This is the continuation of the two day circle. Enjoy.






(You’ve just joined the team for breakfast. After arguments about the showers, who is on cooking duty and waking up the stragglers, last nights argument between Yui and Hideki doesn’t seem as important…)


(…but whilst the hot cakes are being served, and the teams are trying to keep their mind off today and last night, Yui and Hideki still seem to be glaring daggers at each other. Shizuka seems in particular to be very quiet…)


Kiyone: We witnessed a breakdown in communication last night, and it would seem that it could be an opportunity to find an easy way out of the voting situation. However, Shizuka seems to be the one feeling the brunt of it the most.


Oujirou: We need to keep our strength up to make sure we get through today. After all, tonight…


Yomiko: Please don’t remind me Oujirou-kun! It was horrifying last time!


Fujitaka: Well…(serves some hot cakes), as long as we keep a cool head together we won’t need to go through what has happened already.


Oujirou: Fujitaka is usually wearing a smile on his face, but inside, he does feel guilty about eliminating Greta. He was the first lead investigator and he had to make that first choice, and it was a painful one for him, and indeed many of the others here.


(After breakfast, some of the members prepare for the inquiry whilst a few that didn’t get shower duties before now get the chance to. The promptness and sharpness of when people need to get up and what to do is already slowly embedding inside the detectives minds. This is definitely necessary if they last in this game…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s 9am and Head Investigator Yotsuba arrives on the scene.)


Yotsuba: Check, check, checkii! 11 detectives present and accounted for! A good morning to you all!

All: Morning!


Yotsuba: Now today is a big day. We’ve got a lot of work to get through, and of course, tonight, we eliminate another person. I know it was bad last time, but it will only get worse so we’d better get used to it now.


(Yotsuba flashes a screen of the photos given to the group by Nabeshin yesterday)


Yotsuba: Today, we are going to focus on two people here. Urumi Kanzaki and Shel de Montigny. It seems Shel isn’t too pleased with Urumi…and as we know, she isn’t the only one right?


Yomi: Kentaro Sakata.


Yotsuba: Yes…we need to find out why Urumi seems to be a hate figure to a particular crowd, and learn what these pictures meant. Team 1, your job will be to interview Urumi Kanzaki. Find out what you can about all the situations you know about her and see if she can explain.


(Team 1 (Tsuyoshi/Yomi/Hideki) get the short straw and have to interview Urumi. Yomi has already experienced her presence and isn’t exactly thrilled going again…)


Yomi: Urumi seems to have an element of fear around her. It seems everyone who meets her ends up being petrified of her…


Yotsuba: Now, we need to find out about the other person involved in these photos, suspect Shel de Montigny. He owns a restaurant outside in the Iron Chef District of Promised Island, known as the French Connection. Shel works and indeed owns that restaurant. Team 3 will do this, learn what was on the photograph, his relationship with Kanzaki, his alibi, plus any link with the murder and Kuno.


(Team 3 – Oujirou/Yomiko/Fujitaka/Yui – will interview Shel De Montigny and get as much information from him as they can.)


Yotsuba: Now, Team 2…we need to follow up on what you found out last night, if Kagome can claim an alibi. You will be heading into the temple of Deathtrap Island where Haruka is just opening, as a ritual to Kuno’s ashes I believe. I want you guys to interview Haruka-chan and see if you get Kagome’s alibi, and learn about the relationships between her, Kagome, Izumi and Kuno as well.


(Team 2 – Kiyone/Mamoru/Jet – They will interview Miko Haruka at the DI Shrine, learn if Kagome’s alibi rings true and any information about Kagome and Kuno, as well as Izumi and Kagome.)


Yotsuba: Remember…check one, you check. Check twice, you checkii. Off you go…


*   *   *   *


(The teams are in a readiness to hurry out of there. Shizuka admits something to Yotsuba)


Shizuka: After last night, I’m just relieved nothing exploded today.


(Yotsuba gives Shizuka a rare serious look…)


Yotsuba: Trust me, this is nothing that will compare to later on…


*   *   *   *


(Indeed, the two involved in last nights excursion are taking different approaches of what happened. Hideki is not making any fuss…)




Yomi: As long as we get through today I can forgive and forget anything that happened…and as long as Tomo still isn’t here, I’ll be happy.


(Tsuyoshi laughs as Hideki observes the Chii voiced bespectacled bishoujo)


Hideki: Yomi is a calm beauty if I ever saw one. She’s got the voice of Chi, but acts like a combination of Minoru and Mizuki more than anything. She’s got that older sister like feel, which actually helps me, as it’s actually putting Tsuyoshi off a bit…


(Indeed. Tsuyoshi doesn’t seem to mind working with Hideki because Yomi won’t let any crap happen in the van. In fact, Tsuyoshi does seem to like to talk to Yomi in a sisterly way…)


Yomi: Eh? You’ve got a girlfriend at your age?


(At this, Hideki ‘the man that’s so nice it’s a shame no-one is his girlfriend’ slowly goes into the blue ghost syndrome (where they haunt over his depressed heads…))


Tsuyoshi: (embarrassed) Well, Aya and I have been together for…3 years I think…oh stop it, it’s embarrassing!


Yomi: You were the one who started it…anyway…huh?


(They notice Hideki in his state of solemn ness as the two sweatdrop…)


Yomi: Hideki, what’s wrong?


Hideki: Don’t….remind…me…


Tsuyoshi: Oh, it’s a never had a girlfriend complex!


(Hideki wallows even further into despair…)


Yomi: I don’t think you should have said that…


*   *   *   *


(…whilst Yui makes it clear she does want her feelings know on the situation)




Yui: Gah, I didn’t want to say anything in there but it’s just not fair when someone like Hideki blatantly brown-nosing Shizuka to make sure he wants to stay in the game! He says he wants to succeed, and true, to succeed sometimes being dishonest is the best way, but it’s just not right…


Yomiko: Yui-san, please calm down!


Yui: Huh? (Realises she’s been like this since the van has started, and now puts her head down)


Yomiko: Yui, it’s O.K.


Yui: I know, and I’m sorry. I just get so frustrated at times, considering the amount of betrayal I’ve received, and some because I was too blind to realise who was telling the truth and who wasn’t…


Fujitaka: Yui-san, we understand.


Oujirou: Quite.


Yui: Yes, thank you. Thank you Yomiko for stopping me…I don’t want to drag myself into a hole.


(Yomiko nods, whilst Oujirou and Fujitaka have thoughtful looks…)


*   *   *   *




(Team 2 on the other hand are definitely the most case orientated…or should I say, orientated in their next interview…)


Mamoru: Another sister then, this one seems a bit different.


Jet: At least this one we don’t have to see a tennis racquet wielding girl on us. Besides, she seems like a fine young woman.


Kiyone: (jokingly) Jet, you perv!


Jet: (embarrassed) I didn’t mean it that way! But the way these priestess maidens are like, it’s been a long time since I even recognised one, it’s not exactly a common practice where I come from…


Mamoru: Well, I’m quite familiar with the shrine mikos…my girlfriend’s best friend Rei Hino* is a miko at her shrine.


