining, it’s pouring, preventing them from doing anything.)

Mac: So, this morning, it started pouring out, which was really bad. At least our shelter held up, though.

Stacy: Ugh. It just sucked. Stupid weather. Stupid, stupid weather.

(There is obvious tension in the shelter, with Jimmy off to the side and Mac sitting next to him. Off to the other side are Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5. Between them are Daria and Stacy.)

Daria: Do we have the flint in the shelter?

Mac: I’m not sure. I don’t think so...

Edd: We left it by the rice, as I recall.

Daria: Great. Just great. I’m going to get the flint and rice under our shelter so they’re usable.

Mac: Is it big enough?

(Daria shrugs.)

Daria: Anyone want to come help me?

(Ed raises his hand.)

Ed: Oh, oh, pick me, pick me!

Daria (sighs): Fine, let’s go.

(The unlikely duo heads out to get their supplies.)

Anime Tribe

(Over at the Anime Tribe, we see them also dealing with the rain. And just like the Toon Tribe was, they’re in their shelter, with their flint and rice, although it’s a tight squeeze. However, Yuki is glancing over towards the fire, which is just about dead at this point, despite efforts to make a small lean-to over it.)

Yuki: Hm… Should we try to salvage the rest of the fire?

Gaku: I’d help!

Nenene: And how do you propose we do that, exactly?

Yuki: We do have the lid the box our supplies came in, we could use that.

Nenene: The fire’s just about dead, don’t risk it.

Gaku: I think we’d be okay…

Nenene: You could get sick. It's too early for that.

Yuki: It would be a shame to let the fire just go to waste after all it took to light it, however.

(Nenene shrugs.)

Nenene: Don’t kill yourself over it. We have flint now.

(Miriallia nods in agreement.)

Miriallia: There’s no use in getting sick when we can just remake it later.

(Yuki doesn’t seem to entirely agree, but nods anyways.)

Hitomi: Today was the first day it rained, and it was rather bad for us… It was raining for a few hours, so we couldn’t get much done at all.

Yuki: It was an admittedly impulsive idea to try to protect the fire… Still, after working so hard to get it, and with all the rain, it didn’t just seem right to let it go out so easily.

(We see later that the rain has died down a little bit, so a few people are trying to go gather some fruit to eat. This group consists of Hitomi, Yuki, and Nenene, who chat as they look around.)

Nenene: That rain was annoying. Nothing’s worse than being cooped up all day...

Yuki: I agree. At least it’s died down.

Hitomi: Now we can find some food. But I believe it’s too damp to start a fire.

Yuki: So whatever we eat has to be good raw. Exactly why we’re out here.

Hitomi: Right...

Nenene: …We should talk about what happens if we lose immunity.

Yuki: Right…

Hitomi: Um… Maybe we should vote out Miriallia? I think that she’s the weakest.

Yuki: We need others, though.

Hitomi: Well…Maybe Winry? The guys seem to close to trust.

Yuki: Winry and Miriallia are close, so that might not work.

(They continue walking, as they take some time to think about it.)

Nenene: Hey, are there some fruits up in that tree?

(She points to said tree, and everyone takes a look at it.)

Hitomi: Maybe…

Yuki: I’ll go check.

(Yuki climbs the tree swiftly, and takes a look at what they suspect are fruits.)

Yuki: They seem to be some kind of fruits. I’m not familiar with them, though...

(He takes a few and tosses them down. Hitomi and Nenene catch a few of them. When he’s finished, he climbs back down.)

Yuki: I think that’s enough for now…

Nenene: Yep. Let’s head back now.

(They promptly turn around and head back to their camp.)

Toon Tribe

(As the rain has also settled down at the Toon Tribe’s camp, they’re now out of the shelter. Daria and Stacy are taking a look at their shelter, inspecting the rice and flint.)

Daria: The flint seems dry.

Stacy: That’s a plus…

(Daria nods.)

Daria: Yeah. The rice?

Stacy: Um… I can’t get this stupid container open! It’s, like, stuck on!

Daria: Here, let me try.

(Daria tries to open their rice container. It takes her a moment, but she does so.)

Daria: … It doesn’t look great. Maybe we should throw it out.

Stacy: Do you know if it’ll dry out?

Daria: No. Maybe we should set it to the side?

Stacy: Yeah, that sounds good….Where’s a container?

Daria: Forgot about that…let’s use a pillowcase.

Stacy: Sounds great!

(They get a pillowcase and put all of the wet rice into it.)

Daria: I’ve been spending some time with Stacy lately. Mostly because she’s the only one not in the middle of a fight, or allied to someone in the middle of a fight. Getting involved would be bad to do. I don’t intend on picking a side for now, I want to see how this plays out first.

