*   *   *   *


Blood, guts, screams and evil laughs aplenty, that must mean it’s time for Chapter 2 of Murder Game 2.


Now that the shock of elimination of Greta is over, we must wonder what surprises are in the sleeve of this evil author (who whilst writing this, is wearing the most evil of garments…a Belldandy T-Shirt…^_^) – who will he take down today.


A question that was asked was about the removal of the pass/fail system. Two reasons for this.


The first was to make the vote more open. No matter how good the person involved, they can still be eliminated or voted upon. I guess it’s a way to make the vote more heated and for the reactions to be more devastating. (The investigator vote is as devastating as always, Greta found that out the hard way)


The second was more based on something that happened last time. Whilst 95% of the reading audience didn’t mind, it was obvious that a few people didn’t like the fact that one person in particular kept passing the inquiries so easily (i.e. Anna – ignoring the fact she still played the killer’s game twice and winner Kano didn’t play at all, Seta only playing once to boot as well) so this was to make sure that any ‘favouritism’ I may have had towards some of my favourite contestants was eliminated, so even if they are brilliant in the game, they can still be voted on. (The fact that Greta was eliminated first should be proof enough…damn I love that evil Tomoyo clone…)


Also, some people complained about how difficult the quiz was in wording, almost like an exam. The answer to this?




It’s supposed to be hard, do you think I’m giving prizes away for an easy quiz? Ask Joe Klemm, Artful and Little Serenity what you have to do for the final quiz…it is a wrack your brains game, I designed it that way, and for people complaining (surprisingly not really the newcomers moaned) about the difficulty when everyone else just plowed through it…gah.


Finally, people STILL don’t get Yotsuba’s ‘checkii’ catchphrase. It’s just basically her version of saying check, fitting as she is the detectives of the girls. That’s all, nothing more, nothing less.


Of course, no-one realised the rule of reality shows. If they are the cook, they do well! (Looks at Jet and Fujitaka on this show…will the same happen?)


Anyway, rant over.


Read on gentle viewers, and review just how evil I am…


*   *   *   *


Last time on the Murder Game 2…


(We see all 12 detectives on the coach to the mansion)


12 detectives in training had the job of covering a murder, a rather grisly one. The victim, Tatewaki Kuno, was pound by his sister in a puddle of his own blood, his chest almost exploding.


Yotsuba: Oh sorry, I didn’t get to tell you on the phone, my apologies! The names Yotsuba, and I’m your chief investigator!


(Cue the drop jaws…)


Jet: She’s barely…what 13…*thinks*…hmm, then again, kids can do amazing things…


Meeting the head investigator was the least of their worries, as the teams were separated for the first time in doing their jobs. Some had better luck than others, but the rules of the game saved any from the old pass/fail ratio vote.


Mamoru: You mean…


Kaji: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Kuno was ruthless…but then came the problem. That 2% was only legally binding in the old man’s will. However, no-one has seen it…some even suspected that Kuno was never given it as evidence and people only assumed he did. But that is all I know.


(Mamoru nods and thanks Kaji before leaving)


Mamoru: We now have a lead. We need to find that will.


However, with the new rules, everyone was eligible for the vote, and in a surprise, the first vote ended in a tie between Hideki and Yomiko. A revote however put the favour for the young man as Yomiko played the first game.


The real shock of the game came from Fujitaka’s vote.


Fujitaka: To go now may be the best thing for some people, either to prepare themselves for the worst or to go early. I am sad to say that my choice for the killers game will be…Greta.


(Greta…is stunned. Her mouth is in the ‘O’ formation and her regular little rich girl manners now seem to have transformed from Tomoyo style…into pissed off Hatoko style…)


And worse came for the little girl…much worse…








Yomiko however…


(The suspense increases when the lights go off. The door opens…and even in the darkness, it’s easy to realise who it is.)


Yomiko: (out of breath) Back!


Yui: (smiles) Welcome back.


(Yomiko hugs Yui and then Yomi as a moderate cheer from most of the team comes. The team gather around, as applause reigns for the first survivor of the killer’s game. We can see Shizuka smiling, but she is crying at the same time.)




*   *   *   *




Jet Black – Cowboy Bebop

Koyomi Mizuhara – Azumanga Daioh

Mamoru Chiba – Sailor Moon

Yomiko Readman – Read or Die

Hideaki Motsumuya - Chobits

Yui Hongo – Fushigi Yuugi

Greta – Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy - ELIMINATED

Kiyone Mabiki – Tenchi Muyo!

Fujitaka Kinomoto – Card Captor Sakura

Oujirou Mihara – Angelic Layer

Tsuyoshi Ohki – Kodomo No Omocha

Shizuka Katsuya – Yu-Gi-Oh!






