DAY 16


(It’s another day at the Big Brother H…damn, out of reality experience…and with Kodachi now falling victim to the killer, they are sure about one thing…the ritual.)


Kiyone: The fact that Kodachi died means that the four linked are the guilty ones.


Jet: Yes…Kuno for obvious reasons, Kentaro for his pornography globe crap he was doing and the fact he tried to kill Urumi, Ling-Pha for trying to destroy the occult via her wealth, and now Kodachi for trying…


Kiyone: Please, I get angry thinking about it…


Kiyone: I know this is a game, but I get the feeling Kodachi’s personality wasn’t too far off from her real self – and if I met someone like Aria, and someone tried to harm her…


(The game and reality are shifting, as Kiyone certainly seems way into the game – and she isn’t the only one…)


Yomi: So basically…


Mamoru: If we narrow it down to the 6 suspects from the will…


Ohjiro: You don’t suspect Urumi now?


Mamoru: I do…but I get the feeling it is most likely one of these six. I guess we’ll wait to see if I’m right if we get the KQ right…


Yomi: How confident are you now Mamoru?


Mamoru: Not very. We know one more death is happening…an innocent…but not so innocent?


Yomi: Yes, I believe that was right.


Ohjiro: Maybe it’s one the sisters?


Yomi: The killer clues with the photos…Sakuya? Taeko? Urumi?


Ohjiro: Two of them are still suspects though…


Mamoru: I want to know what happened with Kodachi though – this could be key


(Indeed it is, as someone else seems to think so as well…Yotsuba…)


*   *   *   *




(This time, Yotsuba did give notice being late – considering the situation last night, that isn’t too surprising. Yotsuba runs in, looking a bit bedraggled (which isn’t new for her in all honesty) as the weather isn’t really a good day with the rain coming down – perhaps appropriate with the recent events…)


Yotsuba: A good morning to you all…


(They say a good ‘ohayou’ to Yotsuba as the English/Japanese girl dries herself off briefly before returning to the main issue(s) at hand.)


 Yotsuba: O.K, last night, as I’m sure you are aware – we lost another person thanks to the killer.


Kiyone: Emphasis on thanks.


Yotsuba: Kiyone, we can’t be like that…as much as I’d like to be to be honest…


(They all look in shock.)


Yotsuba: What did you expect? She tried to kill my sisters! Aria-chan, Marie-chan, Shirayuki-chan and according to a witness, she was on her way to try to attack Karen-chan!


Yomi: You know this?


Yotsuba: Hell yeah! We got evidence now – from the hospital!


(Of course – they were going to get video camera evidence from the hospital when Marie was attacked. Yotsuba puts the tape in a hurry as we get…)


(…we see someone hiding through but we can clearly see the ribbon flying briefly in the wind. And we later see this person going for something (looks like a dart) and heading to a room – although we can’t see who is in it, the detectives can make a pretty good guess…)


Yotsuba: I’d say be unbiased Kiyone…but…


(Yotsuba pounds the screen in frustration…)


Yotsuba: (crying) I can’t believe I’m happy someone is dead…


(LI Ohjiro gets up and puts a hand on her shoulder. Yotsuba just cries into his chest a little before returning upstraight…)


Yotsuba: S-sorry…


(Ohjiro returns to his seat as Yotsuba tries to remain professional…)


Yotsuba: Anyway, we have a report on where she died, and how she died.


(A shot of the field where Kodachi was killed where the blood is still there. We can see a close up of Kodachi’s chest, and sure enough, a similar sight. The hole in the chest.)


Yotsuba: Looks like another job a la killer.


(The team nod in agreement…)


Yotsuba: Anyway, the witness we have was the driver of the car that skidded off the road, one Bandit Jing. He is soon to be discharged from hospital after an accident which caused him to skid. He has some information which could be important to say for sure – so that will be Team 1’s assignment. Go to the hospital, visit Jing before he leaves. Did he know about Kodachi’s involvement about going for us imoutos? And could he be cleared? Or does him being the driver and easy access to Kodachi make him even more suspect…


(Team 1 (Jet and Mamoru) visit Bandit Jing in the hospital. See what he knows about last night and whether or not he could be cleared…)


(Yotsuba turns to the girls)


Yotsuba: We are going to something different. Today, there is a purification ceremony at Haruka’s temple on Deathtrap. We are going to send you two ladies to go there. Why? A lot of people go there, including various suspects. Plus, Haruka is a useful link considering the killer clue. Talk to her when you can and see what she knows now we have a few more clues to aid us and her.


(Team 2 Yomi and Kiyone will go to the purification ceremony at Haruka’s temple and see what they can establish there from Haruka herself and the various other people situated for today.)


Yotsuba: Guys…I’m sorry for breaking down today. I guess maybe I’m a little relieved – but that doesn’t mean we are safe. A killer is still here, and we need to find him or her now…so get out there…


(As Yotsuba breaks the record for the longest time without her saying the word ‘checkii’, the detectives are in an unusual mood to say the least. Kodachi’s death only impacted them in their dislike for her – even dead, they feel little pity. However, can they now close this case?)


*   *   *   *


Jet: Suspect Jing?


