DAY 10




(It’s the 10th day – and Oujirou is making the breakfast.)


Oujirou: Cheese omelets…hold off the roasted chestnuts…


Yomi: Chestnuts?


(Yomi enters to get some milk – immediately Oujirou turns around…)


Yomi: Huh?


(Oujirou makes a button motion. It appears Yomi is still a tad asleep as she blushes and fastens her blouse. Once normality is resumed…)


Oujirou: Yeah. It was something that was used to get my stepfamily to break the ice with me before Angelic Layer finally did the job. They bought be roasted chestnuts – my stepfather did – and though I wasn’t too keen on them, I said ‘Thanks, these are my favourite.’ I pretty much got them everyday…*sighs*…and the day I lost to Misaki-chan, my stepbrother got some for me to cheer me up as well…


Yomi: You’re a famous name then in your circle huh?


Oujirou: I am…but I don’t like to think I am. (tosses the omelette and cuts the pieces) Here.


Yomi: Thank you.


(Yomi leaves as Oujirou watches her leave. He smiles.)


Oujirou: And even here, I play my way…and my way for now…


Jet: Grrr…morning…(yawns)


Oujirou: (smiles) Morning Jet-san…no smoking here.


Jet: I know, I know…got any milk or coffee…


(Jet goes for the fridge as inside, Yomi serves food to Yomiko and Fujitaka, the only other two up – meaning Shizuka, Mamoru and Kiyone are the stragglers.)




(O.K, WERE the stragglers…)


*   *   *   *




(With everyone woke up by Amy – (not Mizuno, try Alarm Machine Yomi…) they get into a small discussion about the suspects they think will be cleared this time – and who they don’t suspect…)


Jet: In my line of business, you would have to still suspect them…


Shizuka: It still seems too obvious that Mirielle did it in my opinion…I don’t think she would have told us something and then burn the evidence…


Jet: Even so, considering her profession, and despite the fact it is too obvious…(Oujirou serves a bit more omelette with a side order of bell peppers as Jet groans…)…didn’t know you had a sense of humour kid.


(Oujirou smiles and sits down to enter the discussion as well)


Mamoru: The only two I can clearly say I don’t think is the killer would be Taeko and Nabeshin – just on the basis of their characters.


Yomi: I’d agree with you on Taeko…Nabeshin I think is a wild horse though…


(A bit later on, we see Shizuka in conversation with Fujitaka…)


Shizuka: I’m a bit scared – I’m sure I’m going for the chopping block.


Fujitaka: Who would have know Yomiko-san would be lead investigator for a second time?


Shizuka: I guess I’m scared. I’ve already gone through a killer’s game…and not really fond of going a second time…


(Notice that Shizuka has forgotten that Yomiko HAS been on two killer’s games…)


Fujitaka: I’ll see what we can do. It’s 4 against 3 a possibility. You talk to Mamoru-san and I’ll talk to Oujirou-san.


(As they get ready for the inquiry, Fujitaka gets a chance to talk as the two Clamp men wash the dishes…)


Fujitaka: You are a hard worker Oujirou-san.


Oujirou: I need to be with my stepbrother about…


Fujitaka: Anyway, can I talk to you about…well…the vote tonight…


Oujirou: Sure.


(Fujitaka does…unaware of a conversation last night between Oujirou and Yomi…which side does he take?)


*   *   *   *




(The team are getting more punctual (and tired) as the days and weeks last. For three detectives, another 10 days will happen for them but between then and there another 5 detectives will be eliminated…)


(…but at least they won’t have to hear this if they are eliminated all the time…)


Yotsuba: Checkii time!


(You can hear the groans of half the detectives and the readers, but Yotsuba enters with her usual flair this time. She’s got some papers on her as well as she seems to actually be doing her job.)


Yotsuba: Looking into this case, we’ve got a few things we need to get through. We’ve done well so far – we’ve found a number of motives other than the black and white theories we received at the start of this case. And we’ve got some big things to get through.


(Yotsuba slams the papers down)


Yotsuba: First of all, we’ve gone through a number of people to look at this Nyostar cult. However, there is one person who is paid to know things, and I think we need to speak with him. That man is Ryoji Kaji.


(The team nods: A wise choice. Ryoji Kaji is paid to be a spy or a mole from both sides of the camp. And with members of Nyostar in both sides of the camp (Sousuke and Jing for example), he may know something.)


Yotsuba: This will be Team 1’s inquiry. Kaji is doing his rounds at the golf course at 10am. I want you guys to speak to him and see basically what he knows, if anything.


(Team 1 (Yomi/Fujitaka/Oujirou) will go to the Golf Course (the one where they first met Kentaro and Urumi) and speak to Kaji.)


Yotsuba: O.K, now Team 2…and indeed the rest of you, I’ve got something important to show you.


(Yotsuba presses a button where a projector lights up. She gets on a laptop (probably Rinrin’s) and presses a few buttons. The next thing they see is a media player video file of someone covered in black so you can’t see his or her face at all. A disorted voice then is heard by the team…)




(The message ends…)


Yotsuba: What do you think?


Kiyone: The killer?


Yotsuba: Not necessarily. But it is someone that needs to be investigated – and I received word from Mami who was the one that sent me this file that it must have been recorded at her club last night, probably in one of the silent rooms. I want Team 2 to go over there and talk to Mami – and see if you can learn which, if any, suspects came in last night. Find out, go and collect evidence and see if there is more to this.


(Team 2 (Mamoru/Shizuka) have to head out to the 18-30 Club to speak with the 13th ‘sister’ Mami and see what they can learn about this video incident, with evidence and names the best way to do so.)


Yotsuba: Finally Team 3. A big assignment for you. We have a witness to Kentaro’s murder.


(A few gasps as Yotsuba continues…)


Yotsuba: At the hospital where Kentaro was killed, someone apparently witnessed the murder. This is big – we could have the killer on our tracks. Team 3, Kiyone, Jet, I don’t need any more explaining what you guys have to do.


(Team 3 (Jet/Kiyone) will go to the hospital, and find the witness that apparently saw the death of Kentaro. Learn everything you can.)


Yotsuba: It’s slowly not becoming a game anymore, more like a massacre. And remember, we lose another tonight. Make sure it’s not you…as this is getting worse.


(As Yotsuba leaves on a surprisingly serious note, the detectives realise that there are a couple of big leads they have to go through, particularly for Teams 2 and 3. It should be interesting to what they find out…)


*   *   *   *    


Yomi: We know Kaji is a known mole, so he could give us some vital information…


Oujirou: There has to be more than this than meets the eye – he’s probably linked with everything.


Fujitaka: Have any of you considered him to be the killer?


