Episode 1: Everyone here will bow down to me!

(The first shot is of 16 competitors in two boats, 8 in each boat. They’re headed to the beach of a small island, with large forests behind it. Our host, everyone’s favorite gym teacher, Minamo Kurosawa from Azumanga Daioh, narrates.)

Minamo: Hello! On these boats are 16 castaways, all ready to face the adventure of a lifetime, here in the beautiful island of Orb. They come from different lives, places, and even from different times. They will be divided up into two tribes of eight, and will have to work together to be able to adapt to the game, while battling the elements and each other... If they do not, they will be voted out of the tribe…

(A shot of the first boat, which features the Anime Tribe. Small groups are forming as they chat idly to each other.)

(A shot of the second boat, obviously featuring the Toon Tribe. Some are making pleasant conversation, others just sit in silence, and one girl is actually talking to herself, unnerving the others somewhat.)

Minamo: This is a battle between two types of series: American toons and Japanese anime. Which one will reign supreme? Find out on Anime and Cartoon Survivor!

Opening Credits:

Yuki – Fruits Basket

Hitomi – Loveless

Gaku – Sukisho

Miriallia – Gundam Seed

Winry – Fullmetal Alchemist

Nenene – R.O.D. the TV

Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kaoru – Ouran High School Host Club


Toon Tribe:

Stacy – Daria

Ed – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Mac – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Vicky – Fairly Odd Parents

Edd – Ed, Edd, & Eddy

Jimmy – Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Numbah 5 – Codename: Kids Next Door

Daria – Daria


(Shot of both boats arriving at the beach, one after the other. The players get out of them, one at a time.)

Minamo (voiceover): Here are the 16 contestants, all vying for the million dollar grand prize. First off the boat is the Anime Tribe.

(The first person walks out. She’s older than most of the others, with glasses and brown hair.)

Minamo (voiceover): Nenene, a writer, from Read or Die the TV.

Nenene: I’m here to win. I’ll do what I need to, to make it far here.

(The second walks out. Younger than Nenene, he is a rather casual but seemingly expensive outfit.)

Minamo (voiceover): Kaoru, a student and host, from Ouran High School Host Club.

Kaoru: I want to see how far I can make it in this game. It’s a new thing for me, to be out here and away from everyone I know…

(The third walks out. Similarly to Kaoru, he is a teenager in casual clothes. He also has a pleasant smile on his face that doesn’t give much away.)

Minamo (voiceover): Koizumi, a student and esper, from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Koizumi: I intend to do what I have to in this game. If that involves lying, well… (He shrugs.) So be it.

(The fourth goes onto the beach. A younger female, she is wearing a simple tank top and jeans.)

 Minamo (voiceover): Winry, a mechanic from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Winry: I’m going to do really well here. I’m tough, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. So bring it on!

(The fifth, a woman about Nenene’s age, leaves the boat. She has long brown hair, glasses, and most surprisingly of all, cat ears.)

Minamo (voiceover): Hitomi, a teacher, from Loveless.

Hitomi: Um… I’m not really an outdoors person, but I’m going to try to do my best. It’s going to be a very new experience for me…

(The sixth goes onto the beach. He’s a teenager, with dark hair and casual clothes. He is clearly excited about this, with a large smile on his face.)

Minamo (voiceover): Gaku, a student, from Suksiho.

Gaku: I’m really excited to be here, I’m looking forward to starting the game! I think I’ll do pretty well…This is gonna be fun!

(The seventh, also male, leaves the boat. He is dressed in more casual clothes, and seems rather calm.)

Minamo (voiceover): Yuki, also a student, from Fruits Basket.

Yuki: I believe that this will be an interesting experience. I’m not the most social person…But I think I can do well. I have enough survival skills to be able to last out here.

(The final contestant on the Anime Tribe, a young female, leaves the boat. She is also dressed casually.)

Minamo (voiceover): Miriallia, a soldier, from Gundam Seed.

Miriallia: I think I have a bit of an advantage. I’ve been to Orb before, so I know what kind area we’re in. This could really help me out. Besides that, I’m just looking forward to this!

(Miriallia heads over to the rest of the tribe, now all assembled.)

Minamo (voiceover): This is the Anime Tribe.

(The contestants from the other boat begin exiting it. First off is a girl, in a black skirt and green top. She calmly steps onto the beach.)

Minamo (voiceover): The first member of the Toon Tribe is Daria, a student, from Daria.

Daria: I can do well... Provided there are no idiots here. Maybe that’s a big assumption.

(The second leaves the boat, joining Daria on the beach. He’s younger than her and more excited as well.)

Minamo (voiceover): Mac, a student, from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mac: I definitely think I’ll do well. I’ve studied the show, so I think I’m prepared. My plan is not to stand out early, and I think I can do that.

(The third also leaves the boat. He is wearing an orange shirt, and a black hat. He looks at his tribe nervously before joining them.)

Minamo (voiceover): Edd, a student and inventor, from Ed, Edd, & Eddy.

Edd: I’m very concerned about myself in this game. I am not the most physically gifted, so I fear that I may be a target early on. Still, if I can being eliminated early, I feel I can do well.

(The fourth, a young guy with a green jacket and jeans on, leaves the boat. He goes over to Edd immediately; a vacant look is on his face.)

Minamo (voiceover): Ed, also a student, also from Ed, Edd, & Eddy.

Ed: I don’t know…I’ll do well if Edd is with me. Yay for the game!

(The fifth goes over to the group. She is nervous, and looks at her fellow tribe mates, which isn’t helping at all.)

Minamo (voiceover): This is Stacy, yet another student and fashion club member, from Daria.

Stacy: I don’t how what I’m going to do out here. I have no experience with this! Still, since this is for money and fame, I’m gonna do what I can!

