And whoa, how many chapters left? Not many…how time flies!!!


Just to show the schedule; here are the remaining episodes.


Episode 8 – You’re reading it! (4 detectives remaining after tonight)


Episode 9 – This episode will determine the final three.


Episode 10 – Here, the three remaining detectives pick who they wish is the killer and explain why. They will write their choices down explaining their reasoning and how he/she did it. Afterwards, they will explain their choice to their fellow detectives and Yotsuba.


They then will head out to a location where their suspect of choice will be. (In the event of someone thinking of a suspect as another person, the eliminated detective from the previous episode will give first choice option to the detectives) This will leave a cliffhanger…


Episode 11: …this will reveal all – including various hidden clues (yes – there are some – have you found them?) and the aftermath – what will happen?


Episode 12/Epilogue – Watch as the winning detective and the runner ups celebrate the return of peace at Promised Island…and more…


So we are scheduled for 12 episodes, not to mention all the checkii sheets I’ve still got to get through. And we wittle it down to 4 detectives. And with Yomiko’s elimination, all hell broke loose last chapter. Can Kiyone hold it together? Is Yomi the next Tracey/Kenji? Will Jet hold his authority? Can Ohjiro keep his cool? And can Mamoru somehow get into the final three?


Stay tuned.


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2…


Yomi: O.K…Jet, Kiyone…and Yomiko.


Yomi as LI meant strategy was being played, and it meant some uncomfortable moments for Jet Black…


Yomiko: I guess when I fail it’s fine but…


Kiyone: …oh shut up.


(Yomiko looks smug as Jet sighs in disappointment.)


Jet: After that and you two, prison seems a much more viable option…


More uncomfortable moments however were for the girls of the island…namely specific imoutos…


(We have a shot of Marie (without her glasses) screaming slightly as she twinges in agony. Her brow is full of sweat and her face is white. However, to add insult to injury (and thank the heavens Kiyone isn’t on this inquiry), Karen is there, and she’s got Aria and Hinako huddled in her arms – Hinako is bawling out loudly, whilst Aria is clutching Karen’s arm tightly, her eyes closed.)


Ohjiro: This is heartbreaking…awful…




Shel: (crying) Who did this to her?


Ohjiro: Call a hospital!


Shel: Someone cut the lines…one of the customers has used a mobile phone or whatever they are called, but it’s not going to make it in time…she’s near dead…


(Indeed, her cheeks are matching the colour of her beautiful hair and her eyes are shut, coughing with small hinges of blood on her lips.)


Shel: What can I do?


…fortunately, Taeko and Jing seemed to be able to do more than just be cultists…in fact Jing could be a handy person to be around in an argument…or the fact he uses some sort of murder weapon possibility as well…




(Both girls turn to the sound of that battle cry…as an energy blast strikes in between the two girls.)


(Jet dives to protect an awestruck Kiyone as a big explosion smashes into the centre, debris scattering and a nice fireworks display.)


(The next thing we see is a lone figure with a girl in each arm coming out of the flames with a black item on his arm/shoulder. Anyone who has seen the show know who it is…but for those who haven’t…)


 Jing: A bit overdone?


(Detectives and police officers are equally stunned. The item on his arm is a cannon device – which is in fact Kir, Jing’s bird companion. This is identified when it reverts to normal shape…)


…new leads and more suspicions came about, but the real tragedy came when Yomi had to pick one of her friends and alliance comrades to play a killer’s game…and of all the options she picked…


Yomi: Somewhere down the line, this game struck everyone, and with these two the most. Yomiko – you’ve played several killers games already and felt betrayal despite trying your hardest. Kiyone – you’ve had experience as a police officer which means you should know all of well how stressful something like this can be. However, to decide to send one of you two out…is just not good for me. However, I said at the start that everyone is playing the game their way, as am I.


(Yomi closes her eyes before saying her choice.)


Yomi: Which is why to make sure this doesn’t happen again, I will nominate Yomiko AND Kiyone to play the killer’s game. Yomiko as the tie-breaker choice and Kiyone as my LI choice.


(Both girls look shocked. Kiyone feels raged whilst Yomiko feels betrayed. Even Yotsuba seems a bit surprised…)


Her choice…her game…her strategy…


(The double doors open…)


Jet: She returnth.


Kiyone: I does.


…her mistake?







*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die - ELIMINATED

Hideaki Motsumuya – Chobits - ELIMINATED

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura - ELIMINATED

Ohjiro Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha - ELIMINATED

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh! - ELIMINATED






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory - ELIMINATED

Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro Ando – Mahoromatic - CLEARED




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano -  CLEARED

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion - CLEARED

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing – CLEARED


*   *   *   *




(We see it’s late night, as Kiyone is returning to her room…she cautiously opens it…)


(..inside, it’s very clean. A bit too clean…it appears that the room has lost half of it…and Kiyone realises why…)


(…Yomi has moved.)


Kiyone: (sighing) I guess it’s for the best…


(We take a shot at the room that used to be Yomiko’s which she used to share with Yui. Now with a forlorn Koyomi Mizuhara…reading a book.)