*NOTE – This is just my opinion but I’ve always considered Rei to be Usagi’s best friend. They argue a lot, but it just shows how close they are. (Even Chibi-Usa sees it) Always consider who is the most panicked when Usagi is in trouble, 9 out of 10 times, it’s Rei screaming ‘USAGI!’.*


Kiyone: She works at a temple?


Mamoru: Yes, she’s the granddaughter of the temple’s owner. She’s helped me and the girls out a few times to say the least.


Jet: Let’s hope this Haruka can help us out then.


(The team nod and get into case mode.)


*   *   *   *




(As the team get to the apartment, they see a notice on the door….but…)


Hideki: It’s in English…damn.


Yomi: Urumi is really trying to confuse us…let’s see…


(Yomi, Tsuyoshi and Hideki try to make it out. Hideki and Yomi have the best command of it mainly because of studying English in high school and college, but Tsuyoshi doesn’t lag and shows why he’s the smartest in his school. They make out what appears to be a schedule and Yomi makes out the word ‘tutoring’. They eventually realise that Urumi is a tutor and she has an early visitor for a tutoring session between 9.00am and 10.00am. They also notice the ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ bit on the top of the notice.)


Yomi: As much as she scares everyone, we’ve got a job to do.


(Yomi knocks on the door.)


Yomi: Kanzaki-san? It’s the investigators! I’m sorry to disturb you but…


(The door then opens, but no-one greets them. The investigators are a little spooked…)


Hideki: Weird…


Yomi: Why do I get the feeling that a hundred knives are going to fly out of here in a minute


Tsuyoshi: You don’t think she’s going to ambush us?


Yomi: (shouting) Urumi!!!


(The team get no response. Should they enter?)


Hideki: We should go in!


Tsuyoshi: But it’s not right to enter another person’s home without them giving us permission!


Hideki: We’re detectives, we have our right to search the home!


Yomi: Urumi, if you are in, we are coming in on account of the door beginning open! We asked three times and you haven’t responded so…


(Yomi enters. As soon as she does, three bangs echo towards the three detectives…)


*   *   *   *






(The team are immediately greeted with the smell of exotic French Food. Breakfast is served as we can see toast, baguettes and coffee being consumed at a good rate. However, breakfast isn’t the agenda for the team and finding Shel is their concern. Unfortunately, he’s nowhere in sight.)


Yomiko: Now what?


Oujirou: Now we ask.


(They go up to the counter where a cute purple haired girl is at the counter, boiling some sweets. She smiles as the detectives approach her.)


?????????: Hello there!


(Suddenly, Oujirou realises who she is…kinda of.)


Oujirou: Hello, we are detectives looking for a Mr. Shel de Montigny.


????????: Oh, he’s in back at the moment, and he’s a bit busy so you may have to wait…


Fujitaka: Oh that is fine.


Oujirou: May I ask your name?


?????????: Oh sure, I’m Shirayuki, assistant head chef of this restaurant!


Oujirou: I immediately recognised another girl from the photograph. Yomiko said that Urumi mentioned ‘one of the 13.’ I have a feeling this is a reference to these girls which I get the feeling we’ll be meeting more of in the future.


Shirayuki: So you’re here about the happenings on the other island?


Oujirou: Yes.


Shirayuki: Well, I know the boss won’t like it, but you guys look nice, so here, have these whilst you wait.


(It seems the team now have to wait…not that they are complaining whilst enjoying Shirayuki’s home made sweets. And yet another sister comes into the equation for Team 2…)






(They find the temple – one of two Haruka owns – in the outskirts of the beachside of DTI. And they are quite surprised of it’s splendour.)


Mamoru: It’s bigger than Rei-chan’s shrine.


Jet: I’ve never seen one like this…I’ve seen replicas and what I’ve read in history books, but…wow.


Kiyone: Never heard you say wow Jet…


Jet: Probably never will either…


(A sound of an arrow being fired puts the team on alert, but realise it’s coming from the side around the temple. The team go round…)


(…there they see a beautiful young woman with deep purple/blue hair tied up in a ponytail, her hair draping across her back. Wearing traditional miko clothes of her chihaya (long sleeved top) and hibakama (long red skirt), she definitely fits the yamato nadesico vision.)


Kiyone: Darn it, how can she be so pretty?! *jokingly* I suppose it’s a good job Hideki wasn’t here then…


Mamoru: That’s not nice…


Kiyone: Joking, joking!


Jet: Come on, let’s go.


(They head over to Haruka, who spots them as they come. She smiles and waves them in.)


Haruka: (bowing deeply) Hello my friends. I trust you are the detectives that Yotsuba-chan has sent.


Jet: How did you know?


Haruka: (jokingly) Your ID cards.


(The three realise they have them on and look embarrassed…)


Mamoru: Definitely the Rei-chan type of miko…


Jet: Sorry to disturb you Haruka, but we need to find some information from you if that is all right with you…


Haruka: (nods) As long as it is in my power I will do so…


*   *   *   *




(We return to Team 1 and the brutal aftermath of the gun assault…)


Yomi: (calm) That…wasn’t…funny.


(It seems two people are disagreeing with that statement. A closer look sees that Tsuyoshi, Yomi and Hideki are covered in paint, red for Tsuyoshi, yellow for Yomi and green for Hideki.)


Urumi: Sorry, but that’s what you get…*laughs*…for stepping in someone elses home!


(We see Urumi laughs with…Mahoro! The automatic maid (dressed in casual wear of light shirt and denim shorts) was the one that ‘fired’ the shots as the two girls are laughing her heads off. The detectives however are trying hard to remain calm…actually Tsuyoshi is laughing as well…)


Hideki: Yuck…how are we supposed to do an inquiry like this?


Yomi: With difficulty.


Urumi: Well, you could take your shirts off…then again, don’t want the poor guy to get a heart attack…


(Hideki ‘eeps’ as he was catching a glimpse of Yomi’s fairly large chest (she’s ‘Hawaiian’ y’know? Azumanga fans will get the joke…)…as Yomi sighs.)


Yomi: O.K, we’re here. We’d best get on with this.


Urumi: Oh before you do, can I ask you something?


Tsuyoshi: Yeah?


(Urumi then speaks a long winded sentence in Chinese. It seems a test of patience…(not easy for three people who do have tempers under their guises) and Urumi isn’t helping matters.)


Yomi: With Urumi, I’m wondering if there will be another murder added…caused by me!!! Being a genius is fine, one of my best friends is one, but at least she doesn’t flaunt it in a way to say she is superior or to annoy us…


(Mahoro translates it for them as ‘Do detectives really expect to be taken seriously with paint on them?’)


(Amazingly, the three are holding their tempers…)


Yomi: If you don’t me asking then, how come you are tutoring Mahoro?


Urumi: Ah…well, as good as a maid and intelligence unit she is, she still has a lot to learn about the ways of the world. Which is what I’m doing…


(Urumi is confusing them – she’s making the team go off-topic from their inquiry…or is she?)


Urumi: …and if you don’t mind we were having a tutorial session so if you could please leave the door without paint on…


Yomi: No.


Urumi: Pardon?


