Damn, been a while since I said that…


We are pretty much half way through after this episode and I guarantee there will be a few shocks in this episode. I’ve already confused people with their thoughts by eliminating suspects they’ve thought was surely a good choice as the killer (Amelia and Kagome) – the thing with this one compared to MG is that I made it look like that anyone has the possibility and the ability to kill (and if you don’t believe me, I guarantee by the end of this chapter that will change…) which hopefully means that by the time I get to the final three, everyone will be as confused as they are now…


I also have a feeling it’s going to be a much closer race between people for the winner’s circle. Reality veterans and rookies alike are making the scores much closer despite myself being a harsher quiz marker – I also like the fact that a lot of the lesser known characters are being enjoyed and hopefully being ready to be bought on the DVD counter…(and considering I MAY also do an Animazing Race as well…)


Anyway, enough is enough, it’s time for a game.


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game …


Kentaro: Whwhat?


(Deep breathing…)


Kentaro: (eyes widen in shock) You






Kentaro found himself a grisly end at the hands of the killer…meaning another victim on the roast pile…and another headache for the detectives…


(Aria gets another good look…and grabs Kiyone’s hand…)


Aria: Friend…Aria’s…friend?


(One look is all that needs to melt Kiyone…)


Kiyone: Yes yes, I’m your friend Kiyone-chan! The girl with the glasses is Yomi-chan and the man over there is Fuji-chan!


(Yomi covers her mouth to avoid laughing whilst Fujitaka just smiles. It is Fujitaka after all…)


Aria: (pointing) Ki-chan…Yo-chan…Fu-chan…


…although the horror of Kiyone meeting Aria may have changed the game for the moment, it wasn’t long before more mysteries came out, no thanks to Izumi Himuro


Izumi: The ‘lightning ball’ is a term used back home to describe one of Hayakwa’s most famous pitches – passed down through her father, a pitch which is normally used at the end of games, where fatigue and tiredness don’t matter, it’s passion and determination. The ball isn’t as fast, but the sheer willpower is usually enough to blast past a batter’s defence. It does feel like a bolt of energy has hit you…only one person has managed to hit it good after so many pitches of it…


…and more so from Bandit Jing


Jing: So you wish to build on the bases of Nyostar…meaning you wish to mess with my memories as well. Does that mean you really wish to do that…like you probably did with my boss?


A new plot however didn’t mean a new ending, and for two detectives, one’s end would come sooner than they thought. And despite the core alliance choosing another victim, it was one of their own who suffered…


(Suddenly a creak from downstairs catches Tsuyoshi’s attention. He turns…)










(Victory for Shizuka, defeat for the alliance. 8 investigators remain. 13 suspects.)


*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi MizuharaAzumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko ReadmanRead or Die

Hideaki MotsumuyaChobits - ELIMINATED

Yui HongoFushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone MabikiTenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka KinomotoCard Captor Sakura

Oujirou MiharaAngelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha

Shizuka KatsuyaYu-Gi-Oh!






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome HigurashiInuyasha – CLEARED

Urumi KanzakiGreat Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi KunoRanma 1/2

Taeko KanuzukiAi Yori Aoshi

Izumi HimuroPrincess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro - Mahoromatic




NabeshinExcel Saga

Souchiro ArimaKare Kano

Shel de MontignyChuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo SaebaCity Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit JingKing of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina - ELIMINATED

Sousuke SaguraFull Metal Panic!

Ryoji KajiNeon Genesis Evangelion

Heero YuyGundam Wing


*   *   *   *




(Normally, we press on to the next day – however, there was something of interest to say the least after Mamoru returned from the killer’s game…)


Mamoru: Listen! I heard what you said…and I just don’t think that was appropriate in the fact that she had only just returned…


Yomiko: You are putting words in my mouth…(with a sneer)…Mamo-chan…


Mamoru: Why you…O.K, tell me what part I’ve got wrong? You blatantly admitted you wanted her to ‘die’ out there? That’s the game yes, but she is back and you can’t expect that, and you wanted her gone?




Mamoru: Yes you did!


Yomiko: I said that I wanted Tsuyoshi back – I never said I wanted Shizuka dead, there is a difference you know! Besides, is there a difference between now and the first two days when I played the killer’s games? Did you want me back then instead of Greta and Yui? Or does it matter – is it one rule for one detective and another rule for another detective…


(It looks to get a bit ugly, however fortunately Jet and Fujitaka come to stop it.)


Jet: I think it’s getting a little late for this sort of crap.


Jet: In a small way, glad the kids are gone…not to hear this…


(Yomiko glares at Fujitaka and then at Mamoru briefly…before running to the rec room…)


Yomiko: Tsuyoshi…I’m sorry…


(We see her staring at the game machines…)


Yomiko: …I never got to beat your high score on Driv3r huh?


Yomi: Yomiko?


(We see Yomi in a night gown, just come from the shower, as Yomiko looks at Yomi.)


Yomi: Will you be alright?


(Yomiko just collapses into Yomi’s arms…)


*   *   *   *


DAY 11 – 8.00am


(The next morning, it’s obvious that Yomiko didn’t get much sleep. Keeping in mind she is still sleeping on her own since Yui was eliminated, the game is slowly etching away at the paper user…and another elimination of one of her friends hasn’t helped.)


(She’s get comfort from an unlikely source…)


Oujirou: Yomiko?


(We see Oujirou, Tsuyoshi’s roommate with a hand on Yomiko’s shoulder.)


Yomiko: Oujirou?


Oujirou: I know how you feel.


Yomiko: You do?


Oujirou: It may not have looked like that, but it was tough for me last night – Tsuyoshi and I talked about a lot of things, our lives, the case, our futures – he was a very intelligent young man. And I think some people realised it – and used that age excuse as a way to eliminate him and take out the threat he was at the same time. (sighs) I guess this had similarities to Greta’s elimination.


Yomiko: I forgot he was your roommate – I’m sorry…


Oujirou: Don’t be. He’s the one who suffered last night…we should feel sorry for him.


Yomiko: It doesn’t get any easier…


Oujirou: …and I’m sure it won’t be. Keep your chin up Yomiko-san…things will change.


(Oujirou squeezes Yomikos hand before heading off to grab something to eat. We can see that she and Oujirou are the only ones in the dining area until Oujirou left. Jet and Fujitaka are probably in the kitchen whilst the others are either asleep, still in their room or somewhere else. Yomiko looks at her hand and smiles.)


