Lucky seven? The 7th episode – will it be lucky for you and the detectives? Well, luck is a factor in the killer’s game – but not so for all you readers out there. How are your hard working minds going? Have you got closer to catching the dastardly villain that the killer is? (Actually, he or she may be a nice guy…Yuri was just taken by revenge – she was quite nice to some of the detectives (O.K…just Misao-chan…)…)


Anyway, getting off topic. I’m also considering my fanfic options. With work getting hectic, these chapters may be a week slower…but also I did say this was my last reality fic? Well – considering the amount of anime shows I’ve watched since I started this (Broadband is god), I definitely fancy one last stab. I’m not going to do a ‘best of’ fanfic though – but what do you guys fancy me doing?


Return to my roots and do Animole 2? Stick to what I’m good at and do a THIRD Murder Game? Or shall I do some different and do the Anime Race type format? I fancy one of these options and I’ll probably put a poll for which one you guys wish to see me do (or shall I just retire after this?).


Anyway, as always, prepare for blood and guts…preferably not your own…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2


Mamoru: JET!!!


(Mamoru was calling from upstairs as Jet staggers up himself. When he reaches Taeko’s room, he may have wished not…)


Jet: The dartboard that Greta saw…and what the…


Mamoru: Not good…


(Way back in episode 1, Greta found a dartboard with a dagger in it with Kuno’s picture. Now it is missing, with blood on it. But worse…)


(…on Taeko’s bed, is a cross with the tiger lilies a la Killer’s Game.)


Jet: Oh crap…


The recluse Taeko Minazuki staked her claim as a prime suspect – but confused detectives when she confessed it was her who killed Kuno…because a lot of things didn’t make sense.


Yomi: …so you admit to killing Kentaro Sakata as well?


Taeko: (nervously) Y-yes, I’m sorry…he was getting to nosey as well, with…erm…


Yomi: (playing double bluff) …Mahoro right?


Taeko: Y-yes?


Yomi: Oh sorry…I meant Urumi.


(Taeko stops before ‘correcting’.)


Taeko: Yes, he tried to attack Urumi and I couldn’t take that!


Yomi: So how did you kill him? (double bluff number two) Because he was found in his home with a kettle flex wrapped around his neck…you strangled him?


Taeko: Y-yes! I strangled him – I couldn’t use the flamethrower…


(Yomi nods, but she knows now she’s lying. Marie’s description suggests that the killer used the same device that he/she used against Kuno, and also he died at the hospital.)


Inside the house though, tempers and frustrations were flaring, and the slow distingration of the alliance was nearly complete…


Kiyone: Listen, we’ve been through hell now all these weeks, and you, you Mihoshi-clone, didn’t get anything?!!!


Yomiko: Hey, why take it out on just me? Besides…why are you getting so agitated now?


Kiyone: Well, I don’t care anymore! I’ve been getting frustrated with being here…


Yomiko: I bet you miss this Mihoshi really…maybe I should help you in that respect…


Kiyone: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT? We let you in with our hearts and this is how you repay us?


Yomiko: I’m sorry alright!!!


Kiyone: I never wanted you with us anyway…it was only because of Yomi that you were…


And things got even worse when the killer claimed another victim…


Ling-Pha: Wh-what is happening?


Cut to the dreaded green camera…behind Ling-Pha in the darkness…


*disorted voice* - Your end.


(Ling-Pha turns…screams…)






…but the differences cost Yomiko…but Ohjiro’s vote for Shizuka meant that the two feuding from early episodes would finally end…and the luck of the paper was on Miss Readman’s side again.


Yomi: (laughing) Yukari would love to have you around – you are so lucky!


(Shot as Yomiko Readman hugs Yomi after returning for the 3rd killer game she has been on. Jet and Ohjiro clap whilst Mamoru smiles and nods. Kiyone shows no reaction.)


Yomiko: Killer clue here, tired Paper-chan, here…







*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die

Hideaki Motsumuya – Chobits - ELIMINATED

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura - ELIMINATED

Ohjiro Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha - ELIMINATED

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh! - ELIMINATED






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory - ELIMINATED

Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro Ando – Mahoromatic - CLEARED




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano -  CLEARED

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion -

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing - CLEARED


*   *   *   *




(We show a few now quite tired faces looking through the killer clue. Whilst we are half way through detectives, we are also half and half in the sleep department. Yomiko, Ohjiro and Yomi have all gone to bed, whilst Kiyone, Mamoru and Jet are having one final look at the killer clue that Yomiko returned with.)


Jet: I think it’s safe to say that the three circled areas are the three areas where Kuno, Kentaro and Ling-Pha were killed.


Kiyone: And looking at where they are killed, you can see a pattern…


(Kiyone makes a few lines around the areas, and a triangle is made. However, they don’t see any connection…)


Mamoru: Keep in mind that with this ritual, how many deaths did Haruka say?


Kiyone: 5.


Mamoru: Me thinks we need to link those together…


Jet: But we have to make sure that those other two murders don’t happen…


Mamoru: That’s if we take on board what Haruka and Chikage are saying as the truth…


Kiyone: Trust me, I’ll believe anything now…


(Indeed, over the past two weeks, along with 3 murders, we’ve had attempted murder, thievery, jealous, possible romance and the unearthing of a secret underground cult. And trust me, there is more to come…)


*   *   *   *


DAY 13 – 8.00AM


(It’s early as per usual as the team prepare for their 9am tutorial with Professor Yotsuba. We are half way through the amount of detectives, and they’ve all had their moments to say the least.)


(Shot of the biggest person in the house, Jet Black.)


(Jet Black – the 36 year old member of the infamous Cowboy Bebop is also the oldest member of the game. Like back home, he seems to be the unofficial leader of the group, and even seems to be a father figure to some. With his police background, his experience is a real asset. He hasn’t played a killer’s game yet, meaning despite his obvious threat, his skills have obviously made a good enough impact with the team.)