Kiyone: (off screen) I have.


Jet: Seriously?


Kiyone: (entering) He knows a bit too much about everything. Seemed rather convenient that he led me to the video which could incriminate Ling-Pha, and whilst he isn’t the top of my suspect list, he definitely is there…


Jet: Well, we’ve got a witness to grill…


Kiyone: I’m amazed this witness is still alive therefore…if the killer saw him or her…


Jet: That’s…actually a good point. We’ll need to make a notice of it…


(Just off-screen, Shizuka and Mamoru plan ahead for what they need to search for…)


Shizuka: Fingerprints and DNA tests will be vital – best handle with care.


Mamoru: Yeah, we’ve got our suits and gloves – we’ll be O.K.


Shizuka: Recording equipment and such will be needed to find. They said it is in one of the silent rooms right?


Mamoru: Yes, where people wish to go with friends for karaoke or just enjoy themselves. Hired by the hour.


Shizuka: Then we should be able to find the person easily if we ask for the records.


Mamoru: All being well, yes.


(The teams seem organised enough…but organisation is nothing without trial…)


*   *   *   *






(Shot of the three exiting. Neither Yomi nor Fujitaka can say anything to Oujirou about the vote without the other getting suspicious, so it’s all roses for the moment. And as Yomi said, Kaji is a known mole and may know vital information…)


Kaji: Fore!


(…sadly, Kaji seems just to be focusing on the 9th hole…)


Fujitaka: How rude is it to interrupt a game?


Oujirou: Very.


Yomi: Fortunately, I don’t care.


(The team head up to the Eva rep – as a slight bit of superstition hits the detectives…)


Yomi: Hey, you remember the last person who was at these courses?


Oujirou: Kentaro. And he’s dead now.


Fujitaka: That’s not a good sign…


(They finally approach Kaji who notices them. He gives a wry smile before greeting them.)


Kaji: Hello there, care to join me?


Oujirou: Like to, but on work.


Kaji: Ah…my day off, but still get interrupted. Oh well…I recognise the two of you when I helped that young woman Kiyone, so at least familiarity isn’t a problem. So what can I do for you?


Oujirou: You seem to know everything Mr. Kaji. (insert Gunslinger Girl reference here)


Kaji: That I do.


Oujirou: Well, we are wondering if you know anything about the word ‘Nyostar.’


(Kaji becomes silent. He looks over the detectives.)


Kaji: Ling-Pha’s been busy worrying about that, and I thought it was something insignificant…


Yomi: So you do know something.


Kaji: Maybe…but let me ask you something.


Fujitaka: O.K.


Kaji: I feel I’ve been more than helpful with everyone in these inquiries and yet you don’t seem to be any closer in finding this killer.


Oujirou: Hmm?


Kaji: All I’m saying is that I’ve been helping you so much and I haven’t really got anything in return. You are no closer to the case and I feel helping you even more would be pointless.


(Kaji turns his back and prepares to continue playing his game.)


Yomi: Damn. Problems.


Oujirou: Unusually stubborn then…maybe this Nyostar scares him as well…


Fujitaka: Well…


Yomi: O.K then, nice girl is thrown out the window. Fujitaka, you remember what we saw on the tape right?


Fujitaka: Yes…


Yomi: Right. (calls) Kaji…


Kaji: I said I won’t help…


Yomi: Well, maybe we don’t consider what you did for us recently help.


Kaji: Huh?


Yomi: You see, when Kiyone found the tape, what we found on it wasn’t really of little importance.


Kaji: You’re joking. It revealed that the time of death the cameras didn’t show any…


Yomi: And how would you know that?


(Kaji stops. Tricked…)


Yomi: (smiles) So either you had already seen it via being a mole, and/or you are intending to frame Ling-Pha?


(Kaji definitely seems a little un-nerved, however he does remain stoic)


Kaji: It’s not like it’s going to matter in the end.


?????: Why not?


Oujirou: Uh oh…I know that voice.


(Indeed. In a very eerie similarity, along comes suspect Urumi Kanzaki. It’s been a few days since they saw Urumi, because of course Kentaro tried to kill her.)


Yomi: It appears I’m going to have to get used to see you Miss Kanzaki…especially around golf courses.


Urumi: Indeed. Anyway, I think Mr. Kaji isn’t exactly being a real trooper of help here…so maybe I can take over.


(Unlike Kentaro, Kaji doesn’t seem remotely worried about the 200IQ genius who is more dangerous than an atomic bomb at times.)


Urumi: Anyway, since Kentaro’s death – I’ve been having to wonder about a few things. Like why anyone would want to try and kill me…


Kaji: Do you REALLY want me to answer that? It’s not like I haven’t met troublesome 14 year olds before…


Urumi: Ha ha. But no-one has attempted to do that before…of course, the fact that there is a price on my head seems to be a thing…that was…until Kentaro’s death. It seems that it was pulled off after his death – which is odd. Now, Kaji, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about that now would you?


Kaji: I know a lot of things Urumi…but not that.


Urumi: True…you know a lot of things…including Nyostar.


(Kaji becomes silent. Urumi, undeterred goes on.)


Urumi: Well, I’d figure that you being a mole and all that, you’d be the first to tip people off on a price on my head…and also about it being taken off. However…


Kaji: All right, all ready! I’ll talk.


(Urumi smiles.)


Urumi: Glad to be of service to you gentlemen. Especially the young man in the centre…


(Uh oh, looks like Oujirou gets another fangirl…this one a tad more psychotic than the ones he’s used to…)


Kaji: Dammit…you know, this is the one thing that has been so secret – but it appears that neither faction seems to be interested it.


Yomi: We have evidence on the contrary that at least one person from each side belongs to Nyostar.


Kaji: I was just getting to that. However, the one thing that isn’t known is who the second in command to that goth girl is. Chikage is well known for being the leader, but the second command has been shrouded in darkness. The only thing I am sure of is that it’s a female…


(Suddenly, they realise that Urumi has gone.)


Fujitaka: That girl is fast.


Kaji: Darn it. Anyway, with Nyostar – I feel that Urumi is somehow connected. Maybe she is the second in command…


Oujirou: That would make sense. Considering the core trio of girls not linked to either side, they probably would want something else to have faith in.


Fujitaka: You mean Urumi, Mahoro and Taeko right…


Oujirou: Yes.


Kaji: I think I’ve said enough. Let me get on with my game…though doubt I’ll concentrate as well now.


(It’s the first time that the ever cool Kaji has been so rattled, about Urumi, Nyostar or both? Either way, not quite the inquiry that they were expecting…but effective none the less…)


*   *   *   *




(The club isn’t open in the day, which makes it easy for Mami to let the detectives have a look around. Despite both being a bit on edge about the vote they still are courteous and ready to work.)


