We are past half way of Murder Game 2 now – 5 detectives are gone, so who is your favourite now to win? Will the experience of Jet or Kiyone pull through and win the game? Can the counter strike of Mamoru or Shizuka stop it? Can alliance core members Yomi and Yomiko change the game? Or will dark horse Ohjiro stop it?


(NOTE: I’ve changed Ohjiro’s spelling because this is how ADV use it in their dubs now, makes it much easier for me as well. Doesn’t change the person.)


A quick note on the quizzes;


Please don’t e-mail me on how you need to do better on the quizzes. That is up to you. It may have been just an off week or that everyone was better this time round. I can’t go around and saying what went wrong – an examiner doesn’t do that when it’s your big exams, I can’t do the same either.


And on a chuckling note, check out the poll this week for a new question which referred to my rival’s reality show, a Mr Adam Pulver and his Anime-mazing Race 2, saying that he has the most annoying Luci Christian character hosting a show (in case you didn’t get the joke, Luci Christian, famous for playing Himeno in Prétear, Yukari in Azumanga Daioh and Kanamé in Full Metal Panic, plays Sasshi in Abenobashi – and will be the voice of Yotsuba in the upcoming Sister Princess dub.) – which one is the most annoying?


Now read, or I’ll sic Snow White and the 7 Bishounen on you…damn you Joe Mello, that phrase is going to stick in my head forever…(it’s a Prétear reference BTW)


Onwards and blood-wards…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2…




Mamoru: Yes you did!


Yomiko: I said that I wanted Tsuyoshi back – I never said I wanted Shizuka dead, there is a difference you know! Besides, is there a difference between now and the first two days when I played the killer’s games? Did you want me back then instead of Greta and Yui? Or does it matter – is it one rule for one detective and another rule for another detective…


Tensions are beginning to fray among the house – which doesn’t help for inquiries – even worse when Yomiko becomes LI for the second time…or other alliance members noticing things as well…


Yomi: I noticed Kiyone didn’t seem too upset about Tsuyoshi being eliminated…I wonder if she felt the age gap was a weakness…maybe even a threat. I know they weren’t eye to eye…but then again neither was Yomiko and Kiyone…maybe I am the peacemaker, as unusual as it seems…but if my hunch is true, god forbid Yomiko finding out…


Tatewaki Kuno’s funeral brought out some new theories…


Ling-Pha: Sousuke, you dare interfere?


Sousuke: Whether I interfere or not is none of your business…


Ling-Pha: Don’t tell me…you’re one of those black magic users as well?


Sousuke: I can tell that I am not. I can also tell you where your nose doesn’t belong – and the souls of the resting is one of them. We are at a funeral and you wish to plug your latest venture reeks of lack of integrity. I’d advise against this.


Ling-Pha: Maybe I’d advise you not to mess with my business…


Sousuke: And give me a reason why I should do so.


Ling-Pha: (smirks) Like removing your deal with the shares business. Oh, I know about you Sousuke…and whether you admit it or not, you have a thing for that blue-haired bitch Kaname Chidori don’t you?


the Nyostar hunch gets more bloodier…


Chikage: Just reading and with my recollection, I believe there was a ritual 100 years ago to ignite the first wave of Nyostar followers to give their energy and belief. And it involved deaths to resurrect the energy of the people they loved to flow inside their body. However…


(Chikage reads a passage out…)


Chikage: If the blood of those don’t work…then the sacrifices are needed…


Jet: You mean…more deaths?


(Chikage closes the book and nods her head…)


Chikage: The ritual consists of losing the blood of 5 people – 4 wrong doers and one innocent.


Kiyone: I’d say Kuno and Kentaro qualify as the former…


Jet: So someone in Nyostar is the killer? And will commit 3 more murders?


(Chikage shakes her head…)


…whilst others went down in flames.




Aaya: Here we go!


(We see an ammo box full of receipts. Shizuka nods…)


(…and the next thing we see is a precise fireball shot blast through a window. Aaya ducks as Mamoru with hero reflexes, dives to knock Shizuka down.)


(The flame bursts into the receipts, almost incinerating them immediately…)


The game is getting intense…but nobody was in store for the big shock of last time…


Izumi: I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about it…about everything….about what happened to Yuki…about why I continued on when you left….it’s not like it’s the easiest thing to discuss…


(Izumi then shift her eyes towards the kidnapper…)


Izumi: …but please…don’t kill her, second in command…


(And then the shock occurs as Izumi screams out the mysterious second in commands name…)




(The hooded woman shakes, and she removes her hood. To the shock of the world and our detectives, it is indeed, clumsy, angsty and pretty Taeko Minazuki.)


Mamoru: Taeko?


Yomi: That’s one for the books.


But none of the surprises were going to deny a killer’s game double. And when Yomiko sent out a surprise of her own…


Yomiko: I should know…I went out on a killer’s game with the other person who suffered because of that reasoning. Her name was Greta…and her executioner, Fujitaka. So this time, I will take out the elder and my choice for the killer’s game is Fujitaka Kinomoto.


…it turned out to be Fujitaka’s last surprise, as Mamoru sent out returned from the killer’s game.




*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die

Hideaki Motsumuya – Chobits - ELIMINATED

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura - ELIMINATED

Ohjiro Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha - ELIMINATED

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh!






