Loosen up…baby dogs, get on the floor…and get the blood off it whilst you are there…


8 down, 1 more to go. The detectives are falling like flies, and just one more detective to go before the final three are confirmed. Then on, they have to decide who killed Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno as well as Kentaro Sakata and Ling-Pha Wong. And can you work it out? Remember…prizes….


So let’s see the penultimate stage and see who gets to the final stage…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2…


Jet: Save it. You moan about how clumsy your partner is, and how you wished to bet transferred, but really, you care about her a lot and you know you’ll be happy to see her when you get back.


Kiyone: (sarcastic) Yeah right…


Jet: (chuckling) Yeah, whatever you say Kiyone. (drinks coffee) Bitter…guess that’s how Yomi likes it…


Kiyone: Kinda fitting for her at the moment…


Reminiscing about old and hating new – Kiyone seemed to wonder if the game was truly coming to an end…and the inquiries didn’t give her much comfort…


Sakuya: …but in the end, what she has any right to say is none of my care or business.


(It seems that Sakuya seems a bit different to maybe the other sisters – she’s certainly a bit more mature…and perhaps not as natural friendly as some of the others.)


Sakuya: Well…they’ve pressed Chikage-chan…again and again…and it hasn’t worked, and I’m not budging on that.


(Sakuya turns and bows)

Sakuya: I thank you for your time…


(Before the detectives have a chance to stop her, Sakuya’s runs off. Whilst not quite as fast as Mamoru, Sakuya is quite quick, and the detectives are left in her dust. Both Kiyone and Yomi are athletic, but they realise they can’t catch her.)


Kiyone: Damn…she is a problem.


The Sakuya clue didn’t help much, whilst the press conference led to more unpleasantness…and eventually led to this…


Jing/Kir: (screaming) WHAT?!!!


(That outburst actually takes Jing out of control of the car and he skids off the road, nearly crashing into a lorry. He hits a lamppost as the windows smash…)


(Shot of Kodachi in the back seat, coughing up blood…)


Kodachi: (coughs) Dammit Jing…you’re part of this aren’t you?


(No response.)


Kodachi: Jing, where are you, you brat?


(No response…but there is someone else taking an interest in Kodachi’s bursts of anger…)


The trademark red camera flashes as someone slowly sneaks up to the car.


Kodachi: Jing, where are…


Suddenly Kodachi realises she’s face to face…with the person who killed her brother.


Kodachi: YOOOU…






And messier circumstances were to come when the two new enemies faced each other on the killer’s game…


Kiyone: Come on!


unaware of the near side, the red camera flashing BEHIND HER. The killer creeps up to her…and…






…and Yomi returned as the Cheshire cat.





Coming out to play…


*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die - ELIMINATED

Hideaki Motsumuya – Chobits - ELIMINATED

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo! - ELIMINATED

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura - ELIMINATED

Ohjiro Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha - ELIMINATED

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh! - ELIMINATED






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory - ELIMINATED

Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka - CLEARED

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma ½ - ELIMINATED

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro Ando – Mahoromatic - CLEARED




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano -  CLEARED

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion - CLEARED

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing – CLEARED


*   *   *   *




(It hasn’t been long since Kiyone ‘died’ and it’s already looking like the life of the house vanished. Well, maybe it did when Yomiko went, but it’s like a morgue. The frustration and the tiredness are kicking in as the detectives are ploughing through the final stretch…)


(We see Jet stretched out on the sofa, reading something…his notes by the looks of things, as he sighs out.)


Jet: Not sure if I want to do another few days…it’s going to be so boring now…


Jet: Kiyone was a different kettle of fish. She was a spunky police officer who could teach this old goat a few things in battle. I wished I could have met her in my current life – not meant to be I guess…


(He looks around…and sighs again)


Jet: Now what?


Ohjiro: You look forward to getting into the final three.


(Jet nearly jumps out of his seat as AL rule 1 comes into play: The mysterious characters always seem to appear out of nowhere: Ohjiro Mihara still awake despite being the youngest of the remaining detectives, looks at a sprawling old man stretched out on the couch…)


Jet: What do you mean?


Ohjiro: You may not like the fact she is gone, but the fact that she is guarantees you into the final three of this game. Should I say congratulations in advance?


Jet: Huh?


Ohjiro: Do I have to spell it out? Kiyone is going to vote for you tomorrow as LI, you get pass into final three, you one step closer into getting back to the Bebop with lots of money for the first time in a while.


(O.K, so 1.30 at night isn’t the best time to think – but finally Jet seems to comprehend what the younger Mihara is saying.)


Jet: I guess…


Ohjiro: At least you felt something – you had a conscience.


