*   *   *   *


DAY 14 – 8.20AM


(It’s officially two weeks in the house for the half-time six and definitely they are no closer to catching the killer than when they started. But in this early morning, assessing everything is quite a good thing to do – and they still have much to talk about…)


(A shot of Yomi and Kiyone note-making. We see Jet and Mamoru in the kitchen…no sign of Yomiko or Ohjiro.)


Yomi: So we have Urumi and Mirielle arrested…


Kiyone: …no calls in the night – both good and bad, we had a decent sleep but if something happened, we pretty much clear those two.


Yomi: And we had a sister poisoned….


(Kiyone tenses up…)


Yomi: Kiyone?


Kiyone: I really want to catch the person who did that, and if it was Kodachi, get me on the next injuiry with her so I can…


Ohjiro: Easy Kiyone.


(Shot of Ohjiro with Yomiko heading in, seems the two were the last up – but they seem awake – talking perhaps?)


Yomi: Morning sleepyheads.


Yomiko: (noticing Kiyone) Yeah…


(Kiyone wisely avoids her glare as in the kitchen, Jet and Mamoru talk about their differences…)


Jet: It’s just that you chose to go against us in a counter-alliance and it failed, so why bring it up now?


Mamoru: (sighs) I don’t know. Maybe I was being a jerk or something, or maybe the game has been too stressful…


Jet: It has for all of us.


Mamoru: It came to a head – I realised that despite Shizuka going – I was happy I was still here. I guess that’s all how it comes to – no matter what friendships and alliances we make – we are in it to win for ourselves.


Jet: (slowly) You’re right…


Mamoru: (nods) Anyway, hot cakes ready…no bell peppers this time…


Jet: Sorry, force of habit…


(Back in there…they now talk about another suspect…Jing.)


Ohjiro: He scared off Kodachi when she was threatening Kaho…


Yomiko: …and appears to stop Urumi and Mirielle killing each other. It seems kinda off y’know…


Yomi: Well, remember the first killer clue?


Yomiko: I should…I was there. It was the sisters.


Yomi: Right, now remember Nabeshin said that a lot of the townspeople were close to at least one sister…now keep this in mind with the clues we got about Sakuya recently…


(Yomi shows her notes…)


Yomi: The one connected with Sakuya is Urumi.


Jet: But…she isn’t connected with Nyostar right?


Ohjiro: She’s smart enough to find things out though – and with her connection to Taeko…


Mamoru: A clue or a good bluff?


(The team wonder this out early on…when they’ve got another day worth of inquiries to do…no people for the wicked…)


*   *   *   *




(9am comes along – and Yotsuba enters without her usual chirp, cheer or instead checkii. She is very upset obviously about something that happened the other day…)


Yotsuba: Morning.


(A bit of silence…)


Yotsuba: (sighs) I will report that Marie is fine – she didn’t suffer any ill effects from the attempted poison and whatever Taeko did, it saved her life. On the other hand, it was against policy and I could have charged her, no matter how difficult…but Nabeshin paid the charges for what I could have done immediately.


(The team note that down – Nabeshin has been coming into his own recently and is a big suspect.)


Yotsuba: However, forgive my language, I’m a little pissed off about Marie nearly dying as you can understand…so if I’m not at my best, sorry.


Ohjiro: Yotsuba, we all are in agreement that we feel Kodachi Kuno had something to do with this.


Yotsuba: (nodding) Nabeshin seemed to think that as well.


Ohjiro: Should we get a warrant on her?


(Yotsuba has a cute face, even when pissed. Here, she just looks mad…)


Yotsuba: As much as I’d like to agree, we have no evidence…yet. We’ve got the video evidence to come in a couple of days so I hope that will be good enough to try and prove…but despite yours, mine and Nabeshin’s suspicions, there is no evidence to Kodachi – and as much as I don’t want to quote Sousuke, it may just be a coincidence.


(The team, especially Kiyone, seem upset about that.)


Yotsuba: However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find more information out. And everything about the clues recently seems to involve me and my sisters…and frankly, it’s starting to freak me out. I want us to stop this now in case something really does happen. If Kodachi is a killer, could one of us – specifically Marie – be this innocent girl involved with this ritual stuff?


Jet: Chikage surely wouldn’t allow that – besides, it seems to suggest that the innocent would be killed last…not that’s any comfort mind you.


Yomi: Also, Kodachi hates the cult.


Yotsuba: Valid points…but she could still know about it – a perfect way for revenge by imitating the cult she hates.


(Despite her young age and annoying demeanour, Yotsuba again proves she is indeed, a good detectives as her fellow crime busters take note of that.)


Yotsuba: So, first…we find Nabeshin. We need to know about this incident with Kuno’s dad. What happened in their past and any other knowledge…if it’s similar to what happened to Marie, we need to know. Mamoru, Ohjiro, handle it.




Yotsuba: Team 1 – we’ve kept up with prime suspects in these two days, and today you’ll handle another one. You’ve got two separate cases to deal with – first, I want you to go to the tennis club where Izumi Himuro is. Apparently, she and Kagome have made up, but with her being so suspect…her being Izumi…we can’t be too careful. I want you to interview Izumi and learn about her access to the lightning ball weapon which we seem to agree is the murder weapon and about her relationship with Jing in particular. They could be in cahoots…




Yotsuba: Secondly, you’ve got two people you need to talk to. A certain Urumi Kanzaki and Mirielle Bouquet who need to be given a good talk to…




Yotsuba: Guys…get this done. One step at a time, but make them quick steps…


(The guys and girls get ready for another dreadful day…keeping in mind the vote is tonight as well…)


*   *   *   *


Ohjiro: The air is changing…and I don’t like the smell of it…


Yomiko: Prophecy…or the words of an Angelic Layer master?


Ohjiro: Both…


(Shot as he and Mamoru enters the van…)


Yomiko: I’ll keep your trust in mind.


(Earlier in the morning…)


Ohjiro: Just keep the faith Yomiko…


(Shot of the two in the corridor as Yomiko seems a bit depressed after Kiyone’s words yesterday…)


Yomiko: I will…


Ohjiro: Don’t worry. I won’t vote for you if that’s a comfort.


Yomiko: (smiles) I’ll take anything at the moment.