Ling-Pha Wong – Battle Athletes Victory

Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha

Urumi Kanzaki – Great Teacher Onizuka

Amelia Seiryun - Slayers

Kodachi Kuno – Ranma 1/2

Taeko Kanuzuki – Ai Yori Aoshi

Izumi Himuro – Princess Nine

Mirielle Bouquet - Noir

Mahoro - Mahoromatic




Nabeshin – Excel Saga

Souchiro Arima – Kare Kano

Shel de Montigny – Chuuka Ichiban

Ryo Saeba – City Hunter - CLEARED

Bandit Jing – King of Bandit Jing

Kentaro Sakata – Love Hina

Sousuke Sagura – Full Metal Panic!

Ryoji Kaji – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Heero Yuy – Gundam Wing


*   *   *   *




(Shot of Shizuka sleeping…or should I say trying to sleep. She’s already alone after Greta’s elimination…)


Shizuka: This game had already begun, and whilst I’m still here, it feels a part of me has gone. I wanted to get close to Greta and I felt I was beginning to, and now all of a sudden, it’s not going to happen.


*   *   *   *




(As if to show that lack of sleep, Shizuka is almost carried downstairs by Hideki as she is the last one up. Not too surprisingly, it’s Fujitaka who seems to feel the most guilty for Shizuka’s plight.)


(Shizuka isn’t the only one quiet either…)


Oujirou: Last night I think was a wake up call for Yomiko. She was quiet before reading her books, but the fact that this morning she barely uttered a word and she WASN’T reading made us feel a bit awkward.


Yomiko: I’m not sure now what my role in the game is going to be, or what the group thinks of me. The fact that at one point last night, half the team voted for me is something I’m not very comfortable with. The team tried to apologise to me and I’ve accepted it, but my heart hasn’t.


Tsuyoshi: I feel for you as well Shizuka-san…


Shizuka: (nods) I know, but the fact that losing Greta-chan this early surprised me, and all I can show for it is sleeping alone…


(Cut to a guilty look on the faces of Hideki and Mamoru, with Jet in the kitchen coughing to avoid seeing it with Fujitaka, his eyes closed….)


*   *   *   *




(Yotsuba has entered the main fray, but instead of addressing the detectives, Jet quickly corners her and shows her the killer clue.)


Yotsuba: (in English) Oh my god!


Jet: Yes, quite.


Yotsuba: The killer left this?


Jet: Yes, it’s what Yomiko found last night as the killer clue.


Yotsuba: This is eerie…yep, that’s me, but check, check, checki, the other girls…they are my imoutos (Sisters)…


Jet: Huh?


Yotsuba: It’s quite an extended family. Hang on a sec…(Yotsuba puts the photo on the clues board. She then gets some stick on tabs and puts them around the photo with an arrow pointing. She then writes a name on them)




Yotsuba: They are my sisters and they live around the two islands. It’s kinda of spooky though…I’d best call Haruka-chan and Chikage-chan for protection…


Jet: I don’t think the head investigator should be in such a panic…


(It’s take a bit of talking, but Yotsuba manages to snap out of it and return to semi-professionalism. The detectives now wonder though if there is a direct connection to these girls and the suspects – and Yotsuba did admit there are a few people on the island who know the girls…)


*   *   *   *




Yotsuba: O.K, the fun is over, back to work.


(Still 12 chairs, though one is now empty…(plays violins…no wait, a piano would be more poetic in this case)…on the front row are Tsuyoshi, Oujirou and Yui. Middle row is Mamoru, Hideki, Yomi and Yomiko. The back row is Kiyone, Jet, Fujitaka and Shizuka.)


Yotsuba: Well, a good morning to you all, and whilst there has been a shock in more ways than one, with us losing poor Greta last night to the killer. However, in this game, the victims return to haunt you guys one more time.


(Time for an old school rule. The person that was eliminated last night by the killer now has the right to pick a new lead investigator. Last night, both Greta and Yomiko made a last will and testament in case they were the ones eliminated, this will then explain their choice of lead investigator. The lead investigator role is an enviable one, as they cannot be eliminated that episode.)


Yotsuba: So, let’s view Greta’s last will and testament and see who she picked.


(We see the television screen and for the last time in this game, we see Greta.)


Greta: If I’m eliminated in this unjust game…


(A few wince)


Greta: …there were only two people who showed me the way, those were Tsuyoshi and Shizuka. However, I will decide that the next LI will be Shizuka, on the grounds, well, a guy was it last time…


Tsuyoshi: (sweatdrops) Nice methodology…


(Yotsuba has to suppress a snicker)


Yotsuba: Shizuka, can you come up here and take the LI seat please?


(Shizuka seems to be a bit more alert now. Losing her room mate turned to be a good thing for the young lady as she is now safe from this episode, much to the chagrin of many of the others.)


Yotsuba: Before we begin, I have some important information for you guys.


(The white screen flashes up and what appears to be a piece of paper with times on comes up. It is in fact a rota sheet for the Kuno employees.)


Yotsuba: I can now confirm the time of death. As Jing said, he was on a half and hour break when the murder happened. I received the employee time rotas for the staff of the Kuno mansion and the murder happened between 11.30pm and 12 midnight, where Jing was having his break. So you now know when he died.


(The detectives make note of this.)


Yotsuba: O.K, now let’s assign you guys some tracks shall we, based on what we found out yesterday and the killer clue. Shizuka, can you choose a team of 3 to make Team 1 please?


