*   *   *   *


Chapter 4 already? Is this going quick or is it just me? Oh well, too many people to kill…so little time…


Recently, some people have been complaining (only a couple though) about the quizzes and the wording of them. Here’s the advice…they are meant to be like that. It’s almost essay format in this respect, like an exam. Professional and you need to work it out to get the points – yes, it’s difficult, but that’s what’s going to get you through to win the game. If 9 people out of ten can handle it, then the one person that can’t should learn how to.


So we’ve had victims from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Fushigi Yuugi and Chobits. Hmm…interesting mix. So who is next?


Find out shall we…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2…


Yomiko: Nothing comes from being annoyed or depressed. I feel bad inside yes after last night, for me and for poor Yui, but today is a new day, and today is when Yomiko Readman shines.


Yomiko suffered 2 killer games in a row…but her survival ensured a nightmare scenario for the team when she became Lead Investigator…


(Yomiko does so. She is now safe for 2 days and at least for this episode WON’T be elligable for the killer’s game…much to probably a few people’s chagrin.)


Hideki: I didn’t think she’d be here after playing 2 games. She has the devil’s luck. However, that luck could be our undoing…


Shizuka: Whether she is the vengeful type I don’t know, but thanks to my move last night, I may be the one to suffer for this move by Yui…


…O.K, so only to a few players.


Kodachi: Get back here!


Jing: If you aren’t worried about the implications, why do you need us? Why do you want us to get rid of them? They are here to do a job, it’s almost like you are worried about something they might find…


(Kodachi freezes…)


Kodachi: Never mind, Jing, get them!


Jing: (yawns) No…no reason, no purpose, no incentive. See ya.


(Jing walks away as Kodachi is seething in rage…)


Traitorous guards after an attack by Kodachi leaves her in prison…and she’s not the only one when head bitch Urumi gets apparently what she was deserving…


(Mahoro jumps back up into the mess that was Urumi’s apartment. Another few seconds later and Mahoro has someone else over her shoulder, a man. She jumps down into view, and we now see who it is…)


Ryo: Hell! It’s Sakata!


(The group join them, and it is indeed Kentaro Sakata. Mahoro humphs as some force members check on his wounds whilst others tend to Urumi, who suddenly coughs and splutters…)


…but in the end, the real revenge was focused on the team. And when Mamoru got the vote thanks to a strong new alliance, it seemed all over for Shizuka. However…


Yomiko: Last time…Shizuka voted me off for a poor excuse in my eyes. And I will admit, the thought of revenge against her could have been taken…


(Another pause)


Yomiko: …but I won’t.


(Shizuka’s eyes widen…)


Yomiko: Yotsuba said you did well during talking to Taeko, and whether people like it or not, our best guys and girls have to be out there to do the job out there. However…there is one person who has been doing nothing but relying on others…such as Shizuka and Oujirou by the sounds of things today, and has done jack all from the start. So whilst some people vote for the strong people, I will vote for the weakest link – which is Hideki.


A guy was destined to be eliminated this episode…and he was.


(He goes to the locker…nervously opens it…)




Hideki: Huh?




Hideki: I thought the clue was…




(Hideki turns)


Hideki: NOOOOO!








(A returning Mamoru…an eliminated Hideki. 9 investigators remain. 15 suspects.)


*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die

Hideaki Motsumuya – Chobits - ELIMINATED

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura

Oujirou Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh!






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro - Mahoromatic




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban - CLEARED

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing


*   *   *   *




(It’s the middle of the night, and the hospital on Promised Island is not a stir…except for one person…)




(Fast forward to an area where we see this person entering a door, where a familiar face is lying there…coughing…)


Kentaro: (coughs) …dammit…


(The person hovers over his face as Kentaro’s eyes open slightly…)


Kentaro: Wh…what?


(Deep breathing…)


Kentaro: (eyes widen in shock) You…






*   *   *   *




(We can actually see someone is up – Mamoru, probably after nerves from his killer’s game – he seems to also be wondering about the killer clue (the thorns) from that night.)


Mamoru: So this is what this game is like…


(Elsewhere, we see that alone in her room, Yomiko is also awake, reading (naturally) but obviously deep in thought…)


Yomiko: I wonder if my recovery stay is now over…


*   *   *   *


7.30am – DAY 7


(It’s 7.30am, and last night like most nights seems to be a difficult sleeper for the team. Some seem O.K like Jet and Fujitaka, but it seems to be getting more difficult for Tsuyoshi…)


Tsuyoshi: (yawns) Sooner or later Oujirou, you are going to have to carry me out with a spatula…


(Mamoru, who also didn’t get much sleep, eyes the girls (not in that way, he has Usako!) as he considers his situation…)


Mamoru: It was nice of the girls to cheer me up last night, but I know in their minds I’m still high on the chopping block. If Hideki does choose me…I’m sure it will be either me or Shizuka…then it will at least disturb the alliance that seems to have formed.


(It seems Mamoru’s thoughts are echoed by some of the alliance members as well…)


Kiyone: I’m sure Hideki will vote for Mamoru or Shizuka…


Yomiko: That’s the problem when voting for people…you know it’s going to bite you in the butt…


Kiyone: Well, you remained noble and didn’t take your chance at revenge on Shizuka…


Yomiko: Yes…but will that happen this time round?