(Next we see Galaxy Police Officer, Kiyone Makibi.)


(Kiyone, at 22 years old she is much more experienced in this field despite her age. Like Jet, her experience really has been vital. Unlike Jet, she hasn’t taken the calm approach in recent episodes – and the stress of the game is slowly creeping up on her. Despite this, she has managed to survive getting a killer’s game vote (though was a close call last episode) so far – can she control her temper?)


(The next shot is on the table, where Mamoru Chiba is reading through his notes whilst eating some French Toast)


(Mamoru Chiba, a 19 year old college student who has travelled to America for his studies. He’s done well to make it this far after surviving two killer’s games. Not a bad detective in the least, his main problem was getting in the wrong crowd. However, with problems in the core alliance, his safety may be looking better by the day.)


(Next is bespectacled bishoujo number one, this one with shaggy black hair and a diary in her hand.)


(Yomiko Readman, despite her young looks is aged 27, this bibliophile made the worst impression when she pretty much alienated the team by her reading habits. Because of this, she has survived more killer’s games than anyone – 3. However, that’s not because she is a bad detective – far from it – it’s just that her problems are beginning to resurface, no thanks to problems between her and Kiyone. Can she waver the paper storm?)


(Bespectacled bishoujo number 2 enters – the double cat shirt on her gives the show she is from and who she is…)


(Koyomi Mizuhara, aged 18, but better known as Yomi – this newly formed college student has been a calm force throughout the game. A part of the key alliance, she hasn’t struck a chord with anyone (though briefly survived an early scare when Mamoru and co went to go for her) – her lack of killer’s games shows that. She seems to have the respect of everyone around her and is still going strong.)


(Finally, a shot of a blue suited young man with black hair walks calmly to check on some eggs that Jet is frying up.)


(Ohjiro Mihara, the youngest remaining in the game now at 17, is known as the Nobleman of the Layer back home – and this nobleman is certainly going strong. Without a killer’s game (or even a vote) to his name (only Jet can have that claim), he has played the nice guy throughout without being idle or stupid. He’s the dark horse as he never went in an alliance – can a lone prince defeat many underlings?)


*   *   *   *


(At the moment, things are not looking good for Kiyone. Her mood at the table signifies tiredness and homesickness, not to mention stress. She ‘apologised’ for her outburst on Yomiko last episode when she and recent killer victim Shizuka messed up an inquiry – but it seems neither girl is willing to forgive or forget – especially considering their Ayeka/Ryoko eye spark like atmosphere…)


(…and with that the alliance is literally on it’s last legs. Jet, Kiyone, Yomiko and Yomi were the members…and with Shizuka gone, Mamoru now has a chance to maybe change the game…)


(…but can he convince Ohjiro to do the same?)


Mamoru: I think with the game coming to a head soon, I realise that despite the girls problems there, we still look like sitting ducks.


Ohjiro: Ducks with targets?


Mamoru: Pretty much.


Ohjiro: And Shizuka went out to quack last night.


Mamoru: Not funny…but never mind. I think if there is a chance that we can get one of the girls to our side…(thinks)…I’d say Kiyone would be the best bet…


Ohjiro: Be difficult. Despite her problems with Yomiko, Jet still has her in his pocket I’d say.


Mamoru: And Yomiko…


Ohjiro: Same, just replace Jet with Yomi and the word ‘his’ with ‘her’.


Mamoru: You guys from your place – what do they give you in your breakfast?


(Whilst a few readers back home look for the diets of Hatoko and Ohjiro – we see Kiyone herself is also worried – especially considering how Yomiko has been clinging on to Yomi recently…)


Kiyone: Last night, it was so quiet in our room – I couldn’t discuss anything.


Jet: Why not?


Kiyone: Yomiko – she’s been clinging onto Yomi for a while but since the last killer’s game, she has been attached to the hip.


Jet: You don’t say?


Kiyone: It’s just worrisome. 


Jet: Well, you two really blamed each other and voted for each other – I’m not sure that things can be the same again…


(Ohjiro seems to have one ear on that conversation and one ear on what Mamoru is saying.)


Mamoru: …so I don’t know. I think Kiyone would be easier.


Ohjiro: But what if Shizuka picks you? That means that either me or Kiyone would go out to play the killer’s game.


(Ah…hadn’t thought of that.)


Mamoru: Ah…well…I guess we see how it goes.


Ohjiro: I think plans were never your strong point were they?


Mamoru: Thanks a lot…


Ohjiro: You’re welcome.


(A shot of Yomiko and Yomi in the inquiry room shows these two seem to try and focus more on the case than of the problems in the alliance…as they discuss suspects.)


Yomiko: Half way through and I still suspect Izumi…but Sousuke is climbing up there.


Yomi: Yes, he has a possible murder weapon – and has connections with a couple of the girls. Plus he is a part of Nyostar…


Yomiko: So you don’t suspect Taeko then?


Yomi: A week ago, I would have said ‘no I don’t…’ but in the back of my mind, I have to. She’s still on this list and there is a reason for that…


Yomiko: Well…it’s a case of who to suspect from the Nyostar list and who not to…


(As the girls think, who do you suspect?)


*   *   *   *




(Before the inquiry begins, the team are a bit worried or concerned about Shizuka’s vote from beyond the grave.)


Jet: Yomi – you assuming she’ll pick Mamoru or do you think we may have got through to her?


Yomi: I dunno. We know how strong loyalties are in this game – but considering that Shizuka was upset with what was going down with him and how we helped her, you never know…


(Being lead investigator at this stage, I don’t need to explain how vital it is. With just 6 people left, getting into the next round is crucial, and an LI vote is literally a free pass into it. Interestingly enough, the three people said to be strongest (Jet, Kiyone and Yomi) haven’t had the vote yet.)


