DAY 18 – 7.30AM


(Everything seems to be coming at once for the detectives – and this drowsy early morning doesn’t help much. Chikage’s collapse, the hard work clearing Mirielle and figuring out the numbers, and with just 4 people left – the key thing now is a) making sure you aren’t eliminated at this stage, and b) getting ready to pick someone who they feel is the killer.)


(And that is definitely the agenda for one Koyomi Mizuhara and Ohjiro Mihara, who are up and already looking at their notes…let’s have a peek to see what they are thinking…)


Ohjiro: Jing could have stolen the bullet for an excellent frame job…he’d definitely be the most capable…whether any of the others could have done that or got it from her is tough…I need to explore their relationships with each other…


Ohjiro: I think Jing committed the murder. He seemed the most loyal to Yosho until he died and he hasn’t exactly been hiding his distaste for his former masters. He has a possible murder weapon, and has a motive with his involvement of Nyostar. The only thing that doesn’t add up is the fact that we’ve seen him be a healer…for some reason, because of that, I’m not sure if that adds up to him being a killer…


(Yomi on the other hand…)


Yomi: O.K…if I narrow it down to these two…then I’ve got a good working base. 5 people left, and I’m discarding two, with three remaining…it’s hard to see but I feel…yeah…


Yomi: At this late stage you have to be absolutely sure of who committed the crime…and I’m not. I’ve narrowed it down to Izumi and Jing, with Taeko lurking about in the back of my head. I’m more hunched to go with Izumi, mainly because of her connections with Jing, Kagome and almost everyone else – it’s like she has someone to provide for her every step of the way. The hotel is what is making me feel it was her more than anything – she has lied as well many times and with her Nyostar will, plus revenge playing with her friend Yuki, that can be a strong feed for desire and revenge.


Jet: (yawning) Morning…


Ohjiro: Morning Jet-san. Coffee is awaiting you.


Jet: Very black and lots of it…


Yomi: Draining huh?


Jet: Young lady, you don’t know the half of it…


(Jet drags his knuckles on the floor as he gets himself into the kitchen to probably down the whole pot of coffee in one shot…)


Jet: The game has really been a test for me. It’s shot down my nerves and reserves, and as the days go by, the more tired I become. However, considering I am guaranteed a final three spot, I need to concentrate for this last spurt. I’m keeping one suspect in mind and making sure I keep an eye on him for the last few days in particular.


(A few minutes later, Mamoru gets up, smartly dressed as usual, greets Yomi and Ohjiro and joins Jet in the kitchen…)


Mamoru: That stuff will kill you.


Jet: You drink it as well…


Mamoru: Not as much as THAT…caffeine and nicotine – I’m amazed you can be so drowsy…


Jet: Lay off my few pleasures in life…trust me…don’t get many of them nowadays…


Mamoru: That could change if you win the game.


Jet: True…


(Mamoru opens a cupboard and smiles as he gets something from it…they look like coloured candies.)


Mamoru: Odango huh? (smiles) Memories and victory…possibly…


(Mamoru heads out with a cup of coffee and a memory of his beloved. Jet looks at him funnily, shrugs, and proceeds to remove the house of coffee…)


Mamoru: It’s hard how to determine the killer, even at this late stage. I’ve strongly suspected Nabeshin because of his powers, but then again Sousuke and Jing also merit consideration. We don’t have a clear indication of what the murder weapon is – we know it’s the lightning ball fired from SOMETHING, but not sure what. If it’s Kir, then Jing has to be top suspect, but if it’s the flamethrower, then I feel that Sousuke, Izumi and Taeko have to be merited as well as Jing. It’s tough.


*   *   *   *




(Come 10 as Yotsuba is late again…geez, maybe Adam is right, maybe she is the killer…actually, as she comes in, it seems the detectives are aware of her being late…)


Yotsuba: Sorry bout that guys – you got my e-mail?


Jet: Yes.


Yotsuba: Basically, as you know, Chikage-chan collapsed last night at the Plaza Temple which Haruka informed you of. She is in hospital now in a coma. Because of what has happened to her, and I want Team 1 to visit her as their inquiry to see the status of her condition. I’ve been having a few words with Haruka, Rinrin and Karen, and we feel that now that one of our own has been endangered because of this cult, we need to take action. I suggest Team 1, you talk to Marie whilst you are there, because this could get ugly.


(Interesting scenario. Team 1 (Mamoru/Ohjiro) will head to the hospital to check on Chikage’s condition. Talk to Marie whilst they are there to learn more about the situation on the sisters.)


Yotsuba: Whilst we are busy with that, Team 2 – we have another suspect who isn’t linked with Nyostar but still has viable suspicion reasons. That man (yes, joke intended for ES fans) is Nabeshin. He seems to know a lot about the situation involving when the late Kodachi was…well…I don’t want to talk about it, but you know what I mean. Does this link in to the ritual? What does he know? Can we clear him or does he become more suspect?


(Yotsuba breathes out before continuing…)


Yotsuba: Basically, he will be at his usual place, Nabe’s Hose Mark II, and basically get him to talk. We have now just 5 suspects left, and 4 of these are innocent. We need to find out which ones ASAP.