(We can see Oujirou, one of the neutrals looking around both at Yomiko and Kiyone talking, his roommate Tsuyoshi helping (or trying to help) Jet with the breakfast, and Mamoru and a recently woke up Shizuka setting up the table…)


Oujirou: Even in the early hours of the morning, a night after the most recent killers game, thoughts immediately shift to the next vote…or last nights. It’s on everyone’s mind which is enough for everybody to stay awake at these times…


*   *   *   *




(In the inquiry room, we can see Fujitaka alone, seemingly working on some notes…)


Fujitaka: I feel that I haven’t concerntrated on the case long enough and have been more worried about myself and the vote. It seems I’ve escaped that for the time being, but maybe I should be more wary…


(Fujitaka taps his pen on the desk…)


Fujitaka: (to himself) Maybe I should ask for help…Jet-san my roommate and Oujirou-san would probably be a good choice…


(Does Fujitaka want to make/join an alliance?)


(Just off screen we turn and see Yomi also making notes…but we don’t hear her say anything or know what she is making notes of and/or about. She does have a wry smile on her face though…)


*   *   *   *


(Shot of Tsuyoshi washing the dishes with Shizuka. Tsuyoshi seems a bit nervous…)


Tsuyoshi: Despite everything, the age gap still frightens me. I feel I have proved myself to this point, but I know that it could easily been seen as a problem, even in the alliance I’m in. I still remember Kiyone being vocal about my age, and that does worry me…maybe more so than Mamoru…


(Shizuka also seems worried, but for a different reason…)


Shizuka: Hideki leaving last night means that one part of a protective block could be gone. The option is to get Oujirou and Fujitaka on our side – problem is they room with Jet and Tsuyoshi…and even then it would still be 5 against 4. However, Hideki’s Lead Investigator vote may change that…


(Suddenly, a phone call catches them off guard (Shizuka nearly dropping a plate…) as the nearest to the phone, Jet, gets a hold of it.)


Jet: Hello? Investigators here?


??????: Hello? Investigators? Hi, I’m Ijimare, one of the head nurses of the Promised Island Hospital, and we’ve got a major crisis here! I was asked to forward this message to you from the head of police Ryo Saeba…my senior Proctor is trying to sort out the details to you now…but basically, someone has been killed…


Jet: Killed? As in naturally or…


Ijimare: As in someone blasted his chest out! We only discovered it this morning because he had it covered by a sheet…the killer must have replaced it because he lost so much blood…but it caused quite a shock as you can imagine! Can you get some people here?


Jet: Sure…but who got attacked?


Ijimare: That Sakata guy! Apparently one of you guys found him last night quite sick…and now he’s dead…


(The phone hangs up as Jet looks on in shock. Yomi and Fujitaka are the first to hear what happened, as they heard the word ‘attacked’.)


Jet: Sakata. He got whacked.


(Jet’s choice of words may not be the most subtle in the situation…but it sure gets the message across.)


Tsuyoshi: Oh my god…


Mamoru: I was the last one to see him alive…that makes it worse…


Shizuka: What now?


Jet: Well, we should head out, but how many and who…


???????: Don’t worry, just heard about it and rushed over here!

(We see Yotsuba, supporting pig-tails this time a la Chiyo-chan, rushing up to the team)


Yotsuba: Yes, I’m quite shocked as well…so shocked I’m not even going to bother with a catchphrase. Let’s hurry up and choose the team and sets out the last will and testament and head over there…


*   *   *   *




(A bit earlier than normal, but this situation is a bit more hectic than normal. Yotsuba, as mentioned, is all business as she quickly sets up the tape to show Hideki’s last will and testament.)


Yotsuba: O.K, let’s see how Hideki chose.


(We see Hideki come up the screen for the final time as he goes into this talk.)


Hideki: Should I not return from the killer’s game, I would like my fellow victim in this chase Mamoru Chiba to do what Yui and Yomiko did to us. Play the game pal.


(To no-one’s surprise, Mamoru is the new Lead Investigator. This makes Yomiko wonder if the phrase ‘payback’s a bitch?’ come into mind?)


Yotsuba: O.K Mamoru, let’s not beat around the rose bush. Select a team to head over to the hospital and deal with the messy situation that is the death of suspect Kentaro Sakata.


Mamoru: (thinks) Shizuka…Jet….Tsuyoshi.


Yotsuba: Right, you are Team 1. Go now, don’t worry about the other inquiries, I’ll inform you later as will your fellow detectives.


(The team gets ready to head off, unsure what they are dealing with to say the least…)


Yotsuba: Right, because of this…Kentaro Sakata is no longer considered a suspect of the case and we shall remove him from the board.


(Sakata’s death technically means he is cleared, to join Shel, Amelia and Ryo in the photo graveyard so to speak. Still 14 people up there though…)


Yotsuba: Well, to say things have been a bit shocking just have been an understatement. As they deal with this death, we’ve got to remain calm and find the person who did this. Be ready for anything, as this latest development has just shown us.


(The team mutually agrees as Yotsuba continues with the tasks for today…)


Yotsuba: Yesterday, Mamoru saw Kentaro alive when he discovered the killer clue at his place, which are these rather large and unusual looking thorned vines. Well, there is a reason why I’m Head Investigator, and so I’ve done a bit of investigating of my own.


(She puts a photo sample of what appears to be a cell sample of the vines…)


Yotsuba: This is an unusual cell sample – it doesn’t hold any plant sample of the world that we know. However, there are other methods, futuristic, past, they could be anything. However, the element I’m suggestion is fantasy.