(A shot as Chief Investigator Yotsuba enters.)


Yotsuba: I am happy to say that last night was the first half-decent sleep that we could have got. No more murders, unusual circumstances or screams in the night…well, apart from Shizuka who was taken out and Yomiko who returned with the killer clue last night.


(The team nod)


Yotsuba: With that note, let’s not waste any time. Let’s first speak about Shizuka, and who she picked to be Lead Investigator for the next two days.


(Yotsuba presses a button as the Yu-Gi-Oh representative appears for the final time…)


Shizuka: Before I left, I said I was going to play my way. And even if I’m eliminated I will still do that. So I will pick someone who, despite being on opposite sides against me at times, has never hesitated to help me when necessary. This person has also surprised others with her skill in the case – so I pick Koyomi Mizuhara as the next lead investigator.


Yotsuba: Yomi?


(This is Yomi’s first chance in the chair, and thus is immune from the vote. She also has the job of picking one person to play the killer’s game for whatever reason.)


(A quick shot of Mamoru shows that he seems disappointed…it’s like he felt he got the LI spot in the bag.)


(The others on the other hand also seem in edge. Yomi is probably the most unpredictable member of the team, and is just as hard to see what she is thinking as Ohjiro is. This could get interesting…)


Yotsuba: So now we checkii the inquiries. During last night, I’ve been going through the whole case and making notes about various things we could still checkii out. We need to get to the bottom of this with half the suspects still in the game. So here are the inquiries for the day!


(Yotsuba coughs once before continuing…)


Yotsuba: With just 5 detectives heading out, we will only have two teams going out today. One team of three, and one team of two. The first team will be our team of 3 and you will be interview one of the remaining suspects…


(Yotsuba points at said suspect on her checkii sheet)


Yotsuba: …Sousuke Sagara.


(Sousuke has been an enigma of a suspect since the start of the series. One of the first to be talked to by the detectives, he is very secretive and unusual. However, it has been revealed recently about how he resigned on the day of Kuno’s murder from the services of the now deceased Ling-Pha Wong. But it seems like Ling-Pha never excepted this resignation…in fact the letter was found in her belongings after they recovered them from the mortary. Not to mention he is in possession of what the team considering a prime murder weapon (an SG Flamethrower) and he was found in the vaccinity of the area in a nearby hotel and never came back to it on the night of Kuno’s murder. To cap it off, he belongs to the illustrious Nyostar facility – this enigma now defines suspicion.)


Yotsuba: O.K, what key issue did we find last night about Sousuke?


Jet: The letter.


Yotsuba: Exactly. The letter says the following once again;


Miss Ling-Pha Wong (written on the 1st of June);


I am sorry to say that I intend to resign as my post as bodyguard – I feel that my mission in life is now on a stronger calling. I expected you to honour my wishes, otherwise you may regret so. I don’t want civilians in a part of this if unnecessary.


Best regards,


Sergeant Sousuke Sagara.


Yotsuba: We know it was written on the day of Kuno’s murder. How significant is that? Find out from Sousuke about it…if you can. Trust me, the guy hangs around my best friend a lot…and he’s not exactly an easy talk. Also, ask about how he came to be in possession of the videotape which had the conversation of imouto Sakuya-chan and the deceased Kuno – let’s see what else…oh yes! How this relates to the shares if possible as well, and his links with Nyostar and how Ling-Pha’s attempt of building a metropolis affected that.


(Yotsuba turns to Yomi.)


Yotsuba: Yomi, pick a team of three.


Yomi: O.K…Jet, Kiyone…and Yomiko.


(Unpredticable or predictable? Either way – hell fire could explode as neither girl seems happy as Jet gives Yomi a ‘why me’ look? Anyway, Team 1 will consist of Yomiko, Kiyone and Jet who will interview Sousuke Sagara, one of 9 remaining suspects.)


Yotsuba: That leaves, by default, Ohjiro and Mamoru as Team 2. We’ve got one of the two men we know associated with Nyostar – so we want you guys to go for the other one – a certain Jing, (James Bond voice) Bandit Jing.


(Blank stares)


Yotsuba: (sighs) You guys don’t know James Bond? That was the main reason why I went to England in the first place! How do you think I got my detective skills?


(I think the silent reaction from both detectives and readers is enough to regard that statement.)


Yotsuba: Ahem…anyway. There has been an issue that has been bothering me for a while…






(Jet gets ready to try and block whatever Kodachi is trying, as the gymnast jumps in the air, intending to attack the detectives…)


(…however, almost lazily, Jing jumps even higher than the gymnast and from behind her, grabs her arms and in a nasty move, pins her to the floor, winding the sister of victim Tatewaki…)


Kodachi: Ow…you heathen brat, you are so fired!


(end flashback)


Yotsuba: If you’ve noticed with both bodyguards of the Kunos, they seem to be on and off with Kodachi – and despite Kodachi saying that, Jing has been there and there abouts still doing his job. Maybe with her knowing the link maybe between him and Nyostar…she may be afraid of him – especially considering that he was the one who stopped her from attacking the detectives.


(The teams nod)


Yotsuba: But now we know that Heero wasn’t at the mansion at the time of the murder, he was spending I suppose some quality time with my partner in crime Rinrin. What we also know was Jing was there – supposedly on his break – when the crime was committed. This left the place almost defenceless. Was Jing that lapse? Did he know of Heero going? I want you to talk to him about that, and also with similar things like with Sousuke, like the shares and Nyostar, and about the will of the man that Kuno took over, Yosho.


(Kiyone gets an eye open at that…[heh heh]…but shrugs it off.)