Yomiko: Oujirou is so calming – he’s like the middle man – good at the case and good with the team. Hmm…I wonder…


(Whilst Yomiko ponders…whatever she is pondering…we cut over to a member of the alliance, which was cut from 5 to 4 last night thanks to Tsuyoshi’s elimination…surprisingly, she isn’t that depressed…)


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s a bit sad that he’s gone, but we knew it was going to happen sooner or later…it was just a bit sooner than we expected. Besides, we’ve still got the advantage…


Yomi: (shakes her head) It could be 4 vs. 4. Jet, Yomiko, yourself and myself against Shizuka, Mamoru, Fujitaka and Oujirou.


Kiyone: (sighs) Sorry, Mihoshi drained my math skills after the natto incident…


Yomi: Natto incident? Hopefully this won’t be like the mouldy bread incident…


Kiyone: I thought that was a lie?


Yomi: It was. Is yours?


Kiyone: No.


Yomi: (smiles) Then it isn’t like the mouldy bread incident.


Kiyone: Why you little…(smiles)…I fell for that one hook, line and stinker.


Yomi: So what natto incident?


Kiyone: Just one of Mihoshi’s experiments in the kitchen…which resulted in an early detination


Yomi: Ahhh


Yomi: I noticed Kiyone didn’t seem too upset about Tsuyoshi being eliminated…I wonder if she felt the age gap was a weakness…maybe even a threat. I know they weren’t eye to eye…but then again neither was Yomiko and Kiyone…maybe I am the peacemaker, as unusual as it seems…but if my hunch is true, god forbid Yomiko finding out…


*   *   *   *




(Going straight on we head to the inquiry room, where our favourite head investigator is about to enter with her usual vibrance…)


Yotsuba: (sounding tired – we’re talking Yukari like here) I’m here…


(A few detectives sweatdrop at this resounding role model of a head investigator…)


Yotsuba: Sorry…a bit late night checkii-ing at the station…and had to pay the bill for Mecha-Rinrin’s latest nightwalk


(Make that facefaults…fortunately Yotsuba eventually does come to a sense of sensibility…well, as much as any 13 year old girl who is a detective can be anyway…as she discusses the deals for the day…)


Yotsuba: O.K then. We lost another one last night – Shizuka returned when Tsuyoshi didn’t with another clue. However, the elimination of Tsuyoshi means that before we get to today’s inquiries, we must honour the last wishes of the detective that was eliminated…and watch his last will and testament.


(Yotsuba presses a button as the last time we’ll see the bespectacled young man from Kodomo No Omocha appears…and boy is he pissed…)


Tsuyoshi: I’m angry whether I return or if I don’t. Even from the start I was afraid this would happen – not being eliminated, but being eliminated by an age gap. Greta suffered it and apparently I have a well. Or was it I was becoming too much of a threat Mamoru? You and Hideki obviously had it in for me from day one…


(Tsuyoshi sighs)


Tsuyoshi: Well…if I don’t return, I can still get revenge. And I can get it the best way…the one way you don’t expect. I mean, no-one has done this before if I remember from last year…oh was that another reason why I was eliminated? I wasn’t young, cute and innocent enough?


(You can almost here Misao Amano whispering ‘gomen ne’ far away…)


Tsuyoshi: Anyway, I can’t do anything about it…but I can about the game. I’ll pick the one person everyone can worry about.


(Tsuyoshi smirks)


Tsuyoshi: Send them out Yomiko-chan.


(The tape ends as a few realise what trouble they could let in.)


Yotsuba: Yomiko, take your seat please.


(After surviving the first 2 killer’s game, Yomiko was nominated by Yui in episode 3. Two episodes later and Yomiko becomes the lead investigator again, making her along with Kano from season 1, a two-time lead investigator. Will this be a good sign considering Kano won the first season?)


(A quick glance on the detectives see Mamoru in the back with his hands in his heads. Obviously, he feels he’s screwed…then again, last time Yomiko-chan was the LI, Shizuka thought she would be chosen and she wasn’t. Maybe he should have a little faith…)


(…then again, Shizuka isn’t looking too good either. Surviving her first killer’s game wasn’t a pleasant experience…coming back to see Yomiko deciding the next fate is probably just as bad.)


(Yotsuba notices the anxiety and quickly moves on…)


Yotsuba: O.K, now that messy business is done with, let’s get on to business. Last night, Shizuka returned with the killer clue – which is based on a new lead we have found about in the last few days – the cult only known as Nyostar. Is the killer directing us in this path – is the clue something to do with Nyostar…or is it just a clever bluff?


(The detectives remain quiet.)


Yotsuba: Nuts…hoping for an answer and failed. Bad checkii…however, from information we already know, we can confirtm at least two members…a possible third as well. We know Jing and Izumi are two members with a possibility of Sousuke there as well…


Amelia: Yeah…he’s a military nut, but he’s travelled all over the world. I said this was a magic created sample, but that doesn’t mean he may not know the structure of what it comes from. He’s an expert on the flora and fauna – maybe he’s studied these as well somehow? He’s probably the kind of guy who’d get along with Chikage anyway…he may know fantasy flora…


Sousuke: Very well. All I can say is that night I was visiting a place that I cannot bring forward as a matter to the general public, even to one as yourself Miss Readman.


Jing: It’s also a way of relaxation for me.


Oujirou: Are they any others that we should know about that – for this Nyostar group?


Jing: Now now…our members are rather elite – and they’d rather not be discovered unless you wish to tell you themselves. Myself and Izumi gave our information voluntarily…


Yotsuba: I think we need to know if Sousuke is a member of this – with what Amelia was saying, he could be…and I’ll get to that a little later on. We also could do with a bit more info about Izumi and Jing’s relationship…but today in under an hour, there is something you need to go to.


(Yotsuba holds a newspaper up where she’s circled a large advertisement on the paper…)


Yotsuba: Today is in fact Kuno’s funeral, and it begins at 10.00am. I have arranged that a team of three people can be there and observe the goings on – it could be important and useful, as many if not all of the remaining suspects as well as cleared ones will most likely be there…except a few, and I’ll get to those in a second as well. However, the Kuno funeral is a great way to ask suspects what you need and to learn information. For this is the reason why a team of 3 is needed. Use your own initiative. Yomiko, choose a team of three that you think can handle themselves…


(Yomiko makes a small silence before suggesting…)


Yomiko: Oujirou, Fujitaka…(pauses)…and Yomi.