Jet: We all did – some simply show it better than others…we’re not open books Mihara, and neither is Yomi. It’s hard to know what we are thinking…that why we got here.


Ohjiro: Yeah…guess you’re right.


*   *   *   *


DAY 17


(It’s coming to the end, and at 8am – we see very few signs of life….an hour to go before Yotsuba gets there, and no movement in the kitchen, rec room or inquiry room. Is everyone still asleep?)


(NO…it’s just too damn quiet.)


(A shot of Yomi proves that someone is up – once again riling the glass fetish fanboys (he knows who I’m talking about…nothing wrong with that…^_^) – and basking in the glory of surviving a killer’s game…a combination of adrenaline and sugar induced caffeine (hey, she deserves it this time) plus some thoughts…)


Yomi: So I’m the only one down here huh?


(Another look around confirms this…)


Yomi: And I’m the only girl left…geez, maybe it wasn’t ageist but sexist…


(She pauses before speaking to herself again)


Yomi: Then again…I took out both Yomiko and Kiyone…I have myself to blame for emotions…but game wise…I’ve nothing to regret. I was playing the game, and still am.


(As Yomi prepares for her role in Battle Royale 3, we go off to detective number 2…)


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Mamoru, wearing his shades, enjoying the early rays of the sun. He’s dressed casually like he met Usagi for the first time – and seems to be relaxing…or more appropriately, TRYING to relax.)


Mamoru: I can’t believe I’ve lasted so long.


(Mamoru has had some narrow scrapes to say the least – poorly made alliances, not helping his cause with his seemingly withdrawal to accept Tsuyoshi or even Greta as good detectives, but despite this, he has managed to hold off and relied on other problems in the group. And now he is in the final four.)


Mamoru: I had problems…Tsuyoshi, Greta, Yomiko…even now I can feel the stigma of the former alliance tugging at my heart.


(Mamoru clutches a photograph beside him, a framed photo of him, with Usagi Tsukino glomping onto his right arm. He smiles.)


Mamoru: Usako, I’ve got this far. Let’s see if the power of the moon can guide me through…


(…he stands up with the photo in hands…)


Mamoru: …on behalf of the moon, I want to win.


*   *   *   *


(We see in his room, Ohjiro is as neatly dressed as he usually is – stretching the morning sleep out of his eyes, and glances to the left. He is also looking at photos of his friends and family – in fact, it’s the pictures taken during the infamous beach trip where a certain confession happened…watch the series folks…it’s good…honest…)


(Ohjiro smiles as he looks at a picture of his stepbrother Ichiro (a.k.a. Icchan) swimming…well…it looks like swimming…as he is tying a watermelon on his side. A picture of coworker Fujimori playing a game of smash the watermelon with Icchan’s favourite victim Ogata, and finally, of course…and this is the pic Ohjiro focuses most on…a picture of Misaki smiling as she is watching some fireworks in a night picture.)


Ohjiro: I’ll come back a winner – this time for sure brother, Miss Shuko, Misaki-chan…


A finalist twice and a semi-finalist once as the Prince of the Layer, he has always come close. This is his best chance now to win something – and he hasn’t betrayed or made allies of anyone – he has literally played it straight down the middle…can he still win like that? We’ll soon know…)


*   *   *   *


(Finally, the old dear named Jet Black makes his emergence from a bathroom, looking a bit tired, but he seems O.K. The oldest contestant since Day 1, he has always been an inspiration and a mentor for many of the detectives.)


(He’s also the only person who hasn’t played a KG AND not been a LI (Ohjiro hasn’t played but he’s been LI twice.)…his skill is feared but his respect has been earned. Now can he hold out a little longer, especially considering he may be a shoo-in for the final LI spot…)


Jet: I need a smoke…


(Of course…first things first…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: Ahhhh…much better.


Ohjiro: Those things will kill you.


Jet: Ohjiro, in my line of work, ANYTHING can kill me. This just gives me more pleasure in doing so.


Mamoru: So Jet, you going to the final three?


Jet: Geez…even Yomi asked me that this morning…(sinister)…hmm…maybe I should think about who I should eliminate then.


Mamoru: (nervous) No…no, that’s alright…


Jet: Seriously. You guys are thinking I will be…and that means I will have to make the hardest choice…the choice of ruining one person’s chances and dreams before the end…


Yomi: Just do it in your most heartless manner Jet – we’ll feel better if we return.


Jet: Got it.


(It seems Yomi feels a bit out of place with the three men there as she takes some cereal and begins to eat it. Again, the nervousness between the four seems to be around, though Mamoru and Jet seem to show it more than Yomi and Ohjiro…)


(Let the games begin.)