Yotsuba: Oh, also, talk about his relationship with Izumi. We never got to see these two together after the incident of the 18-30 Club, but I have to wonder if it is just friends or something closer…


(As we wonder if Yotsuba is just a hopeless romantic in a cunning disguise, the teams prepare for their inquiries. Two key suspects, two teams…and plenty of anarchy.)


*   *   *   *


Jet: I’m sure there is more that we’ve got to do. It seems there is always a little surprise ready and waiting for us after we’ve done the main one.


Ohjiro: That’s true…er…where are your partners?


Mamoru: They took off?


Jet: Well…


(Shot of Kiyone first with Yomi…)


Yomi: …so you can sort yourselves out…


(…and then with Yomiko)


Yomi: …so you can try and straighten things out…


(Needless to say what the girls were talking to the Azumanga brainbox. Both girls leave with a concerned look, the kind of look which says ‘I’m not convinced’ but as they return, Jet seems to re-iterate the issue, work together and realise why we made an alliance in the first place.)


*   *   *   *


(And speaking of alliances, Mamoru again re-iterates the idea of him and Ohjiro beginning an alliance, and with Kiyone on their side, they now would have the advantage because…)


Mamoru: …with Yomi the LI, we can get Kiyone on our side and make it three to two in our favour.


(Ohjiro seems contemplative of the idea…either that or he’s just being silent…)


Mamoru: So?


(Ohjiro thinks for a bit more, and gives his answer.)


Ohjiro: And if that was the case, then Yomi would vote for one of us anyway. We eliminate Jet or Yomiko – who do you think Yomi would go for?)


Mamoru: Well…


Ohjiro: Exactly.


Mamoru: Maybe we need to chance some luck. I still think it would be benefitial.


Ohjiro: It would be…IF we got lucky.


Mamoru: True.


Ohjiro: Personally, I’ve played the game my way. Down the middle. I’m not really into making alliances for the sake of safety. I just want to play the game – my way. Now, can we start playing as a team and go visit Jing?


Mamoru: I think you’re making a mistake here…


(One turn from Ohjiro to Mamoru as he finishes what he was saying…)


Ohjiro: And how long have I lasted without having to play a killer’s game?


(Good point. Despite not being part of an alliance, he hasn’t yet had to play a killer’s game. Mahoro shakes his head as the duo head off to Kodachi’s mansion.)


*   *   *   *




(The team discover Sousuke lives in a block of flats similar to his apartment back in Full Metal Panic – useful for rappelling practice. Considering everything that has happened, the team are rather careful as they exit the van…)


Kiyone: This could be as dangerous as entering Urumi’s place…


Jet: Let’s just be careful.


(The team are treading carefully…unaware that in his room, Sousuke is watching the three of them.)


Sousuke: Intruders huh…well, they won’t get very far…


(He gets ready to press a button marked ‘NECESSARY TRAPS: VIOLENCE LEVEL 4 on…)


(…and the only violent thing that happens is a harisen flying into his face.)


Souske: Ugh.


Kaname: That all you can say? They are just trying to help – and you haven’t exactly been helpful to say the least…


Sousuke: I’m only doing…


Kaname: Yeah…y’know…


(They are interrupted by the knocking of the door – Kaname lets Sousuke stew for a moment before heading to answer the door.)


Jet: (out of breath) I’m getting old…


Yomiko: I did ask if you wanted a paper aeroplane to get there…


Kiyone: It was only 5 flights of stairs…


Jet: ONLY?


Kaname: (not known for her patience) A-HEM!


Kiyone: Oh sorry…Miss Chidori?


Kaname: That’s right, Kaname Chidori…but I suppose you want to speak to that dunderhead Sousuke instead.


Yomiko: Yes, is said dunderhead in?


Kaname: (chuckles) Yep.


(The team enter as the dunderhead Sousuke Sagara has apparently recovered from the harisen attack and is ready to either answer questions or just frustrate the detectives…)


(…me thinks the latter…)


*   *   *   *




(Back where it started with the Kuno mansion as the Prince of Layer with Prince Endymion meet up with a King…well the King of Bandits anyway.)


(Indeed, as they pull up to the drive, they see Jing is still there, doing some sort of sword kata with his arm blade (the dagger that comes out of his sleeve).)


Ohjiro: Maybe he was loyal to Tatewaki only, but something is keeping him here?


Mamoru: The lack of will?


Ohjiro: Maybe THE will if he killed Kuno…


(They approach Jing (No Kir – maybe he sensed no girls were coming) and the young man greets the two.)


Jing: Greetings.


Mamoru: Hey Jing, things getting rough?


Jing: Yes. It’s like all the town is getting scared.


Mamoru: Well, the recent events may lead to that…maybe like Ling-Pha’s death?


Jing: Yes…I had a feeling you would talk to me about that…considering what you saw at the club a while back.


Ohjiro: We’ve got a few things to talk about so if you sit tight…


Jing: Sure, not like I’m going nowhere…


*   *   *   *




(Back at Sousuke’s, it is indeed, ‘frustration’ in trying to get information from Sousuke…)


Sousuke: I cannot divulge information on any specific subject that I don’t have my superiors backing.


Jet: Geez, you’re more annoying than Faye when she gets PMS…


Yomiko: Did you have to say that out loud?


(As Jet and Yomiko try to get something out of Sousuke, Kaname has cornered Kiyone into a little girl talk. Actually, Kaname has a fair bit to say…)


Kaname: Yeah…


Kiyone: You worried?


Kaname: I guess. It’s been a fortnight and you guys haven’t got closer – and the more it drags on, the more I worry…




Kaname: …that he did it.


(So, Sousuke’s friend – even she thinks Sousuke could have done it…)


Kaname: I don’t know if it’s because of him, some sort of revenge, or something those occult freaks did – y’know, to brainwash him more than he already has been…no wait…maybe braindead is a better term…


Yomiko: (calling) WHAT?


