5AM – DAY 12


(It’s been two weeks since the case began and now, another early wake up call isn’t going to be a help for our beloved team…)


(Shot of the only person up…Yomiko, who seemed to be up half the night reading…but then…)


Yomi: It’s O.K.


(…ah…was Yomi sleeping with Yomiko? The two exited the same room so the signs point to yes. So what happened?)


(Yomi answers the phone as Yomiko watches in the background. No-one else has got up yet…)


Yomi: Hello?


(There is a brief but whispered conversation. Yomi’s eyes in her glasses get larger as she nods to herself.)


Yomi: O.K, then…we’ll be on it. We’ll meet you guys there…(puts phone down)…damn…


Yomiko: What’s wrong?


Jet: (yawns) What’s the ruckus ladies?


(Shot of Jet yawning as he appears on the balcony…)


Yomi: Just the man.


Jet: Huh?


Yomi: We have a situation at hand…


Yomiko: What is it?


Yomi: (calmly) Ling-Pha has been killed.


Yomiko: Oh, is that a…WHAT?!


(Yomiko’s shriek seems to snap Jet out of his waken strupor…)


Jet: Owww…geez…this is literally 24/7 isn’t it?


Yomi: They told us to wait till morning before sorting out anything. There is a squad there who have situated it as a crime scene, so we’re O.K. But I think we need sleep…


Yomiko: (yawns) Thanks for keeping me company…


(Jet gives the girls a weird look…)


Yomi: I’m not half asleep…not like that you…


Jet: (confused) What?


Yomi: Never mind. Basically, when Kiyone is moaning about the case for an hour and a half it can take it’s toll on you when you are trying to sleep. I saw your light on anyway and thanks.


Yomiko: As I said, I needed it after all that…


Ohjiro: What’s going on?


(Shot of the prince of the layer by Jet)


Yomiko: We’ll tell you what’s happened Ohjiro-kun, then we’re going back to sleep…


*   *   *   *




(After the early morning for a few of the detectives, it’s not exactly a great day for all involved, especially when everyone else learns about what happened…)


Kiyone: …so why didn’t you wake us up?


Jet: Because simply put, the squad didn’t want us there – they have already commandeered it as a crime scene and nothing has been touched until we get to the murder site.


Ohjiro: I don’t think things will get any better if we are all grumpy Kiyone-san…


Kiyone: Hmmph…well tiredness doesn’t go well in police investigations…and that leads to bitchyness…


Yomiko: (to herself) I don’t think it’s made that much of a difference…


Kiyone: If you want to say something, say it to my face…




(A few are taken back (including Kiyone) about Yomiko’s tone, until they notice the large bags under her eyes. She’s been having one late night too many recently it appears as Yomi looks on in concern…)


Yomi: Yomiko, are you all right?


Yomiko: (dazed) I’m fine madam captain…


Mamoru: I think she’s gone.


Shizuka: Ya think?

Jet: People, I think this case is becoming more deadly and the least we need are tired faces. Let’s get everyone in gear and make sure we have our winning faces for this – our next inquiry. Remember, we are losing someone else tonight…


(Those words seem to hit the mark as Yomi helps Yomiko up, maybe to take a shower, to try and wash away some of that tiredness. Lead investigator Ohjiro looks on…)


Ohjiro: I will say I think Jet is like a father figure for the group. It makes him sound old, but it’s a compliment in the way he makes sure everything is fine and he’s not annoying when he does so either.


*   *   *   *




(By the time Yotsuba gets in, Yomiko had almost had to be carried to her seat – the shower didn’t help much obviously – and what makes things more difficult is that with a major event happening, the team needs to be up in strength to make sure they get back all the evidence they need – Shizuka and Yomiko’s failure to follow up on the killer clue yesterday a prime example of that.)


Yotsuba: Guys, what can I say? It has not been a happy morning for Promised Island as the blood of entrepreneur Ling-Pha Wong has been spilled on the earth. Ling-Pha has become the next victim of the killer, and is thus, eliminated of suspicion.


(They note this.)


Yotsuba: Unsurprisingly, one team has to investigate the murder site – it was located just outside…the Himuro residence.


(The Himuros, Keiko Himuro and her daughter (and suspect) Izumi, live just off the woodland area – so they were literally metres away from the murder…yet neither of them reported it to the authorities, it was one of Ling-Pha’s former servants. Interesting…)


Yotsuba: This will be Teams 1 inquiry. With this happening, the Himuros are not amused to say the least. I want you to locate the crime scene, look for clues and learn of how she died. But…


(Team 1 consists of Jet and Yomi – but there is something else…)


(She (Yotsuba) turns to Team 2.)


Yotsuba: …whilst this is going on, we have to suspect the Himuros, specifically Izumi of course. So we need to have a careful eye on them. So whilst Team 1 slouch in blood, Team 2 will be going undercover beyond the Himuro residence. The idea is simple, with everything going on at the Himuros, not just the murder of Ling-Pha, but her recent issues with Nyostar, Izumi will be on edge to say the least.. So Team 2, you will go in there and place some bugs inside the mansion as demonstrated by an expert. You will hide them so they won’t be found yet still give you a clear chance of listening in on what they do. Then, you will be sent to another location, where you will sit, wait and hopefully learn. You may be there for minutes or hours – patience is a virtue.


(Team 2 consists of Shizuka and Yomiko – who did poorly yesterday. Can they make it up with a successful undercover operation?)


Yotsuba: Now, Team 3. We’ll go on a familiar yet different track for you. We need to get to the bottom of what has been going on with Taeko Minazuki – but we need to find information from a different source. So we are going back to your favourite suspect – Urumi Kanzaki.


(You can hear Kiyone groaning…)


Yotsuba: We need you to interview Urumi Kanzaki and see what she really knows about Taeko, and specifically if Urumi knows more about Nyostar than she lets on. Urumi has said she isn’t a member…but that doesn’t mean Taeko may not have told her about the goings on. But be warned. As you know, Urumi is a tricky customer, but chances are she knows something…and we need to know what they can to understand Taeko’s actions and why she would say she is the killer…


(Team 3 is Mamoru and Kiyone. They’ve got this lovely honour…)


Yotsuba: Good luck out there. Check once, check twice, checkii. Off you go.


*   *   *   *


(A combination of angry words, new ideologies and recent events have made the rather important event of the vote seem off the record. Jet mentioned it but other than that, it has hardly been discussed. However, one particular duo wants to see if recent events can help in their favour…)


Shizuka: The problems in the alliance are starting to show…


Mamoru: Techincally it’s ‘problems between Kiyone and Yomiko’ but I’ll let that one slide.


Shizuka: So what do we do?


Mamoru: Simple, we’ll just let things go and we’ll vote for one of them. I’ll suggest perhaps to Kiyone to vote for Yomiko and you do vice versa…


Shizuka: …and hope it doesn’t backfire like when you and Hideki tried to eliminate Yomi.


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) Yeah…plus we don’t know who Ohjiro will vote for. He’s been an odd one throughout this case…(notices something)…O.K, better stop plotting.


Shizuka: (sighs) K.


(Shot of Yomi, almost dragging Yomiko out by the hand. However, to Shizuka’s surprise, Yomi is heading towards Shizuka.)


Yomi: Shizuka-chan, may I have a word?


Shizuka: Yeah…sure…


(After a few moment, we can see that Yomi is talking to both girls about something…)


Yomi: …so if you don’t want to make people see you two as unacceptable detectives, work your damndest today – i.e. no silent treatment.


Yomiko/Shizuka: Hai…


(The two shake hands ‘forcefully’ as they wait for a specialist to come in to help with her bugging inquiry, as the other two teams prepare themselves for their own inquries…)


*   *   *   *


Shizuka: You are the specialist?


(…the ‘specialist’ just so happens to be one of the ill-fated taxi drivers that are always sent out with a victim to either find a clue or find the killer. This is Akira Shirase, otherwise known as BPS – Battle Programmer Shirase.)


