*   *   *   *


More blood and guts coming your way as the third chapter of the Murder Game goes underway. Now the real action begins so get that recyclable blood ready Hatchan!


*cough and splutter off screen…*


Yes…(gets Ruri Hanada from Tokyo Underground ready…well Will-chan is off duty and Ruri’s cuter anyway…)


Now what will happen? Are the girls in trouble with two eliminated or is just their imagination? Will there be a surprise vote this time? And how will the detectives handle their latest inquiries. Ladies and the gentlemen, the heat is on and the detectives don’t want to be roasted alive.


So let’s get cooking…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2


(Shot of the then 11 detectives)


The reality of the game really sunk in with the elimination of young Greta.


Shizuka: (nods) I know, but the fact that losing Greta-chan this early surprised me, and all I can show for it is sleeping alone…


(Cut to a guilty look on the faces of Hideki and Mamoru, with Jet in the kitchen coughing to avoid seeing it with Fujitaka, his eyes closed….)


On the case, more mysteries were unravelling as Izumi and Kagome seemed to be suggesting different things…


Izumi: Whatever she says, she’s lying I tell you!


Mamoru: Please understand Miss Himuro, we’re trying to…


Izumi: You tell that bitch to stop implementing me when it was her own fault! No matter what she says…


…and thanks to Nabeshin, new leads involving everyone’s favourite head bitch came into play…


Tsuyoshi: We have recent evidence concerning you and a Mr. Shel De Montigny. Can you explain this?


(Urumi is silent for a moment, before smiling.)


Tsuyoshi: So, what do you say?


(Urumi is again silent before simply saying…)


Urumi: Why don’t you ask Shel…


The vote was equally unkind to Yomiko a second time, this time with lead investigator Shizuka putting the boot in. The team however had to decide between an arguing duo…


Hideki: Hold it!


Yui: Get off me!


Hideki: Stop it with this ‘holier than thou’ attitude!


Yui: This coming from this piece of uselessness?


Hideki: Useless?


Yui: You heard me!


Shizuka: Guys stop it!


However, it seemed Yui’s greater threat was a key point as she got the vote. And…




(The flames surround her as it blinds her…)




Yui: Not again…now wh…










A second victim was claimed. Yomiko survived a second time. What will happen now?




*   *   *   *


*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die

Hideaki Motsumuya - Chobits

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi - ELIMINATED

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura

Oujirou Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh!






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun – Slayers - CLEARED

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro - Mahoromatic




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing


*   *   *   *


(We see that somewhere on one of the islands (unsure which one) we see someone in a dark room, glowing blue candles.)


(As the light becomes clearer, we see it is a familiar face to MG fans, Chikage, another girl from the photograph.)


(Suddenly, one of the blue candle flashes and vanishes diagonally. Chikage looks on.)


Chikage: This…is a bad sign…


*   *   *   *




(Fujitaka and Oujirou are up already. We can clearly hear the sound of running water upstairs so someone is in the shower and getting up. Also, seems someone is writing nearby in the main inquiry room.)


Oujirou: Looks like even the most determined will want to sleep in. Though I doubt that Kiyone is a shining example of that.


Fujitaka: Well, at least Yomi-san is trying to keep her mind on the case this early. I guess she figures that no-one else will bother her.


(Fujitaka gets ready to make breakfast. With Jet still asleep most likely, Oujirou goes to help out.)


Fujitaka: Oujirou-san?


Oujirou: Yes?


Fujitaka: Were we too hard last night in voting for Yui-san?


(Oujirou sighs and looks to the floor…)


Oujirou: In a way, Hideki was right. She is a threat, but in that respect, everyone here is a threat, just some less than others. I think we just seized an opportunity when she made a mistake, an excuse if you will, to vote her off…


(We hear someone coming downstairs. It’s Yomiko, who was the person in the shower as her long messy black hair is still wet. Yomiko has already played two killers games and survived them both. However last time around she was voted off by the lead investigator, and unknown to her, nobody actually voted for her. Still, she does at least seem cheerful.)


Yomiko: Nothing comes from being annoyed or depressed. I feel bad inside yes after last night, for me and for poor Yui, but today is a new day, and today is when Yomiko Readman shines.


Yomiko: G’morning…


Fujitaka: Morning Yomiko-san.


Oujirou: Are you O.K?


Yomiko: Yeah…wasn’t so bad last night. Yui though…


(Just outside in the main room, Yomi is concentrating on her notes.)


Yomi: It’s unusual for me to study this early…mainly because I have to go wake up Tomo and that’s a miracles nature in itself! However, this is a type of studying that I need to get into my head. Every suspect, every motive, every link to the crime, every piece of evidence…it has to be memorised so that you can look at it from every angle…


Yomiko: What you doing?


(Yomi nearly jumps out of her chair hearing the perky paper-girl from behind her…)


Yomi: Yomiko, don’t do that…


Yomiko: (smiling) Sor-ry, but the way you were reading, I was afraid that people might mistake you for me, and then you’d be playing the killer’s games all the time, and I wouldn’t want that on my conscience!


(Yomi sighs)


Yomi: You O.K?


Yomiko: I guess I am now. Yui going was a blow, sleeping alone in there was not a good experience…but…


Yomi: But…


(Yomiko turns and winks)


Yomiko: …the next two days may change that perception.


(Yomiko leaves as Yomi wonders what she meant…)


*   *   *   *




(Everyone is now up, including the stragglers. We see Tsuyoshi trying to look over his notes whilst wiping the sleep from his eyes and missing his mouth where his spoon of cornflakes failed to connect. On one side, Oujirou is talking with Hideki and Mamoru.)


Oujirou: I’m just saying it was a way of getting rid of an early problem, whether we liked it or not…


Hideki: As long as it brings peace to the group…


(Kiyone and Jet seem in deep conversation…)


Jet: I’m not sure. Maybe wait after I’ve woken up a bit…


Kiyone: We just felt to strength the chances. Everybody wins in other words.


Jet: Until the end. (smiles)


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Kiyone: I’ve decided to make the first move in strengthening the alliance, and Jet is first choice on the list. If we’ve got him, we’ve got a 3 person cushion. I guess now, 5 would be the best bet but we’ll take what we can to start with.


(Suddenly, Yomiko in the corner reading a poetry book, smiles.)


Yomiko: Check once, you check. Check twice, you checkii. Check three times…and you are out.


(What did she mean?)


*   *   *   *




(It’s time for the morning inquiry. Yotsuba enters looking forlorn as she addresses the team.)


Yotsuba: It’s time to rally troops. We lost another last night and the killer obviously is hunting for more. Yomiko returned last night with the killer clue whilst Yui Hongo faced the killer and was eliminated. However, she may be gone, but she won’t be forgotten as her last will and testament will…er…testify…


(Yotsuba gets a remote)


Yotsuba: She will be upon us one more time, and will nominate her choice for the next spot as lead investigator.