Kiyone: Maybe. But we’ll see when you get there. He may have deliberately set out this for someone to do the deed…


Mamoru: Working together?


Kiyone: He’s with Nyostar right? It could be a perfect set-up.


Yomi: Maybe…the pawn or the puppetmaster?


(We see that both teams are heading via ferry to Deathtrap, where hospital and temple are located. However, whilst they talk about the case, they don’t talk much now. They seem focused on their specific suspects and not sure to divulge information towards their teammates, friends or not…)


(The game is heating up…)


*   *   *   *


TEAM 10.15AM


(Team 1 arrive first to the hospital, where they ask where Bandit Jing is. They mention he checked out, but he went back into the hospital to a room…the team are pretty quick though and figure out where he is…)


(…and bingo, they are right…)


Jing: And this is Kir when he’s lovestruck…




(We see the two men seeing Jing doing shadow puppets for Marie, with Kir pouting (with a wing bandaged). We see Jing’s muscular body has a wrap around his waist and ribs.)


Jet: From the doctor’s report, we understand you got in a bit of an accident Jing. It left you with slashed skin from debris and burns.


Kir: Nasty huh?


Jing: A bit worse for wear, but O.K. So you are here to see me gents?


Jet: You could say that…


Jing: I’d best take this outside, k Marie-chan?


(Jing clutches Marie’s hand as the bed-stricken girl nods down to rest. Of course, Kir tries to sneak a good-day kiss…but one touch of his hurt wing forces him to stay put…maybe his beak should be bandaged as well…)


*   *   *   *


Jing: So a few things?


Jet: Yes. What happened that night?


Jing: Well, I was driving with Kir heading down to Karen’s hotel, though I didn’t know why at first…suddenly, Kodachi made some outburst about wanting to get rid of the filth, and I suddenly realised it was her attacking those girls…including Marie and Shirayuki, who I saved.


Mamoru: What about you?


Jing: After hearing that, I turned and screamed at her, and then spun out of control. I was hurtled out of the window after hitting a lamppost, and screamed out as debris hit my stomach and the friction of the road made me scream. The pain made me fall unconscious momentarily…


Mamoru: …and the next thing you saw was…


Jing: (nods) Yes. Her corpse.


Jet: You don’t seem too bothered.


Jing: (sighs) Well, she wasn’t exactly someone who you could like for a boss. I’ll admit, I’m not the most innocent person in the world, but  I’m not Kodachi either. I’m not a killer.


(Jing pauses before continuing)


Jing: I’m alive aren’t I? That mean’s the killer didn’t want to get me for whatever reason…and he or she could have easily done so?


(Jing taps some scar marks on his face, fresh.)


Jing: Glass from nearing impaling myself on the window… lost a fair bit of blood.  I didn’t need a transfusion fortunately, but it was something that scared me…


Jet: And therefore, you didn’t see who attacked Kodachi?


Jing: Unfortunately, no.


Mamoru: (to Jet) The fact that both Kuno siblings are dead must link with the fact they both had grudges against the sisters.


(As the team leave, after getting Jing’s statement, we see Marie exiting the room, hobbling a little…)


Marie: Jing, you O.K?


(Jing turns and smiles. He lifts Marie into his arms as she’s blushing.)


Jing: Not a problem. Everything is fine…so where to milady?


(Marie is still embarrassed as Jing takes her to the toilet or wherever. However, it doesn’t clear Jing of course…he could be lying about being unconscious…)


*   *   *   *




(This place hasn’t brought too many good tidings for the detectives….specifically that this place in both locations have been killer locations…and the killer has struck at both of them.)


(So when they step into what they are unsure what to do for (it’s not like either are experts at purification ceremonies…))


Jet: Holy…


Mamoru: I don’t think we should use that language here…


Jet: No, that’s what I mean. Just…holy…


(It’s straight out of Fushigi Yuugi, the dragon statues that brought fear in towards our detectives have now turned into water fountains. We see many people circled around, all in white robes…)


(…and in the centre, is Haruka, decked out in miko/priestess clothing. She’s the one who is conducting the ceremony and doesn’t seem to notice the detectives enter. Or if she does, they aren’t detectives, just some people who need to be ‘healed.’)


(Actually, both Jet and Mamoru are kind of intimidated by the situation. And they aren’t the only ones as a rogues gallery of suspects and ex-suspects are also here…)


(Among them are Mirielle Bouquet, as well as Nabeshin (in deep prayer) and Izumi Himuro, who is under a mini waterfall as we speak. Also there are former suspects Kagome, Arima and Kaji.)


Haruka: You take this waters to cleanse your sins?


Izumi: Yes.


Haruka: What sins do you wash away?


Izumi: The sins of the past, the present and the future.


Haruka: Very well.


(Izumi steps out as Mirielle gets up…Haruka glances long and hard at her.)


Haruka: I know you. You have committed many a sin, of much bloodlust. Do you repent these sins?


Mirielle: I repent many, not all. Maybe I do repent all, but forgive all is another story…


Haruka: Repent the deeds infidel!


(The detectives are in shock – and indeed so are many of the people there (Arima and Kagome especially) – Haruka NEVER speaks like this…)


Jet: (whispering) She gone nuts?


