Continued from Day 7…






(The team are rather rudely interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Is anyone awake enough to actually hear it?)


(Fortunately, veteran Jet gets up as the knocks get continuous and with a yawn answers the door…)


Jet: Yeah…what is it…


(It’s Ryo Saeba. And he’s got a couple of familiar items for Jet…)


Ryo: Sorry…this is a pain for both of us…


(Actually, Ryo looks disappointed that Jet answered and not one of the girls in their nightdresses…)


*   *   *   *


(Soon, against their will, the team are up. We see Yomi with a plate of coffee, as all but Tsuyoshi drinks it, he makes do with tea. Ryo explains the situation.)


Ryo: It was my night shift tonight and I got a phone call about…2am? It was from Iiya at the Candy Mansion. Apparently, someone broke into Aria’s room somehow and left the envelopes for you.


Kiyone: You are kidding…


Ryo: Wish I was. Aria had to be taken to the hospital because of the shock…I hope she’s all right…


(We see Kiyone clenching her fist…)


Kiyone: This killer…will get no mercy from me now…


*   *   *   *




(A few hours later, the team have to get up for real…and it’s a very sleepy team to say the least…)


Mamoru: Shizuka!


(We see Shizuka actually being sick as she comes downstairs, not a good sign.)


Shizuka: Why are we…(coughs)…up this early? I feel it’s that time of the month…


Mamoru: Well, we couldn’t get much sleep after Ryo came in. We need to deal with it, unfortunately, our sleep suffered.


Jet: We’d better get used to it…


(We see up already is Jet, Yomi, Kiyone and Fujitaka. It seems tiredness has affected even the adult members, as Jet and Fujitaka are not in breakfast mood. It’s just instant miso soup and melon bread today, and with Yomiko, Tsuyoshi and Oujirou not up yet, even worse…)


(…actually, scratch that, we hear the sound of a shower running, someone tired not hearing the water…and nearly beheading the guy with a paper airplane…)


Jet: What was that?


(The next scene we see is Tsuyoshi’s face white in shock…)


Tsuyoshi: Note to self – make sure shower is empty…especially when Yomiko-san is in there…


(Cue the mass sweatdropping…except Tsuyoshi looks ready to drop back to sleep…)


Mamoru: That’s everyone then bar Oujirou.


Fujitaka: Oh, he’s up, he’s just outside – I think he’s trying to get awake using the air.


Jet: Well, I get awake via a smoke, so the air won’t be clear for much longer. Cover for me will ya?


(Jet leaves as Fujitaka sets up breakfast. Downstairs, Yomiko comes down, a little bit pissed…but at least she’s wide awake…)


Yomiko: TSUY-O-SHI!!!!


Tsuyoshi: Accident, I swear…please don’t kill me…


(Too late, he’s a goner…)


Yomiko: You should never reveal you are ticklish…evil people like me take advantage of that fact…


(Tsuyoshi is on the ground, helpless at the hands of Yomiko and the dreaded tickle attack.)


Yomi: At least we’ve got a few people who are lively…


*   *   *   *




(The team now seem to be doing some morning ‘revision’ within the case. It seems some of them are focusing on specific suspects until they get new theories. We see Kiyone seems to see that Mahoro and Arima are suspect, with Yomiko looking at Izumi, Jet seeing Sousuke and Heero, whilst Yomi has Urumi and Taeko on hers. Almost all of them have other notes as well, linking with other suspects, so it’s hard to see what they are involved…)


Shizuka: Hmmm…so you’re trying to link something with each suspect?


Yomi: Yeah…you see here, we have the ones that are very suspect with the evidence…Urumi, Mahoro, Izumi, etc.


Shizuka: Yes?


Yomi: Well, you’ve been looking at Ling-Pha and Nabeshin right? They have reasons as well.


(Yomi makes a few circles)


Yomi: That’s a good strategy – to keep notes on the little things. Kaji, we know little about, but he’s a mole – so he’s got the opportunity to easily sneak about. Jing as well, he’s a bandit by trade, so breaking and entering isn’t going to phase him.


Shizuka: Right!


Yomi: I think it’s smart to try and talk with others other than the alliance. Besides, Shizuka is a sweet enough girl who has had enough hardship in her life to last her several life times…


Shizuka: I do feel anyone that talks to me maybe sucking up, so I’m wary of Yomi’s intentions, especially considering I voted for her last time. What I do know is that she’s very into the case and has a link for everyone involved. She’s good…


(We can see Oujirou also working on note making, in a similar way, as Jet is speaking with him.)


Jet: You’re still as mature as ever kid, you are way ahead of me in note making…


Oujirou: For some you need to, but some not quite…


Jet: You’ve got it in your head haven’t you? Can you pull through?


Oujirou: I think I can. I hope I can.


(Oujirou leaves as Jet sighs…)


Jet: I know Oujirou is a good guy, he’s smart and strong, and to be honest, I would have liked him on my side. I think he fits neutral better though…I know I’ll be voting for him in the near future, but I also know he won’t hold it against me. I think he knows best of all how the game is played, and good luck to him.


*   *   *   *




(Time for the next inquiry meeting. Yotsuba bounces in, also a bit tired…)


Yotsuba: Morning guys and gals.


(The detectives greet her accordingly before Yotsuba moves on to the topics of the day…)


Yotsuba: I’m sure you are all aware of what happened last night as I did…damn you Ryo…but I wish to say that after last night’s incident, Aria has just been returned home and is safe and sound.


(A collective sigh of relief, especially from Kiyone and Fujitaka, greets the head investigator.)


Yotsuba: Anyway, back to business. Last night, Yomiko and Oujirou visited my friend Karen-chan at her hotel, and learned a few things as you are well aware of. Like the fact that two of our suspect, Izumi Himuro and Sousuke Sagara, were at the hotel the night of Kuno’s murder…just a mile off the Kuno residence.


(The detectives were well aware of that, and considering it could be easy enough for them to get there and commit the murder if they did it.)


Yotsuba: Of course, we are only assuming things here, which is why these two will be a prime focus for today’s line of inquiries…


(She looks at Team 1, Tsuyoshi/Shizuka/Jet)


Yotsuba: Team 1, I want you to go to the Himuro residence and speak to Izumi. Last time you saw her, she and Kagome were arguing and they mentioned something called a lightning ball. I know that a few of you have been wondering about this, so we need to ask Izumi about that as well. Your focus is to find out what she was doing at the hotel…and the fact that she lied.




Izumi: Oh well, may as well help you otherwise I’m never going to get some rest.  The day before the murder, I was visiting my old friends discussing the plans for the next spring break, and 2 nights ago, when the murder happened, I was with my mother at the Himuro place. In fact, I was playing the piano if I recall…


Yotsuba: With this evidence, we know that Izumi has lied to us. Confront her with this evidence and about the lightning ball.




Yotsuba: Now, it’s time for team 2. Oujirou and Yomiko, you two found the evidence in the first place, now it’s time to confront Sousuke. We know very little about him, but what we do is that we never got his alibi. Now we have evidence of where he was on the night of the murder, plus the fact he never returned to the hotel, we’ve got stuff that he has to speak out. Now, according to his schedule which Rinrin ha…er, I mean acquired from Mithrill…


(Yotsuba does a nervous laugh before continuing…)


Yotsuba: …we know that he is in a shooting range at the northern tip of Deathtrap. Use the evidence of the hotel receipts to confront him about what he was doing and where he went after he left the hotel…oh, and don’t get shot…


(Yomiko and Oujirou are obviously looking forward to this now…)




Yotsuba: Finally, Team 3. We’re going to something different for you guys. Now two days, there was an interesting scene between Nabeshin and Ling-Pha if I recall…




Ling-Pha: Look, we are in a crisis now, one of our own people, a major one involved with recovering the shares, is in prison…and we need to make sure he doesn’t get involved any further to ruin our reputation!


Nabeshin: Reputation, schemputation! All this crap and you’re still talking about you are miss high and mighty! I tell you something, maybe I brought these guys with me because I wanted you to speak the words ‘I killed Kuno’ in front of them!


Ling-Pha: Ha! And where, Nabeshin-dear, were you the night in question?


Nabeshin: Huh?


(end flashback)


Yotsuba: The two seem to suspect each other and their partnership seems to be in tears. After that incident, we heard that Nabeshin has retired to his private training quarters, ‘Nabe’s Hole v2’, which is basically an area of the mountains on Promised Island. I want you guys to go over there and interview him, learn more of the situation between him and Ling-Pha, see if you can establish an alibi and see what they were doing on the night in question.




Yotsuba: I’m too tired to catchphrase now…so be off with you guys…


*   *   *   *




(It seems the others also want a nap too, as it has been a tiring morning already, plus the teams are understandably on edge, not just of Aria’s house being a victim of the killer…but the dreaded vote tonight…)


Yomiko: With Mamoru the lead investigator, I’m a little on edge to say the least…


Shizuka: I feel like I’m the odd person out now and am ready for the chopping block…it’s not a pleasant thought that’s for sure…




(With Shizuka a prime target for the vote, especially as the other two members are part of the main alliance, so things are fairly quiet, obviously Jet and Tsuyoshi don’t want to talk about it…)


(As they head over to Izumi’s, it’s shall we say, a fairly quiet trip.)