(Yui didn’t make too many friends after the argument with Hideki, but the lead investigator spot is an enviable one. So who will Yui pick to be safe for two days)


(A shot of the 18 year old blonde bishoujo appears for the final time.)


Yui: If I fail to return, I think it’s only fair that the person who played the game with me gets a chance to get some revenge for both of us. So I will select Yomiko Readman as the next lead investigator.


(The team shift their eyes to Yomiko. She has already played two killers games and thus, may not be the most popular in the group. However, have the early actions of a few people be ready to haunt them…a close look at Shizuka sees her adam’s apple bobbing…)


Yotsuba: Yomiko, can you come up here to the front?


(Yomiko does so. She is now safe for 2 days and at least for this episode WON’T be elligable for the killer’s game…much to probably a few people’s chagrin.)


Hideki: I didn’t think she’d be here after playing 2 games. She has the devil’s luck. However, that luck could be our undoing…


Shizuka: Whether she is the vengeful type I don’t know, but thanks to my move last night, I may be the one to suffer for this move by Yui…


Yotsuba: Right, now that first order of business has been done, let’s move onto our next bit of business. And rather appropriate, it was our lead investigator who found this out when she played the killer’s game last night…


(Yotsuba holds up the killer clue – a gun. It has been established as a Smith and Weston gun, 45mm.)


Yotsuba: What this is, is in fact Kuno’s own licenced gun…and it was fired recently. There are no bullets inside it, but from fingerprint evidence, there are only one set of prints visible. And they belong to Kodachi Kuno.


(The fact that Tatewaki’s prints WEREN’T on the gun is probably more interesting.)


Yotsuba: What does that tell us?


Kiyone: That Kuno himself hadn’t touched the weapon recently, and that his sister had. That means he didn’t have it on him when he got killed.


Yotsuba: And who did have access?


Jet: Kodachi.


Yotsuba: What does that tell you?


Tsuyoshi: The obvious idea is that Kodachi could have used it against him, but I feel that is too simple. Maybe she hired someone to kill Kuno and stole the weapon so that he couldn’t protect himself?


Shizuka: Kendo stick vs. gun equals no match.


Yomi: We’re not sure if Tatewaki was killed by a gun yet though…


Yotsuba: Good points, all of you. One thing is for certain, we need to speak with Kodachi Kuno. We need to find out about the gun, the evidence we have on her and what she did or intended to use it for. So our first team will be doing that. Go to the Kuno mansion and use the knowledge we know and discussed to find out what you can. Yomiko, can you deal out the first hand?


Yomiko: You mean select a team?


Yotsuba: That too.




Yomiko: O.K, Jet, Yomi…and Tsuyoshi.


(Team 1 will be Jet, Yomi and Tsuyoshi. Their inquiry is to interview Kodachi Kuno.)


Yotsuba: O.K, so the killer clue has been discussed. So what’s the next issue as we have plenty to go through? Well, I suggest the next best person to speak to is the girl who seems to be involved with anyone and everyone.


Kiyone: Urumi Kanzaki.


Yotsuba: Ping-pong! Kiyone is right!


(more sweatdrops)


Yotsuba: Seriously, we received some key information. From the Kuno’s phone bill, we received some big information. On the night of the murder, Kuno was called last by Miss Kanzaki.


(A look at the phone bill reveals that at 10.45pm on the 1st May, a call was made from a residence which is confirmed as Kanzaki’s. That was the last call of the night.)


Yotsuba: Now apparently no-one answered. However, we recovered the answering machine services from that day, and this is what we found.


*beep sound – then a voice*


Urumi: You sick…twisted…little f***…you want to talk…you want to show those photos? You forgot about what you tried to do to Taeko didn’t you? Well…I show you what a real danger Urumi Kanzaki really is!!!


*beep sound – end message*


Yotsuba: Oh dear…


Mamoru: I think that is as clear as evidence as we are going to get. It was literally a threat.


Yotsuba: Mamoru-dear, that isn’t literal, it’s damn positive it was! So our next team will be interviewing Urumi. Find out about this message, the relevance it has to her relationship with Taeko and Mahoro, plus remember the photographs as well? See if they have any significance. Yomiko?


(Yomiko makes Shizuka, Hideki and Oujirou team number two. They will interview Urumi Kanzaki using new and old evidence to their advantage.)


Yotsuba: So our final team by default is Kiyone, Fujitaka and Mamoru. We are going to have you guys chase a relatively new suspect. Now last night, a team bumped into Haruka at her temple and then bumped into Arima…and he said some interesting stuff…




Arima: I want to say this easily. I had a grudge with Kuno….there I admitted it. He cheated his way to victory at a recent kendo tournament when he or his sister drugged me during the final match. That gives me a large motive…but I’m confident of saying this to you. Why? Because I didn’t kill him.


Jet: I thank you for that.


Arima: Not a problem.


Mamoru: Can we ask your alibi then? It was on the 1st of May, between 11.30 and midnight.


(Arima has to pause and think)


Arima: I had been at a cherry blossom festival the day, and knowing me, I probably fell asleep. I know it was late when I woke up, but I don’t know what time exactly. I just went home after that.


(The detectives note that)


Mamoru: Thank you for talking to us.


Arima: No problem.


Yotsuba: Sometimes the one that speak the most have the most to hide. We need to learn more about this tournament and see if this grudge holds water. So the newly formed Team 3, what I want you to do is to go to the great library on Deathtrap and learn as much as you can about this tournament, and see if there was evidence of rigging and if Arima does have such a motive.


(Team 3 is Kiyone, Fujitaka and Mamoru. They will go to the great library (where Yomiko survived the killer’s game last night) and learn more about this kendo tournament where Arima claims of Kuno sabotaging to his favour.)


Yotsuba: Check one, you check. Check twice, you checkii. Off you go…


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: I think it’s nerve wracking now.


Fujitaka: Why?


Mamoru: Because we are now under surveillance from Yomiko, and it’s not a pleasant feeling.


Fujitaka: I think it’s O.K. She wants to prove herself to this group and I felt she did rather well last night. It was just Shizuka’s decision just as it was for me to choose Greta.


Kiyone: He’s just nervous because he and Hideki…


Mamoru: Please, everything is clear now…


Kiyone: Sure.


(Mamoru looks stern but carries on. On the other hand…)


Shizuka: She had those teams planned didn’t she…


Hideki: Oh yeah…she’s smart, that’s one thing I’ll give her credit for. And lucky…very…very…lucky.


Oujirou: You’re very…very…upset aren’t you?


(Like most Angelic Layer characters, Oujirou seems to have the ability to sneak up on people without others notcing, and Hideki jumps 6 foot into the air…)


Hideki: Don’t do that! *breathes out*


Oujirou: Sorry. Shall we go?