(Shizuka has a small think)


Shizuka: Tsuyoshi….Hideki…and Yomi.


Yotsuba: Right, you three. Now yesterday at the mansion, you managed to find a camera correct?


Oujirou: (joining them) Too late…


(Mamoru sees the young man heading over, and notices in his bag, Oujirou has struck pay dirt. He has found a rather futuristic looking camera which most likely took the photos in the book.)


Yotsuba: Now, with the recent clue found by Yomiko, we are going to kill two birds with one stone. I sent the photos to my best friend on the island (points at a specific girl on the photo, a cropped haired brunette the same height as Yotsuba) Rinrin-chan. You three will head to her studio where they have been developed. She will give you more information on the camera as well. Go and report what you find.


(The team nod.)


Yotsuba: Now, speaking of the killer clue, we’ll go and find another one, who has a link with a suspect which intrigued you yesterday.


Kagome: I bet, anyway, yes, Kuno was trying to ruin both my personal and professional life…*frowns*…but…


Tsuyoshi: But?


Kagome: *sighs* You may want to ask Izumi about it.


Jet: Izumi?


Kiyone: Would that be Izumi Himuro?


Kagome: Yes…


Yotsuba: My friend Mamoru-chan will probably be playing tennis with Izumi now, they are both top athletes and their practices start at 9. I suggest a team goes over there learning more about Izumi and what her relationship was with both the victim Tatewaki and suspect Izumi. Shizuka, choose another team of 3.


Shizuka: I’ll pick…Kiyone, Jet…and Mamoru.


Yotsuba: (snickers) Ah, Mamoru and Mamoru? This will be fun…


(Mamoru sweatdrops)


Yotsuba: That makes you guys team 2, so team 3, a team of four, will be Yui, Fujitaka, Yomiko and Oujirou. You guys are to head to the mortary, where the complete look at how Tatewaki died will be explained. Report and find what you can, plus whatever possessions he has. They could have vital evidence on them.






Yotsuba: All right! Now go out and checki!!!


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: Do you wonder if Shizuka had some sort of plan with those groups?


Jet: The girl was a bit tired don’t forget, the strain of losing her room-mate…*grins*…why, you complaining you got me?


Kiyone: *grins* Depends. Ask me after we’ve done the inquiries…and what about you Mamoru?


Mamoru: No problems here, though I’m sure Shizuka put me for that team as a joke…


Kiyone: Oh yes, a tale of two Mamoru’s…


(Elsewhere, Yui thinks that a different sort of technique was used to choose the teams…)


Yui: She just went eeny, meeny, minny, mo I think. I wonder if it was O.K to put her as lead investigator?


Hideki: I don’t think it’s so bad…


Tsuyoshi: (a bit stern) Maybe that’s what Greta had in mind…


Tsuyoshi: I had my problems with Hideki to start with and now I’m working with him. I just hope Greta’s decision to put Shizuka as the LI doesn’t come back to haunt me now…


*   *   *   *




(Teams 1 and 2 areas are located on Promised Island, whilst Team 3 have to head to the ferry to get to ‘Deathtrap’ where the mortuary is. )




(Inside the van, heading to Rinrin’s studio, we see that the group is pretty much quiet, with just the sound of Yomi pencilling in some notes…)


Hideki: For some reason, Yomi just frightens me. She seems hard to talk to, but I know I can’t really complain to much, she’s cute and smart…now if she just didn’t sound like a sarcastic Chii…THEN maybe I wouldn’t be so scared…


Yomi: Hey guys, we’d better not be like this if we’re going to work as a team…


Tsuyoshi: Yomi?


Yomi: Come on, let’s prepare what we’ve got to do. Better than sitting out here like we’re in an exam.


(Hideki, like most ronin college students, shudders at the word ‘exam’)


Yomi: (smiles) Guess you don’t like that.


Hideki: Bad…evil…exams…


Yomi: Whether I intend to be a leader or not is not the issue, what I need to do is make sure the team works to be the best that we can be, and we can’t do that if Tsuyoshi and Hideki are having the silent treatment.




(Inside Team 2’s van, the three seem to be O.K talking to each other a bit more easily than Team 1…)


Mamoru: …I can’t really say about that.


Kiyone: But come on, you said you were a college student, but you said you were ‘used to danger’. That must mean you do something else right? Are you a champion of justice by night or something?


Mamoru: (sweatdrops) Well…something like that…


Kiyone: Ha! Told you I’d make him crack under 10 minutes! (holds her hand out) Pay up Jet!


Jet: What? Now?


Kiyone: Yup, now!


Mamoru: Wait a minute…you made a bet on me?


Kiyone: Nope!


(Mamoru facefaults as Jet and Kiyone laugh)


Mamoru: You guys…*smiles*


Kiyone: I would have, but Jet is so poor and I don’t think woolongs is a transferable currency in this time.


(Mamoru facefaults again…)


Mamoru: It struck that Jet and Kiyone have a strong bond together considering their police work. It’s good being in a team with them, because they get the job done, they know what they want, and they are good to talk to as well.