(It seems Yomiko has chosen the calmest trio of the remaining bunch. However, would it have made more sense to have Yomi, Jet and Kiyone – the alliance – together? Is Yomiko up to something…or are we reading too much into this…)


Yotsuba: O.K, now I just got of the phone to a Mr. Shel De Montigny, who is the owner of the French Connection and also the Café Au Lait – both which you’ve gone to in past inquiries. He wishes to meet with some detectives along with…a companion. And this companion, she wishes to talk to you personally.


(That narrows it down to who it could be as Yomiko makes the choice, and picks her two favourite people, Mamoru and Shizuka as Team 2.)


Yotsuba: Finally…with Nyostar being a focal point, I’ve schedule a meeting between imouto Chikage-chan, the so called head of this. An audience of two will be granted for Chikage – but be warned. She’s a tricky customer…someone even I don’t like to cross – just in case she curses me…


Kiyone: That’s not a comforting thought…


Yotsuba: You’re only saying that because you know you’ll be meeting her…


(Indeed, the remaining two detectives are Jet and Kiyone. They’ll be visiting the Occult Club in Promised Island Grant Maintained High School to visit Chikage…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: What is Yomiko up to


Kiyone: She has this mistrustful look in her eyes…I dunno…but I think it will be O.K. Besides, we’re together, we’re gonna kick ass, and no-one else can moan about that can we?


(Kiyone drags Jet by his metal arm, Jet is understandably a bit embarrassed as a few of the team giggle…)


Yomiko: They are like an old married couple…


Shizuka: Don’t be giving Kiyone ideas, she’ll use them…


Mamoru: That’s what WE hope anyway…maybe we can survive if we use them…


(Yomiko is about to retort, but Yomi shakes her head…)


Yomi: Forget it. (turns to Oujirou) You O.K?


Oujirou: Yes. Are you ready?


Yomi: As ever as I can be. What about our surrogate dad?


Oujirou: Well…I’ve found out that organisation is not one of his strongest points…


(A collapse as we can hear what appears to be a mountain of paperwork hit the floor…)


Fujitaka: S-sorry…


Yomi: And he’s a professor huh…


Oujirou: Are you O.K Fujitaka-san?


Fujitaka: Yes young man…just needed to sort out my notes…sorry about that…


Yomi: Honestly…let’s get going, we’ve got to be there by 10 right?


(As the Clamp guys get their marching orders out by the Daioh girl, Yomiko just looks on…)


Yomiko: Maybe…


*   *   *   *




(We can see the team heading out towards the church, where we see if there is any atomicity between them because of alliance problems, they don’t show it. Far from it as Oujirou and Yomi seem rather into discussing their finer points of the case, with Fujitaka looking on…)


Oujirou: You see…if you wish to see who merits more suspicion, I think the killer clues are the most important factor…


Yomi: What if it’s like a bluff?


Oujirou: Doubtful. I think the killer wants to be found and these are designed for us to find him or her. The one that I’m struggling with is the gun…unless it was Mirielle who killed him.


Yomi: Does anyone else have that gun?


Oujirou: We could always ask Mirielle


(However, the conversation eventually strays away from the case and onto personal issues…in particular the two Clamp guys family life…)


Yomi: …it’s so different from mine. I live in a normal family, single child with my mother and father…it’s just a bit unusual for me to hear things like this…


Oujirou: Well, my stepbrother is a…(looks for the right word without resorting to insulting or upsetting Icchan)…unique person. Some even call him a genius…


Yomi: A genius?


Oujirou: Well…I guess he is…in a way…


Yomi: What about you Fujitaka-san? Is life hard for you?


Fujitaka: Well…not really. Sakura-san and Touya-san are so hard working children, and I’m sure Nadeshiko-san is up there, looking over them, with tears in her eyes and pride in her heart.


Yomi: I’m sure she is as well.


Yomi: It’s hard to see what Oujirou and Fujitaka come from – Oujirou is part of a new family whilst Fujitaka is a single parent. I can’t figure to imagine what either is life, and yet both of them have become very respectable and admirable figures. A few people back at school could learn from them…


(The team reach the church…as we cut to Team 2….)


*   *   *   *




(Inside the van, they are discussing one vital point…namely Yomiko and her choice to put them together…)


Shizuka: So why did she do it?


(Mamoru seems to have a long think about what to reply to that. Eventually he comes up with…)


Mamoru: Maybe she felt it was pointless.


Shizuka: Huh?


Mamoru: Well, one of us will get voted for and the other she’ll pick. Maybe she just wanted to see how we did together before one of us went…(sarcastic)…how thoughtful of her…


Shizuka: I see…we don’t know that for sure.


Mamoru: True…but I’m sure the planets would certainly agree in my favour…


(Shizuka pauses…)


Shizuka: Guess you’re right…


(We see the two exit and prepare to enter the café. Both of them aren’t exactly motivated after discussing what they just did in the café…is it pointless?)


(They spot Shel already waiting for them as he waves them then…)


Shel: Hello there.


Shizuka: Hello, Mr. Montigny. Nice to see you again.


Shel: Yes…it’s been a blessing now that I’ve avoided having to go to that wretched death place…I don’t know if I could contain my anger…however, I have a familiar customer who wishes to speak to you…


(Shel moves as Mamoru and Shizuka’s eyes widen as they see the familiar customer in question…she’s drinking coffee, has blonde hair, a black mini-skirt and a lovely smile…)


(…oh, and she’s an assassin.)


Mirielle: Greetings.


Shizuka: Er…greetings Mirielle


*   *   *   *




(On the way to the school, the two have discussed the case and in particular how it relates to their former/current line of work…)


Jet: I must admit, I haven’t felt this invigorated in a long time. The feeling of rushing to interview and deal with suspects. It’s not quite like the hands on approach I used to feel but it’s close enough…


Kiyone: It’s a first for me.


Jet: A first? I thought you were…


Kiyone: No, no, not about the police part…


Jet: Huh?


(Shot as Kiyone’s eyes turn into waterfalls…)




(Jet sweatdrops as Kiyone tries to persuade for Jet to return home so she can ditch Mihoshi. And whilst the prospect of a paid job may sound interesting, he can’t leave Spike and co to starve…well, Jet starves as well but that’s not the point…)


Jet: Well, when I come back…and unless I win this game with the money…I’m pretty sure that Ein has been eaten…either that or cigarettes are suddenly the in-meal for bounty hunters.