Mamoru: I hope not – she was the one square of sanity among most of these…


(Haruka fixates her glare at Mamoru – most likely hearing that – but doesn’t take action. Instead, she focuses on the 10s of people surrounding what appears to be a sacred pool. Nabeshin takes the test…)


Haruka: Now do you repent and cleanse your soul for the deeds you have committed?


(Nabeshin is in waterfall praying monk stance, but does speak…)


Nabeshin: Haruka…you are such a wonderful girl…but even you can’t do the impossible.


Haruka: What do you mean?!


Nabeshin: I will repent the deeds…but not because I didn’t do them. I’m repenting…because I wished I had.


Haruka: Sacrilege!


(I think the good yamato nadesico next door has gone rather ugly…)


Haruka: So…THIS is what I get for defending the infidels of my sister Chikage?! Well, no more…I don’t want this! I DON’T WANT…


(Suddenly, Haruka kneels down, coughing. She removes her hand…and blood is on it…)


Haruka: Wh-what is this? Have the kamis forsaken me? Why have I deserved this? What…


Jet: She can’t have been po…


Mamoru: Kodachi’s dead…unless someone else…


Kagome: I don’t think it’s like that…


(Kagome hops down to where Haruka is…)


Kagome: Kodachi tried to attack her yesterday…I was there…and it was pretty brutal…and I didn’t think Kodachi got here…


(A minute flashback of Haruka fighting Kodachi. The fight turns when Kodachi sends her ribbon at Haruka, but she backflips and executes a Motoko-esque ki strike with her bamboo blade. Kodachi is hurtled back…but not before leaving a cloud of dust for Haruka to deal with…)


Kagome: My guess is that it is a delayed poison of sorts…


Jet: Damn…even in death…


Haruka: It’s O.K…I guess this is what they meant…


(Shot of Haruka spilling blood onto the floor)…


Haruka: …by the innocents blood touching the floor. After all…the blood has spilled. Whoever has done this


Mamoru: Haruka please…


Haruka: (coughs) I can’t hold on. P-please…


Kagome: Oh, you are not dying now…someone help her!


Nabeshin: That poison acted like a drug…it changed her personality…geez, I never thought I’d be happy someone is dead…


Izumi: Never mind that, we gotta help her!


(Izumi goes over and sees that someone has turned red on her white garb. She lifts her shirt to see a pulsating red wound…on her inner breast…)


Izumi: A bad infection…Nabeshin, suck out the poison!


Nabeshin: WHAT? ME?!


Izumi: You’ve got the army experience, you know about this sort of thing right?


Nabeshin: Yeah…but…


Izumi: But?


Nabeshin: (embarrassed) LOOK, SHE’S A GIRL! I…I…WELL…




Kaji: I’ll do it.


Izumi/Kagome: NOT A CHANCE!


(Kaji backs away with that cheeky grin of his…)


Kaji: Worth a try.




Kagome: Geez…O.K, I’ve got Miko blood as well…let me do it…


(Kagome kneels down and lifts her robes up (and all the men turn around under penalty of Mirielle’s high heel up their crotches) and sucks on the wound as Haruka howls in pain. Kagome spits out some blood as Izumi puts her hands over the wound…and concerntrates.)


Izumi: Healing crucifix motion…


(Izumi makes a motion similar to Rei from SM as she does a few Chinese character symbols before forming her hands in the shape of a cross.)


Kagome: Will that do?

Izumi: Yes…the main flow of poison has stopped. NOW!


(The blinding flash of magic in a holy place blinds the people there as the team look in shock…)


(…we see Haruka passed out in Nabeshin’s arms.)


Nabeshin: It’s O.K…she’s just asleep…


Izumi: I’ll call Karen. She can put her up for the night…I think she needs to rest with a friend now…


Mirielle: She could be in the hospital…


Izumi: No, it will be O.K. I’m sure.


Mirielle: Kodachi’s deeds still cause so much pain…glad to be rid of her.


(Jet and Mamoru are unsure what to do…it seems the whole ritual has stunned them into silence…)


(..and then…)


Nabeshin: Huh?


(They see they have two new visitors…Iiya and Aria. Aria has put her hand on Haruka’s…)


Aria: Better…


(Aria demonstrating that sometimes a child’s touch is more healing than any medicine as the little girl clutches Haruka’s hand…and briefly, her eyes open…)


Haruka: Ar-ia-chan?


Aria: Ha-chan?


(No Excel Saga jokes please…)


Haruka: (crying) Th-thank you…


(Aria gets lifted up by Iiya and gives Haruka a hug…when Jet notices something fall off Haruka or Aria…)


Jet: Hmmmmm…


(Finally, Nabeshin takes Haruka out as most of the other guests fall out…leaving Jet to deal with what he saw…)


Jet: O.K, what is this?


(We see something in his hand – what appears to be a pendant – dropped by one of the girls…)


Jet: Should we give it back?


Mamoru: What is it?


(Jet flips open the pendant – and sees someone that we haven’t seen before. It’s a middle aged man, looking about 40+, his face seems covered in black…)


Mamoru: What is this? Something important…


Jet: We should give it back…


Mamoru: But what if it’s a clue?