Shirase: Problem?


Yomiko: No…just it doesn’t seem you look the part…


(Shirase’s attire of scruffy white shirt, khaki shorts, green flip flop sandals, and shaggy small goatee beard – not to mention the ‘I’ve been working all night’ look doesn’t exactly put faith in our two girls. However, despite this appearance, he is quite a smart man when anything with electronics comes into play…)


Shirase: Are you ready then?


(The girls nod as they head off towards the same direction as Team 1…who are already in the midst of a tough, and bloody, ordeal…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: Welcome to hell.


Yomi: Jet, we’ve been here for two weeks…we know it’s hell – the trick is getting out of it…


(Shot of Yomi and Jet ‘admiring’ the scene where a white chalkline has been presented of what was Ling-Pha Wongs body. Already, the team have been handed a rather grisly omen – a knife through a bloodied heart – they assume of an animal – in a jar. The team have collected a few blood samples, knowing they won’t find much else in that respect. Yomi has taken a few photographs when Team 2 trundle down…)


Shizuka: (covering her mouth) This is disgusting…


Yomiko: Trust me, when Nancy-san and I were working, we saw just as bad – if not worse…


(Shizuka doesn’t make it as the stench of death is not a good sign for the girl who nearly lost Jounouchi and Mai to the shadow realm as she goes over to be sick. Shirase hops out yawning like he’s a detective before getting some ‘goody bags’ out from the van.)


Shirase: Ladies, I need to show you the basics…(glances at Shizuka)…but I think we’d better do that in a better place…


(Yomiko nods as they drag Shizuka away from the stench of blood. Jet is surprised though how well high schooler Yomi is handling it…)


Jet: No offense Yomi, but I’d have thought you would have freaked out. Do you show emotions at all?


Yomi: Of course I do. Just I haven’t really had a chance to use my prime emotion – annoyance – now that I’m away from Tomo…


Jet: I think we’ll leave it at that.


(However, whilst they are talking, it appears someone has appeared who is rather ignorant of the police line…)


(…and her trademark laugh kinda gives it away onto who it is…)


Jet: Aw shit…


(Jet and Yomi’s last encounter with suspect Kodachi Kuno wasn’t a fond one…)




Tsuyoshi: Trust me Jet-san, nothing can surprise me now.


(A razor sharp hoop nails the top of the van, forcing them to stop…)


Jet: Tsuyoshi, you should NEVER say things like that…you just know something will surprise you!


Tsuyoshi: I’m sorry!


Yomi: Never mind that, what the heck just hit us?


(Tsuyoshi looks out of the window as he saw the faint glimmer of silver and yellow of the hoop)


Tsuyoshi: I have a feeling someone doesn’t want us here…


(The team however are forced to exit the van as a couple of small cheerleader batons with spikes on their heads smash against the window. Jet covers Yomi and Tsuyoshi as they go to the ban of the van, looking round to see where the attacks are coming from…)


Kodachi: Why, if it isn’t the two peasant detectives once again!


Yomi: She’s has a very unique skill – the ability to piss me off after just one sentence. At least Tomo takes around two.


Kodachi: Silence knave! I am here simply to investigate the news over the death of my one time rival…


Jet: And why would you have an interest in it?


Jet: In the back of my mind, I have several possible people who could be the killer, especially after Ling-Pha’s death. I have the Nyostar culprits high, but Kodachi is at number one at the moment considering their rivalry over the share appeals.


Kodachi: Oh you fool! Now that my rival is no more, the shares of this gold mine are…well…all mine! OH HO HO HO!


Yomi: I thought your group was in shares…


Yomi: With the murder weapon idea, I have a feeling that the gun found a while back actually belonged to KODACHI Kuno, not Tatewaki. Hence her fingerprints on it – and as she knows a fair bit on potions and stuff, I wonder if it is something like that she used if she is the murderer.


Jet: You do realise we are investigator ANOTHER murder here – you know, like the one that your brother suffered? Maybe you could be a tad more sympathetic?


Kodachi: (angry) Hey, do you want me to attack you?


Yomi: Well, if you did…


(Yomi indicated the police cars outside and the patrol off course…)


Yomi: …you may have a problem.


(Kodachi growls, used to running things with an iron fist, now these meddling detectives are here…)


Kodachi: Very well…


(A small shot of Heero Yuy comes up as he watches over Kodachi from behind a tree. However, his eyes widen slightly as a few other familiar faces approach the murder site…)


????????: HEY!


*   *   *   *




(We see just in the bushes before the Himuro residence – they go through a similar procedure to which Taro was helping with last season. There, Shirase indicates where they are going to go to – an old castle ruins – after they have hopefully planted the bugs inside the house.)


(Shot as Shirase demonstrates how to use the bugs, and later, why the use of empty bottles, empty flasks, and empty Tupperware with foil is for…use your own conclusions.)


(Shirase also says that they need to use these in case nature calls, as movement compensates when they are rigged to listen at bugs – therefore, the less they move, the more chance they have of not being discovered. So the two girls load up in iced green tea and energy drinks, as Shirase warns them to be prepared for a very long wait.)


(So now they prepare to enter the Himuro place. Shizuka knocks on the door.)


(A woman, late 30s, opens the door. It’s obviously Izumi’s mother, Keiko, who Nabeshin has mentioned a few times. She seems very regal in her appearance and almost appears cold. However, a smile greets the detectives.)


Keiko: Welcome.


Shiuzka: Er…hello. We are from the investigators team. I’m DI Katsuya and this is DI Readman and we were hear to speak with Izumi…


Keiko: Ah, sorry to say that Izumi isn’t…


(At that point, we see Izumi, dressed up in that beautiful elegant red dress of hers – holding her tennis racquet. She notices the detectives talking to her mother, as she sighs and heads for the door.)


Keiko: Izumi-dear? You are home early…


Izumi: (pouty) Tennis club was cancelled. I was going to wait and walk back with Mamoru but she’s unusually late so I headed home. (stares at the detectives) You got something with my mother now? Hasn’t everything that has happened already been punishing enough for us?


Yomiko: We just want to get things right Miss Himuro…actually, we may not need to speak to you for the time being.


Izumi: So what do you want to speak to my mother ab


Keiko: Izumi please, they are just doing their job.


Izumi: Well their job really bugs me! If you don’t mind, I’ll be in my room…


(Izumi storms into the house as Keiko shakes her head sadly.)


Keiko: She has been a burden on you during all this mess hasn’t she…everyone involved – and now we may be implied with what happened to Ling-Pha right? Of course I know about it…


Yomiko: We’re sorry.


Keiko: It’s O.K. So you wish to talk to me?


Shizuka: If it isn’t any trouble – can we step inside please?


Keiko: Of course.


(The team successfully get inside the mansion…whereas just outside the mansion, another argument is bringing out. Last time, Ling-Pha was in the middle of it, this time, her death is causing it…)


*   *   *   *


(We now have a group shot with suspects Nabeshin, Arima along with Heero with Kodachi surrounding them around…)


Kodachi: Why are you defending her when you hated her as much?


Nabeshin: I never said I hated her!!! Besides, between her and you it’s the lesser of two evils…


Kodachi: Why you…I don’t see how someone with hair like yours could even comment on me…


Nabeshin: I’ll say it once and once alone…DON’T KNOCK THE FRO!!!


Arima: How do you think Ling-Pha’s grandfather is feeling now?


Kodachi: She actually has one?


Nabeshin: Oh shut up, what do you expect of her – this sibling of filth




Nabeshin: Oh, you know…your dear daddy probably swindled the will – his mind was always on his wallet even in those days – and Kumikumi suffered then – but I showed him…I REALLY showed him…


Kodachi: So it was YOU who put him in prison?


Nabeshin: Yes, and I know he tried going over that school in Promised Island, but those cute girls and their friends helped them stop his insanity…


Jet: Excuse me? What did you say?