Mami: O.K guys, you’re in.


(Shot as Shizuka and Mamoru look around the place. Seems the cleaners didn’t get to the place yet…which actually might help the detectives more as that means nothing has been moved.)


Mami: Normally I would have had them come in to clean the place, but Yotsuba asked me to leave everything as is – bad enough with the agro about the place when Ling-Pha came here without someone displaying threatening messages…


Shizuka: We aim to get through this as quickly as possible, trust us.


Mami: I will…I don’t trust Yotsuba though…


(The two sweatdrop – Mami is literally the odd one out of the girls…though the less I say about that the better – I’m guilty of enough spoilers for other shows thank you very much…)


Mami: Let’s just say I’ve been careful about who I let in. And as far as knew, I didn’t have any problems with anybody before who came in last night…


Mamoru: Have you got a log book or something?


Mami: Oh yes, as I said, can’t be too careful in a business like this…


Shizuka: Sounds dangerous…


Mami: (proud) Oh, I always scare them off…besides, when Rinrin is one of your friends, it’s something you don’t really want to cross, y’know?


Mamoru: Shizuka, you check out the book – I’ll have a quick look around.


Shizuka: That’s a roger.


(The duo separate as Shizuka looks through the records of the day before. It doesn’t take long for Shizuka to note the people that could have done the deed…)


Shizuka: Mamoru?


Mamoru: Yeah?


Shizuka: On the list, 5 suspects are on there.


Mamoru: Who?


Shizuka: The alternative plot girls for a start…


Mamoru: (confused) The what?


Shizuka: The girls who’s motive doesn’t revolve around greed or religion – more like revenge. Taeko, Mahoro and Urumi…


Mamoru: Oh, I get you.


Shizuka: And on the men’s side, Arima and Nabeshin.


Mamoru: Arima? Bit surprised by that…


Shizuka: Maybe he had some business with one of them…


Mamoru: Well, one of those committed the message on the video phone. Mami?


Mami: Yeah?


Mamoru: Where are your silent rooms?


Mami: We have three all at the back end of the corridor. They are used for those who just want to have a good time by themselves…though let’s just say that I don’t pry into their business…


Mamoru: Dare I ask?


Mami: Well 9 times out of 10 it’s strictly karaoke and drink…but the one time…


Mamoru: And they complain about the kid’s exit?


Shizuka: Please Mamoru…and besides, I’ve looked at the silent rooms hired – and apparently one was hired by the three girls.


Mamoru: Really? So it was one of them…


Shizuka: Interesting. Let’s search.


Mami: It was room 3 according to this – that’s the one on the far right.


(The team head over to room 3, but suddenly Shizuka gets a phone call…)


Shizuka: Hello?


Yotsuba: Shizuka? That you?


Shizuka: Yes…Yotsuba? What’s wrong?


Yotsuba: I felt I need to inform you that I just got a call from Ryo. The police have recently got another video message – and the long and the short of it is that ‘she will meet up as the occult’s second…to give a warning to everyone just to stay out of their business!’


Shizuka: Yeah, we figured it was a girl – it’s one of three people, Urumi, Taeko or Mahoro.


Yotsuba: Really? Good going guys…I’ll get a warrant to search their apartments…keep searching, Yotsuba out…


(O.K, Yotsuba got another message – which is clearly freaking out Shizuka.)


Shizuka: This is getting way too personal…


Mamoru: Think that’s bad…


(Inside the room, Mamoru has put something inside a bag. It turns out to be a microphone…and a piece of cloth.)


(Maid cloth.)


Shizuka: Cloth over the mic?


Mamoru: And it’s from a maid outfit.


Shizuka: So…Mahoro?


Mamoru: Or Taeko. Unless Urumi framed them. Which is likely considering how Miss Kanzaki is.


Shizuka: Of course, they’re both maids aren’t they


Mamoru: We’d better head back…


(Shizuka and Mamoru finish their searching…if they had continued to look, they may have found something more sinister…)


(…a trail of blood from the wall to the floor. A test of the blood would have found our video message person…but they may not need to worry…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at where Kentaro was killed, the two experienced detectives leave, ready to interview a witness to his murder…)


Kiyone: If the witness saw the murder, did the killer see this person? If so – how come he or she is still alive?


Jet: That is an interesting theory. Maybe we’ll find out.


(Jet and Kiyone enter the hospital where they await the receptionist. They tell them that the person involved is waiting just off in the visitors room. Jet and Kiyone meet off where a familiar face awaits them…not to them…)


Karen: Hello?


(We see the cute Karen, owner of the hotel where they found Izumi and Sousuke on the night of the murder, with a basket of fruit. Kiyone recognises her from the photograph and smiles.)


Kiyone: You must be Karen.


Karen: And you must be two of the detectives. I only met Oujirou-san and Yomiko-san the other day.


Jet: Yeah that’s right young lady. I’m Detective Jet Black and this is detective Kiyone Mabiki.


Karen: Nice to meet you…but what are you doing here?


Jet: Well…we are here to interview someone…


(Suddenly, a bark off screen catches all three off guard. A large white dog runs up and tackles Karen who giggles as he licks her face a couple of times.)


Jet: A dog?


?????: Now now Michael, don’t get overexcited. We’ve got something to do today remember…Karen-chan!


Karen: (recovering) Hello there Marie-chan!


(This is in fact the witness Jet and Kiyone came to interview. Her name is Marie, another girl from the photograph. Her distinguishing features are her long purple/dark hair into low pigtails, glasses, and the fact she is very sickly most of the time. However, she has a Kaede (Angelic Layer) like healing smile which makes the detectives feel for her…)


(…but Michael ruins it by jumping onto Jet.)


Kiyone: Always were a dog person huh Jet?


Jet: Suppose you’re right…(strokes the top of Michael’s head)…at least it’s a friendly one.


Marie: Michael is a perfect gentleman. You will be fine.


Kiyone: Wait a moment…are you the person we came here to speak to?


Marie: Why yes, I was told that some detectives would be talking to be about…recent things.


Karen: Oh, so you came to talk to Marie as well?


Jet: Yes, our job dictates.


(A problem – with Karen around them, should they separate them or not?)


Karen: Well…should I really butt in?


Jet: This is quite a delicate issue Miss Karen – but you’re making me feel bad now…


Maire: No, it’s O.K Mr Black. Karen, do you mind waiting for me whilst I talk to this lady and gentleman…it’s a bit of an issue I don’t really want to discuss when my friends are around…


Karen: Oh…sorry…


Kiyone: Karen-chan, if you don’t mind, I’ll talk to you for a bit. I may need your help anyway…we promise we won’t keep…Marie was it?