Yomi: Sorry Yomiko…but just once…I want to be a winner…


(The two girls soon fall asleep in separate rooms…but in the morning, how will things have changed?)


(Downstairs, we see that though past 2am, the three guys are still up (Mamoru, Ohjiro, you two are high school students – you need sleep!!!) and have just discussed what happened with the killer’s game…)


Jet: Looks like that’s it for the girls…


Mamoru: …and your alliance?


Jet: Whatever…too late for me to get in the mood…


Ohjiro: Considering everything that happened, you have to wonder what would have happened if Yomiko had been eliminated earlier…would have these problems with Kiyone and Yomi ever happened?


Mamoru: Yes…but it would probably have been worse if Greta was here then – you saw how Kiyone fawned over Aria…


Jet: She was also one of the most hesistant about the young players…maybe she would have defected to you Mamoru…


(Mamoru doesn’t say anything, Jet seems kinda grouchy, lack of sleep and a foiled plan probably the main causes…)


Ohjiro: Trust me – young ladies can be remarkable – things could have really been different if that was the case…


(3 guys and 2 girls left – and it’s probably hard to find a decent friendship now in the house (maybe Kiyone/Jet)…never mind alliance…(again, maybe Kiyone/Jet)…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s been just over two weeks now since 12 detectives took part of this physically and mentally draining case. And now…)


(…shot of some tired detectives named Jet, who has huge rings around his eyes, Mamoru half-awake and somehow Ohjiro completely fine.)


(…this is the state of the guys. The ladies?)


(Yomi is doing the coffee – it seems no one is willing to make or eat breakfast – it’s a case of DIY – Kiyone seems to have a bit of adrenaline (from surviving the KG?) but words are few and far between.)


Ohjiro: I never realised it before, but it seems Yomiko’s unique…


(Ohjiro pauses for the right word…)


Ohjiro: …characteristics was something the team could interact and in some cases enjoy – and now it’s gone, it seems all the spark out of the team has gone…


Jet: (grunts) Mmmph…


Ohjiro: O.K…


(Kiyone shifts over as she manages to coax Jet into some conversation at least…)


Kiyone: You O.K?


Jet: (grunts) Yeah…just tired…and getting pained with wracking my brains this early in the morning…


Kiyone: Yeah…it’s scary that I’m starting to MISS Mihoshi…


Jet: You care for her really don’cha?


Kiyone: Wait a…


Jet: Save it. You moan about how clumsy your partner is, and how you wished to bet transferred, but really, you care about her a lot and you know you’ll be happy to see her when you get back.


Kiyone: (sarcastic) Yeah right…


Jet: (chuckling) Yeah, whatever you say Kiyone. (drinks coffee) Bitter…guess that’s how Yomi likes it…


Kiyone: Kinda fitting for her at the moment…


(Yomi enters with a coffee mug for herself, and calmly goes into the recreation room. Jet sighs.)


Jet: Whatever you say or she says, she hated what she did last night. I guess the girl had strategy after all…


Kiyone: Yeah…she was going to betray us…you…in the end.


Jet: (silent for a moment) Maybe…we don’t know that…


Kiyone: Believe the hype…


(A slam in the next room confirms that Yomi seemed to have grown powerful hearing during those last few moments…)


Ohjiro: If I can make a suggestion to you Kiyone, not to say your thoughts when the person inside of them is less than 10 feet away.


(Ohjiro moves, leaving Mamoru to see if he can shake the cobwebs…)


Mamoru: If I can’t handle this, how will I handle college? (yawns) Maybe I should go home…


(Mamoru steps outside to get some fresh air…)


Mamoru: (to himself) Usako…I’ll win this…


*   *   *   *


Jet: Considering that Yomi now has killed the alliance…pretty much…who would Yomiko choose?


Kiyone: I can’t see it being me or Mamoru, and I think Yomi would be out as well…so you or Ohjiro are best bets…and I’d favour you more – you haven’t been LI yet, maybe that will count for something.


Jet: I dunno…were Yomiko and Ohjiro close?


Kiyone: Not much…certainly not like the yo-yo duo.


Jet: Heh, you called them that…when you got along…


Kiyone: Yeah…


(Jet goes off for a smoke before the inquiry, as it’s almost checkii time…)


*   *   *   *




(Yotsuba arrives half an hour later than normal and explains why…)


Yotsuba: With the problems my friends and imoutos have being having, I’ve left later to maybe avoid anybody checkii-ing my time management. I’m just concerned about everything…


Jet: You slept in didn’t you?


(Yotsuba does the Mika-sensei look of depression (Sensei no Ojikan ref.) and nods once.)


Yotsuba: Hai…


Jet: Figures…I’m exhausted and you sleep in…


Yotsuba: Hey, we’ve had a lot to go through recently…including last night’s ordeal. Kiyone, you played the killer’s game and survived. Yomiko Readman, on her 4th trial, finally was eliminated. So our former Miss Invincible is now the 7th person to descend into the graveyard. But who will be safe from the same fate? Let’s see now…who did Yomiko keep safe?


(Yotsuba does her thing as for the final time for R.O.D fans – Yomiko Readman graces the pages (no pun intended)).