Hideki: Yeah, as soon as we can convince Shizuka that Yomiko’s eyes aren’t glued to her back…


Shizuka: The lead investigators decision can really go against you if they don’t work. It did with Fujitaka whteher I liked it or not. It didn’t with me…


Oujirou: Shizuka has a right to be nervous. She tried to eliminate Yomiko just as she was fitting in so she has a right to have a grudge against Shizuka. I’ll be very surprised if Shizuka doesn’t play a killer’s game in two days time. Let’s see if Yomiko is vengeful.


(Back inside…)


Yomi: I’m not going to do a Hideki, but just be good O.K?


Yomiko: (laughs) O.K Yomi-san!


Kiyone: (jokingly from outside) Come on you glass wearers, get out there!


Tsuyoshi: Sorry, we need to wait for Jet-san to squeeze into his investigator ware!


(Apparently, the producers didn’t quite prepare for Jet’s size…that’ll teach Chromus to send them the memo on the day before the game start…^_^)




(Jet enters as Yomi puts an arm around Tsuyoshi)


Yomi: O.K, little brother and dad, let’s go.


Jet: Humph. I’m not that old. Couldn’t you at least assume I’d rather be your boyfriend than your dad?


Yomi: Then I would have to kill you.


Jet: (sweatdrops) Thought so.


(Yomiko and Tsuyoshi laugh as Team 1 head out…)


Yomi: I think it’s great that Yomiko is Lead Investigator. It gives her a day off from playing the killer’s game and a chance to set the record straight. From today on, I feel the game will change…and for the better.


*   *   *   *






(The team are still in the van, as Hideki warns the team of Urumi’s little games.)


Hideki: Last time, you saw the mess we were! Yomi, Tsuyoshi and I were covered in paint, we thought she was the killer for sure when we heard those shots…


Shizuka: So in a totally non-biased way, what is Urumi like?


Hideki: Scary…


(Oujirou is quiet almost throughout the trip)


Shizuka: Oujirou has a strange quiet ability around him. It’s not that he isn’t friendly, but he’s able to take everything on board even when there is chaos around him.


Oujirou: Are you guys ready?


Shizuka: Yeah…we had it drilled in remember? Maybe with a scatterbrain like Hideki…


Hideki: (pouting) Shizuka-chan…


(Shizuka giggles as Oujirou looks outside)


Oujirou: Looks like we’re here…


(Outside the rather familiar apartment that Hideki saw yesterday, the team are shocked to see…)


Hideki: What the…


*   *   *   *






(The two teams together had the chance to talk whilst heading across the waters via boat as this is the first time that more than one team has gone to deathtrap island. It also allows certain people to talk about possible alliances…)


Kiyone: Yomi said that Yomiko was wondering about if the girls were getting picked upon. I don’t think that’s the case otherwise Shizuka wouldn’t have picked her last night. I think it’s simply that the girls have stood out more. However, you know the old saying, better to be safe than sorry…


Kiyone: It’s just a natural fit…plus if Yomi is involved, you can speak to her whilst on the inquiry…


Jet: One problem. A kid named Tsuyoshi?


Kiyone: Ah…well, maybe just hint at it…


Jet: One small step for Jet, one giant leap towards elimination…


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) 20th century quotes…scary…


(Meanwhile, Mamoru confides in Fujitaka…)


Mamoru: I’m worried about what is going to happen for tomorrow night. I feel Yomiko is going to make a choice based on personal feelings and it’s going to really mess everyone up.


(Fujitaka is silent.)


Fujitaka: I don’t know why Mamoru would say things like that to me. I don’t exactly have the right to talk, and considering that’s exactly what Shizuka did, maybe Mamoru should think what he’s going to say before he speaks…


Mamoru: And this inquiry doesn’t give me confidence…a library…like Yomiko is ready to erupt…


Fujitaka: We’ll be fine. Kiyone has the experience so she’ll get everything ready for us.


Mamoru: I don’t want to just rely on her.


Fujitaka: Of course we’re going to do our bit as well. But hopefully things will run smoother…


(Mamoru nods)


Mamoru: I think most of the group have respect for Jet and Kiyone, which is probably why no-one wants to try and eliminate them yet. They are huge threats, but their experience makes them invaluable for the opening inquiries.


(Meanwhile, Yomi and Tsuyoshi are just calmly watching the view…)


Tsuyoshi: Wow…


Yomi: If you can just blank the case from your mind, then what you see around here can really relax you.


Tsuyoshi: Yomi-san, you are always relaxed.


Yomi: (smiles) That’s because I’m not here with a certain person back home. Trust me, the me you see here can be very different from the me at home. Though I’m usually like this around anybody else though…with her…


(Somewhere, Tomo sneezes, and then challenges Osaka to a sneezing contest…)


(Eventually, the two teams get off and await their vans. They say goodbye as they head to their inquiries…)


(Back with Team 2…)


*   *   *   *




Oujirou: This early?


Shizuka: I think the killer is definitely trying to give us a message…


(Outside the top window of the apartment, we see something dangling from a rope, almost like a hangman’s noose. Fortunately, no-one has hung themselves, but two rather familiar packages are draped from it…)


Hideki: Those are…


Oujirou: (nods) The envelopes. For the killer game. I guess the killer wanted to work early today.


Shizuka: (holding her mouth…) More like a warning…


(Shizuka is resisting the urge to vomit, as a closer inspection of the envelopes has dripping blood from the rope. Hideki’s nose wrinkles up as the stench of blood is rather nauseating.)


(Oujirou gathers up the envelopes whilst Hideki knocks on the door, Shizuka trying to avoid the blood. Hideki knocks, but after 4 attempts, there is no answer.)


Shizuka: Miss…Kanzaki?


Hideki: No luck. She’s not here…


(Suddenly, a rather audible click gets Hideki’s attention…)


Hideki: Not again Urumi…


*deep voice*: I am not the one you call Urumi – but I believe that is called breaking and entering. *click*.


(Hideki gulps. He seems ready to s*it himself…but then a chuckle gets his attention.)


Normal and familiar voice: Gotcha.


Oujirou: (smiles) Morning Miss Bouquet.


(Hideki turns as the ‘click’ was really Mirielle’s tongue clicking with her teeth, as her finger points to Hideki’s skull. Suspect and gunswoman Mirielle Bouquet has noticed our detectives and looks set to give the team another diversion.)


Hideki: (breathes out) Miss Bouquet, whilst I appreciate seeing you, it isn’t the best kind of treatment for the heart, especially in this line of work.


Mirielle: I know, but with a girl looking ready to be sick, a young man gathering blood and someone knocking a door perplexed, I just wanted to see what your reaction would be…


Oujirou: Lucky he held it, you may have smelt his reaction.


Hideki/Urumi: OUJIROU!


(Mirielle chuckles.)