Kiyone: I’m surprised I haven’t had a phone call yet saying Mihoshi has gone nuts…well, more nuts than she already is


(Anyway, their inquiry – at the school – they head to the Occult Club, where they aren’t sure what to expect. It’s on the 1st floor according to the map so they head up there, showing their police cards to anyone full hardy to see Jet as someone suspicious.)


(They eventually get there…and they knock on the door.)


Kiyone: Excuse me? Chikage-san?


(No answer. They knock again. They wonder if they need to wait, but Jet tries the knob. It’s unlocked.)


(They open the door, where they are greeted by darkness…except for the 8 blue flames in a clue…and a dark purple headed gothic beauty. This is Chikage, who is making her 2nd MG appearance (her first was in a cameo role in MG1) – and quite possibly the most popular of the sisters.)


Chikage: Yo.


Kiyone: Help.


Jet: This is…different.


*   *   *   *




(The trio have eventually made it to the funeral, a few minutes before 10. Immediately, they look around to see who is there. And it’s definitely the rogue’s gallery of suspects…)


Yomi: DammitKodachi.


(Looks like Yomi still hasn’t forgotten (nor forgiven) the razor hoop incident which saw Kodachi have a stay in prison. She hasn’t noticed the detectives yet. Interestingly, it looks like their problems have been cleared as Heero and Jing seem to be nearby, being her bodyguards again…or is this something else?)


(On the far side, we see Nabeshin avoiding Ling-Pha as best as possible, who is busy talking to Kaji (completely unaware in Kaji helping Kiyone to get into her place to recover the videotape clue). Interesting enough, we always see Sousuke by himself…and more interesting, no Izumi. However, we do see Kagome, a recently cleared suspect…talk with Urumi, who is not a cleared suspect. However, the team immediately notices two missing people…)


Oujirou: Taeko and Mahoro aren’t here.


Fujitaka: Understandable.


Yomi: Mirielle isn’t here either. Or Izumi. Heck, Amelia isn’t here either…it doesn’t necessary say it has to be a suspect…


(They are unaware of Mirielle being with Team 2 – however they do say that one of those five could be the girl that Shizuka and Mamoru are meeting…)


(…the funeral eventually begins as the priest, ‘Ram Bobby’ (from Battle Athletes Victory) does the customary ‘ashes to ashes’ speech. Kodachi is the one that spreads what appears to be Kuno’s ashes inside the grave. Kuno’s burial is watched by all these people, but not too many people seem to be concerned, something which is noticed by the detectives…)


Fujitaka: The fact that no-one seemed concerned…yet were still here to watch the funeral…was intriguing. Even a bit scary.


(At the end of the service, it seems like everything was done and that is that. However, nothing is ‘that’ when Ling-Pha is involved…)


Ling-Pha: May I have your attention please? 


(The detectives eyebrows raise as Ling-Pha tried a similar stunt in the 18-30 Club last night, which Oujirou is certainly aware of…)


Oujirou: Well…this could be interesting…


(Ling-Pha has got the attention of the whole lot of mourners, as her flunkies surround her…)


Ling-Pha: With a majority of people here who are a major focus in the upbringing of these two islands, I feel it is of major interest that I say what I couldn’t last time…


(Shot of Jing, whose eyes scowl…)


Ling-Pha: Now, for those of you who don’t know, I have a dream. A plan for the future, ready to begin within the next year, of a booming vision. Built in the central link between the two islands, we will build the great shopping megalopolis ever…WONG-STOCK!


(Shot of Jing, his sword like weapon already drawn…)


Jing: Don’t make me…


???????: I’d advise that not to be wise Mistress Ling-Pha.


(The detectives are surprised when it is in fact Sousuke who goes in front of Ling-Pha. They do have a link as bodyguard and protectee, but with Sousuke a possible link to the Nyostar clue…maybe this isn’t as odd as it seems.)


Ling-Pha: Sousuke, you dare interfere?


Sousuke: Whether I interfere or not is none of your business…


Ling-Pha: Don’t tell me…you’re one of those black magic users as well?


Sousuke: I can tell that I am not. I can also tell you where your nose doesn’t belong – and the souls of the resting is one of them. We are at a funeral and you wish to plug your latest venture reeks of lack of integrity. I’d advise against this.


Ling-Pha: Maybe I’d advise you not to mess with my business…


Sousuke: And give me a reason why I should do so.


Ling-Pha: (smirks) Like removing your deal with the shares business. Oh, I know about you Sousuke…and whether you admit it or not, you have a thing for that blue-haired bitch Kaname Chidori don’t you?


*NOTE – I know it’s never really proved but the hints are there. Besides, I like Kaname and Sousuke…so sue me…*


Sousuke: I suggest you refrain from calling her that.


Ling-Pha: (mocking) And give me a reason why I should do so…


(Sousuke is silent…)


Ling-Pha: Without me, any attempts of a future you may have will be foiled.


Sousuke: I don’t see why not. Do you own the will?


(The detectives ears prick up as Ling-Pha backs off…)


Ling-Pha: No…but that’s not important! What is important is you go back home, tell that traitorous Izumi that someone else is joining her on the scrap heap…


(As soon as she mentions Izumi, Sousuke darts forward, Ling-Pha’s guards on the ready. Heero somersaults forward, separating everyone.)


Heero: Not…here.


(Heero’s eyes suggest not to mess with him, quite appropriate. A quick act of separation, and the detectives now have a few things to do…)


Yomi: So who shall we interview?


Oujirou: I’ll take Ling-Pha. I’ll ask about this and about the evidence we got.


Fujitaka: I’ll handle Sousuke.


Yomi: Who shall I deal with?


(Suddenly, we see cleared suspect Kagome give a ‘come here’ motion to the detectives. Yomi smiles.)


Yomi: That’ll do.


(As the team get ready for a few interviews, Team 2 have to deal with 2 people…complete opposites…or are they?)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the café, a familiar sight for Mamoru – as this was where they first met Mirielle – hence the term ‘familiar customer’ used by Shel…sadly, it isn’t quite a friendly visit, as our poor twosome soon discover…)


Mirielle: I’ve been quite concerned with how long the case has been going on.


Mamoru: Yes, we quite understand how you may be concerned.


Mirielle: With my profession, it’s understandable.


Shizuka: But there are so many people we have to get through.


Mirielle: Well…it’s been a week already – Kuno is being buried as we speak – and it hasn’t been solved. I can understand how many issues can be involved in a case like this – but I have a feeling there is something implicating on me.


(Uh oh. Does she know about the bullet in the basement?)