Marie: Yes.


Kiyone: …we won’t keep Marie as long as necessary.


Karen: (nods) O.K, thank you.


Kiyone: Jet, I’ll leave the young lady to your capable hands whilst me and Karen-chan have a girl talk.


Jet: (groans) O.K…


(Karen giggles as does Marie as the duos separate. Jet now has to talk to Marie as a witness to the crime of Kentaro’s death. Let’s see how he does…)


*   *   *   *


Marie: You see…I’ve been very sickly since a young age, and have had to remain in the hospital for most of my life. That’s why I appreciate it whenever my sisters come to see me…Karen the one who visits the most, she normally brings Aria-chan and Hinako-chan with her as well…


Jet: So you were here then when…


Marie: (nods) Yes…


(flashback – warning – quite violent)


Marie: I was going to the toilet. Michael was sound asleep, it was very late at night and I didn’t even know about Mr. Kentaro was even here until today, which is why I’m talking to you.


(Shot of Marie escaping from the little girls room, and is heading back to her room, when we hear a clatter…)


Marie: I saw a shadow entering a room…I didn’t know it was Kentaro’s at the time.


(Shot of the shadow enters as Marie looks confused.)


Marie: The next thing I hear…


(Marie doesn’t look in, but we see a flash inside the room, and a coughing scream inside. Marie holds her own mouth so she doesn’t gasp.)


Marie: I didn’t know what happened…until someone came out.


(Shot of someone holding what appears to be a mini-cannon device, though unsure in the darkness. Whoever it is is literally hidden in the shadows, Marie cannot see it…but it’s not the person she’s looking it…)


(…it’s the dripping trail of blood coming from someone the killer is holding, it looks like a ball of some sort…)


Marie: The blood was scaring me…and I knew this person had seen me. I was scared…very scared…even more so when this person came to me…


(The killer looks at Marie and gets something – a pouch. The killer throws something into Marie’s face. This is the last thing Marie sees before she blacks out…)


*   *   *   *


Marie: …whoever it was didn’t kill me though. The powder he or she threw at me – it sent me to sleep and gave me a slight bout of memory loss…


Jet: In other words, you can’t remember if you saw the face or not…(to himself)…but it was obviously some sort of magic.


Marie: It’s slowly coming back to me…but I never did look at the face, it was the blood that scared me. However, I saw the cannon weapon and the ball in the killer’s hands.


Jet: A ball? Are you sure?


Marie: Yes…fairly sure. I definitely remember that if nothing else.


Jet: Thank you Marie – and glad you are safe.


Marie: So am I. Thank you Mr. Black.


(Jet leaves – questions and answers discovered in this inquiry. The weapon seems to have been established – though is Jet 100% sure to trust a memory lossed Marie – and if that the case, why didn’t the killer kill Marie as a witness? Interesting…)


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: …so she’ll still in a bit of shock.


Karen: Hmm…Aria-chan had to come here the other night to recover from it. Fortunately, playing with Marie-chan seemed to help.


Kiyone: I’m glad.


Karen: Thank you.


Jet: Kiyone!


(Shot of Jet escaping, pausing to pet Michael as Marie just behind her smiles again.)


Jet: She’s all yours Miss Karen.


Karen: Thank you very much. Bye, Miss Kiyone!


Kiyone: Take care.


(The duo waves goodbye – as Marie and Karen go off, Jet relays the information that he got off the sickly girl.)


Jet: …she did say she suffered from memory loss from whatever the killer threw off at her, but I believe her about the weapon.


Kiyone: So the killer used a cannon device and fired a ball object into the victim…


Jet: …it was probably flame based, hence the flash – don’t forget the skin was melted…


Kiyone: …and this object, are we to assume…


Jet: (nods) This lightning ball.


Kiyone: This puts Izumi back up there again.


Jet: But where would she get a cannon?


Kiyone: Good point…


(So new lead, new game…new questions. What else can be done?)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the mansion, Jet and Kiyone’s exploits are the key issue for the team, but the others aren’t left out either…)


Mamoru: So the murder weapon is most likely the lightning ball and it was fired out of a cannon device?


Jet: Not 100% sure, but that’s the gist of it.


Shizuka: If it was shot out of something like a cannon, who would be the most likely?


Kiyone: Well, we said Izumi because of the item itself, but were unsure about the cannon…


Oujirou: What about Sousuke?


(Jet slaps his head…)


Jet: Of course…he’s a military nut – he could have used it and Izumi gave him the lightning ball…


Yomi: Or vice versa. He gave her the cannon and she used it.


Fujitaka: That could explain the two of them at the hotel at the time of the murder, in it together perhaps?


Yomiko: Hey, it can’t be just those two…what about Mirielle? Or Urumi?


Oujirou: Good point. Mirielle is a weapons expert also…and Urumi would probably concuct something with that IQ of hers. She’s got the items for bombs and molotovs, why not a flame based cannon?


Mamoru: Could be done…


Jet: With the fact that magic was used to put Marie out to sleep…Nyostar thing becomes more apparent as well…


Shizuka: Well, at the club, we got the maid cloth and the microphone. One of the girls was there, and whilst it suggest Mahoro and even Taeko, it’s definitely one of those three that did the video message…


Yomiko: Shall I call Yotsuba and see if we can get over to Mahoro’s place?


Jet: Be my guest.


(Yomiko nods and is about to…when suddenly…)


Yomiko: Hey guys…something’s downloading to us…


Kiyone: What?


(A WMP file is being sent to them…and as soon as they see it, it’s time to put all duties on hold…)


(…a shot of the video file is of Kagome, tied to a chair. Someone in black is behind her, poking at her, as Kagome is forced to read something out loud.)


Kagome: ‘I have been kidnapped…for the honour of the second and the fact that you did not heed the warnings…meet us tonight at 8pm outside the Fisherman’s Friend Public House…my words…(crying)…weren’t good ones…and it’s time I paid for it….’


(The file ends there…)


Fujitaka: So, for what she said to us, she’s getting punished…


Mamoru: Is this getting out of hand?


Shizuka: Whatever the case, we need to get Yotsuba on the phone now…


(And indeed they do. Yomiko is ready and calls Chief Yostuba about the situation…)


*   *   *   *




(…where she quickly goes through the situation.)


Yotsuba: A kidnapping…this is intense guys, and don’t think we may not get away with this. Someone has kidnapped an innocent individual because she helped us. In a kidnapping situation, we have to be extra careful. We need to get Kagome back, but we can’t antagonise the kidnapper.


Mamoru: Do you think the kidnapper and the killer are the same person?