Fujitaka: Fantasy?


Yotsuba: Yes. There are two people that know botany well. One is Kodachi Kuno, however she isn’t exactly flavour of the month with us as you know after being released from jail. So our safer option is Amelia. She has been cleared from the case and should be honest with us. So Team 2 will go and visit Amelia and learn what they can of the thorns. This inquiry may be needed to elaborate more, how do these thorns link with the killer? Mamoru, choose just two people for Team 2.


(Mamoru thinks before deciding…)


Mamoru: Oujirou…and Yomiko.


(Oujirou and Yomiko become Team 2. They will visit Amelia and learn what they can if anything, about the killer clue.)


Yotsuba: Finally, despite everything, we’ve been finding new leads in this case by the day. Something we found out was…


Mamoru: If it was at promised island, did you stay anywhere there or did you head back here?


Arima: Oh yes…a friend of mine. I defeated her friend in the semi-finals of the kendo tournament in a close match…Haruka.


Fujitaka: Yes, we know who you are.


Arima: Anyway, I stayed at her friends, Aria. She lives in what has been dubbed the Candy Mansion with her maid Iya.


Yotsuba: However, a few days ago he told us…


Arima: I had been at a cherry blossom festival the day, and knowing me, I probably fell asleep. I know it was late when I woke up, but I don’t know what time exactly. I just went home after that.


Yotsuba: So Arima has been lying to us. We need to see which story, if either, checkiis out. Today’s inquiry for Team 3 will be to visit Candy Mansion, near the amusement park of Promised Island, and learn from my little sister Aria what story fits. I will warn you, don’t make her upset or else you’ll deal with me…she is very quiet and soft-spoken and you may find getting information from her difficult. Just a warning.


(Team 3 by default will be Yomi, Kiyone and Fujitaka. That’s the teams for today…and already it will be a busy morning…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: They threw us at the deep end didn’t thet?


Shizuka: I just hope the deep end of the pool isn’t swimming with blood…


Tsuyoshi: So the killer claims another life…this is getting very spooky…I didn’t expect it to happen again…


Jet: I think we should. If this the case, we should expect it time and time again.


(Tsuyoshi shudders…)


*   *   *   *


(The other two teams are getting ready, and the topic of conversation is all about the death of former suspect Kentaro Sakata…though the conversation of Mamoru being Lead Investigator is also a focal point…)


Yomiko: …I’m a little nervous about everything now.


Oujirou: Being through life being nervous without facing a few obstacles is nothing. I thought you were stronger than that Yomiko-san.


Yomiko: I thought so too…until I played this game…


Oujirou: I think you’ve risen stronger than you expected. Don’t fail me now with that optimism.


(Yomiko nods)


Yomiko: Right!


(On the other van, Yomi and Kiyone have a problem…with Fujitaka in the van, they can’t discuss alliances without raising suspicion with the archaeologist…)


(…so Fujitaka just smiles as Kiyone and Yomi continue with their game of bash the blockhead (Tomo or Mihoshi – they’re not here, they cannot defend themselves…) as they head over to their inquiries…)


*   *   *   *


TEAM 1 – 9.05AM




(5 minutes past the hour and Team 1 have arrived at the hospital, unknowing of the tracks that their colleges have been on, and unaware of the trials that they are about to embark on…)


Jet: Remember, the key issues are how he died, and at what time, and if we can find out what the weapon was would be helpful.


Tsuyoshi: Similarities between Kentaro’s death and Kuno’s death a possibility?


Shizuka: Let’s save it for when we get there.


(They head and announce their arrival, where they tell the receptionist about the phone call from someone named Ijimare. They recognise the name and immediately realise that they are here about the recent death. So they lead them to the room where Kentaro was resting when Mamoru returned from the killer’s game…)


(They get to the room where two people are there, the girl Ijimare, and a male doctor.)


??????: Hi, I’m Isaac Proctor, I’m the head doctor which has to deal with this mess.


Shizuka: Hello there, we’re the investigators.


Proctor: Wow…a young lady and a very young man working like this…well…whatever works. Let’s see if we can sort this mess out.


(They get to the bed, and recover the cloth that has blood on it. Shizuka and Tsuyoshi shudder slightly…)


Proctor: This cloth was covered underneath the other one, making the fact that we couldn’t see he was dead until Ijimare here removed the cloth for changing when she realised the blood.


Ijimare: It wasn’t very pleasant that’s for sure…


Proctor: Well, here’s the report.


Ijimare: We already dealt with the corpse unfortunately. We didn’t really want it around here with the other people in the hospital, but these reports are 100% accurate guaranteed.


(Proctor hands them the reports which they quickly look through…and the information is rather similar to another death…)


Jet: It seems like Kentaro died in a similar way to the way Kuno died.


(The report suggests that a la Kuno, something entered Kentaro body via a firearm at close range. Whatever was shot in was most likely then removed by the killer…and this is further enhanced by…)


Proctor: And we found this.


(The doctor has in a bag, a black glove. The glove is covered in blood which would be unusual if just using a weapon. This suggests the killer used the glove to remove the item maybe used as a murder weapon.)

Jet: Basically the killer is removing the weapon item from it’s victim’s bodies…


Tsuyoshi: …to use it again.


(Group shudder…)


Shizuka: That explains what it seems like the heart has been blown up as well if the killer’s hands plunge into the heart.


Tsuyoshi: So what is being used?


