Continued from last chapter…


DAY 6 – 8.00am


(It’s been nearly a week when 12 strangers left their lives to participate in this killer of a game. Now with 2 gone, they are down to 10 and another will be leaving tonight courtesy of the killer. Because of this, even at breakfast, some people are talking about the vote.)


(We see the remaining of a breakfast table where we see Yomiko and Shizuka still eating (Shizuka still nervous around Yomiko considering 2 nights ago). In the outskirts of the kitchen…)


Kiyone: *groaning* Why are we on washing up duty?


Yomi: Because Jet hogged the Jacuzzi?


Kiyone: Good point.


(Meanwhile, in their room, Hideki and Mamoru discuss what to do tonight…)


Hideki: It’s not like we can do anything about Yomiko’s vote. As cruel as this is, and I hope she never hears this, I almost hope that Yomiko votes for Shizuka…


Mamoru: Vengeance huh?


Hideki: You could say that…but who should we try and target with the vote? There are 9 of us so we need a spread of five…


Mamoru: Well, last time we went for Yui who was a strong contender. Should we try another one?


Hideki: Take your pick. Jet, Kiyone, Yomi, Oujirou…


Mamoru: Not Oujirou. He’s quiet but I think he can be swayed onto our side. I’d say Tsuyoshi, but I don’t think he is as big of a threat. And Fujitaka is a good person that I think deserves to stay longer.


Hideki: So who?


Mamoru: I think with Jet and Kiyone’s experience, we still need. So that leaves…


Hideki: Ah…my memories of Chi…could be deleted…


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: You need to take care of yourself…


Yomi: Yes, sorry. I don’t know what came over me with that bit of sneezing…


*   *   *   *




(Yotsuba enters with her normal chirpy look, but the team have realised now that despite her cute and chirpy appearance, she is a skilled leader and knows intricate details when necessary. Let’s see who she can guide today.)


Yotsuba: Morning everyone!


All: Morning Yotsuba!


Yotsuba: Hmph…you know you would normally say ‘Chef’…gah…I’m too cute for this group…


(A few chuckle)


Yotsuba: …oh well, never mind. I will first inform you that last night, Kentaro was prepared to pay bail for his attempted attack on Urumi Kanzaki. He is also prepared to go to court against the girl for ‘unprecedented damages.’ Urumi herself is under police custody as she has returned to her apartment now fully well. Combined with Mahoro also a possible charge for Kentaro, we’ve got a few things to go on with these 4 alone. So, we will focus on these four for two teams.


(The group nods)


Yotsuba: Now, first up, Team 1. You saw the attack with your own eyes so you have the most to go on.  So, you are heading to Resource Island Great Prison to listen to Kentaro’s side of the story. Learn the reasoning of the attack and anything else you think may be necessary to the case. And also, whilst you are there, locate Kodachi Kuno who was taken into custody last night. She also is ready to be released on bail so this time you should be able to get some information from her, keeping in mind what you found out yesterday.




Yotsuba: Now, we’ve got a not so happy threesome named Taeko, Mahoro and Urumi. So Team 2, you’ll be doing this in a two-part inquiry. First, go to Mahoro’s place and interview one/and or the other, keeping in mind Urumi and the murder case. Then, go to Urumi’s apartment. You have my permission to bypass police custody for this part of the job.




Yotsuba: This leaves team three. You’ve got a new lead to go on. Yesterday, we learned that Ling-Pha was talking to Arima about something of interest, yet her guards refused to let you talk to her. Also, with the problems Kentaro has caused for Urumi, who keep in mind that she is also a major name for the Wongs in the shareholding business, the Wong name is in trouble. Ling-Pha as you already know, isn’t someone to be trusted, so we need to find out if she had anything to do with Kentaro’s rush of blood, especially considering the hit situation as well. So head over the Wong Family Mansion and question her thoroughly.




Yotsuba: I think you know what I’m going to say now…but I don’t care because I love it!


(A few groan…)


Yotsuba: Remember, check one, you check. Check twice, you checkii! Off you go, ladies and gentlemen!


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: Do you think we should try to draw her into an argument? It seems devious, but it worked with Yui…


Hideki: Yes, but that was Yui herself causing that. This time, Yomi would have to somehow find a reason to put attention to herself. I will say she has done nothing to put attention to her. She’s good enough not to be voted as a dunce, and not good enough to see as a genius detective.


Mamoru: So now what?


(We see Shizuka come in)


Shizuka: Hey, what’s wrong?


Hideki: Eh…nothing. Say, Shizuka-chan, do you know where Yomi is?


Shizuka: Odd…I was looking for Jet…I can’t find them…


*   *   *   *


(Upstairs, a mini conference seems to be in order…)


Kiyone: …as I said, I think you’ve proved yourself.


Jet: Well, I certainly wouldn’t be aversed to this, have you talked to anyone else?


Yomi: No, this is it so far. I was thinking Yomiko as well, but as she is Lead Investigator, she doesn’t need to worry so much…


Kiyone: I will admit she’s doing better…but what about it? Do you want to join?


(We can see who these three are now talking to...Tsuyoshi.)


Tsuyoshi: Well…if it means me doing well then I certainly wouldn’t m…


(Just as he’s about to finish, we see Mamoru, Shizuka and Hideki come in…)


Hideki: There you guys are, we’ve got to head out!


Jet: Ah…*scratches the back of his head*…O.K.


(The guys and gals do, but not before Mamoru gives an intriguing look…)


*   *   *   *


Oujirou: So…are you holding out?


Fujitaka: I think so Oujirou-san. It was tough that first two days, but I feel now that I’ve lasted without incident after eliminating Greta. The worst thing is always the vote though, and we’ve got another tonight.


Oujirou: Have you decided yet?


Fujitaka: (thinks) Well…


(At this point, the rest of the group come out.)


Oujirou: Ah, they cometh. Welcome.


Kiyone: Sorry Oujirou-kun, Fujitaka-san, we were a bit caught up. Mamoru, you coming?


(Again, Mamoru looks a little oddly at Yomi…)


Mamoru: Yeah.


Mamoru: I’m sure they were talking alliances, and as basic as it sounds, it could be the perfect reason to vote for Yomi…if we convince everyone else, it will be 5 votes to 4…


*   *   *   *


(Teams 2 and 3 remaining on the Promised Island roads, as Team 1 head off to Resource/Deathtrap Island. With Yomi, Jet and Tsuyoshi, more talking about their possible alliance is easy to do with no interruptions…)


Tsuyoshi: …I guess I’m still sore about the elimination of Greta…I’m not blaming Fujitaka-san…it’s just…


Jet: Fujitaka is alright, same with Oujirou, they are just more of the Mr. Nice guys who let everything go along. They aren’t threats, but they aren’t annoyances either. I talked to Fujitaka last night about how far he felt he could go, and he simply said ‘ as far as I’m let to or able to.’ He understands the game as well as anyone, and he seems to accept it.


Yomi: But we can’t eliminate him yet anyway. (evil smile) After all, he’s a better cook than you Jet.


Jet: WHAT?


Tsuyoshi: (getting along with it) Oh yes, maybe we should swop the elder statesmen if I’m joining, right Yomi-san?


Yomi: See, you are thinking with your mind there Tsuyoshi-kun.


Jet: That’s it! You two are hereby expelled from the alliance!!!


Yomi: All in favour of that request?


(Jet stops…and sighs. He raises his hand.)


Yomi: All opposed?