(Team 2 (Jet/Yomi) will be interviewing Nabeshin. Learn as much as they can at this late stage to see how he knows of all the poisonings happening and see if he can link with Nyostar.)


Yotsuba: Guys…I am at my wits end now – checkii is all fine and good, but I want this to be over. I’ve just recovered from my sister’s illnesses and now one goes into a coma…it’s not good for me…so please…


(The teams nod as they prepare. When they are out of sight…Yotsuba punches the desk.)


Yotsuba: Dammit


*   *   *   *


Jet: Yotsuba is getting upset now…


Yomi: This case is definitely heating up…I don’t care if it is technically a game, these emotions in them and in us are real…


(Reality and fiction seem to be mixing in, as the team have treated this as a genuine case since Day 1. Some more than others – they are wittling down to the end. This is the penultimate day and the teams have to get on with it as best as possible…)


*   *   *   *


(Once again, this is a time for them to relax as their final day as a foursome on the ferry. And minds turn to the vote for each of them – whilst not out loud, they have to be careful…)


Mamoru: I’m interested to see who Jet will vote for. There are three of us, and if we knew how each of us was voting, it could be a three-way tie or a close-call. I know who I’m voting for tonight, and wondering if the same can be said for…


Ohjiro: I won’t decide who I’m voting for until the last moment. It’s hard to see who Jet will vote for…my guess would be Yomi as she indirectly eliminated Kiyone, Jet’s best friend. Which means for me…


Yomi: I’ve played the game my way – and that means to decide the final three, I need to choose who I think would be the final three. Jet is guaranteed, so to choose between Mamoru and Ohjiro…it isn’t hard.


(The wind sails in their hair, the sea water splashes…and treacherous thoughts inside their heads. What could be better?)


*   *   *   *




(Team 1 are first to their inquiry. The hospital has been a frequent place of visit for the team…but now, Chikage has fallen into a coma. She seemed to know the murderer and who was the final victim of him or her…but passed out before she could tell. Now, she is stuck in a comatose state, at the worst possible timing.)


(Ohjiro and Mamoru get the directions to Chikage’s room, and head there with the aid of Proctor as they get inside…)


(Chikage is stuck into UV wires, and her trademark gothic look has been replaced by plain white hospital gowns. However, it makes her attractiveness even more so as Ohjiro has to blush. Mamoru even turns around to avoid looking at her, as her hair now resembles Karen’s now it has been let down. It’s unusual to see Chikage like this, but they’ve got a job to do instead of staring at the 17 year old goth bishoujo.)


Ohjiro: O.K…so what happened?


Proctor: It’s hard to say. Basically, her mind seemed to have been caught in two places in once and her mind collapsed.


Mamoru: It’s not anything like brain damage?


Proctor: Oh no, it’s just that the focus of her thoughts seem to have been all jumbled together and it’s caused almost like a backfiring system in her mind. That is what led to the coma.


Mamoru: Geez…how long will she be in it?


Proctor: Unsure. Could be 2 hrs, could be 2 years. This type of case is unheard off…I guess it’s because of all that cult crap she was involved with…it affected her mind as well as her body…


Mamoru: Her body?


Proctor: Yes…her blood pressure has risen gradually during in the coma and I feel it has been throughout the last few weeks since this investigation has gone on. She feels the pressure and knows that she is the cause of the murders and seemed accepting it for her good.


Ohjiro: We don’t know about that…


?????: He could be right though…


(Shot in the door as the two girls stare at a familiar face – a fully recovered Marie after the attack of poison on her (which Taeko cured). Her dog Michael is by her side, barks once and Proctor runs off…)


Ohjiro: He doesn’t like the dog…


Marie: Maybe he probes too much…


Mamoru: Too much info…


Marie: Well, maybe I can help with giving you some information…


Ohjiro: Really?


(Marie fumbles for something in her pocket (note – she’s no longer in her hospital attire, it’s like she is ready to be discharged as she is in her summer hat and dress clothing) and hands it over to the detectives.)


Marie: Yotsuba-chan spoke to Rinrin-chan and Rinrin-chan has sent out e-mails to Taeko-chan, Izumi-san, Jing-sama and Sousuke-san. The imoutos are going to talk to them tonight at 6pm outside the Plaza whatever that Haruka-chan seemed to know about whilst dealing with Chikage-chan.


Ohjiro: What are you going to do?


Marie: We are going to confront them with what has happened to Chikage-chan, and we are going to get them to stop this…


Mamoru: Are you sure one of them…


Marie: No…but it all seems to fit in with what Chikage is doing – and I’m worried. I’m worried if…well…I saw the killer…and…


Mamoru: He or she left you be though.


Marie: I know…I don’t understand…


Ohjiro: Don’t worry Marie-chan. We’ll be with you and we’ll make sure nothing happens to you or the girls.


(Marie nods)


Ohjiro: Thank you very much…


(Michael barks once)


Marie: Michael says thank you as well.