*   *   *   *






(Yotsuba arrives on time – refreshed for the first time perhaps in a while – maybe now that hopefully all the Kodachi induced poisons are over – Yotsuba definitely greets the team with a cute smile…despite the fact they know that the game is coming to an end – Yotsuba should really be more anxious, then again, she’s not exactly the model Chief is she…^_^)


Yotsuba: Good mo…


(…and then promptly collapses. Cue the sweatdrops and facefaults.)


(Yotsuba’s act over – she now looks rather drained…tired, but not as in worried, more like up half the night talking…)


Yotsuba: Forgive me, I was up half the night talking…


(Told ya.)


Yotsuba: …with Karen-chan at her hotel, to try and arrange a meeting between us imouto. However, Haruka-chan may have recovered you’ll be glad to know, but us girls don’t know what to do now even if Kodachi eliminated. There is still a serial killer out there that we need to deal with.


(Yotsuba sighs)


Yotsuba: Personally, I didn’t want to get involved too much more, but Karen-chan can be a REALLY hard person to say no to. However, this won’t affect my job as Chief Inspector, as we feel the case is closing and we need to make sure we get through as much as possible.


(The team nod as Yotsuba addresses the team for the morning checkii)


Yotsuba: First things first. Yomi came back from her first killer’s game last night, with the vital killer clue. We’ll look at that in a moment, but first, the person who didn’t come back will now give her last will and testament, and choose the final LI of the season.


(Yotsuba turns the television on, where we see Kiyone’s face for the last time.)


Kiyone: I will choose Jet Black to be LI because he’s the only one who hasn’t and I believe he will do proud for the final stretch of the game.


(To no-one’s surprise, Jet is named final LI. Yotsuba makes a motion as Jet goes to take the LI’s chair for the first time. He is now power thanks to Kiyone – and a free pass to the final three.)


Yotsuba: This morning, we’ll be taking a look at a few things. First, about my talk with Karen. This linked in with the killer clue as I’m going to bring up.


(Yotsuba puts something up in a projector as a map showing where the four murders occurred – what Yomi found last night. The circles around the four locations show where each of the people were killed, Kuno at his mansion (far north east), Kodachi off Karen’s hotel (far south east), Kentaro at hospital (far south east) and Ling-Pha outside Izumi’s place (far north east).)


Yotsuba: As you know, Haruka-chan was with Karen after her unfortunate escapade recently…




Haruka: So…THIS is what I get for defending the infidels of my sister Chikage?! Well, no more…I don’t want this! I DON’T WANT…


(Suddenly, Haruka kneels down, coughing. She removes her hand…and blood is on it…)


Haruka: Wh-what is this? Have the kamis forsaken me? Why have I deserved this? What…


(end flashback)


Yotsuba: She is fine…and actually wants to talk to a team. Why? Basically, she feels that she wants to help in response to this killer clue…she kinda glimpsed it whilst I was talking to Karen…


(Yotsuba looks ashamed, but hey, any lead is good at this stage now…)


Yotsuba: Basically, the first team will meet up with her who will explain what she can do. The team will also need to learn about the pendant that was found, which came off either Aria or Haruka if you remember. So, first inquiry, Team 1 will meet outside Karen’s place and talk to a recovered Haruka who will then help them out.


(She pauses…)


Yotsuba: Oh, and one more thing. The LI will join you for this inquiry. Though you are still immune from the vote unlike last year, Jet, choose your teams.


(Jet glances over his three options and chooses quickly.)


Jet: I’ll work with Yomi…and can I make Ohjiro and Mamoru Team 1 for this inquiry?


Yotsuba: You made do so.


(Shrewd choice of teammate in Yomi…why? Who knows. However, we do know that Ohjiro and Mamoru are now Team 1 and they will go to Karen’s Hotel, where a recovered Haruka is now waiting them. What does she have planned? We’ll find out.)


Yotsuba: Therefore, Team 2, Yomi and Jet, we have an inquiry for you. We have failed in identifying the alibi for Mirielle Bouquet several times despite her claiming to have a receipt for the time that the murder occurred. So now, we are going to get rough. With the end in sight, we need to clear who we can, and Mirielle is our best bet. So Team 2, you go to Mirielle’s apartment, the same one that Mamoru broke into before…


(Mamoru pales slightly…)


Yotsuba: …and we’ll confront her. Prove her alibi, and if she can’t, make sure she is kept an eye on. Search the place, confirm if she has a possible murder weapon that can do the damage of the four murders…especially if it is something that can fire a lightning ball. It was Mirielle if you remember who suggested a possible murder weapon.