(Back in the present, we hear Jet grumbling about the lack of room inside the van whilst Kiyone screams at him not to touch anything funny…Yomiko chuckles as she heads inside herself…)


*   *   *   *




(Despite Jet’s fumbling, they make it to the Tennis Club in one piece…and are greeted with a nice sight.)


Kiyone: Awww…


(Kiyone’s gruffness fades at the sight of Hinako-chan looking at the flowers outside the club, holding tomboy sportsgirl Mamoru’s hand. Fortunately, no male Mamoru this time to get me confused.)


Hinako: Hina-chan likes these…maybe Hina-chan takes these to Marie-chan…


Mamoru: Yes, I think Marie would be happy…


Kiyone: Morning…


(The two girls look up as they see the detectives (and Jet has another cuteness alert – didn’t he learn from the Azu leg of Anime-mazing Race?), Hinako waves as Mamoru bounds up to them.)


Mamoru: Yo! You still here?


Kiyone: Yes…unfortunately.


Mamoru: Yeh, Izumi-néchan is getting more grouchy by the day…it would be normal…but she usually plays tennis to get her aggression out…


Yomiko: Um…do you mind if I stay here and talk to Hinako-chan whilst you help my fellow comrades into dealing with Izumi?


Kiyone: (whispering) Hey, what are you doing?


Yomiko: (whispering) You want her to listen in on what we may say?


(Yomiko just owned Kiyone as Yomiko points out the separation of suspects – and indeed in this case, children. Kiyone sighs.)


Kiyone: Very well…me and Jet got the experience anyway.


(Kiyone just had to get that stab in. Hinako of course doesn’t get any of it and instead bounds away…)


Yomiko: Hinako-chan, want me to show you how to make paper butterflies and make them fly?


Hinako: Wai! Wai! Hina-chan want to see, let me see, see!!!


(Mamoru puts a hand to her forehead as Yomiko does her child minder for the day whilst Mamoru leads Jet and Kiyone to the lion’s den.)




*   *   *   *




(Yostuba has told them that he is expected to be at Nabe’s hole – probably working on frustration. The two young men discuss Nabeshin’s motives…)


Mamoru: His motives seem a little out of place don’t you think? Complete off the record from everyone else…


Ohjiro: Maybe that’s what he had in mind…if he did do it…


Mamoru: Do you think he did?


(Ohjiro is silent…and then they hear a battle cry…)


Nabeshin: KYAH!


(We can see Nabeshin going Goku on us, focusing his chi around – blasting small rocks using his hands, feet and even hair…before focusing back on an easel…with the Kuno family altogether…)


Nabeshin: NA-BE-HAM…


(…an energy ball forms in his hands…)


Nabeshin: …MEEEEE….


(…it grows and then…)


Nabeshin: HAAAAA!!!!


(Nabeshin unleashes a beam of energy very similar to another anime attack (can’t remember for the life of me which one…) and smashes the easel with the Kunos on it.)


Ohjiro: Wow.


Mamoru: He doesn’t need a weapon…


(Do they suspect something now? Nabeshin turns…)


Nabeshin: Ah…didn’t know you were here. Sorry to had to see that gentlemen.


Ohjiro: That’s O.K…but we did come here to ask you a few things…especially in relation…


Nabeshin: …to yesterday? Sure…


*   *   *   *


(Someone definitely makes a helpful impression with Team 1…the least likely person there…)


Yomiko: So…you like Izumi then?


(Hinako nods, her little pig-tails bouncing up and down)


Hinako: Mmmm – she helps Hina-chan out whenever Hina-chan gets upset…like with Marie-chan…


Yomiko: I think I understand young lady. Is there anything you can tell me about Izumi?


Hinako: Sure…she likes tennis and baseball…Hina-chan isn’t big enough yet, Mamoru-chan is very good though…and Izumi-tama has gone back to being good friends with Kagome-chan…she’s also quite nice to my Jing-tama…


Yomiko: Jing-tama? Oh Jing…


Hinako: Mmmm! Hina-chan will marry Jing-tama one day!


Yomiko: Well, I can’t deny he isn’t handsome…(chuckles and pats Hinako on the head…)…I’m sure you will dear.  Is there anything you can tell me about these two? Auntie Yomiko will listen.


Hinako: Izumi-chama and Jing-tama always go out somewhere…with that glasses girl…you know, the one that’s like Kaho-chan…


Yomiko: Kaho-chan?


Hinako: My imouto! She’s a cheerleader, she’s a bit clumsy but always tries her best!


(Clumsy…but always tries her best…sound like anyone we know….)


Hinako: …and that weird man always that speaks to Rinrin-chan…the one with the metal toys…


Yomiko: Hinako-chan, there are two weird man who like to play with metal toys and speak with Rinrin. Which one?


Hinako: Hmmm…the one with the mark on his eye…a bit scary really…


(That narrows it down. Yomiko smiles.)


Yomiko: Thank you Hinako-chan…or rather would you prefer Hina-chan?


Hinako: Hina-chan likes being called Hina-chan…but also likes being called Hinako-chan!


Yomiko: (sweatdrops) O.K, Hinako-chan…shall we see Izumi now?


(Yomiko takes Hinako’s hand…as inside, the two senior detectives are having a few more problems than Yomiko had…)


Jet: Miss Himuro, we can understand why you are upset…


(We see Izumi, who by the looks of things that already broken several baseball bats and tennis racquets. She is obviously getting sick of the sight of the detectives.)


Izumi: I’m upset because you haven’t sorted this crap out! I’m upset of everything that has happened…I’m upset that my family is now implied with Ling-Pha’s death…I’m upset that your mistakes have made my life a living hell and nearly ruined my friendship with Kagome…


Mamoru: Izumi-néchan, please stop!


Izumi: Mamoru-chan, stay out of this…


Mamoru: Izumi-néchan, you helped me with the school…you stopped Kuno then – they don’t think you did it…you are a good person…


(We see Mamoru crying…)


Mamoru: Nabeshin…he helped us…he was the start…but Izumi saved me – she’s my sempai, my friend, my sister…she WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS!


(At that moment, Yomiko and Hinako appear in the doorway…)


Yomiko: Ummm…


Hinako: Izu…


(Seeing Hinako, Izumi drops to her knees and collapses…)


Izumi: (looking at her hands, stained with her own blood from a bit too much anger) What have I done?