(The team nod as they get a copy of Chikage’s report. Basically, what Proctor said before Michael scared him off was true – Chikage has an abnormal brain wave pattern which jumbled up her thoughts and almost like a computer, caused her memory to ‘crash’. Thus, her coma state is basically in recovery until those thoughts become one. Now Marie has told them that the girls are meetings 4 key suspects later tonight, things are almost guaranteed to get heated…)


*   *   *   *


TEAM 2 – NABE’S HOLE – 11.10AM


(The northern tip of Deathtrap shows Nabe’s Hole Mark II, as Nabeshin instead of resting inside the cave is on top of it. And he has company…)


Nabeshin: I’m not sure what to deal with now Urumi…it’s like everything has been connected at once, and whether I can do anything else…


Urumi: It’s not like it’s our fault Nabeshin. We helped them – we saved them. And now because of someone, that help has been torn again and our trust has been destroyed.


Nabeshin: I can’t blame the detectives though…it’s just their job. Whether we like it or not.


Urumi: Speaking of which…


(They notice Yomi and Jet getting out as Urumi gains that evil grin.)


Urumi: Fancy trying out a Nabe-hama-ha? Aggression can help you feel better…


Nabeshin: Oh great, destroying a couple of hard working people just trying to sort things out?


Urumi: (bobs her tongue out) You’re no fun.


(Urumi instead grabs a can of something and shakes it up…)


Nabeshin: Urumi!!!


(Urumi throws whatever she had in her hand and it’s ready to come crashing down on our detectives…)


(…that is, if Jet hadn’t seen it first. He bats it away with his bionic arm quickly and it…)


Yomi: Is that the best you could do Urumi? Another paint job?


(Urumi actually looks a little embarrassed/ashamed that she couldn’t do anything original, never mind failing to catch them off guard. Nabeshin sighs…)


Nabeshin: 18 days since this hell started – have you guys…


Jet: We are getting there Mr. Nabeshin.


Nabeshin: Mr…well…you seem familiar…


(NOTE: Shinichi Watanabe (a.k.a Nabeshin) also directed Cowboy Bebop)


Jet: Of course I have – I’ve been here said 18 days trying to find and clean up this mess!


Nabeshin: Oh yeah…




Nabeshin/Jet: SCARY…


(As the scary ladies calm down, Jet and Yomi realise that the two don’t intend to move so they have to climb up and head onto the mountain. A long walk especially for Jet, but they manage to get up…)


*   *   *   *


Nabeshin: So what’s up?


Yomi: Aside from us on this mountain?


Jet: We need to establish some things Nabeshin…but…


(They look at Urumi – unsure whether they need to tell her. Urumi is no longer a suspect, but the team aren’t sure whether she should learn…)


Urumi: Do you want me to not listen?


Jet: Well…


Yomi: …no it’s O.K.


Jet: Yomi?


Yomi: I think you may be able to help us.


Jet: (whispering) You sure?


Yomi: (whispering) We got nothing to lose now – besides, she’s cleared – maybe she can be more helpful now.


(The two turn to Nabeshin and Urumi as they begin asking questions…)


Jet: You guys were a big help to the sisters when the Kuno clan tried to take over Promised Island, correct?


Nabeshin: Yes, I mentioned that before. We helped Karen and Sakuya – they seemed to be the leaders of the girls – but everyone else has help as well.


Jet: You do this because of what happened between you and Kuno’s father correct?


Nabeshin: Yes.


Jet: So with the recent poisonings that Kodachi attempted…


Nabeshin: Damn her is all I can say. I can’t say that working with the girls hasn’t been frustrating, but Kodachi trying to take innocent lives…


Urumi: Nabeshin was really upset after Aria was nearly struck by the poisonous rose, so to speak.


YomI: What about you with Sakuya?


Urumi: Sakuya-chan? Well, it was like she was trying to get me out more and enjoy life. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy shopping with her – she made it sound enthusiastic – and I guess I warmed to her like I did with Mahoro-chan and Taeko-chan.


Nabeshin: But I guess…being here…my past with the Kunos…I guess the girls saw me as some sort of guardian…


Jet: Guardian?


Nabeshin: Yeah…I guess when old Yosho popped his clogs, I had a feeling Kuno was to do with it. But that was only assumption…now…well…I’ve heard the rumours…and they were bad enough.


Yomi: I see.


Urumi: I guess…even me…especially when Taeko kidnapped Kagome…I thought she was the most scared and clumsiest girl I met…part of her charm I guess…and then she is capable of that, healing and god knows what else…god, I’m afraid to know what else she is capable of…


Nabeshin: Easy Urumi


Urumi: And this ritual stuff…well, it seems too deep for me…and even I have to be a bit afraid of it.


Jet: A bit?


Urumi: For me that’s quite a step. I don’t fear easily…trust me on that.


Nabeshin: Ritual stuff?


Urumi: You didn’t know?


Nabeshin: Hell girl, I thought I knew everything about those creepy things that Keiko-san’s daughter and her friends did – but a ritual? What the flip?