(The girls are caught off guard by Yomiko’s squeal as they head back in…)


Jet: …so, you only knew of Ling-Pha’s death…your former employer…today?


Sousuke: That is right – whilst observing the article in today’s newspaper, I stumbled upon the front page headline of the death of my former employer.


Jet: You didn’t know?


Sousuke: That is right.


Jet: Well…


Kiyone: Can you say something about evidence we have in our possession suggesting you wish to leave the services of Ling-Pha on the 1st of June?


Sousuke: Oh. You know. Very well – I was planning to join some fellow comrades in the far east to help out as you were.


Yomiko: Are you sure?

(The team remember a while back when Sousuke said something about a ‘higher calling’ and also that Sousuke and Ling-Pha didn’t see eye to eye for some time…)




Sousuke: I suggest you refrain from calling her that.


Ling-Pha: (mocking) And give me a reason why I should do so…


(Sousuke is silent…)


Ling-Pha: Without me, any attempts of a future you may have will be foiled.


Sousuke: I don’t see why not. Do you own the will?


(The detectives ears prick up as Ling-Pha backs off…)


Ling-Pha: No…but that’s not important! What is important is you go back home, tell that traitorous Izumi that someone else is joining her on the scrap heap…


(As soon as she mentions Izumi, Sousuke darts forward, Ling-Pha’s guards on the ready. Heero somersaults forward, separating everyone.)


End flashback


Yomiko: Well, what about the date of the letter. It was registered the day when Tatewaki Kuno was killed.




Sousuke: That was a coincidence.


(The team (and judging by her reaction Kaname) don’t seem convinced of his answers, even when Sousuke re-iterates his alibi of recognisance.)


Sousuke: I will say because of the resignation – Ling-Pha wanted me off the shares – and told me if I wanted to keep that end of the bargain, to remain in her services.


Jet: What about the building – the Wong-Stock? How would have that affected Nyostar?


Sousuke: I am not one to know these facts.


(A mini-explosion seems to occur in the kitchen…in fact, it’s just Kaname releasing her anger…)




Sousuke: I don’t understand this…


(Kaname leaves the place, crying slightly (still angry) as the detectives stand in shock…)


Jet: Yes…well…anyway, we’ve got one last thing to say. We have a receipt under your name that you purchased an SD Flamethrower. Is that true and if so for what purposes?


Sousuke: Yes, that is true – and it was for military purposes. Nothing more I can say.


(Nothing more he WILL say as the detectives are forced to leave, more questions than answers…)


Jet: Geez, what next?


Mirielle: Me?


(Shot as the team stare face to face with Mirielle Bouquet, another suspect. And she seems to be regarding the team with some interest.)


Mirielle: Problems?


Yomiko: You could say that Miss Bouquet.


Mirielle: Well, it seems I need to speak where others failed.


(We see her reading something as she heads towards the door – she knocks on the door – Sousuke opens it slightly, sees Mirielle, nods and let’s the gunwoman enter. As soon as she does, he locks the door. The team knock, wondering what that was about, but Sousuke is refusing to open the door…)


(…add another question to the list that they need to answer….)


*   *   *   *




Jing: I’ll admit…I didn’t like her…especially after what happened at the club.


(It seems the two men are having better luck with the bandit.)


Jing: However…I’d never kill her – it’s not my style, and besides, it not like I’d kill girls…Kir would never forgive me if I did.


Mamoru: Ah, that bird of yours.


Jing: Yeah…pretty much…


Ohjiro: So…we’ve recently heard about an alibi of your bodyguard in tandem, a Mr. Heero Yuy. He actually wasn’t here at the time of the murder but at a friends, and we’ve got a solid alibi on it. Did you know?


Jing: (surprised) Actually no – I didn’t know he was gone…but then again, the two of us hardly spoke…


Mamoru: You worked as two of Kuno’s personal bodyguards and you barely spoke?


Jing: Well, he’s normally in a giant robot for one thing…and another that he doesn’t speak much in the first place. We just worked together.


(With this info, the team now know that whilst Heero was gone and Jing ‘was on break’, anyone could have got past them. However, who?)


Jing: Well…if you are thinking about the murder, it looked like someone unlocked it…


Ohjiro: Yes….


Jing: Well, both Heero and I had keys…and I think Taeko had one…it’s not like Kuno could have asked her to return it considering the situation…and I think Urumi may have had one as well…


Ohjiro: What about your key then?


Jing: Mine? Well…let’s put it this way – it’s near impossible to steal from me. Just trust me on this one if nothing else. 


Mamoru: I think I will…


Jing: Anyway, I think I will help you guys a bit more…this time on the will.


(Both detectives stop as Jing again has this habit of knowing information – suspicious or not – which could be a big help to the detectives.)


Jing: The man who died and left the will was a man named Yosho Misaki. (Jing furrets his brow when me mentions the name ‘Misaki’ and Ohjiro smiles but continues) He took me into his care so to speak…


Ohjiro: Care?


Jing: I had been in prison for a while. Not for thievery or anything – it was simply a mission that me and Kir had been on.


Mamoru: A mission?


Jing: As you know, this land was and still is a literal gold mine. I was planning on searching the underground of the prison system, where a secret treasure was rumoured to be. However, this was kind of stopped when the Kunos and the Wongs came running into town. Even I couldn’t hold off security with them also interested…however…Mr Misaki seems to have an eye of potential. And he bailed me out on the condition that I worked for him.


Ohjiro: As a bodyguard?


Jing: (shakes his head) I was put into Kuno’s service as a bodyguard…whether I liked it or not…I was Yosho’s personal advisor so to speak.


Mamoru: I guess you would know a bit about gold huh?