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome Higurashi – Inuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro Ando - Mahoromatic




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing


*   *   *   *


4.00AM – DAY 10/11


(It’s still late night/early morning the day that Mamoru returned from his second killers game – but it’s about to start with a wake up call…)




(A shot as the telephone rings – is anyone even awake enough to get it?)


(Answer: yes. We see Jet groaning himself out of bed whilst Mamoru, who seems to be adrenaline rushed after his latest killer game success also gets up.)


Jet: (drowsy) O.K…what is it?


(Mamoru gets down before Jet and answers the phone…)


Mamoru: Yes? Hello?


(The voice is instantly recognisable…)


Mamoru: Whoa…Mahoro?


Mahoro: Detectives? Please…help…


Mamoru: Slow down please…what is the matter at this time?


Mahoro: Please…I just recovered…


Mamoru: Recovered?


Mahoro: Yes…Taeko…she did something to me…magic…shut me down…and now she’s gone…


Mamoru: Gone?


Mahoro: Please…come over here…


Mamoru: Now?


Mahoro: (crying) Pl-Please…


Mamoru: (sighs) O.K, we’ll get over there. Thank you, bye.


(As Mamoru shuts the phone down, he quickly explains what has happened to Jet. By now, we can see Yomiko and Ohjiro also up wondering all the fuss is about…)


(Jet has to go get dresses (as Yomiko blushes a bit as she turns away) as Mamoru already in a shirt quickly gets himself ready. He and Jet get ready to head out, taking the van themselves as they head over to Mahoro’s place…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: So what happened?


(We see Jet talking to Mahoro with Mamoru looking around the place…)


Mahoro: I was watching over her as they said, and was waiting to call the police so they could take her away for questioning – I ‘d hope she’d be alright – but as she woke up and I explained the situation to her, she screamed ‘No, don’t let them take me!’ I didn’t know what to do and the next thing I knew, a flash hit my eyes…


Jet: A flash?


Mahoro: Yes…and all of a sudden I was shut down, and must have been like this for several hours…


Mamoru: JET!!!


(Mamoru was calling from upstairs as Jet staggers up himself. When he reaches Taeko’s room, he may have wished not…)


Jet: The dartboard that Greta saw…and what the…


Mamoru: Not good…


(Way back in episode 1, Greta found a dartboard with a dagger in it with Kuno’s picture. Now it is missing, with blood on it. But worse…)


(…on Taeko’s bed, is a cross with the tiger lilies a la Killer’s Game.)


Jet: Oh crap…


*   *   *   *


7.00AM – DAY 11


(7 in the morning of  the 11th day and after the late night, there are a few tired faces on the table. Or is it the drain of the case as well getting to them? Half the detectives are gone, meaning the game has been eating way at the team – and now the effects are slowly beginning to show…)


Jet: She’s missing…but the signs suggest…


Yomi: …she could be dead.


Mamoru: The lilies were an omen I didn’t want to see…


Ohjiro: Well, we know she was going to be arrested for kidnapping charges…but now that she is missing…


Jet: I think you can chalk up that as an error for the police force. Yotsuba is going to be a bit mad I can wager…


Shizuka: The harmless have become the harmful…


(However, what also is on the detectives mind was another subject – Fujitaka’s elimination. A surprise…but remember what Yomiko said last episode to Mamoru?)


Yomiko: Did you want me back then instead of Greta and Yui? Or does it matter – is it one rule for one detective and another rule for another detective…


(It seems another person is challenging that – and it’s NOT Mamoru or Shizuka…it’s one of her own alliance members…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: I know a few people didn’t like that decision Yomiko…I myself…but I can understand why. I guess people think they are right at the time, and never expect other people’s ideologies…


Yomiko: I’m just as bad you know…I technically betrayed the team I guess…


Yomi: No, not really. Fujitaka was neither with or against us…it was just what you chose, and as it was your decision, we’ve got to accept it.


Kiyone: I don’t.


(The three turn to Kiyone.)


Kiyone: We pretty much set it up that you would eliminate Shizuka, and instead, you take out Fujitaka? Have you been reading so much your brains are on a sinking ship?


Yomi: (firm) Kiyone…


Yomiko: It was my choice and I’m sticking by it.


Kiyone: Oh, you’re going back to the reclusive self back at the start?


Yomiko: Why is it you’re against me? You didn’t go and no-one else did here did they?


Kiyone: I guess…you are right. Oh whatever, I’m too cranky this early…Jet, help me out with the breakfast…


(Kiyone drags Jet as Yomi sighs. She grabs Yomikos hand and heads in the opposite direction. Are there two sub-alliances? Could this help out Shizuka and Mamoru? And what of the wild card – Ohjiro?)


*   *   *   *


10.00am – INQUIRY ROOM


(Shot of the team in the inquiry room – they realise that Yotsuba is over an hour late. The team have been patient, though trips to the bathroom, cups of coffee and in Yomiko’s case, an extra half an hour sleep, but it’s obvious that the team is a bit wondering.)


(Jet has called her but there was no answer. Has she fallen victim?)


(No such luck as their Chief Investigator drags her carcass in. You can tell that Yotsuba isn’t her genki self and she seems to have had less sleep than our detectives have.)