Jet: Can’t be a bullet if the killer is removing the weapon from the victim’s body, so what is it?


Shizuka: Maybe a poisoned arrow?


Tsuyoshi: Kagome?


Shizuka: Yeah.


Jet: Well…it could be removed, but from the little I know about archers, they use the arrow once and then discarded…


Proctor: I can help with that.


(Proctor looks at the forensic report and says a key issue…)


Proctor: You see, what was shot inside the victim before the heart was pretty much ripped to pieces was of equal height and diameter. Also, the victim seems to be a paralytic shock before dying. 2.30am the murder occurred.


Tsuyoshi: An item of equal diameter?


(The team begin to think…)


Shizuka: Hey, what about what was said by Fujitaka, Mamoru and Kiyone yesterday?


Jet: Oh yes, Izumi…(Jet looks at the notes Fujitaka gave him…)ah yes…




Kagome: O.K then, so where is that lightning ball of yours?




Kagome: You know, the one that Chikage and Rinrin made for you? The one you asked to be made in honour of your rival? The real life lightning powered ball?


Izumi: You’ve lost it. You’ve completely frickin’ lost it! Get out…NOW!


(end flashback)


Tsuyoshi: The lightning ball!


Shizuka: A baseball?


Jet: Spike complained to me once about a kid who liked a baseball team during one of his suicide missions. But what I know is a baseball is of similar height and width, and the word ‘lightning’. Said that Kentaro suffered from paralysis before he died…


Shizuka: Would that be shock though from being blasted?


Jet: Yes, but they specifically said paralyzed…and we don’t know much other than the name. Maybe it is literal…


Tsuyoshi: Well, what an unusual murder weapon then…


Shizuka: So what is it?


Jet: I feel we need to talk to Izumi.


(An identified murder weapon? Only speculation…but it’s a good one…)


*   *   *   *




(With the numbers slowly dwindling in the investigators, Oujirou and Yomiko are the first to become a team of two. And when discovering Amelia’s whereabouts, they were kind of surprised…)


Yomiko: …so she’s in this camp site then?


Oujirou: Yes, just off the woodland area. We should be coming up to it…


(All three inquiries have been at Promised Island fortunately, and this camp site is definitely a good place for relaxing with nature. So why Amelia is here is anyone’s guess…)


Yomiko: I thought she was a princess?


Oujirou: Did she fit the princess manual to you?


(Yomiko has a good think)


Yomiko: Good point.


(Heading into the camp site, Yomiko and Oujirou escape the confides of the van, strolling into the site looking for Amelia…)


Yomiko: Oujirou-kun?


Oujirou: Hmm…


Yomiko: You O.K with everything? You don’t seem to react much to anything whether on the field or back at base…


Oujirou: I’m good at controlling my emotions. Although there are things that even I can react to when I want something. I can see things that are going on here…


Yomiko: (gulps) Really…


Oujirou: …but I understand that’s the way the game goes. Whether I can change that or not is up to myself. (smiles warmly at Yomiko) But I will hold no ill grudge against anybody no matter what the situation.


(Yomiko feels her cheeks go a little red.)


Yomiko: Oujirou is a true nobleman, a real gentleman. I feel he’s got the best grasp of the game in terms of knowing what’s going on…both on and off the field. He knows about the alliance, but isn’t bothered. He’s a nice guy…but will he finish last? For that reason…I don’t want him to go, but feel he will eventually…


(They walk around the camp place, the two actually seem quite happy idly chatting and almost miss Amelia sitting under a tree, in a pose similar to Misaki from the opening sequence of Angelic Layer with the birds around her…)


Yomiko: …I think I understand why you are called that…


Oujirou: Why thank you…


Yomiko: Oh, there she is…Amelia?


(The self-proclaimed heroine of justice darts up seeing the investigators. She kips up and greets them.)


Amelia: Greetings oh fellow nobles of justice!


Yomiko: (sweatdrops) Well, I know that isn’t our title, but close enough…


Amelia: So why are you here?


Yomiko: If you don’t mind me asking Amelia-san, how come you are at a camp site, I thought you would have been…


Amelia: Ah, but a girl of justice can’t be in action when she’s cooped up in some mansion…this lets me get more in touch with the goings on…


(Cue imagination of every little thing inside the forest area being ‘uphelded’ by Amelia…)


(After Yomiko recovers sweatdropping, we finally get to the main business of the inquiry…see if she knows about the killer clue.)


Yomiko: We recently came into equation something of interest, and we had it on good authority that you may be able to help us.


Oujirou: It’s a selection of thorns, and we heard you were quite good at things like this, demonstrated probably by your location of choice.


(Amelia has a look at the vine and thorn samples inside Yomiko’s bag…and her eyes widen…)


Amelia: Where did you get these?


Oujirou: I’m afraid we are unable to answer that question at this given time.


Amelia: So it’s a clue of sorts?


Yomiko: Perhaps…we’re not sure yet.


Amelia: Well, whether it is or isn’t…I’ll still help. This is very unusual, as this would come from a world like from mine. It is a fantasy element rose vine, created by magic.


Yomiko: Magic?


Oujirou: Who else would be able to use magic here?


Amelia: That’s the strange thing…there isn’t anyone I know that…oh wait…(shudders)


Yomiko: What’s wrong?


Amelia: There’s that creepy little girl…a goth beauty…but she’s scary. (Another shudder)


Yomiko: Who?