Jing: (chuckles) Yeah…but that’s not all. He introduced me into something else as well.


Ohjiro: What?


Jing: Nyostar.


(Cue the muted shock of the two young men.)


Jing: Figured that would be your reaction. He was the original head and one of the remaining ‘forefathers’ of this occult. He let other souls wander in as well…poor Taeko in particular really touched his heart…


Ohjiro: I sense a but coming.


Jing: You are right. His death…was suspicious…


(We can see Jing looking upset – and Jing rarely looses his trademark cool.)


Jing: If it wasn’t for Izumi…


Mamoru: Izumi?


Jing: (nods) She helped me get my life back together. Working for the Kuno’s without Yosho didn’t work for me. I wanted Kodachi to fire me, y’know, the time I saved three of you guys? However, it seems she doesn’t want to loose a hold on ‘property’ she has. That…or she’s scared of me.


Ohjiro: So you and Izumi are close?


Jing: Well…I definitely got along with her the best. I enjoy the others though, even Sousuke…




(Both men turn as does Jing before he is enveloped in approximately 84 pounds worth of 12 year old in a cheerleader outfit.)


Jing: Kaho-chan!


(Jing lifts Kaho into the air who giggles all the way before putting her down. Yes, episode 7 is where we meet the final sister of the 13 – Kaho, the cheerleader sis. She’s quite clumsy, but she’s got a good heart.)


Jing: Oh sorry, Kaho, I think both of us need new manners. Mr. Mihara and Mr. Chiba, I’d like you to meet Kaho, a young friend of mine.


(Kaho bows and courtesies politely.)


Kaho: Nice to meet you!


Mamoru: Hello to you as well…


Ohjiro: She’s a nice girl.


(Kaho seems to focus all her attention on ‘Jing-Chama’ though (And you though Chibi-Usa’s ‘Pu’ to Sailor Pluto was bad…))


Kaho: Kaho did well today!


Jing: Really Kaho-chan?


Kaho: (nods) Mmmmm! I only tripped twice!


(Jing gives a sweatdrop laugh, but the fun and games are about to end in a hard way…)




(Kodachi has her ribbon out – Mamoru almost immediately looks ready to fight this time (a rose in his hand) but Jing puts his hand to stop him as Kaho hides behind Jing…)


Jing: I’ll handle this.


Kodachi: It’s bad enough these bastard detectives are here…but anyone of those slutty sisters as well…


(Ohjiro covers up Kaho’s ears a little too late as Jing doesn’t look happy…)


Kodachi: …I never forgave that one before so why should…


(Jing gives a glare that Mirielle would be proud of – in fact it reminds the team of whenever Mirielle gets mentioned – because Jing’s glare is enough to shut up Kodachi Kuno…)


Kodachi: Uh well…


(In a trademark Jing move, he literally sweeps the girl off her feet as Kaho wonders what is going on.)


Jing: Let’s go find somewhere better – shall we go to Aria’s place?


Kaho: H-hai…


(Jing turns to the detectives…)


Jing: Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but as you can see circumstances have arisen…maybe another time.


(The two detectives nod as Jing super jumps into the air onto a tree like Spiderman…or at least someone from Ranma ½. But the rep of Ranma returns to her place with one last line…)


Kodachi: Dammit!!! I can’t fire him or Heero…that bastard Yosho haunts me even in death!!!


(Ohjiro heard that as he looks on.)


Ohjiro: Let’s go.


Mamoru: Right.


(The two are ready to finish off this inquiry as they head back to the mansion. And with the information found by both teams, the day has got off to an intriguing start…)


*   *   *   *


(…which is about to get even more intriguing.)




(It’s just after dinner time and we can hear the rumbles of LI dieter Koyomi Mizuhara…)


Yomi: Stupid diet…


Ohjiro: I would say we’re getting fed up of telling you that you aren’t fat…but it’s just fun to see you’re reaction.


Yomi: Shut up evildoer.


Ohjiro: (bows) As you wish madam.


(Yomi groans as Ohjiro enjoys some mashed potatoes and melted cheese. Mamoru is busy making some rice cakes (no curry a la Usagi? Darn…) as we see Kiyone who has already eaten talking to Jet, eating just some cereal (with milk, not beer Spike – the weird kid had the better idea). Yomiko is drinking milk whilst reading (an eerie pretence to a certain chibiko perhaps?) …)


(…and then the dreaded sound happens. The phone.)


Yomi: LI Mizuhara here…yeah…what?


(Suddenly, Yomi is all business…even a little panicky?)


Yomi: Y-yes, all right…O.K, we’ll get a team there – don’t worry, she’ll be allright!


(We can clearly hear the opposite voice on the phone…Nabeshin.)


Nabeshin: Get over here now…please…not again…


Yomi: O.K, I’ll sort it now. I’ll get a team ASAP there – bye. (puts phone down) Ohjiro – I think we need your delicate touch. Mamoru, can you two head over to the hospital now? As in now – now?


Ohjiro: What’s happened?


Yomi: It’s Marie. That was Nabeshin on the phone – they think Marie has been poisoned.


(The silence is broken by the sound of two young men heading over to the van on call…)


*   *   *   *




(They get to the hospital as quickly as possible, unsure of Marie’s condition or indeed if anything worse has happened…)


(They bypass the regulations and head straight to Marie’s room…)


(…and it’s a site not for the young ones…especially the ones in the room.)


(We have a shot of Marie (without her glasses) screaming slightly as she twinges in agony. Her brow is full of sweat and her face is white. However, to add insult to injury (and thank the heavens Kiyone isn’t on this inquiry), Karen is there, and she’s got Aria and Hinako huddled in her arms – Hinako is bawling out loudly, whilst Aria is clutching Karen’s arm tightly, her eyes closed.)