Yotsuba: Guys…I’m so sorry I’m late…however, as I’m sure you are aware there has been a major development – and that is Taeko’s disappearance. We need to find her and we’ll get that in a moment.


(In a classic Yotsuba moment, she gets a mug of black coffee, and in a movement that will make Yomi jealous, downs the thing in one gulp. It’s odd enough anyone doing that, never mind a 13 year old girl. She slams the mug down, her face twisted now in determination.)


Yotsuba: First things first though – last night Mamoru returned from the killer’s game whereas Fujitaka didn’t not. It’s time to honour the dead and listen to the man’s last will and testament.


(The big screen flashes up. This should be interesting – Fujitaka was a neutral so his choice should be interesting…)


Fujitaka: If I don’t return…hmm…well, there are two people I’d consider to be the Lead Investigator. One is a born leader whilst the other is someone that had done very well in my estimation despite his young age.


(Yomiko scoffs him using the term ‘young age’.)


Fujitaka: However, I think it would be interesting if one in particular took charge, so I will choose him. Ohjiro Mihara.


(From one neutral to another, the team looks at the dark horse, Ohjiro. Their chances of survival could depend on him – and he holds alliances with no-one, therefore, EVERYONE is in danger. Ohjiro simply smiles.)


(The group seem unsure how to take this. The only people who show emotion are Jet, who smiles, and Yomi who tips her glasses with a look of intrigue on her face.)


Yotsuba: Ohjiro-kun, if you please…


(As Ohjiro takes his spot as the LI, Yotsuba goes onto next order of business: the inquiries.)


Yotsuba: There are two key issues which need to be resolved which happened in the night. One of course is Taeko’s disappearance. The other is the killer clue which Mamoru found last night. We’ll get to that in a second, but first Taeko.


(Yotsuba wipes some sweat of her brow before continuing…)


Yotsuba: First of all, I’ll apologise on behalf of the police and my own personal blunder. It was a mistake not to arrest Taeko straight away – how did I know she had those sort of tricks? Chikage-chan is so going to get a shouting at the next imouto meeting…


(A shot of the detectives show that they are making a ‘get on with it motion’ as Yotsuba sweatdrops.)


Yotsuba: Anyway, Taeko hasn’t been found and could be in danger – we fear she may have been killed because of the blood on the cross, it was hers…and we did see her contemplate suicide the night when she was revealed in the kidnapping of Kagome…


Jet: Maybe she’s gone to one of her Nyostar buddies?


Yotsuba: Checkii! (Yep, she’s back…for better or worse…) I agree…however this is a tricky sight. We need to find her, thus we need to organise a search party. This is tough for whichever group is chosen to this – as they need to organise where to search, what resources they need to use – and what specific people and places they need to particularly look. Ohjiro – choose two people – and choose well. A person’s life may be at stake.


(Ohjiro indeed has a good think…and his choice is a bit of a surprise…)


Ohjiro: I’ll pick Jet…and I think Yomi as well.


(The surprise is that the obvious duo for this type of assignment was Jet and Kiyone – being the experienced policemen of the team.)


Jet: Interesting…


Yostuba: O.K, so Jet and Yomi, you are Team 1.




Yotsuba: One night mission done, another one begins. And speaking of my imoutos, that’s what we have here. Mamoru, you found what was an intriguing clue – a wallchart with photos on, two we’d seen before, but the key issue is the new one.


(Shot of the picture with the bishoujo and Kuno)


Yotsuba: This is Sakuya, the eldest of my imouto troop. She’s 17, attractive and fashion mad. And it makes me so mad…


(Sweatdrops again…)


Yotsuba: (recovering) …anyway, why was this picture there. I can’t remember anything about Sakuya having a friendship or relationship with Kuno. The clue definitely suggests she has something to do with this case and with Kuno, but we are certainly unsure. So Team 2’s assignment whoever maybe chosen will be visiting Sakuya, she lives in the commercial district of northern Deathtrap. Ohjiro?


(Ohjiro smiles a sly smile)


Ohjiro: Shizuka…and Yomiko.


(Uh oh. These two have no love lost – Shizuka nominated Yomiko for the killer’s game way back in episode 2 despite her seemingly building back the team after her poor showing in episode 1. Yomiko has never forgot, and not necessarily forgiven. Twice, Yomiko could have got her revenge on her as LI, and twice she didn’t take it. That doesn’t mean there won’t be problems with these two together…and Ohjiro obviously knows this. This is definitely interesting…)




Yotsuba: O.K…that makes by default Kiyone and Mamoru the third team. We are going back to the past a bit. In a recent inquiry, we dealt with weapons and such, however we can’t use Mirielle’s spoken alibi because the receipts were burned by someone. We are going back to the weapon’s place this time with the Kuno gun found by Yomiko a week or so ago. Team 3, you will go to Aaya’s shop, and see what he can tell you about the weapon found and also the weapons suggested by Mirielle which could have been used as the murder weapon. This would include looking for that flamethrower weapon she suggested…


(Mirielle: With the way the skin went, a suggestion is that a flame based weapon was used. However, the firearm in question had to shoot something into his body as well…so the best weapon in question would be a SG Flamethrower – which is a flamethrower with a barrel – Aaya has them - someone stick something in – you get a combination of bullets and barbeque.)