Tsuyoshi: We were sent here to talk to you Miss Kanzaki…*brainwave hits Tsuyoshi*…actually, Miss Mahoro…


Mahoro: Please call me Miss Ando. *smiles as Tsuyoshi, who does look like a young Suguru, has to blush*


Tsuyoshi: We found a disturbance at your apartment yesterday…


Mahoro: Oh yes…poor Taeko-chan was a bit disturbed, and I’d gone out to get some cooking for that night as well, actually, you were going to join us huh Kanzaki-san?


*AUTHORS NOTE – It’s so difficult NOT to slip a BAV reference every time I write Urumi’s last name, ESPECIALLY considering the only person who refers to Akari as ‘Kanzaki-san’ is last year entrant Anna…^_^*


Urumi: I know but I was busy working, you know how it is with me…


Mahoro: You know…considering what will happen to me…


Urumi: I know.


Hideki: What will happen to her?


(The girls are unsure whether to tell the detectives, but they give in…)


Mahoro: In under a year’s time, I will cease to function.


(The team is a little surprised at that to say the least…)


Hideki: Sorry…


Mahoro: No, it’s O.K. I’ve learnt to live with it.


Urumi: Anyway…


Yomi: No, we have a right to do things here, and if you don’t mind Miss Kanzaki, we have a warrant here to search this room.


(Yomi’s firm voice surprises the two guys and even Urumi as authority takes control. Urumi smiles.)


Urumi: Fine, we can’t escape you. Search the whole place if you want.


(Yomi nods as she has a small word with the two boys. She and Hideki seem to get ready to search the place, whilst Tsuyoshi continues to talk to the two girls…and to Tsuyoshi’s credit, we get back on track with the inquiry.)


Tsuyoshi: We have recent evidence concerning you and a Mr. Shel De Montigny. Can you explain this?


(Urumi is silent for a moment, before smiling.)


Tsuyoshi: So, what do you say?


(Urumi is again silent before simply saying…)


Urumi: Why don’t you ask Shel


(To which Tsuyoshi immediately gets his phone and calls Team 3…)


*   *   *   *




(After not complaining at all for 20 minutes thanks to Shirayuki’s lovely sweets, suspect Shel makes his appearance. A tall 6 foot man, he is seen carrying what appears to be a staff. He seems to grimace seeing the detectives.)


Shirayuki: Master Shel! We have some people who need to see you urgently!


Shel: Can’t it wait? I’ve got customers and orders…


(Unfortunately, Shel is stuck with the oldest anime girl trick in the book….)


(…the puppy dog eyes…)


Shirayuki: Please…just until the case goes…


(Shel becomes victim number 4834687…)


Shel: (resigned voice) Oh…all right…


(Shel makes a pointer for the 4 detectives to go round the back.)


Shel: O.K, I knew this would happen, so what do you want to know?


Oujirou: Two things mainly. Anything about Tatewaki Kuno and anything about Urumi Kanzaki…


(Shel’s face turns white…)


Shel: I don’t like those names…Kuno tried to put my best friend against me by building a Chinese restaurant opposite me…


Fujitaka: The fact that Shel immediately said a motive is either the dumbest move for a killer or the smartest, to suspect or to dismiss…


Shel: …in the end, couldn’t care less what happened to him.


Yomiko: What about Urumi?


Shel: That heathen bitch!


(Just outside, we hear Shirayuki says ‘Language please!’ as Shel realises he was a tad loud…)


Yui: I guess you didn’t get along. We have evidence which proves the two of you had some sort of business together…


Shel: It was ages ago! A few months, that Kuno had hired that wench to blackmail me to closing the place for a friggin’ beefbowl place! It failed, so he decided to bring in a hitman…my friend of all things, Lee Lei-On, as a way to try and finish my restaurant! Sacriligdge, and that Kanzaki…she’s too scary…


(As soon as he says this, a phone call interrupts them. It’s Team 1…)


*   *   *   *




(We can see that Yomi has managed a breakthrough as Urumi has been forced to let Yomi look on her computer. After a couple of minutes, Yomi finds something interesting…)


Yomi: Miss Kanzaki, it appears you have an interesting link with Kuno’s welfare…no sorry, wrong word…Wealth.


(We see that Urumi’s computer has a link to a written contract towards owning part of the shares for the Wong foundation. Urumi looks surprised.)


Urumi: Looks like I underestimated you.


(Yomi looks smug as Tsuyoshi seems to be talking rapidly with Team 3 or specifically Yomiko. Soon, he turns the phone off.)


Tsuyoshi: It appears that some of our team-mates learned some interesting information from a Mr. Shel De Montigny.


Urumi: A double whammy for me huh?


Tsuyoshi: I suggest that any knowledge about you working with Tatewaki Kuno…


(Urumi puts her hand up and looks angry)


Urumi: Stop right there.


(Urumi now looks like the scary evil bitch that she was after her ‘secret’ was first uncovered. Not exactly a pleasant look to say the least…)


Urumi: You think I LIKED working for that bastard? He got what he deserved…


(A quick look at Mahoro reveals a sad look on her face…)


Urumi: Shel…he was an innocent victim…but like most innocent victims, he was also a fool. A brave fool, but a fool none the less.


(Urumi stands up…)


Urumi: Now, if the lady and gentlemen would be so kindly escorted, I believe there is nothing else to say.


Hideki: We still have to…


Urumi: Mahoro…please…


(The automatic maid stands up but Yomi puts her hand up)


Yomi: It’s O.K. We’ve got our information for the time being. We can always come back. We can show ourselves the way out if that O.K Miss Mahoro.


Mahoro: (nods) Thank you.


Urumi: Very well.


Tsuyoshi: (sighs) Well, Shel didn’t want it broadcast, I guess there is nothing we can do…


Urumi: Exactly. You won’t get me.


(The team are forced to leave, and Hideki looks pissed…)


Hideki: Dammit! We had her as well! Now she’ll probably remove that evidence from the hard drive or whatever they call it and we’ll be stuck with…huh?


(Hideki (and Tsuyoshi) both notice a huge grin on Yomi’s face.)


Tsuyoshi: Yomi-san?


(Yomi lifts her phone up…which doubles as a digital camera. We see a photo she has taken is of the message on the computer.)


Tsuyoshi: Sugoi!


Yomi: That’s not all gentlemen.


(Yomi flicks the camera to where she was searching with Hideki. We see a picture of a darkened area of a room, but what is there shocks the team. It has various chemicals, boxes of matches…)


Yomi: The ingredient to make a Molotov cocktail…a perfect bomb like way for a heart to explode if it was made to fire from a firearm perhaps?


(Hideki has his mouth opened…)


Hideki: Why didn’t you tell me?


Yomi: Come on. Urumi is smart. If she heard us say we found something big, she’d do the stunt she just did and get rid of the evidence. And if I made a big deal of lingering there too long, her video cameras would have spotted me…


Tsuyoshi: There were cameras?


Yomi: A few. If we can get a warrant for the house we can get recorded footage maybe from the night of the murder. But we now have both a link to motive, and also evidence of creating or owning a murder weapon. I think today, we outwitted the genius.