(Yomi and Tsuyoshi raise their hands)


Yomi: The judges rule 2-1 in negative favour. Looks like you’re stuck with us.


Jet: You guys are cruel…


Yomi: You only just worked that out?


(The group chuckle as they head over to the ferry…whilst a more embarrassing subject is on Team 2’s agenda…)


*   *   *   *


Shizuka: Why are you so nervous?


Hideki: Um…well…no reason…


(Sadly for Hideki, the master of observation is on their van…)


Oujirou: It’s simple. He has a crush on one of the girls…Taeko-san I believe.


(Hideki’s red face becomes completely scarlet as Shizuka smiles…)


Shizuka: Oooohhhh…I see. (nudges him) Poor Hideki…


Hideki: It’s not like that! Honest! *to himself* Chii is at home remember…


Oujirou: Actually with that kind of taste, maybe it is Mahoro…


Hideki: OUJIROU!!!!




(The making fun over as the detectives return to being themselves and being serious, especially considering the situation.)


(However, they are surprised as they see Taeko outside, sweeping some leaves.)


Oujirou: Looks like everything is quiet on the western front.


Shizuka: Surprised?


Oujirou: Maybe. But let’s find out for sure.


(The detectives get out as Taeko looks up. She does seem to be in a little bit of a trance as they arrive, but greets them nevertheless…)


Taeko: Morning all.


Shizuka: (bows) Hello Taeko-san, hard morning?


Taeko: Yes…I guess you could say that.


Hideki: Are you alright?


Taeko: Yeah…I know everything is alright. Mahoro has gone on to see if Urumi is O.K I know…


(Picking up on this, Oujirou makes a note as they have to visit Urumi later…)


Taeko: Do you wish to come in?


Shizuka: Yes, we need to ask you about a few things anyway…


Taeko: (yawns) Very well…


Hideki: Looks like you didn’t have much sleep…


Taeko: No, it’s O.K, as a housemaid I need to…


(Needless to say, Taeko trips and the obligatory panty shot makes Hideki to hold his nose…Shizuka pops a vein but remains calm…)


Shizuka: Not the time…are you O.K Taeko-san?


Taeko: (groaning) Itai…that hurt…(dusts herself down)…O.K, I’m fine now. Come in please…


(The trio do (after both Oujirou and Shizuka give Hideki a not too pleasing look…)


*   *   *   *






(The team are heading towards Ling-Pha’s place. Inside the van, it is fairly quiet, with Mamoru unsure whether to ask about what Kiyone was talking about. Because of this, it is making the others a bit more on edge, though Fujitaka doesn’t seem to show it. They approach the mansion, knowing that if it was like the last time that a team visited the mansion, then it is going to be a long inquiry…)


Kiyone: O.K, so what do we do?


(Kiyone moves towards the mansion, but of course, a few certain clods in black interrupt the proceedings…)


Goon 1: Halt, you…


Kiyone: Yeah, yeah. We can’t go in, blah…blah. We’re detectives. We shouldn’t be able to do this, so if you want me to call for a search warrant, fine. I’m patient enough to make sure that…


Goon: Actually, we were going to say that Mistress Ling-Pha is in a meeting.


(Kiyone sweatdrops…)


Kiyone: Why didn’t you say that first?


Goon 3: You didn’t give us a chance.


(Kiyone does the Nyamo sit down in the corner, all depressed…fortunately, Fujitaka is able to continue with the proceedings…)


Fujitaka: Where would Ling-Pha-san be then?


Goon 1: As we were trying to say, she is in a meeting with Keiko Himuro.


(Kiyone pops back up…)


Kiyone: That would be Izumi Himuro’s mother.


(Suspect Izumi Himuro is a tricky one for most of the detectives. Already established that either she or fellow suspect and by the sounds of things, former friend Kagome, have lied to them, she has a habit to make the detectives uncomfortable. However, this lead of a meeting with Ling-Pha may be the best of both worlds for the team…)


Mamoru: I guess we head off to Izumi’s…


Kiyone: Right!


(The team are about to, but as they head to their van, a big black car with wings (or wing shaped objects on the side, spins past them (and causes two cars to stop just in case…)


Kiyone: We should arrest them really…


????????: It’s O.K, I’ve got my own built in shield!


(They recognise the voice briefly…but when the hair comes into view, it’s no prizes for guessing who it is.)


Kiyone/Mamoru: Nabeshin?


(The afro-director Nabeshin with his trademark failed James Bond reject car (you won’t find it on Toyota’s market, that’s for sure)


Nabeshin: Hey, detectives at 5 o’clock.


??????: It’s nearly 10.


Nabeshin: Work with me Kagome…


Fujitaka: Kagome?


(Indeed, in the passenger’s seat is Kagome. And she’s not happy…but of what?)


Mamoru: Well, we were planning on talking to Ling-Pha…but…


Nabeshin: …you found out that she wasn’t here and she’s talking to Keiko-san right?


Mamoru: You knew?


Nabeshin: I’m a director, it’s my job to know…that…and I was heading there myself to this meeting…


Kiyone: (smiles) Naebshin-san, if you don’t mind can I ask you a favour?


*   *   *   *




(Back at Taeko’s apartment, the housekeeper has supplied three teas for the team whilst she sits down to listen to what they need to ask her…)


Hideki: We basically need to talk to you in relation to what happened in the case.


Taeko: What exactly?


Hideki: Er…


Shizuka: Basically about the relationship between yourself, Mahoro and Urumi. It seems Urumi only has you two for friends…is there something we need to know?


Taeko: (smiles) Why? We’re just friends. That’s all we need to s…


Oujirou: Taeko.


(Oujirou has a firm ‘step-brother’ voice on – the one he needs to shut up Icchan when necessary.)


Oujirou: We feel there is something that you aren’t telling us. Something between the three of you and something in the case which links the three of you…is it something that involves the situation between…


Taeko: DON’T SAY IT!


(They are surprised by Taeko’s high tone of voice as the bespectacled bishoujo goes white-faced…)


Taeko: Please…(crying)…don’t make me relive it…


(They know what she is talking about…)


Taeko: It’s true…at first…Urumi felt sorry for me…I’m a klutz…and maybe she thought I was just some amusement because of her intelligence…but things changed…we became true friends of hers…she was very nice…it was like back home, a true family…


(Taeko’s tears are overflowing now…)


Taeko: (sobbing as her fists clench) It was Urumi who said…who said she would make him pay…


(She slams her fists on the desk, spilling some tea…)


Taeko: …for what he tried to do to me.


(Taeko’s information is becoming more personal and sensitive. Quick thinker Shizuka immediately stands up.)


Shizuka: Guys…I think this requires just a female audience. Do you mind if you leave us alone?


(Oujirou nods and Hideki, a bit sad himself, exit the room and indeed the house. It may be uncomfortable for the two guys, but this is definitely a job for Shizuka alone.)


(Back inside, Shizuka talks to Taeko…)


Taeko: It’s hard to say…but thank you for that…I don’t think it would have helped…


Shizuka: Go on Taeko-san.


Taeko: (nods) Basically…I worked as a housekeeper for Kuno for close to a year. (sneers) I think he didn’t care for qualifications…he just…


(A quick glance at Taeko’s large breasts give enough words for the real reason of her hiring…)


Taeko: After a few months, Kuno seems agitated every time I made a mistake. Not to the point of abuse, but enough to scare me more than Miyaba-san at home…but I had to do so, even if I knew the only reason he was keeping me on…I called Urumi who got involved with the Vesper Cleaning Company, and got Mahoro to help me. We became good friends and the trio of us were making sure Kuno didn’t step over the line…Mahoro worked for ‘free’ in Kuno’s eyes…basically, Urumi was paying her, but he didn’t know that.