Jet: O.K, remember…we’ve got to talk to her about lying about her alibi, and also about this lightning ball…


Tsuyoshi: Izumi scares me…


Shizuka: That’s for sure. You can say Urumi is cold, but Izumi…


(They are interrupted by a round of giggling around the tennis courts.)


?????: Izumi-onee-tama! 


(The voice is unrecognisable – it’s the voice of a child, as the team are confused…)


Tsuyoshi: I don’t know that voice…


(Seconds later, their answers are…well…answered. Out comes an adorable little girl, blond with pig-tails a la Chiyo chan, but she’s smaller, about 8 years old, wearing a yellow party dress. Not long after comes Izumi, a broad smile on her face.)


Izumi: Hinako-chan, don’t run out too far…


Tsuyoshi: I get it! It’s Izumi’s daughter!


(Tsuyoshi is soon put in a headlock…)


Shizuka: Baka…she’s one of the girls in the photo…


(Sure enough, we have Hinako, or Hina-chan as she is sometimes called. We see Izumi take the little girls hand gently, as the team see something they haven’t seen from Izumi much…gentleness.)


Jet: This is the same Izumi Himuro that we saw the other day arguing with Kagome?


Shizuka: Let’s not get too sidetracked…we’ve got a job to do.


Jet: Right.


(We can see that Izumi is actually giving Hinako a ‘tour’ of the grounds, looks like she’s babysitting for someone. And once again, it’s hard for the team to break up this unlike Izumi tenderness…but they got no choice.)


Jet: Miss Himuro?


(Izumi looks around, and like before, her demeanour changes when she sees the detectives, but it seems she’s trying to hide it because Hinako is there. She looks up as Hinako also notices the detectives…)


Hinako: Izumi-onee-tama? Who are they?


Izumi: (thinks) Just…friends…


(The three detectives bounce over, as Hinako seems inquisitive about them. Shizuka plays mother hen as she introduces herself to Hina-chan.)


Shizuka: Hello there!


Hinako: Hmmm…


(Hinako’s thinking range lasts around 8 seconds…she’s just a little girl after all…but she makes the judgement that the majority of people have had since I announced Shiuzka to be part of the game…)


Hinako: Hina-chan likes you!


(Izumi nearly facefaults, but she has to smile. Shizuka seems ready to separate Hinako so that she doesn’t hear what they are going to say, as the two guys let her.)


Shizuka: Izumi-san, do you mind if I play with Hinako for a little bit?


(Izumi sees what they are up to…but in the end agrees. Looks like Izumi does have a soft side to her…)


(As Shizuka deals with problem 1, Jet and Tsuyoshi have to deal with problem 2…getting information from Izumi.)


Jet: Didn’t know you were the babysitting type…


Izum: She’s a friend of Mamoru’s. I can’t say know to her – she’s my only decent opponent…Ling-Pha would be if she didn’t cheat so much…


Tsuyoshi: Anyway, we need to ask you a few things.


Izumi: Fire away…it gets tiresome but I guess I got no choice.


Jet: O.K, we’ll cut to the chase Miss Himuro. We know you lied to us.


Izumi: Lied?


Jet: You said you were here the night of the murder, yet Kagome said that you hadn’t been here for 3 days.


Izumi: As I said, Kagome is ly…


Tsuyoshi: I’m afraid we know the truth Izumi-san. We have evidence where you WERE on the night in question, a hotel on Resource Island, not far off from the Kuno mansion.


(Izumi is silent…)


Jet: Miss Himuro?


(Izumi smirks.)


Izumi: Well…well…who would have figured you actually have some detective skills?


Jet: Miss Himuro please…what were you doing at the hotel that night?


Izumi: What I said wasn’t a complete lie. I had returned after a few days with my friends overseas. I was too tired to return home and stayed the night at Karen’s place.


Jet: Why didn’t you tell us this before?


Izumi: Please…if I told you this before, you would have suspected me in seconds.


Tsuyoshi: Well, you’ve told us now.


Izumi: Fair enough. Is that it gentlemen?


Jet: Not quite…now we understand that you were in the vicinity…we also know you left the hotel and returned between the hours of 10.15pm and 12.40am. Care to explain where you were those two hours? We have video evidence so you can’t lie your way out of this one…


(Again, Izumi is silent…)


Tsuyoshi: Do you also have any connection to a Mr. Sousuke Sagara as well?


(These questions seem to be bamboozling Izumi…)


Izumi: I’m afraid…


Tsuyoshi: And also, we’d like to know more of this lightning ball as well. Kagome mentioned it and you said it was missing…


(Izumi’s eyes widen…)


Izumi: You are getting too close for comfort…as I said, it’s jargon talk…


(Realises the guys aren’t buying it.)


Izumi: Well…


(Izumi looks around – Shizuka and Hinako are way out of ear shot playing hide and seek (awww…) so she whispers something to the two males.)


Izumi: (whispering) Meet me at the 18-30 Club tonight at 7pm. I’ll tell you everything you need to know then, I promise.


(Jet and Tsuyoshi nod their heads, though they are a little shocked. Izumi has given them a chance to learn more information later tonight.)


(The guys have to pry Shizuka and Hinako away, making poor Hinako pout a little, but Izumi recovers her as the detectives lead…though Izumi gives them a glare as they head back to the van…)


*   *   *   *




(Oujirou and Yomiko are heading to the firing range where Sousuke Sagara currently is. Yomiko seems kinda of nervous on the way…either from the vote or the possibility of meeting the Miss Deep sound-a-like…)


(We see Oujirou clutching Yomiko’s hand. Yomiko at first seems a bit surprised, but realises it’s just a calming effect. Oujirou then explains his famous way for calming.)


Oujirou: First, lick your wrist.


(If Yomiko thinks the request was odd, she doesn’t show it as she nods and complies.)


Oujirou: Now smell it.


(She does and her nose ruffles…)


Yomiko: What a funny smell…


Oujirou: (smiles) Yet you’re not nervous anymore right?


(Yomiko looks at Oujirou, and laughs.)


Yomiko: You’re right!


Oujirou: That’s good. We need to be 100% on our game today.


(Yomiko nods as the van deposits them at the shooting range, where Mithrill Sergeant Sousuke Sagara (and suspect) will be at. As they are dropped off, they immediately recognise a figure…but it isn’t Sousuke…or any of his friends…)


Yomiko: That’s…


(Oujirou nods)


Oujirou: Heero Yuy.


(Yes, seems everyone’s favourite anti-social Gundam pilot is also there, boning up on his skills.)


(As they are about to approach, we see Sousuke heading next to Heero.)


Sousuke: I see you aren’t exactly flavour of the month at your place of work either…


Heero: … could say that. (fires a shot)


(If you recall, both Heero and fellow bodyguard weren’t exactly the best of help when Kodachi attacked the detectives two days ago, so I guess Heero and Jing aren’t in their best eyes…maybe even her employment? Let’s find out…)


Yomiko: Sousuke!! Heero!!


(Both turn (in unison) which kinda spooks the two detectives. They recognise their existence before returning to shooting the targets. They obviously are proficient in firearms, which of course, the killer used some sort of firearm to take out Kentaro and Tatewaki.)


(Then without warning, the two spin around and aim their guns on the detectives. Yomiko, on instinct, pulls out a piece of paper, but Oujirou shakes his head.)


Oujirou: It’s O.K, they were just testing us…


Yomiko: So why are you crouching in a defensive position?


(Oujirou realises he reacted as well, and steps up, a little embarrassed. Both mecha guys lower their weapons.)


Sousuke: Forgive us, it’s just that we can never be sure if terrorists are around any time to ambush us.


Oujirou: You think terrorists would go for you at this time of day, wide in the open, and announce their visit?


Sousuke: As such no, but sometimes terrorists have a weird way of thinking. You can never be too careful.


Oujirou: I’ll remember that next time I’m battling Athena.


Yomiko: Geez, your voices sound so similar it’s giving me a headache…


Sousuke: I apologise for that – I bet it’s merely a coincidence.


Oujirou: Anyway…if you don’t mind Mr. Sagara…and Mr. Yuy, we’d like to ask you a few questions if possible.


(To avoid any more sound headaches, Yomiko and Oujirou separate the two, as Yomiko talks with Sousuke, whilst Oujirou has the unenviable job of getting information out of Heero Yuy…)


Yomiko: Can you actually speak without a military reference?


Sousuke: Yes…if my superiors allow me to.


Yomiko: (sighs) Forget I asked. Moving right alone, we recently came across some evidence that includes you Mr. Sagara, and I’d like an explanation for this.


Sousuke: Very well, it’s my duty to answer to a civilian in all truthfulness.


Yomiko: Yare yare…anyway on the 1st June, at 10.22pm, you left Karen’s Hotel on Resource Island. Can you first explain what you were doing there?


(Unlike Izumi, Sousuke is less than hesistant to answer.)


Sousuke: I was on undercover recon surveillance. The ruse of me being at a hotel was to make sure that no-one from the Kuno company could threaten the Wong family. That is my job.