Tsuyoshi: (shakes his head) No…you did.


(Yomi blushes…)


Yomi: I’m not used to praise. And when I do, it involves me blushing like an idiot. So Tsuyoshi saying that seemed to get to my heart. I want it to continue, I want to feel this feelings on being a winner…


Hideki: Try as we may, Yomi totally won that for us, and it shows that there are more threats than say Yui, Kiyone and Jet. I think we’d better keep an eye on her…


*   *   *   *


(Team 3 finished their job, so back to maiden worshipping. Hey, I didn’t forget about Team 2, honest!)




Jet: We’ll get straight to the point Miss Haruka. We have a possible suspect who has claimed that she was with you on the time of the recent murder of one Tatewaki Kuno. Her name is Kagome Higurashi.


Haruka: You suspect her of killing Kuno?


Jet: To be honest no, but we need to keep all our bases covered. So can you confirm our deny this? It was on the 1st of May, between 11.30pm and 12pm at night, the time we can confirm now…




Yotsuba: I can now confirm the time of death. As Jing said, he was on a half and hour break when the murder happened. I received the employee time rotas for the staff of the Kuno mansion and the murder happened between 11.30pm and 12 midnight, where Jing was having his break.


Haruka: Well…I know we was here from late afternoon and early evening…but that late? It’s rare for her…and it was on my temple on the other island as well…


(Big hint. If it was on the other island, it would be near impossible for Kagome to make it to kill Kuno even via a ferry. However, Haruka hasn’t confirmed that Kagome was there at the time of the murder, nor has she shown evidence that she has been at the temple at all.)


Haruka: Hold on, I’ve got my temple log somewhere…


(Haruka moves over and looks at an old book. If Kagome was there at the time of the murder, this will be her alibi and clear her.)


Haruka: Ah, here we go…*looks sad*…oh…


(The detectives rush over and look at the log, and see why Haruka is sad. The written entry for Kagome is two. One as Haruka said between late afternoon and early evening (5.30pm – 7.00pm) and the second entry was a night one…but at the times between 9.00pm and 10.30pm).)


Mamoru: I see.


(Therefore, it is still possible that she could have killed Kuno.)


Haruka: I’m sorry.


Kiyone: No need to apologise, it isn’t your fault.


Haruka: It’s just…now I know she could…


Jet: Don’t think it. We’re not going to.


(Haruka nods and the teams wave goodbye…but as they head out, someone bumps into them…)


?????: Oh, pardon me…


(It is a rather handsome boy in a kendo outfit, a.k.a. suspect Souchirou Arima.)


Kiyone: It’s O.K…


Arima: Wait…you’re the detectives?


Jet: Yes, we’ve just had a talk with Haruka about something. Why?


Arima: Oh sorry, I’m Souchirou Arima.


(They recognise the name as a suspect, but don’t reveal it.)


Kiyone: Well, Arima, what can we do for you?


Arima: I’m not going to take too much of your time, because I know you are busy. But I feel it is worthwhile that I give you information before you learn from it from another source.


(The teams nod as they get their notebooks out.)


Arima: I want to say this easily. I had a grudge with Kuno….there I admitted it. He cheated his way to victory at a recent kendo tournament when he or his sister drugged me during the final match. That gives me a large motive…but I’m confident of saying this to you. Why? Because I didn’t kill him.


Kiyone: Arima was so abrupt when we talked to him, he was almost intimidating even if he has a gentle face…


Jet: I thank you for that.


Arima: Not a problem.


Mamoru: Can we ask your alibi then? It was on the 1st of May, between 11.30 and midnight.


(Arima has to pause and think)


Arima: I had been at a cherry blossom festival the day, and knowing me, I probably fell asleep. I know it was late when I woke up, but I don’t know what time exactly. I just went home after that.


(The detectives note that)


Mamoru: Thank you for talking to us.


Arima: No problem.


(Arima leaves as the detectives scratch their heads…)


Jet: There is more to this case than meets the eye huh?


Kiyone: This definitely needs more research…


(The findings that the teams recovered include the following;)


TEAM 1 found a link on Urumi’s computer which involved a written contract towards owning part of the shares for the Wong foundation. However, along with Team 3’s info, the fact that they discovered a potential murder weapon makes Urumi a top suspect.

TEAM 2 visited Haruka at her temple, where she confirmed that she was at her branch on Promised Island, but according to her log book, was still available to kill Kuno. They also encounter Souchiro Arima, who bluntly tells them a motive.

TEAM 3 visited Shel’s restaurant and linking with Team 1, learned about Urumi’s involvement in a previous scandal with the Kunos. Team 1 learnt that was one of the last jobs for Urumi involving Kuno.


*   *   *   *




(A combination of notes, eating, relaxing, showers, Jacuzzi and more eating, and in Team 1’s case laundry washing…oh, and the odd worrying about the later votes. At this dinner meeting, people are talking about the case, and in particular who their favourite suspects are and why…)


Jet: It’s hard, because we are all competing against each other, but we need to know what everyone else is thinking and doing if we are going to win, so it’s a lose/lose situation for everyone…and also a win/win.


(As the 12 are eating a small meal of rice and fried chicken in batter courtesy of Yomi, with some melon bread and instant miso soup for anyone hungrier, the team indeed discuss who they suspect and why)


Shizuka: So…I think we need to suspect Urumi…


Yomi: She is quite clearly the top suspect at the moment. Not only does she have several motives, she has the capability and the intelligence to create a weapon to kill Kuno.


Yomi: I would be lying if I said I didn’t suspect Urumi. Everything screams ‘suspect’ involving her. But I have my eyes on a few other people…


Kiyone: I’m looking at the way Kuno died…his heart literally exploded like something had been transmitted into him, it would be hard for anyone to do that…


Kiyone: The people that I’ve seen that have the power to do the damage to Kuno would be Mahoro and Amelia, with maybe Nabeshin as well. They haven’t done too much to suspect me, but Mahoro is my favourite suspect, mainly because I feel she would have done anything to protect Taeko.


Tsuyoshi: I’m not ruling out Kagome yet…something about the way we found that evidence and how it didn’t link means someone is lying…


Tsuyoshi: This early stage I’m narrowing it down to two suspects. Izumi and Kagome. There is something about those two. One has already lied to us or even both…and I’m not sure about how dangerous either of them are, Izumi in particular…


Jet: Well, we haven’t met everyone yet, and we only know certain things, but going back to the first day…


Jet: People I think are looking too much on what recently has been happening. On the first day I’ve gathered 3 prime suspects simply because they could get into the mansion easily. Kodachi, Jing and Heero. Motive yet unestablished, but means of entry is easily established.


Fujitaka: I think we need to see who would gain the most…whether in terms of wealth…or revenge.


Fujitaka: Wealth…someone like Ling-Pha would have a huge motive. Revenge…Taeko, Shel, Arima all have vialable reasons for murder. We need to link all the little things and make them into the big picture.


Shizuka: Motive…means of entry…hold of a murder weapon…


Mamoru: All these and more…


Mamoru: I think people have dismissed Mirielle. She’s an assassin, and yet people see her as not capable of doing this? She can enter buildings with ease and it was a bullet from her gun found embedded in the wall. She is my top suspect.