Mirielle: Seriously, what are you doing?


Oujirou: We were going to see if we could speak to Miss Urumi Kanzaki here about some recent events. Of course, I’m not allowed to tell you what I was about to discuss…


Mirielle: Not a problem. In your work and mine, silence is your best weapon.


Shizuka: So basically we were trying to find Urumi. However, she doesn’t appear to be in and all we found…well…you can see for yourself…


(Oujirou bags the bloodied envelopes and the rope in a plastic bag as Mirielle looks on…)


Mirielle: So Urumi isn’t here…interesting…


(Oujirou looks oddly at Mirielle…)


Oujirou: The look that Mirielle had when she learnt Urumi wasn’t here was intriguing. As a top ranked deus, eye co-ordination and recognition are a key factor to a player. I noticed Mirielle’s look…something is there…but what?


Mirielle: Well, I was looking for Urumi as well.


Shizuka: What for?


Mirielle: That…I can’t say.


Oujirou: Only fair.


(The team (and Mirielle) seem stumped. What to do now?)


*   *   *   *




(Team 1 are the first of the two teams on Deathtrap to make to their destination, the familiar Kuno mansion, where all this mess first took place 5 days ago…)


Jet: And here we are again, the house which death built.


Yomi: Nice use of words.


Jet: Be on your toes though. We know more than one person is here so we may need to do more than one thing.


Tsuyoshi: Trust me Jet-san, nothing can surprise me now.


(A razor sharp hoop nails the top of the van, forcing them to stop…)


Jet: Tsuyoshi, you should NEVER say things like that…you just know something will surprise you!


Tsuyoshi: I’m sorry!


Yomi: Never mind that, what the heck just hit us?


(Tsuyoshi looks out of the window as he saw the faint glimmer of silver and yellow of the hoop)


Tsuyoshi: I have a feeling someone doesn’t want us here…


(The team however are forced to exit the van as a couple of small cheerleader batons with spikes on their heads smash against the window. Jet covers Yomi and Tsuyoshi as they go to the ban of the van, looking round to see where the attacks are coming from…)


(…actually they don’t need to look. They HEAR where it’s coming from.)


Kodachi: OH HO HO HO HO HO!


(No surprise to learn that the voice belongs to Kodachi Kuno. Even less surprise to learn that she is behind the attacks…)


Jet: Dammit, looks like that sister of the deceased has either gone nuts, or just was in the first place…


Yomi: Dibs on the latter.


Tsuyoshi: Seconded.


Jet: No time for jokes! (shouts) Hey Kodachi, what the hell are you doing?


Kodachi: Oh, why are such peasants referring to the great Kodachi Kuno by her first name?


Yomi: I guess she got over her brother’s death rather quickly…


(Kodachi’s laugh draws the attention of two other people, the two bodyguards (and suspects) of the Kunos, Heero Yuy and Bandit Jing.)


Jing: What’s going on?


Jet: She’s making sure we can’t get into the mansion…


Yomi: What do we do now?


(Kodachi sees her two men down below…)


Kodachi: Ahh…perfect timing! Can you two please send this riff-raff from the yard?


Jing: On what grounds?


Kodachi: On the grounds that I pay you and you what I say!


Jet: Hey, we have a right to interview you on a murder inquiry, this is attempted assault! We should arrest you!


Kodachi: Ha, like that’s going to hap…


(Heero turns to leave)


Kodachi: Ah, that’s a good boy Heero. Go get your Gundam-thingy and sweep away the excess garbage.


(Heero stops and turns to Kodachi…)


Heero: No.


Kodachi: That’s ri…WHAT?


(Heero doesn’t say anything else, just steers away completely from her. Kodachi seems stunned…)


Kodachi: Hey, I’d ordered you to get rid of them!


(Jing smiles and turns himself…)


Kodachi: Get back here!


Jing: If you aren’t worried about the implications, why do you need us? Why do you want us to get rid of them? They are here to do a job, it’s almost like you are worried about something they might find…


(Kodachi freezes…)


Kodachi: Never mind, Jing, get them!


Jing: (yawns) No…no reason, no purpose, no incentive. See ya.


(Jing walks away as Kodachi is seething in rage…)


Tsuyoshi: Dissension in the ranks huh?




(Jet gets ready to try and block whatever Kodachi is trying, as the gymnast jumps in the air, intending to attack the detectives…)


(…however, almost lazily, Jing jumps even higher than the gymnast and from behind her, grabs her arms and in a nasty move, pins her to the floor, winding the sister of victim Tatewaki…)


Kodachi: Ow…you heathen brat, you are so fired!


Jet: You are so arrested.


(With Kodachi kinda tied up at the moment, the detectives take that moment to escape and begin to read Kodachi her rights.)


Kodachi: You can’t arrest the black rose of…


Yomi: I believe the term you use is attempted assault. You see, unlike wherever you come from, people might actually get killed using those techniques you did…


(As Kodachi tries to comprehend this, Tsuyoshi thanks Jing.)


Tsuyoshi: Thanks a lot Jing-san.


Jing: Hey, whatever my occupation, harming the innocent is not on my agenda, that’s for sure…


(Jet calls the police as we see what Team 3 is up to…)


*   *   *   *




(Just as they arrive, they discuss Yomiko’s choices.)


Kiyone: I’m not sure if this is her odd plan out…but…


Mamoru: I don’t think she will make a good Lead Investigator…


Fujitaka: I think we’ve been too hard on her myself…


Kiyone: Fujitaka always tries to see the best in people. It’s a very admirable quality of him especially considering his life. His ‘dad’ like atmosphere is a real plus to the group as well.


(Entering the library, where Yomiko played the killer’s game last night, they too are amazed at the size of it.)


Kiyone: They didn’t make a mistake calling it the great library did they?


Mamoru: Actually, I change my mind. Glad Yomiko is LI, the temptation here may have been too much…


(Their quest is to find out about the tournament which Arima participated in and lost to Tatewaki. See if there is evidence and truth in what he said…)


*   *   *   *




(After a think, the team eventually decide to call Yomiko, and see if she can find Urumi. The Lead Investigator is able to use the police for help, especially as now with suspects named, they can keep tabs on them if necessary.)


(However, whilst they wait to see what Yomiko can find…)


Shel: Where is that heathen wench?


(Suspect Shel de Montigny has come within sight of the team, and he’s brought a friend with him…a 7 foot pole staff. Not good.)


Shel: Where is Urumi Kanzaki?


Oujirou: Shel. What seems to be the problem?


Shel: Ah…detectives I assume. Well, I’m afraid…


(Suddenly Shel realises who else is with them. Mirielle smiles, and lift her jacket slightly, but long enough for Shel to see the automatic silencer by her side (but not long enough for the detectives to notice it). Shel gulps but lowers his aggression.)


Oujirou: So, what can we do for you?