Urumi: Basically, I think the murders are linked to an ancient ritual or some other hogwash which I don’t believe. Sadly, quite a few are believing by killing 4 people of darkness and then one of innocence and darkness, then all the worlds sins will be washed away.


Nabeshin: That is the biggest loads of pigsh….




(Nabeshin holds a sign saying ‘Sorry’. We now resume our regular programming.)


Yomi: So you didn’t know about this ritual then?


Nabeshin: No ma’am, first time I’ve heard of that.


Jet: O.K.


Yomi: The fact that Nabeshin doesn’t have a clue about this ritual seems to suggest that he could be innocent. I’m 99% sure that the murderer is someone copycatting these sequences of murders a la the ritual, so Nabeshin not knowing was interesting.


Nabeshin: So if the four dead are…well…who could be the final one?


Yomi: We don’t know.


Urumi: It could be anyone…it could be you or me Nabeshin for all we know…


Nabeshin: Since when have you been innocent Urumi-chan?


(An evil glint in Urumi’s eyes sends the afro-warrior down to his hands and knees…)


Nabeshin: SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!!!


Yomi: Maybe that should be a DDR song…


Jet: I guess we need to find out who this final victim could be…


Nabeshin: If we can help you anyway…


Yomi: Thank you.


(The duo head off – realising Nabeshin doesn’t know about the ritual. Is he cleared? Not necessarily, but it’s hard to see him doing it now…right?)


*   *   *   *




(There isn’t much to do back at the mansion until 6pm – unusual considering how close they are to the end of the case. They are always awaiting a phone call or something but nothing doing. However, they know something will happen at 6, when the sisters confront the Nyostar four.)


Ohjiro: I’m getting a bit nervous about it.


Yomi: Hey, we decided to come along with you, so don’t worry.


Ohjiro: I know…but I’m scared that something will happen that I’m not sure we really want to know…


Jet: Don’t worry – we’ll get through it together.


Mamoru: Agreed.


(It seems none of the four really want to talk about the vote. Jet has the honour of entering the final three without threat so naturally he is the most relaxed. So two of Ohjiro, Mamoru and Yomi will go out. So what will be decided between group and leader?)


*   *   *   *





(Shot of Jet now in deep thought in his room…)


Jet: Yomi was part of the alliance…and she and Kiyone were close, but then everything went wrong. Should I try and get revenge for Kiyone…or was that friendship genuine before the game got in the way?


(Another pause…)


Jet: Ohjiro is someone who could grow up to someone really important in life. His decisions are cutting edge and his maturity makes Spike and Faye look like kids…but he is such a threat…


(Final pause…)


Jet: Mamoru…how he got this far is anyone’s guess – however, got to give the guy credit for hanging on and managing to blend away. He’s smart too…but is he smarter than Ohjiro and Yomi?


(Jet continues his deep thought…as the minutes and hours tick away…)


(Shot of Yomi being calm drinking coffee as she looks upstairs…)

Yomi: I know what you are thinking Jet…it doesn’t matter now.


Mamoru: Thinking of what?


(Shot of Mamoru also exiting the kitchen…)


Yomi: You should know. It’s not like we can do anything about it…


Mamoru: Oh.


(Mamoru takes a drink. The aura of winning is surrounding them almost if Yukino Miyazawa has taken part. Then again…the cute heroine of Ohjiro’s show has the same voice…as we take a look at our prince, outside as the darkness slowly descends like a Starry Sky (Angelic Layer song).)


Ohjiro: On this sky, let’s see if we can get through it…right Wizard?


(Shot of Ohjiro’s infamous angel – wearing his blue outfit as Ohjiro continues seeing the blue turn dark.)


*   *   *   *




(It’s time. Shot of the four of them heading towards the Plaza Temple – where they will meet the 12 imouto bar Chikage confront the Nyostar four. Will they arrive…will they SURvive?)


*   *   *   *




(By 6, the team of four are still in the van – out of sight from the front of the plaza. They exit and notice immediately that a sight is interesting as we get to see these four together for the first time.)


Jing: (lighting the area with a rather not pleased Kir) So Haruka-chan wanted to arrange this?


Taeko: (nodding) Rinrin-chan sent e-mails saying about this…I’m unsure what this is about…


Izumi: I’ll tell you what it’s about. It’s about all this mess that apparently we have caused – and I bet they think one of us did it.


(Izumi slams her tennis racquet in frustration as Sousuke, stoic, stands alone in the darkness.)


Sousuke: I believe the fact that the head perpetrators, my former mistress Ling-Pha, and your former master Jing – that being Tatewaki Kuno – being victims, is…not a coincidence.


Jing: (smiling) So, you are basically putting us both in the chair?


Sousuke: I am merely stating facts.


Taeko: Guys, please…


(Suddenly, a scene straight out of medieval times. Led by Sakuya and Haruka, 11 girls with burning torches…O.K, 9 girls and 2 scared little girls clinging onto Sakuya and Haruka, head the way towards the 4 Nyostar members. The one missing is Yotsuba…)


Izumi: The welcoming party.