Shizuka: We’re sorry if that is the case Miss Bouquet, but we need to go through all our bases…


(Mirielle looks into the formerly blind eyes of one Shizuka Katsuya. And she smiles.)


Mirielle: Oh well…how can I stay angry at such a cute face…


(Shizuka blushes – careful Mirielle, don’t want Kirika to get jealous…(yes, insert shameless shoujo-ai plug/joke here if anyone wishes to…and thought we had enough with the RoD ones…)…but Mirielle decides to help them out a little.)


Mirielle: Anyway, last time I thought I had cleared myself – however, going back home I realised I gave you the wrong receipt. Unfortunately, the one I needed – I can’t find anymore. However, that isn’t the only receipt.


(Mirielle hands over a small map…)


Mirielle: I wish to apologise for my mistakes, and to make up for it, I suggest simply to go to this place – Aaya’s Weapon and Misc. Store – and once you’ve cleared me, I can spend more time helping you…like what happened with poor Urumi…and which led to Kentaro’s death…


(Yes, indeed…)


Jet: Mirielle?


(They look up…)


Tsuyoshi: (to himself) If Mirielle is here, that means she can’t be in there. So if anyone is threatening Urumi, who is it…


(He looks at Mirielle again…)


Tsuyoshi: If it isn’t you up there…


Mirielle: Then someone else got there…


Jet: Dammit! We need to get up there…




Kodachi: Ah…but I think more people would be fearful on your side right? As I said, I have my ways of finding out information as well…and maybe you should notify your shareholders and see if one of them killed my dear brother. Say…Ling-Pha, Nabeshin, yourself, Amelia, Urumi herself…


(Kodachi smiles evilly…)


Kodachi: …and Mirielle Bouquet.


(Kentaro freezes. Blood drains from his face as ‘Mirielle’ is mentioned. Jet quickly notices this.)


Jet: Either he didn’t know that…or more likely that was something he didn’t want to hear.


Kentaro: (nervous speaking) Well…well..I-I-I better get on ou-out of here…I’ve got some papers to d-deal with…


(In the back of the detectives minds, they know that there Mirielle may have gone after Urumi. Is she still doing so – was she even interested in the hit?)


Mirielle: But for now, I will give you some help…about the way Kuno died.


(The team think they know how he died…but Mirielle gives a bit more information…)


Mirielle: With the way the skin went, a suggestion is that a flame based weapon was used. However, the firearm in question had to shoot something into his body as well…so the best weapon in question would be a SG Flamethrower – which is a flamethrower with a barrel – Aaya has them - someone stick something in – you get a combination of bullets and barbeque.


Shizuka: That…wasn’t the image I really wanted…


Mirielle: Sorry, you get used to it.


(Shizuka nods, though Mamoru looks on wary…)


Mamoru: Mirielle’s knowledge of weapons actually seems to implicate her more than actually help us out…the fact she knew how Kuno died as well doesn’t help things out. Why she would tell us this is a mystery therefore…


(However, they have the possibility of clearing her on the agenda. Unfortunately as Mirielle tells them, the store isn’t open until 6pm. They are in for a wait…)


*   *   *   *




(After the intriguing introduction of Chikage, we get to the bare bones of this discussion…and not how she got that kind of hair…)


(…it seems that the two are a trifle intimidated…)


Jet: So…what is your business here?


(Chikage has her eyes closed almost in prayer. Jet and Kiyone are even wondering if she hears them…)


Kiyone: Hello? Moshi moshi?


(Chikage’s eyes snap open as Kiyone screams…)


Chikage: It seems you beasts are pure of heart…


Jet: Beasts?


Chikage: …I call you beasts because of the way you wish to know everything for your business. However, it’s not necessary to know everything that goes on…especially with my business.


(Despite Chikage’s intimidating nature…an intimidating bishoujo…hoe…the team after hearing this seem to get back on track of their inquiry…)


 Kiyone: Hold it! Yotsuba-chan asked us if we could have a meeting with you and we want it now – and we want information. Someone within your ‘cult’ could have been the cause of the murders that went along…


Chikage: Stop.


(Kiyone does – intimidating again.)


Chikage: Whether that is true or not is undesirable…however, I will tell you a few things. What I won’t tell you are the names of the flock…


(Jet sighs…)


Chikage: …what I will do is the one you least suspect is my second in command.


(That gets their attention. The one they least suspect? Least suspect as the murderer or as a member of Nyostar…)


Jet: I wonder…


Kiyone: (whispers) Could be Jing


Jet: Maybe…


(Chikage smiles as they discuss.)


Chikage: Do you wish for me to continue?


(The two nod)


Chikage: Very well. I wish to explain the history of Nyostar briefly, to give you a better understanding.


(The team get ready for a history lesson…)


Chikage: It was formed nearly 100 years ago by the founder Miss Serika Kurusugawa* 100 years ago. It started as a brief gathering for people interested in the dark and the occult…


  • - It’s not a clue so don’t worry but Serika Kurusawaga is a reference to the anime/manga ‘To Heart.’ Serika was the quiet rich girl interested in black magic and her unusual trait was the fact she spoke so damn quietly that Hiroyuki always had to repeat what she said. The manga has been licenced by ADV Films and the anime just recently licenced by Right Stuff. The manga is a lot less serious than the anime – though the anime is still pretty good and it could be one of the series someone could play for.*


Chikage: …however, throughout the decades, it grew to be a popular form of belief and religion for those in doubt over their lives. It is the last surviving unknown religion around in this part of the world.


(This is getting rather heated and indeed confusing for the duo, religion isn’t exactly their area of expertise. Chikage continues…)


Chikage: The term Nyostar comes from the belief that they hold themselves in. The ‘new star’ or new beginning as it were. However, revolving around the recent deaths, and if you say is true, there may be something you may wish to know…


(Chikage stands up and goes to a bible-like book on an altar. She flips through a few pages before stopping…)


Chikage: The recent deaths do worry me – as I believe the way they are being performed shows something…ritualistic.


(Jet and Kiyone’s notebooks put that as a key word as Chikage continues…)


Chikage: Just reading and with my recollection, I believe there was a ritual 100 years ago to ignite the first wave of Nyostar followers to give their energy and belief. And it involved deaths to resurrect the energy of the people they loved to flow inside their body. However…


(Chikage reads a passage out…)


Chikage: If the blood of those don’t work…then the sacrifices are needed…


Jet: You mean…more deaths?


(Chikage closes the book and nods her head…)


Chikage: The ritual consists of losing the blood of 5 people – 4 wrong doers and one innocent.