(The sixth, a young guy with a big head, climbs out of the boat and joins the others rather quickly.)

Minamo (voiceover): Jimmy, an inventor, from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Jimmy: I can do well here. I think my brains will be really useful to my tribe.

(The seventh, a younger African-American girl with her trademark red cap on, leaves the boat.)

Minamo (voiceover): Numbah 5, a KND member, from Codename: Kids Next Door.

Numbah 5: Just call me Numbah 5. I’m gonna rock this game, so bring it on y’all!

(The eighth and final contestant leaves the boat. She stands in front of her tribe, acting like she’s their leader.)

Minamo (voiceover): And our final contestant, Vicky, a babysitter, from Fairly Odd Parents.

Vicky: Of course I’m going to win. Everyone here will bow down to me!

(As the two groups mingle amongst each other, Minamo walks in front of them.)

Minamo: Hello everyone! Welcome to Anime and Cartoon Survivor. I’m your host, Minamo Kurosawa, and we’re here on the island of Orb. By now, you all know the rules of the game, so I won’t go through that.

(A few of the contestants nod.)

Minamo: Anyways, you’re divided up into two tribes, one of all anime characters, and one of all toon characters. Your names are, unsurprisingly and somewhat uncreatively, the Anime Tribe, and the Toon Tribe. Come get your buffs and maps to your camps.

(Gaku runs over to get the purple buffs and the map for the Anime Tribe, while Ed gets the green buffs and map for the Toon Tribe.)

Minamo: One more thing: we know that some of you have special powers or curses. However, in this game, these powers or curses do not work.

(The only two that this actually applies to, Yuki and Koizumi, are both smiling lightly. Well, Koizumi smiles at everything, but Yuki’s is genuine.)

Minamo: So, you can all hike to your camps now. All of your supplies will be waiting there. Good luck, and let the games begin!

(The two tribes both look at their map, and head off in opposite directions.)

Toon Tribe

(An hour later, the Toon Tribe is having some difficulties. Vicky is leading with the map, not letting anyone see it, though Stacy is trying to.)

Vicky: It’s that way. (She points.) I know it!

Edd: Are you positive? I believe that we passed this location not too long ago…

Vicky: Of course I am! I know where the camp is!

(The rest of the tribe looks wary, but they know they can’t do anything about it since Vicky has the map.)

Daria: Vicky immediately took control of the map. She kept going in circles and wouldn’t admit she was wrong. I could already tell, this is going to suck. This isn’t what we need.

Stacy: Uh….Vicky?

Vicky: What?!

Stacy: Um…I think you have the map upside down…

(Everyone groans at this revelation.)

Daria (to herself): Oh boy….

Anime Tribe

(Meanwhile, the other tribe is having fewer difficulties. Miriallia has the map and is leading them through the forest.)

Miriallia: I’m pretty sure that we’ll be there soon, if I’m reading this correctly.

Koizumi: This would be a good start to the game, getting to camp easily.

(Kaoru nods.)

Kaoru: It would be a nice beginning…

Nenene: I’m not too concerned about any alliances yet. It’s too early in the game. It’s the first day, there’s no need to be paranoid about that!

Hitomi (pointing to the side): Is that the camp over there?

(Miriallia consults the map.)

Miriallia: Sure looks like it. Let’s go check it out!

(The Anime Tribe heads over to their camp site. It’s a relatively bare location, with a wooden crate in the center of it.)

Kaoru: Seems like a good location. We won’t need to clear any land out, at least...

(Miriallia, Hitomi, and Winry go to the crate, inspecting it.)

Winry: It probably has the supplies Minamo told us about in there.

Miriallia: Probably. Now let’s open it.

(Using their combined strength, Winry, Hitomi and Miriallia are able to get box to open up. They take a look inside of it.)

Hitomi: There doesn’t seem to be too much in here….We have a machete, a pot, some canteens, and 2 bags of rice.

Hitomi: I was disappointed in our supplies. They certainly don’t seem like much. I hope we can make due with this…

Winry: Oh well, we’ll make due with whatever we can get out here… And hey, we can win stuff, too!

Toon Tribe

(We see the Toon Tribe is finally getting to their camp, most of them are already tired.)

 Stacy: Immediately, this game isn’t what I expected. Seriously, that hike was soooo tiring, and Vicky did not help at all. She’s a bad leader!

Vicky: We’re finally here! Now, let’s get to work!

Edd (interjecting): Vicky, I’m not sure that that’s the best idea…

Vicky: Of course it is! We need to have everything finished! Now, go make the shelter, while I relax.

Daria: She gets to relax, and we have to work? …Seriously, are you kidding me?

Edd (relenting): … Alright, if you insist. I can make up the plans if we get some supplies.

Jimmy: Actually, Edd, I think I should make up the plans.

Edd:  I intend no offense, but I must disagree. I have some experience in designing shelters.

Jimmy: I do, too…

Ed: I vote for Edd!

Jimmy (annoyed): Well, then fine.

Edd: My strategy going into this was to show that my intelligence, in hopes my team would keep me. However, there is Jimmy too. I didn’t expect a rival, this may be problematic.

Anime Tribe

(We see that the Anime Tribe, they are almost finished working on their shelter. Winry is directing it, while Gaku and Yuki are putting the final touches on it.)

Winry: A little to the left guys! There, it’s perfect.

Nenene (observing): It’s kinda small…

(Winry takes a step back and looks at it again.)

Winry: Nah, it’ll be just fine.

Nenene (doubting): If you say so...

(Meanwhile, Kaoru and Koizumi are walking around in the woods, trying to get some supplies for the camp.)

Kaoru (holding up a fallen branch): This might be good for firewood… Possibly be too big.

(Koizumi looks at the branch Kaoru’s holding.)

Koizumi: Yeah, definitely too big.