(Mamoru runs ahead and scowls at Izumi…)


Mamoru: Izumi-san, please don’t dare say you…


Izumi: Mamoru! I can’t believe you even think that…


(Back watching, Jet smokes casually.)


Jet: Well, looks like we are going to get a show tonight. Got any snacks?


(Back with the girls and the four suspects, as they are doing some decent interrogating themselves.)


Sakuya: So you guys are at fault for Chikage-chan collapsing?


Jing: We have no idea what you are…


Karen: Chikage-chan collapsed…she’s in a coma…


(The four Nyostar members seem to have not known that. Their emotions are ranged – Taeko looking like she is ready to cry, Jing looking down and shaking his head, Sousuke stoic, and Izumi looking pissed off…)


(…in other words, how you expected them to look like.)


(We see Haruka being hugged by Aria and Hinako as the yamato nadesico moves up…)


Haruka: O.K…I’ve helped you guys before, so I want some answers. I want to know if any of you guys are the reason behind all this mess…


Izumi: You can’t just accuse u…


(Shot of Jing clutching Izumi’s hand.)


Jing: Izumi, please. Let them go on.


Izumi: B-but…


Taeko: I…I don’t know anymore. I confessed…but they didn’t believe me…


Sousuke: (showing emotion) You confessed?


Taeko: They said I was lying! Maybe I lied…maybe I just wanted to end this…


Marie: Being innocent to protect your friends with fake guilt makes you guilty in another way Taeko-chan…


(Taeko looks a little ashamed…)


Izumi: I don’t understand why you are rounding us up – we helped you guys!


Mamoru: Izumi-san, it’s because we like you that we are trying to stop this! If one of…




Mamoru: I’m…I’m not…I just…


Izumi: Dammit!


(Suddenly, Izumi grabs a rather drained looking Kir. To the stunned audiences of the sisters and indeed of the investigators, the raven forms itself around Izumi’s arm in an exact same motion as when Kir does it with Jing!)


Mamoru: Izumi!


Shirayuki: Please no…


(Haruka immediately steps in front of them with her hiragana blade)


Haruka: Don’t you dare…


Izumi: Then don’t make me!


Sousuke: Izumi…


Jing: Izumi please…


(The baseball star however seems determined as Taeko wonders if she should cast a spell or something…)




(Shot of head investigator Yotsuba along with Ryo and a trio of police cars surrounding the area as the detectives see everything what is going on…)


Yotsuba: Sisters, I don’t think we want Haruka here arrested and I suggest Izumi do the same.


(Yotsuba glares at the 4 Nyostar suspects (though her eyes are softer when staring at Taeko) as Ryo does a ‘back off’ motion as the girls separate. Mami turns to the four…)


Mami: I don’t know who it is – but I can feel it. I’m not psychic or ‘magical’ like you guys…but I feel death around you…


Sakuya: It stinks…that’s for sure…


(Sakura turns as Izumi looks puffed. Jing looks at a near fainted Kir, now reverted to raven form, whilst Sousuke just raises his eyebrows slightly. Taeko seems the most nervous/agitated of the four as Yotsuba moves over to the detectives…)


Yotsuba: What happened here?


Jet: Something interesting.


Yotsuba: Really…looks like you need to tell me about it…


*   *   *   *






Yotsuba: O.K…so basically I found this out a little too late, and the girls were trying to confront FOUR of our key suspects?


Jet: In a nutshell, yes.


Yomi: In not such a big nutshell, Izumi showed she is capable of using Jing’s bird Kir as a weapon…


Mamoru: …giving her another possible murder weapon…


Ohjiro: …when you considering the relationship between Jing and Izumi.


(Yotsuba seems a bit stunned at how well they finish each others sentences, but recovers well enough.)


Yotsuba: O.K then…well, what we need to do basically is get ready to prepare for tonight…I suggest you guys let these 2 hours before I return to have a good look at yourselves, get your heads together…and butter up Jet as much as possible.


(A few sweatdrops ahoy as Jet gets a little smug grin as a few of the team realise that Jet does indeed have the power to make or break their dreams of victory. So who will he choose?)


Yotsuba: Anyway, I’ve got important detective work to do.


Yomi: You mean taking those two girls back home?


Yotsuba: Ye…HEY!


(Shot of the police car where an asleep Aria and Hinako are…Yotsuba not exactly disrect but at least she’s caring…)


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: It would be a disaster for whoever was sent out to play the killer’s game now – as they say, so close, yet so far. And it will be for one of us.


Yomi: I think though at this stage of the game, any sucking up to Jet was pretty much pointless – as he probably made his decision the moment he was named LI.


Mamoru: I think if you are going to go out, you might as well go with honour. There has been cut-throat play from all of us, myself included, so we want to end it the right way.


Jet: Aw…no fun…nobody wanted to butter me up!


(Shot of Jet outside smoking as he looks to the sky.)


Jet: Well guys, I’m afraid if you aren’t dead yet from starvation, you soon maybe, I’m going to be here a few more days…so just make sure you don’t owe too many woolongs will ya?


(He takes another deep puff…)


Jet: So…who to pick?