Shel: I just want to severe all the ties with Kanzaki now…the heathen bastard Tatewaki is dead now so why must the ghosts of the past be remembered?


Oujirou: Ghosts of the past?


Shel: You know of the photos. Well, with Kuno trying to ruin my business and using Kanzaki as his tool, now, he is gone and she…well, who cares?


Oujirou: We do, as she’s missing and we need to find her.


Mirielle: Same here…


(Whilst Hideki and Shizuka still talk with Yomiko, Oujirou gets another brainwave…)


Oujirou: Mirielle-san, you would know about guns right?


(Mirielle chuckles)


Mirielle: Well…a little.


Oujirou: Well, I was wondering if you can help us a little…you see, one of us recovered an important piece of evidence the other night, and it could result in how the killer killed Kuno.


Mirielle: I see.


Oujirou: I’m not sure if I should say it though.


Mirielle: Well, I know it’s tough to say, however, I will say that if the weapon you found was any sort of automatic pistol or revolver, I doubt very much that was the weapon.


Oujirou: Really?


Mirielle: Damage isn’t substantial enough.


Oujirou: (smiles) Thank you.


Oujirou: Two things came from my talk with Mirielle. One – the killer clue doesn’t appear to be the murder weapon. And two…how did Mirielle know about the extent to how Kuno died?


(Suddenly, Hideki and Shizuka are back)


Shizuka: No luck…Urumi is good at evading people it seems.


Hideki: Damn…nothing…


Oujirou: Not necessarily…


Shel: Well, I guess I’ll head back to my restaurant…Shirayuki can’t handle it herself…


Oujirou: (smiles) You’re just worried about her.


(Shel blushes…)


Shel: Silence!!!


(Mirielle also bids her goodbyes…though the team wonder if they are planning to search for Urumi. Looks like it’s may be a bit of trouble for Chris’ second favourite Kanzaki character…)


*   *   *   * 




(The police are prompt in arresting Kodachi who will look ready to spend the night in prison for the time being. However, whilst Kodachi screams obsenties at the detectives, Jing at least seems reasonable enough…)


Jing: Yeah, I’m a bandit, it’s my profession, but I guess times are hard, it’s not exactly like I’m…what’s his name…Robin Hood, that’s it…or Saint Tail…


Yomi: (smiles) A modern day hero in villain’s clothes.


???: More than a villain miss!


(Suddenly, swooping from the sky is my all time favourite mascot character, Kir! Kir is a black raven with a grey beak, big eyes…and a lust for the ladies that would make Happosai from Ranma narrow his old head in defeat. He a small bird though, and besides the girls do like him…let’s see how he does with Yomi…)


(Kir does a flying dance across like he’s walking on air and presents Yomi with a rose…)


Kir: The eyes sparkling round those glasses are worth more than this rose…


Yomi: Oh boy…and here we have Kimura’s bird relative…only with more talk and less walk…


Jing: Kir, much as I hate to get in the way with your…ahem…ways, I think this might not be the time.


Kir: It’s always the time for romance, right?


(A double underhook by Yomi sends Kir blasting off again!)


Kir: The stars are not with meeeeeeeeee….*ping*


Jing: You gotta teach me how to do that.


Yomi: Maybe another time. (serious) So what can you tell me?


Jing: Well…with Kodachi gone, and Heero as likely to tell you anything like Kir has of chatting up that afro guy, I guess I’ll explain a few things you may want to know.


(We can see in the distance, Jet is after Heero whilst Tsuyoshi is busy with the police, we’ll stay with Yomi and Jing for the time being…)


Jing: Kuno, the master, was the only heir for the mansion and the shares involving the gold on both islands from Master Yosho. However, a month before his death, Yosho was tragically killed on a trip to London. However, what I shouldn’t tell you…was apparently the Kunos were behind his death.


(This is big. So if the Kunos were behind Yosho’s death, anyone connected with Yosho, including Jing, could have a reasonable motive.)


Jing: He made a lot of enemies during that month leading up to his death. Whether you know this or not is irrelevant, but I’ll tell you. Arima, you know Souchirou Arima, a good guy, we sparred occasionally…


Yomi: You spar?


Jing: Yeah. I’m a bit too good to be honest, but Arima is able to hold me longer than most. (Jing draws his silver blade from his wrist) I don’t use this baby anyway unless I need to.


Yomi: Seeing your speed when dealing with Kodachi, I’ll believe you.


Jing: Anyway, the main issue is that there are two main shareholding companies. The group with Kuno, and the group involving Keiko Himuro…*smiles*…who is?


Yomi: *smiles* Izumi’s mother.


Jing: You’ve being paying attention. Himuro and Wong are the main opposition towards Kuno. Both were on equal grounds at least between the Kunos and the Wong group, but Yosho owned the final 2% of the shares. Now, we assumed Kuno got them…however, rumor has it that the will was never found.


(Yomi nods as she writes this down as fast as she can)


Jing: Now, whether he knows this or not, I spotted a certain…mole travelling…whilst on my rounds. Kaji, Ryoji Kaji, I believe he works for both sides, whoever pays him the most I assume. I’m also assuming if this will exists, then whoever killed the master will most likely have it. However, with more personal motives…I trust you’ve met former employees Taeko and Mahoro?


Yomi: We have.


Jing: If you have, you most likely know what they might say. If the motive wasn’t financial, I suspect it would be personal. Myself and Heero, we’re both part of the shares business on Kunos side, so whether you wish to suspect us is fine, because we are. However, I plan to be reasonable with you as long as you are with me.


Yomi: That is more than adequate.


Jing: Good. Now, on the Wong’s side, they have a bodyguard named Sousuke Sagara. I think he is someone who is as skilled as say, Mirielle Bouquet in sneaking. And he is a hired gun for the Wongs. Whether he has any gain financially or personally, I have no idea. But I suggest he would be a vocal point…


(Jing yawns)


Jing: Actually, I think I said too much. But hopefully miss, that will be enough.


Yomi: It was more than enough, thank you Jing. But how did you know all this?


Jing: (shrugging) I’m a bandit, it’s my job to know about gold.


(The two shake hands as Jing leaves, probably to find Kir. Yomi feels a little red…)


Yomi: He’s really handsome…


Tsuyoshi: YOMI!


(Yomi snaps out of it as Tsuyoshi calls her over…)


Yomi: Y-yes?


Tsuyoshi: Kodachi has been sent to the prison nearby, I guess we’ll be talking to her later.


Yomi: Yeah. Where’s our illustrious leader?


Tsuyoshi: I dunno…but Jet’s over there…


(Yomi sighs and ruffles his hair)


Yomi: Funny.


(Tsuyoshi chuckles as the two head off…where Jet is having slightly less luck than Yomi did with Jing…)


Jet: Can you at least saying something about your relationship with Kuno?