Kaoru: Yeah…. (He puts down the branch, then looks at Koizumi for a moment.) Hey, Koizumi, what would you think of an alliance?

(Koizumi’s nonplussed by this sudden question.)

Koizumi: I would say that it was a good idea…

Kaoru: Excellent... We would need more allies for it to be successful, though.

Koizumi: Yes, I think so too… Gaku; I think we could use him. He appears to be loyal enough.

Kaoru: I’d prefer Yuki rather than Gaku…

Koizumi: Hm… Sorry to say I disagree. I don’t trust him, he seems too guarded. I think all we need right now is 3. That’s a good start to an alliance.

Kaoru (slightly unsure): Right….

Kaoru: Almost immediately, I approached Koizumi for an alliance, because I thought that he was someone I could trust, and that I needed a quick ally. But I wasn’t really sure on his ideas about alliance members. I thought Gaku would be too impulsive, and that Yuki would actually be a good member to our alliance.

Toon Tribe

(Over at the other camp, things are going a bit better now. However, we see Vicky sleeping on the ground while the others work.)

Mac: Eventually, Vicky went to sleep, so she wasn’t able to bother us. And we had the shelter going well, mostly because Ed is awesomely strong. He’s really useful to have around camp!

(Mac’s assessment proves to be true, as we see Ed knocking down large branches to use for the shelter, and then tying them up, as per Edd’s instructions.)

Mac: One thing I noticed quickly was that Ed and Edd make a good team. One’s really smart, and one’s really strong. Although, I’m not sure that that’s a good thing in this game, just because it makes them really dangerous for the rest of us.

Ed: Double D and I make a good team! We work really well together. It’s fun!

(At another part of camp, Stacy approaches Daria, who is returning from getting water.)

Stacy: So… What else do we need to do?

Daria: We should try to collect some food. We don’t have much.

Stacy (clearly not wanting to do that): Um…. Anything else?

Daria: Back home, I’ve met Stacy before. She was in my sister’s stupid Fashion Club. And she’s the same here as she was there.

Stacy: I don’t think Daria likes me much…But I don’t think she really knows me, either.

(As night falls, both the tribes settle down, having completed their shelter and some other basic necessities.)

Day 2 – Toon Tribe

(The next morning, most everyone is awake and outside, except for Vicky. They’re all in a sort-of circle, talking more about themselves.)

Numbah 5 (in the middle of a story): …And then, that Stickybeard tries to steal my candy! But I get it back, eventually.

Ed: Wow, Numbah 5, that sounds so awesome!

Edd: I quite agree, Ed…

(Just at this moment, Vicky comes out of the shelter, and takes her first good look at it, as it was too dark too see it the previous night. She frowns, clearly disliking it.)

Vicky: What?! This shelter is a mess, we need to redo it!

(The others look at each other, confused at her outburst. Daria just rolls her eyes.)

Edd: Uh, Vicky, what’s wrong with it?

(She glares at Edd.)

Vicky: It looks horrible!

Daria (annoyed): Vicky, calm down, there is nothing wrong with the damn shelter.

Vicky: Of course not, to a fashion-less freak like you.

Daria: Hey!

Vicky: Well, I’m not standing around for you all. I’m tearing this thing down!

(She goes over to the crate, and grabs the machete from it.)

Jimmy: No!

(She heads right up to the shelter, and starts chopping it into pieces. Everyone is shocked.)

Stacy: No….

Edd: All of my hard work, gone, destroyed, obliterated.

Vicky: Now, get to work!

Vicky: This tribe is such a bunch of losers. They can’t even build a shelter correctly!

Numbah 5: That was totally lame o’ Vicky. How it looks isn’t important at all, it held up fine!

Anime Tribe

(Meanwhile, at the other Tribe, things are going far better. In the woods, Hitomi and Nenene are looking for food.)

Hitomi: Do you see anything yet?

Nenene: No….This could take a while.

Hitomi: Well, I think we’ll find food eventually!

Nenene (getting frustrated at this search): I hope so…

(There’s a pause as the two continue to look in vain. Hitomi eventually turns to Nenene.)

Hitomi: Um….Nenene?

Nenene: Hm, yeah?

Hitomi: I was wondering, um…. I think we should have an alliance. That way, we can work together and hopefully go far

Nenene (nonchalant): Sure, an alliance sounds good. Who else should we get?

Hitomi: Maybe Kaoru and Koizumi? They seem close…

Nenene: Yeah, but we have no things in common with ‘em. They’d probably betray us eventually. Besides, I don’t trust Koizumi, he gives me a weird feeling.

(Hitomi considers this for a moment.)

Hitomi: …Well, maybe Yuki?

Nenene: Nah, he’s pretty quiet. I don’t trust him.

Hitomi: I think he would be a loyal ally…

Nenene: I guess….. (Thinks it over.) Sure, I guess so.

Hitomi: I wanted an alliance with Nenene because it seems we’re both older than the rest of our tribe, so we’re kind of on the outsides of the group. It could make us target early on…

(Back at camp, Koizumi and Kaoru put their plan into action. Gaku is by himself, looking at a small pile of leaves and wood, thinking. Kaoru walks over to him, and looks around to make sure no one is looking.)

Kaoru: Hey, Gaku…

Gaku (looks up from what he’s doing): Yeah?

Kaoru: So…What are you doing?

Gaku: I’m trying to make fire! But we don’t have anything to start it with…. I can’t think of anything, either!

Kaoru (quietly): Oh. I was wondering… how about an alliance between us? You, me, and Koizumi?

Gaku (loudly): That would be awesome!

(Kaoru cringes from the noise, and looks around. No one is around still.)

Kaoru: Gaku, you have to be sneaky about this.

Gaku: Oh, yeah.... I’m not that good at keeping secrets. I’ll try my best, though!