Oujirou: (whispering) 100 yen says it’s another sister…


Amelia: That…oh…Chikage! That’s it! She is this occultist girl but she seems to draw people in…not sure what for, not like I care for any of that black magic stuff…


(Anyone says the words ‘Dragon Slave’ gets a pat on the head…)


Oujirou: (soon to be safe in the knowledge of 100 yen) Do you know any more about this Chikage?


Amelia: No…but I think Mamoru does. (calls) Mamoru-san!!!


(Shot of the sporty girl who played tennis with Izumi 2 episode ago running up to Amelia, bright eyes and bushy tailed…)


Mamoru: Yes Amelia-san?


Amelia: You know that Chikage girl right? Well, these two want to know a bit more about her…


Mamoru: Chikage-chan? Well, she’s quiet and mostly keeps to herself. But she is always ready to help out us girls when necessary…she’s into those tarot cards and black magic…nothin’ I’m really interested you and she can be quite intimidating, but also really nice…


Amelia: A tad oxymoronic huh?


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) Anyways, if you want to find her…well, she travels regularly around here, a bit like Haruka-chan. But she travels randomly, so it would be tough to find her.


Oujirou: O.K, thank you Mamoru-san.


(Mamoru blushes slightly at the bishounen as she heads off to do whatever she was doing before Amelia called her…)


Amelia: So…anything else you need to know?


(The two think before Yomiko asks…)


Yomiko: Anyone else who would be good at botany…


(Amelia opens her mouth…)


Yomiko: …that won’t result us being attacked by razor sharp hula-hoops…


(Amelia stops…and snaps her fingers.)


Amelia: Ah. Then…


(Suddenly Amelia gets a brain wave…)


Amelia: …oh wait, what about that Sousuke fellow?


Oujirou: Sousuke? As in Sousuke Sagara?


Amelia: Yeah…he’s a military nut, but he’s travelled all over the world. I said this was a magic created sample, but that doesn’t mean he may not know the structure of what it comes from. He’s an expert on the flora and fauna – maybe he’s studied these as well somehow? He’s probably the kind of guy who’d get along with Chikage anyway…he may know fantasy flora…


Oujirou: Maybe he could be part of her occult group?


Yomiko: Who knows?


(The team excuse themselves as they leave. The info they got seems to point them towards another sister, Chikage, and Sousuke Sagara. Looks like the suspicions just increase rather than decrease…)


*   *   *   *




Yomi: I can quickly guess it’s name…


Kiyone: (nudging Yomi) You’re not tempted to try and take bits of the house are you?


Yomi: Very funny…you know I’m on a diet.


Kiyone: As we say…


(Fujitaka has already gone on ahead)


Kiyone: Hey, wait up!


Fujitaka: (smiling) Come on ladies.


(The Candy Mansion, whilst is not completely out of a Brother’s Grimm tale, is certainly shaped like a candy mansion. The walls though are not made out of sweets, despite the obvious looking at it, just in case…)


(Anyway, Fujitaka knocks on the door and not long after are greeting by a young lady, probably in her 20s, dressed in a maid’s uniform.)


????: May I help you?


Fujitaka: Yes please madam. We are of the special investigator crew that are currently on business here about recent events. We need to speak with the young mistress of the house if we…


(The maid quickly goes outside and closes the door)


????: Keep it down, don’t want Aria-sama to hear…


Kiyone: Aria? That’s the girls name we want to…


????: She won’t like these kind of crowds. I know exactly what you are talking about, the death of that Kuno fella right?


Yomi: That’s right.


????: Oh sorry for not introducing myself. The name is Iiya, I’m Aria-sama’s maid.


Yomi: Quite alright. We actually wanted to see if we could learn about one of her acquaintances, a Mr. Souchiro Arima.


Iiya: Arima-san? Yes, he’s like a big brother to Aria-sama. But she might get a bit upset…


Kiyone: Is there anything you can tell us?


Iiya: Well…


????: Ii-ya…


(The door was obviously not completely closed. Aria is now outside…and she is just a picture to behold. Short blue hair, a beautiful light blue dress, her pink parasol over her head, she looks just like a doll. A mere 8 years old as well ups the cuteness factor by 10 times…and the detectives fall for her…big time.)


Kiyone: K-k-kawaii…and this is from someone who sees Sasami all the time…


Yomi: I thought theoretically that Chiyo-chan was the cutest child of all time…it proves my theories are wrong sometimes…


Fujitaka: I’m sure Sakura-san would love to have her as a sister…


(Iiya cringes as Aria looks at the three detectives…)


Aria: (slowly) Iiya…friends?


Iiya: (sweatdrops) Hai, that’s right Aria-sama, they are friends, and they want to talk to you if it is possible about another one of your friends!


(Aria gets another good look…and grabs Kiyone’s hand…)


Aria: Friend…Aria’s…friend?


(One look is all that needs to melt Kiyone…)


Kiyone: Yes yes, I’m your friend Kiyone-chan! The girl with the glasses is Yomi-chan and the man over there is Fuji-chan!


(Yomi covers her mouth to avoid laughing whilst Fujitaka just smiles. It is Fujitaka after all…)


Aria: (pointing) Ki-chan…Yo-chan…Fu-chan…


Kiyone: That will do…is that O.K Aria…(unsure of the suffix)…chan?