Shizuka: So you and Mahoro were working as maids at the mansion together for 9 months.


Taeko: Yes…Mahoro’s presence seemed to stop any attempt at attacking…maybe because Mahoro was quite cute as well…but I guess Kuno was biding his time…and the fact he became this shareholder leader made his ego and his thirst for power…or bullying as I call it, stronger. And he needed a victim…


(Taeko’s sobbing forces her head into her lap. Shizuka gives the girl a hug and holds her there for a minute…)


Shizuka: At that moment, if Taeko is the killer, I couldn’t care less. The bastard deserved it.


(Just at that moment…Mahoro comes up to the front door, to see Oujirou and Hideki there…)


Mahoro: Huh, what the…


(Oujirou is the first to notice…)


Oujirou: Ah Mahoro-san…


Mahoro: What are you guys doing there?


(Hmm…not exactly the opening line that the guys wanted.)


Oujirou: We came to talk to you and Taeko about the Urumi situation but…


Mahoro: Is Taeko O.K? You better not have upset her!


Hideki: Huh, what? Why would we do that?


(Mahoro doesn’t say another word, and just rushes inside the house. Neither boy obviously is strong enough to stop her, and so Mahoro rushes in to see Shizuka still holding a crying Taeko…)




(Shizuka looks up in fear, but Taeko shakes her head rapidly…)


Taeko: No, no! Shizuka-san has been really nice and helpful! Don’t do anything to her or the boys outside, they’ve been gentlemen! Mahoro!


(Mahoro looks ready to cry herself…)


Mahoro: I’m…sorry…I didn’t…it’s just seeing you like this always breaks my heart…


Taeko: It’s O.K…so how is Urumi?


Mahoro: (wondering if she should speak) Um…she’s fine. (to Shizuka) Can I speak to you please?


(Outside, Mahoro speaks to all three detectives…)


Mahoro: I apologise for my behaviour, but with everything that has been going on, Taeko’s stability isn’t very good. With the death of Kuno bringing back memories and also Urumi’s nearly getting killed by that Sakata bastard…


Oujirou: We understand.


Mahoro: For all our benefits, could you please not see Urumi…it’s not the best time for her to be seen by a group of people, especially with the police surrounding her…


(This is a problem. Their inquiry was to see Urumi as well…this could be a problem, especially…)


Mahoro: ..I’ll know, as my sensors can detect more than one person in a certain area, and considering how close we are to Urumi…I suggest not to. Please…for your sake and mine…


(Mahoro bows as she heads back inside, as the team discuss what to do…)


Oujirou: Simple.


Hideki: How so?


Oujirou: A group of people…more than one person…which means her sensors should not be able to detect a single person. I have a feeling that one person alone should see Urumi.


(Flashback to episode one)


Yotsuba: …whether it is real or not, going along is a big no-checki for me! If you are alone, you are at risk from the killer!


Hideki: But it’s risky…what if Urumi is the killer?


Oujirou: She has a huge police escort, I doubt with her intelligence she would be stupid enough to try something with all those people there.


Shizuka: Good point…shall we try it? We can catch a taxi to go there, after all the guys doing this game will pay for it…


(Shot of author’s pockets being emptied as waterfall tears come down his face…)


(After a small talk, it has been decided that Oujirou will go alone to face Shizuka. However, Yotsuba’s words still are in their head…is this a mistake?)


*   *   *   *


Nabeshin: …and that’s the deal-io!


(We see that in Nabeshin’s car, all three members of Team 3 are stuck in the backseats. It’s not comfortable considering Nabeshin’s driving, but this could be a way of getting to talk to Ling-Pha without too many problems. And not just that…)


Fujitaka: So Kagome-san wants to talk to Izumi-san, and feels this is the best chance she will get.


Kagome: She hasn’t been returning any of my calls and I’m refused to enter, so learning of this meeting, I asked Nabeshin-san if I could ‘tag along’ so to speak.


Nabeshin: So how is the case going then?


(Ah, back to the case. Of course, the detectives can’t give too much away, but it’s also a good chance to see if Nabeshin and Kagome know anything else…)




Nabeshin: You didn’t reveal what you gave to me and you got my riddles right. You passed Nabe’s Hole, the test of true champions. And in return, I shall give you some help as well.


(Nabeshin hands Yomiko an envelope.)


Nabeshin: I guess my job here is done then…best head back.


(Last time Nabeshin was around, he gave them some riddles, but in return for getting them right, he gave them some evidence. He may be a good source of information…)


Mamoru: Well, we cannot discuss the real deals of the case with you Nabeshin sir, but we have some leads and this may be one of them, so to speak.


Nabeshin: Well, that damn fool Kuno…Tatewaki I mean…his family wasn’t exactly the best bunch of people. I mean, I knew his father…


Kiyone: His father?


Nabeshin: Yes, or I called him, pineapple head. We worked together in the army forces. I was his commanding officer and as one of the army veterans, I had the responsibility to making sure the group of soldiers with me were in the best form. Sadly, ‘Principal’ Kuno as he liked to be called didn’t seem to call for that, aside from the fact he tried to shave this mighty afro…


(A few sweatdrops go all round…)


Nabeshin: …I remember him trying to get a conspiracy going back in his ‘native’ Hawaii. He was apparently bribed by a Japanese company to, shall we say, meddle with the food inside our ration bases during a siege. However, nothing gets past this old sniffer dog and he was discharged…but not before doing some damage…


(We see Nabeshin’s fist closed…)


Nabeshin: Bastard poisoned by fiancé Kumikumi, who worked as one of the nurses here…she has been in a coma for the last few years…from this poison…


(New lead – and new motive ahoy –Revenge against the parents via revenge against the son.)


Nabeshin: This didn’t help when he started getting involved with Keiko-san’s affairs. Keiko works as a headteacher for a high young ladies school, and let’s just say that the Principal Kuno didn’t really like her ideas of teaching. He was trying to meddle in her affairs as much as possible, way before Kuno’s death…I’m not sure how it affected Izumi, but from what I understand, Izumi had been alone for a long time during that tough cycle with all the stress and work that Keiko-san had been under.


(Nabeshin sighs)


Nabeshin: Let’s put it this way…his sense of business is about as good as his sense of dress.


(Shot of Kagome who is very quiet throughout this exchange. This coincides with Nabeshin turning into the Himuro block. As they stop, Kagome immediately escapes the clutches of Nabeshin’s vehicle and heads straight for the tennis courts, assuming that Izumi may be there. Mamoru looks ready to chase her, but Kiyone stops him, and instead, they follow Nabeshin, assumingly to see Ling-Pha as was the nature of their inquiry.)


(Coming towards the living room, we see Keiko and Ling-Pha (along with 3 of Ling-Pha’s goons) in the room, drinking tea. Needless to say, they are a bit surprised by Nabeshin and three detectives barging in like that.)


Ling-Pha: Nabeshin! What are you doing here, and with that riff-raff…


Nabeshin: (sarcastic) Excuse me ‘boss’ for the rude interruption, we were just in the neighbourhood and wished to have a pleasant talk with you…maybe 6 months ago, but not now!