Nabeshin: (noticing Jet and Yomi for the first time) Oh detectives – I’m glad you’re here, you can hear about this…6 months ago, Kodachi and Tatewaki’s father was set up to become the principal of Promised Island thanks to these two idiots….however, the staff was warmly against it – until a group of 13 girls tried to go against it thanks to the documents provided in their ‘brothers’ statement.


Yomi: Statement?


Nabeshin: I believe you are familiar with the girls around here – the 13 Princess girls as we call them. Well, they tried, but failed to stop Baka Kuno from taking over…until Karen asked me to help.


Jet: Karen?


Yomi: The girl at the hotel.


Jet: Yes…Kuno’s army connections and personal blackmail tactics can intimdate a few overweight teachers and 12 girls…


Yomi: 12? Thought it was 13.


Nabeshin: (smiles) Haruka isn’t exactly an easy pushover, even his twit’s dead brother couldn’t beat her without cheating.


Kodachi: Now listen here…


Arima: Why not? It’s exactly the same thing he did to me…


Nabeshin: So the 13 girls each got someone to help them…take over so to speak, to make the school independent again. Let’s see…I was with Karen, Sousuke was helping the tech girl…


(Shot of Yomi writing notes with names next to each one – i.e. Rinrin for Sousuke)…


Nabeshin: …Izumi and sport girl, Arima here with French doll, Kagome with Haruka kendo girl, Taeko with Chikage of course as I’m sure you know about ‘you know what…’


Jet: Yep, continue.


Nabeshin: Let’s see…Shel with cooking cutie, Ling-Pha herself showed she wasn’t all bad helping out club girl, Kaji was very overprotective to little Hinako-chan, and even that bitches bodyguard Jing was protecting cheerleader girl…


Jet: Not familiar with that one…


Nabeshin: …Amelia was helping with annoying girl – that seemed appropriate…


(Shot of Yotsuba banging her head on her desk from a full blown sneeze…)


Nabeshin: …that nice girl at the hospital…Mahoro was always there to help her…and as for that bishoujo one…the tall one…she was somehow seemingly connected to Urumi for some reason…weird. But us 13 managed to get her father trussed up like a turkey. They achieved peace…but I guess maybe for me, it was more for revenge.


Kodachi: Screw revenge – why such spite?


Nabeshin: I don’t see why you are trying to counter me?! You still failed to get your mitts on the will? You and Ling-Pha both tried to get their mitts on them, but at least she didn’t try to kill anybody to do it!




Nabeshin: Never mind – everyone knows what I am suggesting…


Kodachi: I think Ling-Pha had the will and she for some reason gave it to you…now…


Nabeshin: You really think it’s that easy?


Kodachi: For all I know it’s in that stupid hair of yours…


Nabeshin: DON’T KNOCK THE ‘FRO!!!


(Heero looks ready to get his handgun, whilst Arima draws his kendo stick rather quickly. Jet and Yomi in the meantime have called Team 3 to visit Ling-Pha’s grandfather afterwards to see how he is feeling…)


Kaji: So it’s back to handbags at 10 paces huh?


(Out of nowhere, Kaji has slid into the scene. Jet and Yomi however aren’t as surprised as they may appear…)


Jet: I think we’re used to your sneaking around to expect you to pop up when we least suspect it.


Kaji: Good, means I’ve trained you well…looks like those guys never learn though…


(Eventually, the group manage to be separated – as Kodachi looks disgusted at both her on/off bodyguard Heero and of the riff-raff that is Nabeshin and Arima. They all leave…but just as they do, Heero looks over at the detectives, shrugs and walks off…)


(…and drops something.)


Jet: Huh, what’s that?


(Jet goes over and picks what Heero dropped. He’s about to call Heero, but realises what it is…)


Jet: An envelope?


(Jet, out of curiosity, opens it. Inside is a message saying ‘MEET ME AT RINRIN’S AT 8PM TONIGHT.)


Yomi: What the…


Jet: I wonder if Heero is going to tell us something?


Yomi: Well, he’s hardly the most talkative of suspects is he?


Jet: Still…


(The team keep this in mind. They feel they need to wrap up this scene now and head off to the mortuary to get Ling-Pha’s belongings (is the will there?) but not without forgetting the other important item there…the killer’s envelopes.)


*   *   *   *




(Inside the house, Keiko has just gone to make some tea. This gives the girls a chance to bug the room – several around the room and one inside her jacket. However, they come across an idea which they might need…)


Yomiko: We should put one on Izumi too…


Shizuka: Do you think we should risk it?


Yomiko: Hey, we screwed up yesterday – let’s see if I can’t make up for everything now…


(Yomiko heads upstairs as Shizuka wonders if that was the right decision…)


Keiko: Oh, where’s the other young lady?


Shizuka: She’s gone up to have a talk with Izumi – nothing major.


Keiko: I just hope she can live through everything – Izumi has had it rough since we moved here – separation from her old friends and problems with her new ones – I guess she needed something to believe.


Shizuka: Ah.


(Upstairs, we can hear a clattering of sorts before a few ‘hmmphs’ and a ‘Get off me!’ and ‘I’m sorry!’ utter from upstairs.)


Shizuka: Oops…


Keiko: My my.


(Eventually, Yomiko comes down, a little worse for wear…)


Keiko: Problems?


(We see Yomiko is blushing slightly…)


Yomiko: I kinda tripped and fell on Izumi…


Keiko: Ahhh…


Shizuka: (sighing) Oh Yomiko…


Yomiko: Just a little misunderstanding – still hasn’t stopped her hating us detectives much though…


Keiko: Sorry, my daughter has always been a little high-strung, and everything that has happened…I really hope you finish this so I’m sure my girl is O.K…


(The ladies aren’t too sure how to answer that, so instead, they excuse themselves and head out…)


Shizuka: You clumsy girl…


(Yomiko is smiling.)


Yomiko: I meant to do that.


Shizuka: Huh? Well…I suspected you are fond of blue haired girls but…




Shizuka: Sorry…


Yomiko: Anyway…what happened


(Shot of Yomiko talking to Izumi who doesn’t seem interested. In the end, Yomiko ‘gives up’ and is about to head out, but she ‘trips’ and lands on Yomiko. A close up shows her putting her hand in Izumi’s skirt pocket…but no, nothing shoujo-ai, rather, putting a bug in it.)


Yomiko: I just hope it was O.K.


Shizuka: Hmmm…


Yomiko: And did you notice that they barely mentioned what has happened a few hundred yards away? Suspicious…


Shizuka: Izumi didn’t?


Yomiko: She barely said anything at all. Anyway, let’s head to the castle ruins and hope we find out something sooner rather than later…


*   *   *   *




(We join Team 3 who have just exited the apartment. Why you ask? Well…)


Amelia: So, she’s at one of the temples then…


Mamoru: Well, glad you was here otherwise we may not have got in…


Amelia: As an ally of justice, I have to make sure everyone is O.K now things have got more bloody!


Kiyone: So I guess just ‘having’ a spare key of Urumi’s is justice…


Amelia: (sweatdrops) It’s very just…when needed…


Kiyone: Right…


(Inside, they got an answering machine message from Kagome, saying that the ‘visit to the temple will go ahead today. Taeko will be O.K, don’t worry. We need to talk so at Haruka’s temple please.’ So it’s at Haruka’s temple – but which one?)


Mamoru: Well, we might as well check out the Promised Island one – as we are here after all…


Amelia: O.K…RAYWING!


(Shot as the team are stunned by Amelia’s fight magic.)


Amelia: (looking over Kiyone and Mamoru…) Hmmm…


Kiyone: What?


Amelia: Nah…I was going to carry you up but I think you are…




Amelia: Er…erm…BYE!