Ohjiro: This is heartbreaking…awful…


(Shot of Hinako clutching Marie’s hand…and the other hand holding onto…Nabeshin.)


Nabeshin: (gritting teeth) Just like before.


Mamoru: Nabeshin?


Nabeshin: Just like before…the way Kumikumi was poisoned…she slowly went into a coma…except the way she’s paling – it’s much too fast – she could…




Nabeshin: Please little one…don’t make me say it…


Ohjiro: Do you know about how it was done?


Nabeshin: No…but only the records show that someone did use some poison on her – but Marie was asleep and no-one knows who came in…


Mamoru: I’ll go look for video camera evidence.


Ohjiro: Go for it.


(As Mamoru does that, Ohjiro wonders something out loud…)


Ohjiro: She has a grudge against the sisters…and is a mastery of potions and poisons…


Nabeshin: Huh?


Ohjiro: Nothing.


(Nabeshin gives Ohjiro a funny look…probably the same one AL producer David Williams gets every time they mention the age difference between Ohjiro and Misaki…still, at least it isn’t as bad as Shirase and Misao…*shudders*)


(…as we see this, Mahoro bursts in.)


Mahoro: Nabeshin-san, are they all right?


Nabeshin: Yeah, but how did you know Mahoro-chan?


Mahoro: I got the info on my radar – the police are good for tracking here…but this…I was…it’s…


Nabeshin: Mahoro, do any of your databases have anything…


(Mahoro shakes her head)


Mahoro: I’m not that type of android. I was built specifically for military purposes and the behaviour of a 19 year old girl – nothing like that I’m afraid.


Nabeshin: Dang it!


Mahoro: What do we do?


Aria: Help…please…


?????: I don’t think I can resist such a voice…


(The people turn as a panting Taeko Minazuki arrives. Mahoro stares…)


Mahoro: Taeko-chan…how…


Mahoro: You talk to yourself a bit too much Mahoro-chan…


Mahoro: But you can’t be here…if the police…


Taeko: I won’t be long. It’s the least I can do…for the girls…and for you…


(Mahoro lets Taeko pass as she heads to Marie. The klutzy girl seems a lot more focused and strong than you may expect as she puts a hand to the agonising girl’s forehead.)


(From her purse, Taeko gets some sort of small bottle out of it. As soon as she takes it out, one of the doctors immediately tries to stop her.)


Doctor 1: Hey, what you doing?


Taeko: I’m helping her.


Doctor 2: That is not prescribed stuff, we don’t know what it is…


Taeko: It’s something that can save her…


Doctor 1: But we have to…


Nabeshin: LET HER DO IT!


(The team turn to the afro-dude.)


Nabeshin: Please…if we wait, she may die. Anything at the moment is better than nothing…Taeko-san, please…


(Taeko nods. Mahoro blocks the doctors as Hinako lets go of Marie’s hand. Taeko guides the liquid into Marie’s mouth as she forces it down. Marie coughs and splutters a couple of times.)


Taeko: It’s strong stuff Marie – just let it go down.


(Marie slows down a bit, before after a few moments, her agonising turns subside. He seems to go slow, but Taeko just breathes a sigh of relief.)


Taeko: She’s sleeping. Don’t worry, everything will be O.K.


(Marie’s dog barks once and licks Marie’s hand and she smiles in her sleep. Hinako and Aria immediately cuddle their imouto as Taeko smiles.)


Taeko: See…Nyostar factions do good as well – elixirs a main point in healing recovery.


Mamoru: I can believe it…


(Shot of Mamoru just entering and hearing the whole thing…)


Mamoru: I’ve used an elixir to save a life before…(Sailor Moon R Movie for those wondering…)


Mahoro: Good comes from it…I’m glad.


Ohjiro: We owe you a lot Taeko-san.


Taeko: I think it’s the least after everything I’ve done…


(Taeko and Mahoro leave as Nabeshin makes a motion that he wants to talk to the detectives. They seem to want to follow Taeko but decide to give in and talk to Nabeshin.)


Nabeshin: Y’see…when the doctors mentioned the poison, I had…shall we say…some nasty flashbacks. And let’s say…I’m sure only one family has that poison…


Ohjiro: I can hazard a guess.


(We see Nabeshin’s eyes glint as his hair and his aura seems to glow. He seems ready to go Super Nabe-jin Level 3…but as he does…)




(Indeed, Karen is holding the two girls as they seem scared of Nabe. He relents and sighs.)


Nabeshin: I need to cool off…


(Nabeshin heads off as the two men wonder what the heck just went on…)


Mamoru: What just happened?


Ohjiro: More than we bargained for…


(They wait a few moments talking to Karen as Mamoru says they will submit some video information in the hours before Marie had an attack. They bid their goodbyes a few minutes after Nabeshin leaves. But as they do…)


Ohjiro: Oh no.


Mamoru: Damn.


(Shot of perched outside the step are two familiar sights. The killer game envelopes, one red, one black, all trouble.)


*   *   *   *


(Back at base, the recent events aren’t helping the team much…)


Kiyone: I’m scared of what she can do.


Yomi: Is this genuine or the fact that Aria was involved?


Kiyone: Both.


Yomi: Good.


Ohjiro: Well, it’s only from thoughts and what Nabeshin suggested – but Kodachi doesn’t like the girls and has a grudge against them…


Jet: Maybe because of that long-legged chick spurning him or more?


Yomiko: Sakuya?


Jet: Yeah. There has to be more to this.


Ohjiro: We need to speak to Sakuya.


Kiyone: Unlike last time.