Kaoru: I’m not really sold on Gaku. I doubt he’ll be able to keep this a secret, he admits as much. But he’s my ally now, so I guess I’ll have to work with him…

Toon Tribe

(Back at the Toon Tribe, they’re working on reconstructing their shelter. Ed and Edd are off by themselves at the beach, looking for any possible food.)

Edd: … Ed, are you concerned about the nature of this tribe?

Ed (confused): What do you mean, Double D?

Edd: Well, it seems that Vicky is running the camp, and we can not do anything about it.

Ed: Well, we can just get rid of her!

Edd: Yes, but we still have to deal with her for now…

Ed: Aw, don’t get down, Double D.

(Edd smiles.)

Edd: Thanks, Ed. Although, she’s not my only concern. We need to make fire somehow, so we can cook the rice. We won’t be able to sustain just on what we find.

Ed: Yeah, it would be bad to get evil mutant parasites into our digestive systems.

(Edd looks at him oddly.)

Edd: Whatever you say, Ed.

(Back at camp, Vicky is talking to Mac, and Numbah 5.)

Vicky: I can’t stand weakling Edd! He is such a loser.

Mac: Why?

Vicky: Listen to me! He’s so weak, and he’s so pathetic, that we need to vote him off! If the other pathetic tribe ever wins by a miracle!

(Numbah 5 and Mac exchange a look.)

Anime Tribe

(Meanwhile, at the Anime Tribe, most people are just going about their business. Gaku is the only absent one, but that changes when he comes running into the camp.)

Gaku: Hey guys! Look what I found!

Miriallia (coming out of the shelter): What’s going on?

Gaku:  I’ve got our first tree mail!

Winry: Really? We’re having a challenge already?

Gaku: Yep! Here’s what it says – “The game has started,/how are you faring?/Because this reward/Might help your tribe’s bearing.”

Nenene: …What kind of stupid poem is that?

Winry: More importantly, what’s the reward?

Koizumi: It seems we’ll find out soon…

Toon Tribe

(At the Toon Tribe, they’re received the same bunch of news.)

Vicky: Finally! Now we will begin dominating this game!

Stacy: I hope we’ll do well…

Numbah 5: No worries, this will be a piece of cake.

Edd: Odd, they normally don’t have reward challenges this early…

Reward Challenge

(Now, both tribes arrive at the beach where they started the game and see an obstacle course set up behind Minamo.)

Minamo: Welcome tribes, to your first reward challenge. As you see behind you, there is a course to complete. What will happen is that each tribe member will run through the course by crossing the balance beam, climbing a rope ladder, then sliding down, and searching through one of the 8 marked squares of sand for a key. Then put the key in one of the slots on the chest, and the next person goes. However, if you fall off at any point, you have to go back to the beginning.

(A few of the contestants nod.)

Minamo: Everyone want to know what you’re playing for?

(Everyone cheers.)

Minamo: Well, to help you adjust, we will give you supplies for your comfort! Pillows, blankets, as well as flint!

Miriallia: I was really excited to hear about getting flint. We can’t cook without it, so it’s pretty important that the Anime Tribe gets it quickly.

Numbah 5: A fire would be, like, awesome! That would mean that we could eat that rice and have our energy for the next challenge.

Minamo: I’ll give you a minute to confer about the order.

(As expected, the teams talk about their plans. An order is decide.1st – Gaku, Numbah 5, 2nd – Yuki, Stacy, 3rd – Miriallia, Mac, 4th – Koizumi, Ed, 5th – Winry, Vicky, 6th – Kaoru, Daria, 7th – Nenene, Jimmy, 8th – Hitomi, Edd.)

Minamo: First up are Gaku and Numbah 5. Survivors ready! Go!

(Gaku and Numbah 5 both start pretty evenly, but Gaku edges ahead going to balance beam. However, he falls off and has to start again, letting Numbah 5 get the lead. As Numbah 5 starts the rope ladder, Gaku crosses the balance beam. Then, he’s able to get even with Numbah 5 on the rope ladder, as she is having trouble climbing. They both slide down at the same time, and both go to search for a key. Numbah 5 is able to find one first, with Gaku getting his soon after. Numbah 5 gets the key in easily.)

Minamo: Numbah 5’s finished! Stacy, go!

(As Stacy starts running, Gaku gets the key in to the lock.)

Minamo: Now Gaku’s finished, too! Yuki, move!

(Stacy is being cautious on the balance beam, which allows Yuki to pass her, onto the rope ladder. He starts to climb it, as Stacy is finishes the balance beam. She tries to make up time on the rope ladder when Yuki’s foot gets stuck for a moment, but Yuki is able to maintain his lead, and gets his key in the slot while she looks for her key.)

Minamo: Yuki makes up time, Miriallia, go!

(As Miriallia starts the balance beam, Stacy is able to find her key, and put it in the lock.)

Minamo: Now Stacy’s finished! Go Mac, you’re still in this!

Vicky (shrieking): Move!

(As Mac starts the balance beam, trying to ignore Vicky, Miriallia is struggling with it. However, they both fall off at the same time, and start over again. Mac is able to finish it this time, and goes to the rope ladder, while Miriallia falls off again. While Mac is at the middle of the rope ladder, Miriallia starts her ascent. She is still behind him, though, as he gets to the sand pits while she is finishing up her climb. He finds the key, and initially struggles to put it in, but is able to do so while Miriallia is still looking for her key.)

Minamo: The Toon Tribe reclaims the lead! Ed, go!

Miriallia (frustrated): Where’s that key?

(As Ed starts the balance beam, Miriallia finally finds her key. As she puts it in, Ed finishes with little trouble.)

Minamo: Miriallia’s finally finished, Koizumi’s next!