(Meanwhile, it’s obvious with the final vote going on – any study time that Yotsuba might have suggested has been thrown out the window. None of them know if they will be here tomorrow…)


(Shot of Yomi inside her room, looking like she is flipping a coin – heads or tails? Ohjiro or Mamoru?)


(Shot of Mamoru pruning some roses in his room – one of the heads accidentally is cut off – a bad omen?)


(Finally, a shot of Ohjiro with one of those practice discs he gave to Misaki at her victory party. We see his angel Wizard in the middle of this disc, dancing. Ohjiro is trying to concerntrate, but fails as Wizard ‘slips’ as Ohjiro removes his headset.)


(So who will it be?)


*   *   *   *




(It’s the final killer’s game for the series that will end someone’s ‘life’ in playing the game. The four remaining detectives are already seated and awaiting Yotsuba.)


(The not quite as genki girl enters for the last time for the foursome. She holds the envelopes in front of her with a solemn look on her pretty face.)


Yotsuba: No tricks. No crap. Let’s get this over with.


(The team nod in understanding as Yotsuba holds out the blank envelope and opens it. She looks at it before speaking.)


Yotsuba: Your killer question is ‘How many bullets did Mirielle claim she had?’


(This is from earlier today when they cleared Mirielle…)


Mamoru: It was…479 wasn’t it?


Jet: Ye…


Ohjiro: No.


Jet: No?


Yomi: It was 480. The question says how many bullets did Mirielle claim she had – the ripped up paper said 479, but SHE said she had 480.


Ohjiro: We concluded that the missing bullet was fired as a decoy for us at the time of the murder of Tatewaki Kuno.


Jet: So she claimed…


Mamoru: …she had 480?


Yomi: That’s right.


(The two gents seem fine with that. They give the answer to Yotsuba.)


Yotsuba: Is that a final consensus?


(A last glance before a nod confirms that. Yotsuba nods and types in the answer to the anon email address. A moment passes and then…)




(Yes! It’s successful as the final four breathe a deep sigh of relief as the final four detectives also mean we have four suspects…and the cleared?)







Jet: So it’s one of the Nyostar 4.


Mamoru: It doesn’t get easier does it?


Yotsuba: Correct. And now, three of you will decide on the first person to play the killer’s game. Jet, you must decide one of the three there will play the killer’s game as well. If Mamoru, Yomi and then Ohjiro all go into the back room and make your decision…


(They don’t need asking a second time. It’s game time.)


*   *   *   *




Mamoru: I think out of the three of us, I would prefer if Ohjiro was in the final three with me and Jet, so I will pick Yomi on default.




Yomi: I will pick Mamoru, simply because I would like it if Jet, Ohjiro and myself were the final three. Simple as that. It won’t happen that easy, but at least I get that chance.




Ohjiro: This is tough…but I will choose…


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yotsuba with the dreaded envelope which has the photograph of who was picked first for the killer’s game.)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killer’s game…


(Shots of Mamoru and Yomi)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(Dramatic pause…and then…)


Yotsuba: …Mamoru.


(Tux-boy gets a surprised look in his face but nods once. Yomi breathes a sigh of relief as Ohjiro remains calm.)


Ohjiro: …Mamoru. Yomi has played this game far better than anyone here and I felt on that merit alone, she deserves a chance to win the game.


MAMORU (2) – Yomi, Ohjiro

Yomi (1) – Mamoru


Yotsuba: So now Jet, you have to choose someone else to join Mamoru in playing the killer’s game. It is between Yomi and Ohjiro. It’s your call.


(Jet stands up slowly as he takes a deep breath.)


Jet: What a choice huh? My first time as LI and I have to hand over what I call a death sentence to one of two people who I respect if nothing else.


(Jet looks over at Yomi)


Jet: Yomi, you were part of a strong team. We had the chance to dominate the game, and true, it was other forces which stopped that. However, you had the chance to stop it and instead, you antagonised it. Now, I know you had to pick Yomiko or Kiyone that time – but you picked both. I can’t fault you for playing the game though.


(Jet then looks over at Ohjiro)


Jet: Ohjiro – you have been that quiet willo-of-the-wisp throughout the game. You’ve blown through without being noticed and yet being respected well. You are strong kid, stronger than most people I know. And strength is something that can be a threat in this game.


(Jet paces back and forth before making a decision.)


Jet: My decision…is to honour something that was started fairly early. I think it’s what she would have liked, no matter what you think.


(One more pause before finishing…)


Jet: In respect of what is left of the alliance, I nominate Ohjiro to play the killer’s game.


(Ohjiro surprisingly, doesn’t react in shock. He just smiles once.)


Jet: Damn, that was hard.


Yotsuba: It gets harder still. Gentlemen, I’m about to open the red envelope. There will be two smaller envelopes. They will contain your destinations for the killer’s game.


(Yotsuba does so and hands them to Ohjiro and Mamoru for them to choose. Ohjiro in the front, chooses first as he opens it.)


Ohjiro: I’m going back to the Kuno Mansion.


(Mamoru takes his envelope and opens it.)