Ling-Pha: Look, we are in a crisis now, one of our own people, a major one involved with recovering the shares, is in prison…and we need to make sure he doesn’t get involved any further to ruin our reputation!


Nabeshin: Reputation, schemputation! All this crap and you’re still talking about you are miss high and mighty! I tell you something, maybe I brought these guys with me because I wanted you to speak the words ‘I killed Kuno’ in front of them!


Ling-Pha: Ha! And where, Nabeshin-dear, were you the night in question?


Nabeshin: Huh?


(Note: Whilst the detectives haven’t been able to get in a word edgeways, they at least have the common sense to get their notebooks out…)


Ling-Pha: Where were you that time? I believe you took the day off for some unknown reason…at least I was on business!


Nabeshin: Have you got any proof?


Ling-Pha: Does that matter?


Nabeshin: Listen, you aren’t my boss!


Ling-Pha: Don’t interrupt me!


Nabeshin: Why should I? For all I know you did it!




(That comment wasn’t from Ling-Pha, Nabeshin or anyone else in the room and they all turn to the source of the voice. It becomes pretty obvious who it came from though..)


Kagome: (off screen) You are hiding something from me aren’t you? I thought we were always ready to talk to each other, but now you are avoiding me like the plague!


Izumi: You are one to talk! (Yes, Izumi was the one making the comment) You never told me about your ‘affair’ with Kuno…


Kagome: It was all lies! The bastard tried to insinuate that when I refused to bow out of the archery tournament, you were there, you stopped Kodachi from interfering!


(Izumi stops speaking…but soon recovers…)


Izumi: Well…that’s true, but it all reeks of coincidence with what is happening here, at the Kunos…


Kagome: Well, where have you been during THAT time?


Izumi: I hope you aren’t suggesting…






Kagome: O.K then, so where is that lightning ball of yours?




Kagome: You know, the one that Chikage and Rinrin made for you? The one you asked to be made in honour of your rival? The real life lightning powered ball?


Izumi: You’ve lost it. You’ve completely frickin’ lost it! Get out…NOW!


(Back at the main room…we notice Kiyone marking down ‘lightning ball – murder weapon?’)


Keiko: I think with the situation here and with my daughter as well, I think we should end this before more things happen…


Nabeshin: Right, I’d better gather Kagome before she does kill Izumi…or vice versa.


(Before the teams can react, all the parties involved leave (Ling-Pha via her goons, Nabeshin quickly gathering Kagome, and Izumi and Keiko leaving together. The detectives try to talk to them, but nothing doing. It has become a real hullabalooza of problems, however, more motives and situations have come from it…)


*   *   *   *




(Back to Team 1, we see they’ve had to go through a lot of papers at the prison. Instead of a flimsy jail, we’ve got a full grown prison here. The team have to try and deal with both Kentaro and Kodachi if they can.)


(Team 1 finally locate Kentaro in the prison – his release imminent. So far, no location of Kodachi. However, Kentaro certainly seems willing to speak with the detectives, if not downright spill his guts to them…)


Jet: So then…I think you know what we are going to ask you, but we’ll ask you anyway. Why did you go after Urumi?


Kentaro: (sarcastic) Because you can never have too much money right?


Tsuyoshi: Please sir, be serious.


Kentaro: I was half serious…it’s just the fact that just wringing her damn neck would be so utterly delicious…


Yomi: I take it you have a grudge…or a strange perversion…against Urumi.


Kentaro: Oh funny. Yes, I held a grudge against Kanzaki-bitch. I didn’t want to fear her any more, so I went up to her apartment. Trust me, after years of violent abuse from women I liked…I know how to deal with these situations. Anyway, I just smashed the back window after climbing the window…after all, who would have suspected you?


Jet: Apparently Mahoro.


Kentaro: Damn her…Urumi only feels sorry for her and that Taeko girl. She deserves better that Taeko…(sniggers)…Urumi didn’t think I was a threat, but I showed her. Oh hell yeah I showed her. *coughs*


Tsuyoshi: You O.K?


Kentaro: Kanzaki-bitch sprayed something on me whilst I attacked her before robo-bitch got me…*coughs*…I don’t know what it is and it hasn’t registered on medical records either…


Jet: Tell me, what could have triggered this type of hate…


Kentaro: Well, let me explain something…you know about the shares being split into two different sides don’t you?


Yomi: Yes.


Kentaro: Well, you see, I know Urumi was supposed to be some sort of secret weapon of Ling-Pha’s to hack into the main information system and get the information on the other side. However, despite being one of the shareholders for the company, she mysteriously withdrew this job for unknown reasons. We thought she was working for Kuno at first, considering the problems that she was causing Shel…


Tsuyoshi: I sense a ‘but’ is coming.


Kentaro: Right. However, aside from this, the personal issue was her managing to break a cryptic code into my system, where a lot of my secret files in there…and she was threatening to blackmail me with this.


Yomi: What business?


Kentaro: I…can’t say…


???????: Oh ho! You mean your secret pornography globe?




(Shot as Kodachi Kuno is being lead out. Seeing the detectives, she glares, but continues talking.)


Kodachi: Oh, my brother…well my late brother was one of your more high-profile clients wasn’t he Kentaro-dear? Maybe you killed him to make sure he didn’t blab about that?!


Kentaro: Listen up Kodachi! Whatever you say is a lie and we know it! Besides, we know who is on your side, thanks to our mole.


Kodachi: Ah, but the mole has two sides!


Kentaro: It’s too late anyway Kodachi! We know you’re two bodyguards are in cahoots with gold digging, Heero and Jing – the old man Yosho Misaki was fond of them right? He was fond of both of them and let them in the dealing right?


Kodachi: Ah…but I think more people would be fearful on your side right? As I said, I have my ways of finding out information as well…and maybe you should notify your shareholders and see if one of them killed my dear brother. Say…Ling-Pha, Nabeshin, yourself, Amelia, Urumi herself…


(Kodachi smiles evilly…)


Kodachi: …and Mirielle Bouquet.


(Kentaro freezes. Blood drains from his face as ‘Mirielle’ is mentioned. Jet quickly notices this.)


Jet: Either he didn’t know that…or more likely that was something he didn’t want to hear.


Kentaro: (nervous speaking) Well…well..I-I-I better get on ou-out of here…I’ve got some papers to d-deal with…


Kodachi: I am being forced to not attack you detectives…but sooner or later, you’d better find out who took out my brother…


(Kentaro nervously exits with the detectives behind…)


Tsuyoshi: I get the feeling that Mirielle has a bigger link than just being a shooter for hire now. She is someone we need to be extra careful about…


*   *   *   *




(Oujirou had headed to Urumi’s apartment alone, Yotsuba’s words echoing in his head. Oujirou has been a staple detective, but only Mamoru has done something alone. Can the 17 year old former finalist deus be able to rise to this challenge?)


(A police escort including Ryo Saeba is ready to let Oujirou in. They make a phone call first to Urumi to disable all traps. After a few moments, Urumi’s door opens as Oujirou, whilst calm, seems to be wary…)


Urumi: (calling) I’m upstairs…


(Oujirou, still a bit nervous, heads upstairs, where Urumi is sitting on the bed, just in normal clothes. She seems fine, but then again, Urumi, like Oujirou, is one that doesn’t seem to be able to let her emotions cloud her judgement, and thus, never show.)