(Heero does that blank stare of his…)


Tsuyoshi: Why am I suddenly reminded of Hayama?


Jet: Well?


Heero: (after a long time) ……I hated him.


Jet: Who? Kuno?


(Heero doesn’t say anything else, but runs off away. He’s too fast for any of thye three to catch up with him as they realise that at least with Heero, it was, shall we say, a bust.)


Jet: (sighs) What a screw up.


Yomi: Oh, I wouldn’t say that…


(Yomi recounts her conversation with Jing with the information she found out…)


Yomi: Whilst it was very useful, I am a bit suspicious that Jing knew THAT much about the case already…should I suspect him? Maybe, maybe not, but usually the ones that are the most open are the most suspicious…


*   *   *   *




(At the library, Kiyone, Fujitaka and Mamoru have found plenty of stuff involving the tournament, but very little revolving on any stories about the alleged drugging, which leads to Kiyone wondering out loud…)


Kiyone: Maybe he bribed the papers or something…


(It takes over an hour for them to find something relevant, but eventually, Fujitaka strikes gold with a market tabloid piece.)


Fujitaka: Yes, this is the right time…sometimes the papers aren’t always the best thing to look for information…


(Mamoru and Kiyone come over to have a look. The specialist article has the words that pop out in front of you, ‘DID SHARER CHEAT?’)


Kiyone: (reading out loud) An incident reported by defeated finalist Souchirou Arima of the National Promised Island Kendo Tournament and subsequent doctor’s check up suggested foul play in the finals. This evidence was thought to be warrant enough to claim an arrest for Mr. Kuno, however suddenly Mr. Arima declined to go ahead with the approach. His reasons for doing so were unknown…


Mamoru: So Arima could have had him locked up, but declined. Why?


Fujitaka: Maybe he wanted to kill him?


Kiyone: That’s rather blunt, especially from you Fujitaka-san.


Fujitaka: I’m sorry, it was the first thing that came out of my head.


Kiyone: Well, let’s go visit Arima then, and see him explain this.


*   *   *   *




(Teams 1 and 2 are back at the mansion, and one member of the group just got a surprise reaction out of everyone…)


Jet: Er…there is only one problem with that theory…


Yomi: What is that?


Tsuyoshi: Ummm…you aren’t fat?


(Yep, looks like Yomi’s obsession with losing weight even goes into the house. Shizuka looked like she had made some cream buns, but Yomi refused one. Asked why, and it was to lose weight…)


Yomi: But I hadn’t realised it until now, I’ve been gorging myself since I’ve come here and I’ve totally lost myself whilst doing so, so I need to catch up on my dieting…


Jet: Look, if you were my size, maybe…but I think Faye would be jealous to have your figure…


Yomi: R-really? But all I hear is that I’m fat…


Tsuyoshi: Is it from one person?


Yomi: Well…yes…


Tsuyoshi: And how violent have you been with this person?


Yomi: Very.


Yomiko: That explains everything…Yomi-san, trust me on this, you are fine as you are…


Yomi: But…still…


Jet: Let her be Tsuyoshi. We’ll just have her share of the cakes…


Tsuyoshi: Oh yes!




(A laugh spreads throughout the group there, whilst Hideki and Oujirou formulise and strategize…)


Oujirou: So…who is the killer? If Urumi is gone, does Mirielle have a link? Maybe someone hired her to…


Hideki: Who to link with now? With Yomiko unavailable, need to have someone else to go for…but who is the next threat which could be voted for?


(I never said what they were strategizing about…)


*   *   *   *




Kiyone: We’ve been at this a while now…


Fujitaka: Don’t worry, let’s talk with Arima and we’ll be done with…


(However, they are rather rudely interrupted by a number of people in black cloaks…)


Goons (All speaking in a Chinese accent): You mustn’t interrupt mistress’ conversation with the noble one!


Mamoru: One guess who they work for.


Kiyone: I take it you mean Ling-Pha Wong?


Goons: Yes, but don’t speak so lightly of mistress!


Kiyone: Hey, we’re detectives, we’ve got a right to speak to Souchirou Arima, and whilst she’s there, Ling-Pha as well, now move!


(The goons refuse to, as Kiyone goes into a fighting pose just in case, but no need. We see Ling-Pha and Arima coming out of the house, with Ling-Pha looking slightly ticked off…)


Ling-Pha: But this is the chance for you to prove everything happened did, and we can help you out, the one of noble blood Arima-dono!


Arima: Well, considering how people have perceived to be the black sheep of the family considering what happened to my parents…I don’t believe that.


Ling-Pha: Stop twisting my words!


Arima: Whatever. I’m not interested anyway. As far as I’m concerned, with Kuno’s death, the issue has passed.


Ling-Pha: But…but…


Arima: It seems you wanted me to do something for you. But it’s not my job to go and meddle in affairs of other people…(pauses)…especially people as sneaky as you…


(Ling-Pha looks annoyed. The detectives on the other hand seem mildly amused.)


Goon 1: How dare you speak to her like that?


Arima: And who interrupted me at my place to talk about stuff I don’t want to know or care about?


(Ling-Pha humphs)


Ling-Pha: Servants, remove me from this place!

(In an instance, 4 of the servants in lightning speed get a rickshaw ready with Ling-Pha on it. The other 4 goons stop our detectives from trying to get to her or to talk to her until she is long gone. Then in a flash, they vanish.)


Kiyone: Are they ninjas or something?


Arima: No, just mysteries. Annoying mysteries.


Mamoru: Glad you weren’t scarred mentally for life by them.


Aima: It’s not worth me getting involved in any more affairs now.


(The team nods)


Fujitaka: Anyway, we’d like to talk to you about something you told our group the other day.


Arima: About the tournament? Sure.


(They show Arima the article they found, and repeat the key point within it.)


An incident reported by defeated finalist Souchirou Arima of the National Promised Island Kendo Tournament and subsequent doctor’s check up suggested foul play in the finals. This evidence was thought to be warrant enough to claim an arrest for Mr. Kuno, however suddenly Mr. Arima declined to go ahead with the approach. His reasons for doing so were unknown…


Kiyone: So whilst it is true about the suggestion of foul play, but you denied an approach to arrest him? Why is that Arima-san?


Arima: (sighs) Come inside and I’ll talk to you some more.


(The team does so…)


*   *   *   *


Arima: …whether Kuno drugged me or not isn’t the main issue. The fact that Kuno couldn’t defeat me fair and square was the issue. Arresting him would not have stopped the pain in my heart, it would be a cowards way out. I wanted to make sure he knew my name and the pain I felt.


Kiyone: Arima seems to be troubled, and the way he was speaking, I must wonder. Maybe he didn’t want to arrest him because of the fact he wanted to strike at him for good…Arima I must admit despite his handsome and noble looks, is a top suspect.