(Meanwhile, with Team 3, Fujitaka’s first outing may be helpful to the team…)




Fujitaka: Are you O.K now Yomiko-san?


Yomiko: (nods) I think so. I just needed to get out of the mansion and get my adrenaline pumping again.


Yui: Don’t worry Yomiko, we’ll be alright now.


(Yomiko looks at Oujirou – who last night did vote for her – who also smiles.)


Oujirou: Yes, it’s a new day, a new start, and we’re going to make sure that we get through this inquiry with ease.


Yomiko: (nods) Sure.


Yomiko: I’m not sure who voted for me last night, and chances are, Oujirou did, but he’s still as calm as ever, and with Fujitaka on board, it calms me. Plus, one person I can trust, Yui, is with me for a second time, and that helps a lot.


(As Team 3 get ready to board the ferry, Team 1 get a rather…intriguing surprise as they get to the door steps of Rinrin’s studios…)


*   *   *   *




(Tsuyoshi, Yomi and Hideki step out as the rather cartoonish looking ‘house’ awaits them…or rather…)


Yomi: Well, now let’s…


(A rather clunky girl shaped robot suddenly appears in front of the team…)




Tsuyoshi/Yomi: GWWWAAAHHHH!!!


Hideki: (confused) Funny looking personocom…


??????: How rude! That’s not a personothingy, it’s my Mecha-Rinrin!


(Appearing from the side of the robot is Rinrin, one of the 13 girls on the photo. The robot in retrospect looks nothing like her, but the team are still weary of it…)


Tsuyoshi: I take it you are an inventor then…


Rinrin: That’s right! Now if only I can get more funds…


Yomi: Sorry to bring this up, but we came here because we heard that you managed to get some photographs developed for us, in recognition with the recent events here?


Rinrin: Oh yes!


Yomi: I think we need to not establish the photo of the girls yet. We can’t really make them worry that the killer knows about them for whatever reason.


(The team heads into Rinrin’s studio, whilst Team 2 get to meet another sister…and another suspect…)


*   *   *   *




(Just past 20 past 10, the sound that the team is greeted with is a few high pitched groans and some intense racketing…)


Kiyone: Sounds like a rally is going on.


Mamoru: Let’s check it out.


(The team goes along into the club (after showing their IDs to the entrance guards, and see two girls, one 16 and one 14, having a rather tough game. The smaller one, with short brown hair is Mamoru. The taller one with short, strong blue hair is suspect Izumi Himuro.)


Kiyone: Remembering that Kagome mentioned that Izumi hadn’t been seen for 3 days, makes this appearance at the tennis club a bit convenient 2 days after Kuno’s murder. I think we need to keep an eye on this one, her eyes draw suspicion.


(It’s another minute, but the heated rally ends with Mamoru winning. Izumi pants a little but smiles.)


Izumi: I guess…I’m out of practice…


Mamoru: Hey, y’all still good Izumi, you’ve had those baseball tournaments to play in…why couldn’t you get me any good tickets, I would’a cheered ya on!


Izumi: (chuckles) Well, maybe next…


(Izumi suddenly spots Jet, Kiyone and Mamoru watching. Izumi’s smile suddenly goes upside down.)


(The detectives are about to move, but Izumi turns quickly and walks sternly back to the changing rooms.)


(NOTE: To avoid confusion, I will add (m) or (f) to which Mamoru I’m referring to)


Mamoru (m): Wait Miss Himuro! We just want to talk!


(Izumi stops…)


*   *   *   *




(Back at Rinrin’s place, the camera itself is revealed, and Rinrin’s comment confirms a thought that the detectives had last time.)


Rinrin: I’ve worked with a lot of cameras, but have never seen one like this! It must be a model from the future or something…


Hideki: So, is the killer from the future?


(Tsuyoshi plays devil’s advocate…but makes a good point)


Tsuyoshi: It could have been stolen. We could do with a fingerprint test.


(A big clue: The camera is a futuristic model. So does the killer come from the future, or are we back at square one and it could have been stolen?)


Yomi: Well, what about the pictures?


Rinrin: Oh yeah…*shudders*…developing them there was plenty of icky stuff on them…just take a look…


(The trio look at the developed photos, well, Yomi and Hideki do, whilst Tsuyoshi begins to now focus on the killer clue, remembering that Rinrin was one of the girls on the photo. If the killer sent it, she may have a link with the killer…)


Tsuyoshi: Rinrin-san, around this island, and on the next one, are you particularly close with anyone?


(Rinrin thinks…)


Rinrin: Hmmm…well, Sousuke is here a lot, we talk about Arm Slaves a while…before that scary blue haired girl comes around to hit him with a harisen…*chuckles*…of course, if I want to, my Mecha-Rinrin can deal with that…


Tsuyoshi: Arm Slave?


Rinrin: Don’t you know? It’s a giant robot based weapon which Sousuke excels at using!


(Tsuyoshi notes that down as Hideki and Yomi continue their look at the photos…)


Yomi: Grisly huh?