Yomiko: I guess if I die tonight, it will be the worst feeling considering who sent me to the abyss. Because of that, I can’t choose her again…I’m sorry Yomi…but the person I’m going to pick is a person I liked and someone who I can tell didn’t vote for me…or would have. And I’ll say sorry to Jet as well…as that could apply to him as well…but Ohjiro Mihara is my pick for the lead investigator.


(Yotsuba adopts a pleasantly surprised voice)


Yotsuba: Well, this makes it your second time Mr. Mihara. Take your seat.


(Jet seems a little ticked off, but doesn’t say anything. In fact, no one seems to take Ohjiro’s nomination with too much glee. Not that he’s disliked…but rather he’s made no bridges with anyone, good or bad. His vote could be completely open.)


Yotsuba: Right, messy business mark 1 over – let’s go over to the notes. We now have 8 suspects left, half of the original amount of 16. We have cleared…or in some cases…eliminated because of the killer’s interference…8 people. And this is why I’m now going to focus on the killer clue.


(Yotsuba slides a picture in – a copy of the will which Kiyone found last time at the killer’s game.)


Yotsuba: Kiyone returned with a clue that we’ve been looking for since the dawn of this case. This is Yosho Misaki’s will…


(Kiyone once again gives a weird look hearing that name…probably figures the producers haven’t got much originality but let’s carry on…)


Yotsuba: Out of the 8 remaining suspects, 6 of them are in that will. And the fact this will came about suggests the killer is coming closer in wanting to meet you as this alter-ego. Now, we are first going to investigate this death – it was treated as suspicious circumstances when it occurred around a month before Kuno’s own death. We are going to research the Great Library and learn as much as we can about the death of Yosho. Ohjiro, make team one please – a team of two.


Ohjiro: Kiyone and Yomi.


(A page right out of Yomi’s playbook – these two now have to work together. In one way though, it’s classic Ohjiro.)


(We see the girls not exactly showing much reaction to be fair, but still some cause for concern.)


Yotsuba: Very well – now as for Team 2 – by default Jet and Mamoru, you guys have a special job to do. It has occurred to me that the town is in a bit of panic with the recent murders and we have been called to perform a press conference. You guys have to mess with the press…lucky you.


Jet: Notice trace of sarcasm there Yotsuba…


Yotsuba: Exactly…not exactly the most fun thing you will probably do…but it is important. You will be heading to Plaza Square and you will be interviewed by the press, having to answer any question that you feel are suitable to tell to the press, keeping in mind things you may wish to keep quiet to the press. However, keep in mind that the press can be useful in spreading your word out to the general public.


(Mamoru and Jet seem to be making notes, the press could be worse than playing the killer’s game…)


Yotsuba: Guys…I want you to be careful out there – which is why I left you off the interview with the suspects for today. I’m getting scared…and I don’t want anything else to happen…so please…be careful…


(Question if this is a game and if Yotsuba is a real good actress…but she seems to pull the heart strings of a few detectives, as Yomi and Mamoru nod.)


*   *   *   *


Jet: So why did she pick Ohjiro?


Kiyone: Guess they were closer than I thought…


Jet: And because of that, you and Yomi are working together whether you like it or not…it’s two days ago repeated…


Kiyone: Yare yare…


(Meanwhile Yomi seems to be in conversation with Ohjiro about the same issue…)


Yomi: It’s not like I expected to be in charge after that…I think you were the best pick for this situation.


Ohjiro: (nods) I kinda followed your lead in the choices for the teams.


Yomi: I figured.


Ohjiro: You’re playing the game well Yomi, no boundaries but no blood. But maybe you can break Kiyone’s poker face out there…


Yomi: (sigh) We have things in common – and we were close, but I guess the game really destroyed all that.


Ohjiro: That’s human nature – the natural desire to win.


(Yomi nods as she heads out ready for what should be an interesting couple of days for the Azu rep. As she leaves, Yotsuba goes up to Ohjiro.)


Yotsuba: What can you make of everything now?


(Ohjiro is silent for a moment before answering)


Ohjiro: I want to make one thing out of this…want to make it out as the winner.


*   *   *   *


(It’s not exactly a laugh fest between both teams as they are heading off to their respective locations. Neither team are being sent to visit a suspect…but that doesn’t mean they won’t bump into any…)




(As Chris blatantly rips of YamiBou once again (coming soon to an Anirace near you if selected!), they are quickly greeted with a familiar face.)


Kiyone: Let’s see…oh…


(Shot of Taeko Minazuki who appears to be reading (typically) a horror novel.  We see that by her side she also has what appears to be a spells and witches book.)


Yomi: I never thought of everyone here, she’s the one I’d end you being most fearful of…


Kiyone: For once, I’d agree.


(Taeko looks up and sees the detectives and gulps…)


Taeko: Um…are you here to…


Kiyone: Oh no Miss Minazuki! We’re here looking for something else – go back to your business…


Yomi: The key issue was to make sure Taeko didn’t know what we was doing there – she’s obviously more capable in situations than we first thought, with the kidnapping of Kagome and her little magic tricks. We have to be careful with everyone – but it’s seems that with Taeko, we’re extra careful.