(The team are in a toss up where it is an SD Flamethrower of Chikage or Sousuke, or whether Jing’s Kir Royale ability is the weapon. Maybe Mirielle can shine some light into this subject so to speak…)


Yotsuba: We are getting serious guys. Just 6 people left. 5 of them are innocent. One not so. Check once, you check. Check twice, you checkii. Off you go.


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: So, hopefully the Japanese beauty will have calmed down….


Mamoru: What she going to tell us?


Ohjiro: Maybe that episode had some affect on her mind, and she remembers something important…


(Whilst Ohjiro and Mamoru discuss what they are going to do, Jet and Yomi discuss something else…)


Yomi: Why did you pick to go with me?


Jet: I felt it’s a last chance that the alliance can remain. Despite everything, we were part of it Yomi. And…


Yomi: And…


Jet: …I think even after everything, Kiyone would have wanted it this way.


(Yomi smiles)


Yomi: Very well, I graciously accept that honour.

(If any bad blood is showing in Jet after Kiyone’s elimination, he isn’t showing it. Maybe because he has got the comfort of a final three spot…)


*   *   *   *


(Both teams are on the ferry, and they seem to be enjoying the atmosphere whilst they can – after all, it won’t be long before the game ends and they return to their normal lives…one of them £100,000 richer – exchanged into yen or wulongs of course…)


Jet: If you ignore the case, just travelling between the two islands, you can really relax.


Mamoru: The view can be quite breathtaking.


Yomi: Reminds me of the view when our class when scuba diving in Hokkaido.


Ohjiro: It is beautiful…


(The wind blows through the long hair of Yomi as she arches back and gives a large smile…)


Yomi: Ahhh…makes me want to go home in a way…but I still want to win.


Ohjiro: I think everyone will agree there.


Yomi: (smirking) Oh, you all want me to win?


Ohjiro: (snaps fingers) Darn – fell for that one.


Jet: Well, land to starboard. We’re taking off.


(The two teams prepare to get off as their separate inquiries take them into two depths of mystery…very different ones mind you…)


*   *   *   *




(Team 1, Ohjiro and Mamoru are the first to arrive at their destination, Karen’s hotel where they see Karen outside with her trademark yellow blouse, green jacket and pleat skirt. With her, she is talking to a seemingly recovered Haruka, looking more like Sakura from Sakura Wars with her attire, as the two young men head towards them…)


Karen: Are you sure you can handle this Haruka-chan?


Haruka: I’m sure…it’s not like I care now…I’ve been screwed around with enough…if I’m going to be damned, at least I can help out whilst doing so.


(They spot the two men heading towards them…)


Haruka: Well…destiny or destruction awaits, Karen-chan.


Karen: Haruka-chan…


(Karen gives the elder girl a hug as Haruka makes a nod, before heading over to the men…)


Haruka: Greetings gentlemen…


Ohjiro: Greetings Haruka-san.


Mamoru: How are you feeling?


Haruka: Better thanks, but now isn’t the time for pleasantries, now is the time of helping. I am now going to lead you to something that very few people even know about…and it will help you to solving this case…


Ohjiro: Really? Just the words I wanted to hear.


Haruka: This is risky…for me and for you. I just want to make sure you two want to do this…


(Mamoru and Ohjiro don’t need to think a second time…)


Mamoru: Let’s go.


(Haruka nods as they head back to the van…)


Haruka: We are going back to the ferry to a central port. From there, I’ll explain…and show everything.


Mamoru: Show?


Haruka: You’ll see what I mean.


(For those of you who thinks it’s a Haruka strip-tease, do a penalty game. If you didn’t think that, read on…(if you did, read on as well, just have a cold shower first)…)


*   *   *   *




(On the north of the island, Mirielle’s apartment is located. It brings back interesting memories from the first couple of days to say the least…)


(Mamoru is careful not to touch anything, (and considering they DON’T know what Mirielle does for a living, this could be a mistake) as he looks around. Sure enough, Mirielle isn’t around, but various other things are…)


Mamoru: A pool table…various guns…and…


(Mamoru does touch one thing, a leaflet at a café. On the list says ‘midday’. Mamoru quickly puts two and two together and figures Mirielle may be meeting someone at midday.)


(Mamoru quickly gets out, putting the leaflet back, memorising what was on it and where to go.)


Jet: So, how do we get in?


Yomi: Try knocking.


Jet: Something tells me I need a firearm beside me or something like that…


(Jet goes up as he knocks briefly on the door. He waits a moment, as the door opens…)


(…and promptly goes into the defence position.)


Mirielle: I’m not THAT scary am I?


Yomi: Get up!