(Over in the forest, we see that Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5 are strategizing. Edd occasionally looks around, to see if anyone is listening after the previous day’s debacle.)

Edd: Well, this development is quite the set back in our plan to get the majority. The others might gang up on us, and vote us out now…

Ed: What should we do? I don’t wanna go!

Numbah 5: We could get Daria and Stacy on our side. Then we got the majority.

Ed: What if we win?

Edd: That’s right, we need to consider the possibility we win as well.

Numbah 5: Still wouldn’t hurt to have a solid majority, ya know.

Edd: Right. So shall we get Daria or Stacy on our side?

Numbah 5: Hard choice…

Ed: I vote both of them!

Numbah 5: For a long alliance?

Ed: Um… Sure?

Immunity Challenge

(That’s right; today we’re skipping the tree mail portion, and going straight to the immunity challenge. As both tribes arrive on the beach, Minamo is waiting for them, with the challenge set up behind her.)

Minamo: First things first, I’m going to need the immunity idol back.

(She goes over and gets it from Winry.)

Minamo: So, for today’s immunity, you’re going to have an obstacle course challenge. What’s going to happen is that each tribe will have to run to the jungle, and find a tree with your tribe color on it. When everyone’s there, then you climb up a tree, with each person getting 1 key from a box in said tree. When everyone’s finishes, their tribe will run to the ocean, swim out to a platform, and unlock this box and take out the puzzle pieces inside of it. Then you have to swim back to the beach, with the puzzle pieces. Complete the puzzle and you’ve won immunity!

(The survivors take a moment to take this all in.)

Minamo: Anime Tribe, since you have one extra member, you must sit someone out. You can’t sit out the same person in back-to-back challenges, so Miriallia must compete. Take a moment to decide.

(They confer for a moment, and they decide to have Hitomi sit out.)

Minamo: Okay, Hitomi’s sitting out. Come over here and take a seat.

(She does so, as the remaining Survivors get into position.)

Minamo: Survivors, ready? For immunity, go!

(The survivors run out into the jungle, each going to a different tree, marked off by their tribe color. The first few to get to their tree are Kaoru, Winry, Numbah 5, and then Gaku. Trailing are Jimmy, Edd,

and Miriallia, who took a fall as she started running.)

Numbah 5: C’mon! They’re already gettin’ a lead!

(The next bunch to arrive is Ed, Mac, followed by Koizumi and Yuki. Just as a point of reference, the Anime Tribe has 5 people so far, the Toon Tribe has only 3. After that bunch, the next to arrive is Daria, Stacy, and Nenene. Trailing is Miriallia, Jimmy, and Edd. However, Miriallia makes it there before Jimmy and Edd, so the Anime Tribe starts climbing.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe has begun to climb the tree! Toon Tribe, you have to go quicker!

(As Edd and Jimmy arrive, Yuki has already climbed the tree and gotten his key. As he starts climbing down, Numbah 5 starts climbing. She also easily gets her key and climbs down, as does Gaku. After that, Mac also climbs the tree and gets down easily. Winry also completes it.)

Minamo: It’s close, but the Anime Tribe has the lead! 3 keys to 2!

(Trying to increase the pace, Ed does it very quickly, as Kaoru does it as well. However, Stacy struggles on climbing up and down, allowing Miriallia to pass her.)

Minamo: Stacy’s struggling to get down! The Anime Tribe increases their lead, 5-3!

(As Stacy gets down, now Nenene is at the top of the tree. Daria begins climbing, as Nenene gets back down. When Daria gets back down, Koizumi gets the final key for the Anime Tribe.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe’s finished! They’re moving on to the next part! Toon Tribe still needs 2 more keys!

(As the Anime Tribe runs to the beach, Edd goes, and after struggling a bit, gets his key and heads back down. As the Anime Tribe starts swimming to their platform, Jimmy also get his key and heads back down.)

Minamo: Now the Toon Tribe is finished! Hurry, you’re still in this!

(The Toon Tribe hurries down to the beach, as Kaoru and Yuki are the first to make it to their platform. As the Toon Tribe starts swimming, Miriallia, Gaku, and Koizumi have also finished.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe still is in the lead! They almost have everyone on their platform!

(Soon after, Nenene and Winry have also arrived at their platform, while the Toon Tribe is about half way there.)

Minamo: Ok, everyone, start unlocking!

(There’s a bit of madness on the Anime Tribe’s platform, as there are 7 keys and 7 seven locks, and each key only fits 1 lock. Soon, the Anime Tribe has 3 keys in the right lock so far, as Numbah 5 arrives at the Toon Tribe’s platform.)

Minamo: Numbah 5 is the first to the Toon Tribe’s platform! You have to hurry up, Toon Tribe!