Jet: I guess…


(The two keep it and put it in a bag for now…)


*   *   *   *




(When the guys return, Ohjiro awaits them on his own…)


Ohjiro: They’ve separated…seems like now they’ve finished working together, they are on their own…


Jet: So much for cunning plans…


Mamoru: Not quite as cunning…


Jet: Anyway, I think you need to rest for the moment…we don’t know what surprises we could get later…


Mamoru: We’ve had enough of surprises…Haruka went nuts on us…


(Ohjiro looks surprised…)


Ohjiro: Really?


Jet: (nodding) Some kind of delayed poisoning…and we found something there, not sure whether it is important or not…


Ohjiro: Well, maybe we should go fetch the ladies…


Jet: You want to risk your life?


Ohjiro: That’s why I said WE. 3 vs. 2, at least only 2 will die…


Jet: So…who survives?


Ohjiro: (smiling) Well, I’m the LI. I got the immunity.


Jet: Smartass…


*   *   *   *




(Ohjiro is taking a phone call. Apparently, the guys did survive as the two girls are now downstairs, though Kiyone is reading through a newspaper whilst Jet wonders if she’s really an old man…^_^)


(Shot of Yomi looking through the pendant and what appears to be some notes. Mamoru is in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee…)


Ohjiro: O.K…we’ll investigate…thank you Mahoro-chan.


(Ohjiro puts the phone down and goes over to Yomi, nearest to him.)


Ohjiro: Yomi…er…


Yomi: You want us to go out?


(It seems Yomi is slowly getting on the intimidating nature. Even the cool, calm Ohjiro seems a little nervy…)


Ohjiro: Yeah. Well, Mahoro has just reported that Taeko went out to…believe this or not…the shooting range.


Yomi: Really?


Ohjiro: And if you don’t mind…


(Yomi closes her eyes and sighs…)


Yomi: Fetch Kiyone. I’ll meet outside.


(Yomi steps up as Ohjiro breathes a sigh of relief.)


Ohjiro: Not even Shuko-san on the Layer is THAT intimidating…


*   *   *   *




(It seems that whilst quiet in the van, the girls are willing to do the job out there. However, they are kind of surprised when they exit…)


Yomi: Who would have thought?


Kiyone: Nothing surprises me anymore…


(We see on the shooting range, there is someone with Taeko. Not too surprising, it’s Sousuke. What IS surprising, is how well Taeko is handling the shooting rifle she’s using. She’s also dressed in military clothes that you would normally see on her if Satou is on one of his cosplay fetishes…this time, she is wearing them for real…and looking serious…)


Sousuke: Don’t adjust your glasses every time – you live on your instinct out here. You know what you are capable of, utilise that and focus…


Taeko: Focus…focus


(Taeko hits a very precise shot about 50 feet away on the edge of the bullseye…)


Sousuke: Much better.


Taeko: I learned from some masters…


(A sound catches the two off guard and Sousuke, military nut as he is, rolls to the side and takes out a handgun. Both girls are momentarily startled, and Kiyone even reaches to her side (until she realises her blaster hasn’t been issued) before Sousuke does relent.)


Sousuke: Miss Mizuhara, Miss Mabiki.


Kiyone: (sarcastic) Oh yeah, always a pleasure.


Yomi: Isn’t that my line?


Taeko: (sighs) Did Mahoro ask you to watch over me or something?


Yomi: Not exactly…


Taeko: I can understand she is worried about me, considering everything that has happened…but I am a big girl. I make my own decisions…and can take my own consequences.


Yomi: Do you go here often?


Taeko: To let off steam…and whenever Sousuke has time for me.


Sousuke: You get used to it when you’ve been part of the military like I have…


Kiyone: Is she a good shot?


Sousuke: She’s getting there, she’s been improving with every hit. Within our union…


(Yomi makes a note. Sousuke didn’t use the word ‘cult’…)


Sousuke: …all of us are skilled with some sort of firearm device – except Miss Himuro. However, she was just deadly with a bat anyway…


??????: Please stop!


(Looks like someone got overprotective – Mahoro who phone the detectives, has now come over to stop this herself perhaps…)


Mahoro: Please Taeko-chan, this madness has to stop – it’s all because of…


Taeko: And you think they didn’t deserve it?


Mahoro: I didn’t say that.


Taeko: Then Mahoro, please don’t worry…after all, I’ve started…


Sousuke: …so I’ll finish.


(They all wonder what they meant by that phrase…as Mahoro sighs…)


Mahoro: You’ve become more stubborn – even Urumi can’t help you out now…Taeko, don’t go the way of the blood…


(Taeko is silent as she just takes another shot…this one hitting a direct bullseye…)


*   *   *   *


(Back at the mansion, Kiyone tells the guys of the what happened…)


Kiyone: It’s shocking…that such a clumsy girl is now a prime suspect in this case…


Jet: A dead eye shot huh?


Mamoru: Kodachi has gone right…so 7 suspects left…6 if we’re right tonight…


Kiyone: Hey, where’s our adverse duo?


Mamoru: Adverse?


Kiyone: You want me to shorten it to adv?