(Amelia flies off as Kiyone gets ready to kill herself – so they follow her via van as they head off to Haruka’s Promised Island…)


*   *   *   *


(…which of course, is wrong.)


Mamoru: Damn.


Kiyone: That was a bust…


Amelia: Er…ahem…guess I can fly over to the other one easily but…


Mamoru: …it’s going to be a long trip.


Kiyone: This trip has already being long enough…


(Despite it, they don’t have much of a choice, and hope they don’t miss them. So they head off to the ferry service, which leaves about 10 minutes after they arrive there. And from there, they get to a taxi service to get to Haruka’s second temple…)


(…and they make it just as Urumi, Kagome and Haruka exit.)


Kiyone: Made it…


Urumi: Damn.


Mamoru: O.K, you’re not happy to see us, fine…but…


Amelia: Miss Urumi Kanzaki, these people and I wish to see you seeing the light and about one Taeko Minazuki…




(The detectives and even powerful mage Amelia seem taken aback by Urumi’s scary face. Haruka puts a hand on Urumi’s shoulder.)


Haruka: Easy now Urumi-chan.


(I guess Haruka is the only person here who could get away with the –chan suffix whose name isn’t Taeko or Mahoro. Urumi seems to calm down as Kagome looks at Amelia.)


Kagome: You’re helping them?


Amelia: It was just a coincidence, all for the sake of justice!


Kagome: Right right…well, I guess I should thank you for saving me after Taeko went a little crazy…


Urumi: …but things have really been bad. Mahoro has been unwell – not sure how a maid can get unwell – but she seems to be feeling it since everything has happened…damn Nyostar…


Kiyone: Can you tell us what you guys know about Nyostar and with Taeko? Did you know she was this second in command?


Kagome: (shivers) I don’t want to talk about it anymore…that’s what got me into trouble in the first place…


Haruka: Kagome-chan…


Urumi: Well…I knew Taeko was involved and she was telling me about it. Personally, I never believed in it – I thought any ‘phenomenon’ that existed could be explaining logically – I didn’t believe in any of the black magic she talked about. But I let it slide – after all Taeko was one of the few people I could actually talk to – her innocence charmed me – though I guess it’s vanished now…


(A quick glance at Kagome confirms that…)


Mamoru: So she told you various things then? About rituals and stuff?


Urumi: Yeah…I paid about as much attention to it thought as I did when my mother sent out math tutors.


Kiyone: I see. (Suddenly, she remembers something…) Haruka, you know Chikage don’t you?


Haruka: Yes…why?


Kiyone: Well…do you know anything about Nyostar which could help us out?


Haruka: Well…I’m not a member – but I am talked to about it by Chikage-chan – and I usually help out within prayers and rituals within the cult. Because of this I know a fair bit of some of the rituals that Chikage has learnt about…


Mamoru: …but won’t carry out.


Haruka: Yes…


Kiyone: Then do you know about this one?


(Kiyone discusses what she and Jet found out when they interviewed Chikage the other day…remember this?)


Chikage: The recent deaths do worry me – as I believe the way they are being performed shows something…ritualistic.


(Jet and Kiyone’s notebooks put that as a key word as Chikage continues…)


Chikage: Just reading and with my recollection, I believe there was a ritual 100 years ago to ignite the first wave of Nyostar followers to give their energy and belief. And it involved deaths to resurrect the energy of the people they loved to flow inside their body. However…


(Chikage reads a passage out…)


Chikage: If the blood of those don’t work…then the sacrifices are needed…


Jet: You mean…more deaths?


(Chikage closes the book and nods her head…)


Chikage: The ritual consists of losing the blood of 5 people – 4 wrong doers and one innocent.


Kiyone: I’d say Kuno and Kentaro qualify as the former…


Jet: So someone in Nyostar is the killer? And will commit 3 more murders?


(Chikage shakes her head…)


Chikage: Not necessarily. Many non-Nyostar members still have motives – plus Nyostar members are friends with non-Nyostar members and could tell them. This is mostly taboo, but we don’t encourage secrecy.


(So keeping in mind with this, they ask Haruka if she knows about this ‘ritual’.)


Haruka: Well…I was scared after I learnt how involved Taeko was – It was never stated that she was in command – she was always just part of the crowd, just a bit more involved than the norm.


Kiyone: And this…


Haruka: I was afraid of this. The ritualistic nature of these deaths…it could be possible, that what this is relation is the cleansing of the earth with the sinned blood – like a reverse baptism if you will. The blood touches the earth – and with Ling-Pha’s death…


Mamoru: …it would make 3 out of 5.


Urumi: Ling-Pha…gah…she was a sinner to join Kuno and Kentaro – damn bastards…


(The detectives notice Urumi’s tone talking to the deceased, as Haruka concludes. It’s a tough case and the nuts just get harder…)


*   *   *   *




(We’re back with Jet and Yomi – this time recovering the items from Ling-Pha’s body and asking about how she died. They aren’t exactly surprised when the mortician tells them how she did…)


Mortician: Basically it was a similar way to how that Kuno fellow died – massive blood loss when basically her heart caved in and pretty much near exploded.


Yomi: So it’s a same ritual huh?


Jet: How sure are we of the murder weapon?


Yomi: Fairly…not 100% sure of how it was fired though – we’ve heard the flamethrower weapon which seems the most likely scenario.


Jet: Well, the hole ball shaped object seems to fit again…


Yomi: O.K, what about her personal belongings? We need to check them for evidence…


Mortician: Very well.


(A bag of items on Ling-Pha’s body are given to them. Yomi checks it out (after all, not right for a man to go through a girl’s things) and nods.)


Yomi: Nothing else?


Mortician: No, that is it.


Yomi: Thank you.


(The two leave as Jet asks about the items.)


Yomi: Well…there isn’t anything I think that would really help us – like the will – but this envelope…


(Yomi points at something on the side, two things of interest – an envelope of something…)


Jet: Shall we look at it?


Yomi: No, let’s get back. We don’t want to get fingerprints on it – it might be important.


Jet: But the other…


Yomi: Yes…I recognise it as well.


(The team are very surprised to find a familiar item…the photos of the hot air balloon which they saw on the first day…therefore…)


(The team head back to base, remembering they have an inquiry later tonight as well…)


*   *   *   *




(A phone call from Team 1 earlier led this team to go to check up on Ling-Pha’s grandfather, Xu Wong. They need to check to see if he is O.K after his granddaughter’s death.)


(Surprisingly, there are no servants at the door ready to barricade them in – and they tentatively enter. Again, inside, it’s almost like a ghost town.)


Kiyone: What do we do?


Mamoru: I guess…we go up?


Kiyone: No receptionist, no crazy guys in black…this silence is probably more spooky than when they were here…


Mamoru: Agreed…and I’ve been on two killer’s games.


(Kiyone and Mamoru tread carefully heading up to Xu’s Chambers – unsure what to make of this situation – when they arrive there, they notice again, that the corridors are deserted. No servants, no maids, no rejects from Agent Aika or Najica, nothing.)


(Kiyone is actually a bit nervous as she knocks on the door…)


Kiyone: Hello? Mr. Wong?


(A weak voice greets them…)


Xu: He-llo?


Kiyone: It’s Kiyone Mabiki of the detective team. We came here to check upon you sir after….well…


Xu: (weak) Please…come…in…please…


(Kiyone opens the door and is shocked to see a bed ridden Xu Wong – whilst previously despite his age he looks a strong and determined leader, now he just looks like a weak old man on his deathbed. The death of his granddaughter has effected him in ways worse than expected…)


Xu: Why…good to see you…


Mamoru: Sir, you don’t appear to be well. Have you called a doctor?


Xu: (coughing) Why yes, young man…but me being ill isn’t more of physical stature, more of emotional pain…


Kiyone: Yes…we offer our condolences of the loss….


Xu: It’s O.K…I never expected her to be victimised…she wasn’t to blame…she was ambitious…after all…I held the pursestrings to her projects…I could have stopped it…


Kiyone: You think something happened to her because of her planned work?