(As the Anime Tribe gets 2 more keys into their locks, Ed then gets to his platform. Soon after, Mac gets to his platform, but the Anime Tribe has gotten their last 2 keys in. They grab the puzzle pieces, and start swimming back to shore.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe is heading back to shore!

(Next, Stacy and Daria also arrive at the platform, while the Anime Tribe continues to swim back to shore. Soon after, Jimmy and Edd arrive at the platform, but the Anime Tribe is already at the beach.)

Minamo: The Anime Tribe is at the beach! They’re starting to work on the puzzle!

(Indeed they are. There are 9 pieces to the puzzle, making a 3x3 shape, although the pieces are longer than they are wide. As the Toon Tribe gets their first 2 keys in, the Anime Tribe gets their puzzle together.)

Minamo: That’s it! Anime Tribe wins immunity!

(The Anime Tribe celebrates, as the Toon Tribe looks dejected after their third loss in a row.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I’ve got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

Toon Tribe

Numbah 5: That loss was pathetic. I mean, they crushed us. We didn’t have a lead any step of the way! Just like in the last challenge, too! We need to step it up, if we want any shot of winnin' this thing.

(Back at the camp, everyone is depressed. Over at one side of the camp, Jimmy and Mac are talking.)

Mac (whispering): Now we need Daria’s and Stacy’s votes.

Jimmy (also whispering): Yeah. Should we split up and talk to them?

Mac: Sure. I’ll take Daria, you take Stacy?

Jimmy: Sure.

(Over at another part of camp, Numbah 5 is beating Mac to the punch, and is talking to Daria.)

Numbah 5: Daria, about the vote ‘night….

Daria: Let me guess. You want me to vote out Jimmy, right?

Numbah 5: …Yeah. I mean, that blow up made him untrustworthy. Beside, he’s weak.

Daria (observing): So is Edd...

Numbah 5: Yeah, but Edd is also calmer, so he should stay.

Daria: Here, I’ll think about voting Jimmy off. I’m not making any promises yet, though. Good enough?

Numbah 5 (Thinks for a moment): Yeah

Daria: I don’t want to commit to either side right now. I want to see how things play out, but I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing. But nothing is ever for sure until I cast my vote.

(And down on the beach, Mac and Stacy are talking.)

Mac: …And that’s why you should vote Edd out tonight.

Stacy: Well, he is weak…. But he’s smart, too.

Mac: Jimmy’s smarter and stronger than Edd...

Stacy: Yeah, but… He’s worse for our morale. He caused all that drama yesterday.

Mac: He’s still useful around camp. And all that drama would go away if Edd left, too!

Stacy: I guess…

Mac: Well, can you at least think about it?

Stacy: Sure…

Mac: Approaching Stacy didn’t go so well. She was hesitant about voting someone out, but there's definitely a chance...

Anime Tribe

(To interrupt the plotting for a moment, we head over to the Anime Tribe. Right now, everyone is sitting in a circle, eating some fruits found earlier.)

Hitomi: I’m very glad we found this fruit earlier...

Koizumi: Agreed. It’s too damp to start a fire yet.

Winry: It’ll dry soon. And stop being depressing about the dampness, we won immunity!

Gakuu: So we all have three more days on the island!

Nenene: Besides, this fruit is fine for now. And it’ll dry out later.

Miriallia: So everything’s good for right now…

Koizumi: As a tribe, we’ve been doing quite well. We won the last 3 challenges, and we all have high spirits as well. It's quite an interesting time, because there's the obvious chance it'll all stop quite soon.

Toon Tribe

(Back at the Toon Tribe, there’s still more plotting going on. Right now, Jimmy has approached Daria, and they’re talking quietly about it.)

Daria (bluntly): You want me to vote off Edd.

Jimmy: Precisely. He’s the weakest in the tribe.

Daria: Right…

Jimmy: Besides, that alliance is too big a risk. He almost has majority. We need to bring it down quickly, before he gets power.

Daria: It is a threat…

Jimmy: Well, just think about it, 'kay? You know I’m right.

(And at yet another part of camp, Stacy and Edd are talking about the vote.)

Edd: Stacy, I’m sure we have the numbers. Me, Ed, Numbah 5, and likely Daria. And if you’re in the minority is this vote, it could make you a target for elimination.

Stacy: I guess so…

Edd: And also, Jimmy brings much drama to our camp. He’s becoming just as bad as Vicky was previously.

(Stacy nods.)

Stacy: And he’s weak, too.

Edd: Agreed. He’s just too much of a threat to be allowed to stay here. We need to vote him out.