Jet: I’m sorry to ask…but because of this thing with the foiled takeover of the school…maybe that’s why Kodachi got upset…


Kiyone: (whispering) Maybe Kodachi killed Ling-Pha not because of the shares and business…but because she helped Mami out…


Yomiko: But it’s another reason why Kodachi would want revenge on the sisters…


Kiyone: If it is her…


(Kiyone clenches her fist in anger…)


Kiyone: I want to solve this as well…


(The trio excuse themselves as they think they failed…until Yomiko says she got some info from Hinako.)


Yomiko: I guess when I fail it’s fine but…


Kiyone: …oh shut up.


(Yomiko looks smug as Jet sighs in disappointment.)


Jet: After that and you two, prison seems a much more viable option…


*   *   *   *


(Back with Team 2, they’ve been on a talk with the mighty Nabeshin, and have managed to successful begin speaking about his relationship with the Kunos…)


Nabeshin: Basically, whilst working in the Forces, I was known as the ‘ninja commando’ from hell. A Japanese General who learned his trade from the mightiest monks that F City had to offer….


(You may sweatdrop now…)


Nabeshin: …and with special armed forces training which totalled over 15 years. Making my step to General was a good thing for my career…until I became the superior of one Taachi Kuno.


Mamoru: A private?


Nabeshin: A private sleazebag is more like it. He never actually as far as I remember did any work – despite the fact he was 5 years older than me – he acted like a child most of his time…and he loved to make lives miserable, especially mine…


Ohjiro: Seems like he gave you a chip on the shoulder…


Nabeshin: It came to a head when my fiancé Kumikumi  was struck with a mysterious illness which eventually was known as a former of paralysis poisoning which made the victim suffer before putting them into a coma…you have no idea how scared I was when Taeko’s magic stuff made Marie relax – I thought she was…


Mamoru: And what happened to your fiancé…


(Nabeshin remains quiet…)


Mamoru: Oh…sorry…


Nabeshin: It’s O.K…I learned to live it. I never learned to forgive though – him and the entire bastardization known as the Kuno family. Because of this, I aligned myself to the Kuno’s biggest rival – Ling-Pha Wong.


(A bit of silence before Nabeshin continues…)


Nabeshin: Lesser of two evils really. Ling-Pha came through for me once during the school saga.


???????: The saga which finally ended your revenge on Taachi…but now it seems you wish for more blood.


(A shot as Nyostar leader Chikage and cheerleader Kaho enter Nabe’s hole. Kaho seems a bit scared and clutches onto Chikage’s side.)


Kaho: Chikage-chan, why are we here?


Chikage: We are here because we need to be…and considering everything that has happened, I wonder if Mr. Nabeshin can tell us anything.


Nabeshin: Dammit…was wondering when you would get to me…


Chikage: Whilst I cannot disclose anything…I know you know more information than other ‘non-members’ have – and I believe you witnessed one of our secrets yesterday…albeit a secret which has a very good cause.


Nabeshin: You’re not going to castrate me or anything? Besides, what about your little sisters?


(Chikage gives a glare to Nabeshin which kinda of answers that.)


Chikage: Sorry…


Nabeshin: …yeah…


(Whilst this is going on, Kaho has gone over to the detectives. Yomiko hit a home run with Hinako’s help, maybe Kaho can do the same.)


Chikage: But I am intrigued about your thirst for revenge…do you want to eradicate the whole family? Kentaro too? For your benefit or…


Nabeshin: Hey, you’re going too far little missy! That’s a direct accusation and I won’t stand for it! Why would I even want to take out that sissy boy?


Mamoru: I think we should…


Chikage: (chuckles) Oh don’t worry. He can’t do anything.


Nabeshin: Really?


(Nabeshin’s hair glows yellow again…)


Nabeshin: You really want me to…


(Suddenly, an aura of wind surrounds Chikage, her hair flowing up as her signature tarot cards circle around her like a shield…)


Chikage: Maybe I should use what someone did to Kuno…the death card…


Nabeshin: (a little intimidated) What demon are you?




(Kaho’s shrill voice breaks both of their concerntration levels as they revert to non-destructive levels.)


(We see Ohjiro in front of Kaho – insert Ohjiro protecting 12 year old girls joke here – as Kaho clings onto his sleeve…)


Chikage: For respect for Kaho-chan, I won’t do anything more.


Nabeshin: Like wise…


Ohjiro: (to Mamoru) What has Kaho got to do with Chikage?


Mamoru: Aside from being her sister?


Ohjiro: Seriously…(whispering)…maybe she’s under some control – it is magic after all…


(Chikage smiles…did she hear that?)


Nabeshin: I’ll say it once more – I was the one that helped you guys to start with when that bastard tried to take over the school…why didn’t you stop it? With your power…


(Chikage smiles again.)


Chikage: Kaho, let’s go.


Kaho: Ummm…right…


(We see the two girls leave as Nabeshin, Ohjiro and Mamoru all look confused.)


Mamoru: Weird…


*   *   *   *




(A trip to the ferry for Team 1 as the tensions between Kiyone and Yomiko make Jet begin to understand Spike’s dislike for women. In all seriousness, they are unsure what to make of the prison visit.)  


Jet: How do we deal with these guys?


(Silence between the two girls…)


Jet: (groans) So we stay quiet – very well, better than any other option…


(After the necessary precautions, the trio head in – Jet still probably more of a babysister than a detective…but they are not too surprised when they see Urumi in front of a cell, looking surprisingly comfortable.)


Urumi: The only reason I haven’t broke out yet is because I was waiting for you guys…


Jet: You could do that?


Urumi: Maybe…but I’m getting released anyway.


Jet: Huh?


Kiyone: I think what you did is known as ‘attempted assault…’


Urumi: I think what I did is known as ‘being part of a rich family.’ Oh, and I’m only 14 helps as well.


(Urumi’s evil smirk resurfaces…as does Mirielle Bouquet, who is accompanied by two guards.)


Urumi: Ah, guess she got off somehow…


Guard 1: From what we understand it was Urumi who threw the first attack.


Urumi: Nonsense…little ol’ me?


Mirielle: If you recall Miss Kanzaki, that I never fired at you – I only spoke to you. You just assumed the worst.