(As Ed starts the rope ladder, Koizumi runs through the balance beam and diminishes Ed’s lead. Koizumi is able to catch Ed, but isn’t able to get past him as they climb the rope ladder. They both slide down at about the same time, and both start to dig a hole. Ed, however, digs faster, and is able to get his key into the lock, while Koizumi still looks for his.)

Minamo: Vicky, go!

(While Vicky goes on the balance beam, Koizumi finds his key, and puts in the lock.)

Minamo: The race is on! Winry, go!

Miriallia: C’mon Winry!

(Winry races to the balance beam, but falls off on her first attempt, while Vicky goes to the rope climb. On her second attempt, Winry goes slower, and is able to complete it, while Vicky is at the top of the rope ladder. As Vicky slides down, and begins looking for her key, as Winry is about half way through with the rope ladder. Vicky takes some time to find her key, letting Winry catch up a bit, but she’s able to find it and put it in the lock, while Winry starts digging.)

Minamo: Vicky’s finished, too, Toon still has the lead. Daria, go!

(Daria gets to the balance beam, while Winry struggles to find her key. As Daria finishes it, though, Winry finds the key, and puts it into her slot quickly.)

Minamo: Winry finishes, Kaoru go! No time to waste for the Anime Tribe…

Miriallia: C’mon Kaoru…

Winry: That… sucked...

(As Daria starts up the rope climb, Kaoru begins the balance beam. Neither rushes it, Kaoru finishes the balance beam in decent time, and starts the rope climb. Daria still finishes before him, and begins looking for her key, as Kaoru is still on the rope climb. As he finishes, Daria finds her key, and puts it in, finishing her part of the course.)

Minamo: Daria is finished, Jimmy, go.

(Jimmy heads off to the balance beam, as Kaoru slides down, and works on finding his key. As Jimmy fails it, Kaoru is able to find the key, and put it into the slot.)

Minamo: There is still a chance, Nenene, go!

Hitomi: You can do this, Nenene…

(As Nenene heads out, Jimmy finishes the balance beam, and starts up on the rope ladder. Nenene is careful on the balance beam, and Jimmy struggles on the rope climb, but Nenene finishes first, and starts hurrying up the rope climb. She passes him towards the end of it, and they both slide down. However, Nenene has trouble finding her key, allowing Jimmy to reclaim his lead and finish the course.)

Minamo: It’s close now, Edd, go!

(As Nenene continues having trouble finding her key, Edd starts doing the balance beam. When Nenene finishes her part finally, Edd has finished the balance beam, and starts on the rope climb.)

Minamo: Go Hitomi!

Nenene: Run!

(As Hitomi carefully tries to get past the balance beam, Edd is still working on the rope ladder. As Hitomi falls off of it, Edd is half way through the rope ladder. He continues going at it, while Hitomi fails again. She finally gets it, but Edd is already sliding back down to find the key. She starts on the rope climb, but it is too late, as Edd finds the key and puts it in. The Toon Tribe immediately celebrates.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe wins reward! You now have blankets, pillows, and most importantly flint, all of which will be delivered to the camp. Anime Tribe, sorry, I have nothing for you. Everyone, head back to camp.

Winry: I was disappointed in myself for this challenge. I had trouble on every part…I feel like I let my tribe down.

Kaoru: We had bad luck during this challenge. We could have done better, but this one wasn’t really important. For immunity, we’ll hopefully do better, as that’s when it counts more.

Stacy: This reward was awesome! It makes me feel so much better, just by having won these things. The digging was hard, though.

Anime Tribe

(Back at the camp, everyone is feeling a bit dejected. Winry and Miriallia are talking, while Yuki sits by himself in another part of camp, relaxing.)

Winry: … I can’t believe I did so badly.

Miriallia: Hey, Winry, it’s not your fault. Everyone could have done things faster. I certainly had didn’t do great on my part of the course, either. So perk up, we’ll win next time.

Winry: Yeah, that’s true….

Miriallia: Come on, let’s go for a walk.

(As they head out, Hitomi appears and take a seat next to Yuki.)

Hitomi: Hello Yuki… How are you feeling?

Yuki: I’m fine. A bit disappointed in our loss, but that’s just the first of many challenges…

Hitomi: Ah… That’s natural.

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: Right… I believe we’ll perform better when we need to.

Hitomi: Hopefully we’ll do better in the immunity challenge…

(Yuki nods.)

Yuki: I believe we will.

Hitomi: We have a rather strong tribe, after all…

Hitomi: Well, um, I think Yuki’s a very good person… He’s mature for his age, and quite intelligent and strong. That could really help us out in the challenges.

Toon Tribe

(Meanwhile, at the Toon Tribe, there is an obvious feeling of victory after the first challenge.)

Vicky: Whoo! This is just the first victory in our demolition of the others. There’s no way that we could lose!

Numbah 5: As soon as we get back to camp, Vicky celebrates like we’re gonna win the whole game, ‘cause of this one challenge. I’m like, “Whatever,” and just tried to ignore ‘er.

Edd: Um…Vicky, isn’t it a bit premature to celebrate so much?

Vicky: What!? You think we’ll lose!

Edd: That’s not what I said-

Vicky (not listening): Stop being so pathetic!

(There’s a pause.)

Edd: …I shall go look for food. Ed, coming?

Ed: Right, Double D!

Vicky: Loser Edd is so annoying and weak. I can’t wait to be rid of him.

(After the Eds leave, the rest of the tribe is trying not to get involved in the unpleasantness.)

Mac (changing the subject): Um… Now that we have flint, we should eat!

Jimmy: Alright! I can build a fire with the firewood we have.

Stacy: Awesome!

Anime Tribe

(As Jimmy starts making a fire, we see the Anime Tribe, relaxing outside as the sun starts to set, are still without fire. Gaku seems to have given up on making fire without flint.)

Gaku (suddenly): Hey, can I borrow someone’s glasses?!