Taeko: What are you looking for?


Kiyone: Oh, just this and that…just little odds and ends we need to wrap up.


Yomi: Sorry to bother you Miss Minazuki, we’ll leave you be…


(The two girls return to the task in hand, to learn about Yosho’s death. And again, Kiyone has a strange look on her face when having to face this sort of plotline…)


Yomi: (typing on the computer) The databases are the best chance of finding something. We can also get references to newspaper articles from here…


Kiyone: I guess it’s better you use one. If I get near one it explodes.


Yomi: Really?


Kiyone: Well…actually Mihoshi usually puts coffee on a computer – and then we have to pay for it and we are worse off than before and…


Yomi: I get it, I get it…sounds awfully familiar to someone else I kn…


(The two girls stop, realising they are getting back onto the thing that made them friends in the first place. After a moments silence, the sounds of keys clattering breaks the ice as Yomi continues searching…)


Yomi: So Kuno pretty much made himself boss and got the will because he was supposedly the closest towards Yosho in terms of business…and instead, he kept it on him because he knew about the people Yosho really wanted in control – and people just went along with that pompous fool?


Kiyone: No wonder he was killed…


Yomi: O.K, we’ve got a few references here…


(Kiyone takes the numbers down before searching for newspapers. Yomi does an internet search focusing on between the end of April/beginning of May, which was roughly when the death of Yosho occurred.)


Kiyone: Considering how much of a person he was around here, it will probably be a front page story.


Yomi: Not probably…


(Yomi clicks on a link.)


Yomi: …definitely.


(On the page, she has searched, it discovers local news on Promised Island – and on the 1st May, we see the headline ‘FACTION LEADER KILLED IN PLANE CRASH.’)


Yomi: Let’s see…


(Yomi quotes from the article)


Yomi: The major shareholder within the gold sharing business which eclipsed even the Wong dynasty, Yoshi Misaki, has been killed in a tragic plane accident whilst on a trip to London. The details of the accident have said that the main engines overheated and exploded, causing the plane to crash land in the ocean below. Recovery teams were reported to the wreckage by some fishermen, however the bodies inside of the pilot, co-pilot, wait staff and Yosho Misaki were all confirmed dead.


Kiyone: How…tragic…


Yomi: Keep looking – why do I get the feeling that there is something missing…


(Yomi keeps looking through the articles and subsequent ones to search for more on these circumstances. She doesn’t seem to have much luck…)


(…meanwhile, the person who survived against a paper girl now literally is the paper girl as she searching the newspapers from that time period. There are big headlines of Yosho in almost all of them, but say the same thing…but then she notices one that has a small text in bold underneath the main story – Conspriacy? Page 6.)


Kiyone: I’m relying on a footnote huh? Well…


(She turns and there seems to be a specialist article saying the following ‘DID SHARESHOLDER DIE ACCIDENTLY?)


Kiyone: Here we go.


Kiyone: Suspicion of sabotage? Maybe…we know that Yosho was worth a lot of money and was the favourite to take control. However, who would do such a thing? Or are we reading into this? Well, let’s consider the facts. Private plane to London, no security…an engine overheating? Please – private jets always get triple-checked for VIP’s. The engines would be fine – my guess is someone just before the trip, maybe hours…maybe minutes…sabotaged the engine. Someone close to the victim?


Kiyone: I guess this is what he meant by ‘not trusting the Kuno’s.’ I’m thinking either Kuno could have done this…and it’s not like I need more excuses to hate Kodachi’s guts…


Yomi: Yeah…huh?


Kiyone: What?


Yomi: Behind you.


(Kiyone turns…and there is nothing behind her.)


Kiyone: What are y…


Yomi: Taeko. She’s gone.


(Indeed, her books are still on the table, but the girl isn’t there. )


Kiyone: Bathroom?


Yomi: Dunno…maybe she heard us talking about Kuno and got uncomfortable.


Kiyone: I guess. So are we getting print outs and photocopies?


Yomi: Yeah.


(Yomi and Kiyone go ahead to do that, as they do so, we see Taeko hiding across from the library, and her fist is shaking in anger…whilst the girls do their thing, she escapes the library without them noticing.)


(It’s takes about 15 minutes for the girls to finish their stuff, but once they do, they get ready to head out.)


Yomi: So we know that he died on a plane crash, and possibly suspected to the Kunos.


Kiyone: Speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised.


(As they step outside, they are greeted with something a bit too early for their tastes…)


Yomi: Oh no…


(They see two very familiar items – the killer’s envelopes. One red, one black…all trouble.)


Kiyone: Hey, where’d Taeko go?


Yomi: Her books are…yeah, they are still there?


Kiyone: If she’s still in…


(Kiyone and Yomi go back inside the library to check to find Taeko – however, after a big search everywhere, they conclude she has gone.)


Kiyone: Weird or coincidence?