Urumi: Well, what did you expect? I’ve already had Kentaro try to kill me – the fact that you are on my tail doesn’t exactly help my trust fund.


Yomiko: Well…you guys seem able to get out all these situations without a tap on the wrist…


Urumi: Oh, believe me. This place has so many secrets – but it’s not like people always get away with their crimes.


Mirielle: That is one thing I’ll agree with you.


Urumi: (chuckles) I’d keep an eye on anyone around here Miss Bouquet.


Mirielle: I’d suggest that as well.


Urumi: And tell Sousuke not to be so obvious when he’s re-inputting any hits on me…


(Mirielle remains silent)


Urumi: (school girl voice) Oh, was I right? Please tell me I was right? I sure how I was right…


Mirielle: (smiling) Maybe you are just delusional…


Urumi: Oh…I’m NEVER wrong Miss Bouquet. Maybe you should realise that.


Mirielle: You are fortunate that I’m only allowed to strike for payment…


Jet: Hey, ladies…I suggest we don’t say that here if you want to be in these cells any time soon again…


Urumi: Oh, I don’t think it will matter. Everything is going bad…first Izumi, then Taeko…and now I heard from the police about Marie’s near fatal poisoning…


Mirielle: (not realising) What?


Urumi: Oh, you know those 13 girls? Someone poisoned the one sick in the hospital…I met her briefly when Kentaro attacked me. Nice girl – bright as well, not as bright as me obviously but certainly no Kunio…


Mirielle: Do you know…who…


Jet: We have a strong suspect…but we can’t divulge the information for obvious reasons.


Mirielle: (slowly) I see…


Urumi: Well, I wait until I’m out of this stand. I promise I’ll be good from now on Mr. Coppers!


Kiyone: Why don’t I believe that


Mirielle: I suggest you guys worry about your own problems – and sort this out.


Yomiko: Why did you go after Urumi?


Jet: We can get your statements anyway so I suggest you say now.


Mirielle: I wanted a word. Nothing more.


Yomiko: So why the weapon?


Mirielle: I ALWAYS carry my weapon. It’s part of the job – part of the parcel – part of the package. I’m licenced so you can’t touch me.


Jet: But licensed in what?


Mirielle: I’m just licensed.


(It seems most of the police surrounding them are a bit on edge of Mirielle as she prepares to head out. They confirm that Urumi will be leaving in one hour as the detectives notice the awful amount of tension between everyone. It could be a comparison to the detectives themselves in a few hours…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the house, any thoughts of relaxation are ended with Yomiko and Kiyone still giving each other the silent treatment…)


Ohjiro: Can you deal with them Yomi?


Yomi: Sorry, this is something they’ve dug themselves into.


Ohjiro: Do you have a preference between them?


(Yomi is silent…)


Ohjiro: Ahh…


Yomi: I don’t think I should butt into their affairs Ohjiro. It’s like going into the eye of the storm.


Ohjiro: Fair enough. Have to make sure you stay alive before you meet the killer…


Yomi: Thanks a lot…


(Shot of Jet trying to catch a nap – the veteran is slowly getting tired of the case by the looks of the things (not helped by his last inquiry team-mates) – but the last two weeks have been very draining…)


Jet: I hope Ein is O.K…god knows how they’ve survived up there…


(A quick Menchi thermometer shows up on the screen with the words ‘LIKELYHOOD OF BEING EATEN?’ In brackets, ‘Ein’ is there, and the thermometer is up to 75%...it’s not a good sign for the woof-woof…)


(Mamoru meanwhile seems to be writing notes down – two pages, one half is his current suspects list – and a few crosses down, whilst on the other side seems to be his voting strategy – and he seems to focus it round Yomiko and Kiyone.)


Mamoru: Their problems may help…I’ll have to have a word with Kiyone and Ohjiro…Jet as well if I can…


(And once again, all peaceful on the western front…)


*   *   *   *




(…for an hour. Once again, the rings of the telephone end the chance of a peaceful finale to the day.)


Yomi: Lead Investigator Yomi speaking, how may I help you?


(On the phone is someone with a slight French accent…)


????: Investigators? Trouble!


(Yomi quickly puts two and two together and realises it is cleared suspect Shel.)


Yomi: Shel? What’s wrong?


Shel: Please…someone help me…


Yomi: I’ll send someone out – where are you?


Shel: Restaurant…connection…help…


(The phone cuts off.)


Yomi: I dunno what the hell was that but…


(Yomi screams for Mamoru and Ohjiro and rather than not risking the wrath of an angry Yomi (scary…) head out to the French Connection, Shel’s Restaurant…)


*   *   *   *




(The two guys head out and into the restaurant…where a similar eerie sight awaits them…)


Ohjiro: Oh my word…


(A shot of a few customers around some chairs, giving Shel some room. Shel is on his knees, cradling what appears to be a girl having a seizure. Closer look at her shows that it is his waitress and fellow cook Shirayuki, one of the 13 sisters.)


Mamoru: Shirayuki!


(Shel sees them as tears are in this mighty warrior’s eyes…)


Shel: (crying) Who did this to her?


Ohjiro: Call a hospital!


Shel: Someone cut the lines…one of the customers has used a mobile phone or whatever they are called, but it’s not going to make it in time…she’s near dead…


(Indeed, her cheeks are matching the colour of her beautiful hair and her eyes are shut, coughing with small hinges of blood on her lips.)


Shel: What can I do?


(This is one instance that the detectives are a loss for words. They don’t know what to do…Ohjiro quickly thinks.)


Ohjiro: Call Taeko – she can help…


Mamoru: It would take too long…


????: Not necessary gentlemen.


(Shot of someone who seems to be all over this episode, Jing, entering the restaurant like a cowboy. Jing goes over to where Shel is (who seems apprehensive at first) and puts his hand to Shirayuki’s cheek.)


Jing: This is serious…normal medicine won’t work…hold on a second…


(Jing steps back as he pulls someone from his sleeve, a pouch.)


Jing: This is used for the serious cases…


(From the pouch, Jing unearths some dust and some black stuff which he puts in his mouth. He puts the dust into a glass and puts the black stuff into his mouth which he begins to chew. He asks for some water which he gets and puts it in the glass which he mixes the dust. He then puts a bit of the water into his mouth…)


(Jing then goes over to the near death Shirayuki…he makes a ‘gomen’ motion before he then kisses her! Of course, it’s not actually a kiss – it’s a feeding technique as what he put in his mouth passes down to her.)