Yomiko: So why did you leave?


Sousuke: I left to check the perimeters around the area, and eventually found no signs of movement from the enemy. I therefore decided to return to base.


Yomiko: At the Wongs?


Sousuke: Yes…I felt that was necessary now.


Yomiko: Right…not long before you left, Izumi Himuro also was at the hotel and left before you. Do you have a link with her?


(For the first time, Sousuke doesn’t answer immediately. He eventually does with…)


Sousuke: That was purely a coincidence.


Yomiko: I see….


Sousuke: As I said, I was on a spy mission, but it has nothing to do with Miss Himuro being there. I wasn’t aware of that fact until you mentioned it to me.


(Yomiko obviously doesn’t believe him, but seems more than happy to let him say that….Sousuke however decides to elobarate more.)


Sousuke: Very well. All I can say is that night I was visiting a place that I cannot bring forward as a matter to the general public, even to one as yourself Miss Readman.


Yomiko: He was lying to me…I could feel it. The question is though, about what?


(Meanwhile, with Oujirou, he seems to have better luck than one might expect with Heero Yuy…)


Oujirou: We know you don’t like to say much, but I think it would be best in all our interests if you helped us out with anything.


(Heero finally gives in.)


Heero: The camera…


Oujirou: The camera?


Heero: You found it…the first day. It belongs to Ling-Pha.


(Oujirou is a bit surprised that Heero said that so cleanly…but he’s not looking for a gift horse in the mouth…)


Oujirou: How do you know?


Heero: ….she waved that thing long enough back at the Kunos to get scandal information…I’d recognise it in a heartbeat.


(This small bit of information could be big…the camera involved was used in taking the murder photos. Does this means Ling-Pha is now the prime suspect? They will need to talk to the Wong youngest if they can…)


(…which Oujirou quickly finds out from Sousuke…)


Sousuke: We haven’t been talking much recently, mainly thanks to this murder business – however, she’s opening up something at the 18-30 tonight.


Oujirou: Do you know what?


Sousuke: I don’t pry into those sorts of affairs.


(The duo nod as they now have a link with Team 1’s later meeting with Izumi. They need to make sure they get the information together, and decide what to do next…)


*   *   *   *




(In a quiet retreat in the mountains of Resource Island, is what has been dubbed ‘Nabe’s Hole: Mark 2.’ Excel Saga fans need no introduction to Nabe’s Hole but for the rest of you, it was a secret place where Nabeshin trained fellow afro-warriors (including the ever popular Pedro and his son Sandora) in a waterfall/mountain environment that you would most likely associated with monks in training (think the monk in Sailor Moon S where Makoto also goes to train). This is where Team 3 will locate Nabeshin…)


Yomi: It’s a bit chilly isn’t it?


Fujitaka: Most likely from the mountain residue coming from the water. In a combination, it can chill the atmosphere easily.


Kiyone: And I thought you were an archaeologist, not a physics teacher.


(Fujitaka just smiles.)


(The team have to cross a narrow path – fortunately all three are fairly athletic (Kiyone with her Galaxy Police training, Fujitaka, according to Touya, is the most athletic of the family (not easy considering that Touya and Sakura are both top athletes as well) and Yomi seems to be second only to Sakaki in athletics in class 2-4.) so crossing it isn’t a problem, though slipping seems to be a worrying nature for all three…)


(Finally, they see Nabeshin, cross legged, underneath a waterfall.)


Kiyone: Hello? Mr. Nabeshin?


(Nabeshin’s eyes are closed and he seems to be in a meditative trance. He doesn’t appear to hear the detectives.)


Yomi: Nabeshin-san?


Fujitaka: Can you hear us?


(It is fairly noisy with the water crashing around them, but despite this, the close nature of detectives against suspect shouldn’t really cause Nabeshin to not hear them…)


(Suddenly, the afro-director’s eyes snap open as he sits up and stares at the detectives…whilst Kiyone seems to eye Nabeshin’s muscular body…she blushes before turning away…)


Fujitaka: Can you speak to us Nabeshin-san?


(Nabeshin again remains silent, as the team wonder if this is Heero Yuy in disguise…until…)


Nabeshin: M…


Yomi: Huh?


Nabeshin: Mo…


Kiyone: What?


Nabeshin: M-mouth frozen…


(Yomi and Kiyone collapse, Fujitaka doesn’t…though a form of a sweatdrop begins to form on his head…)




(Nabeshin does a Menchi impression (no, not scared of being eaten – though you have to wonder what Ein is thinking and if Spike and Faye are getting tempted (A nod to Star Otaku and Joe Mello for that – remind me to do a few omakes about the guys that the detectives left behind after I’ve done this fic) ) of shaking water off his afro (and a few items out of head, mini-Nabes, florescent lights, and the obligatory Puchuu which gets crushed against the water)


Yomi: As ridiculious as his hair stunt was, maybe he hid a gun in there…sounds stupid but I’m exploring every possibility at the moment.


Nabeshin: O.K…


(Nabeshin is back in his usual outfit as he finally manages to be able to speak to the detectives…)


Nabeshin: So you found my lair…well done, you are worthy of becoming warriors of the afro…(Nabe looks ready to become Super Nabe v3…)


Kiyone: Er…that’s not why we’re here…


(Nabeshin does the waterfall crying…)


Nabeshin: You don’t like the afro?


Yomi: It’s not that Nabeshin-sir, we’re just following up on some facts that we learnt from you a couple of days ago.


(Nabeshin calms down)


Nabeshin: Ah, you mean what Ling-Pha and I were talking about.


Yomi: Yes, pretty much.


Nabeshin: Well, what I can say at least is that I will admit, I was not working on the shares, or any of that crap at the time of Kuno-baby’s murder, but for where I was…


(Suddenly, he pulls a mage staff out of nowhere…)


Nabeshin: (his eyes turn to slits and his afro merges into a crew cut for 2 seconds) Sore wa himetsu desu! (It’s a secret!)


(Yes! Obligatory Xelloss impression, and who better than Nabeshin? However, the detectives don’t find this funny, as from that line, it appears that Nabeshin won’t give them any more information than they already know.)


(At least, that’s what they thought…)


Kiyone: Well, it would be a big help…


(Looks like Nabeshin’s mouth has been frozen for real this time…but…)


????: Oh, that isn’t sporting, is it Nabeshin?


(Nabeshin’s ears grow elf size…)


Nabeshin: I know that voice! That’s you isn’t it Kaji-moley?


(Indeed, it is suspect Ryoji Kaji, who we last saw give some information in Episode 1. He’s been quiet these last few days, as a good mole should be, however, looks like he’s escaped his mole hole and has dared to enter Nabe’s hole…)


(Gets weird looks by everyone other than the yaoi community…NOT LIKE THAT!!!)


(Nabeshin gives a wry look to the mole as Kaji just struts up with that unshaven face and that ultra cool look…no affect on Yomi, though Kiyone is giving him more than a glancing look…)


Kaji: So, you have two lovely young ladies here and you don’t wish to explain your actions?


Nabeshin: If I so choose to.


Kaji: Hey, I knew you’d be here anyway, so I decided to pop in for a visit.


Nabeshin: How did you know?


Kaji: It’s my job to know. Besides, this is where you go whenever you get angry of frustrated with Ling-Pha OR Kodachi.


Nabeshin: True…so what do you want?


Kaji: Just saying hi – didn’t know you had company. Hey, if you want to see if you want them to know your information, then why don’t you do one of your riddles?


(Nabeshin’s eyes twinkle)


Nabeshin: All right…they won’t get this one anyway.


(Nabeshin smiles at the detectives…)


Nabeshin: What happens once a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?


(Cue the stunned silence…)


Kiyone: What the…


Nabeshin: Come on, come on, times a wasting.


Fujitaka: That’s tricky…


Kiyone: Come on Nabeshin-sir, you never expect us to…


Yomi: M.


(The two turn to Yomi, who pushes her glasses up higher.)


(Nabeshin has done the Pedro shock look…)


Nabeshin: NOOOOOO! How can this be? How did you know it that fast?


Kaji: Yeah…that surprised me.


(Yomi has a satisfied little smile on her face)


Yomi: You hang around Osaka long enough, you pick up on these things. She knows nothing else, but she is a master of riddles.


(Nabeshin’s mouth is wide open…but another shake of the afro, (and a DigiCharat figure coming out this time) and he smiles.


Nabeshin: Ah, you got me. Ah well…let’s give you what I know then.


(Nabeshin sits down as he talks to the detectives.)


Nabeshin: I know that on the night of the murder, Ling-Phabaka claimed to be on business. However, I know for a fact that when she feels lazy…which is most of the time I might add…she usually gets half of her ‘servants’ or henchmen, whatever you want to call them. I’m pretty sure that night was one of her ‘lazy nights’ to say the least. However, I’d think you’d need to check her place to make sure. Check the cameras at her workplace…she won’t be in tonight, she’s got an unveiling with the 18-30 Club…’


(For the first time, all three inquiries seem to link with each other. The 18-30 Club is where Team 1 are supposed to be heading tonight…which means that Team 3 will have to head off to Ling-Pha’s, and see if Nabeshin’s story holds true…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the mansion, all three teams are surprised to learn that they have the same info…looks like the 18-30 Club is where things are going to be…and Team 2 decide that to make things better…)


Yomiko: Can we?