Hideki: I’m amazed you are so calm looking at these…


(One of the photos even had the favourite message of the MG, ‘COMING OUT TO PLAY?’ written on it. All the photos are of various stages of Kuno’s death…except for one, and this one is the one which Yomi spots.)


Yomi: Look at this…looks like the killer was careless.


(The photo is of a sunset overlooking a desert. We can see the traces of a hot-air balloon in the background…)


Hideki: Wonder if this was part of the killer’s personal photos?


Yomi: It could be a big clue, that’s for sure.


Tsuyoshi: Thank you Rinrin-san!


Rinrin: You are welcome, come see me again! And tell Yotsuba it’s her turn to buy the cream sodas!


(The three sweatdrop, but they are done for now…)


Tsuyoshi: I got the fact that she was close with Sousuke.


Yomi: Hmmm…may not help much, it just links a sister with a suspect. After all, Izumi seems to be close with this Mamoru after all…


Hideki: We got the camera and the photos though, that was the main issue…


Yomi: True.


(The team head back, whilst Team 2 continues to deal with a not very willing suspect…)


*   *   *   *




Mamoru (m): We just want to talk, to help clear you from this nasty business.


(Kiyone and Jet begin to talk to female Mamoru as Izumi is quite poised in not saying much until Mamoru (f) gets involved.)


Mamoru (f): Izumi-san, I think they are right. With everything that’s been going on, we should let them talk to you, for the good of clearing you from this crap!


Izumi: I’ve dealt with enough of it in my life…I don’t need anymore being added!


Mamoru (m): We just want to talk.


(Izumi still seems reluctant, but Mamoru (f) is a hard person not to disagree with, and Izumi relents as the puppydog eyes take control.)


Izumi: Very well, but here and now, I’m not moving.


Mamoru: (m) That’s quite alright.


Jet: All we want to know in reality is where you were on the 8th of May, between the hours of  11 and 12 midnight.


Izumi: (sneering with sarcasm) So, you haven’t figured out when he died yet then huh? Some detectives…


Kiyone: Hey, wait a min…


Jet: It’s O.K Kiyone. Miss Himuro, if you don’t mind.


Izumi: Oh well, may as well help you otherwise I’m never going to get some rest.  The day before the murder, I was visiting my old friends discussing the plans for the next spring break, and 2 nights ago, when the murder happened, I was with my mother at the Himuro place. In fact, I was playing the piano if I recall…


Mamoru (m): O.K.


Jet: This keeps in track with what Kagome said that Izumi hasn’t been seen for a few days. But she specifically said 3 days, which meant the day we came as well, so it was time for a good bluff.


Jet: So, you haven’t been around until today then?


Kiyone: We need to speak with someone named…*fakes pretending to remember her name*…er…Kag…


Mamoru (f): Kagome-san?


Kiyone: Kagome, that’s her! Do you know where she is Izumi?


Izumi: (smiles) Well, I should.


Jet: Have you seen her recently, we can’t find her anywh…


Izumi: (laughs) Oh dear. You don’t even know where to look for people? (Her laugh turns into a frown) I saw her two days ago in the morning into the Shinto shrine.


(Jackpot: Izumi says she saw Kagome the morning, but Kagome said she hadn’t seen her in 3 days up till that point. Someone is lying.)


Izumi: But let me tell you something…anything she says is a lie.


Jet: A lie? Miss Himuro, I don’t think you can judge anything…


Izumi: Whatever she says, she’s lying I tell you!


Mamoru: Please understand Miss Himuro, we’re trying to…


Izumi: You tell that bitch to stop implementing me when it was her own fault! No matter what she says…


(Izumi throws her racket in frustration and leaves in a huff. Mamoru (f) chases after her as the interview becomes a bit of a bust…)


Jet: Damn.


Kiyone: No, not necessarily, we got some information out of them, and we know one of the girls is lying.


Mamoru: We just have to figure out which one.


(The group nod)


Jet: Whether Izumi is suspect or not, I think there is more to solve here than just who killed Tatewaki Kuno.


(Whilst teams 1 and 2 have finished their first line of inquiry, Team 3 have only just started theirs…)


*   *   *   *




(It’s taken them a while to get there via the ferry and then to drive to it, but on Deathtrap, the mortuary is rather appropriate as the 4 detectives enter it.)


Oujirou: Great way to get your feet wet right Fujitaka-san?


Fujitaka: (smiling) You could say that.


(The team head over to what appears to be where Kuno’s belongings are. The mortician (resembling someone from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels) greets them as they get the information on how Kuno died rather fast, thanks to Fujitaka’s straight forward approach)


Fujitaka: So, is that O.K?


Mortician: Oh yes sir, that’s the way allright. Kuno blasted in the chest, died of heavy blood loss…oh, I guess that exploding heart was linked to it as well…


Fujitaka: (without a trace of sarcasm) I bet.


(The report shows how Kuno died. The cause of death was from something shot at him, from a firearm or other such device…but the blast was rather unusual. For a start, no bullet, arrow shard or anything similar was found in his body when examined. The mortician said in his report that ‘it was almost like someone put or shot a bomb inside of him’. In short, it was a tough and unpleasant way to die.)