(Jing releases as the team and Shel look on.)


Shel: What was that?


Jing: The black item was solidified black elixir – it works when chewed with saliva but in these cases, I needed the extra power of the enchanted dust as well. All healing properties when you know how to use them. Now we just wait.


(As they wait a moment, they get a surprise visitor…)


Yotsuba: Is she alright?!


(Yotsuba sees the detectives as Jing and Shel watch on…)


Jing: I think so now.


Yotsuba: What happened?


Mamoru: She was at death doors – Jing used some complex elixir to hopefully save her…


(Hopefully soon becomes reality. Shirayuki’s cheeks turn from purple…to red. (Jing you ladies man!)  Jing feels her face once more and smiles.)


Jing: She’s warm – she’s be O.K. Wipe the paleness and the blood Shel-san, I don’t think I should have shown such a technique in front of so many people…so I’ll be taking my leave.


Shel: Uh…sure. And thank you sir.


Jing: Not a problem.


(As Jing leaves, Shirayuki’s eyes slowly open…)


Shirayuki: Sh-el-san?


(He doesn’t reply, he just hugs her tightly…O.K, not too tightly as he’d probably crush the 14 year old…but it’s still sweet.)


Yotsuba: (crying) Thank goodness…


Ohjiro: Are you O.K?


Yotsuba: (nods) I’ve still got a job to do…it’s just getting a bit scary with everything happening. I may just station some police officers around all of the girls areas so nothing can happen. I’ll talk to Shel about how it happened and meet you guys back at the house so I can explain.


Mamoru: Right.


(The two guys leave Yotsuba to do her thing (we see her clutching Shirayuki’s head as they leave) as another sister nearly fell victim to a poisoning. As they leave, we notice hiding on the side – is Sousuke…)


*   *   *   *




Yomiko: So she’s all right?


Mamoru: Yeah, pretty much. Yotsuba looks really freaked out though…


Yomi: Understandable. Her friends and family are being victimised all of a sudden. She could be next as well…


Jet: It sucks to be honest.


Kiyone: I thought you didn’t like cute girls…


Jet: I never said I didn’t want them to die at the hands of a ruthless person did I?


Ohjiro: Well…whatever the situation, I think we need to find out who is doing this…and if this person is the killer of the other people or not…


Yomi: The video evidence will be here soon – we’ll hopefully know for sure…


(Tensions are trying to be held – after all the vote will happen in a few hours – and with the uncertainty of the Yomiko/Kiyone situation, it’s hard to contemplate…but with just 6 people left, let’s see who they think the killer is at this stage…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: At the moment, I think Sousuke is the killer. He’s got the experience to take out people and has a possible murder weapon. He has the sabotage and sneak skills to do various things around here – he is linked with Nyostar as well – and we know that he doesn’t have an alibi for the night in question.


Kiyone: At the moment, my suspect for the killer is Urumi. I never trusted her from the start and despite her not being linked with the shares or Nyostar too much, she’s smart enough to know what she wants and how to copycat perhaps? Maybe she is using Taeko to know the rituals and then frame her…


Mamoru: I currently think it’s Mirielle. I think that these shares and Nyostar things are more of a ruse concocted by Miss Bouquet to try and frame others. She has the skills – I think she may have found a way to take Kuno out my making it look like someone else had – she is a professional after all.


Yomi: I’m strongly thinking it’s Izumi. She has connections with Nyostar and motives for revenge on Kuno and Ling-Pha. She has access to the flamethrower and also, whilst unsure, could easily access Jing’s ability to Kir Royale I think as well. Plus she has the easiest access to the cause of deaths – the lightning ball.


Ohjiro: After today, my suspicion is on Jing. I don’t think the poisoner and the killer are the same person, hence Jing saving Shirayuki. He has access to two murder weapons and via Izumi could get the lightning ball. Him being a thief and part of Nyostar also helps his suspicion.


Yomiko: I’m trying hard to see if I’m crazy, but for some reason, I do think Taeko committed the murder. She has the biggest motive of everyone and combined with her cult following, she has a lot of power than I think anyone expects to do the dead. She may have double bluffed that confession to put us off her lead – and she has easy access to a murder weapon…


*   *   *   *




(It’s risk time as Yotsuba enters – obviously a bit drained – 6 people left as the game slowly is beginning to conclude. Are our detectives still hot on the trail or is it dying out? Yotsuba greets the team before she starts out on business.)


Yotsuba: A good evening/night to you all.


(The detectives greet her back as Yotsuba explains the situation with what happened with Shirayuki…)


Yotsuba: Shel said that he found nothing unusual, but he admits that someone could have easily snuck in and poisoned Shirayuki’s tea whilst she was on her break. The person that we suspect doing this as well WAS at the restaurant prior to Shirayuki feeling unwell…


Jet: Kodachi Kuno.


Yotsuba: That’s right…I feel we have enough evidence to go through a warrant – which is what I did. Sorry I acted without asking you guys, but these are my sisters we’re talking about…I have to take drastic actions.


(Yotsuba takes out a tape)


Yotsuba: This is a recorded part of a conversation that Kodachi Kuno had with Ryo Saeba. Here is what we’ve got…)


(Yotsuba puts the tape in the tape player which she then plays.)


Ryo: …so you are claiming that your appearance there was a coincidence?


Kodachi: This is absurd! Why would you accuse me of such attempts at removing garbage? It’s not my style…


Ryo: So you DO have a style? We have witnessed to a similar incident nearly 5 years ago involving a Mr. Nabeshin – care to comment about that?




Ryo: Huh?


Kodachi: He claimed that my daddy tried to poison his fiancé, and because of that stupid idea, you know what he did? He blew up our home and he had to move to Hawaii…so I invited him to try and take over here – and again he interfered with his ‘friends’…and then when he returned to Hawaii...he hired some assassin to not kill him, but pretty much…


Ryo: That is fabricated – Nabeshin was cleared of all charges and you know it…


Kodachi: Oh I’m sure he found some loophole…


(the message ends there)


Yotsuba: Looks like we have a new lead. Did Nabeshin assault or hire someone to assault Taachi Kuno? If he did, we know why – but is revenge against the whole family an option? And because Nabeshin was the head of the assault against him on us at the school…is she taking it out…


(Yotsuba nearly loses herself in tears…Kiyone goes up and hugs her. Despite her detective skills, she is still only 13.)