Urumi: Well…only one detective? Maybe they’ve had enough of me…


Oujirou: Not exactly Miss Kanzaki, however a certain Miss Mahoro Ando didn’t want a group to speak to you so it’s just me.


(Urumi smiles – not an evil smile, a real smile.)


Urumi: I see. (sighs) I love those two girls – ignore what anyone says, they are the shred of innocence that I never got to see when I was younger. And yet, I’m the youngest of the three technically…I never really know how old Mahoro is…


Oujirou: (smiles) Very well.


Oujirou: Alone, Urumi was very nice. She genuinely opened up and talked to me, without trying to confuse me or put on her cute act. This was the most pleasant inquiry for me.


Urumi: Anyway, I think I’ll give you some information. Anything you want to know?


Oujirou: Well, what about Kentaro’s attack?


Urumi: Well…I let my guard down. Silly of me really, never expected a businessman to actually go for me. I later learnt from the police that a hit was put on me…and yet a businessman to go for it? I find it unlikely…more like personal rage. Kentaro has had it in for me since I hacked into his business traits.


Oujirou: Business?


Urumi: Oh, he’ll deny it…but basically, it’s a little naughty, let’s put it that way. And I don’t want any of these policemen who have probably bugged this conversation (loud) TO KNOW ABOUT IT!


(Outside, Saeba and half the police fall to the ground…)


Urumi: Ah, that felt better. Anyway, in relation to Kuno, I know thanks to Mahoro what Kuno tried to do to poor Taeko, and trust me, I wasn’t happy. Thank the kamis for Mahoro being there of course…the girl is a bit messed in the head at the best of times…


Oujirou: What about you? Other than that?


Urumi: Well, I did have past business with Kuno…but that’s all I can really say.


Oujirou: Miss Kanzaki, we do have photographic evidence on that…


(Urumi looks at Oujirou for a moment…and then smiles.)


Urumi: Damn Nabeshin…forgot about him…he was the one that first was put on looking on me…he gave up after I fried his hair, but he must have got something on me. This was before Kaji began playing for both sides to say the least…


Oujirou: Yes, we know what happened with Shel…and with Kuno…


Urumi: Oh that…I just did what any genius would do. I seduced the silly pervert, used some knockout gas, tied him up and headed home. He dared not press charges against me because if he did, I would go to town about it and what he tried to do to Taeko.


Oujirou: So the photos of Shel were how long before and the photos of you and Kuno?


Urumi: Oh, the Shel ones were ages ago…the Kuno ones were about…2 days before his death? I’m surprised Nabeshin got those ones…unless someone gave him one.


(New lead – Nabeshin’s riddle photos. One of them seemed to be taken by Nabeshin, but the other? Keep in mind that we have the camera used to take the photos of Kuno’s death as well…this is getting more interesting…)


Urumi: Anyway, the other photos…Shel, this was when Kuno hired me about 3 months ago…the first and last time I did it…this was before I became the tutor I am now anyway. I know he hates my guts, but it was business at the time. I guess I am a businesswoman in some ways.


Oujirou: I see.


Urumi: Anyway…I’m getting pretty tired now, so if you don’t mind, can you leave? I think I’ve given you all the information you need…


Oujirou: Very well Miss Kanzaki, thank you for your time.


(Oujirou leaves, as another days inquiries come to an end. And the teams have found out the following…)


  • Kentaro seemed to be in some illegal pornography business that Kuno was a customer of. Both members of the gold sharing parties know about the other’s shareholders…except maybe Mirielle Bouquet. She’s a shareholder but Kentaro was very shocked to learn of that, but is there another reason why he was shocked?
  • Mahoro seems very protective of Urumi and very nervous of the detectives. Details of the incident between Taeko and Kuno were expanded. Talking to Urumi about the attack by Kentaro led to learning about the photos given by Nabeshin – but one of them may have been given to him. From who and how?
  • A link between Nabeshin and Kuno’s father has been established. Kagome and Izumi’s argument suggests another possible murder weapon – an item known as the lightning ball. Ling-Pha and Nabeshin both accuse each other of killing Kuno, neither of them offering a concrete alibi.


*   *   *   *


(Back at the mansion, Oujirou hasn’t returned yet, and Team 1 are in the midst of talking to various other members about Kentaro and Kodachi’s confrontation…)


Jet: So what he was saying was about the shares, and he and Kodachi had an argument labelling each others people involved with the deal…interestingly, we noticed that one person had been mysteriously left out. Kaji.


Fujitaka: Kaji?


Jet: My guess he wasn’t getting involved with one party on their own, hence why he worked both sides, neither fully trusted him. And Kentaro was even more fearful when Mirielle was mentioned than when Urumi was involved…


Shizuka: With what we went on, it seems there is more than one obvious motive – the problem is, who would go to such lengths for the chance of control…or is it just a simple case of revenge?


Tsuyoshi: Well…


Kiyone: Yeah?


Tsuyoshi: I just realised someone else they didn’t mention.


Jet: Who?


Tsuyoshi: Izumi.


(A small pause…)


Tsuyoshi: Well, you would have thought with her mother being on the board of directors that she would have been involved somehow…


Kiyone: Maybe she doesn’t need it…


Tsuyoshi: That wouldn’t explain why rich people like Ling-Pha and Kentaro would get involved then…


Shizuka: Good point…


Tsuyoshi: My guess is…there is something that Izumi or her mother didn’t want them to know about, so have just got involved with their friend’s affairs…there is a connection between Nabeshin and Mrs Himuro for example…


Kiyone: Either you are thinking too deep…or you are a genius.


Tsuyoshi: The latter please…


(As this happens, a knock on the door occurs. Kiyone goes to open it…)


Oujirou: I have returned.


Shizuka: Ah, good going Oujirou-kun.


Jet: You didn’t get caught did you?


Oujirou: Not at all. A very pleasant outing.


Shizuka: Seriously? You did go and see Urumi didn’t you?


(Oujirou laughs)


Oujirou: Yes, I did Shizuka, and as I said, it was a very pleasant outing.


(Oujirou quickly explains the information he found, as Yomiko joins the team from her LI spot…meaning only Yomi, Hideki and Mamoru are now not in the inquiry room…)


Jet: So…she has connections in the past with Kuno, but severed them after learning what he tried to do with Taeko.


Shizuka: That girl…if she killed Kuno, I wouldn’t arrest her, I’d probably give her the thumbs up…


Fujitaka: So, who is the most suspect?


(The team goes into a deep think…)


Kiyone: At this stage, it’s hard not to suspect someone like Urumi. She has a motive – revenge. She’s smart, also has a sub-plot with the shares meaning she can kill two birds with one stone, and considering other that 2 people seem to dislike her, she would probably strike again without much prejudice…


Tsuyoshi: What I said made sense, considering I suspect Izumi to be the killer. She doesn’t have a complete clear cut motive yet, but I suspect her mainly because of the little things, like the fact she isn’t in the shareholders troupe. The little things can add up to the big picture.


Shizuka: I think Ling-Pha is the killer. I think she sent Kentaro out to kill Urumi and now he has failed, she may try to do it herself. She has the power, but wants more. Selfishness and greed can be stupid motives, but to someone like her, it’s all the reasoning she needs…


(Meanwhile in the kitchen, Hideki and Mamoru try to put their elimination of Yomi into plan…)


Mamoru: …we can use the alliance excuse as a way to vote if necessary. I don’t really like doing this but…


Hideki: …it’s the best way. Not drawing attention to ourselves…


(Unknown to them, someone is listening. And she has rimmed glasses, long brown hair…and a sinister smirk…)


Yomi: Heh.