Yomi: The envelopes arrive…and Taeko disappears…


(The girls need to think about that…)


*   *   *   *




(By the time the gents are setting up, the press media are all there. Not all of them are important, but there are a few anime cameos there and there about, including Takeshi Saehara (DN Angel), Winia (Scrapped Princess) and Kino (Kino’s Journey). The rest are random guys, but Jet and Mamoru seem a little bemused about this prospect…)


Mamoru: This could get ugly…


Ryo: All press conferences are ugly…just some more than most…


Jet: That ISN’T too reassuring…


Ryo: Sorry…


(It isn’t long before calm is the order and the detectives have to face the music. First of all, Jet prepares a small statement.)


Jet: We are here today on behalf of all the detectives and police force who have worked on this case up to date. We appreciate your patience in asking questions and to find out answers, and that is why we are here today. So, fire away.


(And fire they do.)


Reporter 1: Can the investigators tell us how the investigation is going in relation to the various amount of murders which have occurred recently?


Jet: You mean as in relation to each other or in general?


Reporter 1: Well, whether this is just a made serial killer or if there is a link to these deaths. After all, three high-profile business people were victims of this killer’s blade…


Jet: You’ve just answered your own question there. Yes, that is definitely a link towards the three people in question, however, that doesn’t automatically assume that is a link towards the killer’s motives. And for that, we cannot comment any further.


Reporter 2: So, how have you been doing in searching for motives and suspects?


Jet: Obviously, I can’t tell you names, however, we had an original list of 18 people, all of which we could have linked with the original murder of Tatewaki Kuno, and of those 18, we have dismissed various people.


Takashi(DN Angel): So who can you safely say you can keep off the list now?


Jet: Should we give that out?


Mamoru: Best not…giving out names even in clearance could still ask about how they were linked.


Jet: Good call. (to Takashi) I’m afraid we can’t drop names even if we have cleared them, because they could still be linked with the case one way or another.


Reporter 3: You’re not trying to blank us are you?


Mamoru: No…we will tell you information we are confident in giving you.


Winia: Such as?


Jet: We can confirm that the attacks, specifically the first one could have been driven by motives of greed, wealth, jealously and revenge. We know in specifics to all of them, mostly with the death of one Ling-Pha Wong…


Winia: (interrupting) Ah, the granddaughter of Xu Wong. He’s recently been taken into hospital because of the tragedy.


(Mamoru notes this: They didn’t know about that – using the press right, to get information FROM them is important.)


Jet: …the attack on Ling-Pha wasn’t a sexual motive – therefore our killer most likely had some sort of personal reasoning behind his or her attack.


Mamoru: Because of this, we cannot confirm or deny the motives in question.


Kino: You however are aware of what certain people could do and why. We have a good understands of Kuno’s past and his affairs and a lot of people could be after him. We also know that Kentaro had some…busy little pastimes…and Ling-Pha was preparing for a building which could have angered people.


Jet: All of that is true, I won’t deny that. However, if you know this, then you could wonder about suspects yourself.


Kino: Indeed. I want to know if Mahoro Ando or Taeko Minazuki have been linked with the death of Kuno.


Mamoru: (as calm as Kino) One of them has and now been subsequently cleared.


(Technically a truth…)


Reporter 2: And interestingly, on your behalf is the head of police, but where is the sister of the deceased in Tatewaki’s behalf?


Jet: Actually…we were wondering about…


(Suddenly, Mamoru gets a call from someone. Jet is continuing to talk as Mamoru answers.)


Mamoru: Hel…




Mamoru: Whoa, Yotsuba-chan, hold on!




Mamoru: We’re still in conf…




(Yotsuba hangs up as Mamoru noted the panic in Yotsuba’s voice…he goes over to Ryo and whispers in his ear. Ryo’s eyes widen.)


Ryo: Yotsuba-chan never panics. We’d best wrap this up and head over there.


(Ryo goes over to Jet and asks about the situation. Jet nods and goes to the media.)


Jet: We are sorry to cut this press conference short but an emergency has come up and it seems we need to deal with it, so please, forgive us…


(Typical press commotion ensures as Jet and Mamoru follow Ryu to their police car. When Ryo mentions the firearm issue to Jet, he is surprised.)


Jet: This is very serious then…


(Even Mamoru is holding a rose – is it that serious?)


*   *   *   *




(The duo went over as fast as they could to Candy Mansion, which if you recall, is the home of a very precious little girl…)


(flashback to episode 4)


Kiyone: Is there anything you can tell us?


Iiya: Well…


????: Ii-ya…


(The door was obviously not completely closed. Aria is now outside…and she is just a picture to behold. Short blue hair, a beautiful light blue dress, her pink parasol over her head, she looks just like a doll. A mere 8 years old as well ups the cuteness factor by 10 times…and the detectives fall for her…big time.)


Kiyone: K-k-kawaii…and this is from someone who sees Sasami all the time…


Yomi: I thought theoretically that Chiyo-chan was the cutest child of all time…it proves my theories are wrong sometimes…


Fujitaka: I’m sure Sakura-san would love to have her as a sister…


(Iiya cringes as Aria looks at the three detectives…)


Aria: (slowly) Iiya…friends?


Iiya: (sweatdrops) Hai, that’s right Aria-sama, they are friends, and they want to talk to you if it is possible about another one of your friends!