(After a few moments, the transfer girl from England recovers and continues…)


Yotsuba: I’m sorry about that. What a time to have an episode – just before another killer’s game. I don’t want to feel sorry for myself and you guys shouldn’t either – we’ve got a job to do and we need to do it…so let’s get down to it.


(Yotsuba takes the black envelope and opens it. Inside is the killer question.)


Yotsuba: O.K, for another cleared suspect – the question is “Which two people was Hinako describing during the trip at the tennis club?”


(Uh oh. Only Yomiko would know this…)


Jet: Yomiko?


Kiyone: Having to rely on Yomiko here…it wasn’t a good feeling…


(Yomiko thinks…)


Yomiko: Let’s think back…


*   *   *   *


Hinako: Izumi-chama and Jing-tama always go out somewhere…with that glasses girl…you know, the one that’s like Kaho-chan…


Yomiko: Kaho-chan?


Hinako: My imouto! She’s a cheerleader, she’s a bit clumsy but always tries her best!


(Clumsy…but always tries her best…sound like anyone we know….)


Hinako: …and that weird man always that speaks to Rinrin-chan…the one with the metal toys…


Yomiko: Hinako-chan, there are two weird man who like to play with metal toys and speak with Rinrin. Which one?


Hinako: Hmmm…the one with the mark on his eye…a bit scary really…


(That narrows it down. Yomiko smiles.)


Yomiko: Thank you Hinako-chan…or rather would you prefer Hina-chan?


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: That would be Taeko – she’s the clumsy girl with glasses…and Sousuke, the person with metal toys with the scar on his eye.


Jet: You sure?


Yomiko: Yeah…Sousuke and Taeko. It makes sense really if they are linked with Izumi and Jing.


Yomi: The core four of Nyostar.


Yomiko: Exactly.


Yotsuba: O.K, you trust her?


(Kiyone doesn’t say anything…they are just going to trust her. Yotsubsa types in the answer as they wait for the anonymous e-mail to clarify if they have it right.)




(They pat Yomiko on the head and shoulder with victory in their grasp as 9 become 8. And the cleared suspect?)




Jet: Kaji.


Kiyone: He was sneaky…helpful…extravagant…and not a killer.


Yotsuba: Correct. So now we are down to 8 as we take Kaji off the board.


(Yotsuba makes a red X through Kaji as 8 people still remain. Izumi, Urumi, Kodachi, Taeko and Mirielle on the girls side, with Sousuke, Jing and Nabeshin remaining on the boys.)


Yotsuba: Well done guys, you are down to 8. However, by tonight, you guys will be down to 5. It’s time for the vote. You know the drill by now – go to the booth in the back, put your selectee inside the envelope, leave…and hope for the best. Good luck guys.


(The team are nervous…but what will be the strategy and choice today?)


*   *   *   *




Jet: I will stick by my style and vote for Mamoru tonight – I think he’s hoping we’ll overlook him with the bickering going on. I hope he’s wrong.




Kiyone: I’ll vote for Yomiko – there is only room for 2 girls…3 spoil the broth. In a way, I’m sorry…but in others, no, not at all.




Yomiko: I will vote for Kiyone tonight – I can’t handle it with her giving me the silent treatment – at least Hideki shouted at me! But I think with her gone, things will go the way of the alliance…




Mamoru: I will continue to vote for Yomiko until she is gone – she is so strong now she’s made it this far and we need to get rid of her. The luck of the Irish has been with her – those clovers will run out though eventually.




Ohjiro: Tonight…I’ll vote for…


*   *   *   *


(As we leave you in brief suspense, Yotsuba is already counting the votes. She turns around to face the detectives.)


Yotsuba: I have the results of the group vote.


(Another brief pause…)


Yotsuba: We have a tie. Between Yomiko…


(Yomiko sighs)


Yotsuba: …and Kiyone.


(Kiyone’s eyes light up – a bit surprised. Yomi on the other hand, shows emotion as her mouth opens slightly…)


Ohjiro: …Kiyone. Mamoru I believe won’t be a threat in the end – I want to play the game and with Kiyone and Yomiko’s problems, it’s unlikely Jet will get a vote so it’s a good chance to strike at one of, if not THE strongest player in the game.






Mamoru (1) – Jet


(Yotsuba turns with a look to Yomi that says ‘sorry’ before she speaks)


Yotsuba: Yomi, in the event of a tie, the lead investigator has to break the tie. As LI, you have to do so. This will be tough so think carefully.


(It is tough – Yomi of course originally started in a friendship with Kiyone via their common interest (riddance of some certain excess baggage). However, she then became friends with Yomiko after her uncertain time in episode 2. She was the one that orchestrated the original alliance which also brought in Jet and Tsuyoshi. After that, it seemed Yomiko and Kiyone were getting along fine. However, stress and recent events have destroyed that friendship and the alliance…and now the originator must make a tough choice.)


Yomi: What can I say? Did it have to come down to this?


(Yomi sighs)


Yomi: I think I can speak for everyone here that we are all playing the game, but in different ways. The start of the game – I made friends with my room mate, Kiyone. A bit later, I made friends with Yomiko. The natural fit eventually led into an alliance – everyone knows it, that’s why I’m not afraid to say it now.


(A pause before Yomi continues.)


Yomi: Somewhere down the line, this game struck everyone, and with these two the most. Yomiko – you’ve played several killers games already and felt betrayal despite trying your hardest. Kiyone – you’ve had experience as a police officer which means you should know all of well how stressful something like this can be. However, to decide to send one of you two out…is just not good for me. However, I said at the start that everyone is playing the game their way, as am I.


(Yomi closes her eyes before saying her choice.)


Yomi: Which is why to make sure this doesn’t happen again, I will nominate Yomiko AND Kiyone to play the killer’s game. Yomiko as the tie-breaker choice and Kiyone as my LI choice.


(Both girls look shocked. Kiyone feels raged whilst Yomiko feels betrayed. Even Yotsuba seems a bit surprised…but nods.)