Jet: Sorry…force of habit…


Mirielle: Oh well…guess I’ll have to delay my sewer target practice for today…


Yomi: Can I get in the defence position now?


(Mirielle sighs as she observes the detectives…)


Mirielle: So what can I do for you?


Yomi: We need to be firm Miss Bouquet. We are searching your premises, both for your benefit and ours…


Mirielle: Why?


Yomi: We need to. We could clear you…we could not. But we’d appreciate if you would be as willing as possible in letting us look through your apartment…


Mirielle: Do I have much of a choice?


Jet: Yes…little and none. And that’s how it stands for today Miss Bouquet.


(The Corsican hitwoman looks at them for a moment, before nodding…)


Mirielle: Very well. You may enter.


(The two are safely in. So what will they find? Clues? Weapons? Clearance? Food? Only time will tell…)


*   *   *   *




(We see Mamoru and Ohjiro heading down to a specific port between the islands as Haruka directs the boat to head there…we still don’t know why…)


Haruka: O.K…


(The yamato handsprings off the boat (impressing the two gents) as she heads towards the end of the port…)


Haruka: Ohjiro-san? Mamoru-san? Seeing the clue left by the killer showed me why it was important. And why I must show you…


(Haruka closes her eyes and goes in prayer…)


Haruka: Kloh hera alik…Kloh hera arik…anigima…anigma…


(Her eyes snap open)


Haruka: EMASES!


(Suddenly, a real shock comes through as from the depths of the ocean, a new sight beholds the Angelic Layer and Sailor Moon representatives…)


(…a giant fortress, almost like an underground base, rises. It looks like a castle with a circlular moat around it, 8 doors surrounding across. The castle spirals as it gets thinner as it gets bigger. Mamoru and Ohjiro are stunned.)


Mamoru: What is this?


Haruka: This…is the base of Nyostar.


(Once again, the Pedro-esque shock from the two men kind of sums up the event.)


Haruka: You see, the sections where the four murders took place seem very similar to a certain event involving the ritual that you know about. And I believe if we enter, I can show you what I mean…


Ohjiro: Is this O.K?


Haruka: Technically I’m not a member of Nyostar, but because I help in ceremonies and rituals for them, so I know the password to getting the fortress to rise. And you wonder why Ling-Pha was not exactly flavour of the month from them?


(Haruka gestures towards the ocean…)


Haruka: This was where her metropolis was going to be built.


(So the reactions of Izumi…Sousuke…Jing…they were for a purpose. Does this give them more motive and reasoning of Ling-Pha’s death?)


(We see Haruka stepping onto a bridge made as the gents gingerly follow on (not sure how sturdy the ‘bridge’ is – it’s almost like it is made from water). When she gets to the first door…)


Haruka: O.K…


(Haruka makes a motion on the door, tracing her finger over something, a marking or almost like a join the dots exercise, before pressing something. The door opens with a faint clink and open sesame, they are in…)


Haruka: Watch the step…(gets a torch)…this can get quite spooky….


Ohjiro: You’re telling us?


Mamoru: I think I’ve only just been in scarier situations…emphasis on ‘just…’


Haruka: Well…


(The light surrounds as the men step back as they climb a spiral stepcase. Markings and engraving of various humans, animals and various torturing looking things show…)


Haruka: …welcome to the Plaza Temple.


Ohjiro: I may ask for a refund if this was my holiday destination.


Mamoru: Seconded…


(Whilst we let the guys get acquainted, let’s see how Yomi and Jet are handling searching a known hitwoman’s apartment…)


*   *   *   *




Yomi: This is worse than Tomo’s room…


Jet: No wonder you can’t find the receipt…


(Mirielle’s place seems to have been turn over…)


Mirielle: As you can see, now you know why I didn’t want you to come in. Someone did a number on my place last night and I’ve never really got back to seeing it done…


Yomi: Has anything been taken?


Mirielle: As far as I know, nothing. Whoever did this maybe saw I was coming and ran off without taking anything…of course…I never really checked…


Jet: I guess that is what we came for. It’s just a bit more tasking than I thought it would be…


Mirielle: Go ahead. I don’t mind you guys doing the work for me.


Yomi: (sarcastic) Gee that’s so nice of you…


Mirielle: (equally sarcastic) You’re welcome.


(It’s time to play find the evidence…in a ranshacked apartment. It could be a long day for these two. They are both used to cleaning up messes…Jet around the Bebop and Yomi…well, she hangs around with Tomo…)


(We see Jet and Yomi going around, trying to find anything that whoever did this would look for. Of course, their first reaction is to check for any weapons that have been stolen, but Mirielle confirms that all her weapons are still there – she may not be tidy, but she makes sure all her weapons are safe.)