Jet: I think so. This way we can witness everything that is happening…plus it won’t make Ling-Pha suspicious of anyone visiting her place…right?


Yomi: Right.


Mamoru: Great, I’m going to be home alone then…


Fujitaka: Keep in touch, we’ll probably need to record some conversation in there for benefit.


Mamoru: Good idea.


(Mamoru calls Yotsuba, and agrees to get a recorder for the conversation they have, as well as a wire for the detectives. Yotsuba even throws in a mini-camera as well, and a stealth suit a la MG1. Jet, being the largest, agrees to take the camera whilst Oujirou gets the wire. Team 3 are unsure who should get the stealth suit though…)


Shizuka: I think this is probably going to be our first real key inquiry…we’d best be prepared.


Tsuyoshi: I’m not nervous…I’m not…


Kiyone: Oh it won’t be that bad…right?


(A few silent stares greet the Galaxy Police Officer…)


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) Never mind…


*   *   *   *


(Team 3 head out first to wait out of sight of Ling-Pha’s place until she and her goons leave…whilst Teams 1 and 2 are ready to head to 18-30 just before 7pm to meet up with Izumi. It’s going to be a real test of steel for the group now…)




(Team 3 (Yomi/Kiyone/Fujitaka) need to go into the Wong mansion and locate the security camera room, looking for evidence to either a) clear Ling-Pha or b) prove that she could have been able to commit the murder. Stealth is the key option.)


(The last time a stealth operation happened, Anna Respighi successfully carried off. However, none of these guys have the advantage of a 4999 athletics problem. So can they pull it off?)


(The team see Ling-Pha driving off, but they are assuming that some guards will still be there, so they are being uber-careful…)


Kiyone: O.K…


(It seems Kiyone is the one that is going to be doing the searching, as the most experienced of the three and maybe the most athletic as well, whilst Yomi and Fujitaka will be keeping an eye on things…)


Yomi: O.K, we’ll go inside and talk to the guards, try to keep them talking, whilst you look into their business, k?


Kiyone: Right.


Yomi: Good luck.


Fujitaka: Yes Kiyone-san.


Kiyone: (smiles) You too.


(Kiyone hugs Yomi and then Fujitaka before she exits the van. She goes around a wall as the other two head off to the mansion.)


(They are stopped by two guards, which is enough for Kiyone to check the side ways, and see no guards around…)


Yomi: We would like to talk to Mistress Ling-Pha please.


Guard 1: I’m sorry, but the mistress isn’t in!


Fujitaka: What about her grandfather?


Guard 2: Two such as you should not be able to speak to the great master Xu Wong…


Yomi: (sighs) Well, how about you guys then?


Guard 1: Huh?


Yomi: Can we speak to you guys about something? We need to find out as much as we can about this case and we’re are taking anything at the moment…


Guard 2: Ah, you are incompetent fools then!


Fujitaka: (playing along) Yes we are, so…


(This false paux is certainly doing it’s job, as Kiyone stealth has a look around. With the stealth suit, it is hard for anyone to actually see her, but they can still feel her, so she still has to be careful. Fortunately, there aren’t any guards in at the moment so Kiyone is free to have a good look to see how to get inside…)


????: You know, the best way to get inside is through the window at the top floor.


(Kiyone nearly screams, but clamps it as she notices that Kaji is behind her…)


(Kaji beckons Kiyone over as the Galaxy detective meets mole again.)


Kaji: Interesting idea…fortunately most of these guys wouldn’t be able to see you. I’ve worked in similar environments though…


Kiyone: So I’m caught huh?


Kaji: On the contrary, I’m here to help. I suspect Ling-Pha as much as anyone, and if there’s a chance to prove her innocence or her guilt I’m there to take it…


Kiyone: Well…thank you Kaji-san…


Kaji: O.K no problem. (tosses her something) Use this communicator to get through. I’ll be quiet and relay you instructions. And this as well…


(Kaji now tosses her a key and a card…)


Kaji: Use that to enter via the basement. It’s in the rear, but there are guards. Just be careful. The card is for the security room – I’ll relay you instructions when you get there…


Kiyone: Right.


Kaji: I’ve already sent a virus into the security systems, so you don’t need to worry about any cameras seeing you. Now go…


(Meanwhile, it seems that the guards have let in Yomi and Fujitaka, so Kiyone now has the tough job to do….)


Kiyone: (to herself) I guess I got no choice but to trust him…trusting a mole huh? This won’t be good…


Kaji: O.K, the security room will be two floors up from the basement. Get there and then turn left…


Kiyone: (whispering) Right right…


Kaji: No, left…


(Kiyone sweatdrops – but she manages to bypass the guards easily, but entering the basement without them knowing may be more difficult. Suddenly, she gets a brainwave. She picks up a rock and throws it to the opposite side of where Kaji is.)


Guard 3: What was that?


Guard 4: Intruder?


Guard 5: Let’s check it out!


(The three leave, leaving Kiyone free and able to enter the basement. She follows what Kaji said and heads upstairs, where there are several rooms to the left and right of her on a red satin carpet. However, she has no time for admiration, as she’s got a job to do, and she doesn’t know how long Yomi and Fujitaka can hold out. She manages to reach the second staircase, and heads up quietly.)


(Kiyone turns left as Kaji instructed, and reaches four doors.)


Kaji: O.K, the door you want is the top one on the right.


Kiyone: O.K.


(She realises the card that Kaji gave her is for the security room. However, she needs a password code as well…)


Kaji: O.K, enter the card and the number you want is 109137…


Kiyone: O.K.


(Kiyone again relies on trust…but Kaji is certainly coming through for her as Kiyone gets into the security room without too much difficulty. Inside is the jackpot for seeing information on Ling-Pha, videotapes – but they are a bit on the messy side. She needs to find the tapes for the 1st June, and the times of 11pm onwards would be the best…)


(Downstairs, Yomi and Fujitaka are struggling to keep the minions entertained…well, actually, it should be vice versa…)


Guard 1: The mistress will not be returning for a while, as she is on business!


(Even though they know what she is doing, the two decide to try and delay their leave more…)


Yomi: What she doing?


Fujitaka: And where is she at?


Guard 2: Why…we can’t say, it’s private business between our mistress and…


Yomi: …anyone else she might tell.


Guard 1: That’s ri…HEY!!!


Guard 2: That was not good, I suggest that you…


Yomi: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it just kind of slipped out. This job is very taxing and tiresome to say the least, and sometimes I get the need to realise some sarcasm…


Guard 1: Ah well…there is no need for that here young lady…


Fujitaka: Well, she apologised. So….how long have you been working here? Is your work with your mistress good?


Guards 1 and 2: Well…


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: (to herself) Hurry up Kyo!


(Kiyone is busy searching through the tapes, managing to find the most recent few days…but it seems that the one she wants is missing…)


Kiyone: Rats, where is it?


(Suddenly, brainwave number two…she looks in the video tape with the television…)


Kiyone: Couldn’t be…


(She presses play…)


(A screen flashes up dating 1st JUNE 200420:08:32 with the seconds continuing…)


Kiyone: (collapses) This is torture…


(Kiyone fast forwards it…but has to stop coming to 2100 hours…because between them….nothing but static)


Kiyone: Someone has turned off the cameras…


(Kiyone continues fast forwarding, but it’s still static past the hrs that Kuno was killed, and eventually all the way to 6am…Kiyone bags the tape and begins to head out…)


Kaji: All done?


Kiyone: Yeah…need to get out.


Kaji: Leave that to me.


(Kiyone smiles as she heads back…)


Kiyone: Despite his help, you have to be suspicious about Kaji. Why would we want me to find this? Maybe he’s trying to frame Ling-Pha because he committed the dead?


(We can hear on the communicator a small conversation…)


Guard 4: Kaji, what you doing here?


Kaji: Just browsing round – making sure you guys are really secure with Ling-chan gone out…


Guard 5: Don’t talk about the mistress so familiarly!


Guard 3: Get out of here!


Kaji: Sorry guys, but it’s my job to sneak around…besides, I’m doing nothing wrong, it’s not like I’m killing someone is it?




(By this time, Kiyone has exited the basement doors and quickly locked it and headed back.)


Guard 4: We’ve got those investigators in there and you are saying…


Kaji: What? She didn’t do it as you keep saying, so why are you so worried? Ciao.


(Kiyone breathes a sigh of relief)


(A minute later Kaji reappears. Kiyone nods and gives him his stuff back.)


Kaji: Did you find anything?


Kiyone: Well…not much that can prove anything…but I can’t tell you more than that.


Kaji: Why not? I helped you…


Kiyone: Sorry Kaji, I appreciate it, but as a detective…I have to be careful in the information I find out, and we know you’re a mole so…


(Kaji lights a cigeratte…and smiles…)


Kaji: You’re smart, I’ll give you that. (Kaji walks away) Until next time gorgeous.