(Aria gets another good look…and grabs Kiyone’s hand…)


Aria: Friend…Aria’s…friend?


(One look is all that needs to melt Kiyone…)


Kiyone: Yes yes, I’m your friend Kiyone-chan! The girl with the glasses is Yomi-chan and the man over there is Fuji-chan!


(Yomi covers her mouth to avoid laughing whilst Fujitaka just smiles. It is Fujitaka after all…)


Aria: (pointing) Ki-chan…Yo-chan…Fu-chan…


Kiyone: That will do…is that O.K Aria…(unsure of the suffix)…chan?


(Aria looks and smiles. She nods as Kiyone takes the hand of the French/Japanese girl and they head inside.)


(end flashback)


Mamoru: So, this is where the girl Aria lives?


Jet: Yeah, should know considering Kiyone went there and gabbed about it. Not too fond of cute…


Mamoru: And she’s a sister right?


Jet: Right. So…


(Suddenly, Jet realises what Mamoru is saying…)


Jet: Oh god!


(The two head out running, where they see something not too surprising…)


Kodachi: Move aside!


Arima: (grunting) I’m afraid I can’t do that.


(We see Souchirou Arima fending off against a raging Kodachi Kuno – and on the side…a fallen Aria with her maid Iiya.)


Mamoru: Is she…


(Iiya looks at the detectives and breathes a sigh of relief…)


Iiya: She just fainted – Arima-san saved her in time. She was shooting a dart…at a child for god’s sake! Arima-san somehow deflected the dart and managed to disarm her, but Kodachi…




(Ryo holds out his automatic as Arima kneels down, clutching his side.)


Jet: Are you behind the attacks of the sisters, like Marie and Shirayuki?


Kodachi: Humph – what’s it to you?


????????: Maybe nothing – but to us, it’s BIG.


(Suddenly, Kodachi turns to see Nabeshin behind her. On the side of Nabeshin are two other suspects, Izumi Himuro and Sousuke Sagara…)


Izumi: You little bitch…you dare try to harm anyone…especially a little girl…


Sousuke: Izumi please – let’s be rational…


Kodachi: Someone with some intelligence…


Sousuke : …if I wasn’t, I would have already blasted her head off her empty shoulders.


Kodachi: You heathen!


Ryo: I suggest you come down to the station and…


(Kodachi is one step ahead of Ryo as she throws a powder bomb not unlike her rival Ukyo Kuonji to the ground. It temporary blinds and forces the detectives and others to get back. Izumi wipes it away with her tennis racquet before realises…)


Izumi: Damn, she’s gone!


(Izumi looks around…)


Izumi: Jing…where are you? You can still stop her…


(Arima immediately checks up on a fainted Aria and sighs.)


Arima: She’s just sleeping…that’s good.


(Above them, unknown to the detectives and the suspects, Mirielle Bouquet is watching them. She waves her beautiful blonde hair before leaving. Meanwhile, Arima is still tending to his ‘little sister.’)


Arima: Forgive me Aria-chan, I nearly couldn’t…


Nabeshin: You saved her Arima-san, we can’t ask anymore than that…


Arima: But if you guys hadn’t have come…well…she had me on the ropes so to speak…


Mamoru: I think they are all indebted to you Arima-san.


(Arima turns to the detectives, lifting Aria in his arms.)


Arima: Thank you, but I haven’t been totally honest with you guys. I think it’s time I should rectify that. Iiya, is it O.K if I speak to them inside?


Iiya: Of course, we need to take Aria-sama to bed after all.


(Arima nods)


Nabeshin: We should be off – that bitch won’t get too far…


Ryo: I should go to her place and arrest her.


Izumi: She’ll be in hiding – a typical Kuno, they hide all their lives…


Sousuke: We must be off. Safe bidding Souchirou Arima.


(The three other suspects nod as they head off, whilst Jet and Mamoru join Arima for a long chat. After all, despite being cleared, he has lied to the detectives several times about his whereabouts…)


*   *   *   *


Arima: So you knew about it…and yet…


Jet: We can safely say you didn’t do it.


Arima: Despite that, I feel I need to talk about what I did do that night in question – as it is relevant to your case.


(Shot of  Mamoru doing his job as father (well, of the future I guess) and helps Iiya tuck Aria into bed. Jet continues his job as investigator as Arima tells all.)


Arima: Basically, that night I was going to confront Kuno…I had planned it for that night.


(Arima catches the look of Jet and realises what he could have implied…)


Arima: Oh no, I wasn’t going to kill him. I will admit to maybe going to threaten him or getting violent if necessary, but definitely not death.


Jet: So what happened?


(Mamoru joins him as Arima explains.)


Arima: I was heading into the darkness when I heard a rustle…




Arima: I was going into the undergrowth – I didn’t to risk whatever alarm systems Kuno had, but the undergrowth noises were louder than mere insects doing whatever. And then…


(Shot of a figure striking something down towards Arima’s head…)


*   *   *   *


Arima: The last thing I remember was someone hitting me on the head with something – felt hard, metal perhaps…maybe strong wood, I couldn’t tell. It was someone strong anyway….almost like the hilt of a gun.


(Interesting…was it the killer?)