Arima: I’ve always done things the hard way. I’ve had to become a flawless person for my adopted parents. My biological family…were not the best people in the world to say the least…


Mamoru: We won’t make you talk about such memories if you don’t want to…


Arima: …it’s O.K. I’ve only come here because of a kendo scholarship and was going to leave next week. However, from what I understand, the land is quarantine until the case is closed.


Fujitaka: If what Arima said was true, this makes Izumi’s disappearance more interesting…


Kiyone: We are going to have to ask once again about your alibi Arima-san. I’m sorry about this, but with what you’ve told us, you understand we have to suspect everyone and everything.


Arima: (nods) I was on the hills of Promised Island GM School where the cherry blossoms flow. I must have stayed there a while because the next thing I knew was that I was asleep and it was late at night.


Mamoru: If it was at promised island, did you stay anywhere there or did you head back here?


Arima: Oh yes…a friend of mine. I defeated her friend in the semi-finals of the kendo tournament in a close match…Haruka.


Fujitaka: Yes, we know who you are.


Arima: Anyway, I stayed at her friends, Aria. She lives in what has been dubbed the Candy Mansion with her maid Iya.


(Whether this is an alibi or not is irrelevant, because…)


Kiyone: Last time, he told us he went straight home. So now we’ve got two different stories from Arima.


Fujitaka: One must think that these girls in the photos are a key focus of the crime. How many is it now, 5, 6, 7 girls? They obviously have a link…but what?


(The team eventually leave, and discuss those points…including something else that was spotted whilst inside the house.)


Kiyone: So, he’s told us two different things. Deliberate confusing, potential alibi, just plain forgetful or terrific liar?


Fujitaka: Not sure, especially looking over those kendo swords…would that be a good weapon?


Mamoru: Maybe not on it’s own, but combined with that…


Kiyone: Oh, you saw it too?


Mamoru: Yeah, a blowtorch.


(Another potential murder weapon?)


*   *   *   *




(It’s nearly lunch time as Team 3 finally turn up, and just in time to see Yomiko slam the phone done…)


Kiyone: Don’t me we’ve got something else to do…


Yomiko: Oh hey you guys…you look tired…


Mamoru: That’s an understatement…


Yomiko: I think you guys need to get something to eat…


(Rumbles of Kiyone and Mamoru stomaches make their faces red, Fujitaka seems fine…then again, he always does.)


Yomiko: (calls) Jet, you done?


Jet: Yes…pretty much, why?


Yomiko: Well, I just got off the phone from Ryo Saeba, the head of police. He’s just sent over a fax about some important information they’ve received…


(Jet, wearing a white apron (as Kiyone tries (and fails) not to laugh…) exits as he looks over the upcoming fax…)


Jet: What’s up?


(Team 3 look over as well, and they see these words…)




We have received some disturbing news from our hacker trackers that apparently someone, though unsure who, hey this system isn’t perfect, actually put a hit on the girl known as Urumi Kanzaki. We don’t know who sent out the hit, nor who they sent it to, but this is source enough to consider serious. And we just found out that Urumi has returned to her apartment, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of her since entering…we are trying to stake it out, however someone, Urumi or someone else, has set off some traps outside the house, and we are struggling to overcome them…please send a team to help us out!


Ryo Saeba – Head of Resource Island Police Department.


Jet: Useless aren’t they?


Yomiko: Never mind that, we’ve got to do something! Jet, can you, Yomi and Tsuyoshi head over there?


Jet: (sighs) Always during meals…


Fujitaka: I’ll help with that Jet-san…


Jet: Yomi is so killing me…


*   *   *   *


(Apparently not, as Jet is alive and well as the three get ready to head over to Urumi’s apartment. The team immediately suspect one person in particular.)


Oujirou: Mirielle has to be suspect considering the situation.


Hideki: He’s right, we saw her reaction involving Urumi…


(We can see Tsuyoshi looks rather nervous, and even Yomi’s trademark calm seems to have a small shiver in her eyes.)


Tsuyoshi: What if she’s dead already? I’m not sure if I can deal with that…


Jet: It’s O.K team. We don’t assume anything, therefore, we don’t know anything. Just keep that attitude in mind and keep calm.


Yomi: We’ll try…


Jet: (chuckles) Never thought I’d be the calm influence of the team.


*   *   *   *


(After Team 1 heads out, the atmosphere can be cut with a knife. It seems the fact that Yomiko is the lead investigator is a bit nerve wracking considering the past 4 days she has had to play 2 killers game, so she may hold a few grudges. Which is why everyone is thinking about the vote…and with 3 members gone, other people wonder if any of those three should be the best target…)


Shizuka: What about you Oujirou-kun? You got someone in mind?


Oujirou: Not really…after all the second day hasn’t come and I have no reason yet to vote for anybody.


Shizuka: But we still need to think about it…


Hideki: True…and I’m wondering if…


(Just as he’s about to speak, Yomiko comes in. The tension returns to knifepoint as Yomiko approaches Team 2.)


Yomiko: You O.K?


Oujirou: Yes, just sorting out the notes for today.


Yomiko: That’s good…anyone want a coffee or tea?


Oujirou: Sure…milky tea please.


Yomiko: O.K, anyone else?


(No response.)


Yomiko: K. (She heads off)


(Hideki breathes out)


Hideki: Every time she’s sees me, it’s like the executioner is ready to swing a blade…


Shizuka: What about me?!


Oujirou: I don’t see the problem. She is being very pleasant about the situation…


(Just outside, we see Yomiko giggling to herself as Team 2 argue about her, as Team 3 are also looking at their notes inside Kiyone’s room…)


Fujitaka: So…if we take on board the notes you got from Yomi and Jet, plus the notes I got from Oujirou, then…


Kiyone: They suspect Mirielle of being the one ‘taking’ this supposed hit on Urumi. However, anyone would love a reason to strike at Urumi in this place – money is just an extra incentive.


Mamoru: And with Kodachi now in jail, she has got more than something to hide. Heero and Jing as well, two different approaches, yet just as suspicious.


Kiyone: Yes, but what about us. We got Ling-Pha and we’ve got Arima, Arima who has told us two stories and Ling-Pha who is making sure we don’t get a chance to talk to her properly.


Fujitaka: Well, it’s certainly not boring at least.


(As the teams discuss, Team 1 have a real challenge ahead of them…)


*   *   *   *




(We see the team of three exit the van, still talking about the hit situation.)


Tsuyoshi: If Mirielle did the deed, that could be very possible, but in that case, who sent out the hit? That’s the real issue…


Yomi: Very true. And considering the amount of people who hate Urumi, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was anybody…or everybody.