Xu: Maybe…there was a lot of people against it…




Ling-Pha: Built in the central link between the two islands, we will build the great shopping megalopolis ever…WONG-STOCK!


(A good amount of applause hits the Wong girl…who of course naturally loves every minute of it…until a rather loud slam gets everyone’s attention…)


(…the slam of Izumi’s baseball bat smashing on the table.)


Jet: Where did she hide…no, never mind…some things are better not knowing, especially with women involved…


(Izumi’s eyes give that evil stare which is second only to Yukino’s from Kare Kano in pure hate. She swings her bat, smashing a couple of glasses as everyone gasps at the Himuro’s daughter going beserk…)


Ling-Pha: Why Miss Izumi, what ever can the matter be?!


(A couple of guards surround her, but Izumi is undeterred as she points a baseball bat staright in the mug of Ling-Pha Wong)


Izumi: (screaming blue murder) Why are you doing this? Are you trying to ruin the lives of people who need what we need? Why there of all places?


(end flashback)


Kiyone: That’s true…


Mamoru: And considering her claim on the shares as well…it could still be linked with anybody…


Kiyone: We’re sorry to have disturbed you…we hope you get well soon…


Xu: Thank you young ones…(coughs)…


(Mamoru and Kiyone can’t wait to get out of there, it’s spooked them long enough…but indeed, someone with a motive to Ling-Pha’s death needs also to be linked with Kuno and Kentaro’s death…and considering what has already been said about the Nyostar Ritual…this could end up suspicious and bloody in the future even more so than it is now…)


*   *   *   *




(I haven’t forgot about Shizuka and Yomiko – they have been very patient during this undercover operation. The time is actually 4pm before they get something interesting…)


(They hear movement from someone – as whoever it is moves a bit and then we hear a few more sounds…)


Izumi: I was wondering when you would be here!


Mamoru: Well, I had to visit someone after tennis club got cancelled…


Izumi: Ah, I see.


Sousuke: That’s right madam. It was me – I was busy helping her how a person can be connected to arm slaves – with her physical stature, she has the potential to be a great AS pilot…


Mamoru: Oh stop, you’re embarrassing me!


Izumi: O.K Sousuke, so what you want?


Sousuke: Outside my apartment as I was leaving with Miss Mamoru, I found an item of interest. I was suspicious of it so I made some disarming movements…and then Miss Mamoru here opened it without warning. I was preparing for armaggedon…




Izumi: And thus the change of mood is complete…


Mamoru: Anyway, basically I headed back after the club room was locked and met up with Sousuke. Sousuke thought it belonged to you, but then we found something inside labelled and Sousuke had a look at it. We feel we need you to see it as well…


Izumi: Why?


Mamoru: You’ll see.


(The sounds of Sousuke and Mamoru entering the Himuro’s place are heard as Yomiko and Shizuka have to wait a bit more. Whilst they are doing that…)


*   *   *   *




(Ohjiro is watching over as a careful Yomi and Jet handle the envelope that was found in Ling-Pha’s belongings.)


Yomi: O.K…it’s a letter.


Jet: A letter?


Ohjiro: It’s…it’s from Sousuke.


Yomi: You’re right.


(The trio look at the letter which reads;)


Miss Ling-Pha Wong (written on the 1st of June);


I am sorry to say that I intend to resign as my post as bodyguard – I feel that my mission in life is now on a stronger calling. I expected you to honour my wishes, otherwise you may regret so. I don’t want civilians in a part of this if unnecessary.


Best regards,


Sergeant Sousuke Sagara.


Yomi: Oh boy…


Jet: It was written on the day of Kuno’s death.


Ohjiro: But until Ling-Pha died, wasn’t he still part of her employment?


Yomi: Maybe that’s why the letter was there – she never opened it or she refused his resignation. Maybe she needed the protection with her plans coming up…


Jet: Whatever it is, it’s still a big clue. The fact that he intended to resign from Ling-Pha services on the day that Kuno was killed is still big…


Yomi: Not to mention the photos…


Jet: …so the camera belonged to Ling-Pha…which means any of the people connected to her could have taken the pictures…




(Suddenly, the phone rings. Ohjiro goes over to answer it…)


Ohjiro: Hello?


Mamoru (f): Is this the investigators?


Ohjiro: Yes, Lead Investigator Ohjiro Mihara speaking. Who is this?


Mamoru: It’s Mamoru – you know, Izumi’s friend…


Ohjiro: Oh yes, what can I do for you Mamoru-san?


Mamoru: I think we need some of you guys to get over to Izumi’s place…we’ve got something I think you need to see…


Ohjiro: O.K, be right there…(puts phone down)


Jet: What was that?


Ohjiro: It was Mamoru – one of the sisters. She’s got something at Izumi’s place for us.


Yomi: Well, call Yomiko and Shizuka, they’ve been listening on them…


Ohjiro: Good idea.


(Is it?)


*   *   *   *




(Not long after, Shizuka hears her phone ring. She has to be careful as movement and sound are a problem in there. She answers…)


Shizuka: (whispering) Ohjiro?


Ohjiro: Yes it’s me. You’re near the place – the Himuro place right?


Shizuka: (whispering) Yes…we heard they had something…


Ohjiro: How come you’re whispering?


Shizuka: (whispering) Undercover – can’t talk. Yomiko is here as well…


Ohjiro: O.K, head over there and collect something from Mamoru. I believe she has something we need to say.


Shizuka: (whispering) Roger…


(They end the conversation as Shizuka motions for Yomiko to head out…)


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: …and so we were just in the neighbourhood when we got a phone call from our lead investigator saying you had something we may need to see…


Mamoru: That explains how quick you are…


Sousuke: Are you sure?


Shizuka: Yes, now what is it we need to see?


(Izumi gives them the videotape. This will have to be viewed when they get back. The teams have had some exhausting inquiries, and it still isn’t over…)


*    *    *    *


BASE – 6.00PM


(Everyone is now back, are tired and a bit on edge, especially with the vote going on. However, one person feels she needs to apologise because of this…)


Kiyone: …and so, I wish to say sorry to everyone who I may have upset with my comments, especially Yomiko. I was tired and agitated, and think we can all agree that this case is dragging on our nerves now. So I apologise.


(The team seem to accept her apology, but still…)


Kiyone: I remember what happened to Yui – I don’t want to be caught in the same web. Despite my feelings and tiredness, I want to win for the honour of the Galaxy Police…and prove that I’m simply not just ‘the ditz’ partner’.


Yomiko: No matter what Kiyone said, I was hurt by her comments. She’s got this experience yes, but so have I in danger – and I don’t think she should show her superior way because of that.


Ohjiro: Since the start of the game, Yomiko-chan has had it rough. And I feeling it will slowly get worse…


*   *   *   *




(It’s just a couple of hours before the vote and Jet and Yomi discuss their options.)


Yomi: I dunno what Kiyone and Yomiko are doing. I need to speak to Yomiko before the vote…


Jet: I have a bad feeling they are letting their tiredness and their emotions cloud their judgement.


Yomi: Wish I could kidnap Aria now for Kiyone – that would calm her down.


Jet: (chuckles) You are so evil.


Yomi: I know, it’s great isn’t it?


(Jet laughs again as they drive over to Rinrin’s studio, where earlier, they got a message from suspect Heero Yuy to meet here. They admit they are surprised that Heero has any connection to Rinrin.)

(The team exit, expecting an ambush, either from Heero or Mecha-Rinrin. Maybe that’s their connection a la Sousuke…)


(…so they are a little surprised when they get a normal entry.)


Rinrin: Come in!


Yomi: Well…how come nothing awaited us as a surprise?


Rinrin: Mecha-Rinrin is tired for the night y’know? Besides, money is tight and can’t waste it on surprising poor fools every now and then…


(Heero is there, standing by the side, quiet as usual.)