Kiyone: I’d say Kuno and Kentaro qualify as the former…


Jet: So someone in Nyostar is the killer? And will commit 3 more murders?


(Chikage shakes her head…)


Chikage: Not necessarily. Many non-Nyostar members still have motives – plus Nyostar members are friends with non-Nyostar members and could tell them. This is mostly taboo, but we don’t encourage secrecy.


Kiyone: You know…with this information you are telling me, we could arrest you…


Chikage: But you won’t. I’m innocent of all this and in fact helping you a chance to stop this. I suggest you search for the answers yourself.


(Then mysteriously, she vanishes, spooking the hell out of Kiyone.)


Kiyone: Crap…


Jet: I wouldn’t say that – we’ve got a big lead or 6.


Kiyone: True…but she’s creepy…


Jet: It could still be anyone though – which puts us back at square one…but with the knowledge we now know…


Kiyone: (smiling) Let’s get out of here…


(The duo leave – pleasantly surprised at their success…meanwhile, back at the funeral…)


*   *   *   *




(The trio of Oujirou, Fujitaka and Yomi have separated to talk to one of the people there. Let’s see how they are doing…)


Fujitaka: Can you give me anymore than that…


Sousuke: As I said, I cannot comment any further.


Fujitaka: I’m sorry Sousuke, we are nearly 100% sure of you being with this Nyostar cult…


Sousuke: Ah, so you do have some detective skills.


Fujitaka: Please sir, we need all the help we can get. Is it something to do with what you were doing at the hotel


Sousuke: No.


Fujitaka: No?


Sousuke: As I said, Miss Himuro and I being there at similar times is purely a coincidence.


(Do they trust him? After all, it is now established that Sousuke is also a member of this Nyostar Cult – and that Izumi Himuro is also a member…but before Fujitaka can try and pressure him…)


Jing: I think that’s enough Sousuke.

(The two turn where Jing, calm as the breeze, appears out of nowhere. Wonders if he had a bit part in Angelic Layer…)


Jing: I don’t think they need to let you guys get incriminated any more.


Sousuke: I didn’t say anything. As I said, it was purely a coincidence.


Jing: I know – but we need to make surely we can prove that this has nothing to do with my master’s death…come on Sousuke.


(The two warriors – though very different styles and natures – head off as Fujitaka ponders what was going on…or what went wrong…)


(Meanwhile, Oujirou’s one real skill other than being a master Deus comes into play…)


Ling-Pha: (embarrassed) Um…well…


(Even Ling-Pha seems to fall for the dreaded bishounen affect…actually, I wonder if Ling-Pha is a future descendant of Arisu…^_^)


Oujirou: I think the main focus is indeed the will Miss Wong, and the sooner we can find this, the sooner we can help everyone out.


Ling-Pha: But…I don’t know where it is. I don’t know anything about it…all I know is the control went to Kuno and no-one questioned it. However, considering the nature of how Yosho died, there is suspicious circumstances


Oujirou: Go on.


Ling-Pha: Well…he died on a plane heading to Londonhowever, it was caused by an explosion in the engine room. The reports say overheating failure…but…


Oujirou: But?


Ling-Pha: …I think someone was paying the reports off. I suspect foul play…as in a bomb…


Oujirou: A bomb?


Ling-Pha: I wouldn’t be surprised. You know as well how greed can be a focal motive…the families of these islands – they are all money driven! Well…maybe not all, but most…


Oujirou: And with so many people on the shares…


Ling-Pha: Exactly! Anyone could have been searching for the will…and to get to rid of Kuno. Now that traitorous Izumi and Sousuke seem unwilling to continue further – it makes others looks worse.


Oujirou: (to himself) That certainly doesn’t let them off…


Ling-Pha: Hmmm…


Oujirou: Nothing.


Ling-Pha: Besides, I didn’t do anything.


Oujirou: We can’t prove that.


Ling-Pha: Huh?


Oujirou: We’ve got video evidence that proves you may not have been in your office during the crime…


Ling-Pha: Wh-Wh-WHAT?!


Oujirou: Well, actually that the cameras were non-functional during the time. So…




(Ling-Pha has a bit of tandrum, denying everything Oujirou tries to ask. Eventually, as the servants surround her, Oujirou gives up and lets a pissed off Ling-Pha have some time alone. However, what about Yomi?)


Yomi: …I’d like to have the salvation that we do not consider you a suspect anymore Kagome – that is my solemn oath and I wish for you to help us as best as you can.


Kagome: (breathes a sigh of relief) That’s a relief. Life has been hell since Kuno’s murder and the fact that I was implicated didn’t really help matters…


Yomi: I can imagine, and I apologise.


Kagome: (smiles) No it’s O.K, it’s your job. I’m just glad in my case it’s over…but not completely for everyone else.


Yomi: That’s for sure.


Kagome: Anyway, that’s why I called you here. I was worried because I know I was a suspect, and with this and my powers…


(We see Kagome with her enchanted long bow…)


Kagome: …well, my Sacred Arrow technique probably seemed like a winning murder weapon.


(Yomi shakes her head. She thinks the murder weapon is the lightning ball remember?)


Yomi: Not quite. We had many other leads.


Kagome: However, I’m sure you are now aware of this Nyostar thing – this also seems to have the power to give normal people the ability of magic – small amounts – but that Chikage girl is so mysterious…it was because of this that me…and Izumi…


Yomi: Yes…you mentioned you were friends. I was curious to understand what happened between you two…


Kagome: Y’see…I was a member of Nyostar before Izumi was…mainly to enhance my own abilities…but Izumi and I had been friends before that, and it seemed to help us…until the week before the murder…


A week before murder…


Kagome: But where are you going?


Izumi: I believe that is obvious. To my friends…I told you about this.


Kagome: But you never mentioned this to me…you’re up to something. You’ve been like this since Chikage mentioned what happened to Yuki…




(Kagome pauses…)


Izumi: What’s wrong with visiting her – she’s in the hospital back home.


Kagome: But I’m afraid of what you might do…if Kuno did do it…


Izumi: Yuki tried to stop him from destroying the Kisaragi Girl’s Team back home…she has her own powers thanks to Nyostar…but that bastard stabbed her for f*** sake!


Kagome: Izumi…


Izumi: Why are you being so selfish? She’s could have died if Mao hadn’t stopped him…(a few tears)…she’s my best friend over there Kagome…dammit…you just DON’T UNDERSTAND!