Yomi: How are you sure?


Mirielle: In my head…trust me.


Jet: Currently, trust is short.


Yomi: Do you have a list or receipt or something which proves all your weapons are here?


Mirielle: Well…I did, but I shredded it…that kind of information can be dangerous. However, I believe the shredded remains are still in the bin, so if you wish to look at it and paste it together…


Yomi: You are really determined to make me hate you…


(Mirielle just smiles as Yomi goes to the bin, and sure enough there are lots of shreddings. Yomi gets a plastic bag and puts the shredded paper in it)


Jet: So…you have records of your weapons?


Mirielle: Yes, and every bullet I’ve fired as well. It all goes in my head, I make a note of it just in case and save it on my floppy disc I always have.


Jet: Careful aren’t we?


Mirielle: You have no idea…


Yomi: How many bullets do you have then?


Mirielle: Bear with me for a moment…


(Mirielle goes to her laptop on her computer and makes a few clicks before confirming…)


Mirielle: Altogether I have 12 guns and 480 bullets which I may or may not have used…all the info is on that paper you found…


Yomi: Great…


(Back to searching the place, though they may have found a clue…a difficult one….Jet asks to check her weapons. Mirielle complies as Jet is taken to her weapon selection…and Jet notices immediately…)


Jet: All handguns?


Mirielle: Yeah…aside from the one sniper rifle I have for advanced cases.


Jet: O.K.


(So Mirielle doesn’t have a weapon which could have been used for the murders? Not necessarily, but it gets the old noggin thinking…)


*   *   *   *




(Back with our fave yamato nadesico (in this fic…^_^), Haruka leads Ohjiro and Mamoru upstairs, torch lighting the way…)


Haruka: Creepy isn’t it? I wonder why and how Chikage-chan manages it…


Ohjiro: I think she’s fine with it.


Haruka: I know…and that is what worries me…


(Haruka continues to what appears to be the top of the staircase, not out of breath, as the two follow her on…)


Haruka: O.K…we’re here…


(At the top, they are stunned by the octarine glow (NOTE: Reference to the Discworld novels – Octarine is the 8th colour of the spectrum which only magicians can see) as they immediately notice the new pictures surrounding the glowing walls…)


Ohjiro: Surreal and scary…


Mamoru: And look…


(The pictures…in blood red…are of four people all in death theorem – representing obviously the four deaths of the islands…not a good sign…)


Haruka: I don’t want to believe my sister has anything to do this…but…this…


(Haruka kneels down as she bursts into tears, Ohjiro kneels beside her as Mamoru has notices something else…)


Mamoru: What do we have here?


(The masked man has seen a pedestal where there a book on it. He goes to have a look…)


Mamoru: Haruka…is something on this ritual in here?


(Haruka looks up as Ohjiro stands up seeing the book. Haruka goes up to it, wiping her tears…)


Haruka: Y-yes…I believe so…


(Haruka helps Mamoru look for the tome where this ritual which seems to echo the murders of the last two weeks and a bit. Haruka finds the page and swallows before breathing deeply.)


Haruka: The pictures above are created from pig’s blood, I know that…


(Haruka shudders as they realise they don’t want to ask how she knows that…)


Haruka: The tome…


(A look at the passage confirm’s Haruka and the detectives suspicions…)


Haruka: The ritual was based from when the first days of the cult was formed. Serika really despised the evil of the world and was able to find a way to dispatch. The four deaths of the wicked and the one of the innocent turned not-so summoned a blood plain, cleansing the sins of everyone. It seems someone is copying these murders…


(Haruka sighs before continuing…)


Haruka: …maybe in honour of Yosho-sama…when he was killed…suspicion…


Ohjiro: Of…Kuno?


(Haruka nods…)


Haruka: Whether I agreed with this cult or not – Yosho-sama was a gentle soul, who cared for his friends and followers – he probably suspected Kuno, but never mentioned it. And it could have cost him…


(Haruka looks around…)


Haruka: Maybe that is why Chikage-chan is behind this…she knew what Kuno did…


(Haruka seems in collapse, and the guys are spooked enough away. So they begin to head out. So now, the copycat killings? Revenge for Yosho? Did Chikage send one of her followers to do the deed?)


*   *   *   *




(An hour and 20 minutes into their inquiry, and the detectives are once again being the clean up crew…although this time, that term is taken rather literally…)


Yomi: Interesting inquiry to say the least…


(Since finding the shredded paper, the team have pretty much tried to look for anything else which can help them out. Looking at the weapons suggests that Mirielle didn’t have anything which could have done the damage to the victims (i.e. something which could have fired a lightning ball out) and looking under every nook and cranny to see if there is something they can find isn’t easy…)


(…however, to their credit, their patience has managed to hold out, and at 1hr and 45 minutes, their patience is rewarded.)