 Yotsuba: …and any other cannon devices. We are now fairly sure that the murder weapon was the lightning ball thanks to Marie’s description…


Marie: I didn’t know what happened…until someone came out.


(Shot of someone holding what appears to be a mini-cannon device, though unsure in the darkness. Whoever it is is literally hidden in the shadows, Marie cannot see it…but it’s not the person she’s looking it…)


(…it’s the dripping trail of blood coming from someone the killer is holding, it looks like a ball of some sort…)


Yotsuba: …so keep an eye out. (Looks at the group) And I think we need to get going – we’re an hour late…




Yotsuba: O.K, O.K! I was an hour late and because of that we’re an hour behind, so sue me…and after you’ve done that, get checkii-ing!


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Jet and Yomi making themselves comfortable in the mansion…well, not really, but they have to stay there and make phone calls, e-mails and communications. Yotsuba is also helping them out as well, and Ryo Saeba is also going to come as well in a bit. Whilst they are sorting out, Ohjiro goes around as well.)


Ohjiro: Is it O.K if I help them as well?


Yotsuba: I don’t see why not? Nice for a lead investigator to be busy for a change…


Jet: Yes…he already has. (chuckles)


Ohjiro: Yes, Jet-san?


Jet: You’re playing the game well young man – more so than any of us. And now as LI, you are making certain lives more interesting…you’re sneakier that we took you…


(Ohjiro shrugs)


Ohjiro: Not really. I just like making things interesting.


Jet: I never said that was a bad thing.


(Indeed, a quick shot of a van trip to the ferry, Yomiko and Shizuka have barely uttered a word to each other…not exactly good for interview karma.)


(On the other hand, Kiyone and Mamoru seem more talkative…)


Kiyone: Ohjiro has a plan doesn’t he?


Mamoru: You think?


Kiyone: I never saw him as a threat – just someone good enough to make up the numbers. But I think power changes people – and he’s using this to try and shake things up a little…and I’m not sure I like it.


(Mamoru stays silent – unsure how to respond…but smiles slightly.)


Mamoru: Maybe…


*   *   *   *




(The shop usually is only open at 7pm onwards – however looks like one of the things Yotsuba was doing during this whole mess was to make sure she could get the shop ready for the team.)


(Not that Aaya is particularly happy about it…)


Aaya: (groaning) Not used to getting up this early…


Kiyone: Late sleeper huh?


Aaya: Dear, you have no idea…(rubs eyes)…so what did cute little Yotsuba-chan have to do to make me get up?


Mamoru: We’re sorry to bother you, but it is important that you co-operate with us. We need your expertise on a few weapon issues in relevance to the recent events…


Aaya: Whoa there…I already helped you with Mirielle…well…tried to help you…


Kiyone: Ah, but this isn’t about Mirielle, we need to learn about a few weapons – including an item that we need you to look at which may have belonged to Tatewaki Kuno.


Aaya: Oh…oh…all right then…but only for today…


*   *   *   *


(However, things are about to really mess up for Team 2…)




(Even on the ferry to the island, the two barely uttered a few words right up to the steps of Sakuya’s apartment. It’s a decent looking place in the upscale area of the commercial district of the former Resource Island. Without saying a word, Yomiko knocks on the door.)


Sakuya: (calling and sounding very much like Naru) Coming!


(A few moments later, Sakuya opens the door. Her waved long hair floats in the wind, wearing a white T-Shirt and Mirielle-esque mini-skirt. It seems both girls agree on one thing – she’s pretty, to their dismay…actually with Yomiko around…no best not speculate…)


Sakuya: Hello there, what can I do for you?


Yomiko: Um…sorry to bother you, but we’re with the detective investigation, I’m Yomiko Readman and she’s…


Shizuka: …Shizuka Katsuya.


Sakuya: You’re detectives? Surprising…anyway, I don’t know what you want with me but come on in…


(The two are let in – and all seems well…yeah right…)


Yomiko: Sakuya-san, we need to discuss something revolving around the recent attacks around here…


Sakuya: What do you mean? Why would I be involved?


Shizuka: We don’t…however we need to speak if you know anything about Kun…


(Sakuya slams her hands on the table)




(The girls are taken back by Sakuya’s very quick change of heart (Yu-Gi-Oh pun not intended) as the supermodel like Sakuya quickly changes into a monster…)




Yomiko: Sakuya-san, we have evidence…


Sakuya: Oh, so you have something on me…what?


Shizuka: Well, a…well…


(Shizuka isn’t sure what to do in this situation. You’d think she’d be good at calming down…)




Shizuka: Guys…I think this requires just a female audience. Do you mind if you leave us alone?


(Oujirou nods and Hideki, a bit sad himself, exit the room and indeed the house. It may be uncomfortable for the two guys, but this is definitely a job for Shizuka alone.)


(Back inside, Shizuka talks to Taeko…)


Taeko: It’s hard to say…but thank you for that…I don’t think it would have helped…


Shizuka: Go on Taeko-san.


Taeko: (nods) Basically…I worked as a housekeeper for Kuno for close to a year. (sneers) I think he didn’t care for qualifications…he just…


(…but it seems what she did with Taeko she can’t do with Sakuya…not helped with Yomiko around either.)