Jet: Let’s see, we have Kentaro, Ling-Pha, Kodachi…though she’s a little tied up at the moment…they have the money, and we don’t know enough of people like Arima or Sousuke…


(Suddenly, they are interrupted by a loud siren sound. They look across, and see the police force in full…er…force…surrounding Urumi’s apartment. However, as they said, Urumi seems to delight in confusing everyone, her door seems untouchable, literally, as anyone that get there gets an electric shock.)


Ryo: Damn, you’re here! We’re getting a bit worried, we can’t get inside and we haven’t heard anything! We don’t even know if she’s alive or dead!


Tsuyoshi: Considering who she is, I feel Urumi is too smart to die so easily…


Ryo: Well, we may be forced to use gunfire on that door in a minute, we wanted you to come here and advise the situation…


(Jet looks at his metal arm)


Jet: Maybe I can smash it…


Ryo: No, metal with electricity?


Jet: Electricity?


Ryo: Urumi’s trap system is in full affect and only she can de-activate it. As I said, we may be forced to use…


(But before he finishes the sentence, we see someone rush to the place…)


??????: Urumi!!!!


(It’s Mahoro. The detectives and Ryo are about to speak to her…)


Mahoro: Out of my way!


(Mahoro somersaults over the entire police group and smashes the door open. She rushes in, though we can’t see what’s going on. The police are ready to rush in…)




(…a huge flame bursts out of the house, forcing them to back off.)


Jet: Did Mahoro do that?


?????: Mahoro! Urumi!


(Shot as Taeko Minazuki runs up as she seems out of breath. Yomi catches her before she can trip up as the detectives ask her what’s going on.)


Taeko: P…


Jet: Huh?


Taeko: Pl-please…


Yomi: Please?




(Taeko sobs as Tsuyoshi stays with her, whilst Jet and Yomi go back to the situation at the apartment.)


Ryo: We can’t get in! Whatever Urumi or whoever has done, it’s like an automatic flame coming out…dammit!


Jet: Have you called the fire brigade?


Ryo: Yes of course we have but it will be a while…


Yomi: So what do we do now? Mahoro is in there and we assume Urumi is as well, and if someone is there trying to…or god forbid…already killed her, we can’t deal with the situation…


Jet: We are pretty much praying that the maid girl can help us out now…


(Shot as Tsuyoshi and Taeko join them…)


Tsuyoshi: It seems Urumi tutors Taeko. The two along with Mahoro have been good friends for a while and she’s a little upset to say the least when Mahoro learned about the hit…


(That seems to be an interest for the two other detectives…how did Mahoro know about that?)


(We can now hear something shaking, there are some screams, female ones, as Taeko turns around and covers her ears.)


Jet: What is going on here?


????????: That’s what I like to know.


(The detectives turn at the new voice, and are stunned by who it is…)


Jet: Mirielle?


(They look up…)


Tsuyoshi: (to himself) If Mirielle is here, that means she can’t be in there. So if anyone is threatening Urumi, who is it…


(He looks at Mirielle again…)


Tsuyoshi: If it isn’t you up there…


Mirielle: Then someone else got there…


Jet: Dammit! We need to get up there…




Yomi: Get down!!!


(At that moment, a window explodes. We can see Mahoro with someone over her shoulder, Urumi, who looks passed out.)


(Mahoro jumps from the window, landing in front of a spooked police force. Mahoro gently puts Urumi down.)


Mahoro: It’s O.K, she’s just inhaled a bit too much smoke, she’ll be alright. (scowls) As for the guy who tried to kill her…


Tsuyoshi: Guy?


Mahoro: He’s still there. I knocked him out.


Jet: Can you get him for us?


Mahoro: Very well…but don’t blame him if I ‘accidentally’ drop him…


Ryo: Then you would be convicted of murder.


Mahoro: (sighs) Fine…


(Mahoro jumps back up into the mess that was Urumi’s apartment. Another few seconds later and Mahoro has someone else over her shoulder, a man. She jumps down into view, and we now see who it is…)


Ryo: Hell! It’s Sakata!


(The group join them, and it is indeed Kentaro Sakata. Mahoro humphs as some force members check on his wounds whilst others tend to Urumi, who suddenly coughs and splutters…)


Taeko: Ah, she’s O.K!


(Urumi continues to cough whilst Ryo gathers the detectives.)


Ryo: Seems like they are both fine. I suggest we send Urumi to a hospital to make sure.


Jet: What about Kentaro?


Ryo: He will be arrested on attempted assault. We found hand marks around Urumi’s neck so he most likely tried to strangle her. We need to check the place for evidence though. I suggest you guys head on home, we’ll handle this for the time being.


Tsuyoshi: Very well.


(We see Taeko and Mahoro watching over Urumi as she recovers, but in the distance, we can see Mirielle, smiling, and chuckling over the situation…)


*   *   *   *




Jet: And that’s how it was…


Kiyone: So Kentaro tried to kill Urumi?


Jet: Yeah. Someone put a hit on Urumi, and Kentaro goes for the kill himself, not caring about his businessman reputation. It’s unusual.


Yomi: I guess hate can turn anyone’s mind into jelly.


Tsuyoshi: (sighs) What a night. Mirielle turning up totally perplexed us, and with Mahoro bursting into the house with those flames…


Yomiko: I think Kentaro has some explaining to do tomorrow…


*   *   *   *




(It’s late evening, as a lot has happened. The detectives have gained the two envelopes to play tomorrow’s killer’s game. And they have learned a lot as well.)


·        Team 1 arrested Kodachi Kuno on attempted assault as she attacked them in broad daylight. The interesting thing was neither of her bodyguards wished to assist her. In particular interest, Jing gave the detectives a lot of information revolving the case, including the death of the original shareholder, more information on the will and on other suspects. Heero on the other hand, gave nothing away. Two diverse methods – both as suspicious as ever. They also had to investigate a possible hit sent out on Urumi Kanzaki. Finding what was going on, the team were stunned to see that it was Kentaro Sakata that attacked Urumi at the apartment, where he was subsequently arrested after recovering from Mahoro saving her.

·        Team 2 were on the search for Urumi before the incident and bumped into Mirielle. Because of the interview, Team 1 did indeed suspect Mirielle as the person who would attempt the hit, but she turned up and not getting involved…or was it a perfect ploy? Meanwhile, Shel also became involved with this situation, re-emphasing that Urumi is a real hate figure within the community. After talking to Mirielle, they seem to agree that the Smith & Weston left by the killer was indeed NOT the murder weapon.

·        Team 3 investigated the claim that the victim, Tatewaki Kuno, had in fact cheated in his championship match against Souchirou Arima. One article seemed to go into this in detail, and also said about Arima refusing to press charges even when possible evidence came into play. The team then went to visit Arima, but were confronted by Ling-Pha and her goons. Ling-Pha herself seemed interested in helping Arima but the same could not be said the other way round. Arima’s alibi was re-iterated as the team also wondering if a blowtorch found in the room is a possible murder weapon?


*   *   *   *