(Jet’s large size isn’t good when he is looking under a coffee table, but that bit of clumsiness actually becomes the team’s luckiest move yet. He knocks over a vase on the table which smashes, and he emerges from it…)


Jet: Damn.


(He picks up the pieces before realising there is a piece of paper also on the floor. He picks it up.)


Jet: This is…


(He stands up)


Jet: Yomi! Mirielle!


*   *   *   *


Yomi: So that was where it was…


Mirielle: I’m sorry. I forgot I put it in there – safety purposes as people can’t know what I’ve been buying…I’m amazed you found it.


Jet: Actually, so am I.


(Jet has found something that they have been looking for since Day 2 of the inquiry. It is a receipt to Aaya’s Weapon Store on the 1st June saying that she was there purchasing Two Walter PK pistols and a Double Berringer at 11.58pm. Therefore…)


Jet: That was a pain to find – but I guess we can clear you now from our heads.


Mirielle: About time too.




Jet: I think we need to have a look and see if we can put this shredding together – it could have some information – just in case.


Mirielle: But you know now that I didn’t do it.


Yomi: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still get information from you. We’re sorry about this but we need to cover every angle.


(Mirielle sighs)


Mirielle: Very well. I just hope this doesn’t drag on much longer.


Yomi: We hope so too.


(LI Jet and Yomi head back to the house, where they’ve got a bit more work to do…)


*   *   *   *




Mamoru: So…you have to paste this back together?


(They get the rather large shredded lines got from Mirielle…)


Yomi: Yeah – to confirm her weapon details.


Mamoru: But why? You cleared her right?


Jet: Basically, we need to make sure that the information she gave us was correct. After all, if we see she was in possession of an SD Flamethrower but we didn’t see one in the house…


Ohjiro: …means that she could have given or sold one to someone – say, one of our remaining suspects?


Mamoru: Ah.


Yomi: (sigh) This is going to be a long day…


Jet: Best start now…


Ohjiro: We should help as well, at least until Yotsuba gives us another surprise that we’ve got to do…


Mamoru: Don’t jinx it…


(The team now start the difficult task…O.K…VERY difficult task…of putting back the shredded paper together…)


*   *   *   *


(We check the team every so often, as regular coffee and tea breaks are needed whilst trying to refigure where each slice got through. They have to look at the minute lettering and make sure they don’t get anything wrong as if they do, they need to remove the cello tape they are using, and that could cause damage to the strips.)


(We see Ohjiro putting small strips of tapes at the top and bottom of each paper strip, to make it easier to remove if they need to. We see they have the beginning and end of the finished article ready, but not much advancement, as they need to be completely sure and get it exactly right…)


*   *   *   *




(We see they’ve stopped for lunch break in the kitchen and the paper mess has some continuity now as we see that there are about 5 piles of paper, each with some formation (except for one, which is probably the pile they haven’t got to yet). Shame Yomiko isn’t still here, she would have had a field day…^_^)


Yomi: Can’t believe how long it’s taking…


Ohjiro: Patience is a virtue, I thought you had it…


Yomi: Only when necessary…


Jet: If Spike was here, all the papers would have been shredded even more…


Mamoru: We’re getting there…we should just slow down the pace so that we don’t get strained…


All: Right.


*   *   *   *


(However, not long after…)




(A sound comes from the computer as Jet stops his work with the papers and heads over there. He’s got an e-mail from Haruka.)


(It reads ;)




There has been some funny business around where I showed you…it seems someone is there…I think it might be Chikage-chan…and the lights are glowing of the area…it’s unlike her to do so…so please, can you help me? You know where it is now…




Jet: Oh crap. Ohjiro! Mamoru!


(The two go over as Jet explains…)


Jet: We’ll deal with the paper – you know where it is? I get the horrid feeling it’s something serious…


Ohjiro: We’re on our way…


(Ohjiro and Mamoru head out as Jet sighs.)


Jet: I’m not sure which is worse…dealing with an irate Chikage or dealing with another few papers…


(Shot of Yomi looking pissed…)


Yomi: I think I can give you an answer…


*   *   *   *




(Haruka has been waiting patiently as the two guys get over to the hidden fort…well, not so hidden now…)


Ohjiro: Ferries are never reliable…


Mamoru: Never mind that…what’s the trouble Haruka?


Haruka: I don’t know…but I was afraid to go in myself…


(Suddenly, a flash of octarine light blasted through the sky as the three crouch reflexively. The team obviously know now that something is going on…and they need to investigate.)