(Aria looks and smiles. She nods as Kiyone takes the hand of the French/Japanese girl and they head inside. Yomi, Fujitaka and Iiya all enter. They have to be careful considering they are dealing with a child in this situation, so what they have to say must be very careful…)


*   *   *   *


(Another problem is simply because Aria is SOOOOO cute, it makes it harder for the investigators to actually remember and focus on their inquiry, which is to learn if Arima’s alibi is truthful. Aria herself probably doesn’t understand the situation too well, and her short speech will make anything she says difficult. So basically, it’s a triple header for the team. Can they come through?)


(At the moment, they are enjoying a cup of tea courtesy of Aria and Iiya.)


Aria: Yo-chan…she’s strong…


(Yomi is basically drinking a cup with no sugar…as per normal with the unfortunate girl who thinks she’s fat…)


Kiyone: (whispering) Maybe she shouldn’t interview her and try just the maid.


Fujitaka: (whispering back) I think one of us should talk to the maid whilst the other two stay with Aria.


Kiyone: Good idea.


(Quickly Fujitaka speaks to Iiya, who nods and understands. The two head off whilst the two ladies continue to speak to Aria…which is easier said than done.)


Kiyone: O.K, Aria-chan…do you mind if we can ask you something about a friend of yours?


(Aria looks up inquisitively. Kiyone fights the look as best as she can…)


Kiyone: Anyway…the person we need to speak about is Arima? Souchirou Arima?


(Aria pauses before her slow speech kicks in…)


Aria: Arima…niiya?


(NOTE: Niiya is what Aria calls her ‘brother’ Wataru. I think it’s rather fitting for this situation anyway. (I got enough mail bombs after Greta’s ‘death’, the fact I’m involving Aria means I’m going to hell…))


Yomi: Aria-chan, can you tell me anything about him in the last 7 days?


(It’s a bit of a long shot considering a child’s memory usually just consists of yesterday, today and tomorrow, but it’s worth a go. Aria looks at ‘Yo-chan and Ki-chan’ whilst Fujitaka is speaking with Iiya…)


Iiya: This was a good idea. Aria-sama doesn’t get to hear all this messy business…as long as those two girls don’t mess up…


Fujitaka: They won’t. They are competent professionals, trust me.


Iiya: Very well. On the day in question, I know Arima did come…but not sure when, he was asleep in his basement room that we prepare for emergencies. He used his spare key I guess to get in…he and Aria-sama are very close, like brother and sister, she gets lonely, even with all her friends…I guess she misses her other brother.


Fujitaka: Ahhh…


Iiya: Anyway…


(Back with the girls…it’s quickly de-evolved…)


Aria: (crying slightly) Arima…niiya…want…niiya…


(Despite her adorable nature, like a lot of little girls, she is slightly spoilt. This is tough for the girls to get information, so take a different route is in order.)


Yomi: So, you and your niiya Arima are close huh?


(Aria stops crying…and smiles slightly.)


Aria: Niiya…played with Aria…morning…week ago…


(Was this the morning after the murder? Well, Iiya is about to put a bombshell on Arima’s alibi…)


Iiya: Well…now that you mention it, I did wake up when I heard something coming in…thought it was a burglar, but relaxed when I heard it stop and collapse on the bed, meaning it would be Arima. It was around…3 am when that happened.


(3 am? So Arima has lied again…but that’s not all…)


Iiya: Plus when we left in the morning after, he did have a change of clothes on him. I did ask if he wanted me to wash his other clothes, but he told me, rather soundly to be honest, that he would be fine.


(This is interesting…why would he need a change of clothes? Arima has now lied twice to the detectives…it’s becoming rather intriguing with Arima as a suspect…)


*   *   *   *


Yomi: I hope we see you again.


Kiyone: Yep!


Iiya: It was a pleasure to help you. Say goodbye to them Aria-sama!


(Aria waves)


Aria: Bye bye…Ki-chan, Fu-chan, Yo-chan…


(The girls turn away, to avoid their red faces as Fujitaka smiles and waves back. The girls do the same eventually…)


Yomi: That was both the best and worst inquiry I went on. Aria is such a sweetheart…that asking her anything on the case felt like sacrilege…


Kiyone: It was sad to leave…but with Fujitaka’s information, it may not matter…


*   *   *   *




(We join our 9 detectives back at the mansion in the mid-afternoon sun. Where in deep conference mode, the team are discussing Kentaro’s death, and the events linking with the killer…)


Oujirou: Do you think now that this lightning ball is the most likely weapon?


Yomiko: I think the only thing we need to know now is to talk to Izumi.


Fujitaka: We don’t know all the bases of this item anyway, it might be harmless.


Kiyone: Kagome certainly didn’t think so…


(Shot of Yomi writing things on the white board, namely ‘MURDER WEAPON – LIGHTNING BALL?)


Jet: Think it’s too obvious that Izumi did it if this item is the murder weapon…


Mamoru: I think obvious in a case like this can be the most difficult thing to judge…


Tsuyoshi: Well, who else could have access to it? All those who have access to Izumi I guess?


Shizuka: Kagome possibly…but then again…


Jet: Maybe Kagome could have framed her?


(The conference takes a different turn as they discuss another suspect that has gone high on the list…Arima.)


Kiyone: I think Arima has to be taken seriously now, he’s lied to us twice now, there has to be a reason.


Yomi: He may have had blood on his clothes, hence why he needed a change and why he wouldn’t let Iiya wash them…


Fujitaka: And if he entered the mansion at 3am, that means he could have taken a late ferry from Resource to Promised after killing Kuno.