Jet: So then, why did you Heero want to meet us here?


Rinrin: I’m not sure myself. I suddenly got a call from him that he would be here at 8. I’ve worked with him on helping his Gundam as I do with Sousuke as well, but it’s not like that…


(Suddenly Rinrin’s opens her mouth…)


Rinrin: Wait a minute…


(Heero moves and actually speaks more than 4 words…and they are important ones.)


Heero: I would have preferred if you’d have found out yourself…guess I need to make up for your incompetence.


(Neither detective takes that word kindly, but Heero continues.)


Heero: The night of Kuno’s murder, I wasn’t bodyguarding that night…I was…here.


Jet: Here?


Rinrin: Yes…of course…I can’t believe I didn’t tell you – I’m so forgetful – damn it, Yotsuba is going to have a field day with this one…


Yomi: Hold it, hold it. You mean that on the 1st June, between 11.30 and 12 midnight, Heero Yuy was here, and you can confirm that as his alibi Rinrin-chan?


Rinrin: Yes…if I recall on that night, I tried to call Sousuke to help her with some more work on Mecha-Rinrin, trying to see if I could get any of his Arm Slave secrets, however, when I called his place, there was no answer.


Jet: No answer?


Rinrin: I thought he was waiting for a hostage call or tracing it or something, so instead I called Heero. Heero said it would be fine because it was more interesting and as he put it ‘couldn’t care less about that idiot at times’ so he came here. And if I remember…


(Rinrin goes to her workshelf – which as per for inventors – is quite messy. However after a bit of shuffling and dusting, she finds what she is looking for.)


Rinrin: Yes, this is a receipt of orders that I made Heero sign when I was getting my parts ordered.


(The team exam the receipt and indeed, Heero’s signature is there – and more importantly, the time is shown, 11.55pm, 1st June. Location: Rinrin Studios – the receipt is for purchased parts via eBayjp for Mecha uses. And because of this, Heero has an alibi. Team 1 have cleared a suspect without the killer’s help. HEERO YUY CLEARED.)


Jet: Next time Rinrin, can you tell us a little earlier?


(Rinrin does the cute fist on the head with her tongue slightly bobbed out whenever someone makes a mistake.)


Rinrin: Eh heh, sorry.


Yomi: Very well. I thank both of you.


Heero: Fine.


Rinrin: O.Kies!


(The duo leave, fairly pleased with turn of events. Another suspect has been cleared, and that means that two people (Ling-Pha) have been taken out of the suspicion equation, with a possible third one as well if they get the killer question correct.)


*   *   *   *




Shizuka: What?


Kiyone: You cleared Heero?


Jet: Yes, that means we’re down another suspect. Maybe another one if we’re good tonight.


Yomi: We need to get some brain power…but I can’t have the sugar…


Yomiko: YOMI!


(A hilarious moment as Yomiko drags the ‘not fat but she thinks she’s fat’ Yomi into the kitchen for a sweet cup of hot chocolate as the other members chuckle.)


Ohjiro: Well know, that makes 10 suspects remaining out of 18, so if we get the question correct…


Mamoru: …we’ll be half way through the amount of suspects.


Shizuka: But…


Jet: …we’ll be also half way through the amount of detectives after tonight.


(The group nods as they realise now is the time to prepare for the vote…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: You’re not going to talk to her?


(Yomi shakes her head)


Yomi: I think it’s about time we let people make their own decisions. With the argument between Kiyone and Yomiko, they made themselves look like targets. And no matter what Kiyone said, it may just be another Yui situation.


Jet: We want to avoid that though – we work together and it’s 4 against 2.


Yomi: True…but do they see that?


Jet: (thinks) Good point – my other teammates never saw logic either…


Yomi: Must be rough…


Jet: You have no idea…


Jet: At the start of the game, I was definitely closest to Kiyone because of our similar interests. However, Yomi has become someone I’m definitely close to now – she’s smart and takes no crap out from anyone. She reminds me a little of Spike in that way – not that necessarily is an insult.


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: So what do we do?


Shizuka: What can we do? We just hope that everything goes through?


Mamoru: What about Ohjiro?


Shizuka: Well…if we vote for one person, maybe he’ll vote for the other…


Mamoru: Yes…that sounds logical. It happened with Yui and Yomiko, maybe again…


Shizuka: We wait and hope…


(Separate shots of Yomiko and Kiyone in their rooms, wondering how the vote will go…and what will they do? Let bygones be bygones or will their own stress from the game take over?)


*   *   *   *


10.00pm – INQUIRY ROOM


(Shot of Yotsuba entering with the video tape in hand found by Sousuke and female Mamoru.)


Yotsuba: I trust you guys had a busy day.


(Indeed, as the team explain to Yotsuba what they found, let’s have a quick recap over the day’s events…)


·        - The videotape was recovered by Team 2 after listening in to a conversation from Izumi, Sousuke and Mamoru. They successfully planted some bugs around the house which let them to discovering this. They also noticed they didn’t seem to acknowledge much about Ling-Pha death…which happened just a few hundred yards away from their home…

·        Haruka has explained more on the ritual that Chikage spoke about – involving the deaths of 5 people – Ling-Pha makes it the third – the way demonstrate is when the blood touch the floor – explaining the deaths via blood loss.

·        In Ling-Pha’s belongings, a letter was found written by Sousuke Sagara on the day of the murder saying that he no longer wished to be working for Ling-Pha. Also, they found photographs – familiar as they were the same ones in the camera found at Kuno’s murder scene. Therefore, the camera found there belonged to Ling-Pha.

·        The team have cleared Heero Yuy after a receipt was found on the day of the murder by Rinrin, where she and Heero were working at the studios, the receipt an acquirement over the internet of some mecha parts.


Yotsuba: I think you guys definitely got back after what a couple of you thought was a disappointing first day…


(Shizuka, Kiyone and Yomiko all look ahead)


Yotsuba: …however, tonight we take those facts and store them for tomorrow…well, most of you will, because tonight is yet another killer’s game. But first, we are going to see what was on the videotape found at the Himuro residence, delivered by Sousuke Sagara.


(Yotsuba slips in the video and a picture quickly comes up. It’s from a video camera tape being shot…and is of a park – with the camera looking around for someone…and stops and edges closer…)


(…it’s a shot of victim Tatewaki Kuno and one of the sisters, Sakuya. The killer clue from last time seems to be linked here therefore…and then we hear them speak.)


Sakuya: …you’re just pissed because I won’t be blackmailed into having a relationship like your other whores!


Kuno: How dare you address the man with many loves like this? You know I can give you power and wealth, but no, instead you are condemned for your blasphemous incestial love!




(Kuno seemed ready to draw his kendo sword but Sakuya is way ahead and runs away. Kuno contemplates chasing after her…and fails.)


(The video ends there.)


Yotsuba: (shudders) You know, I’m supposed to be helpful here but seeing that, I’m not surprised Kuno got killed…but we’ve got a case to solve…so what did you think?


Jet: Basically, the girl, Sakuya, was trying to be blackmailed by Kuno into having a relationship with him. It seemed he had some dirt on her.


Ohjiro: It’s like Kuno has tried to control some of the females here, Izumi, Kagome, Taeko…


Yotsuba: Yes, I believe Kuno was referring to ani-chama, or our ‘big brother’. He’s not related by blood but he’s currently overseas into a health degree. However, it seems Kuno thought differently about their relationship…but the interesting this who taped this?


Kiyone: The killer?


Yotsuba: Possibly. Sousuke was the one that found the tape – did he find it? He could be the killer…


(A pause as they think over that before Yotsuba continues…)


Yotsuba: Anyway, it’s time for the killer’s envelopes. We open the black one first where a question set by the killer has to be answered. We get it right and the killer clears us a suspect. And today we’ve had two removed so let’s make it three and help us all out…


(Yotsuba opens up the black envelope. She reads aloud.)