Yotsuba: We know this kidnapper is the mysterious second in command of Nyostar – and thanks to you and Shizuka, we are sure it’s one of three people, Mahoro, Urumi and Taeko. However, we know to be careful, especially if it is Mahoro or Urumi, who are definitely more than dangerous…therefore, Ryo and his force will be accompanying us on this tricky endeavour.


(The team nods)


Yotsuba: Guys, prepare yourselves. This is not going to be a walk in the park….


(The team nod again as Kiyone and Jet rally the troops with a plan of action. Half the team will be in one of the vans recording the information, two will be on hand to help Ryo in case the situation gets problematic, and the final two will have the job of talking to Kagome and the kidnapper. Jet and Kiyone separate them into the section they feel work best…)






(According to Jet, they feel the calming nature of Fujitaka and Oujirou could be vital, so they’ve got the money job so to speak…not necessarily a good thing mind you…it could be their heads if they screw up…)


*   *   *   *




(We next see our detective on a rainy night outside the public house. Well, not exactly…)


(Shot of the yo-yo duo (Yomi/Yomiko) with Shizuka and Mamoru, waiting in the van, ready to listen to any communication – once again attached to Oujirou…and with the rain coming through, the communication may not be the best in the world…fortunately inside with them is Rinrin – tech expert and Yotsuba’s best friend.)


(On hand to witness everything is Jet and Kiyone, along with Yotsuba and Ryo – they need to be ready in case things get messy…)


(Off screen, we hear Fujitaka and Oujirou talking…they’ve got the job of convincing the kidnapper to get Kagome back…)


Oujirou: O.K…just calmly does it right?


Fujitaka: That’s right.


(A thunder clap shoots down as the nerves of all the detectives are on edge – this is one of their riskier assignments to say the least…)


(…another flash and Oujirou sees someone coming out, pushing Kagome out on a wheelchair now, tied up. Oujirou immediately notices something…and this is going to sound really ecchi now…)


Oujirou: (whispers) It’s a girl – slightly femine figure – I noticed it.


Fujitaka: Should you really have noticed that?


Oujirou: I was afraid you’d say that.


(So the kidnapper is a girl – and most likely one of the three girls at the 18-30 club last night. With this in mind, Oujirou and Fujitaka step out…when they notice the figure has a weapon on her – it appears to be a flare gun…with a cannon like head…)


Kagome: (in tears) Please…help…me…


Oujirou: It’s O.K Kagome, we’re here to help. (to the kidnapper) Please let her go – why have you done this?


(The kidnapper doesn’t answer – instead she fires a flare blast into the air, making Kagome shriek. The rain doesn’t help matters, it’s rather uncomfortable for our favourite archery girl.)


Fujitaka: Is there anything you want?


(The kidnapping puts something to her throat…and makes her voice disorted…)


?????: Leave the Nyostar case alone…otherwise I can’t be certain what may happen…


(Uh oh. Do they promise this? This is a hostage situation, but yet the Nyostar link is one of their big leads. This could be difficult…)


Fujitaka: If we do so, do I have your word that you will let Kagome-san go?


(The kidnapper doesn’t speak again, just nods.)


Oujirou: Should we do this?


Fujitaka: I don’t think we’ve got a cho…


??????: STOP!


(The kidnapper turns around and sees…Mahoro!)


Kagome: (spluttering) M-Mahor-o-san?


Mahoro: Please…


(The kidnapper points the flare gun at Kagome…but then another voice stops her…)


?????: I don’t think we should antagonise her…but Kagome…I’m not letting you suffer any more…


(Shot of Mahoro’s partner…Izumi.)



Yomiko: That’s Izumi’s voice…


Yomi: Izumi and Mahoro…don’t see the connection…


Shizuka: Maybe just united in bond – Izumi to save Kagome…and Mahoro…




Jet: …is here to stop whichever girl is in that outfit. Urumi or Taeko therefore…


Kiyone: But the clue they got…it couldn’t be…


Jet: (eye widening) You’re right. Unless it’s a good bluff…no…I would never have believed it…


(BACK TO THE ACTION…It seems Oujirou and Fujitaka are also coming to a similar conclusion…)


Oujirou: If Mahoro is here…then…


(Mahoro is screaming blue murder (appropriate with her and Izumi there)…but a shot of the kidnapper notices her grip on the gun getting shaky. Izumi takes charge.)


Izumi: Kagome…


(The archery girl looks up at her one time friend…)


Izumi: I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about it…about everything….about what happened to Yuki…about why I continued on when you left….it’s not like it’s the easiest thing to discuss…


(Izumi then shift her eyes towards the kidnapper…)


Izumi: …but please…don’t kill her, second in command…


(And then the shock occurs as Izumi screams out the mysterious second in commands name…)




(The hooded woman shakes, and she removes her hood. To the shock of the world and our detectives, it is indeed, clumsy, angsty and pretty Taeko Minazuki.)


Mamoru: Taeko?


Yomi: That’s one for the books.




Yotsuba: I never would have thought…


Ryo: …what a waste of a babe…


Kiyone: Idiot…should we get her?


Jet: No…look…


(Shot of Taeko dropping the flare gun to the ground, her glasses a mist covered of rain and tears.)


(But Mahoro looks even worse…)


Mahoro: T-Taeko-chan…




(Taeko collapses to the ground, knees first.)


Taeko: I didn’t want to do this…I wanted to protect us Mahoro-chan…that why Chikage-chan let me do this…to protect us and to make sure no-one could get involved with our lives again!


Izumi: (raged) By killing Kagome?




(Izumi stops as Taeko sobs…)


Taeko: I’d NEVER harm an innocent…life made me do this…I had to protect myself – after Kuno – I need to learn to protect myself. I’m not fast, I’m not strong, and I’m clumsy…but I’m into the occult…and Chikage-chan let me do this…the only way to protect myself…


(Oujirou makes a step – which is all he gets as Taeko suddenly grabs the flare gun, stands up and shoots into the air again…)


Taeko: Not another step!


(Silence before Taeko continues…)


(…and points the gun at herself!)


Mahoro: TAEKO!


Taeko: This was a way to scare the detectives away from us…that’s why…that’s why because I…


(Taeko stops herself before continuing…)


Taeko: The memories of the bad…well, it’s all over now. Thank you Nyostar, let me rest in peace…


(Before Taeko does try anything stupid though, someone throws something at Taeko. She momentarily looks down to see a canister. The next she knows…is unconsciousness.)


(Mahoro quickly goes over to catch Taeko whilst Izumi goes over to get the ropes of Kagome. And just off screen…)


?????: Tsk, tsk. You guys couldn’t handle a ditzy young lady like her…how are you going to handle things when they get worse?