Hideki: If it works out, I’d say suspect the ones you don’t suspect.


Hideki: This early stage is hard for me to comprehend a murderer, but I’m feeling Izumi is the most suspect just on her reactions towards us. She’s more underneath than Urumi, but seems just as cold-calculating.


Yui: We’re seeing if we can eliminate anyone from murder…and frankly I can’t do that.


Oujirou: There are more secret here than there are in my stepbrother’s head…


Oujirou: The feeling in me is wondering not who did it, but who didn’t. I have a clear idea of who I don’t think who committed the murder, and trying to work out who did do the murder that way…


Yomiko: Well, I just think it’s anyone!


(The group laugh…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: There is no point trying to win favours from Shizuka…we should just relax…


(Shot of Jet and Kiyone relaxing in Kiyone and Yomi’s room (not in that way) as Jet lying on one bed (Yomi’s) and Kiyone on hers discuss the vote…)


Kiyone: We might as well not worry about Shizuka’s vote…we can’t do anything about it. If Hideki wants to win favours with her, fine. I’m personally betting that we should vote for Yui.


Jet: Huh? That was a surprise…


Kiyone: Last night was an eye opener…


Jet: Because of that?


(Kiyone tries not to give the game away…)


Kiyone: Not just that. I’m looking at people as threats as well. Yomiko…well she’s done better now and I don’t feel like going for her a second time…


Jet: I know what you mean. She’s at least trying to get involved with the group.


Kiyone: But I have a feeling if we don’t eliminate these two, or one of these two, things could get worse…you saw how they were glaring daggers at each other at breakfast didn’t you?


Jet: *nods* That’s true.


Jet: Kiyone can get excitable, but there is no doubt she has a top mind for the job when she’s in the zone. I will listen to anything she says and take it on board, after all, I haven’t been in the force for a while, Kiyone will definitely have the advantage over me.


(Someone else is definitely afraid of the vote though…)


*   *   *   *




Yomiko: I’m dreading it…after last time, I don’t know…


Tsuyoshi: It will be fine Yomiko-san! Things have changed now and you’ve managed to control yourself. You’ll be O.K, I guarantee!


(Yomiko smiles)


Yomiko: Thanks.


Yomi: He’s right. I don’t think you need to worry about it anyway.


(Shot as Yui enters)


Yui: Yeah, I’m not too bothered. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s just ready to take everything with a pinch of salt.


Yomiko: It’s not exactly the group vote I’m worried about…


Yomi: Oh.


Yomiko: Shizuka’s vote is critical. We don’t know who she will vote for or why, she will have her reasons and whoever she picks will not be enjoying her company for the rest of the night…you saw Greta’s reactions to the father Fujitaka last time…it’s a cruel game…


*   *   *   *


(Meanwhile, the guys are relaxing in the jakuzzi, and talking about the vote…so what happens next?)


Oujirou: I felt Yui did seem different today.


Hideki: Different? She was downright freaky!!! Urumi and Izumi have got nothing on them!


Mamoru: It’s like thinking ahead without the actual thinking. The vote is spontaneous and we just need to choose now.


Hideki: Well…I’m worried. I don’t know how many people are on Yui’s side, but I expect to be going tonight if all fails.


Mamoru: Well. If we all vote for Yui, that’s 4 votes. Is there anyone else we can use?


(Fujitaka is silent.)


Oujirou: Fujitaka-san?


Fujitaka: This is not like me…but I’ll do so. I feel Yui could slowly become power mad because of her intelligence. That is not the right way to do things here…maybe a night out there may make her better like with Yomiko.


Oujirou: Hmmm…Yomiko-san has improved tremendously.


Mamoru: So we decided?


Hideki: It still could be a potential 6 votes against us though…


Oujirou: Maybe they won’t vote for the same person…


Hideki: We are riding a bit too much on luck…


Mamoru: You know what they say, play the game…and skill doesn’t always win games, sometimes its luck.


Fujitaka: This game is about learning things about yourself that you didn’t expect. And I’m certainly doing this. Whether this leads me to victory I’m not sure, but it’s definitely an interesting…not necessarily enjoyable…change…


*   *   *   *




(The main inquiry room is ready for the next stage of the game. Another person will be eliminated tonight, but who?)


(Yotsuba enters as the 3 teams are in columns. The left one is Yomi/Tsuyoshi/Hideki, the centre one is Fujitaka/Oujirou/Yomiko/Yui and the right one is Jet/Mamoru/Kiyone. Yotsuba greets everyone.)


Yotsuba: Hello everybody and welcome to another night delving into the depths of a killer’s mind. But first, let’s see how you did on the last couple of days and what you found out. First up for checkii, Team 1 – Tsuyoshi, Yomi and Hideki, you certainly found some interesting theories didn’t you? Rinrin gave you a bit of a scare huh?


Tsuyoshi: Get her off those funds! (laughs) Still, we learnt about the camera being futuristic and a photograph of something unusual, seemed like a sunset photo of a hot air balloon, we think if this is the killer’s camera, this could be a vital clue.


Yotsuba: Interesting…and today?


Yomi: We found Urumi and Mahoro together in a tutoring season…and after getting splattered with paint…she should be able to afford the bill…


Yotsuba: Cheapskate!


Yomi: …anyway…after confirming some information with Team 3, we found out about a link with the Wong family shares plans, which we’ve got on photo evidence, as we have on a possible ability to create a murder weapon, in this case, a Molotov cocktail.


(Yotsuba shows the two photo images in question on the screen)


Yotsuba: Excellent, very well done. You held the fort, took on the genius and survived. Not only that, you pretty much outsmarted her. Well done once again.


(Yotsuba moves onto Team 2)


Yotsuba: Now, you met a rather intriguing suspect named Izumi Himuro yesterday. What was she like?


Mamoru/Kiyone/Jet: Scary.


Yotsuba: Yes! Agreement in a team, very good!


(Sweatdrops ahoy)


Yotsuba: But what did you find out?


Mamoru: We asked about her alibi, but it conflicted with Kagome’s story, because Izumi claims she was at her friends until the day we came and was with her mother therefore the night before.


Jet: However, we visited Kagome later and she says that Izumi is lying, whilst it’s vice versa for Izumi. Kagome says she visited but her mother claimed she was asleep, yet Izumi said she was playing the piano. So someone is lying.


Kiyone: We nearly got Kagome’s alibi from Haruka today as well, but judging from the times, it is still possible that she could have done it. We also bumped into Souchirou Arima, and he blatantly admitted he had problems with Kuno, and gave us a sort of an alibi involving a cherry blossom festival, but it is my no means concrete.


Yotsuba: Well, well, checkii, checkii. Team 3 had to link with Team 1 in that respect to today, but what about yesterday?


Fujitaka: We learnt about how Kuno died for sure, it was quoted as an unusual blast where no bullet was found in the remains of his clothes nor in his body, it was almost like someone had set a bomb inside of him.