(However, suspicion is divided, as other suspects are mentioned, Urumi still high on the list as well, it’s open sesame to who killed Kentaro and Kuno…but for now…)


Kiyone: Dammit!


Yomiko: Eat my dust!


(Time for a bit of Mario Kart: Double Dash…^_^)


*   *   *   *




(You’d hope that it would be a peaceful day for the remaining hours…not a chance. One phone call sees to that…)


(LI Mamoru answers it.)


Mamoru: Hello, investigator Mamoru Chiba speaking…


Yotsuba: Yo Mamo-chan!


Mamoru: (sighs) Very funny. That’s you isn’t it Yotsuba?


Yotsuba: Checkii! Mamo-chan gets it right! (serious) However, this isn’t the time for jokes.


Mamoru: You were the one starting it…


Yotsuba: Never mind that…a friend of mine has been in contact with me and has, shall we say, some interesting information concerning the night Kuno was killed. She is located at the Resource Parlour Hotel at the former Resource Island…don’t worry, she’ll know who you are…and you, if you’ve been paying attention, will know who she is.


Mamoru: Right.


Yotsuba: Send a team in to head over there…Yotsuba out.


(Mamoru hangs up…and as luck would have it, Yomiko and Oujirou just head in eating a sandwich each, Yomiko looking through her notes and Oujirou glancing over (earning him a playful whack from Yomiko) to compare…)


Mamoru: Ah, that’s fine. Oujirou, Yomiko…


Yomiko: (mouth full) Hmmm?


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: We picked a bad day to enter the room huh?


Oujirou: Let’s just go…


(We hear a few sounds as Tsuyoshi is playing Splinter Cell whilst Yomi and Kiyone face off on Boom Boom Dollar on DDR…)


Yomiko: Stop having fun!!!


All three: NOOOO!


Yomiko: Damn you guys…


(Oujirou laughs)


*   *   *   *


(It’s a quiet ferry trip for Oujirou and Yomiko, the breeze a peaceful reminder of the great outdoors. However, they soon find themselves indoors…and a face that should be recognisable…)


?????: Welcome, I assume you two are the investigators that Yotsuba-chan was talking about?


Yomiko: Ah, so that’s what she means…


Oujirou: She’s cute…


Yomiko: (elbowing him) Do you have a thing for younger girls or something?


(Oujirou smartly avoids answering that)


?????: Pardon me, I’m the head of this hotel! The name is Karen.


(Yes, this is the lead heroine and one of the most well known ‘sisters’ Karen. She’s the first one that Wataru meets (and the first lead role since Princess 9 that Hilary Haag will get…hopes it will be as good as P9…), she’s 14 years old, with teal grey hair, wearing a yellow blouse and a very friendly smile.)


Karen: I’m here because Yotsuba-chan felt there may have been something that I may can help with…which I can. You see, on the night of the…incident…I feel that some people that are on your suspect list may have stayed here the night…


(Gold. Could this be an opportunity to clear some people? And also spot anybody leaving before the murder? Yomiko and Oujirou immediately ask about the two forms that could help them…)


Karen: Yes, we have video camera evidence and receipts…if you would like to look through them.


Oujirou: This could be a long night, eh Yomiko-chan?


Yomiko: (smiles) Not necessarily. You deal with the video evidence…I’ll take the receipts.


Oujirou: Why?


Yomiko: Yomiko-chan’s speed reading technique is about to come into play…


Oujirou: (sweatdrops) Should have guessed…


*   *   *   *


(We see various shots of Yomiko literally flipping through the receipts for the night of Kuno’s death (1stJune) with Oujirou looking forward to around after 9pm when he thinks some of them may be leaving if they are…suddenly, almost in unison, Yomiko shrieks and Oujirou’s eyes widen…)


*   *   *   *


(Back at the mansion, a new discussion is made…Aria.)


Kiyone: She was SOOOO cute…she made Sasami and Ryo-Ohki look monstrous!!! You know those little French dolls that you can buy, usually very expensive…she looks like one of them…I just wanted to pick her up and cuddle her!


Yomi: Never knew Kiyone had that side of her…


Jet: (chuckles) Neither did I. Good job I’m here instead of Spike…cute isn’t really his thing…


Yomi: And it’s yours?


Jet: Ermmm….


Fujitaka: Seriously, it was like, her innocence melted away the harshness of the game whilst we were there…


Kiyone: Maybe I should study the other sisters so I can find out which ones I would like to see when on inquiry…there’s another little girl in pig-tails, she was adorable as well…dunno her name…


Yomi: Pig-tails huh? (sighs)


Shizuka: What’s wrong?


Yomi: Nothing…just remembering home.


Tsuyoshi: Yeah…


Yomi: …but I’m not surrendering my spot here. I want to stay here. I want to bring this killer to justice.


(All nod. The team are definitely treating this as a true case now…)


*   *   *   *




(Yomiko and Oujirou are finally back, and boy do they have some presents…)


Yomiko: Honey, we’re home!


Jet: Welcome back darling…


Yomiko: Heh.


(Yomiko gets on the couch whilst Oujirou gets the stuff they got. A bag of receipts and a video tape.)


Oujirou: Jet, can you call everyone into the inquiry room, we’ve got a fair bit to discuss…


Jet: Ah, you found something?