(Yep, the ADV duo are inside one of the rooms (probably the empty one Yomiko was in which now Yomi resides after her and Kiyone’s fall out) where Yomi is talking about the vote…)


Yomi: I’ll be out there. I know I will.


Ohjiro: You think?


Yomi: No I know. Kiyone will vote for me and Jet will favour her more than me – and I’m sure Mamoru will probably vote for me as well, he and Kiyone don’t mind each other so much now and well…


Ohjiro: You think you deserve to go out?


(Yomi has a small think before answering…)


Yomi: As far as playing the game- if you think I deserve it for being ‘treacherous’, then maybe. But everyone is backstabbing everyone at one stage – when one of us is an LI, we have to backstab someone. True, it was worse in my case because one friend I lost and another I made an enemy.


Ohjiro: I see.


Yomi: But if being eliminated is because I was playing the game better than anyone else…then fine. Guilty as charged.


(Yomi slams the book which held her notes)


Yomi: Sorry…guess I just want to be a winner…


(Yomi leaves as Ohjiro watches her retreating form…)


Ohjiro: It’s not easy being a winner Yomi…I hope you are prepared for that…


*   *   *   *




(A couple of hours before voting time and they are wondering who to vote for…and indeed, who Ohjiro will vote for…)


Jet: I suppose you are going to vote for Yomi?


Kiyone: Correct.


Jet: And so our original plan of getting the 5 of us from the alliance to the end has turned into shambles…


Kiyone: She started it.


Jet: Actually, I believe Mamoru did by eliminating Tsuyoshi…


(Kiyone is silent…)


Kiyone: But SHE betrayed her friends – both me and Yomiko. True, no love lost between us, but it’s still a betrayal…


Jet: Kiyone…I may not like how the game has gone…but we are the tried and trusted.


Kiyone: Huh?


Jet: (sighs) What I mean is that I’ll go along with it.


Kiyone: You mean it?


Jet: Yeah.


Kiyone: (smiles) Thank you very much.


Jet: I do have some honour, and I feel I owe it to Kiyone – to keep her on track. I can tell her life has been a struggle, and anything to make it easier…


(Mamoru seems to be quiet on his own as well, maybe deciding for his vote…)


Mamoru: Well…if I’m right…


(Yomi on the other hand, just calmly sips some orange juice and awaits time.)


Yomi: I go, or I don’t. That’s the decision made. I can’t change it…


*   *   *   *




(5 detectives left, about to become four. Yotsuba enters, looking a bit tired herself…)


Yotsuba: Made it…


Ohjiro: You O.K?


Yotsuba: Just come back from Karen’s place. Haruka is sleeping soundly now, and Aria and Karen will be with them. I think we’ll need to visit them in the morning, especially with this pendant you found. It’s not something I recognise that should be with either girl…


(Yotsuba sighs)


Yotsuba: We’ve had a blood filled couple of days ladies and gentlemen. And because of this, we’ll remove Kodachi Kuno from our list of suspects, leaving us with 7. And after tonight, we should have six…providing we get the latest killer question right.


(Yotsuba opens the black envelope…)


Yotsuba: O.K, killer question. ‘What caused Jing’s injury to his face?’


(They have to replay what happened in the car and of course, what Jing said himself…)


Jing: Well, I was driving with Kir heading down to Karen’s hotel, though I didn’t know why at first…suddenly, Kodachi made some outburst about wanting to get rid of the filth, and I suddenly realised it was her attacking those girls…including Marie and Shirayuki, who I saved.


Mamoru: What about you?


Jing: After hearing that, I turned and screamed at her, and then spun out of control. I…


Kiyone: Wasn’t it the shrapnel and being burned from getting thrown out?


Mamoru: I think that’s right…


Jet: We have to be sure…


Yomi: It isn’t.


Jet: Huh?


Yomi: The question asks how he got his ‘face’ injuries. Remember, he said he was thrown out of the window from the impact…


Jet: …and therefore glass gets in your face.


Yomi: Exactly.


Mamoru: Are you sure?


Kiyone: Yeah, are you sure?


(Yomi obviously didn’t like the tone of voice from those two…but she relented.)


Yomi: Yes, I’m sure.


Ohjiro: Let’s go with it.


Mamoru: You sure?


Jet: Oh, let’s just go for it!


Yomi: Thank you Jet.


Jet: Anything to stop any more unpleasantness or angriness…


Ohjiro: That works too.


Yotsuba: So, you are saying that he got it…


Ohjiro: From glass when thrown out of the window.


Yotsuba: O.K…let’s see if you are correct…


(Yotsuba types in the answer to the anonymous e-mail address…and waits.)




(It’s another correct question as the team applaud Yomi as she breathes a sigh of relief, obviously not sure herself. They wait the next suspect to be cleared…)





Kiyone: Dammit…


Kiyone: I was thinking Urumi up until that killer clue yesterday…this means I’ve gone on the wrong track since day one…


Jet: Which means we are down to the 6 people in the will, the 4 Nyostar members and the 2 helpers of Yosho.


Mamoru: Taeko, Izumi, Sousuke, Jing, Nabeshin and Mirielle.