Yomiko: The will wasn’t in his belongings either, but someone was interested in claiming them. A certain Mr. Nabeshin…


Oujirou: We accepted a challenge on his behalf, if we solved 3 out of 4 riddles then he would give us information. If not, he’d get the evidence we collected. It was a risk, and we didn’t know how honest he would be, but we passed his test, and then collected the evidence, the photographs of Urumi with first Kuno and then with Shel.


Yotsuba: That was a risk which paid off, so well done.


Yui: This led on to today, where in coalliberation with Team 1, we interviewed Shel who didn’t exactly have a glowing reference for Urumi. It appears she’s somewhat of a hate figure around here…


Yotsuba: Maybe, though Mahoro seems to like her at least…it seems we’ve got plenty of suspects to look through, with a few standing out more than others. We need to keep a close checkii on them if we’re going to solve this case.


(The team nods)


Yotsuba: Now it’s time for the moment of truth. We first open the black envelope found at Taeko and Mahoru’s apartment yesterday. Inside is a question. If you guys get it correct, you will clear another suspect from the board and move a step closer to solving this case.


(Yotsuba gets a pair of scissors and opens the black envelope. She reads the question.)


Yotsuba: It says ‘How many of the girls from my first clue have you seen in your last 2 days?’


(Immediately, they reach for the photograph and recount who they have seen from the first killer clue, the photographs of the 13 girls from Sister Princess.)


Yomi: O.K…we got the short haired girl there Rinrin…


Jet: …and we got Chiba’s namesake over there Mamoru…


Mamoru: That was so confusing…


Yomiko: Who else then?


Jet: There she is. Haruka on the far end, hard to forget her…


Fujitaka: And there’s that chef girl, Shirayuki.


Oujirou: Is that it?


(The team check again. They seem to agree on 4.)


Yui: O.K, let’s…




(They turn to look at Yomiko oddly…)


Hideki: What’s wrong?


Yomiko: What about her?


(Yomiko points to another girl on the photo…Yotsuba.)


Yomiko: The question was how many of the girls have we seen in the last 2 days right? Well, we see Yotsuba-san every day don’t we and she’s in the photo, so that must count as well!


Jet: A trick question huh?


Mamoru: Are you sure?


(Yomiko pouts slightly before nodding…)


Yomiko: I’m sure.


Yui: What the hell…let’s go with it.


Yotsuba: You really want to forget me huh? Oh well…


(Yotsuba types in the answer ‘five’ and enters it into the anonymous site. A few flashes later and they get their result.)




(The team cheer as a few of the team glomp Yomiko as they await their next cleared suspect…which catches them off guard a bit.)




Kiyone: Amelia?


Yui: Wow…


Kiyone: I think a few people, including myself, thought because of her powers, Amelia was a high suspect. So for her to be cleared this early surprised a fair few…


Oujirou: I think people’s thinking of the killer may need to have been rearranged when Amelia was cleared.


Yotsuba: So Amelia is cleared, so we remove her from our suspect list.


(Yotsuba marks a cross over Amelia’s picture which joins Ryo’s in the graveyard so to speak. 16 people still to choose from.)


Yotsuba: Now it’s time for the vote. I’m sure every time it will get more and more difficult so I feel you need to get ready now and prepared. Each person will go into the back room and put in an envelope the photo of the person they wish to eliminate. I wish you all the best of luck.


(The team nods as they prepare another dreaded vote. Last time, the person that was voted for (Yomiko) survived. Will that luck hold dear for this time’s sucker?)


*   *   *   *




I will remain tonight by voting for Hideki once again. In our inquiries it was Yomi and I doing all the work and I do feel he still treats me more of a child than an equal.




Tonight I will vote for Yui. I saw her true self last night during the argument and I didn’t like it.




I will vote for Yui Hongo tonight. She is a very intelligent young woman but she is both a threat and a disturbance in my eyes, a double danger for the team.




My vote tonight will be for my team-mate Hideki. In the inquiries on the last 2 days I certainly didn’t think he did anything of merit in consideration with myself and Tsuyoshi. I feel he is the weakest link…goodbye.




My vote will be for Yui tonight. A little birdie…well, a flying jet told me unexpectedly about your vote for me the other night. What you did last night in flaring up at Hideki just made it this very convenient for me. You made a small hole for yourself which I could take advantage of.




I’m voting for Mamoru tonight. He obviously still doesn’t think I’m capable by his lack of trust for me in the killer question. He may be a good detective but everyone else seems to forgive and forget, and I get the feeling he hasn’t.




A no-brainer tonight, I’m voting for Yui. She is the larger of two evils between her and Yomiko and to be fair, Yomiko is improving. Yui on the other hand is getting a bit too bossy for her own boots.




I’ll vote for Hideki tonight. It would be cruel to send Yomiko again and she saved our butts with the killer question. Hideki is a good guy, but not detective material.




No surprise. I’ll vote for Hideki, simply because he’s useless.




This is another vote I don’t want to cast, but I’ll cast it to…


*   *   *   *


(The votes have been counted and Yotsuba smiles)


Yotsuba: I’ll gather the votes.


(Yotsuba does and counts them. She seems wide eyed when looking at the pictures, like she is surprised…)


(She turns around to inform the team of the choice)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killers game…


(Dramatic pause)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(A quick shot of Hideki and Yui…)


Yotsuba: Yui.


(Yui is very shocked when her name is announced…she looks around with a ‘It’s me?’ look but the votes are true, as demonstrated…)


YUI (5) – Oujirou, Fujitaka, Hideki, Mamoru, Kiyone

Hideki (4) – Jet, Yomi, Tsuyoshi, Yui

Mamoru (1) – Yomiko


Fujitaka: …Yui. I’m sorry is all I can say.


(Yotsuba now turns to Shizuka, whilst Yui still looks white as a ghost.)


Yotsuba: Shizuka, it is now time to do your duty as lead investigator. You will pick the second person to play the killer’s game.


(Shizuka stands up, deep in thought…)


Shizuka: I found it hard to pick someone today. However, I must do so. My choice comes to my own personal belief. This person helped us a lot in the last two days, but I wonder if this is sincere improvement, or just trying to remain in the game. I believe it’s the latter rather than the former, so my choice to play the killers game is…




Shizuka: …(sighs)…Yomiko Readman. I still feel she’s playing to her own drum and may alienate the group.


(If Yui is shocked, Yomiko is plain ready to cry. Even the people who voted for her before like Jet and Hideki are a bit surprised…)


Yotsuba: Well…that’s the choice of the Lead Investigator. Now, we open the red envelope, where two smaller brown envelopes carry maps to locations. One of them holds a clue, the other holds the killer.


(Yotsuba cuts it and picks out the two brown envelopes.)


Yotsuba: Pick the right one ladies.


(Yomiko and Yui are both shaken as they stand up, but it’s the laws of the game. Yui picks first, the one in Yotsuba’s right hand.)


Yui: I’m going to…Haruka’s TemplePromised Island location.


Yotsuba: Yomiko?


Yomiko: I’m…I’m going to…*she has to snicker as she reads it…* the Great Library. Great, plenty of ammunition if the killer strikes.


Yotsuba: You two guys are room-mates right? This will be the last time together then. Good luck, you’ll need it.