Oujirou: Oh yes…


*   *   *   *


(In the inquiry room, they set up the projector and the tape they got from Karen. Oujirou and Yomiko are in front as Yomi and Kiyone look through the receipts, everyone else looking at the screen…)


Oujirou: We were looking through the information, hoping to clear someone. We learnt that on the night of the murder via the receipts, there were 2 people on our suspect list that were at the hotel. And here is what we found on the tape…


(Oujirou plays it, as Yomi finds the receipts that were tagged.)


Yomi: Oh my.


Oujirou: Just hold on…


10.15pm – 1ST JUNE


Shot of a blue haired girl leaving the hotel wearing a heavy grey coat. A close up shot reveals it to be IZUMI HIMURO.


Mamoru: Izumi?


Oujirou: We’re not finished yet…


10.22PM – 1ST JUNE


Another person exits with a similar coat, this one nearly a head taller than the tennis/baseball girl. The team are VERY surprised though at this one…


Tsuyoshi: Sousuke?


Yomiko: Yep, the receipts show that Sousuke Sagara and Izumi Himuro were until 10.22pm and 10.15pm respectively at the hotel on the night of the murder. They both left…however, there is more…


(A fast forward later and we stop at 12.38pm..)


(Shot of Izumi, still with her coat on, returning to the hotel at 12.38pm.)


Oujirou: Izumi returned…but Sousuke didn’t. We checked the whole tape, and the receipts, and yes, he checked out that time whilst Izumi returned.


Jet: Interesting…


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: I think it’s safe to assume that the chance of Izumi or Sousuke being the killer has quickly risen.


Fujitaka: We still need to find this murder weapon…


Kiyone: If Izumi is in the frame, the lightning ball is once again a key issue…and what was she hiding in that coat?


Oujirou: Murder weapon. She had the coat on the way back though…


Yomi: Same could be said for Sousuke…he had a similar coat, maybe they were working in cahoots?


Yomiko: How do you mean?


Yomi: Well, Izumi could have given Sousuke this lightning ball, and Sousuke then maybe used a specialised shot gun to take out Kuno using the lightning ball with a firearm.


Fujitaka: That’s a possibility…or how bout Sousuke giving Izumi a firearm?


Jet: The other way round huh? A possibility…


Shizuka: We’re just make assumptions though, these are all theories and not proof…


Tsuyoshi: Well, at least this case isn’t confusing much…


Yomi: Sarcasm’s my department.


Tsuyoshi: Sorry.


(The team laugh but inside their heads…)


Kiyone: Everyone seems to be linked with someone else, whether it’s based on fact or our own thoughts. However, I feel this case has more than one person involved with Kuno’s murder.


Oujirou: It’s like an aftermath effect of what to do next. Everything is designed to confuse us…and it’s up to us to un-confuse this mystery…


*   *   *   *




(It’s just past midnight and inside one room, it’s almost a slumber party…)


Kiyone: Pair of fives…


Yomiko: Full house!


Yomi: Junk…


(Yomiko, who is sleeping alone with Yui gone (as is Shizuka and Mamoru with their roommates eliminated) is now lodging with fellow alliance members Yomi and Kiyone…)


Kiyone: You’ve grown on me the last week Yomiko…but I swear if you win one more game I’m going to add another murder to this case!


Yomiko: Sorry, but that isn’t in the heart of the cards…


Kiyone: Damn, was wondering when that was going to be said…amazingly not by Shizuka but then again…


Yomiko: Ah, you’re up and down like a yo-yo!


Kiyone: Ha! That’s funny…I was thinking this…with you two, Yomi and Yomiko, on board, we should be called the yo-yo alliance!


(Yomi and Yomiko look at each other…before Yomiko bursts out laughing…)


Yomi: Technically, my name is Koyomi…oh well…(Yomi smiles a wry smile as we turn over to Fujitaka and Jet, where Jet is facing a few nervous questions…)




Jet: Well…er…


Fujitaka: I’m not really sure if I should try and do this, but maybe, inside myself, I do want to win the game…and I think the best way is trying to get involved with an alliance…


Jet: Well, why ask me?


Fujitaka: Well, you’re my roommate, and you’ve got a good grip on the game…


Jet: I’m trying to see if I can just avoid getting voted for…


Jet: I’m amazed Fujitaka hasn’t realised about my alliance…either that or he’s being really coy about it…but I guess he wants to win the game as much as anyone…it’s not like I wouldn’t mind him in the alliance, but with 5 people already, we’ve got the advantage…and it will get harder to eliminate people if we have too many people…


*   *   *   *




(We round up the night with Tsuyoshi and Oujirou…as Tsuyoshi is still awake, and has to ask Oujirou a question…)


Tsuyoshi: Oujirou?


Oujirou: Hmm?


Tsuyoshi: Can I ask you something?


Oujirou: Sure.


Tsuyoshi: Well…how far do you think you can get in the game?


Oujirou: (a bit surprised) Why do you ask?


Tsuyoshi: Well…just wondering. You seem to drift in between everyone, not really making alliances, beating to your own drum. Do you think this will work?


(Oujirou is silent for a moment, before giving the standard response.)


Oujirou: I can go as far as fate and destiny allows it. Trust me, I intend to go as far as possible…but I will do so my way and my way alone. Whether everyone lets me have that chance is another story, but I will continue the way I choose, like I do with Angelic Layer.


(Tsuyoshi is quiet…)


Tsuyoshi: I admire Oujirou for his honesty, his desire to win is something strong and he wants to do it his way, however, I must wonder if he is being too soft for a game like this…


*   *   *   *