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: Whilst I certainly acknowledge she is a threat, I won’t vote someone off on that basis. I haven’t enjoyed voting at all, and I’m my own man to decide my own decisions.


(Fujitaka leaves a disappointed Hideki and Mamoru…as they realise what the difference between this time and last time…)


Hideki: Yui just dug a grave for herself last time. Yomi hasn’t done that, no matter what we say.


Mamoru: Well…let’s try Oujirou and Shizuka out…


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: We believe she may be making alliances against everyone…


Shizuka: Are you sure?


Hideki: (lying through his teeth) Yes, we are sure she is ganging up against everyone in the house for her own needs…


(Oujirou notices the tone of Hideki’s voice, and in a similar way when he found out Arisu’s chip in her pocket which stopped Hikaru moving properly, looks at Hideki in a concerned way…)


Oujirou: (walking away) I’m getting ready for the envelope opening.


(The two other guys don’t realise the Prince of the Layer has exited and continue to talk to Shizuka…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: Yeah, that should work…


Yomi: It should. He’s been after her since day one.


Kiyone: It should be O.K…I hope…


Tsuyoshi: It could be 5 against 4 though…


Yomi: Well, don’t worry. They’re going after me anyway if that does happen…


Kiyone: Yomi, don’t think like that!


Yomi: I’m not, because I got you guys here.


(A few smiles as Yomi, Tsuyoshi, Kiyone and eventually an embarrassed Jet puts his hand in the centre – has a 4 tier alliance begun?)


*   *   *   *




(Its 2 hours before the next killer game which will be decided now. They will open the two envelopes, one to try and clear and suspect, and after the two votes have been cast, the red envelope will give the two victims a location each. At one will be an important clue, the other…the killer.)


(Yotsuba enters)


Yotsuba: A few tired eyes I see, which is no surprise considering the nature of these cases now, but we musn’t give up now. You guys on the whole have been doing well. Team 1 got some information about the shareholders and noticed some unusual reactions within Kentaro especially when suggesting about suspect Mirielle. Both suspects have been released now on bail, and both are still suspects so we must keep a good eye on them.


(Yotsuba moves over and looks in particular at Shizuka and Oujirou.)


Yotsuba: With Team 2, I have to congratulate Shizuka for really managing to keep the situation with Taeko under control as she spilt her heart. And Oujirou, it was a risk going to Urumi’s alone, but it was worth it, as you learnt more about Urumi’s past with Kuno, as well as her relationship with Taeko and Mahoro. That was very good.


(On the LI chair, Yomiko’s eyes widen…and she smiles.)


Yotsuba: Team 3 had the whole crowd to deal with, Ling-Pha, Nabeshin, Kagome, Izumi…it was a chaos of arguments as you found out about the fact that two of them don’t have concrete alibis, plus a new motive involving Kuno’s father and Nabeshin’s fiancé and also reasoning within a motive for Izumi and even Kagome, with talks of an alleged affair, plus a real possible murder weapon as well…an item only known as a ‘lightning ball’ which Kagome seems to suggest Izumi may have used. We may need to know more.


(The team are silent as Yotsuba does the talking.)


Yotsuba: Well ladies and gentlemen, the tension can be cut with a knife, so let’s just get on with it. We have two envelopes. First, we open the black envelope to discover the killer question. If you get the question correct, you will clear another suspect, so best thinking heads on.


(Yotsuba opens the black envelope and ‘checkiis’ it)


Yotsuba: According to the two people who were in jail, how many people overall are involved in the shares dealing?


(This was Team 1’s inquiry…)




Kodachi: Ah…but I think more people would be fearful on your side right? As I said, I have my ways of finding out information as well…and maybe you should notify your shareholders and see if one of them killed my dear brother. Say…


(end flashback)


Jet: Let’s see…we wrote these down, we got…Jing and Heero along with Kodachi on one side, so that’s three…


Tsuyoshi: There was more on the other side wasn’t there?


Yomi: We got Kentaro, Ling-Pha, Urumi, Nabeshin…


Tsuyoshi: Mirielle as well…got her.


Yomi: Is that it?


(They are trying to look through their notes…)


Jet: No wait, that other girl as well…Amelia, see?


(Yomi and Tsuyoshi look at the notes, and yes Amelia’s name is on the motives for shares (though she has since been cleared). The team think…)


Tsuyoshi: That’s three…and six on the two sides…


Yomi: Nine altogether.


Jet: Do you want to go with that?


Mamoru: How sure are you?


Tsuyoshi: Amelia is the only one I’m unsure off…but she is a princess of nobility, so I guess it wouldn’t be surprising.


Jet: I can’t remember Kodachi saying Amelia…but it’s on my notes so…


Yomi: We’ll take your word Jet.


(The team turn to Yotsuba, who types in their answer, ‘9’….)




(The team cheer as they have got 3 out of 3. Who is the next suspect to be cleared?)




Kiyone: Wow, Shel cleared.


Jet: I guess it’s surprising when anyone is cleared, because we suspect everyone for whatever reason now.


(The team have now cleared three people with 15 to go. However, tonight, another detective will become fish bait thanks to the killer. So who will it be?)


Yotsuba: I will now ask you to go into the booth where you will put a photograph of whoever you wish to be eliminated in an envelope. The person that gets the most photographs will be the first person to play the killer’s game. I wish you all the best of luck.


(The killer’s game vote is never an easy one…or is it?)


*   *   *   *




Hideki: I will vote for Koyomi today. Her deep Chi voice spooks me I will admit, but she’s a threat whether she realises it herself, and I think she is one that could play devious.




Mamoru: I will vote for Yomi on the grounds I feel she is ready to turn the tables around and make the game more tricky.






Jet: I will vote for Mamoru tonight. There is a problem against us, and he is the smartest one that probably holds the glue together. Needs to be removed.




Yomi: Tonight, I will be voting for Mamoru. Sorry, but I overheard everything, and whilst you are a nice guy, the fact that you want to go against me is the reasoning enough. Besides, makes the game more fun.




Kiyone: An alliance has been formed Mamoru, and you are the first victim of it. I’ve got nothing against you personally, but whilst I held ill feelings towards Yui last time, it does seem that the smartest are the threats. And you are by far the smartest within your group. Sorry.




Tsuyoshi: I’m voting for Mamoru for two reasons. One because it was a group decision and two because I still haven’t forgiven the kid like ideology I’ve been set up between you and Hideki…




Shizuka: I will be voting for Yomi tonight…I do feel she is swaying members of the group maybe for her own benefits, so I feel this is the best idea.




Oujirou: I will be voting for Hideki tonight. His state of panic suggests he is going into the game wrongly and he hasn’t got an idea what to do so is pointing fingers in every direction but himself. Even if he is right, he is drawing attention to himself with his desperate nature.




Fujitaka: I will vote for Hideki tonight. I’m voting now purely on the basis on who I feel is the weakest link, and that is Hideki. I’m sorry.


*   *   *   *


(The votes have been counted and Yotsuba smiles)


Yotsuba: I’ll gather the votes.


(Yotsuba unearths the photos with a wry smile with some tinges of surprise around her cute face. She turns to the team…)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killer’s game…


(Dramatic pause mark 1…)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(Mark 2…)


Yotsuba: Mamoru.