Hitomi: Sure, you can borrow mine….What do you need them for?

(Hitomi hands them over to Gaku)

Gaku: I was thinking I might be able to get a fire out of them! If we’re lucky, it might work! But, uh, we need sunlight to do it….So I can’t try it yet.

(He gives the glasses back to Hitomi.)

Miriallia: Is that really possible?

Gaku: Well, I think it is…

Nenene: Eh, it could work.

Nenene: It’s not like we had a reason to object to Gaku’s idea, ‘cause we’re all hungry. He may not act like it, but he’s pretty smart.

(As everyone settles down for the night, we see a shot of both camps.)

Day 3 – Toon Tribe

(The next morning, we see Vicky sleeping with the blankets and pillows from the reward, while everyone else is already up.)

Jimmy: … She needs to go. All she does is yell and sleep.

Mac: Yeah, I think everyone agrees with that.

Jimmy: Well, if we lose, we know who we want to vote out.

Mac: Yeah, but… She’s strong. One of the strongest on our tribe…

(And in the forest, Ed and Edd are talking.)

Edd: Hm… What’ll happen if we lose today, Ed?

Ed: Uh, that’s something I would ask you…

Edd: Yes, Ed, it probably is... I’m just worried about Vicky. I know she dislikes me, so I feel her ability to make others fear her could be detrimental to me.

Ed: But she’s so annoying, there is no way anyone likes her. She would definitely be first to go!

Edd: I hope you’re right, Ed.

Edd: I believe that Vicky and I are both large targets for the first time we go to Tribal Council in the game… If I can gather enough allies by that time, hopefully far off, then I believe I can stay.

Anime Tribe

(Meanwhile, at the other tribe, Gaku is off to the side of camp, trying to make a fire using Hitomi’s glasses. Hitomi, however, is not present.)

Gaku: Come on, work…..

(Kaoru takes a seat next to him)

Kaoru (quietly): We need to talk…

Gaku (not looking up): About voting?

Kaoru: Exactly. Who we should vote out if we lose.

Gaku: Hitomi? She’s not very strong…

Kaoru: Yeah.

Gaku:  Um… Shouldn’t we talk about this with Koizumi?

Kaoru: Yeah, when he gets back from looking for food.

Gaku (slightly confused): Right…

(Soon after, Koizumi enters. Gaku is working some more on the fire and no one else is around still.)

Kaoru: So, Koizumi, what happens if we lose immunity?

Koizumi: Hm… I think we should target Yuki.

Kaoru: I’m not sure… I would rather target Hitomi.

Gaku: Yeah, Yuki is strong!

Koizumi: But we have to think about the votes. Hitomi’s close with Nenene and Yuki. Yuki’s just close with Hitomi. I think that all have an alliance, actually.

(Kaoru and Gaku glance at each other, slightly dubious of Koizumi’s claims.)

Gaku: Wait, how did you figure this out so early?

Koizumi: I noticed they talked quite a bit, so it was a natural assumption.

(Gaku seems a bit disconcerted by Koizumi’s logic, but doesn’t say anything.)

Kaoru: Well, if it’s an alliance of 3, there isn’t a difference.

Koizumi: Hitomi is close with 2 people, Yuki only with 1. It would be easier to get him voted out. We could get Nenene to switch if we vote out Yuki.

Gaku: What about Winry and Miriallia? We should get their votes, too!

Koizumi: Either way, we could, but we shouldn’t just skate by with the majority.

(Kaoru frowns, disagreeing, but relents anyways.)

Kaoru: …. Right.

Kaoru: I don’t get Koizumi’s decisions. Either way, we could probably vote have the majority, so why would we need one extra vote? It’s stupid.

Toon Tribe

(Back at the other tribe, they get important news.)

Mac: Hey, everyone, could you come here? I have tree mail!

Vicky: Read it!

Mac: Okay, here it is. “To win the million/you must stay/win this challenge/or you might pay.”

Jimmy: That doesn’t say much about our challenge.

(Numbah 5 shrugs.)

Numbah 5: Maybe they want it to be a surprise.

Mac: Who knows…

Anime Tribe

(At the Anime Tribe, they’re receiving the same news.)

Winry: That’s useless.

Miriallia: It doesn’t say anything.

Gaku: Well, let’s win no matter what it is!

Miriallia: Gaku’s very optimistic. I don’t think he’s ever depressed, which is good for this game.

Immunity Challenge

(A little bit later, both tribes meet Minamo down at the challenge site. Next to her is a small statue with a bag over it, and behind her are 8 poles, each with bags on top.)

Minamo: Welcome to your first immunity challenge. Behind me are 8 poles, 4 per tribe. What will happen is that each tribe will have 4 retrievers and 4 puzzle solvers. A retriever will go out, cut the pole down with a machete, and bring back the bag on top to a puzzle solver. Once the puzzle is completed, the next people will go. The team who completes all the puzzles first will win this…

(She takes the bag off the statue, revealing the immunity idol, a wooden globe.)

Minamo: The precious immunity idol. Only thing out here that can guarantee safety. Everyone understand?

(The contestants nod.)

Minamo: Okay, you’ll have a minute to talk, and then we’ll begin.

(The tribes start talking amongst themselves.)

Minamo: Alright, this is how the teams are set up. First puzzle – Numbah 5 and Yuki retrieving, Jimmy and Nenene solving. Second puzzle – Ed and Winry retrieving, Edd and Hitomi solving. Third puzzle – Vicky and Koizumi retrieving, Daria and Miriallia solving. Final puzzle – Stacy and Kaoru retrieving, Mac and Gaku solving. Survivors ready, go!

(Numbah 5 and Yuki both run to the poles, with Yuki starting out with a slight lead. They both start cutting down the pole, with Yuki keeping his lead. He heads back, and delivers the puzzle to Nenene, as Numbah 5 finishes up. By the time Jimmy starts solving; Nenene is half way through with the puzzle. She finishes with ease, while Jimmy continues working on it, making good progress.)