(Shot of evil genius and suspect Urumi Kanzaki tossing a sleeping gas can as absent mindly as you could possibly be…that is until you notice…)


Fujitaka: Urumi-san, you’re crying…


Urumi: Huh?


(Urumi realises she has tears, not rain on her face…she wipes it.)


Urumi: Just tear gas sir…


(Urumi goes over to the unconscious Taeko as Jet, Kiyone, Yotsuba and Ryo also head out of the car. Urumi puts her hand and strokes Taeko brown hair as she is sleeping peacefully in the rain…)


Urumi: How could one so clumsy be able to do this?


Mahoro: I guess Nyostar gave her more ability than I expected…after Kuno;s arracjm she needed to defend herself…but I never expected her to go this far…


(Izumi has untied Kagome and before anything, she hugs her.)


Izumi: I’m…so…sorry…but I couldn’t explain everything…especially considering how it could make me look…


(Kagome doesn’t say anything back, but she seems peaceful. Now to get out of that rain…but first…)


Ryo: I don’t suppose reading the rights would work would it…


(Mahoro picks up Taeko as she looks at Ryo in the face…)


Mahoro: I think tomorrow morning can wait – I’ll keep an eye on her until then.


Urumi: She’s had enough shock – don’t worry, she won’t be going anywhere…


Yotsuba: I agree. I’d hardly qualify her as dangerous…suspect yes, but nothing compared to some of the stiffs here…


(The night ends peacefully and successfully…though a formerly unlikely suspect has shot much higher in the list in the eyes of the detectives…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s gone past nine – and under an hour, the team go through the killer game choices. However, whilst Yotsuba is with Ryo filing a report, the team discuss the shock of Taeko being this second in command…)


Jet: It’s always the quiet ones huh?


Mamoru: I never would have predicted it…


Shizuka: We realised the maid cloth – but we would have put a million yen on it being Mahoro.


Oujirou: It appears everyone here has a secret, more shocking than the last one.


Yomi: Which in turn makes the case more difficult.


(A group of nods as they prepare for the dreaded killer’s game…however one question still remains…)


(A shot of Oujioru – who will he vote for – with Fujitaka or with Yomi? To save from the alliance or to get revenge on Tsuyoshi’s elimination?)


*   *   *   *




(Shot as Yotsuba comes in, with some pieces of paper and the dreaded envelopes found at Taeko and Mahoro’s place.)


Yotsuba: After all that, it’s almost a shame that we have to do this. However, with another suspect to be cleared if you are correct, we need to. And of course, one more will be gone after tonight to join the gravestones of Greta, Yui, Hideki and Tsuyoshi.


(The team nods, they have to make sure they aren’t one of the two picked.)


Yotsuba: We’ll open the black envelope first. If we get this question right, we will eliminate another suspect.


(Yotsuba opens the red envelope and reads aloud the question…)


Yotsuba: According to the ritual of Nyostar, how many people will need to be sacrificed?


(They all looked at Kiyone and Jet, who that this inquiry yesterday. Jet looks through his notebook and nods.)


Jet: Five. 4 bad eggs and one innocent. I take that Kuno and Kentaro are 2 of the former…


Kiyone: Wonder if that was what Taeko was up to if she wanted to kill herself – I’d say she’d be the innocent…well…at least up till the kidnapping of Kagome…


Yotsuba: We have plenty of time to worry about that – are we going with five?


(Both nod. The team is trusting these two as Yotsuba types in ‘5’ to the anonymous e-mail address. They wait a moment…)





(Another one bites the dust as Jet and Kiyone high five. The team breathe a sigh of relief…but the interesting thing is…who will be cleared? Almost everyone now could be the killer…)


(…and they are yet again surprised.)





Jet: Any more hints on that Taeko is now the more suspicious of the duo?


Yotsuba: Yeah…I can see a few of you are surprised considering the fact that Mahoro is a weapon and had a motive, but the killer has cleared so we shall remove her off the list.


(Mahoro joins Ryo, Amelia, Shel, Kagome and the deceased Kentaro – a third of the suspects have gone and we’re half way through the case. How many more to go?)


Yotsuba: And now we get to the part that everyone dreads – the vote. In the back room…yadda yadda…I think we’ve had enough today, let’s just checkii in and checkii out eh amigos?


(Not sure how much of that they understood, but the one thing they do know is the vote is up…but before we do…let’s do a flashback…)


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: I don’t think going for Jet would be smart.


Shizuka: And I don’t think going for Yomi would be!


Mamoru: I think Yomi is the better option…she’s the pin that closed the problems between Kiyone and Yomiko and made them a team with Jet and formerly Tsuyoshi.


Shizuka: But…


Fujitaka: I know it’s hard to go for people you like…


Shizuka: But what about you with Jet? You’re his roommate…is it one rule for me and another for you?


(Fujitaka steps back – not expecting a counter. Fujitaka is 99% reserved, but just for a moment, you see the shock…)


Shizuka: Well…why don’t we compromise?


Mamoru: How?


Shizuka: Well…


*   *   *   *




Mamoru: Tonight I will be voting for Kiyone. It’s a group decision and one that I hold no malice with. Kiyone is strong, but she’s annoying at times, so it’s the best of both worlds.




Shizuka: My vote tonight will be for Kiyone. No offence, but it’s time we started splitting the alliance and with the help of Fujitaka and Oujirou, we will be on top…




Fujitaka: I will vote for Kiyone tonight – just on a group decision. It’s never easy but to survive, hard decisions are needed.




Jet: I’m voting for Mamoru tonight. I think he’s getting too personal in the game and I think he needs to go home now – back to his life and return to the calm person he was at the start of the game.




Yomi: I’m voting for Mamoru tonight, and I’m hoping my wild card will be played today to make sure things go the alliances way.




Kiyone: I’m voting for Mamoru tonight – despite my early impressions, I eventually grew fond of Tsuyoshi and the way Mamoru took him out was probably worse than when Greta went. So that’s my choice.


(And then…)




Oujirou: I’ll…choose…


*   *   *   *


(The votes are done)


Yotsuba: I’ll gather the votes.


(Yotsuba unearths the photos with a smile. She turns to the team…)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killer’s game…


(Dramatic pause mark 1…)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(Mark 2…shots of Kiyone and Mamoru…)


Yotsuba: Mamoru.


(Mamoru’s eyes widen slightly before he sighs. This makes it the second time he plays the killer’s game.)




MAMORU (4) – Yomi, Jet, Kiyone, Oujirou

KIYONE (3) – Shizuka, Mamoru, Fujitaka


Oujirou: ….Mamoru. I didn’t like the way Tsuyoshi was taken out. I don’t vote with alliances…I choose my way. Neither Yomi nor Fujitaka made my decision…I did.