Jet: Did you see their face? Was it a man or a woman?


Arima: I couldn’t tell, it was so dark. When I recovered, I didn’t know what time it was, so instead of risking returning home, I headed over to Candy Mansion, knowing no matter what time I was there, Aria would welcome me. I could see why it was suspicious and if I said this, you would think that, hence I was forced to lie.


Jet: That didn’t help much either.


Arima: I know, and I apologise. It was stupid as it implemented me in the case, but I hope you guys understand.


(He glances over at Aria)


Arima: I have to make sure she’s O.K…and seeing Kodachi…


Jet: We understand.


(Whether they do or not is immaterial – the fact is they have got what Arima was doing that fateful night and also what happened to him. A new lead? A possibility – did the killer knock out Arima?)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the mansion, Jet and Mamoru notice that Kiyone and Yomi are already heading on their way out again…)


Jet: Huh? Where you girls going?


(The girls don’t answer, and just head off. Jet sighs before heading in to hopefully a more sane source of information, Ohjiro.)


Jet: Ohjiro, where they go?


(Ohjiro is finishing some writing down as the guys join him)


Ohjiro: Oh, one of the sisters called…you know, the one that they failed to speak to before…(thinks)…Sakuya.


Jet: Ah, so she’s gonna speak to them now?


Ohjiro: I guess.


Mamoru: Does that mean we’re done?


Jet: Please say yes…


Ohjiro: (smiles) He just wants a beer.


Jet: Can you read minds or something?


Ohjiro: So how did you do?


Mamoru: Guess he can’t. Well, let’s say we had to take a little detour…


*   *   *   *


(A quick shot of the e-mail that Ohjiro received from Sakuya)




I apologise for my outburst the last time you tried to talk to me, but Kuno really didn’t give me pleasant memories. His flirting, his attempted blackmail and his past with me and my other sisters, it’s not something you can easily talk to me about. However, I’m willing to do so now. Can a team or something meet me at 2pm outside the amusement park near the northern tip? I’ll explain what I can.


Best regards,




(In the van, despite their animated talking during the inquiries, Yomi and Kiyone are still saying very little to each other personally. Because of this, the trip to the amusement park is a loooonnnnnggg one….)


*   *   *   *




(The detectives escape outside the van, where Sakuya, who is pretty easy to spot (even for Japanese girls, her distinct hair and long hairs stand out like a sore thumb) outside the gates.)


Kiyone: Sakuya?


(The tall girl nods as she waves to let the detectives feel comfortable.)


Sakuya: Hello there…


Yomi: Oh sorry. I guess we haven’t been introduced yet – I’m DI Koyomi Mizuhara, but everyone calls me Yomi. And this is…


Kiyone: (interrupting) I’m DI Kiyone Mabiki. Nice to meet you.


(Yomi looks a little miffed)


 Sakuya: Oh…where are those two girls who last talked to me?


(O.K, Sakuya isn’t exactly subtle in her approach…direct is more the word. Both Kiyone and Yomi look a little down.)


Yomi: We shouldn’t say – but let’s just say the case got them.


Sakuya: O.K.


Kiyone: Anyway, Sakuya-san, we heard you wanted to talk to us for some reason…


Sakuya: Yes…I felt I needed to speak to you – I wasn’t exactly forthright last time you guys talked to me…


Yomi: We can understand and we’re happy that you wish to speak to us now.


Sakuya: Yes…though it’s still uncomfortable.


Kiyone: We understand.


Sakuya: O.K then…


(The girls take a walk outside the park as Sakuya explains the situation.)


Sakuya: I’ll admit that the reason that I didn’t want to talk to people concerning Kuno, was basically because I was afraid.


Kiyone: Afraid?


Sakuya: Afraid that any information I tell you could be passed to other people…certain other people.


Yomi: Certain?


Sakuya: You talk to a lot of people. I just didn’t want to risk telling you guys anything which you may need to say to others. I guess I just wasn’t trustworthy enough in your skills…and maybe now I am…


Yomi: Who in particular?


Sakuya: You know…them.


Kiyone: (guessing) Of the cult?


Sakuya: Yep…them. You see, Kuno was spreading rumors of…shall we say…me and my brother getting…shall we say…


Yomi: Please…don’t do that…it gets the vile image of doujinshi in my head and I don’t want that…


Sakuya: So you understand. Completely untrue – it was just Kuno’s way of trying to blackmail me which failed. He was still sore along with his sister about the failed takeover of the school.


Kiyone: Has Kodachi been near you?


Sakuya: No.


Yomi: So you didn’t want the occult Nyostar to know? Isn’t one of them your sister?


Sakuya: Yes, and another problem…if this were to leak, my sisters would not have been happy with me – we’re a close family the girls of sisters altogether – it’s like a chain family, we are stronger when we are linked. And recently…


(Sakuya looks like to cry)


Yomi: Oh, you know.