Minamo: Okay, Nenene’s done, Winry’s the next retriever…

(Winry heads to the pole, just as Jimmy finishes the puzzle.)

Minamo: Now Jimmy’s finished too, Ed, go!

(As Winry is working on cutting the pole down, Ed takes the machete and swings it, cutting down the pole in one stroke. He then gives it to Edd, while Winry finishes cutting it down. As Winry runs back to give it to Hitomi, Edd continues to work on the puzzle. As Hitomi starts the puzzle, Edd is still working on it. However, it doesn’t take much longer for Edd to solve it.)

Minamo: Second puzzle is complete for the Toon Tribe! Go Vicky!

(As Hitomi works on her puzzle, Vicky goes over and starts chopping the pole down. Before Vicky can finish it, however, Hitomi completes the puzzle.)

Minamo: Go Koizumi, you’re still in it!

Gaku: Go Koizumi!

(As Vicky finishes chopping down the pole, Koizumi runs to the pole, and begins chopping it down. She delivers the bag to Daria, just as Koizumi finishes cutting the pole down. He heads back and gives it to Miriallia, as Daria still works on the puzzle. However, Daria struggles with the puzzle, and they solve it at about the same time.)

Minamo: It’s neck and neck, Stacy and Kaoru, go!

Vicky (to Daria): What was that!

(As the last 2 retrievers head out, Kaoru takes a slight lead heading to the pole. He is also able to cut it down faster than Stacy, who struggles with it. As he heads back and delivers the puzzle to Gaku, Stacy is still cutting the pole down. She finally finishes, while Gaku works on the puzzle. However, as she runs to deliver the bag to Mac, Gaku finishes the puzzle.)

Minamo: Let’s see if Gaku has completed the puzzle, and won the Anime Tribe immunity!

Stacy: No….

(All eyes are on the puzzle as Minamo goes over to inspect it. Everyone looks nervous, but the Toon Tribe even more so.)

Minamo: He has it! Anime Tribe wins immunity!

(As the Anime Tribe starts celebrating, the Toon Tribe looks dejected – especially Stacy and Daria.)

Minamo: Toon Tribe, I have nothing for you but a date at Tribal Council, where one of you will be voted out of the tribe...

Toon Tribe

(A bit later, back at camp, people are depressed. Ed and Edd are getting food, and Stacy is taking a walk, but everyone else is hanging around at camp.)

Vicky: How could we lose! We were supposed to obliterate them! Their win was just a fluke!

Daria: As soon as we go back to camp, Vicky starting ranting and raving. It was pathetic.

Vicky: And now we have to vote that loser Edd out!

Mac: Which one?

Vicky: The pathetic one with the hat! He’s loser Edd, the other’s moron Ed! And if all of us vote for him, loser Edd will be gone!

Jimmy: I’ll admit, I kind of wanted Edd out. He bugs me...

Mac: Getting rid of Edd would break up that alliance... It would be a smart move.

(As Vicky continues to talk about getting Edd voted out, Numbah 5 quietly gets up and takes a walk.)

(Over in the forest, Ed and Edd are talking.)

Edd: Now that we’ve have lost the imperative immunity challenge, we need to think about the votes tonight, Ed.

Ed: I want Vicky out! She scares me.

Edd: I second that motion, but how we accomplish it may be more difficult than you believe…

(Just then, Numbah 5 comes out in front of them, which surprise both Eds.)

Edd: Numbah 5! What are you doing here?

Numbah 5: I’ve come to warn ya, Vicky wants you out.

Edd: Oh dear, that’s unfortunate…

Numbah 5: She’s workin’ on getting the votes.

Edd: Hm…Will we have yours? We intend on her elimination.

Numbah 5: Sure, I want Vicky out, too. She drives me crazy!

Edd: Well, that’s 3 so far….

Edd: I’m very glad that Numbah 5 told me, now I can prepare the votes…

(In another part of the island, Stacy is by herself, walking.)

Stacy: I don’t know what’s going to happen….

(She stops, and looks around aimlessly.)

Stacy: I haven’t talked strategy with anyone, and I didn’t do well in the immunity challenge.

(She continues walking, picking up some firewood along the way.)

Stacy: I just don’t want to be voted out first. It would be so embarrassing....

(She turns around and starts to head back to camp.)

Stacy: I think my best chance would be to vote out Vicky or Edd. I don’t know, this is just so hard…

(Back at camp, Vicky is finished ranting, and Mac and Jimmy talk in private.)

Mac: So…. Who should we vote out?

Jimmy: Well, Vicky is annoying, and Edd isn’t very strong, but is very smart.

Mac: Yeah, but Edd is probably more useful than Vicky. He’s smart, almost as smart as you, but Vicky isn’t super strong.

Jimmy: Yeah… We should do what’s best for the tribe.

Mac: I’m pretty close with Jimmy, yeah. We don’t have an official alliance or anything now, but we’re kinda working together.

Anime Tribe

(Back to the Anime Tribe, things are looking up for them after their victory.)

Miriallia: Yay! We might have lost the reward, but immunity is so much better!

Winry: Totally…

(Koizumi nods in agreeance.)

Koizumi: It was fortunate to win.

Winry: Because that girl with the pigtails… Stacy? Wasn’t that fast.

Kaoru: I was glad to win, but it makes all of our strategizing, well, rather pointless. Still, it’s better to win than lose.

Tribal Council

(We see the Toon Tribe heading up to the first Tribal Council, as we hear a few of their thoughts.)

Stacy: I think I can get past this first vote. I hope I can, at least… I really don’t want to go home now!

Mac: I think everyone’s on edge a bit. No one really knows what to expect, it’s just so early.