Mamoru: I’m going to The Plaza Temple.


Yotsuba: Two key locations for the final killer’s game. Good luck…you are really going to need it.


(The two young men shake hands – for the final time.)


*   *   *   *


Yomi: Why?


Jet: Hmmm?


Yomi: Why did you keep me on? I thought Kiyone would have want me dead and buried…


Jet: Not so. I know for a fact despite the ‘treachery’ as she put it, she genuinely liked you – and I’m sure if she was still here, she would have wanted you to win…well, if I was dead of course.


Yomi: Yeah right…


(Yomi smiles as Jet also chuckles…)


Jet: Damn, never been too good talking to girls…


Yomi: I’ll just say this then – thanks.


(Jet nods, as the two people guaranteed into the final three can relax…whereas on the other hand…)


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: Can I ask why?


Ohjiro: Hmm?


Mamoru: You obviously picked me…


Ohjiro: Does it matter? It was my decision…and I’m playing the killer’s game now. And considering what Jet said, it wouldn’t have made a difference – he was keeping Yomi on the game.


Mamoru: But if you picked Yomi


Ohjiro: …then one of us would have gone. You thought that if I had done that you would have survived? Then I would have gone. So either way, I couldn’t win…


(Ohjiro walks away)


Ohjiro: I shook your hand just. Don’t make me go back on that good luck message.


(Mamoru suddenly realises how bratty he has been before the end of this climax…)


Mamoru: Sorry…


Mamoru: I never realised just how much of an idiot I was playing this game. Shizuka, Tsuyoshi, Greta…I was obsessed with winning. In ways, I was worse than Yomi in treachery in playing the game…because I was betraying…myself.


(Mamoru lets his head hang)


Mamoru: Us-a-ko


*   *   *   *




(It’s time. Ohjiro has to travel via the ferry to get to his taxi, where Shirase is waiting. Kintaro is already outside waiting for Mamoru to head in with his stuff…)


Mamoru: O.K…time to go.


(He seems sad as Yomi and Jet greet him goodbye. As he does, they wonder what he is upset about…)


Jet: Upset about possibly losing?


Yomi: Leaving the game?


Ohjiro: I think it’s something more than that…


(Ohjiro says his goodbyes to the guaranteed pair as he awaits his trip to the ferry. It’s going to be a long light for both these young men…but for different reasons…)


*   *   *   *




Kintaro: Hey, you all right?


Mamoru: (shakes his head) No…and I don’t think I’ve been alright since I started this game. I’m almost wishing I don’t come back.


Kintaro: Don’t say that! You know who did it now right?


Mamoru: I guess you could say that…


Mamoru: I have been tossing now between Izumi and Taeko. The clues seem to indicate one of the girls did it.


*   *   *   *




Ohjiro: O.K…no fear.


Shirase: You scared?


Ohjiro: A little. Haven’t really felt much fear – other than when I met my new family. I guess I do fear losing though…maybe that is why I’m scared…because I may not come back…


Shirase: If you come back, are you going to solve this case?


Ohjiro: I hope so.


Ohjiro: I think there is a mastermind behind all this, and now that we have the final four as the four members of Nyostar, we need to find out who this mastermind is. And I think it’s a choice between Jing and Izumi. Jet seems to think it’s Sousuke though…it shows how tough this is…


*   *   *   *








(A tale of two destinations – Ohjiro feels the air of death around him. This is after all where it all started.)


Ohjiro: O.K, do I just knock?


(He looks around, and sees that ‘conveniently’ a dustbin has been laid out for him so he can stand in and fit through the large open window. Ohjiro gulps.)


Ohjiro: Not exactly the welcome mat I wanted…


(Ohjiro nervously steps into the house…not sure of the welcome he really is going to get…it may be the last welcome he sees in the game…)


*   *   *   *






(As Mamoru enters the port to the Plaza Temple, he notices that it is already for him, no password needed. Someone has made sure his visit will be…memorable…)


Mamoru: All ready for me and my fear…O.K…


(He goes to the bridge…and the first thing that happens is that the bridge forms into a set of stairs, forcing Mamoru to jump down.)


Mamoru: Geez…what the…


(It leads to the top window of the tower. He gulps and heads forward…the cold air bristling around him…)


*   *   *   *




Ohjiro: So it started…and it could finish…


(Ohjiro is in the kitchen area where he is looking over – remembrance of a certain kitchen incident of MG1 suddenly makes Ohjiro’s situation look a lot worse…fortunately the tiger lilies haven’t arrived…yet.)


Ohjiro: O.K…now what…


(He soon finds ‘what’…a blood written message like magnetic letters on a fridge ‘TO WHERE IT STARTED’.)


(Ohjiro turns…to the basement…where this mess literally started…)


Ohjiro: Let’s do this…





Mamoru: The upper tower…


(This was where he was with Haruka before – and let’s face it, it wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience before…)


Mamoru: O.K…so where now?


(He notices the book has been changed. He looks through it…)


Mamoru: (in English) Go-ing down?