Yotsuba: That is your choice and you stand by it. Therefore you two ladies will be playing the killer’s game.


(Yotsuba opens the red envelope and hands the two smaller brown envelopes to the two ladies. Yotsuba doesn’t know where the killer is remember…so it’s down to luck. Yomiko has survived 3 killer’s games…can she make it a fourth or will Kiyone, on her first, ruin everything?)


Yotsuba: Kiyone?


Kiyone: Yotsuba, I’m going to the French Connection.


Yotsuba: Yomiko?


Kiyone: I will be at the Café Au Lait.


Yotsuba: Good luck – I think you will really need it.


(The two girls nod – neither glancing at each other…rather trying to bury their sights down Yomi’s glasses.)


*   *   *   *


(And it isn’t long before the ‘W’ word surfaces…)


Kiyone: Why?


(Yomi doesn’t seem too bothered by Kiyone breathes down her neck whilst she’s drinking cocoa, but does answer.)


Yomi: Like I said, I’m playing the game.


Kiyone: You were going to betray us? Betray me?


(Yomi stands up and looks Kiyone in the eyes.)


Yomi: Never. I value my friendships…but I’ve never been a winner in my life – I want to be one now, and in this game, you have to make tough decisions. If it means casting my friends, then so be it…but I never meant any harm.


Kiyone: Well, you failed at that one!


(Kiyone storms off as Yomi sighs…)


Yomi: Something tells me if she comes back I’ll be looking for another room to sleep in…


Yomiko: I won’t do what she did…but I do feel upset.


(We see Yomiko, who heard everything enter…)


Yomi: So, you going to carve me up with a paper envelope?


Yomiko: No…and in a small way I do understand…but…


Yomi: Yomiko, I saw you like I saw myself, someone who wasn’t understood…and it hurt me to do it. But I think we needed you two to separate – and this was the only way.


Yomiko: You could have…you…you…


(Yomiko realises she has no answer to that…and Yomi fortunately gets a saviour by a hand on Yomiko’s shoulder.)


Ohjiro: It was tough on her as well – can’t you see that?


(A close look of Yomi shows her glasses slightly steamed…)


Yomi: I want to win Yomiko – and I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be playing this game. But trust me, if you come back, I will welcome you in warm arms.


Ohjiro: And Kiyone?


Yomi: I may want her to cool off first. But to prove I’m not lying…


(Yomi gives Yomiko a hug which Ohjiro joins in. Outside, Kiyone (not seeing this) vents her frustration on the only person she can trust now – Jet.)


Jet: I guess…the alliance has been destroyed within the inside this time.


Kiyone: Dammit…Yomi is playing for herself.


Jet: We all are Kiyone, whether we like it or not. You are, Yomiko is, Mamoru is, and I am. It’s just she chose a more devastating way to prove it…


Kiyone: (sadly) I thought we were close…had a common bond…and Yomiko ruined it…


Jet: All I can say is that at least the two of you won’t see each other again tonight…


Kiyone: That’s not a great comfort if I’m eliminated.


Jet: Come back and I’ll understand.


Kiyone: Sure…us cops gotta stick together right?


(Kiyone smiles for the first time as Jet blushes a tad. The two high five as Kiyone heads off to prepare for the killer’s game…)


(…and as she does…)


Jet: I thought Hideki was lucky…but you…


(Shot of Mamoru watching outside.)


Mamoru: Is it luck or just a fortunate situation?


Jet: I wonder if you can hold out though.


Mamoru: I’d say so far so good…though I don’t know why you are making me feel like the bad guy…


Jet: I’m not – you’re just the luckiest guy here, that’s all.


(Jet leaves as Mamoru sighs.)


Mamoru: It wasn’t meant to be like this…


(Shot of Jet as he heads out with a smoke…)


Jet: The only real competition is Yomi – Ohjiro is good but he doesn’t take risks. Mamoru can be smart but he’s broken too many bridges, and whoever comes back tonight will be probably too preoccupied with what happened tonight to make anything good…


(Jet takes a deep puff and exhales.)


Jet: I can win this.


*   *   *   *




(We cut to the taxis – the connection on Promised, the Café at Deathtrap. The drivers will be Shirase for Yomiko when she gets there, and Kiyone will be with Kintaro. The two Shel owned restaurants are going to be where one’s life will be eventually served on the menu the next day…)


(Kiyone and Yomiko are both quiet as they leave – neither wanting to make too big of a goodbye after everything that has happened. The remaining 4, Jet, Yomi, Ohjiro and Mamoru are also quiet as they head out.)


Ohjiro: And another bickering duo will end tonight…


Jet: Yeah…this game does get stressful.


(Shot of Yomi adjusting her glasses.)


Yomi: Only if you make it happen.


*   *   *   *




Kintaro: So you’re first time out and you are a police officer? If they all look like you, maybe I should rejoin!


Kiyone: Save it for the road kid.


Kintaro: Sorry madam.


Kiyone: The last nice looking lady I saw just betrayed me…maybe the other one I know well will be a welcome relief if I get eliminated…


Kintaro: Well, good luck and may the force be with you!


Kiyone: Bad joke.


Kintaro: Sorry.




Shirase: How many times is it now?


Yomiko: 4.


Shirase: Will you get through it?


Yomiko: Oh, I’m used to it. Just never from the person I considered my best friend there…the yo-yo alliance they called it I believe…


(We can see Yomiko has a tear as well…)


Yomiko: Dammit…the alliance fell when Tsuyoshi fell – but Kiyone…damn it.


Shirase: Um…are you all right?


(Yomiko adjusts her glasses.)


Yomiko: Yeah…once I return. Whether things will be the same I can’t guarantee, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


(Shirase nods as they head off to the café.)


*   *   *   *





(We arrive just as Kiyone has witnessed the restaurant which earlier today has a nasty episode on itself. Kiyone noticed the front window has smashed and figures that this is her way in.)


Kiyone: Careful…careful…


(After a more Mihoshi-esque landing than she cared for…)


Kiyone: (for the record) Ouch…


(…Kiyone shines her torch trying to follow the map. On the floor, the stench of vomit and blood greets her – probably from Shirayuki’s seizure – not wiped off from today’s endeavours.)