Yotsuba: Yes, that is correct. Removing Urumi from the list we are down to 6, and one of them did both Kuno siblings in, along with Kentaro and Ling-Pha.


(Yotsuba sighs)


Yotsuba: But now, another person must go. Tonight, the 8th killer’s game will be played to determine the final four. Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill by now. All but Ohjiro, get ready to go into the back room…


(It’s a nerve wracking last few moments, but it’s time to play the game…once again…)


*   *   *   *




Kiyone: In the end, she dug her grave, so Yomi, I will say don’t take it personally. Yes, I say betrayal, what I mean is you’re strong. It’s just a way to get rid of you without hurting your feelings…after all, you hurt mine before…




Jet: Forgive me Yomi, but I see you as strong material…and I have to go along with Kiyone – she’s probably the best person I’ve been with in a long time. Sorry kid.




Yomi: I don’t think it will matter…I’ll vote for Kiyone just out of the fact I know she’s voted for me.




Mamoru: Knowing how things have gone, the smart vote will be for Yomi. So that’s how I’ll go.


*   *   *   *


As we leave you in non-existence suspense, Yotsuba is already counting the votes. She turns around to face the detectives.)


Yotsuba: I have the results of the group vote.


(Another brief pause…)


Yotsuba: The first person to be playing the killer’s game…


(Another pause…)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(…enough of these pauses…)


Yotsuba: …Yomi.


(Yomi expected it and nods once.)


YOMI (3) – Jet, Kiyone, Mamoru

Kiyone (1) – Yomi


Yotsuba: It is now time for the lead investigator to choose the second person to play the killer’s game. Ohjiro, if you please…


(This is interesting. None of the detectives can tell who Ohjiro is going to pick. It’s a tough call as the prince rises from his throne to give his call…)


Ohjiro: This is tough. I have three people to choose from and could have various reasons to pick on each of them. However, my decision was made thanks to the person who was LI last time.


(Ohjiro referring to Yomi of course, as he continues.)


Ohjiro: I thought long and hard about my choice before deciding. Last time out, Yomi had to separate a feuding pair and instead took them both out. So, I will follow her lead and send Kiyone out to play the killer’s game.


(Yomi smiles. Kiyone on the other hand, her eyes widen…Jet actually looks surprised as well…)


Jet: I felt for sure Ohjiro would pick Mamoru and even told Kiyone that. I guess the kid is playing the game better than I expected…


(Yotsuba has the red envelope and begins tearing it. She gets the two brown envelopes.)


Yotsuba: Pick your destiny.


(Kiyone picks…well snatches…the first envelope. Yomi gathers the second as Kiyone opens first.)


Kiyone: I’m going to ‘Promised Island Amusement Park.’


Yotsuba: And Yomi?


Yomi: I’m going to ‘Promised Island Airport’.


Yotsuba: Tonight, one girl will remain in the final four. Therefore, I wish you all the luck in the world, because by checkii, you are going to need it…


(Yotsuba is right…after tonight, only one girl will remain.)


(But which one?)


*   *   *   *


Jet: It’s hard to say that I feel sorry for them. The alliance is gone and whoever goes I’ll miss them…but their undoing was themselves. We could have gone all the way but a few things early combined by a few mistakes and petty bickering…if this is what I came for, I should have stayed at the Bebop!


(Shot of Ohjiro still as cool as ever…)


Ohjiro: Jet…it wasn’t them…it was the game.


Jet: The game?


Ohjiro: (nodding) The game. As in the pressures of the game combined with the pride of these girls. Kiyone for being a detective in her own right, and Yomi for her intelligence and strong willingness to go all the way no matter what the cost. They wanted to be winners Jet, and now one of them won’t be.


Jet: They took different routes…and it will now end for them.


(Mamoru comes in, hearing part of the conversation…)


Mamoru: So Jet, Ohjiro, who do you want to return?


(Jet and Ohjiro both become silent…)


Jet: Kiyone.


Ohjiro: Yomi.


(Both look at Ohjiro surprisingly?)


Ohjiro: What?


Jet: Did you do that to aggravate me or…


Ohjiro: Genuine. I’ve liked Yomi – she’s calm under pressure but not afraid to show her feelings when necessary. And she’s the person who played the game best – may not always have been honestly – but she played the game to the best of her abilities.


Jet: Yomi has proved herself, I’ll give her that. But I guess it comes down to the common boundaries that Kiyone and I have. If she was on our ship instead of Faye, I think things may have been better…


Mamoru: Apart from her trying to arrest Spike every 5 seconds?


Jet: Ahhh…um….


Ohjiro: At times like this, you know what you want.


(10 seconds later, Jet is having a smoke outside…)


*   *   *   *


(The girls have done their packing and preparing the last hour before the killer’s game. However, Kiyone does have one question she needs to ask Ohjiro…)


Kiyone: Why?


Ohjiro: Why?


Kiyone: I thought you’d pick Mamoru – and you turn and pick me?


Ohjiro: I can pick who I want. I never wished or was to be in any alliance – I don’t have decision to make other than my own reasoning…


Kiyone: Well…maybe…but still…


Ohjiro: If you must know Kiyone – strategy.