Sakuya: You don’t have anything do you…or much anyway…


Taeko: What we have is enough to warrant talking to you about him…


Sakuya: …and I don’t want to talk about him. So if you don’t have anything else to say to me…


(Oh dear. Neither girl knows what to do and Sakuya is being stubborn. And it becomes the worst scenario…)


*   *   *   *


(…shot of Yomiko and Shizuka staring outside the door of Sakuya’s apartment. If this was based on MG1, that would have definitely been a fail. This is the first instance where the detectives have failed to get any information…and could it cost them?)


(As they return to silent (and disappointed) treatment…we look back in at Team 3.)


*   *   *   *




(Aaya seems a bit upset that they are suggesting that the murder weapon was bought from here – but is still helpful as he can. However, Aaya suggests when they describe the possible murder weapon…)


Aaya: Nope, don’t have anything like that…


(…they know he’s lying.)


Mirielle: …a SG Flamethrower – which is a flamethrower with a barrel – Aaya has them…


Kiyone: Really?


Aaya: Really…


Kiyone: I’m not sure I believe you…


Aaya: Huh?


Kiyone: We’ve talked to Mirielle remember? She’s just as much as a firearms expert as you are – and says you do sell these weapon, the SG Flamethrowers…


Aaya: Mirielle said that – damn, she’s worse than Hatsuki…


Mamoru: Are you afraid about the fact a weapon connected with the case may have something to do with your shop? Remember, you could be either a huge help in solving this or someone we need to arrest for with-holding evidence…


Kiyone: …or are you just scared of Mirielle?


(Aaya seems nervous – this isn’t the first time that Mirielle seemed to scare one – Kentaro did as well before he died when Kodachi mentioned her name…)




Kodachi: I have my ways of finding out information as well…and maybe you should notify your shareholders and see if one of them killed my dear brother. Say…Ling-Pha, Nabeshin, yourself, Amelia, Urumi herself…


(Kodachi smiles evilly…)


Kodachi: …and Mirielle Bouquet.


(Kentaro freezes. Blood drains from his face as ‘Mirielle’ is mentioned. Jet quickly notices this.)


Jet: Either he didn’t know that…or more likely that was something he didn’t want to hear.


Kentaro: (nervous speaking) Well…well..I-I-I better get on ou-out of here…I’ve got some papers to d-deal with…


(Aaya looks around and sighs…)


Aaya: Very well – I’m not going to get any sleep if I don’t help you now right?


Kiyone: Pretty much.


Aaya: Fine.


(Aaya gets two receipts out from under the desk.)


Aaya: I had two of them. The weapon itself is made specifically for ritual purposes – hence the two purchases.


(Mamoru and Kiyone look at them…and their eyes light up…)


Kiyone: Chikage bought one of them…


Mamrou: …and Sousuke bought the other.


Aaya: These were special purchases, so I kept these receipts in a safety desk.


(They check the date – Chikage’s was bought a month before the murder, but interestingly Sousuke’s was bought just 2 days before Kuno’s death…they know now that Sousuke has a possible murder weapon whilst anyone else linked with Chikage may also have a chance to grab a weapon…)


(…Kiyone takes this opportunity to speak about the other main inquiry of the case – Kuno’s gun.)


Kiyone: We found this at the scene of one of the crimes as well – we wondered if you knew anything about this. After this, we’ll leave you be.


(Aaya has a good long look at it…)


Aaya: That’s definitely a hand crafted Smith & Weston which we sell here, no doubt…but…


Kiyone: But?


Aaya: Well…who did this gun belong to? Do you know, it would help?


Kiyone: Well…


Mamoru: I think we should tell him.


Kiyone: Alright…this belonged to Tatewaki Kuno.


Aaya: Kuno? You’re joking…


Kiyone: Huh?


Aaya: He hasn’t got the brains to use a firearm…he’d never use a gun – never mind me selling one to him. No, I never sold him that gun…and I can’t remember for the life of me who I did sell it to…


(Kiyone is stunned. So the gun – Kuno never bought it? Was it a plant? A gift? Someone else may have given the gun to him? More questions have been brought on…)


(The duo wave goodbye to Aaya as he gets some well deserved rest. Shame the said can’t be said for our detectives, in particular Team 1…)


*   *   *   *




(Shot of Mahoro going through a street looking for Taeko, along with 2 senior police officers…)


Mahoro: No luck?


Jet: (on a com link) None on your side…


Mahoro: You’ve checked out all the main places right?


Yotsuba: Well, we’ve sent staff at the suggestions of Yomi and Jet, but no-one is reporting any good news if that’s what you are asking…


(Flashback shots of various cops being sent to other places. We see Jet is on the ‘hands-on approach’ and has join Ryo in the hunt for Taeko. Back at base, Ohjiro is helping out Yomi in communications and using the computer maps to search for the places where Taeko could be.)


(However, they’ve searched a few places, and gone to various people. These include Chikage, Izumi, Sousuke and Jing. However, no such luck.)


(Jet and Ryo are now outside Urumi’s apartment, where the blonde girl has rushed out to meet them.)


Urumi: I’ll help you find her!