Minamo: Well, well, hello everyone. Welcome to Tribal Council. Behind you are torches, get one and light it. As long as it’s lit, you’re still in the game. When the fire is out, so are you…

(As directed, they all get their torches lit with little incident.)

Minamo: Let’s get this started with a little chat. Daria, would you say that anyone took charge when you first got to camp? How did it work out?

Daria: Well, Vicky definitely did, but I think it worked our horribly.

Vicky: What?!

Daria: I mean, you’re bossy, you’re lazy, you’re insulting, and it’s really sucky to live with you.

(Everyone is surprised at Daria, even Minamo.)

Minamo: Well…. Does anyone else share that sentiment?

(Everyone else raises their hand, although it takes Jimmy a moment. Vicky is shocked and glares at all of them.)

Minamo: Well, it looks like your tribe has a few issues with you, Vicky. Jimmy, it took you a second to raise your hand, care to explain?

Jimmy: Well, I think Daria is right, but I’m not entirely convinced she’s the worst for the tribe.

Minamo: Do you know who you’ll vote for tonight?

Jimmy (thinks for a moment): Yes, I know.

Minamo: Ok, let’s move onto the challenges. Why do you think you lost the immunity challenge? You were leading half way through the challenge, but it went downhill from there. Any ideas, Mac?

Mac: Well, I have to say that I think Stacy really struggled with her part, and that’s a reason why we lost. We were tied going into that section, after all.

(Stacy glances at Mac.)

Minamo: Stacy, what do you think about this? Was this lost your fault?

Stacy: Um…No, I don’t think so. Um…There are 7 others on this tribe, so it can’t be only my fault that we lost.

Minamo: Okay, fair enough. Let’s get the voting started. Ed, you’re up first.

(Ed goes up to the voting podium, and unsurprisingly, writes down VICKY.)

Ed: Scary…

(With that quick remark, Ed goes down, and Mac goes to vote.)

(Mac finishes and Numbah 5 goes to vote as well.)

(Once Numbah 5 is finished, Vicky goes to vote. She writes down LOSER EDD.)

Vicky: You’re pathetic, so get out of here!

(Once Vicky returns to her seat, Edd goes to vote. Like Ed, he votes VICKY.)

Edd: You have proven to be an inefficient and disliked leader...

(Edd returns to his seat, and Stacy goes to cast her vote. We don’t see her vote.)

Stacy: I just need to last past this vote… Sorry.

(Stacy returns to her seat, leaving Jimmy to go. He does so, and returns to his seat.)

(Our final voter, Daria, goes up to cast her vote. She writes something down, and puts it in the jar.)

Minamo: I’ll go tally the votes.

(She gets the jar, and goes off screen.)

Minamo: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Whoever has the most votes will be asked to leave immediately.

(She pulls the first vote.)

Minamo: VICKY.

(Vicky looks around, trying to see who might have voted for her.)

Minamo: Second vote – VICKY. That’s 2 votes Vicky.

(She scowls.)

Minamo: Third vote – EDD. 2 votes Vicky, 1 vote Edd.

(The vote shows LOSER EDD, obviously being Vicky’s vote. Edd glances at her.)

Minamo: Fourth vote – VICKY. That’s 3 for Vicky, 1 for Edd.

(She takes another vote out.)

Minamo: VICKY. That’s 4 votes Vicky, 1 vote Edd.

(At this point, Vicky is ticked, and Edd is looking only slightly worried.)

Minamo: First person voted out of Anime and Cartoon Survivor – VICKY. That’s 5, that’s enough, Vicky, you need to bring me your torch.

(Vicky, scowling, gets up and delivers a powerful glare to her tribe members. She takes her torch, and brings it up to Minamo, who puts out the fire.)

Minamo: Vicky, the tribe has spoken.

(Vicky stomps out of Tribal Council, and Minamo turns to the remaining members of the Toon Tribe.)

Minamo: Well, it turns out you had a few problems with Vicky’s leadership. Soon we’ll find out if you needed that leadership or not… Head back to camp.

(After voting out the first of many, the Toon Tribe leaves Tribal Council.)

Vicky: I thought I had this tribe of losers under my control, but I guess not. Oh well, they’ll all be voted out soon enough. I know they’ll all suffer from now on, and that they’ll regret voting me out!

Next time, on Survivor:

- An unexpected rivalry emerges in the Toon Tribe.

- The alliances in the Anime Tribe begin to clash.

- Two survivors try to improve their positions in the game.

How will these things affect the castaways? Find out next time, on Anime and Cartoon Survivor!


Vicky (7) – Mac, Ed, Edd, Numbah 5, Daria, Jimmy, Stacy

Edd (1) - Vicky


Author’s Notes


Yay, it’s finished! So, let’s jump straight into things and talk about the boot, Vicky. Honestly, there’s not much to say about her. She was always going to go in episode 1, from the moment I casted her. She’s just perfect canon fodder for something like this. Loud, bossy, obnoxious, perfect! There’s really no way she could do any better. Although, I will admit part of me is curious to see what she’d do to the Toon Tribe if she stayed; that would be amusing to watch.


And let’s talk about the whole Anime and Cartoon aspect of this for a second, shall we? The main reason I wanted to this was simply because I thought it would be fun. There are lots of toon characters that I thought would be interesting, so it was a pretty easy decision to do it, honestly. And they add a lot of fun to the fic; I can’t really imagine them not being in it now.


Oh, and there’s just one more thing I wanted to mention: the setting. As mentioned, it’s taking place in Orb (from Gundam Seed). It’s not that big a deal, but I want to mention that I imagine the kind of environment they’re in is kinda like the one where Athrun and Cagalli both crash land in episode… 23? 24? Something like that. Those episodes also happen to be where I took a majority of the generic shots in the opening credits from.