(Yomiko and Yui nod before sharing a hug. It’s these two going out there, Yomiko for the second time…can she survive again?)


*   *   *   *


(The reaction to the vote…is surprising. And it’s not Yui’s they are surprised at…)


Fujitaka: I didn’t vote for her.


Jet: Neither did I.


Mamoru: I didn’t…


All: Weird.


Fujitaka: Yomiko I feel is generally trying to fit in and saved our skins with the killer question. So for Shizuka to pick her for a second killer game…I guess I have no right considering what happened with Greta, but it’s just seemed unfair.


(However, one person is certainly surprised about her vote…)


Yui: Why? People thought I was worse than Hideki?


Kiyone: (out of sight) Not as a detective, but you dug a hole.


(Yui turns to see Kiyone eating a sandwich)


Yui: A hole?


Kiyone: Intelligence…attitude…and knowing when to strike.


Yui: You…didn’t…


Kiyone: (nods) I voted for you. I’m at least admitting it…


Yui: Why you…


Kiyone: (interrupting) …unlike you.


(Yui stops)


Kiyone: You voted for me last time didn’t you? Haven’t you heard the saying ‘payback’s a bitch?’


Yui: That’s cheap.


Kiyone: And?


(Yui stops. She simply turns away.)


Yui: I’ll come back tonight.


Kiyone: I’ll be waiting Miss Seiryu.


Yui: Try Miss Seiyuu…sounds more appropriate in our case…


(Yui leaves the room as Kiyone breathes a sigh of relief…)


Kiyone: I have to admit, Yomiko is slowly growing on me. Maybe Yomi’s intuition was right…


(Yomiko however…)


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: (crying a little) It’s not fair! I did my best, I’ve done what I can, and I still…


Tsuyoshi: Yomiko-san…


Yomi: Shizuka’s vote was based on what they saw of the first 2 days when she was out on the field. She wasn’t and didn’t see what a good job you did then.


Yomiko: But I got the question right for them and still…*sighs as she wipes some tears away, actually removing her glasses to reveal pretty blue/hazel eyes*, I just hate the feeling of being stabbed in the back…


Tsuyoshi: You are smart Yomiko-san. People are underrating you…


(Yomiko gets a hug from the younger boy. Yomi smiles.)


Yomi: Besides, if you went, Tsuyoshi would once again have no-one to play with…


Yomiko: YOMI!


(Yomiko can’t help but chuckle…)


Yomi: I want Yomiko to come back. There, I don’t mess about. She is someone who was taken for granted and now she’s making amends, and things still don’t go her way. Well, think it’s time we stopped this…


Yomi: Yomiko…can I ask you something?


Yomiko: Hmm?


Yomi: Go talk to Yui. And tell her this…


*   *   *   *


(In the kitchen, a relieved Hideki washes his face)


Hideki: Ahhh…thank you guys.


(We see Fujitaka and Oujirou are with him, Fujitaka drinking something whilst Oujirou seems to be reading a book (from Shuko Mizuhara titled Battle Angel). The two guys do feel disappointed though.)


Oujirou: Maybe, but it doesn’t get easier no matter who we choose to play.


Hideki: I’m still glad.


Fujitaka: To play this game, to ruin someone’s dreams…it’s just not me. But that’s the game, whether I like it or not…


(Jet enters to see the brewing trio at the table. He gets a beer and opens it. Just before he leaves…)


Jet: Hideki?


Hideki: Hmmm…


Jet: You are the luckiest son of a gun in this house.


(He leaves as Hideki looks on confused, though if you looked closely, you could see Oujirou nod his head.)


*   *   *   *




(The team prepares to send Yui and Yomiko out. These roommates will no longer be when one of them returns.)


Yui: Anyway…


(Yui hugs Yomi, Tsuyoshi, Yomiko, Shizuka and Jet…the people she is sure didn’t vote for her (and didn’t). She seems indifferent as she leaves.)


Yui: Oh…one more thing…either way, one way or another, revenge will happen.


(She leaves as Yomiko (and Yomi) get a knowing look. What is this about?)


(Yomiko does her rounds as people are more genuinely concerned about her leaving this time. Yomiko makes a cross from paper and throws it into the air, it lands like a dagger on the floor. Yomiko heads out.)


Jet: Symbolism huh?


(As they leave, they wonder who they want back…)


Hideki: I’m not really on good terms with either. I feel Yomiko would be slightly better, only because of the problems I had today and yesterday with Yui. Tomorrow could be problems all over again if she returns…


Shizuka: I would like Yui to return. I know what she said was spur of the moment. I do respect Yui for speaking her mind and she has the smart to play this game down the level.


Jet: It’s hard for me to speculate who I want to return…but whoever does, someone is going to be screwed…


(In their room, just relaxing, Kiyone and Yomi discuss the vote.)


Kiyone: I voted for Yui, just because…


Yomi: Really? Well…I can’t dictate who you vote for so I won’t complain.


Kiyone: I thought you’d be a bit more upset with Yomiko going out…


Yomi: I am.


Kiyone: You don’t look it…woman of ice.


(Yomi smiles slightly.)


Yomi: I just hide my emotions well. But one thing is for sure…


Kiyone: Hmmm?


Yomi: Whoever returns will be scaring a few people tomorrow…


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) I’m screwed aren’t I if Yui returns?


Yomi: Oh yeah.


Kiyone: It’s more scary when you say that so calmly…


*   *   *   *




(Yui is with Shirase, heading to the temple on Promised Island.)


Shirase: This is the second time I’ve had to take a young lady out to one of these things.


Yui: I know…makes we wonder if the men are ganging up on the women. After tonight, 2 girls will have gone.


Shirase: Does it worry you?


Yui: Well…I can say for sure that Tsuyoshi wouldn’t be part of that, but the others…maybe not Fujitaka either, but I don’t know that much about Oujirou and with Jet you’ve got that aura around him…I know he respects Kiyone a lot but considering what she did to me…


Shirase: So you ARE worried.


Yui: I am for whoever comes back. If I do come back, hopefully all the answers come clear.


Shirase: Well good luck.


Yui: Thank you.


*   *   *   *




Kintaro: Last time, I took that little girl and she didn’t come back…it scared me…


Yomiko: I know…I’ve already done this and I’m shaking…


Kintaro: You don’t seem so nervous…


Yomiko: I’m trying hard to control myself. Oh, and keep your eyes on the road…


(It seems Kintaro kept one eye on the road and the other on Yomiko, but the killer’s game is a whole different ball game…)


*   *   *   *





(This version of the temple is just as large as the one on Deathtrap. Two burning torches light the way as she looks at the map. It seems just to go straight in…and the doors open for her, spooking the young lady.)


Yui: Not a good start…


(As she enters, strange chanting a la Noir echo through the temple. She is strong because of her experience in the Universe of the Four Gods, but the experience is definitely a tad spooky for the former Priestess of Seiryu…)


Yui: O.K, I’m in a temple surrounded by dragons…this seems eerily familiar…


(On cue, the two dragon statues explode into flames from the back of the temple, making Yui jump back.)