(A small grin appears on the face of Kiyone and Yomi – however, there is still one more obstacle…)


Yotsuba: Now, lead investigator Yomiko, can you please choose the second person to play the killer’s game and why?


(Yomiko stands up and has a look around…and sighs.)


Yomiko: It’s hard to put my choice in words…but I’ll give it a try.


(Yomiko looks around)


Yomiko: Mamoru was my first choice, but now that he has been chosen, this makes things very difficult. Mamoru eliminated a close friend of this game last night, which could have been a vengeful reasoning. Last time I was here, the same thing I could have done with Shizuka the night before voting for me…


(Yomiko turns to the Yu-Gi-Oh rep…)


Yomiko: Shizuka…on that day, the 4th day of this investigation, you committed a crime yourself. You hurt my feelings. I had tried hard after messing up on those first two days and you didn’t notice that. Last time I was here, I didn’t pick you because I felt you were a good investigator…so have things changed since then?


(Yomiko walks a few steps before…)


Yomiko: This time…I’m letting you off again.


(You can see Shizuka’s shock as Yomiko speaks again…if Shizuka isn’t going…)


Yomiko: I want to talk about Tsuyoshi’s elimination. What was Mamoru’s reasoning? Oh yes…age. This concept of removing him because of his age…it didn’t set well with me. He was bright, he was brave and he was a good investigator. However…who was it that started this blasphemy of age bashing?


(Another pause…)


Yomiko: I should know…I went out on a killer’s game with the other person who suffered because of that reasoning. Her name was Greta…and her executioner, Fujitaka. So this time, I will take out the elder and my choice for the killer’s game is Fujitaka Kinomoto.


(A shot of Fujitaka doesn’t show much reaction…he seem slowly accepting it.)


Yotsuba: Thank you Yomiko. Now gentlemen…


(Yotsuba rips open the red envelope – two smaller brown envelopes are shown.)


Yotsuba: Pick your future. Clue or killed?


(Fujitaka picks first. He opens it, and has to adjust his glasses to read it.)


Fujitaka: I’m going to Haruka’s Temple: Deathtrap Island Version.


Yotsuba: Mamoru-san?


(Mamoru opens his.)


Mamoru: I’m going to Rinrin’s Studios on Promised Island.


Yotsuba: Checkii you got everything…because one of you won’t be coming back. Good luck, I think you’re going to need it.


(The two men nod and shake each others hand. Tonight will be the last one for one of these two.)


*   *   *   *


(A shot of Oujirou and Fujitaka talking…)


Oujirou: Are you surprised you were chosen?


(Fujitaka takes a drink of coffee before answering…)


Fujitaka: A little. I guess this wasn’t really my strength being a detective. I let my paternal instincts get out of touch I think. I knew that what I did to Greta would cost me…and that the game has really put me for a loop at times and I haven’t done as well as I thought I would. But I’m happy no-one hated me…maybe angry like Yomiko-san was…


Oujirou: I think that was more based on Mamoru than you…trust me, they’d prefer if you came back…


Fujitaka: Hmmm. Oh, who did you vote for…you voted for Mamoru and not Kiyone right?


(Oujirou nods)


Oujirou: Maybe even I didn’t like what you did the first time…


Fujitaka: At least you’re honest.


Oujirou: I’m always honest. It’s the only thing I’ve got in this game.


(Oujirou walks off as Fujitaka smiles…meanwhile…)


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Mamoru sighing…as Shizuka watches on.)


Mamoru: I knew it would happen, but I expected it to come from Yomiko’s hand. Oujirou must have voted for me…Fujitaka failed for me and he’s going out with me, so one of us dies anyway. Two-way destruction.


Shizuka: I have a feeling that was their intention, to see who Yomiko would choose…


Mamoru: Damn.


Shiuzka: Mind you…I expected it to be myself…not Fujitaka. Maybe there is hope…


Mamoru: I’ll come back and give you my love, hope and courage…well, maybe not that…


Shizuka: Say that again and I’ll expect a warlock, a chibi-wolf and a red riding hood to come out…


*NOTE – Love, hope and courage are the words used in Akazukin Chacha by the three main characters, Chacha (the red riding hood), Riiya (the wolf) and Shiine-chan (the warlock) to get Chacha to transform, hence the in-joke.*


*   *   *   *


(Meanwhile, the alliance…is in surprise over Yomiko’s decision.)


Jet: I was surprised to say the least…I know it was your decision, but he’s a nice guy and he’s been my most normal roommate in the last few years to say the least…


Kiyone: Yeah…I can see why you can be upset at him but him instead of Shizuka who voted you off?


(Yomiko seems perfectly calm with a mug of hot milk, sipping gently before answering her audience.)


Yomiko: It was my choice. Everyone else has made a choice that people have not liked…so why can’t I?


(It’s seem the core four aren’t as core as they th…wait, four? 1…2…3…we are one person missing…where’s Yomi?)


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Yomi in her room, making notes…or plans. It’s hard to tell, but Yomi sly smile is enough for now. If there is a puppetmaster…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s time to play the killer’s game. Fujitaka is first to go as he has to head to the ferry to get to Haruka’s temple. He gets a definitely goodbye from the team and a hug from Kiyone as he leaves. Last time at a Haruka temple, Yui was eliminated. Will lightning strike twice or will Fujitaka emerge unscathed…)


(A bit later, Shirase comes up, meaning Fujitaka will be with Kintaro. Therefore, Mamoru – who probably won’t expect the ‘Mamo-chan’ return if he comes back this time, heads out, as the two wonder if the other will be eliminated…)


*   *   *   *




(There isn’t much conversation. Kintaro fails to get a girl again here, and Fujitaka is keeping his thoughts to himself….or he is worried for what he is in for…)




Mamoru: I must admit Shirase, I don’t expect to do a Yomiko and survive twice…


Shirase: Sometimes fate has it’s own weird way of telling you if you’re going to do something right.


Mamoru: Fate has been kind to me in the past…maybe it’s hand will strike me down and send me home this time…maybe I’d prefer that…


Shirase: Just don’t give up man.


Mamoru: Oh, I won’t.


*   *   *   *






Fujitaka: Yui-san failed to return from the other temple…maybe this time…


(Fujitaka follows the map into the temple – the temple itself flashing with the lightning and rain hurling down. However, for some reason the two fires on crosses don’t extinguish. Magic is at hand or spiritual goings…)


Fujitaka: Well…time to go.


(Despite this display, he doesn’t seem nervous or on edge…he’s just got a smile on his face.)


*   *   *   *






(Mamoru also isn’t nervous…but that’s mainly because he’s been there and done that, and knows pretty much what to expect.)