Yui: That is weird.


Yomiko: Poor guy…


(The team then gather up Kuno’s belongings. These include his trademark protective kendo clothing, his shinai (bamboo sword), his geta sandals, a medallion, his wallet…but one missing thing which the team was hoping for.)


Yomiko: No will?


Yui: (shakes her head) No will.


(The team thank the mortician for his service and are about to leave…but they get a rude interruption…)


????????: Don’t stop me Amelia!


Amelia: But Nabeshin-san…


(The two barge in are suspects Amelia, and for the first time, the team meets suspect Nabeshin. His attire surprises the detectives with his psychedelic clothes, and that afro of course, but they stop when 4 detectives are blocking their way.)


Amelia: Ah, the people of justice are here!


Yui: Stop calling us that!!!


Nabeshin: Whatever! I need to see if…*realises the detectives are there*…oh, THOSE people of justice. Right…


Yomiko: You are…Nabeshin-san?


Nabeshin: That is right young lady. And it seems you got here before anyone else could…very well. It seems I need to test you to see if you are worthy of my Shin knowledge.


Amelia: (sweatdrops) Detectives-san, run whilst you can…


Nabeshin: It’s not that bad!


Yomiko: What do you have in mind Nabeshin-san?


Nabeshin: Simple. I will give you 4 riddles, one for each of you. If you get 3 correct, I will help you out on this case…deal?


Yui: Riddles huh?


Yomiko: I think we should.


Fujitaka: What do we lose?


Nabeshin: Oh, and if you fail to do so, I get your belongings you got from Kuno…




Oujirou: We’ll do it.


Yui: Huh?


Oujirou: (whispers) He’s probably after the will. It’s not here – we can sacrifice these if necessary.


Yui: (whispers) But it could be a con! And besides, there may be DNA evidence with the clothing there…


Fujitaka: (whispers) Risky…


Yomiko: (smiles and whispers) I like risks.


Yui: (whispers) I guess so…


(The team agree to Nabeshin’s terms. Is this a risk? But with 4 smart people there, it may be a benefit…)




Nabeshin: How many letters are there in the alphabet?


(Remember, these are riddles, so Oujirou is thinking….)


Oujirou: 11.


Nabeshin: Whoa that was fast! (pauses) And correct too!


(NOTE: There are 11 letters in ‘The Alphabet’.)


Yomiko: Oujirou hasn’t broken a sweat since he came here. His calmness helps all of us out.




(It’s Fujitaka’s turn. Can he guess this riddle right for the team?)


Nabeshin: There are five apples on a table, and you take away two. So, if you take two apples how many have you got?


Fujitaka: (smiling) I have two.


Nabeshin: (in Pedro-esque shock) No way! Even faster and just as correct!


Amelia: What? How can this be? I couldn’t get any of these!!!


(The girls sweatdrop…)


(NOTE: As Fujitakas take away 2 apples, that means he has got 2 apples – read the question carefully.)




(If Yui gets this one right, the team win.)


Nabeshin: What can instantly turn water to ice?


(Uh oh. Yui is stuck. She’s a genius, but riddles obviously not her thing. Fujitaka has got a knowing look like he’s knows the answer, but no help allowed. Yui is struggling…)


Yui: I’m sorry guys…I don’t know.


Nabeshin: Bzzzz…wrong. The answer is adding a dot.


(Nabeshin then demonstrates the answer. He writes down water in kanji ( >/<) and then just above the first mark, adds a dot, which turns water into ice ( >’/<).)


Yui: Can’t believe I got that wrong…




(It’s all up to Yomiko)


Nabeshin: What bird doesn’t get along well with policemen?


(This one is hard. The team are praying for Yomiko as even Fujitaka looks perplexed. Yomiko’s face is forlorn…but she looks up and smiles.)


Yomiko: It would be bad for a detective to get a question on policemen wrong…so…


(Dramatic pause)


Yomiko: A heron (sagi).


(Another pause)


Nabeshin: Absolutely…CORRECT!


(NOTE: The answer, heron is ‘sagi’ in Japanese, which is also a homonym for ‘fraud’.)


(Yui glomps Yomiko as the two men congratulate her, and they congratulate each other (though Yui still feels a little disappointed)


Nabeshin: You didn’t reveal what you gave to me and you got my riddles right. You passed Nabe’s Hole, the test of true champions. And in return, I shall give you some help as well.


(Nabeshin hands Yomiko an envelope.)


Nabeshin: I guess my job here is done then…best head back.


(Nabeshin leaves, as a confused Amelia looks at the detectives, then at the exit, shrugs and leaves. Yomiko immediately looks in the envelope…)


Yomiko: What the…


(There are three photographs.)


1)      A photo of Tatewaki Kuno tied up, in what appears to be a sexual position. We can see someone else, their face away, but the blond hair and school uniform gives it away.


Yomiko: That’s Urumi!