(Yomiko puffs up, looking a bit angry…not exactly the best way to get into things…but more so as they soon get to talk to a sister…)


*   *   *   *




(The evening dust is settling and the team are relaxing – though some on edge – Yomiko is trying to see if she can play the RoD theme song on piano, Kiyone and Jet are determining which of their partners is the most frustrating, Mamoru looks at a photo of himself and Usagi, and Ohjiro demonstrates his mad DDR skills much to Yomi’s chagrin. Suddenly…)


(Shot of Yotsuba bursting in to the main room…)


Yomi: Yotsuba?




(No-one argues. When Yotsuba is in this mood, all joking is obsolete. Time for business…)


*   *   *   *


(The night rays have fallen…perfect for a little sabotage.)


Jet: You’re kidding?


Yotsuba: Not even I’d kid about something like this!


Kiyone: A shoot-out?


Yotsuba: Jet, Kiyone, you two are licenced gun users. Mind if we borrow you two – this is quite dangerous…


(Jet and Kiyone oblige as they get a full hands on experience of a real dangerous inquiry…a shoot-out…between the islands two most dangerous girls.)


Yotsuba: What we understand was that Mirielle was waiting on her and then attacked. However, the girls reflexes were very good and soon it’s become warfare…


(Shot of Ryo Saeba and some police squad members with riot gear trying to advance on the sounds of plastic bullets flying…)


Mirielle: (calling) I’m not going to kill you…


Female voice: Why do I have trouble believe that?


(The team recognise the voice instantly.)


Yomiko: That’s Urumi!


Yotsuba: Yomiko! You got some sort of ability as well haven’t you…and so do you Mamoru, do you mind he…


(Both Yomiko and Mamoru cover Yotsuba’s mouth…)


Yomiko/Mamoru: Secret, remember?


Yotsuba: (muffled) Hai…


(Shot of Yomi and Ohjiro looking on.)


Yomi: Y’know, that’s the first thing those two have agreed on since the start.


Ohjiro: Hmm’mm.


(Back, despite everything, it seems Urumi is not going down quietly. She’s in camouflage gear – and keeping in mind both ladies are suspects still, Jet and Kiyone decide to try and speak…)


Jet: Urumi, Mirielle, what the hell is going on?


(Mirielle stops…which gives Urumi enough time to throw a gas grenade, which Mirielle jumps over a wall before it’s explodes.)


Mirielle: What does it look like?


Ryo: First person that says lover’s tiff…


Jet: You want us to get killed?


Ryo: Sorry.


Kiyone: What happened?


Urumi: All I know is miss has-been assassin sneaked up on me as the sunset rays were finishing off a country walk. However, I noticed her silohette and managed to block her out with a smoke bomb.


Kiyone: How many 14 year olds carry smoke bombs?


Yomi: About the same amount that have 200 IQs.


Jet: Good point…




Mirielle: The bullets are plastic – they won’t kill. However, Urumi’s contraptions…


(Mirielle has to duck as another grenade forces her to dodge. Mirielle points her gun at her…)


Mirielle: Don’t make me do something I regret?


Urumi: So you are still after me? Who put the hit back on? (she throws another grenade…but this time adds a Molotov cocktail 5 seconds later…Jet widens his eyes and adopts some samurai eyebrows…)


Jet: Fall back!!!


(An explosion is heard…as Mirielle is blasted back, into the police squad. The Corsican coughs as Urumi arrives through the flames, like a fallen angel.)


Urumi: Did someone put a contract on me again?


(Mirielle in a relief points her gun at Urumi…)


Mirielle: I say they can’t kill you, but at this range at this speed…


(Urumi’s eyes widen…)


(…and then…)




(Both girls turn to the sound of that battle cry…as an energy blast strikes in between the two girls.)


(Jet dives to protect an awestruck Kiyone as a big explosion smashes into the centre, debris scattering and a nice fireworks display.)


(The next thing we see is a lone figure with a girl in each arm coming out of the flames with a black item on his arm/shoulder. Anyone who has seen the show know who it is…but for those who haven’t…)


 Jing: A bit overdone?


(Detectives and police officers are equally stunned. The item on his arm is a cannon device – which is in fact Kir, Jing’s bird companion. This is identified when it reverts to normal shape…)


Kir: (coughing) Geez…how did you make me talk into doing it to these fine young ladies?


Jing: Instead of letting them kill each other?


Kir: Ahhh…


Jing: (bows) Anyway, I apologise for taking things into my own hands, but let’s just say I was passing round and saw the fireworlks.


Ryo: (afraid) Er…no problem.


Jet: Er…what the heck did you do?


Jing: (embarrassed) Ah…well…this is a special ability of mine. Kir can transfer himself into a weapon and I shout the words ‘Kir Royale’ which creates an energy attack.


(A few eyes light up…a new lead perhaps?)


Ryo: I think we need to make sure the girls are all right…


(Yotsuba smashes her elbow into Ryo’s skull before he tries some hands on treatment.)


Yotsuba: O.K, we need to make sure they are O.K…we should arrest them. Considering the mistake I mad with Taeko, I think we should just let the prison doctor check them out…


(Everyone agrees as they help Mirielle and Urumi into the police van. Ryo turns to maybe arrest Jing…but he’s long gone.)


Ryo: This is getting too hectic…


*   *   *   *




(It’s late night, and everyone has talked about the recent events – and how this links with the crime…)


Yomi: Jing the killer? He has a possible weapon…but it seems too obvious.


Ohjiro: Maybe…others can use Kir like that?


Yomiko: The others of Nyostar.


Jet: Besides, we still think the weapon was the lightning ball – could Kir fire something in his mouth? Jing said he fired energy blasts…


Mamoru: …but we know an energy was shone thanks to Marie’s description.


Kiyone: We still need to consider the flamethrower Sousuke has…maybe he was the one who hired Mirielle…remember, she had a slip of paper when she visited Sousuke? Perhaps that was a contract?


(The questions ring way into the night…)