Mamoru: O.K, the studio it is.


(Looking at Rinrin’s place, it looks much bigger now than before…Mamoru gulps once before heading towards where the map is heading…he opens the front door, which is unlocked…)


Mamoru: Not a good sign…


(He heads inside…)


*   *   *   *




(Following the map, where the phoenix statues burn with flame, making it a warm experience for Mr. Kinomoto, Fujitaka realises that he is heading down a corridor…)


Fujitaka: O.K, where are we…


(He uses a torch to light up the area…and he may have wished he hadn’t…)


Fujitaka: Oh my god…


(We see that this area was made for offerings to the gods of the temple…and not pleasant ones. We can see the following;)


(Blood on the walls, skulls with fleshy eyes remaining, gently rotting meat…all on plates. Fujitaka is normally calm, but even he may have to hold out on this and just be sick.)


Fujitaka: This…is bad.


(The stench of the macabre picture is not helping, but Fujitaka is forced to head down the corridor, and avoid slipping on the blood. He even caves in one of the skulls which he has to hold his mouth. He hurries on…)


(…and just as he’s heading out the door, an earthquake like effect sending the professor down. The paranormal strikes again…)


Fujitaka: Come on…


(He gets up and heads out…)


*   *   *   *




(Inside, Mamoru has realised that he has to head down. A trapdoor in a room of Rinrin’s has opened and Mamoru has to go down. Even with this torch, he can barely see a thing…)


Mamoru: The darkness is overpowering…


(Indeed, he trips slightly on a few things, and knows if the killer is here, it wouldn’t be hard for he/she to strike. And things get worse…)


Mamoru: Damn.


(His torch shines straight ahead…right where the flowers are.)


Mamoru: O.K…here goes…


(Mamoru heads towards them, using touch across the walls as he seems ready to trip on various objects…he eventually gets to the lilies…)


(…and the lights go on.)




*   *   *   *




(At the temple, the corridor leads straight and straight some more…a narrow corridor ends with the flowers dead ahead…)


Fujitaka: O.K.


(He goes for them when streaming arrows of light form above him.)


Fujitaka: (looking up) What the?




Fujitaka: Hmmm…








Another one bites the dust…at the killer’s hands…


*   *   *   *


Rinrin: Geez…what’s all that noise?


(Mamoru calms down as the light is on. All the items he was tripping on were some of Rinrin’s ‘inventions’. However, Rinrin isn’t too happy at a visitor…)


Rinrin: Agghhh…burglar! What you’se doing here?


Mamoru: I was led here by the killer…and the door was unlocked.


Rinrin: Er…oops? You’re one of the detectives…


Mamoru: Yeah…um…


Rinrin: What?


(Rinrin realises that she’s still in her PJs and they are a little loose…Mamoru turns out of respect as he looks through the flowers…)


Rinrin: The killer was here and…


Mamoru: …he or she left a clue here. Here we go.


(Mamoru has got what appears to be a wall scroll. Rinrin joins him as he looks through it.)


(Rinrin shapes her face in disgust.)


Rinrin: That’s awful…


Mamoru: Indeed.


(On the wall chart are three pictures involving Kuno – two of them on suspects. One of them is an attempted attack on Taeko…the second one is a picture of him with Urumi talking to Shel…but the third one…)


Rinrin: Sakuya-chan?


Mamoru: Huh?


Rinrin: Her…look…


(The third picture is only slightly known. The girl involved is a gorgeous leggy brunette – the oldest of the ‘sisters’ Sakuya…and the picture is on Sakuya appearing to turn away from Kuno. This picture has been circled in red.)


Mamoru: Sakuya huh?


Rinrin: What she got to do with anything?


Mamoru: That’s my job to find out…which I’ll be doing now. Sorry about this Rinrin…


Rinrin: No prob. And tell Yotsuba she owes me 10,000 yen at the pachinko slots…


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) Right…


*   *   *   *




(Everyone is still up, waiting to see who will return. We see Yomi at a table, Yomiko half-asleep behind Shizuka, who is with Jet and Kiyone on the sofa. Oujirou is reading something – looks like Tsubasa Chronicle – when the lights dim down…)


Jet: And the winner is…


(The double doors open, as the male figure enters…)


Jet: Welcome back.


(Shot of Mamoru, with a slightly smug grin on his face.)


Mamoru: Not too bad guys, not too good either…but a clue none the less.


Kiyone: Looks big…


(It’s quite obvious some are holding their disappointment on Fujitaka being eliminated. Shizuka manages to have a grin on her face whilst Yomiko collapses behind the sofa in disappointment. However, who will Fujitaka pick next time…and how will this change the game?)





*   *   *   *


Next time on Murder Game 2…


…a failure to stop Taeko meant she’s on the loose…


Urumi: Dammit! Who would have thought she could do this…


(Kodachi’s search for the will becomes more reckless, and worse without her bodyguards…others are ready to take her out now…)


Nabeshin: You really think it’s that easy?


Kodachi: For all I know it’s in that stupid hair of yours…


Nabeshin: DON’T KNOCK THE ‘FRO!!!


(As for the detectives, things aren’t well in the camp, as tiredness and tempers are not a good combination…)


Kiyone: We let you in with our hearts and this is how you repay us?


Yomiko: I’m sorry alright!!!


(…and desperately searching Sakuya certainly is in no mood to tell her story of the killer clue…)


Shizuka: We don’t…however we need to speak if you know anything about Kun…


(Sakuya slams her hands on the table)




*   *   *   *


And another one is finito…thank god…


Plenty to chew your teeth in…aside from making Taeko nuts of course…


The Mahoro/Izumi thing once again links with Ayako Kawasumi (voice of Mahoro), this time in reference to the girl I’ve been mentioning in this chapter and the last, Yuki Azumi from Princess 9, who is also played by Ayako-san. Hmm…she’s Aoi…Mahoro…and Yuki. A yamato nadesico, a maid robot…and a silent suicidal girl. Hands up who can make the connection…


A quick note about Taeko – she’s like my Misao I guess for the suspects, she’s her angsty clutzy self at the beginning of the series but as the series goes on (thanks to Chika and Kaoru) she gains more confidence in herself which is further emphazised in the sequel Einishi. I’m wondering how many actually consider her a serious suspect now as well…


Fujitaka’s elimination was originally not meant this early…however, with Yomiko probably a bit peeved about Tsuyoshi being eliminated, and with obvious target one already going…she had to vent it on a past problem, and you just knew the way Fujitaka eliminated Greta was going to scream back at him tenfold. Besides, CCS wins way too much anyway…not that’s a bad thing mind you…


Anyway, I’m tired, that’ll do for tonight. Until next time…