Oujirou: Well, well, well…


2)      The second photo is of Urumi, this time speaking with a man that the detectives haven’t met yet. This is Shel de Montigny, owner and head chef of ‘Café Au Lait’ the top French Restaurant of the Islands.


Yomiko: That’s Shel…


Yui: You’ve got a good memory Yomiko-chan…


3)      The final photograph is a simple one. It’s of Shel, and he’s not happy…


Oujirou: I think that’s self explanatory.


Fujitaka: Indeed.


(The team head out, a double whammy of evidence. First the belongings, and now thanks to the afro-man, they have a new lead to go to.)


*   *   *   *










*   *   *   *


(Meanwhile, Teams 1 and 2 are back at the mansion as Shizuka’s time as LI seems to be quite quiet, as a small dinner is being made…)


Jet: What about the others?


Mamoru: Just leave some to warm up, they’ll be allright…


Jet: Right. (calls) Yomi, can you give me a hand?


Yomi: Sure.


Jet: Without Fujitaka, you’re the only one I can trust with the spices.


Yomi: (sly smile) Of course.


Kiyone: (out of sight) Very funny Jet!


Yomi: Well, I’d say the Szechwan spices go well with the shitake mushrooms…


Jet: A stir-fry then?


Yomi: (nods) I’ll do the rice.


(Meanwhile, at the table, the other 4 discuss their findings…and about the other group…)


(It’s a bit awkward between Tsuyoshi, Hideki and Mamoru, fortunately Kiyone is keeping them entertained…one way or another…)


Kiyone: …and then she fires her laser at the festival! And what’s worse, she made an embarrassment by missing the targets!


Mamoru: Do you think the fact that she was firing at a festival with innocents slightly more problematic than the fact she missed the targets?


Kiyone: Yes I know…but when she can’t hit simple targets it drags my record down as well…


Hideki: (sweatdrops) And I thought I lived a warped life…


(Shizuka enters to joins them…)


Hideki: Ah, relief!


Shizuka: (smiling) I guess I smelt the rice.


Tsuyoshi: You can tell how strong Shizuka is being. It was like Greta told her to fight on in her place. It’s admirable.


Tsuyoshi: Nothing happening?


Shizuka: We’re not waiting for the others?


Jet: (calling) I’ll put some leftovers when they come.


Shizuka: O.K.


(They say their blessings and get ready to eat, however, not long during the meal, they are interrupted by a phone call. As LI, Shizuka has to get it.)


Shizuka: Lead Investigator Shizuka Katsuya speaking…


Female voice: The investigators?


Shizuka: Yes?


Female voice: Psycke! Checkii!


Shizuka: Yotsuba-san?


Yotsuba: Correct-o! Anyway, I learnt that a team talked to Izumi right? What did they find out?


(Shizuka grabs Kiyone from the meal (much to her disappointment) and takes over the phone.)


Yotsuba: …so that’s what Izumi said?


Kiyone: Yes. Someone is lying.


Yotsuba: Right, Kiyone, go and meet with Kagome now, she’s at her archery club I believe…


(At this point, Shizuka hears Team 3 finally enter.)


Yomiko: I’ve decided…I hate ships…


Oujirou: Get used to them.


(Kiyone puts the phone down.)


Kiyone: Jet, Mamoru, we gotta go!


Jet: Now?!


Kiyone: Sorry, a 14 year olds orders…


Mamoru: That doesn’t sound stupid to me…


Yui: Hey, what gives?


Kiyone: Tell ya later! Let’s move!


Yui: Kiyone gives a real crack of the whip…a bit too much in my opinion. She’s a police officer by trade so when she gives the rules, she doesn’t like it when someone disagrees.


(In a few minutes, with Jet rushing to finish his meal, Team 2 are ready to go…)


Fujitaka: So, what do we do?


Yomiko: Simple…we finish their food!


Yomi: We saved some for you anyway Yomiko-chan…


(Shot as Yomi is dressed in a pink apron with a Nekoconeko (two small white cats, one on top of the other) in the centre. The team stares.)


Yomi: What?


Yomiko: N-nothing…just didn’t expect you to wear anything that cute…


Yomi: I see…


(The next scene is of Mamoru getting Team 3’s info, whilst Yomi puts Yomiko in a headlock with Yomiko screaming ‘I’m sorry!’ half a dozen times as the teams laugh.)


*   *   *   *




(Team 3 have now finished their meal, and begin to talk with other members of the group. Partly about the case, and partly about each other.)




Fujitaka: It’s different out there. It’s totally different from a life I’m used to. As a teacher and a single parent, it’s just…invigirating in a way.


Oujirou: I know. 4 weeks ago, I was preparing a photo shoot ready to promote the World Angelic Layer Championships. Now, I’m here, looking through some notes to defer if I can suggest that Nabeshin could be a suspect.


Fujitaka: You think he could be?


Oujirou: We haven’t established a motive yet, but this is a game, and Nabeshin seems like to play. Is he playing games with us to keep us track? After all, he wanted those clues – he could have burnt the evidence afterwards if we didn’t win those riddles.