(Kaji, the blatant womaniser, leaves as Kiyone turns crimson…)


(…it isn’t long until Yomi and Fujitaka are pretty much kicked out, and hope they did enough for Kiyone to get the information…)


(Kiyone meets them back in the van…)


Yomi: So???


(Kiyone is still red…)


Fujitaka: You O.K Kiyone-san?


Yomi: You haven’t got a cold have you?


Kiyone: N-n-no…(recovers)…what I have got is a videotape proving that Ling-Pha’s security was deactivated between 9pm and 6am of the day of the murder – so there is no record whether Ling-Pha was there or not.


Yomi: Sweet.


(This leads us to Teams 1 and 2…how are they doing at the 18-30 Club?)


*   *   *   *






(The 18-30 Club at 7 has a few problems for the team. Three members are under 18 for a start (Tsuyoshi, Shizuka and Oujirou). Tsuyoshi is back in the van ready to relay information to Mamoru, as that was expected. Fortunately, Oujirou and Shizuka manage to get away from being underage…mainly as this certainly seems to allow certain people that are underage…like say…Izumi and Ling-Pha for starters…)


Jet: We’re sorry about this y’know…


Tsuyoshi: Never mind…just get what we need to come for…


Jet: (Sweatdrops) He’s pissed.


(We can see ‘CAMERA JET’ in full view as we see that on one table, Ling-Pha has it reserved though the girl hasn’t appeared yet. We then get a tap on Jet’s muscular non-metal arm…)


Izumi: I guess you brought some company…


(We see Izumi Himuro, dressed rather casually in yellow shirt and jeans, unusual for her to say the least, as the group of 4 detectives come in – Oujirou in particular as he has the wire…)


(Shot of Tsuyoshi listening in)


(Shot of Mamoru on the phone, also listening in)


Yomiko: We’re here because we learnt of something that Ling-Pha is interested in…this just killed two birds with stone…sorry, wrong choice of words…


Izumi: Never mind. If we’re going to talk, might as well do it together.


(The four detectives go to a quiet corner of the club, away from the music where they try to speak. Occasionally, a drunk or a junkie tries to harass Izumi or Shizuka, however one look from Jet is enough to shut them up, so for the most part, they are able to speak freely…)


Izumi: O.K…so what do you want to know about?


Oujirou: Let’s start with this lightning ball. It’s a bit of a mystery to me…is it jargon…or something we need to know…


(Izumi sighs…)


Izumi: It’s not jargon. It’s a real item. I moved here to Promised Island, to get away from the defeat that myself and my teammates suffered at the hands of the Kisaragi boys school. Myself and my mother were ready to give tennis another try, and see if I could juggle both sports here, and we knew about Mamoru’s creditials, she’s kinda famous for being a real trainer and sublime in nearly all sports…


Oujirou: Nearly?


Izumi: Except soccer.


(We’ll ignore the inside joke there and continue…)


Izumi: Anyway, Mamoru and I hooked up quite quickly and became friends…even back home it was hard to make friends because of my reputation…but Mamoru didn’t care for any of that, honest and strong as they come that girl…and she introduced to a few of her friends…including Rinrin.


Shizuka: Rinrin?


Jet: The girl with the funky robots…


Izumi: Yeah…that’s her. A bit weird…but a nice enough girl. Nice enough to create something for me, a reminder of my rival whilst I’m here…the lightning ball.


Oujirou: What about it?


Izumi: The ‘lightning ball’ is a term used back home to describe one of Hayakwa’s most famous pitches – passed down through her father, a pitch which is normally used at the end of games, where fatigue and tiredness don’t matter, it’s passion and determination. The ball isn’t as fast, but the sheer willpower is usually enough to blast past a batter’s defence. It does feel like a bolt of energy has hit you…only one person has managed to hit it good after so many pitches of it…


Oujirou: But what does that…


Izumi: (a bit uppity) I’m getting to that. The lightning ball I have is a proper ball created by Rinrin as a memento in honour I guess. However, Rinrin took it a bit too far with the ‘lightning’ theme so to speak. The ball is powered like my lightning – if it was shot out of a cannon, it could blast a wall.


Jet: Interesting…


Izumi: It’s the same size as a normal baseball, but as you can see, it can be quite dangerous. The ball I kept though as a momento, with Rinrin’s instructions not to use it like a baseball. Trust me, I’m not that stupid.


Yomiko: But didn’t Kagome…


Izumi: Yeah…it’s gone. Whilst I was gone, I learned it had been stolen. Kagome thinks I used it…you know…


Shizuka: Right…


(Back in the van, we see Tsuyoshi writing notes down as he quietly relays to Mamoru what has been going on…)


Oujirou: You said you were away meeting your friends. We know that you were at Karen’s hotel at the night in question…


Izumi: Yes, I had just come back from visiting for the last 3 days. I decided to rest there instead of heading back home immediately.


Oujirou: We also know that you left at roughly 10.30 and returned around 12.30. Can you explain that?


Izumi: Well…I like to take long night walks…didn’t expect it to be that long. Oh wait…I may have been stargazing…I did like to do that a bit back home with Yuki…


Shizuka: Yuki?


Izumi: One of my teammates…and…


(The team seem unconvinced of Izumi’s story about leaving the hotel for a walk…but Izumi now gives a new lead in the case…)


Izumi: (sighs) I guess you will find out sooner than later. Yuki is probably my best friend back home…and she was the one who introduced me to Chikage, another one of Mamoru’s acquaintances. Now Chikage is the head of what is known around here as the Cult of Nyostar.


Jet: The what?


Izumi: The Cult of Nyostar. It is a large and secret organisation on the island which deal with the fantasy and powerful…


Yomiko: Fantasy?




Amelia: Well, whether it is or isn’t…I’ll still help. This is very unusual, as this would come from a world like from mine. It is a fantasy element rose vine, created by magic.


Yomiko: Magic?


Oujirou: Who else would be able to use magic here?


Amelia: That’s the strange thing…there isn’t anyone I know that…oh wait…(shudders)


Yomiko: What’s wrong?


Amelia: There’s that creepy little girl…a goth beauty…but she’s scary. (Another shudder)


Yomiko: Who?


Oujirou: (whispering) 100 yen says it’s another sister…


Amelia: That…oh…Chikage! That’s it! She is this occultist girl but she seems to draw people in…not sure what for, not like I care for any of that black magic stuff…


(Anyone says the words ‘Dragon Slave’ gets a pat on the head…)


Oujirou: (soon to be safe in the knowledge of 100 yen) Do you know any more about this Chikage?


Amelia: No…but I think Mamoru does. (calls) Mamoru-san!!!


(Shot of the sporty girl who played tennis with Izumi 2 episode ago running up to Amelia, bright eyes and bushy tailed…)


Mamoru: Yes Amelia-san?


Amelia: You know that Chikage girl right? Well, these two want to know a bit more about her…


Mamoru: Chikage-chan? Well, she’s quiet and mostly keeps to herself. But she is always ready to help out us girls when necessary…she’s into those tarot cards and black magic…nothin’ I’m really interested you and she can be quite intimidating, but also really nice…


Amelia: A tad oxymoronic huh?


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) Anyways, if you want to find her…well, she travels regularly around here, a bit like Haruka-chan. But she travels randomly, so it would be tough to find her.


(end flashback)


Tsuyoshi: (to himself) So…Amelia knows Mamoru who knows Chikage. Mamoru may have introduced her to Chikage as well, but it was Yuki, Izumi’s friend, who also introduced to her. So anyone in this cult may have access to these magical vines…


Mamoru: (to himself) Curiouser and curiouser…


Izumi: Let’s just say Yuki wanted me to try and start anew. It’s seen as a cleansing experience in that case. It’s not anything I’d think to be interested in…however Yuki is a hard person to say ‘no’ to…anyway, I’ve been a member for 3 months…


(Before Izumi can say anymore, or the detectives could question her about other members of the cult…there is a rather rude announcement…)


Ling-Pha: (in English) Ladies…and girls…(Japanese) oh wait, there are men here now…no need for usual introduction…


Yomiko: So looks like we’re finding out what her business is…


Ling-Pha: I, Ling-Pha Wong, granddaughter of the great Xu Wong, have an announcement to make…


(Some people are too out of it to care, but mostly the club is gathered with interest…we see Izumi looking a little on edge…weird considering that Izumi was supposedly on her side during the shares arrangements…)


Ling-Pha: Within the upcoming months, the Wong family will continue to strength their business opportunities – and what better place to start with than within the two islands…


(In the van, Tsuyoshi is just about hearing this, Oujirou has wisely got closer as a ‘spectator of interest’, in other words, getting all this on recording. Jet focuses the mini-camera in Ling-Pha’s direction, trying not to draw too much attention…which is kinda difficult when you are his size and have a bionic arm…)


Ling-Pha: So today, I shall reveal what the Wong family has in store between the two islands!


(Ling-Pha removes a plaque from under a cloth…which seems to be a picture of a model metropolis.)


Ling-Pha: Built in the central link between the two islands, we will build the great shopping megalopolis ever…WONG-STOCK!


(A good amount of applause hits the Wong girl…who of course naturally loves every minute of it…until a rather loud slam gets everyone’s attention…)


(…the slam of Izumi’s baseball bat smashing on the table.)