Yui: Oh my god…


(The flames light a way to an exit into the back of the temple…Yui follows the map…)


*   *   *   *





(The library is reminiscent of the library from Yami To Boushi Hon No Tabibito. Meeting there, Yomiko is tempted to grab a book and use it as a weapon, but it is against the rules. Yomiko needs to remind herself that this is only a game…no matter how bloody or scary it is…)


Yomiko: O.K…now I go…


(She follows the map, a long path around the books. She notices the arrows in blood red which seem to take a maze like route which is completely unnecessary.)


Yomiko: Great, getting confused…


(She gets to a dead end, where a notice reads and flashes ‘K…E…E…P…G…O…I…N…G…’ It then explodes into flames, leading into another corridor.)


(Yomiko had to step back to avoid the flames as they die out into the floor. Yomiko gulps and fans the heat as she steps into the next stage of the abyss…)


*   *   *   *




(Yui is still alive…but barely. She thought she had found the cross, but it exploded into flames. She half expected the killer to come, but no-one there…)


Yui: Come on, just end it!!!


(She checks her map as a puddle of blood is the next thing she sees. Actually, it’s dripping…)


Yui: Don’t…look…


(Too late. She looked up. A crucifix of a body dripping blood from the ceiling of the temple forces Yui to turn and be sick…)


Yui: *gagging* Isn’t this…too…f****** much…


(Yui obviously at her wits end to swear, she closes her eyes and runs through to the next area, almost slipping on the blood…)


*   *   *   *




(Yomiko’s map has led to an elevator/lift. It only goes one way…down.)


Yomiko: Stairway to hell then?


(Yomiko enters, and it goes down to the ground floor of the library. As she exits…)


Yomiko: Wh…oa…


(A maze of crystal is the next sight she sees. It’s beautiful, but eery as opera music screams out. She follows the map and heads to a crystal bridge…)


*   *   *   *




Yui: Where are those flowers


(Finally, Yui gets to the final room, a small meditation room, where a Buddha statue is and the cross made from tiger lilies is underneath it. Yui cautiously looks around the area, and inside before breathing deeply…)


Yui: Let Buddha protect me…


(She heads in…)


*   *   *   *




(Yomiko reaches a podium across the bridge, and on it is the cross of tiger lilies, next to a bookcase. She nervously looks round before going to it…)


(The next thing we hear is a crash…)




*   *   *   *




(She approaches the cross…and again it burns into flames!)




(The flames surround her as it blinds her…)




Yui: Not again…now wh












*   *   *   *


Yomiko: Dammit!


(Yomiko removes the books which fell on her from the nearby bookcase. She goes back to the cross)


Yomiko: Now what?


(Suddenly, she removes it and a book is behind her. She opens it…)


Yomiko: It’s blank…huh?


(In the centre of the book (bloodstained) is a gun.)


Yomiko: The murder weapon? Kuno’s gun? What the…


(The reports said that Mirielle’s bullet from her gun hit the side of the board. So was this the weapon that killed Kuno or what? What is the killer suggesting?)


*   *   *   *




(We can see Tsuyoshi still awake nearing 1am as he awaits the return…)


Shizuka: Tsuyoshi…I…


(He doesn’t reply. Shizuka goes back as Hideki, Mamoru and Kiyone are trying to stay awake downstairs. Jet and Fujitaka are playing a game of go, whilst Yomi comes in with black coffee for a few people (her’s without sugar of course…^_^).)


Oujirou: (from the library) I can hear someone coming…


(Indeed, a van is back. Tsuyoshi stands up as Oujirou heads back to greet the survivor of the killer’s game.)


(The curtains close and the lights dim…and of course the double doors open.)


Yomi: (grins) And she returns again.


(Shot of Yomiko rubbing her eyes)


Yomiko: Need…sleep…


(Yomiko gets a better reaction this time than last time as she glomps Yomi and Tsuyoshi.  Jet pats her on the back as Oujirou hands her a coffee. Shizuka smiles but seems worried…)


Yomiko: It wasn’t so bad this time, not as scary, or maybe I was used to it…I feel bad for Yui though…


(Yomiko shows them the bagged killer clue, a gun. It’s a dangerous item so they get ready to lock it up in the groups safe. But tomorrow, anybody is far from safe as Yomiko Readman survives her second killer’s game. Yui Hongo doesn’t get past her first.)





*   *   *   *


Next on the Murder Game 2…


The detectives are now nervous…


Hideki: I didn’t know she was going to do that!


Shizuka: Now we’re both in trouble!


Friction in the Kuno camp…


Kodachi: Get back here!


Jing: If you aren’t worried about the implications, why do you need us?


…and that isn’t the only one…


Nabeshin: Listen, you aren’t my boss!


Ling-Pha: Don’t interrupt me!


Nabeshin: Why should I? For all I know you did it!


…and someone finally snaps on Urumi…


Tsuyoshi: If it isn’t you up there…


Mirielle: Then someone else got there…


Jet: Dammit! We need to get up there…




Yomi: Get down!!!


All this and more on episode 3 of the Murder Game…


*   *   *   *


Another two days, another exhausting chapter of the Murder Game 2. Keeps me busy at least…


Notes for this chapter;


As various people have said, the amount of research for a fic like this is phenomenal.  This is the main reason why I decided against an Inside HQ this year and focus simply on the case. It is too much work (and that’s not even including the Yotsuba Checkii report as well that comes with it.) The amount of notes I’ve done on the first three episodes alone is almost the length of half the original Murder Game.


I’ve gone more based on the American version this time, but I will say that a few people will be cleared by evidence…or by elimination as well…*evil laugh*.


I did the Mahoro/Aoi link last time in Japanese, now a small shout to the dub on this time Mahoro, Taeko and Urumi. Surprisingly, Michelle Ruff doesn’t also play Mahoro when she also plays Aoi (Ruby Marlowe, the voice of Shinobu, Miaka, Anna, Jeri and various other cute anime girls plays Mahoro, as well as suspect Ling-Pha), but she does play Urumi Kanzaki believe it or not! (Aoi and Urumi…weird…) And Taeko’s VA, Debra Cunningham (most famous for Mimi from Digimon) also plays Urumi’s friend/toy, Tomoko Nomura, so a few connections in both languages for these three girls.


And with Yui and Kiyone, we have a dub link as well, with Wendee Lee the voice of Yui, she plays Kiyone in the later Tenchi in Tokyo series, as well as the Pretty Sammy OVA and a couple of the movies…


And now, the elimination.


Yui Hongo. Smart girl, but made the mistake of not realising the threat and the problems she was causing. However, will this bite the detectives in the butt next time? Yui had her share of problems to say the least in Fushigi Yuugi, and whilst you feel for her, you also feel the fact she was being a bitch and didn’t realise it until she found out Nakago was duping her. This is what I call the Izumi Himuro syndrome. To play a bitch of a character and yet still have the audience feeling for her. It just explains why I’m a big fan of Yumi Touma and Wendee Lee, as the way they portray Yui in both versions is incredible.


So, who is next? Can you solve the mystery? See how you do in the quiz and see you next time! Remember, check once, you check. Check twice, you checkii!