Kiyone: Strategy?


Ohjiro: You’re strong. We are down to 5 people. The game is nearly finished. Would you have done the same thing in my shoes?


(Kiyone is pressed to answer that…)


Ohjiro: I also have the willingness to calm things down. After tonight, it should. I want the last days of this game to be good – so that we don’t end it on a sour note.


Kiyone: How can you be so certain that you are staying here so long?


Ohjiro: I’m not. I said last days…but I never said how long.


(Kiyone seems pissed…and it doesn’t help when Mamoru comes along…)


Mamoru: Take it easy…


Kiyone: Mamoru…how the hell are you so lucky?


(Kiyone storms off as Mamoru looks a bit disappointed…as Ohjiro smiles.)


Ohjiro: How indeed?


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yomi closing her notes in her room and looking at her bag…)


Yomi: I guess it was like an overstayed welcome at Chiyo-chan’s summer home…with horror stories every day…


(Yomi smiles)


Yomi: I wasn’t that sneaky was I? Oh well…


(She takes her bag…)


Yomi: …good while it lasted.


(Has she resigned her fate?)


*   *   *   *


(It’s time for the two ladies to head out. Both heading to somewhere in Promised Island so they don’t have to travel for the taxis. Shirase and Kintaro are already there…)


(Kiyone and Yomi turn to each other…no-one is sure what they are going to do…)


Kiyone: It was fun.


Yomi: Yeah.


(Yomi sticks her hand out…Kiyone hesitates…but takes it.)


(To the surprise of everyone, Kiyone grabs her hand and turns it into a hug. It seems whatever malice there was, it seems as one of them will leave, Kiyone wishes to end it. Yomi nods and smiles.)


Yomi: Good luck then.


Kiyone: Of course…you sneaky smartass.


(Yomi chuckles slightly as she heads out first with Shirase. Kiyone waves back as she goes with Kintaro.)


Jet: At least they made peace…kind of.


Ohjiro: And now we wait.


Mamoru: Always the hard part…


(The three men head back inside…knowing that another girl ends the game tonight, leaving just one left…so who is it?)


*   *   *   *


(Neither girl speaks at all during the trip, despite Kintaro’s (failed) attempts to ogle Kiyone. It’s all business…so who is the best businesswoman?)


*   *   *   *




(It’s not the time for playing on rides – as Kiyone enters outside the park where she spoke to Sakuya earlier today, she senses something not right…)


Kiyone: Please…let my luck ride with me…


(Cue the music coming up as Kiyone stepped back, a little spooked and giving a little squeal, but O.K.)


Kiyone: Guess not…


(She follows the map as she heads into the main heart of the park, and every time she gets near past a ride, lights come up, almost spotlighting her.)


Kiyone: Oh come on…


(The GXP operative continues on, unsure of the circumstances…other than victory…or defeat…)


*   *   *   *




(The airport is just as bad for Yomi – her first killer’s game – and other than the odd horror story at Chiyo-chan’s summer home, this is about the most scary thing she has ever fated…other than Tomo or Yukari’s driving of course…and Kimura, that’s a given…)


Yomi: O.K…this is where my mental strength comes in…(grabs her charm given and ‘powered up’ by Chiyo-chan on the infamous day of the exam results)…wish me luck guys…


(Yomi follows the path, and screams when a plane flies overhead. Yomi in fact ducks and rolls…stinging in the pain…)


Yomi: Dammit…if this isn’t real…I don’t know what isn’t…


(Yomi tries to follow the map, but it seems someone has left the plane noises on the sound machine, and it’s hard to concentrate for Yomi…)


Yomi: Shut the hell up!


(She presses on…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the amusement park, she reaches the area which is rather fitting, the haunted house…)


Kiyone: Oh crap…


(…and the door opens.)


Kiyone: Suddenly, being with Mihoshi would have been a good option…


(She might be with her soon if she picked the wrong place…)


Kiyone: Mihoshi…


(She clutches her chest as she gingerly steps in…)


*   *   *   *




(At the airport, she heads towards what appears to be a petrol station around the airport. It is a large building, where spraypainted on the side of the wall, in red, is the message ‘ROUND HERE AND TO THE FRONT’.)


Yomi: Great…


(She does so as the runaway spreads out – it’s hard to see where to go…until she notices one of the arrows isn’t in white paint…rather red…)


Yomi: O.K, where to go…


(It’s downward…down a hill where the last stage of her journey awaits…or not?)


*   *   *   *




(Navigating through the haunted house, among the usual stuff, the blood ridden skeletons and gut-popping school dummies aren’t exactly sophisticated…but they do their job of grossing out a Galaxy Police officer…)


Kiyone: Am I in a haunted junction or what?


(Yes, Haunted Junction reference with the skeleton and guts pop…only thing funny about the series really…not one of my favourites, but let’s continue….)


Kiyone: Dammit…spider webs…


(But through the spider webs she sees the flowers in the distance…)


Kiyone: Geez…let’s get through it…


*   *   *   *




Yomi: That was bad…


(Yomi lost her footing as a spillage of blood down the hill forced her to mess up her clothes in a red stain. Smells bad as well.)