Sakuya: Yeah…


Kiyone: We’re sorry…


Sakuya: It’s O.K. But with Chikage-chan, being an imouto AND a member of Nyostar, it was doubly worse. The rumours that Kuno spread aren’t really something that Chikage would agree with…and with all these other people, she has some strong friends…and what they do…


(Sakuya shudders)


Sakuya: Some of those Nyostar guys have tried to pressure Chikage-chan into trying to get me to ‘confess’ as they put it. I keep saying that it isn’t true, but they seem quite insistent. It’s getting me a bit worried to be honest…


(Sakuya pauses)


Sakuya: …but in the end, what she has any right to say is none of my care or business.


(It seems that Sakuya seems a bit different to maybe the other sisters – she’s certainly a bit more mature…and perhaps not as natural friendly as some of the others.)


Sakuya: Well…they’ve pressed Chikage-chan…again and again…and it hasn’t worked, and I’m not budging on that.


(Sakuya turns and bows)

Sakuya: I thank you for your time…


(Before the detectives have a chance to stop her, Sakuya’s runs off. Whilst not quite as fast as Mamoru, Sakuya is quite quick, and the detectives are left in her dust. Both Kiyone and Yomi are athletic, but they realise they can’t catch her.)


Kiyone: Damn…she is a problem.


Yomi: (Sarcastic) Maybe that’s how Yomiko saw it when she dealt with her…


Kiyone: Not now…not in the mood…


Yomi: Whatever. She wouldn’t tell us everything, we can’t help her. End of story.


Kiyone: Wonder if her speech is making her victimised?


Yomi: Victimised? Wait…


Kiyone: Huh?


Yomi: Maybe she’ll be a victim…for what I don’t know, but if people believed those rumours, you know a religious cult won’t exactly…


Kiyone: As much as I hate to admit it, that’s a good point. Come on, let’s get back.


(Yomi nods as the two rivals head back with the info they got…)


·        At the Great Library, Yomi and Kiyone found out about the mysterious death of Yosho Misaki. Sabotage by the Kunos? They suspect it…but suspect Taeko Minazuki seemed to hear them and run out. Not long after, two envelopes appear.

·        The press conference wasn’t the main issue – that was when Jet and Mamoru were called over to Candy Mansion, where as they suspected, Kodachi was behind the attacks of the sisters. Arima explained a new lead – he was going to confront Kuno on the night of the murder, but someone knocked him out. Also, suspects Mirielle, Nabeshin, Izumi and Sousuke were all there too.

·        Sakuya contacted the detectives and met – explaining the rumors between her and Kuno and the rumor he threatened to spread. She seems scared of Nyostar, which includes her sister Chikage.


(All in all, a day and a half…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: (serving mango and papaya pancakes for dessert) So basically that chick has a screw loose?


Kiyone: (nods) I actually think she has been in a relationship with her brother – sick as it sounds – it would show why she’s afraid of Nyostar. If she was telling the truth, then why is she scared?


Mamoru: Well, all the girls are being targeted…and by Kodachi. I’m amazed that they haven’t arrested her. Maybe she’s on the run….


*   *   *   *




(…three hours after Mamoru said that, let us cut over to Kodachi, who seems to have been in hiding. She is on top of a tree, and is waiting for someone or something…)


(…on cue, a black car (not a limo) heads down towards Kodachi…as the driver’s window opens.)


Jing: What is it?


Kodachi: Let me in. Now.


Jing: (sighs) I can’t believe you’re on the run. Why?


Kodachi: Never mind!


Kir: You heard the lady!


Jing: Sometimes Kir I wonder what you see in certain women…


(Jing eventually lets her in as the two drive down the pathway, as Kodachi is making directions…)


Kodachi: Down this road…I don’t have much time…


Jing: Time for what?


Kodachi: Time to get rid of this disgusting sister life for all – the heathen detectives and some of your cult friends stopped me from getting one of them…


Jing: Getting? I don’t understand…


Kodachi: I’ve been trying to get rid of all this filth – but one of you guys seems to save them…


Jing: Hold it…YOU are the one poisoning the girls?


Kodachi: (laughs) Well…why else am I directing you down here? That hotel is there and that girl’s natural beauty really sickens me – she worse than most…almost as bad as that blue haired child I tried to g…


Jing/Kir: (screaming) WHAT?!!!


(That outburst actually takes Jing out of control of the car and he skids off the road, nearly crashing into a lorry. He hits a lamppost as the windows smash…)


(Shot of Kodachi in the back seat, coughing up blood…)


Kodachi: (coughs) Dammit Jing…you’re part of this aren’t you?


(No response.)


Kodachi: Jing, where are you, you brat?


(No response…but there is someone else taking an interest in Kodachi’s bursts of anger…)


The trademark red camera flashes as someone slowly sneaks up to the car.


Kodachi: Jing, where are…


Suddenly Kodachi realises she’s face to face…with the person who killed her brother.


Kodachi: YOOOU…






And now…like brother…like sister…


*   *   *   *




(It isn’t long before the team hear about this…and Jet makes a wry comment about something Haruka told them…)


Jet: And that makes the four not so innocent…


(On the other hand, Kiyone seems pleased…)


Kiyone: I don’t have any remorse for her – she tried to kill an 8 year old girl.


(Yotsuba has called them to say they are collecting evidence – and the team will be looking through it tomorrow)


*   *   *   *