Yotsuba: ‘What day did Sousuke wish to resign from Ling-Pha’s employment?’


(Jet and Yomi are the ones that know this.)


Jet: It was the day of the murder – that was June 1st right?


Yomi: Yes, that’s right.


Jet: We’re sure. 1st June.


Yotsuba: O.K, that was fast…let’s checkii shall we?


(Yotsuba types in the answer the team gave them to the anonymous web site. After a few seconds a large than normal caption comes up.)




(The team celebrate as that means half the suspects will be cleared now. So who is it this time?)








(A shot of 9 pictures flashes below showing the 9 remaining suspects, Izumi, Jing, Kaji, Kodachi, Mirielle, Nabeshin, Sousuke, Taeko, Urumi.)


Yotsuba: So, the killer is one of these 9 people. Very well done guys for getting this far. However, we must lose another person tonight. In the booth behind you, you will take a photograph of who you want to choose for the vote and place it in a brown envelope. At the end of everyone voting, I will collect them and the person with the most photographs will be the first person to play the killer’s game.


(The team understands as they head back into the booth one by one. Only Ohjiro cannot vote…because he can choose any person for the vote – for whatever reason.)


*   *   *   *




Jet: For whatever reason things haven’t gone quite as planned, but I’ll stick to my guns and vote for Mamoru.




Mamoru: I will vote for Yomiko tonight – she has been in this game much too long now – I think it’s time she went.




Shizuka: I will vote for Yomiko tonight on the grounds that I think our relationship has cracked completely and one of us needs to go – and I can’t vote for myself so Yomiko it is.




Yomi: Tonight I will vote for Mamoru – nothing personal but just the fact that he seems to be the one most at odds with us at the moment – despite things happening I won’t vote for Yomiko or Kiyone.


(Chris however withholds Kiyone and Yomiko’s votes for the moment – on the grounds of suspense…)


*   *   *   *


(..which doesn’t last long as Yotsuba gathers the envelopes and has a look through, putting the pictures into piles.)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killer’s game….




Yotsuba: …will be…


(Shots of Yomiko, Kiyone and Mamoru…)


Yotsuba: …Yomiko.


(Crap. The alliance failed. How? Look below…)


YOMIKO (3) – Mamoru, Shizuka, Kiyone

Mamoru (2) – Jet, Yomi

Kiyone (1) – Yomiko


(If Kiyone and Yomiko had let bygones be, they could have eliminated Mamoru. However, their pettiness has cost Yomiko (and probably the alliance). A shot of Yomiko confirms this, her glasses getting steamed.)


(However, what about Ohjiro? It is clear that he holds no alliances, so his vote is very much open. Will he finish off the alliance or will he surprise us?)


Yotsuba: Ohjiro, you must make the decision of choosing the second person to play the killer’s game.


(Ohjiro stands up as he is about to explain his decision…and why.)


Ohjiro: Hmmm…how do I choose. Do I choose based on strength, based on intelligence, based on experience, based on age? All these reasons and more are enough for a vote. So is Jet’s experience or Yomi’s intelligence?


(He looks for a long time at Kiyone…)


Ohjiro: Kiyone and Yomiko had their problems…I guess that could figure into my thoughts.


(Kiyone gulps.)


Ohjiro: I will split a duo today – one which has been giving problems.


(Ohjiro looks around and smiles.)


Ohjiro: I’m choosing Shizuka Katsuya.


(Shizuka’s eyes bob out as Ohjiro’s vote stuns her…)


Ohjiro: If I recall, the reason why Kiyone and Yomiko were shouting was one part stress and one part problem. Shizuka and Yomiko have been having problems with each other ever since the 4th day of this game. So I feel now is the time to end it. With Yomiko already going, I choose Shizuka as the second person.


(If there is one thing about Ohjiro, he’s got a good rationale. From shocked, the team (except maybe Mamoru) seem to understand why he picked her. After all, if she and Yomiko hadn’t messed up the Sakuya inquiry, the problems between Kiyone and Yomiko may never have happened. So, it’s Shizuka and Yomiko, Team 2, which head out to play the killer’s game.)


Yotsuba: Time to open the red envelope. Two locations – one clue, one killer. You know the drill by now, both of you have played it before.


(Unfortunately for them, they have. And it doesn’t get any easier. This is Yomiko’s 3rd time, whilst it’s Shizuka’s 2nd. For one of them, it’s their last time.)


(Yomiko picks first and opens the brown envelope she selected.)


Yomiko: I’m off to the Fisherman’s Friend Public House.


(Shizuka takes the other…)


Shizuka: I’m going to Karen’s Hotel.


Yotsuba: Good luck, I think you are going to need it.


(The two almost sigh in unison – at least the bitterness since episode 2 will be over…but for which one?)


*   *   *   *


Jet: An interesting surprise your vote sir…


Ohjiro: I considering the reasoning behind the problems, not the problem itself – hence why I went for Shizuka instead for Kiyone.


Yomi: You had to give her a heart attack though with the pair speech…


(Ohjiro just smiles.)


Jet: Still…it’s a shame that petty differences came between them.


Yomi: (nods) If we voted for Mamoru, I figured Shizuka and Mamoru voted for Yomiko. And that meant that Kiyone votes for Yomiko…


Yomiko: …and Yomiko votes for Kiyone. We should have tried to get them together…


Yomi: Maybe…but I feel this is better. Natural feelings will come to path…but I do feel there is one thing I need to sort out before they go…


Ohjiro: What’s that?


*   *   *   *


Shizuka: I never expected it…I thought it was a Yui situation.


Mamoru: It was…they eliminated one problem maker – and a threat. Exactly the same as when you did it.


Shizuka: (realising he is right) True.


Mamoru: At least it wasn’t both of us.


Shizuka: You aren’t exactly being comforting Mamoru…


Mamoru: Well…er…


Shizuka: Forget it, not like I can rely on anyone now anymore…dammit!


Mamoru: Shizuka…I…


(Shizuka runs out and heads upstairs, turning to her room ready to pack, tears in her eyes…)


(…and literally bumps into a 250lbs man named Jet Black.)


Jet: Just the girl I was looking for.


Shizuka: What? So that you guys can take me out again? I thought you liked me but…


Yomi: We do Shizuka.


(A shot of Yomi behind Jet holding someone’s hand. It’s Yomiko.)


Yomi: And I think before you two leave, let’s set some things straight.


Yomiko: I guess…


Jet: Shizuka?


(Shizuka looks around and it’s not like she’s going anywhere soon. She nods as the four of them head into Shizuka’s room…where she has been alone since Day 2 when Greta was eliminated.)


*   *   *   *


Jet: …you two aren’t meeting each other again so you might as well make up.


Yomi: On Yomiko’s side, she twice had the opportunity to get revenge for her vote and she didn’t.


Jet: And on Shizuka’s side, she has never been at odds with you despite this vote – you have never raised your voices at each other despite your problems.


Yomi: I think it’s fair that both parties sorted this out before you went out there.


(Both Yomiko and Shizuka look sad…)


Shizuka: Yomiko…I’m sorry for what I did…


Yomiko: Hmmm?


Shizuka: I really am…I knew it was a mistake…and I never expect you to forgive me.


Yomiko: (smiling) Come on – why should I be upset? In the end, it was your decision…I may not have liked it but that is the rules of the game. I’m sure neither Hideki or Fujitaka liked my decisions either.


Shizuka: Kiyone was right…this game is stressful…


Yomiko: Then…well…


(Yomiko holds her hand out…Shizuka looks at it…and shakes her head.)


Yomiko: Huh?


(Shizuka instead walks up to Yomiko and gives her a full-fledged hug. Yomiko blushes slightly before returning it, closing her eyes. You can hear a few sniffles from Shizuka as Jet leaves the room.)


Jet: Mushy stuff not my style.


Yomi: Spoilsport.