Ryo: That’s all well and good but we think she may be here…


Jet: Ryo, have you seen the amount of traps she has in there? If Taeko is in there, she’s probably tripped over 3 already…


Ryo: Good point…and I don’t exactly want to risk myself in there…


(Cue Ryo throwing three novice cops in there to sacrifice…errrr…I mean  salvage to see that indeed, Taeko is not in there…)


(3 explosions, blackened effects and 3 applications for early retirement later, they conclude that she isn’t there…)


Urumi: Why would I hide her anyway…it would be too obvious?


Jet: I don’t know…I just figured you may have cared enough about her to help her out even in these dire ends…


(Urumi pauses…)


Urumi: Dammit! Who would have thought she could do this…I stopped her last night, but who knew she could…


(Urumi turns…one could almost see her crying…)


Mahoro: (on com link) Urumi?


(Urumi snatches it off Jet…)


Urumi: Mahoro? Do you know where she is?


Jet: Well, we’ve get all the people she knows…


Yomi: Not all of them…


Jet: Who then?


Yomi: What about the one person she could really need to talk to…the one she kidnapped?


(Jet nods…)


Jet: Where would Kagome be now?


Yomi: Let’s see…


Yotsuba: I know checkii! She’s with Haruka-chan! Kagome had to go there last night after her ordeal in for some spiritual relief…


Jet: Damn…the temples…which temple?


Yotsuba: I’m not sure which one she’s stationed…I’ll get some over to Resource immediately!


Ryo: Right, we’ll head off to the one here then…


Jet/Mahoro/Urumi: Right.


(The group of suspects and detectives head towards Haruka’s Promised Island based temple whilst Yotsuba and Yomi sort out a squad to head over to the former Resource Island. But it turns now that they didn’t need to bother…)


*   *   *   *




(Shot of Jet, Mahoro and Urumi along with Ryo outside the lavish temple which hasn’t been a good testing ground for past detectives, on inquries OR killer’s games.)


Jet: O.K…we don’t know what’s going on in there, but we’d better be careful, just in case.


Urumi: And if she isn’t there?


Jet: We are back at square one…


Ryo: I’m armed if necessary…


Mahoro: You dare harm her…


Jet: I think it’s more a precaution more than anything. Anyway ladies, better stay back…


(Jet and Ryo tread cautiously as they remove a curtain ahead of the temple. A squad which probably consists of Dominican Tank Police rejects gets behind the detectives and the head police officer, preparing for the worst…)


(…and open it to find…)


Taeko (crying) I’m s-s-sorry…


(…a rather unusual scene. We see Taeko, crouched down, her head in the younger Haruka’s lap as next to her, Kagome next to her, seemingly not feeling any ill will to everyone’s surprise…)


Jet: (cautiously) Taeko…


(Suddenly Taeko bolts up, screaming…)




Jet: She…


Ryo: I’m afraid that’s as close as a confession as we can get. We’ve already got her on kidnapping…


Kagome: Please…it’s…


Ryo: (firmly) Taeko Minazuki…


(Before Ryo gets too close, a gust of wind forces him back as Haruka merges in front of Taeko, creating a Motoko-like attack with her kendo sword.)


Ryo: Are you assisting…


Yotsuba: (over intercom) Haruka-chan?


Haruka: Yotsuba-chan?


Yotsuba: If you care about her, you’ll do what is right. This has to be done…please, no protector strikes here – I don’t want you to be in jail as well…please…


(Haruka’s purple hair flares with the waves of the wind she created…but it subsides. Haruka steps back as Kagome hugs the yamato nadesico, whilst Ryo and a few flunkies go up to a subdued Taeko.)


Ryo: Taeko Minazuki, you are arrested on the charges of the murder of Tatewaki Kuno and the kidnapping of Kagome Hiragushi. You have the right to remain silent…


(Ryo reads the most unlikely suspect to the crime (despite her motives) her rights as Jet scratches his beard…)


Jet: Something doesn’t seem right…


Yomi: (over intercom) Yeah…this is way too easy…


Jet: I don’t think she did it – I think she’s…


???????: HOLD IT!


(Just as Taeko is being led out, someone interrupts them, namely one Ling-Pha Wong. She has her own flunkies with her, and she isn’t happy.)


Haruka: What are you doing here?


Ling-Pha: My network allows me to know all and see all – and you think I’m going to let this bitch get away with everything…


Ryo: She’s not getting away! She has been arrested for…


Ling-Pha: NOT THAT! She is the cause for Sousuke and Izumi leaving me – this trash-hoe..


(Taeko doesn’t react, her tears are enough reaction)


Ling-Pha: And as of that…huh?


(Shot outside as Mahoro is putting the scare to the flunkies whilst Urumi flashes her evilest smile. Ling-Pha gulps.)


Ling-Pha: (to herself) With friends like that who needs enemies? (out loud) Well, with this police here, you can’t do anything to me!


Urumi: The same could be said for you and your patrol here.


Ryo: Excuse me…(to Jet)…we’ll have an interrogation with her at 7pm – be there and we’ll see if we can prove if she is the killer.


Jet: Right…just be careful with her – I’ve seen what you’re like with the ladies and this girl doesn’t need any more provocation…


Ryo: Please, no matter how perverted I am, I’m not stupid…


(Taeko is lead out, Ling-Pha and Urumi watching on, back inside, Kagome and Haruka look slightly angry. But is it true? Did Taeko confess to murder?)