Jet: Where did she hide…no, never mind…some things are better not knowing, especially with women involved…


(Izumi’s eyes give that evil stare which is second only to Yukino’s from Kare Kano in pure hate. She swings her bat, smashing a couple of glasses as everyone gasps at the Himuro’s daughter going beserk…)


Ling-Pha: Why Miss Izumi, what ever can the matter be?!


(A couple of guards surround her, but Izumi is undeterred as she points a baseball bat staright in the mug of Ling-Pha Wong)


Izumi: (screaming blue murder) Why are you doing this? Are you trying to ruin the lives of people who need what we need? Why there of all places?


(Ling-Pha does her Tomoyo/Nagga combination laugh…sorry, it was the best one I could think of which Ling-Pha does…)


Ling-Pha: Oh ho ho! Oh Izumi, Izumi…I know all about that damn cult. I have a spy remember…


Izumi: (to herself) Kaji…


Ling-Pha: So you base yourself on central Resource and central Promised. A perfect way to take out both at the same time don’t you think…after all, why bother with spiritual matters when physical ones are needed?


Izumi: (is blocked by guards) Dammit Ling-Pha! Do you have any shame?


Ling-Pha: This coming from you…I thought you was on my side!


Izumi: Not if it ruins the ghosts of my friends!!!


Ling-Pha: And who else can stop me? Guards…huh?


(We see all 4 guards down and out thanks to…)


Ling-Pha: Who do that? What happened?


????: Y’know, it’s hard to watch when someone outnumbers a young lady 5 to 1…just felt I needed to make the odds a bit more even.


(Calmly, sipping a drink (non-alcholic) – is Jing. His trademark yellow jacket shining in the darkness as he’s as calm as the wind.)


Izumi: Jing!!!


Jing: So you wish to build on the bases of Nyostar…meaning you wish to mess with my memories as well. Does that mean you really wish to do that…like you probably did with my boss?


(Izumi, totally surprising the detectives, goes over and hugs the 16 year old bishounen. At this point, we notice a certain bird on the bar, with his usual womanizing routine…and sees Jing with Izumi…)


Kir: Hey, you two-timer! How come you didn’t let me know about this beautiful girl?


(Jing, still being hugged, smiles at Kir…)


Jing: We’re just good friends Kir…and better partners.


Ling-Pha: Wait…does that mean…




Shizuka: With what we went on, it seems there is more than one obvious motive – the problem is, who would go to such lengths for the chance of control…or is it just a simple case of revenge?


Tsuyoshi: Well…


Kiyone: Yeah?


Tsuyoshi: I just realised someone else they didn’t mention.


Jet: Who?


Tsuyoshi: Izumi.


(A small pause…)


Tsuyoshi: Well, you would have thought with her mother being on the board of directors that she would have been involved somehow…


Kiyone: Maybe she doesn’t need it…


Tsuyoshi: That wouldn’t explain why rich people like Ling-Pha and Kentaro would get involved then…


Shizuka: Good point…


Tsuyoshi: My guess is…there is something that Izumi or her mother didn’t want them to know about, so have just got involved with their friend’s affairs…there is a connection between Nabeshin and Mrs Himuro for example…


Kiyone: Either you are thinking too deep…or you are a genius.


Tsuyoshi: The latter please…


(end flashback)


Ling-Pha: …that’s why you didn’t want the shares! YOU’RE WITH THE ENEMY!


Jet: Her name wasn’t on the shares lists…because she wasn’t involved with the Wongs – she was involved either with the Kunos…or Jing alone…




(We see the owner of the club, and the illustrious 13th ‘sister’ (I won’t spoil it for anyone wishing to see SP) Mami exiting, and despite the situation separates the two parties. She’s around 15 years old, red hair, pig-tails…and like most red heads, a bit temperamental. Oh, and ignore the fact that a 15 year old owns an 18-30 Club…this is fiction…^_^)


Ling-Pha: Then…I shall withdraw…but don’t you forget this Izumi Himuro!


Mami: Oh, and you’re paying for damages…




(As Mami and Ling-Pha argue all the way to the exit (and 5 drunken…no sorry, beaten up stooges trailing slowly behind…), the detectives are still there…and a bit dumbfounded.)


Jing: I guess you need an explanation then.


(Izumi finally lets go of Jing as the bandit explains…)


Jing: You see…well…I’m a member of the cult as well…it’s like when I steal, I need a kind of spiritual guidance for the sin I’m about to comment…


(First person that does a Saint Tail reference gets a cookie…^_^)


Jing: It’s also a way of relaxation for me.


Oujirou: Are they any others that we should know about that – for this Nyostar group?


Jing: Now now…our members are rather elite – and they’d rather not be discovered unless you wish to tell you themselves. Myself and Izumi gave our information voluntarily…


(Realises a few people are not too happy with him as he sweatdrops…)


Jing: …but helping Izumi was necessary. She’s suffered enough.


Izumi: Jing…please…


Jing: I think we’d better go before we get lynched. Kir?!!!


Kir: Awww…no fun Jing!


Jing: Come on…I don’t think we’re going to be welcome here for a long time…


(The trio leave as the detectives think about what they’ve just witnessed…)


Shizuka: Jing and Izumi seems closer than I expected. That was something I’d never considered in this case – romance. Could that be a will to murder?


Jet: The fact that Izumi’s name may not have been on the shares list because of something she was sharing with Jing is a good reason as any to suspect her more than ever. If Kuno were dead, and if Jing was one of the names in favour, and if he was sharing with Izumi…


Yomiko: Ling-Pha’s reactions were interesting. I wonder if Kuno had any attempt in blocking the building – was he a member of this Nyostar as well? If so, this could give a reason other than the shares for Ling-Pha…Kuno was interfering with her business.


Oujirou: I wonder if anyone else considering Jing a main suspect until now…my eyes detected how quick is was, he drew a weapon from his wrist and took out 5 guys without hitting their vital spots. His movement was incredible – and now he could have a reason for murder – protection.


Tsuyoshi: To me, all three are under suspicion. However, Izumi must be fighting it out with Urumi for head bitch of the island…no wait…maybe a three way with Ling-Pha…


To quickly recap, in the last two days – the team have discovered the following;


  • Kentaro’s death was similar to Kunos, and the detectives deduce that the killer is removing what he is using as the murder weapon from the victim’s body…to use again. This rules out bullets and other projectiles like arrows…but something was fired into him. What?
  • Amelia confirms that the vine is magically created, a rose vine…she mentions Chikage, which could link later…as she briefly mentions a certain occult group…
  • At Aria’s place, Iiya confirms that Arima did come in at the murder night…but it was roughly around 3am, so he is still easily capable of committing the murder.
  • At Karen’s hotel, they find Izumi and Sousuke both leaving the hotel at similar times. Izumi returns, but Sousuke doesn’t…both revolving on the day of the murder and times before it happened…
  • Meeting Izumi, they discovered the lightning ball information – in the club, she talks more about it, that it was a created piece by Rinrin with the power of lightning. This fits in with the murder weapon description with the paralysis factor.
  • At a shooting range, Sousuke says he was out scouting and that the times with Izumi was ‘a coincidence’ and won’t reveal something to the detectives. Heero is also there, and somehow knows about the camera, and the fact it belonged to Ling-Pha.
  • Nabe’s Hole 2 leads to Nabeshin telling that Ling-Pha could have left on the night of the murder. With Yotsuba and Kaji’s help, Kiyone getting into Ling-Pha’s place and is able to find the video room where on the night of the murder, there is no footage between the hours of 9pm and 6am.
  • At the club, Ling-Pha unveils her new business proposition…to the dismay of Izumi who goes all nutcase. However, of all people, Jing saves her…which later explains why Izumi isn’t on the shares list with the others back in the Wong corp. Izumi explains about the Cult of Nyostar – what Amelia was referring to earlier. Jing also is a member – making the team realise there is more to this place than meets the eye…


*   *   *   *




(The team are an hour away before the vote, but they are all business as they are discussing all the information they found out on their night inquiries…quite a fair bit in relevance to the case…and not focusing on the vote, well, at least out loud.)


Jet: So…we have a decent chance that the murder weapon is the lightning ball?


Shizuka: It could be fired out of a mini-cannon or something, even Izumi suggested that remember?


Oujirou: This…Nyostar plot…I wonder if this has anything to do with the deaths of Kuno and Kentaro?


Yomiko: I was thinking that as well…it seems kinda ritualistic…


Tsuyoshi: As if we don’t have enough suspicion on Izumi…


Yomi: Well, looks like you guys got more of a kick than Fujitaka and I did…


Kiyone: Hey, you weren’t the one risking life and limb!


Yomi: True…still boring though…


Kiyone: Gah…well, at least with the videotape, we know Ling-Pha or someone deactivated the cameras…or it broke…either way, we can’t prove Ling-Pha was in her office…and I admit, I suspect Kaji now – he was way too helpful, it was like he wanted to frame her.


Yomiko: Yeah…Jing seemed like that as well. He’s certainly a nice guy, but a nice guy and a thief? A weird oxymoron…


Oujirou: He took out Ling-Pha’s guys like they were paper…


Shizuka: Not to mention their relationship…


Mamoru: You mean with Izumi and Jing?