Yomi: Just end it…


(She notices on the footing of the hill are the flowers. She has a quick look and makes a small clutch of her ‘Chiyo-charm.’)


Yomi: Chiyo-charm…keep me safe and far from harm…


(She puts in back in her chest and gingerly gets to the flowers…)


(An evil laugh comes from the ground as a hand grabs her foot…)




*   *   *   *


(Kiyone breaks through the spider web, and trips, but gets to the flowers…)


Kiyone: Now what? Anyone here…


Oh hell yeah.


Kiyone: Geez…where’s the clue?


A board above her slowly begins to crumble. Kiyone moves out of the way as she raises her fists…


Kiyone: Come on!


unaware of the near side, the red camera flashing BEHIND HER. The killer creeps up to her…and…






…we are down to just one girl and 4 detectives.


*   *   *   *


(We heard quite a few words that we never expect from anyone from Azumanga…maybe Yukari…or Nyamo when she’s drunk…but Yomi gasps for breath thanks to the nasty little trick that was pulled upon.)


(Where the hand was now is a piece of paper.)


Yomi: Gimme that!


(Yomi gets the piece of paper, and opens it. And it’s eerily familiar…)


Yomi: This is what we found before…with those pictures…except…


(Yes, it’s the same map of where the three murders were located before, the hospital (Kentaro), Kuno’s mansion (Tatewaki) and Ling-Pha (outside Izumi’s). Now, Kodachi’s location has been added (road of Karen’s hotel) and the map seems to look like a diamond in the case of the four locations. In the centre of these location is a message.)




Yomi: The third girl? Is that a reference to


(Yomi pockets this killer clue, relieved and scared about today’s endeavour…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s past 1. The three men seem to be playing a trading card version of Angelic Layer, it works like trump cards except you can combine them with layer terrain cards to power your angels or weaken your opposite ones.)


(Currently, no-one is getting past Ohjiro’s Wizard angel, powered up by a speed chip and a chest defence, on the terrain of meadow. Mamoru realises he can’t win…and he’s tired…and he’s against a monster…but hey, some of Usagi’s stubbornness must be in him…)


(…and then they notice the colours dim.)


Jet: Someone’s back…


(They end the game as they await the living…)


Jet: So who is joining us?

(As the double doors open…a confident and victorious young lady greets the time the only way she knows how…)


Yomi: Got any cream puffs?


(Ohjiro and Jet laugh as Yomi steps in confidently, getting a high five from Ohjiro. Jet seems a little upset but not too much. Mamoru doesn’t react too much.)


Yomi: Killer clue. A clue in itself really…


Ohjiro: What do you mean?


Yomi: Locations of the 4 murders – form a diamond, and a clue in the centre of the diamond, the ‘third girl.’


Jet: A sister reference?


Yomi: That’s what I was thinking.


(The team discuss this clue for a little bit before tiredness kicks in. Koyomi Mizuhara returned from her first killer’s game. Kiyone Mabiki failed in her second killer’s game.)







*   *   *   *


Next time on Murder Game 2…


(Chikage goes Altena on us as a spectacular ceremony ends in disaster…)


Chikage: The tarot of death was turned over four times…a 5th time is inevitable…


(Suddenly, something seems to strike Chikage as she gasps….)


Chikage: No…it can’t be…


(The girl faints as Jet tries to catch her…)




(The killer clue leads to the centre of both islands…where a recovered Haruka shows them all…)


Yomi: This is unreal…


Mamoru: I’ve seen some unbelievable things in my life…but this…




(And a confrontation leads to the 4 people of Nyostar to explain all…or try to…)


Izumi: You want me to use this?


Mamoru: Izumi, what the hell are you doing?


Hinako: Izumi-chan!!!!


Izumi: Don’t make me…


Jing: Izumi, no!!!


(All this and more on the next chapter of the Murder Game 2…)


*   *   *   *


And it’s slowly coming to a close…oh hoeee…


As I wrote this chapter, decided to be…in not a too polite term…a*holes. Sorry, but that was the nicest thing I could have said about them. There is more than an outrage for it, especially as it decided to take just the newer fics…(you know, the ones that NEED completing…)…as some of my older survivors are still in there – just proves how dumb they are.


However, I tend not to dwell on this. Arp has saved the day as my greatest writing rival/friend keeps this fic alive and well.


And how well…Kiyone is a personal favourite of almost any Tenchi fan, even myself who isn’t the biggest Tenchi fan in the world, I have a soft spot for Kiyone. She suffers, yet cares. She is underrated, yet loved. She’s got a temper, but she can be so kind. In truth, she’s a woman who you can’t hate. This makes her third reality game performance as well (along with AS5 and Roomies 2) which puts her in an elite category now.


Always a favourite to win – experience and being in an alliance of course will do that. Sadly, that early friendship with Yomi tended to be her undoing – though more of Yomi’s fault than Kiyone’s. It sad to see her go, but a favourite had to go sometime. (O.K. Fujitaka went early, but he was a favourite with you guys, his detective skills were not exactly the best.) I think she got off at the best time, the worst is yet to come.


So we are down to 4. Who will win, who will fail and who is the mo…er, killer? (Damn…force of habit…)