*   *   *   *




(However, whilst busy the team have been, there has been other issues other than Taeko’s arrest. And the main one…is the first real failure of the team, i.e. Yomiko and Shizuka’s failure to get anything from Sakuya…)


(..but the main problem is coming from two alliance members…)


Mamoru: I noticed during our inquiry that whilst we were talking, Kiyone seemed to get very agitated about even the smallest things that went wrong…well, we get back to the mansion…


Shizuka: …and all hell breaks loose. However, to my shock…the bluntness of Kiyone’s verbal assault when it came to our team’s failure wasn’t aimed at me…


(Shot of Jet and Yomi with paper cups to their ears, listening to a rather animated conversation between Yomiko and Kiyone…)


Ohjiro: So things are becoming interesting then?


Jet: Not exactly how I’d put it…


Yomi: I knew that Yomiko and Kiyone did slightly clash – this all started when I suggested that Yomiko be brought into the alliance. I was fine with Jet coming with us, but I felt that she wasn’t so happy with Yomiko. I’d thought things had changed since Tsuyoshi went…but how wrong was I…


Kiyone: Listen, we’ve been through hell now all these weeks, and you, you Mihoshi-clone, didn’t get anything?!!!


Yomiko: Hey, why take it out on just me? Besides…why are you getting so agitated now?


Kiyone: Well, I don’t care anymore! I’ve been getting frustrated with being here…


Yomiko: I bet you miss this Mihoshi really…maybe I should help you in that respect…


Kiyone: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT? We let you in with our hearts and this is how you repay us?


Yomiko: I’m sorry alright!!!


Kiyone: I never wanted you with us anyway…it was only because of Yomi that you were…


Yomiko: Oh, so you’re going to send me out just like you sent Tsuyoshi out?


Kiyone: I never sent Tsuyoshi out!


Yomiko: True, you didn’t, but you never seemed to care either…and you were worried about his youth at the start…so how do I not know that…


Kiyone: Just stop it now…you saw what happened between Yui and Hideki…


Yomiko: (sneers) Of course I did…I went out on a killer’s game with Yui remember?


Kiyone: You little…


(Outside, we have 5 people listening in…)


Yomi: I think that’s your cue to break them up Jet…


Jet: (sighs) Sometimes it sucks to be the person of authority…


Yomi: Yes…but you’re probably the only person here who could fend both of them off…they scare me like this…


(The others agree as Jet sweatdrops, as he becomes designated ‘lamb to the slaughter’)


Jet: Thanks guys…


*   *   *   *




(It’s all tense in the house. Jet and Yomi have both gone out to interview Taeko at the police station. Inside, with Ohjiro simply writing notes in his room (and occasionally checking a picture of Shoko and Misaki with him and his stepbrother Ichiro), Yomiko and Kiyone aren’t really speaking to each other…this gives an opportunity for Shizuka and Mamoru, who seem to be the ones always ready to play a killer’s game, to maybe use this to their advantage.)


Mamoru: So what do we do then?


Shizuka: I think we should target one of them…Yomiko probably the easiest target…


Mamoru: I can talk to Kiyone if that helps. I don’t think Yomiko would be easy to talk to anyway.


Shizuka: Maybe eliminating Kiyone would be better though…


Mamoru: True, but how much have you talked to Yomiko in your inquiry…


(Shizuka does a silence normally reserved for ‘talking’ to Yomiko)


Mamoru: Exactly. It’s how we’ve got to deal with it.


(Shizuka sighs, as we see a shot of Yomiko in the library, retracting to her roots, whilst Kiyone takes a bit of frustration on Time Crisis 3 in the games room. However, their alliance marks are on the way to determine if Taeko really is the killer…)


*   *   *   *




(Taeko hasn’t been sent to jail yet. Ryo has called in the duo to interview Taeko, to determine if she killed Tatewaki Kuno.)


Ryo: If you can determine so, we have to let her go.


Jet: How come?


Ryo: Because Kagome wishes to drop the kidnapping charges. God knows why, then again…would a girl that beautiful really be this problematic?


Jet: (sarcastic) Gee, let me think. Urumi, Mahoro, Kagome herself, Kodachi, Ling-Pha…


Ryo: (sweatdrops) O.K, you made your point…


(A shot of Jet and Ryo in front of a monitor where security cameras are in a room where Taeko is being held. She is dressed in a simple white prison like clothing. The door opens as Yomi is being assigned to interview her. Though Jet has the more experience, it appears they feel Yomi may be better handled to handling Taeko.)


Yomi: Taeko…I want to know that whatever happens, I certainly will understand. After all, whilst any murder is an obvious crime, I can actually see why you could do such a thing…it doesn’t mean I have to agree with the revenge though…which is why I’m here.


Taeko: I know…but…


Yomi: One step at a time Taeko-chan, one step at a time. So, you admit that you murdered Tatewaki Kuno.


Taeko: (nods) Yes, it was me.


Yomi: Can you explain how you did it?


Taeko: Yes…


Taeko: I entered via a key that Kuno forget to take off me when I left after the…you know…it was messy down there. I wasn’t sure what I intended to do…


Yomi: And the weapon?