Kiyone: I think I’m about to add to that…


(We can see Kiyone clutching her stomach, as she heads into the kitchen…and as he passes…)




(A selection of knives just crashed from above missing her. Kiyone indeed does retch – pressure and ugliness really cashing in…)


Kiyone: Stay frosty Kiyone…


(After a Mimura like moment (Battle Royale ref.) she heads on…)


*   *   *   *





(On the other hand, Yomiko, being on her 4th Killer’s Game – is definitely much more prepared. She’s calm as she heads to the front door. The map shows her where a key is (under the bin) so she gets it, opens the door…)


(…and her mouth opens wide.)


Yomiko: Oh dear…


(The Café has been flooded. It’s up to a persons ankles even with the door opened.)


Yomiko: Paper never is any good in water…this is a bad omen…


(Despite said omen, Yomiko drags herself over to the counter of the café, where the map says…and notices on the map to take a specific glass.)


Yomiko: O.K.


(She moves it, and a secret entry is revealed. Yomiko doesn’t think twice…)


*   *   *   *




(Kiyone is now led to a garbage area outside – as if she hadn’t been sick enough – and it’s quite a sight as all the tips out there are alight.)


Kiyone: Pollution levels – another crime the killer has now committed! (screaming) YOU HEAR ME?


(No answer. Kiyone notices the arrows are outside each tip, and it’s almost like a maze as the arrows keep leading her in circles. She has to press on…but is quite freaked out whenever she goes near a tip and the fire explodes…)


*   *   *   *




(Through the secret passage, Yomiko is led back into a coffee storage room. And it’s completely dark, so torch time for Yomiko.)


Yomiko: At least it’s the smell of coffee and not the smell of death…


(She can’t find anything specific on the map where to go, so like Kiyone, it’s a labyrinth for her to navigate.)


Yomiko: O.K…I guess I just feel the walls until I find salvation or despair…


*   *   *   *




(Kiyone has been in circles, trying to follow the arrows, but the erupting fires always make her scream.)


Kiyone: Dammit, let me off this ride!


(Kiyone continues on energy alone, before coming across a path that just leads straight. And at the top, even from a distance, she can see the flowers on the cross.)


Kiyone: The killer can claim me now…I’m too worn out.


(Kiyone heads over to the flowers and attentively touches them. She looks around, a bit nervous before looking deeper.)


(Then another flame appears…)


(…and a shriek is heard…)


*   *   *   *




(After a bit of shifting, feeling about and just plain guessing, Yomiko finally navigates the coffee bean labyrinth and finds a familiar sight, the flowers. She gets there…)


(…and hears something.)


Yomiko: Not again…


(…she feels the presence of something zooming in…)


Yomiko: What?


WE KNOW WHAT. The zooming item flies down and lands behind Yomiko.










5 TO GO.


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: Damn, that scared me…


(The erupting fire behind the flowers scared her, but at least she’s still alive. Searching the flower, she finds a single envelope.)


Kiyone: So what have we got here?


(She opens it…and her eyes widen in shock.)


Kiyone: So this is where it has been.


(It is something the team have been searching for a long time…the will. Looking at it in full, it reads the following…)


From Yosho Misaki (and again, Kiyone has to double check the name before realising the similarities…^_^)


I know something will happen. For you see, I have never trusted the Kunos – and believe they will try to destroy me. So this is a way to make sure that even after my passing, they won’t get their way. I have many trusted people on board, and this will will make sure you get your way. Thus, the shares of the gold in my estate will be separated by the following six people – the four who I trusted into the world of Nyostar – and the two who protected the people here for my benefit and their own.


(Kiyone reads the 6 names out…)


Bandit Jing

Izumi Himuro

Sousuke Sagara

Taeko Minazuki


You four keep Chikage well – she needs your protection more than ever. The other girls do as well which is why two others will be benefiting as well.


Shinichi ‘Nabeshin’ Watanabe

Mirielle Bouquet


Kiyone: Oh golly…


*   *   *   *


(The mansion is subdued, tired and anxious at the same time. We see Jet playing cards with Ohjiro, whilst Mamoru is listening to some music. Yomi is staring out the window, just waiting.)


(She doesn’t wait too much longer as she sees the van. The curtains automatically shut down as the lights dim. Everyone stops what they are doing…and await.)


(The double doors open…)


Jet: She returnth.


Kiyone: I does.


(Kiyone is back, and it’s fairly quiet. I guess it wouldn’t have mattered either way. Kiyone seems happy she is back…whereas the others may think differently. Jet seems pleased, Mamoru smiles as does Ohjiro. Yomi just has a neutral expression.)


Ohjiro: Seeing the reaction when Kiyone returned was odd. It was a bit of disappointment considering Kiyone is a strong player – but maybe they felt the atmosphere would have been better if Yomiko returned.


(Either way though…it will be interesting tomorrow…who Yomiko nominated.)







*   *   *   *


Next time on Murder Game 2…


…when another sister is targeted, Arima explains all of what happened the night of the murder in his eyes…


Arima: I went to surprise Kuno…and the next thing I knew…


The tables turn when a suspect gets into a deadly accident…




The detectives feel the pressure of a press conference…


Takashi(DN Angel): So who can you safely say you can keep off the list now?


Jet: Should we give that out?


(…and a visit to Haruka shows the yamato nadesico in real trouble…)


Haruka: …the blood has spilled. Whoever has done this


Mamoru: Haruka please…


Haruka: (coughs) I can’t hold on. P-please…


*   *   *   *


And that should give you a bit of suspense before the next ep.


Ah – Yomiko-chan. What a good way to start the notes – she survived 3 killer’s game – she was loved. She was hated. She was funny. She was dorky. She was ‘The Paper’. And she ruled.


I had to have a RoD character in – it is the law (well, Star’s law.) I’m glad I put her in as the underdog who had to overcome her early problems and ended up being strong. Shame it cost her in the end – she was nearly another Andrew, but in the end, just turned out to be another Kristen. My love for RoD immediately put RodTV in the frame for whichever reality fic I choose…until Adam told me if I want to use characters never used before from never used shows, I couldn’t…cuz Yomiko is in RoDTV and part of the same status. Damn…Anita and Hisami in a race or Maggie in a mole? Can’t do that now…nuts.


And now who will win? Who is the killer? 5 and 8 left…who can handle the pressure? Stay tuned.