(Izumi leaves as Kagome screams Izumi’s name, before clenching her fist in anger…)


*   *   *   *


Kagome: And that’s what happened…


Yomi: I see…she left to visit her friends, including Yuki, who got her into Nyostar, and was therefore attacked by Kuno who was against her doing so.


Kagome: The two had problems with Izumi and myself not wanting any more sporting events rigged in his favour in tennis, baseball and archery. After all, you know what happened with Arima


Yomi: Yes.


Kagome: Good, so you know what a scoundrel he is. Everyone was his fault…NO WONDER HE GOT KILLED…


(Kagome smashes her fist against a wall as blood forms on her hand…)


Yomi: Kagome…


Kagome: Almost…everyone who is a member of Nyostar can now create some small force of magical energy…


(Flashback to killer clue 3 – the magical rose vines…)


Kagome: I’m sorry Yomi-san. The power I wanted was to protect my friends – same with Izumi I guess – but I know I may have said too much already…I won’t say any more…


Yomi: I understand. I think you’ve said enough which can be of help anyway. Thank you Miss Higuarashi


(Kagome nods, holding her bloodied clenched fist…the big incident is that Izumi’s motive may now be VERY personal…this will be an interesting talk when they get back to base…)


*   *   *   *


Shizuka: Well, we’ve got to head back there after 6pm…we need to check to see if Mirielle’s alibi checks out…


Jet: If you clear her, that takes out a key suspect, which to be honest would come as a relief…almost everyone is suspect now…


Fujitaka: Are you O.K?


Jet: Yeah…just not used to these spiritual things…still had problems getting to use Fung Shei


Kiyone: Fung Shei?


Jet: Long story.


Kiyone: You’ve got a lot of them haven’t you?


(The team are talking about their notes, but we can see that Mamoru and Shizuka occasionally glance behind them as Yomiko is writing down notes thanks to Yomi. They are obviously still worried about the vote…)


(Shot as Yomi returns, and they discuss the three vital things that they seem to have found out today…)


Yomi: We now know what the cause of Kagome and Izumi’s problems were – Nyostar. But more specifically, Izumi’s old ties.


Oujirou: And we have a new motive for Izumi as well – Kuno trying to stop the baseball team and stabbing apparently Izumi’s best friend Yuki – the girl who got her into Nyostar in the first place.


Fujitaka: We also know about Sousuke being a member, and being part of the shares list. So is Jing – these two seem to be collaborating something by the looks of things…


Jet: Two different peas, yet on the same side huh?


Kiyone: Well, that leads to the Nyostar talk we had with Chikage. And the feeling that it could lead to another 3 more murders…two corrupt, and one innocent.


Jet: The corrupt could be anybody here…but the innocent? Is there anybody innocent in this place?


Oujirou: Are we talking suspects or anyone?


Shizuka: Why?


Oujirou: It could be a suspect – Taeko perhaps, or Kagome…but it could be one of the sisters, hence the first killer clue.


Jet: You may have a point there…


(Is Oujirou right or is he thinking ahead? Who is the innocent one? Is what Chikage said true? Are the deaths going to keep on coming? Does that make a Nyostar member the most likely threat? Or is it something who learned of it and is making the copycat murders?)


*   *   *   *




(Come 6 o’clock and Shizuka and Mamoru are already gone. Back inside the mansion, you’d think there would be a lot of talking behind their backs…)


(…you’d be right.)


Jet: I can’t see them both still around after tomorrow night I’m afraid.


Fujitaka: Well, they can surprise you.


Jet: I think not. The kids were surprising…and they went. Those two are dynamic, and they can be good detectives. But Mamoru made a few too many holes…and Shizuka unfortunately got caught in them. My guess is that if we vote for one of them, Yomiko will vote for the other.


Fujitaka: Seems unfair…


Jet: No less fair than Tsuyoshi being taken out by Mamoru…or Greta being taken out by…


Fujitaka: Right, right, I hear you.


(Fujitaka showing a rare bit of anger, escapes Jet’s words as the veteran sighs…)


Jet: You’d think I’d learn now to keep my big mouth shut…


Yomiko: No, I think that was well worded.


(Jet double-takes as he sees Yomiko reading something in the silhouette of the door, drinking a mug of coffee.)


Jet: Yomiko?


Yomiko: Don’t worry…I heard only the end. Still irks me a little…


(Yomiko exits, leaving Jet to wonder what she meant…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s gone past 6pm, and fortunately the store is empty bar the shopkeeper, Aaya (from YamiBou if you are interested – he’s our world travelling narrator)


Aaya: Welcome! We have our range of Blue Souma Blades, Axes without the blood still left on, firearms of all designs and the illustrious and viciously cruel poisoned donut…come on, no-one can resist a donut!


(Mamoru looks for the flamethrower weapon that Mirielle described whilst Shizuka asks Aaya about Mirielle’s alibi.)


Shizuka: …we just need to look at the receipts from the 1st June, we need to see if a Mirielle Bouquet was here on a specific time…


Aaya: Mirielle-chan?


(Aaya is probably the only person in the world who could get away with that…)


Aaya: Hmmm…I can’t remember…oh well, the receipts will see to that! Hold on a second pretty little lady…


(Aaya isn’t a flirty character, but Shizuka still blushes as the African tanned bishounen. However, suddenly things go in smoke…literally…)




Aaya: Here we go!


(We see an ammo box full of receipts. Shizuka nods…)


(…and the next thing we see is a precise fireball shot blast through a window. Aaya ducks as Mamoru with hero reflexes, dives to knock Shizuka down.)


(The flame bursts into the receipts, almost incinerating them immediately…)


Aaya: Oh my god…(Aaya disappears for a moment, and like various other mysteries that aren’t explained in YamiBou, re-appears with a bucket of water. After putting out the receipts, Mamoru immediately dashes outside to look who did that…)


Mamoru: O.K…where are…


(Nothing but the wind. There is the stale air of something being fired, but Mamoru can’t find the attempted arsonist. He has a quick look around, being on his guard, but no-one and nothing is nearby. The killer escaped.)


Aaya: Well, what a messy young business young lady…


Shizuka: Too true…


(Mamoru re-enters)


Mamoru: No luck, whoever did this has long gone. Someone wanted those receipts destroyed…


Shizuka: Mirielle perhaps, so that we couldn’t confront her if her alibi wasn’t true?