Tribal Council

(And here enters the Toon Tribe to their second Tribal Council. They all quickly take their seats, the alliance on opposite sides.)

Minamo: Welcome to your second Tribal Council, Toon Tribe. Let’s start the questioning. Stacy, how has your past 3 days been in camp? Was it better since you voted off Vicky?

Stacy: Well, it’s definitely improved. But there’s been some drama around camp.

Minamo: Really? What happened?

Stacy: Well… Jimmy and Edd go into a fight. Jimmy told us about Edd’s alliance with the other Ed and Numbah 5.

Minamo: Jimmy, what do you say about that?

Jimmy: Well, I think that it was a good move. No one else knew he had an alliance with Numbah 5, and by getting it out there, it showed he was a threat in the tribe...

Minamo: Okay... Edd, what do you think about that?

Edd: Well, I think that Jimmy was wrong in that situation. He had followed Numbah 5 and I, and eavesdropped on our conversation, and then he told everyone about it.

Minamo: Sounds interesting. Well, let’s talk about the challenge now. Ed, how do you think the tribe did in both challenge.

Ed: Well… The first was bad, the second was bad. We need to improve!

Minamo: Okay, let’s get to voting. Stacy, you’re up first.

(Stacy goes up and casts her vote, which we don’t see.)

(After her, Ed goes up and casts his vote. He holds it up to reveal JIMMY written on it.)

Ed: Jimmy, you were just bad!

(After Ed goes back down, Mac heads up. He votes EDD.)

Mac: Sorry, but Jimmy’s more useful...

(Mac returns to his seat, and then Jimmy goes up. He also votes EDD.)

Jimmy: You’re an annoying threat, so bye now.

(Jimmy returns to his seat, as Daria goes up. Her vote isn’t revealed.)

(Daria sits back down, and Numbah 5 goes up. She votes JIMMY.)

Numbah 5: That was a bad move.

(Numbah 5 sits down, and our final voter, Edd, goes up. He also votes JIMMY.)

Edd: You’ve been targeting me, so…

(As Edd sits back down, Minamo goes and takes the voting jar. Then she returns to her place.)

Minamo: I’ll now tally the votes.

(She takes the votes off screen, and quickly returns through the powers of editing.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever’s voted out will be asked to bring me their torch and leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

(She opens the jar, and reveals the first vote.)

Minamo: First vote – JIMMY.

(Jimmy looks at the alliance of Ed, Edd, and Numbah 5.)

Minamo: Second vote – EDD.

(Edd breathes deeply, expecting it.)

Minamo: Third vote – EDD. That’s 2 votes Edd, 1 vote Jimmy.

(Edd starts to breath deeper, getting fearful.)

Minamo: Fourth vote – JIMMY. 2 votes Jimmy, 2 votes Edd.

(Jimmy is calm, expecting this vote as well.)

Minamo: Fifth vote – JIMMY. Now it’s 3 votes Jimmy, 2 votes Edd.

(Jimmy looks at the swing voters, Daria and Stacy.)

Minamo: And the second person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor – JIMMY. That’s 4, that’s enough, you need to bring me your torch.

(Jimmy does so, as he looks at Daria and Stacy and sighs.)

Minamo: Jimmy, the tribe has spoken.

(Minamo extinguishes the flame on Jimmy’s torch. Jimmy then leaves the Tribal Council. Minamo turns to address the remaining 6 tribe members.)

Minamo: Well, tonight you lost Jimmy, but not unanimously. You seem to voting the ones bringing the drama instead of the weakest members. If I see you again soon, maybe you’ll need to rethink that...

(And with that parting note, the 6 Toon Tribe members take their torches and leave Tribal Council.)

Jimmy: I don’t know what happened. I thought that I had a good plan, but I guess that it malfunctioned in the end. Maybe I appeared as too much as a threat myself, ironically enough. Now, I’m rooting for Mac to win the game. I think he can do well.

Next time, on Survivor

- With only 6 members, the Toon Tribe desperately needs to win immunity.

- Two tribe members try to pull a coup against the strongest alliance.

- And in a tough strength-based challenge, who will emerge as the strongest?

How will these things affect the castaways? Find out next time, on Anime and Cartoon Survivor!


Jimmy (5) – Edd, Ed, Numbah 5, Daria, and Stacy

Edd (2) – Jimmy, Mac

Author's Notes

Well, another episode down. Jimmy, like Vicky, was another character that I knew right away was going to be an early vote, from the moment I put him in my cast. (Those were the only 2 canon fodder characters I had, if anyone's curious. Everyone else had the same chance before I plotted this out.) Heck, I even had his plot all figured out, too. And I'm pretty happy with the way it came together, I think it turned out well.

Hm... Not much else for me to say right now. See you all next episode!