Ohjiro: O.K…let’s get in…


Haruka: Right.


(The three head upstairs, as the light gets brighter as they get higher…)


Haruka: Crap…what is going on?


Mamoru: We’ll soon find out…


Ohjiro: Do we really want to know though?


(Heading to the main room, they burst in…)


(…and stare in shock…)


Haruka: CHIKAGE-CHAN!!!!


(We see Chikage, almost suspended in mid-air, surrounded by octarine light, for Noir fans, remind yourself of the final episode when Altena goes all more goth like than she already is during the final confrontation with Mirielle and Kirika.)


(In other words, downright spooky…)


Mamoru: What has happened?


(Chikage’s eyes open slightly, still in mid-air and light bathed over her. Haruka draws her nigahit, not sure how to deal with this…)




(Chikage’s voice is different now – she’s normally quiet and reserved, she now booms out in a forceful tone…)




Mamoru: Summoning?




Haruka: Chikage-chan! Stop this madness.


(Chikage regards Haruka briefly before shaking her head and continuing…)




(Chikage closes her eyes as this seems to be big. The final victim and killer announced?)


(Yeah…like it’s going to be that easy…)


(We see Chikage suddenly roll her eyes back, her beautiful face looking pale…)




(Chikage then shouts an ear-piercing scream, one that I don’t think even she believed she was capable of. Haruka rushes forward, but the magic that seems to surround her forces her back (Mamoru catches her before she smashes onto the floor). Chikage’s scream continues for a few more seconds before she stops…)


(Her eyes roll forward…and keep doing until she blacks out. The energy dissipates as Haruka rushes again, this time she catches the unconscious Chikage.)


Haruka: (shaking her) Chikage-chan! Chikage-chan!!!


(No response. Haruka puts her ear to her heart…fearing the worst…)


Haruka: She’s alive…but…


Ohjiro: She’s just passed out.


Mamoru: We’d better get her to a hospital…


Haruka: Yes…(crying)…damn it all!


(Haruka leaves first…but as she does, Ohjiro has noticed something. Now the light has cleared…there are two familiar items in it’s wake.)


(The envelopes.)


Ohjiro: Damn it all is right.


(Ohjiro picks them up as he and Mamoru follow Haruka out of the fortress.)


(The three head back, Haruka still carrying Chikage, as the men ask her if she wants a lift to the hospital. Haruka refuses, wishes to see to her herself. As a taxi passes by, she goes inside, still in tears. She doesn’t even look at the detectives, as Chikage is still passed out on her lap. The two guys look on as she heads to the ferry to get to the hospital…)


Ohjiro: This has literally thrown a monkey wrench into the preceedings… 


*   *   *   *




(Shot as the two guys enter)


Ohjiro: What a night.


Mamoru: You can say that…huh?


(Shot of Yomi and Jet drinking a cup of coffee, looking proud. They glance at the table, and realise…)


Ohjiro: You done it?


Yomi: After 15 coffee breaks…yes.


(The letter seems done, and it seems Jet has written something himself on it…)


Jet: Want to know what we found out?


Ohjiro: Sure.


Jet: As you can see, the list of guns here checks out…1 XIII Sniper Rifle, 2 Smith & Wesson .38, 2 Walther PPK 9mm, 1 Double Berringer, 3 Beretta M92F, 1 Colt .45 and 2 CZ75. However…here is the interesting thing.


Ohjiro: Interesting?


Jet: Mirelle said she had 480 bullets right? Well, by each gun is the number of bullets she had to it…well…


(Jet showed the bottom which he had written…)




Yomi: One bullet off.


Mamoru: So? Does that mean anything? She could have just lost it…


Jet: I doubt it. She’s a professional at her trade. Pros wouldn’t make mistakes like that – they would always tally the amount of bullets they have used and what remain. Basically…


Yomi: …one bullet was missing from her total. Like say…a bullet used in the scene of a crime?


Jet: Fired from say a Smith & Wesson?


Yomi: Say from a gun belonging to a Kuno?


(Suddenly, Ohjiro and Mamoru know what they are on about. They remember that a bullet which was supposed to have been from one of Mirielle’s guns was found lodged at the initial crime scene. However, we were never sure how that came to be…especially now Mirielle has been cleared. Therefore…)


Ohjiro: The bullet found at the Kuno mansion…


Mamoru: …was taken from Mirielle somehow…


Jet: …and fired, making her look suspicious…


Yomi: …from Kuno’s gun.


(We have progress. So, Mirielle’s bullet was taken from her somehow to implicate her in the crime. However, who and how could this have happened? It doesn’t get any easier for the detectives, especially after such a long day…)


*   *   *   *