(The scene ends as the two do shake hands, before Yomiko leaves to let Shizuka do some packing…whilst downstairs…)


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: I guess at the start I never liked Yomiko…she seemed too much like Mihoshi for me…and like Mihoshi, she eventually grew on me. But I guess frustration boiled over in the vote.


Mamoru: It’s weird – I thought I would be going every time now – and just basics cause everything to go haywire.


Kiyone: I’m not sure who I wish to return though…


*   *   *   *


(It’s time to play the killer’s game. Shizuka heads off early to the port where Shirase will be waiting to take her to Karen’s Hotel. Meanwhile, Yomiko is with Kintaro. As the two head out, the team are unsure who they want to come back…)


Kiyone: I guess if Yomiko came back, I dunno…would it return to normal…


Jet: I think the game has never been normal. Just going to be worse.


(Mamoru seems more relaxed now that his head isn’t on the noose. However, someone’s will be soon…)


*   *   *   *




Kintaro: So how many times have you been now? You’ve been once with me so this is at least…


Yomiko: 3 times Kintaro – and I want this to be my last. Not as in I want to be eliminated, but as in ‘this will be the last time I play until the end where I win the game.’


Kintaro: Well, 3 times you are out normally…


Yomiko: Not very comforting…


Kintaro: (in English) But 3rd Time Lucky too…


Yomiko: (also in English) Thank you young man. This is very educational.


Kintaro: Hey, that’s my line!


Yomiko: Not in English!


Kintaro: Darn…




Shizuka: Yomiko has survived twice – maybe I’m hoping it is third time unlucky.


Shirase: You confident?


Shizuka: Yes. And I will say this…


Shirase: Hmm?


Shizuka: If I get back, I’m playing my way. And my way only.


Shirase: That’s good…


*   *   *   *




(Our first shot of the night sees Yomiko heading towards the place where the infamous Taeko/Kagome exchange took place. And there is a reminder of said incident…)


Yomiko: Great, I’m greeted with a crater…lucky me…


(We see Yomiko enter the place, where it’s not quite the style of a British Public House…)


Yomiko: O.K…


(…it’s more like a ship in a bottle. Actually, try a whorehouse in a ship in a bottle…considering the receptionist bar, and the rather risqué pictures and memorabilia around…)


Yomiko: I’d get afraid…but I already am…


(And it doesn’t help when Yomiko moves, the floorboards creek…)


Yomiko: Egads…


*   *   *   *




(When Shizuka arrives, the map tells to follow a blind side. She realises that she has to enter via an open (and broken) window. Shizuka struggles to climb on a couple of barrels before carefully entering through the window space.)


(Getting in, she comes to the conclusion that seeing a hotel without a receptionist this late at night is eerie. It’s like the killer swept everyone away for this moment. Shizuka goes up to the desk where she is greeted by a ‘be right back’ sign.)


Shizuka: I hope I will be right back…


(She trundles on…)


*   *   *   *




(Shot of Yomiko climbing up some stairs – which are rocking to incorporate the ship theme – or just to make her feel nervous…maybe both.)


(Yomiko however is a veteran now of the killer game scenario, as pictures fall of the stairs, she doesn’t jump now. She just brushes them off, wanting to get it ended with…)


(…Yomiko finally gets a bit twitchy when distant moaning sound is heard. Echoing, Yomiko covers her ears as she tries to follow the map at the same time…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at Karen’s Hotel, Shizuka follows the map to a lift/elevator which she has to get into. As she does and the doors shut, evil laughter comes instead of elevator music.)


Shizuka: Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!


(Shizuka screams whilst covering her ears to avoid hearing the horrible noises – as soon as it stops, she runs out of there like a bat out of hell. Now she is in a corridor…with a lot of doors.)


Shizuka: Hotel…don’t let me down…


*   *   *   *




(The map leads her through some twists and turns before she finally gets to an office. It’s fairly small, but she notices the key feature.)


(The flowers on a messy table.)


Yomiko: Reminds me of Wendy-san’s table…


(Yomiko heads there…and the door shuts.)




*   *   *   *




(Heading down the corridor, she gets to one door open. She enters the room, it’s empty. And the flowers are on the bed.)


Shizuka: O.K, make or break…


Time to break. On the side, there is a bathroom and someone is just watching Shizuka head to the flowers.


Shizuka: Now wh


We know now what. Someone slides across the bathroom as Shizuka turns…










*   *   *   *


Yomiko: Geez, don’t give me a heart attack!


(The bang from the door came from the lock upwards becoming loose. Yomiko recovers her pulse and finds the killer clue.)


Yomiko: What we got?


(What it is, is a map with circles around it. One of them is at Kuno’s mansion, one of the hospital and one of the Himuro mansion. If you work it out, these are roughly where the three murders have happened…)


Yomiko: Interesting…the shape is like a triangle…maybe a square if there is a fourth murder…but I thought there were five?


(Yomiko takes the intriguing killer clue and heads out…it is indeed 3rd time lucky for ‘The Paper’ Yomiko Readman.)


*   *   *   *


BASE – 1.30AM


(Not much talk as they await the return of the detective. We see Kiyone stretching out on a couch, Mamoru reading a novel, Yomi in the kitchen, and Jet and Ohjiro playing pool.)


(Suddenly, Mamoru hears the sound of a van coming in.)


Mamoru: Someone is here.


(The team stop their activities as they await the person returning…you can clearly here Kiyone chomping her teeth…)


(…the doors open…)


Yomi: (laughing) Yukari would love to have you around – you are so lucky!


(Shot as Yomiko Readman hugs Yomi after returning for the 3rd killer game she has been on. Jet and Ohjiro clap whilst Mamoru smiles and nods. Kiyone shows no reaction.)


Yomiko: Killer clue here, tired Paper-chan, here…


Yomi: Oh boy, was it bad?


Yomiko: You get used to it…except that climax, those are always terrifying…god knows what happens when the bastard gets you?


(It’s roses and thorns for the team as Yomiko returns and Shizuka doesn’t. However, it’s obvious that things will soon change in the house…)







*   *   *   *


Next time on the Murder Game 2…


(The last sister makes her appearance…)


Kaho: I’m just trying hard because that’s why they want!


Mamoru: Don’t you think Chikage could be using you?


Kaho: But Kaho wants to help!


(A late night inquiry becomes dangerous as Yomiko, Kiyone and Jet have to work together to face Mirielle Bouquet and Urumi Kanzaki…)


Mirielle: Don’t make me do something I regret?


Urumi: So you are still after me? Who put the hit back on?


Jet: Fall back!!!


(An explosion is heard…)


(Jing and Izumi’s relationship is told by an unlikely source…)


Hinako: Izumi-chama and Jing-tama always go out somewhere…with that glasses girl…you know, the one that’s like Kaho-chan…


(…and the next LI has a tough decision to make…)


Yomi: Did it have to come down to this?




*   *   *   *


I guess it’s weird that Yomiko and Shizuka actually were at ends with each other considering Shizuka’s seiyuu is voiced by the same one as Miss Deep, but I guess that was something I considered when I began to choose Shizuka as the character for this as my YGO rep – Anzu (Teá) was my original choice but it was changed to Shizuka, and I think it worked out better.


Shizuka I think is a great character when used well – she hasn’t expanded enough in the series where she just seems like a) a foil for Jounouchi to use to protect and b) a way to get Honda and Duke a plot. I think I did enough for her to prove she can go out in the world herself – unfortunately she got mixed in politics and fell half-way through, which realistically was about as far as I could put her.


And I reiterate that this Yomiko is based on the OVA and not the TV series – hence why Yomiko does a little joke about Wendy – she’s not the bitch we all know and hate in the TV series yet.


O.K, half way through the cast – anyone struggling? (sees a lot of hands) Trust me, I’m in the same boat. Until next crime, have a bloody good read…emphasis on blood, just not your own, né?