Jet: Yes…that’s another thing. They are both part of this Nyostar thing – but how close are they?


Oujirou: Maybe it’s why Izumi and Jing were missing that night…they were together…which explains why Jing didn’t notice anyone – who could have go into the house and killed Kuno…


Fujitaka: Or perhaps…Jing was ‘off duty’ and then Izumi passed him, and killed Kuno…


Kiyone: Wow…that’s a good one…that actually could be possible…


Yomi: But if that’s the case, could Heero have noticed them?


Yomiko: True…and how did he know the camera was Ling-Pha’s as well?


(This case becomes more complex and weirder…and speaking of weird…)


*   *   *   *




(We see Yotsuba is there as the guys and gals all straighten their chairs as Yotsuba smiles…)


Yotsuba: I come in, and you guys are hard at work focusing your energy at the case. I applaud you for that…as it appears you guys had a hard night.


Jet: We’ve had easier days…I’m sure of that.


Yotsuba: Well, you managed to come through. Kiyone, well done for getting the video evidence that Ling-Pha’s alibi is not concrete yet, we don’t know if the cameras were just cut or someone tampered with them. Either way, we can’t be sure that Ling-Pha was working or at home at the time of the murder.


(The group nod)


Yotsuba: And what a mess at the club! But you guys found out about a new lead about this occult club – is it just a small thing or is it something that does link to the case? We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve already called Chikage-chan to expect some visitors in the next few days so all but one of you prepare for that…because tonight, one more of you is about to go.


(The team await the envelopes – which were found in Aria’s place.)


(Yotsuba opens the red envelope – the one with the killer clue. If the team get it right, the killer will clear a suspect from the list, narrowing the field for the detectives. If they get it wrong, then the killer won’t clear a suspect, making it more difficult for the team.)


Yotsuba: O.K, the question is…ooh, it’s a tough one. ‘How many hours were wiped off the memory of the day Kuno was murder during the search of Ling-Pha’s mansion?’


(It’s down to Kiyone…who whips out her notebook, hoping she got it down…)


Kiyone: Here it is…between 9pm and 6am, which works out to…9 hours.


Yomi: That was hard?


Yotsuba: It would have been if Kiyone hadn’t marked it down…


Yomi: Good point.


(They type in their answer, 9 hours, into the anonymous e-mail and await the killer’s response.)




(The team celebrate as Kiyone gets hugs and pats on the back as they await the next cleared person.)






Fujitaka: 12 more to clear.


Kiyone: Didn’t think it would be Kagome in the end – especially now that the weapon is a removable one.


Yotsuba: Well, you’re 4 for 4 with the questions…you’ve been paying attention and then some. However, for one of you, all your hard work ends now. We will soon play the killer’s game. But first, the vote.


(The group each go back into an enclosed room – one at a time. They will put a photograph of the detective they wish to see gone in a brown envelope. The one with the most envelopes will be the first to play the killer’s game.)


*   *   *   *




Tsuyoshi: I will have to vote for Shizuka – it’s a shame, but she went with the wrong people and for the alliance I will vote this way.




Fujitaka: I will vote for Tsuyoshi tonight. He’s the youngest and he will struggle with the pressure I’m sure that I feel everyone else can handle.




Yomiko: I let her off last time, but I have no such qualms here. I’m voting for Shiuzka.




Oujirou: I will vote for Kiyone tonight. She’s a tough customer and has attitude to spare. It will be hard to beat her now – but this is just a warning that I’m playing the game as much as anyone.




Kiyone: I’ll vote for Shizuka. Lovely girl, nothing personal…just the need to win.




Jet: I’ll vote for Shizuka. It’s a shame that she went in the wrong crowd as she’s done a good job here. However, with the alliance – those who aren’t with us, are against us I’m afraid.




Shizuka: I’ll vote for Yomiko. Seems kinda pointless I know, but just for pity’s sake.




Yomi: I will vote for Fujitaka tonight. I feel he’s a very good investigator in being Mr. Nice Man – but has anyone else noticed he hasn’t actually done that much? I have…and despite the alliance, I feel he warrants more of a vote than Shizuka.


*   *   *   *


(The votes have been counted and Yotsuba smiles)


Yotsuba: I’ll gather the votes.


(Yotsuba unearths the photos with a wry smile with some tinges of surprise around her cute face. She turns to the team…)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killer’s game…


(Dramatic pause mark 1…)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(Mark 2…)


Yotsuba: Shizuka.


(Shizuka smiles and nods, not really not expecting it.)




SHIZUKA (4) – Tsuyoshi, Yomiko, Kiyone, Jet

Fujitaka (1) – Yomi

Kiyone (1) – Oujirou

Tsuyoshi (1) – Fujitaka

Yomiko (1) – Shizuka


(It’s now time for the Lead Investigator’s vote. Mamoru can choose anyone he wants for any reason. He stands up.)


Mamoru: I gave this a lot of thought. It’s a tough decision, as I’m sure all the past lead investigators have already decided.




Mamoru: I want to take you back to the first few days of the case. On Day 2, Fujitaka eliminated Greta…for her own benefit. The case is getting tougher and things are happening that could really hurt our minds. This is a game…but it’s a game of life. So I feel that for the benefit for himself, and for the group, I should choose Tsuyoshi to play the killer’s game.


(Tsuyoshi is stunned. He looks ready to go into that angry face which makes Yukino’s look like a cakewalk…however, he knows he can’t do anything about it. The tribe…I mean the LI has spoken.)


(Yotsuba then proceeds to open up the black envelope, where two smaller brown envelopes reside. One of them holds a location which will lead to a valuable clue. The other will lead to the killer…and the person who chooses that envelope will be eliminated from the game.)


Yotsuba: Ladies first.


(Shizuka picks the envelope on her right…opens it and reads as Tsuyoshi chooses the other one.)


Shizuka: I’m going to the Old Wharf.


Yotsuba: Tsuyoshi?


Tsuyoshi: I’m going to the 18-30 Club.


Yotsuba: Good luck guys…and I mean it.


(Shizuka and Tsuyoshi shake hands and Shizuka gives the youngster a hug…but both know they are facing heartbreak…)


(…meanwhile, a look from Jet, Kiyone, Yomi and Yomiko at Mamoru means they know what he knows….)


*   *   *   *


Tsuyoshi: (joking) Maybe I shouldn’t go anyway…I’m under 18 after all…


Yomiko: No such luck Tsuyoshi-kun…but please come back…


Yomi: I’m kinda disappointed…not surprised that he’d pick one of us…


Tsuyoshi: Chikuso! (Dammit!) Greta-chan was right…some of them did have that age gap…Hideki was gone…but Mamoru still…


Yomi: Even Fujitaka perhaps…he was the one who eliminated Greta…


(Another ‘Chikuso’ from Tsuyoshi as his glasses fill with water. Yomiko hugs the boy as Yomi looks on…)


Yomi: Let’s see how Shizuka is doing…


*   *   *   *


(Surprisingly well, as Shizuka easily fits into the label of ‘we like you a lot, but you mixed with the wrong people’ as Jet leads the accolades for Shizuka-chan…)


Jet: We won’t complain if you come back Shizuka…things change, and we are willing to as well.


Kiyone: Yeah, we love you a lot, you’re a good detective and a sweet girl…


Oujirou: …maybe Kiyone is just jealous of Shizuka’s look because she’s getting ol…


Kiyone: WHAT WAS THAT?!!!!


(As Kiyone prepares to make prince-meat out of Oujirou, Shizuka smiles, wiping a few tears…)


Shizuka: This is genuine…no-one voted me out because they didn’t like me…or because I was weak…it was because I made one mistake…


(Shizuka smiles…)


Shizuka: I’ll come back…and win…no matter what the odds…


Mamoru: You’ll be fine. I have faith in you.


Shizuka: Thank you Mamoru-san.


(Shot as Yomi comes in…)


Shizuka: Eh, Shizuka-chan, wipe those eyes…


Shizuka: (smiling) Yomi-chan…


(Shizuka seems to be leaving on a good note…but will she return on one?)


*   *   *   *


(Shot as Shirase ready to take Tsuyoshi. Kintaro will go with Shizuka, as she has to head to Resource Island, where the Old Wharf isn’t too far from the ferry trip where Kintaro will be waiting. She’ll be taking by the regular van to start with.)


Tsuyoshi: Good bye guys…hope I’ll see you later…


(A final glare at Mamoru before Tsuyoshi gets a pat on the head from Jet, and hugs from Yomiko, Kiyone, Yomi and finally Shizuka…lucky devil, hope Aya wasn’t watching that…)


(Shizuka also gets a warm goodbye from pretty much everyone…except Yomiko. Shizuka heads off as she headed to the ferry, and then to Kintaro’s taxi to head to the old wharf…)


Yomi: It’s a bit bad for Shizuka…she’s a sweet girl…


Jet: But you’re still favouring Tsuyoshi right?


(Yomi doesn’t say anything)


Jet: We’ll all have to do this sooner or later…and no matter how brave, strong or tough you are…you’ll never look forward to it.