Mamoru: Great…back at square one…


(Whatever the reasoning, and whatever the situation, one thing is for sure – this case is suddenly getting on the dangerous side…)


*   *   *   *


(We see Mamoru and Shizuka returning to the mansion, but when they do…they find two certain people missing…)




(Shot of Mamoru eating a sandwich with some ondago (heh) as a desert. He then realises after being back in that…)


Mamoru: Where’s Kiyone? And Jet?


Shizuka: Yeah, we haven’t heard hide nor hair of them…


(Time for an evil joke on Yomi’s behalf…)


Yomi: Well, now that you mention it, they have been gone a while now – I thought they went up to Jet’s room just to discuss notes – but it’s been three hours now…geez, how old is Kiyone, early 20s…guess Jet is only in his mid 30s, it can’t be that bad really…I guess he’s still…


Mamoru/Shizuka: WHAAATTTT?!


Yomi: Oh, you mean you’ll believe me if I said that?


(Massive facefault…)


Yomi: You guys are more gulliable than Osaka, you know that? We got a phone call from Mahoro – there has been a disturbance at her place.


Mamoru: Again?


Yomi: Yeah…I thought that too…


*   *   *   *




(We see Jet and Kiyone around – this time no police, but a very similar situation to what happened last time…)


Kiyone: I get the strangest feeling of déjà vu all of a sudden…


(We see Jet collecting two very familiar items…the envelopes. However, last time – Taeko was there and Mahoro was missing. This time, Mahoro is here and Taeko is missing…)


Mahoro: She’s just went out…she does this a lot – she goes out for a walk when things bother her…


Jet: Is she safe out there?


Mahoro: I think so. She’s always returned unharmed if that’s what you’re asking…


(Jet nods as they leave. A similar situation with the roles reversed…)


*   *   *   *




(There have been quite a few late night inquiries the teams have had to do and tiredness is quickly becoming a factor within the game that they could have done without…)


(…however, it’s also a good excuse for some of the older members to have a drink as we see Jet and Kiyone around the bar. Fujitaka is also there, but doesn’t have anything alcoholic. Oujirou is also there, but he’s underage so he’s letting the others keeping him entertained. Outside, we see Yomiko rubbing her eyes…)


Yomiko: Something strong please with ice…


Jet: Heh, never thought you would be seen as a drinker…


Yomiko: This case I think is driving me to drink…


(Kiyone gets some scotch for Yomiko as Jet jokes that they may need to get some prairie oysters for Yomiko in the morning. In reality, it’s just the one drink she needs before she’s heading for an early night. Jet and Kiyone know this as well – after all – working with a hangover is not the best way to get information in a case…)


Jet: So how do you guys think it’s going?


Kiyone: I think we’re getting somewhere now. We’ve got plenty of motives and everyone and anyone seems to be suspect.


Fujitaka: Is there anyone you particularly suspect?


(A shot of Shizuka entering. She got a cup of coca as she looks on…)


Shizuka: Can I join?


(Slight hesitancy, but she gets in. Anyone invited to steal/share ideas from apparently…)


Kiyone: Well, we haven’t heard much from her in a while but Urumi is still a top suspect in my eyes. I just don’t trust that IQ of hers – it can be put to dangerous use. And there is no reason why she can’t be a member of this Nyostar – or more likely, she knows about it and could frame someone in the style of the cult…


Yomiko: See there, that’s why she’s a Galaxy Police operative…


Kiyone: (embarrassed) Yomiko!


Jet: Hey, shouldn’t we get Mamoru and Yomi here as well? They’d want to be part of this…


Shizuka: Mamoru is taking a shower – I don’t know where Yomi is…


Kiyone: The poor girl probably asleep – she’s got no stamina that one…


Yomi: Who has got no stamina Kiyone?


(Kiyoneeeps’ as Yomi appears from the edge of the door…)


Yomi: I was just having a small stroll watching the night sky and when I come back, I’m getting the third degree by my former room-mate….Yomiko, want to kick her out and have her on her lonesome?


Yomiko: (chirpy) Hai!


Kiyone: You are so cruel…


Yomi: Cruel is such a strong word. I prefer to call it ‘vengeful.’


Kiyone: That’s even worse.


(The group laugh as we cut to an oblivious blurred shot of Mamoru in the shower, as we get a close up of his face, etched with worry…)


Mamoru: I never thought I could be so helpless. What went wrong…Usako?


(The water drains as the gang downstairs discuss everything and pretty much be merry. Mamoru hears them, and decides to join them, though he’s worried by the reception he may get…)


(..fortunately Yomiko seems to be out of it on one drink and considering everyone else is already there, it would be a tad impolite. So Mamoru is welcomed back in…for how long is unusure…)


Oujirou: Working out who could be most suspicious…we still haven’t completely established about Izumi and Sousuke’s whereabouts…


Jet: True…and Heero and Jing as well have connections with them – and also with the mansion itself.


Yomi: It’s so confusing…combining all these suspects with motives, and who has the opportunity…


Shizuka: Well, I’m thinking Mirielle. A bullet from her weapon found – and now the receipts which could have cleared were burned. She knows too much about the murder and the way Kuno died as well – I think it was a fake alibi and now we can’t prove it.


Mamoru: And what about Mahoro? She seems to have a motive off the wall – it’s not money involved, or religion involved, it is personally involved. And she has the means to do it…


(People are confused, taking notes, or just trying to pay attention…I think a few need to head for bed…)


*   *   *   *




(…however, two people are one step ahead of others. A quick discussion in the whisper night of Yomiko’s room proves that…)


Yomiko: …sometimes I wish I could quit.


Yomi: Don’t say that.


Yomiko: But let’s face it, it’s nothing but prejudice and lies. I’m even doubting you Yomi…that shows how paranoid the game is getting…


Yomi: Yomiko, you have the chance to get revenge anyway, so don’t worry. Don’t even think of quitting…


Yomiko: Huh?


Yomi: Tomorrow night, we’ll begin to remove the prejudice. Revenge for Tsuyoshi-kun, ?


Yomiko: But how? The votes are not in your favour now with me being a LI, it’s you, Kiyone and Jet against Mamoru, Shizuka, Fujitaka possibly and…


(Yomiko’s eyes widen…as Yomi nods and smiles.)


Yomi: Who was Tsuyoshi-kun’s roommate? A roommate who wasn’t too happy he was eliminated when we talked earlier…


Yomiko: You mean…


Yomi: Yep. Oujirou is with us.


(Oujirou is with us? Is he a new alliance member…is it revenge for Tsuyoshi…or is it Yomi bluffing? Whatever the reasoning, it’s seem the prince of the Layer has been talking with a few princesses…)


*   *   *   *