(He looks down, where a glowing octarine light is showing in the darkness downstairs. He nods and follows the route…)


*   *   *   *




(Into the basement Ohjiro goes, careful watching with his torch…as he looks around…and sees the tiger lilies in a blood drenched spot…almost identical to where Kuno died way back on their first day.)


Ohjiro: This is an omen…good or bad…I’ll find out in about 5 seconds…


(Ohjiro steps into the blood, searching the tiger lilies…as the cross crashes on him…)


Ohjiro: No…NOOOOO!


(Is Ohjiro’s first KG his last?)


*   *   *   *




(The Tux goes down where the centre of the pedestal is lit up – he crosses a bridge where right on the centre are the dreaded tiger lilies.)   


Mamoru: O.K…destiny or heartbreak?


(Mamoru heads towards the flowers…when three other bridges light up…sounds flash by all of them…)








Definitely heartbreak. The final victim of the detectives has been decided.


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: O.K, that was…


(Shot of Ohjiro’s jacket blood stained from the mess on the floor. In his hands are what appears to be a videotape.)


Ohjiro: This it? Kinda anticlimactic…then again I was a bit scared…


(Oh-chan, you were more than a bit scared…but what the hey…you survived.)


*   *   *   *




(The mansion is very quiet with just Yomi and Jet – they haven’t talked much since the guys leaving. They are anxiously waiting who returns.)


(And when the light dulls to blue…)


Jet: Yomi?


Yomi: Yeah.


(We see the double doors open…and as soon as the face clears, the duo are definitely more smiles.)


Yomi: Welcome back Oh-kun.


Ohjiro: Good to be back.


Jet: Glad you are back.


Ohjiro: Very weird. A bit scary and as you can see…got a bit of a mess in the mansion…


(An indication of the blood stained jacket indicates the ‘mess’ that he got into. They are concerned initially but Ohjiro explains the situation…and the blood stained videotape he has got.)


Ohjiro: Shall we watch this?


*   *   *   *


(The three have a look at what the videotape has WITHOUT YOTSUBA looking at it first. They soon get the final clue left by the killer…and it’s an interesting one.)


(A shot of an elderly man looking like an extra from Ultimate Muscle on the screen…)


?????: Hello there. Son…daughter…I’m not allowed to say who you are because of my protection…but I can’t hide much longer. The Nyostar legacy must continue – I know…that my partner…Yosho…he can help you get through it…so…please…please…complete what I couldn’t finish…


(The tape starts getting fuzzy…but then a new message comes up with another voice…again disorted…)




(The tape cuts off…)


Jet: Whoa.


Yomi: Would that be the killer’s…


Ohjiro: …father?


(What a interesting final set-up…)


*   *   *   *


(We have a final shot of Jet, Yomi and Ohjiro having a ‘kampai’ (milk for the under 21s, booze for Jet) on the couch as they celebrate getting into the final three. 4 suspects and 3 detectives remain.)

















*   *   *   *


Next time, on the penultimate episode of Murder Game 2…


The final victim is caught…


??????: MMMMPHHH!


Arguments between friends…


Mamoru: Dammit Izumi, you did it!




New revelations…


Kaname: The Whispered was something that both Ling-Pha and Kuno were interested in…for different reasons…




Taeko: Can I tell you something Nabeshin?


Nabeshin: Er…sure?




Yomi: Izumi is the only one with a documented father…


…and finally…


Jet: Good luck.


Yomi: You two.


Ohjiro: May the best detective win.


*   *   *   *


Whoa! And we are so close to the end you can taste the end of season BBQ!


Actually, meat and series about death = not too smart Chris.


Anyway, first Mamoru. I didn’t honestly want to portray as a jerk – because let’s be honest, too many fanfiction authors do that in the first place – AND HE ISN’T! O.K, sometimes he’s an idiot and a big insensitive and yes, I can understand why some people may hates his guts – but he’s a smart young man who has suffered a lot and has started to find happiness.


Of course, Sailor Moon’s ratio in reality quizzes have been quite high with 5 final 3 or 4 finishes in reality fiction and 2 victories (Lita in AS3, Raye in Mystery Solvers and Ami in AAVGS2 for close, whilst Mina and Ami were victorious in AS4 and Roomies 3 respectively). However, the one main male character has never got a chance. So I gave him a chance…


…and kinda messed him up a bit. Honestly, he wasn’t meant to be like this – but I needed a foil up against the core alliance. Hideki was doing his part, and Mamoru backed him up, but Hideki was always going early. Mamoru I guess was worried about his younger counterparts, but didn’t take on board how good they could be.


Fortunately, the idea of the alliance breaking apart gave new direction for Mamo-chan and thus, he came out of it nearly alright. That final scene where he realises what has happened was basically my way of saying to Mamoru fans, ‘gomen.’


And now, with Mirielle and Nabeshin cleared, the final 4 are the Nyostar 4. So one of these have done the murders, and who is it?


I’ll declare the prizes soon so be on the lookout for it, (just as long as the EVIL Joe Klemm doesn’t win this time…J) and I’ll see you soon for the penultimate stage of the game.


Coming out to play?