(Yet again, another shock as Mamoru is very surprised by the vote…)


MAMORU (4) – Jet, Kiyone, Yomi, Tsuyoshi

Yomi (3) – Mamoru, Hideki, Shizuka

Hideki (2) – Fujitaka, Oujirou


Yotsuba: Now it’s time for the lead investigator to make her vote so Yomiko, if you please?


(Yomiko stands up as a few (namely Shizuka) look very nervous…)


Yomiko: As you know, I’ve played two killer games already, so now having to make sure someone else plays one…you’d think I’d be happy. Well, I’m not. Making this choice is never good for both the person doing it and the person being chosen, as I’m sure both Fujitaka and Shizuka know.


(Yomiko pauses)


Yomiko: Last time…Shizuka voted me off for a poor excuse in my eyes. And I will admit, the thought of revenge against her could have been taken…


(Another pause)


Yomiko: …but I won’t.


(Shizuka’s eyes widen…)


Yomiko: Yotsuba said you did well during talking to Taeko, and whether people like it or not, our best guys and girls have to be out there to do the job out there. However…there is one person who has been doing nothing but relying on others…such as Shizuka and Oujirou by the sounds of things today, and has done jack all from the start. So whilst some people vote for the strong people, I will vote for the weakest link – which is Hideki.


(Hideki’s angry looking frown obviously suggests the more than frank reply …)


Yomi: We had a talk and realised without Mamoru, Hideki isn’t much. So the plan was to vote for Mamoru, hope he gets the choice, and then Yomiko vote for either Hideki or Shizuka. It worked.


Hideki: The vote…sucked. Mamoru and I were played for fools, and our plans fell to pieces like bits of Yomiko’s paper.


*   *   *   *


Yotsuba: It’s time to open the red envelope, where two smaller brown envelopes will reside. They both have locations where one will hold an important clue, the other, the killer.


(Yotsuba does so and first offers the envelope choice to Mamoru. Tuxedo Kamen takes one and opens it…)


Mamoru: I’m going to Kentaro’s Mansion.


(Hideki takes the remaining envelope…)


Hideki: And I’ll be going to ‘The Tennis Club.’


(Both are on Promised Island so they don’t have to worry about the boat trip. All they have to worry about is the killer…)


Yotsuba: Good luck guys…you’ll need it.


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: That was a bust…


Hideki: You telling me. We screwed up, end of story.


Mamoru: We were too busy building a hole against others that we didn’t see the hole we were building ourselves.


Hideki: Oh well, let’s do a Yomiko and Yui and mess with their heads for next time…


Mamoru: I’m not sure if that’s the best way between which one of us comes back, but…hey, it was fun whilst it lasted.


(The two men shake hands…)


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: What? How did you figure that out?


Yomi: Simple. I overheard them. They wanted to eliminate me.


Kiyone: And you didn’t tell us?


Yomi: Calmness before the storm dear Kiyone…besides, we figured if we voted for Mamoru then you would vote for either Shizuka or Hideki anyway.


Yomiko: That was mean! You didn’t tell me…


(Yomiko mockingly pouts (cutely of course, this is Yomiko we’re talking about…) as the other girls laugh.)


Kiyone: If Yomi is right, this could be a group of 5 which would be near invincible…I think…if we add Yomiko in, and considering how much she has improved after those infamous first 2 days, it’s no surprise…


(In the kitchen…)

Shizuka: I’m amazed I’m still here…


Tsuyoshi: See, she’s not as bad as you thought!


(Jet, Fujitaka and Oujirou offers mugs of tea, coffee or milk as Shizuka calms her nerves down…)


Shizuka: I guess…I felt for sure she was picking me…


Jet: Well, tonight will change a few things…not sure what, but it will…


Fujitaka: So Hideki-san and Mamoru-san will be separated as well. Where does that leave the survivor?


Shizuka: Probably the next LI seat…


Tsuyoshi: Eep.


Jet: Never thought of that…


(Shizuka smiles…)


Shizuka: I’m disappointed that either Mamoru-san or Hideki will be going, but I’m still here, and the feeling is that like with Yui, they will nominate each other for the next LI, meaning that the safety net that the group that eliminate had will be cut…I hope…


*   *   *   *




(Shirase and Kintaro are ready and waiting outside. Hideki and Mamoru have already got their stuff ready and are heading out. Surprisingly, the two seem to be on friendly terms with everyone as they are prepared to leave…but as Jet says as they exit the door…)


Jet: Friendly now, but how long will that last when one of them gets back?


Oujirou: The game continues to get more and more interesting.


*   *   *   *




Hideki: It feels like death is waiting for me…


Shirase: Huh?


Hideki: Going into the abyss, it’s like a hangman’s noose is waiting for me. And all I can think of is…will I be able to see Chi?


Shirase: Chi?


Hideki: Oh sorry…rambling.


(Hideki looks at the ring he got from Chi…)


Hideki: (to himself) Let’s do this…




Kintaro: …so judging by those roses, you are either a superhero of justice or a magical florist. This is very educational!


(Mamoru sweatdrops as Chromus had to throw in Kintaro’s trademark line in there somewhere…YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT!!!)


Mamoru: Never the less…with that said, I’ve felt death before in my long lost mind…and didn’t like it then. I’m not sure whether I should like it now if I face it, one more time.


(Mamoru fingers a rose in one hand and a photo of him and Usako, a.k.a. Usagi Tsukino with their daughter from the future (also named Usagi, but called Chibi-Usa))


Mamoru: (quietly) Usako…


*   *   *   *





(Mamoru Chiba studies the map he has been given for today’s killers game. The mansion, which looks to have been entered already with various boards of wood splintered, and a spraypaint arrow indicating where Mamoru has to head off to, is not a good sign for Tuxedo Kamen.)


Mamoru: So this is the basement entrance…


(Mamoru opens it…and is surprised as he shines his torch into the area.)


Mamoru: What the…


(The area is flooded. It’s knee deep, so Mamoru has to be careful not to drop his torch into the water otherwise he’s kinda screwed. He manages to get to the stairs where as he opens the door, there are two lines of dying and/or dead plants on each side of a thin corridor.)


Mamoru: Looks like the welcoming committee has come here…I could do with some of Rei’s spiritual energy…or Ami’s super computer…or Mako’s strength…or Minako’s energy…


(He clutches his fist)


Mamoru: …or Usako’s determination…


(Mamoru heads on…)


*   *   *   *





(At the tennis club, Hideki is heading through the ground, which is an open plain and is hard for Hideki not to see anything unusual…)


Hideki: Ow…hey!


(…or in this case, hear and feel the sound of tennis balls from the firing machines aiming at him.)


Hideki: (panting) O.K, now what?


(Hideki bypasses the tennis balls and continues to follow his map. Hideki pants for a bit more, a combination of fear, adrenalin and possibly lack of exercise the main reasons for this. The next destination…)


Hideki: O.K, looks like I’m heading to the club house…


(Suddenly, a torso drops from the roof of the club house…causing Hideki to nearly have a heart attack…)


Hideki: N-not good…


(Hideki braves on…)


*   *   *   *




(Mamoru continues into a secluded area of the mansion. He notices a door which has been boarded, seems quite recently. The boards are loose and easy to remove…)


Mamoru: What have we got here?