Taeko: Yes…I had ‘borrowed’ it off Chikage-chan so to speak. Anyway, I was snooping around – only really intending to give him a threat, when I moved off and knocked some cans over.


Yomi: Knocked some cans?


Taeko: Yes…I was nervous, upset and clumsy…three not very good qualities in me. I realised Kuno was coming down – and he had that sword of his – and even a pistol! I was hiding somewhere and he didn’t see me…and the next thing I knew, I shot him in the chest with this cannon-fire blast…all that blood…and I had to ru…


Yomi: Hold it – do you think anyone saw you?


Taeko: Huh?


Yomi: We know that two bodyguards resided at that time under the presence of Tatewaki Kuno, Bandit Jing and Heero Yuy. You mean that neither of them saw you?


Taeko: No…well, if they did, they didn’t notice. Besides…Jing is a real sweet guy who probably would have let me get away with anything anyway.


Yomi: Ah…you two are in Nyostar as well.


Taeko: Yes. He’s helped Izumi-san a lot as well, Izumi has been a friend with Mahoro too.


Yomi: That’s nice, but we need to get back on topic…so you used this flamethrower weapon on Kuno…and since then…


Taeko: …since then I’ve just been hiding it, I’ve made sure no-one knows of what I did to Kuno.


Yomi: Kuno alone?


Taeko: Huh?


(Off-screen, Jet smiles.)


Jet: Thatta girl.


Ryo Huh?


Jet: Yomi realised that Taeko has said all about how she ‘killed’ Kuno…but don’t forget, Kentaro has been killed as well. And we feel all these murders are connected, so says she just killed Kuno…that means she could be lying…


(Back in the room…)


Yomi: …so you admit to killing Kentaro Sakata as well?


Taeko: (nervously) Y-yes, I’m sorry…he was getting to nosey as well, with…erm…


Yomi: (playing double bluff) …Mahoro right?


Taeko: Y-yes?


Yomi: Oh sorry…I meant Urumi.


(Taeko stops before ‘correcting’.)


Taeko: Yes, he tried to attack Urumi and I couldn’t take that!


Yomi: So how did you kill him? (double bluff number two) Because he was found in his home with a kettle flex wrapped around his neck…you strangled him?


Taeko: Y-yes! I strangled him – I couldn’t use the flamethrower…


(Yomi nods, but she knows now she’s lying. Marie’s description suggests that the killer used the same device that he/she used against Kuno, and also he died at the hospital.)


Jet: She’s lying.


Ryo: You sure?


Jet: We know how Kentaro died. Yomi has got brains sir…I feel Taeko is trying to protect someone…or she’s a very good liar and actress. She could be doing this to convince us she isn’t the killer…


Ryo: But what do I do?


Jet: Well, we can’t charge her because she’s lying about the killing and with Kagome dropping the charges for the kidnapping crime, and with us sure that the murders of both individuals were caused by the same person…


Ryo: …therefore if she is lying about Kentaro’s death, she could be lying about killing Kuno.


Jet: You are thereby forced to release her.


Ryo: (sighs) Right, though we’ll have to get a force to watch her – plus Mahoro really needs to be more forceful with her.


(At the end of the day, Taeko has been released. So is she lying…or a very convincing actress?)


*   *   *   *




Jet: …and that’s what happened.


(It’s just past 8, and a small audience of Kiyone and Ohjiro has join them to listen, though by the sounds in the kitchen someone else is nearby.)


Ohjiro: This is getting really heated…


(Shot of Shizuka entering with coffee, cocoa and hot milk for whoever is interested, bar Jet who has a can of beer.)


(Shot of Yomiko, in her room, reading and a shot of Mamoru in his room, looking out the window, watching the full moon.)


Jet: Looks like quiet on the western front…


Kiyone: Yeah…it’s not like…


Ohjiro: I don’t think we can afford to hear it at the moment.


(We can see Ohjiro having a look at the detectives – remember he gets to choose the person who goes in the killer’s game tomorrow, and as a neutral, that could means anyone.)


(However, if the case wasn’t messed up enough anyway…)


*   *   *   *




(We can see someone being carried in a Chinese rickshaw, heading across in the direction of the Himuro residence. This of course, is Ling-Pha.)


Ling-Pha: Now I will deal with Izumi. With Taeko gone and rotting in jail, it’s time for me to weed out the other traitors…Sousuke will be coming soon…


(Suddenly, she feels her movement restricted…and then Ling-Pha falls off the rickshaw herself, flung into mud…)


Ling-Pha: Yeeuchh…servants, what was going on…


(No response.)


Ling-Pha: Servants, speak to your mi…KYYYAAAHHH!


(In a voice more reserved for Anna than Ling-Pha (yes, they are both played by the same dub VA, hence the joke), Ling-Pha sees all her servants down to the mat, unconscious…or worse.)


Ling-Pha: Wh-what is happening?


Cut to the dreaded green camera…behind Ling-Pha in the darkness…


*disorted voice* - Your end.


(Ling-Pha turns…screams…)






(A shot afterwards as the dying Ling-Pha looks up at her killer, as the killer wrenches the item from her chest…the lighting ball.)


(Ling-Pha’s scream echoes throughout the night before falling unconscious…and never to open her eyes again…)


(…only for two familiar envelopes to be left on top of her bloodied corpse…)


*   *   *   *