*   *   *   *




Tsuyoshi: Being alone…this late at night…heading out to a 50/50 death…it’s not the most comforting nights to say the least…


Shirase: I’m used to staying up all night working…however being out in the night would definitely scare the you know what out of me.


Tsuyoshi: I just hope that if I return, I won’t be scarred for life, and if I don’t return, I want Aya to do a good funeral for me…and make sure Sana doesn’t scare them…


Shirase: Hmmm…that child star Sana Kurata? (interesting look as Tsuyoshi gets a grossed out face…)




(At least with Kintaro, you know what kind of pervert he is…as he keeps one eye on the mirror look at Shizuka whilst one eye on the road…)


Shizuka: I’m a bit nervous…I normally have my big brother to help out or another elder figure like Mai. However, here I’m all alone…


Kintaro: Will you be alright miss?


Shizuka: I’ll be fine…I want to prove I’m strong enough to handle the world.


Kintaro: Hmmm…your bravery inspired by elder figures…this is very educational!


(Shizuka smiles and sighs as she looks out of the window…the last chance she sees the place? We’ll see…)


*   *   *   *





(Tsuyoshi goes into the now empty club – unusual for an 18-30 club to be closed at midnight, but this one looks like a ghost club…)


(…and then the screams echo…causing Tsuyoshi to jump back…)


Tsuyoshi: Where’s that Akito Hayama stoic attitude I need now?


(Tsuyoshi gets up and dusts himself down as he prepares to pen the saloon-esque door…and a bat flies out…)


(Again, Tsuyoshi has to get up after falling…he finally enters…)


(…and a skeleton head drops from above the door…)


(…and Tsuyoshi yet again….)


*   *   *   *





(As soon as Shizuka enters the wharf, nets descend on her, causing the formerly chronic blind girl to scream…this actually maybe one of those things where not seeing anything may have been a blessing…)


(The wharf is indeed old, there are no ships, no boats, no vessels of any kind, it has been abandoned and derelict – so it’s just her, the wharf, the cold…)


(…but hopefully not the killer.)


Shizuka: O.K, where to go now…


(Shizuka follows a circular path around a centre where a pole is…and just avoids a board coming down and smashing on her. Shizuka jumps and looks up, where she can’t see anything in this darkness…)


Shizuka: Just end it early if you’re here!


(No response…Shizuka has no choice but to follow the map…no easy exits here…just sheer terror…)


*   *   *   *




(Back to the royal saloon, Tsuyoshi sees the baseball bat that was left by Izumi which has been broken. A close up shot reveals glass and blood surrounding the bat. The goons aren’t there after being swept away. The bar has litters of glass and blood and beer fluid over – the stench is making Tsuyoshi want to be sick.)


Tsuyoshi: This is definitely not the places I wanted to visit…I pity the cleaners in the morning…


(They may have to sweep a body as well…)


Tsuyoshi: I shouldn’t be seeing these things…


(He quickly goes back outside to catch his breath. He looks at the map and realises he has to go upstairs. He holds his breath and narrows his eyes as best as he can before rushing up the stairs…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at the wharf, it leads to a boarding house where crates are stacked inside. The crates look old and destroyed. We can see a crowbar dangling from a net where a huge series of boxes are located. These boxes have a familiar sight…)


Shizuka: That was quick…(gulps)


(We see the flowers on top of the crates. She heads towards them…but suddenly…)






*   *   *   *




(Upstairs, Tsuyoshi finds the flowers at the top of the stairs. He takes a careful look around before rushing to the flowers.)


(Suddenly a creak from downstairs catches Tsuyoshi’s attention. He turns…)










Victim Number 4…


*   *   *   *


(We see Shizuka not happy…the crates fell on her…all empty and hollow…)


Shizuka: That was a sick joke…huh?


(The flowers also fell off and we can see a final crate, one with a marking of two daggers in the shape of a cross across one side, and a burst of flame surrounding the cross. The crate simply says ‘NYOSTAR’.)


(Shizuka writes this down, takes a picture…and then tonzura koites…er, sorry…runs like heck.)


*   *   *   *




(At the mansion, Yomi continues to not listen to anyone as she has a game of DDR in an attempt to lose any weight…she is ready to take a late shower, but then the lights go off…)


Fujitaka: O.K, who have we got here…


(Oujirou looks outside, but can’t make out the figure. The doors open…and the height difference makes it easy to see who returned.)


Mamoru: Welcome home Shizuka-chan.


(Shot of Shizuka breathing out and smiling.)


Shizuka: Well, I’m back.


(Mamoru and Kiyone are the first to hug her and congratulate her. Most of the team give her a warm welcome…but Yomiko looks forlorn. Yomi doesn’t hug Shizuka on account on stinking a bit…but it’s a victory to eliminate an alliance member. The experience was good for Shizuka, as Mamoru’s smile indicates a small victory. For now he can afford to…but will Tsuyoshi’s ghost have the last laugh?)





*   *   *   *


Next time on the Murder Game 2…


(It’s time to turn up the heat as revenge and strategy seem to go hand in hand…)


Yomiko: I’m not mad Shizuka returned…I’m disappointed that Tsuyoshi didn’t come back…there’s a difference!


Mamoru: Is there?


Yomiko: YESSS!!! Stop asking me stupid questions!


(Kuno’s funeral gives Ling-Pha another opportunity to showcase her power over Nyostar…but again, betrayal faces her…)


Ling-Pha: You too Sousuke? You really want off the shares scheme?


Sousuke: …maybe I do now. Maybe nothing is worth it…


(Taeko shocks the detectives…)


Taeko: Please…stay away…


(A shot echoes as the detectives duck for cover…)


Mahoro: Taeko please…


Izumi: It’s not worth it…please Taeko…


(And Chikage brings out some real fright…)


Chikage: If the blood of those don’t work…then the sacrifices are needed…


Jet: You mean…more deaths?


*   *   *   *


Another one bites the dust…gah, whoever said writing is easy needs to be shot…no-one said that? Well, can I shoot someone anyway?


Now for my little comments;


Shizuka’s comment about this being her time of the month is yet another dub joke – as Shizuka’s dub (aka Serenity) voice, Lisa Ortiz, also plays Lina Inverse in the Slayers TV series – a joke about being this time of the month kinda appropriate…(that sounds SO dirty…)


Dub gag number two – Yomiko getting a headache over Oujirou and Sousuke’s conversations isn’t a surprise – both are played by Monica Rial’s favourite plaything, Chris Patton. (Kirika sock: By the looks of things, he should be a mercy killing!!! Well, they had to kill him…he’s been winning too many lead ADV roles recently…) What made it worse was during the Izumi 18-30 scene, Oujirou asked most of the questions because he had the wire…and he plays Seshiro in Princess 9…Izumi’s rival’s Ryo’s best friend! And of course, Chris Patton and Monica Rial (Izumi’s VA) definitely fit the fueding best friends tag in the world of VAS which explains why Izumi was getting uppity…Agh…no wonder Yomiko got a headache!!!


Also, to make things even more headachey between the Rial/Patton link, we have Sousuke Sagara, played by Chris Patton, in the same hotel as Monica Rial’s Izumi. To quote Sousuke, ‘that was purely a coincidence….’ (Yeah right, how many people believe that?)


Now for Aria. You can tell just from this episode how Aria is just too adorable for words. The light blue hair, the parasol, she looks just like one of those Princess Festival Dolls. You’d just want to hug her. Her soft spoken pattern and sweet singing voice just enhance the image that someone has just fused Akari and Serika from To Heart, halved her age and dyed her hair blue. (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW ‘TO HEART?’sigh…’) I’d say Haruka is my favourite girl from SP, but Aria is head over heels the most adorable.


Another point and not one I’m proud to say – Shirase’s comment about Sana was pretty much in context with his character – he’s is pretty much as close to a paedophile as you can get without doing anything. It’s the main reason why I stopped watching BPS (the main reason I wanted to watch it was because of how they would use this new ‘Misao Amano’…sadly it wasn’t what I expected…I kinda figured it out after the first couple of episodes, but I watched on, hoping it was just a comic issue…some hope) after it seemed to get a bit sick around episode 8. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be done in a comic sense – a la Excel Saga – but it was just too wrong for me…however I started writing this before I watched to that part, so I couldn’t take him out. Maybe I should have Tsuyoshi kill him there and then…


And speaking of Tsuyoshi, it was hard to cut him off. Almost as hard as Greta, Tsuyoshi marks the rare occasion that youth has been eliminated early (normally a young one gets through to the final four of my fics, (Sakura, Gohan, Chiriko, Rika, Duplica, Haley, Misao and Shinobu) now both Tsuyoshi and Greta are gone. Tsuyoshi really could have won this – and the age gap was a good way to get rid of him (and Greta who could have been a real threat). Mamo-chan will soon feel it…I’m sure…


Tsuyoshi as a character is entertaining. The start of Kodacha with his crush on Sana, his temper tantrums (he can be more scary than Hayama), and his sucky family history…and his sweet relationship with Aya. Those two get off easy compared to Sana, Hayama, Fuka and Naozumi…trust me. Still, Aya may have words with him from all the hugs he got from the older women…


And zat is it until next crime!