(It appears Mamoru has found a secret entrance…which is has to follow. Only one problem…)


Mamoru: That is not good…


(The entrance is circular, and dripping from it…well…make your own thoughts…but here’s a hint. It’s red, it’s not a nice smell and it’s stuff that Mamoru has seen come out of his own body many times battling enemies…)


Mamoru: This…is…


(Mamoru braves entering the secret entrance…)


*   *   *   *




(After braving the torso, Hideki continues into the club house, and the combination of smashed glasses and blood is making him go into ‘near barfing’ stage.)


Hideki: Now what…


(He looks at his map…and realises he has to follow to the end of the house, and into the main locker rooms…the girls ones naturally…)


Hideki: I’ve heard a rumour about perverts going into girls locker rooms and not living to tell about it but this is a bit ridiculous…


(After realising that no-one was coming out to tell him that it was a joke, he has to continue, avoiding the glass and blood on the floor…and the sign of the killer, a pig’s heart with a butcher’s knife at the end of the bar…quite a bit different from the pickled eggs…)


*   *   *   *




(The not pleasant trip through the secret tunnel leads Mamoru to a large central area of the mansion. And there is…)


Mamoru: The flowers…not roses but still as deadly.


(Mamoru goes over to the flowers, the black tiger lilies…but then someone out of nowhere launches at him…)


Mamoru: NOOOO…


*   *   *   *




(Hideki’s search in the locker room leads him to the flowers by a window. He goes to them…when suddenly a bang from one of the lockers gets his attention…)


Hideki: What was that?


(He goes to the locker…nervously opens it…)




Hideki: Huh?




Hideki: I thought the clue was…




(Hideki turns)


Hideki: NOOOOO!








*   *   *   *


(Back with Mamoru…)


(We see Mamoru helping up a coughing and spluttering Kentaro Sakata. He isn’t looking too well. Over his body are green spots, which makes him look disease ridden or a second-rate Zelgadis.)


(However, the coughing of blood makes Mamoru realise this is serious…)


Mamoru: Kentaro, hang in there…


Kentaro: (coughing) That bitch…Kanzaki…did this…the spray…


Mamoru: Let’s get you to the hospital…


(We next see Mamoru helping Kentaro into Kintaro’s taxi, as Mamoru gathers the killer clue in his big bag…)


Mamoru: Ironic isn’t it?


(In the bag, is a selection of vines with thorns on them. Mamoru had to wonder if they are rose thorns…they are VERY BIG vines though…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: Nearly time, so who do you want to come back? *sweatdrops* Or does anyone care?


(We see Yomiko reading in the corner, Fujitaka and Oujirou playing a game of go, Yomi look like she’s writing some notes, and Tsuyoshi the luckiest young man on earth, sitting between Shizuka and Kiyone (hope Aya isn’t watching) taking a nap…)


Jet: I’m getting old…


(Suddenly, they hear the taxi come as the light dim to blue. Almost everyone’s attention is back, except for Tsuyoshi, who has to wake up from the comfortable spot he was in, as Kiyone and Shizuka help stir him.)


Kiyone: So who will be the next Lead Investigator? Hey, I’m not stupid…


(Shot as the double doors open…)


(…as Mamoru Chiba takes off a top hat to greet the team.)


Mamoru: I hope your night was as enjoyable as mine…actually, it wasn’t that enjoyable at all…


Yomi/Shizuka/Kiyone/Yomiko: MAMO-CHAN!!!


(Mamoru sweatdrops as the girls glomp him…)


Jet: Believe it or not, that was Oujirou’s idea…


Oujirou: (smiles) What can I say?


Mamoru: I think welcome back will do.


(Shot as Mamoru seems ready to make peace…)


Mamoru: I would like to start anew. What happened in the past week doesn’t matter now. I’m ready to make some new ideas and to change things for the better. So will you give me a second chance?


Kiyone: No-one ever said you weren’t a good detective Mamoru, that’s partly the reason many of us voted for you…a threat. We hope however that things will definitely be for the better, and we’ll be glad if you are a part of it.


Mamoru: Very well. I can’t ask more than that.


(In the inquiry room, Yomi and Jet are looking at the thorns, and even with their intelligence, they are bamboozled…)


Yomi: Yomiko, have you got any plant books?


(Looks like an all-nighter for Yomiko Readman…but it was her choice Hideki Motsomoya who was eliminated whilst the group’s choice Mamoru Chiba survived a killer’s game. Who will be the next victim of the killer? Find out next time on The Murder Game 2…)





*   *   *   *


(Next time on the Murder Game 2)


(A trip to Amelia gives more evidence on the unusual killer clue…)


Amelia: It’s seem to be magic created…


Oujirou: Magic?


Amelia: You said it has Kuno’s blood…so the killer may be associated with magic…or the vines may have been brought from a foreign climate as well…


(Associating murder with the most adorable girl since Chiyo-chan may not be the best thing for our detective’s conscience…)


Aria: Aria…want…Arima…


Kiyone: What happened with Arima that night sweetheart?


(Aria begins to cry…)


(And a whole new plot spins when Izumi crosses paths with Ling-Pha about a building…with an unexpected ally…)


Ling-Pha: I thought you was on my side!


Izumi: Not if it ruins the ghosts of my friends!!!


Ling-Pha: And who else can stop me? Guards…huh?


(We see all 4 guards down and out thanks to…)


*   *   *   *


And with that bombshell secret still a secret…


Gah…actually I finished this on the eve of England’s defeat to France in the 2004 European Championship…not to mention my failure to make the top 32 in the British YGO Championships…(not to mention the debacle that was the time management at there…gah, made me miss the Midlands Anime Club Meet…)…so to vend out my frustration, went and wasted Hideki. Yay me.


Hideki’s involvement was one of either shock loser win or early casualty. Well, whilst Greta and Yui may have surprised you, Hideki shouldn’t have. He was our Bean Bandit…but without the Misao fixation (not in that way…leave that to Shirase…*shudders about BPS – I wrote him in before episode 8…*).


Hideki fits the mold of lovable loser, usually in the college student or trying to get into college/university a la Keitaro Urashima and Kaoru Hanabishi (though Kaoru actually is in college so he’s not a complete loser no matter what lies Adam Pulver may tell you…^_^). Of course, considering how popular Chi is, Hideki may be seen as the secondary character (compare Keitaro’s popularity to Naru’s is similar…and even then, Shinobu, Motoko and Mutsumi also have higher fanbase than our favourite ronin…) but I find him very fun. At the end (at least in the manga, haven’t seen all the series yet), he turns out to be someone very noble, but hey, let’s face it, Plum/Sumono is the real star. :}


Speaking of Hideki, dub VA is Crispin Freeman, so not too surprising he should butt heads with Yomiko early on as Freeman is the voice of Joker in RoD. O.K, butting heads refers to the TV series, but it’s my fic and I’m sticking to it. Freeman has a couple of roles in both past MG and present MG which you can link with. Amelia’s compatriot Zelgadis and last seasons crossdreser Hibiki Amawa being the main examples. Freeman is one of the most talents VA’s in the business, more unusual when he doesn’t really work for a set company like ADV or Pioneer. He’s worked on Slayers, Hellsing, I My Me, RoD – all 4 from different companies so he’s certainly gets around. Watching the Slayer’s commentary also showed me how young he is – he seems like he’s been around forever! (Though Kevin Korn of ADV still holds the youth (and most fangirls) title…)


Anyway, hope you look forward to next time! Check one, you check. Check twice, you checkii! Yay!


(Remind me to make sure not to get ‘yay’ in my head when Monica comes to Amecon…)