(Meanwhile, Yui is still in the main inquiry room, making notes and looking at all the angles.)


Yui: If it was an inside job, then Jing, Heero and Kodachi would have the best bet. But people close to them could have stolen a key from them…we don’t know enough about Sousuke yet…I’d say motive wise, Urumi has to be high, or at least suspect wise…


Yui: I’m covering every angle I see fit. It’s a tough job but I need to be every step ahead to try and win at this. I’m analysing every part of the case in these early stages so that they come in useful later in the game.


(Meanwhile, in Yomiko and Yui’s room, Yomi discusses a proposition…)


Yomi: I wouldn’t mind you with me Yomiko. You’ve done well to avoid their glances today and that’s what we need to look for.


Yomiko: I had to…it couldn’t have been possibly worse than yesterday!


Yomi: That’s why I’m asking you…show them what you are made of. Don’t take it, show your skills as a detective…


(Yomiko certainly is thinking about it…)


Yomi: Whether Kiyone likes this or not is no matter. She is interested in joining with Jet, fine. I want Yomiko on my side. It covers both our bases and will be benefitial for both parties involved.




Shizuka: It’s like a madhouse at times, but now…


Hideki: As long as we forget the silly case business, it’s just like living luxury!


Shizuka: Trust me, I’ve experienced it. It was called opening my eyes for proper…


Hideki: Ah…sorry.


Shizuka: It’s O.K Hideki…my life has changed all round, I never thought I’d be doing anything like this…


Hideki: Well, you’re safe for another episode!


(Shizuka laughs)


Shizuka: With being lead investigator is like kami grabbing the thread ready to be cut and tying a knot in it. It’s instant protection and you become the envy of everyone. I don’t know how good I am as a detective, but being in the middle crowd, not too good, not too weak, is how I’m playing it.


*   *   *   *




(Mamoru, Kiyone and Jet have been waiting for about 10 minutes, they are being patient as they are waiting for Kagome to finish her archery)


(Kagome, looking rather beautiful in a shrine maiden outfit, eventually comes out with a fair sweat, but surprisingly happy as she greets the investigators.)


Kagome: Hello there again, Mr. Black, Miss Mabiki. And who is the gentleman with you?


Mamoru: Detective Mamoru Chiba.


(Mamoru shakes hands with the Inuyasha rep, as the team explain what they found out with Izumi.)


Kiyone: Basically Kagome, she is saying that the morning that we saw you, she was there.


Kagome: (shakes her head) I know she got back last night, I visited her mother and she said she was here but was asleep…but I’m sure she wasn’t there for those 4 days.


Kiyone: Well, she says that she saw you 2 days ago at the Shinto Shrine!


Kagome: (now getting angry) That’s a lie!


Jet: She also said anything you say is a lie…


Kagome: (slamming her fists down) Damn her…we were good friends until then…what happened to her?


Mamoru: Kagome-san?


(There is silence for a few moments, before Kagome lifts her head up)


Kagome: All right…I understand that I’ve been implemented in this crime. (stands up) Very well. To end all arguments, I have an alibi.


(The team get their notepads)


Kagome: There is a yamato nadesico (Japanese beauty) that lives on the promised island, but works on both islands. On the night of the murder, I was with her, at her priestess temple, enjoying her company. Her name is Haruka.


Jet: Haruka?


Mamoru: Can you describe her?


Kagome: She’s a yamato nadesico, what’s to describe? (catches their looks) O.K! O.K! She got long purple hair, usually seen in a miko outfit or a kimono. Fairly tall, she speaks 3 languages…and very beautiful.


Jet: O.K.


Kagome: Is that it?


Kiyone: I believe so. Thank you Kagome.


Kagome: Not a problem…*to herself*…though me and Izumi need to have words…


(The team leaves as Jet quickly makes the observation…)


Jet: I think she’s one of the girls on the photo…


*   *   *   *




Shizuka: Is that right?


Yotsuba: (on phone) Yes, Haruka is the long haired purple haired girl on the photo. Looks like she may have an alibi for Kagome then, and she’ll tell the truth, she is the most honest of us…whoops, said too much!


Shizuka: I see. Thank you.


(Shizuka puts the phone down and marks on the killer clue photo (pinned on the evidence wall) the girl Haruka. They have marks for Yotsuba, Rinrin and Mamoru as well.)


Kiyone: So basically we see Haruka, we find out that a) Kagome has an alibi and b) Izumi was lying.


Mamoru: Well someone is lying in this situation.


Oujirou: Not necessarily.


(Oujirou, like almost every secretive Angelic Layer character (see Kobayashi, Hakoto) suddenly appears out of nowhere, spooking Kiyone!)


Kiyone: KYAH! Don’t do that!


Oujirou: True, seeing Haruka could confirm that she has an alibi and could not have killed Kuno….but it doesn’t mean she wasn’t lying about seeing Izumi.


Jet: You are right. Kagome mentioned they were friends…did something happen to change that? Izumi was very nice to that Mamoru girl…maybe a grudge between them happened…


Shizuka: This mystery is getting more perplexing and we are only on the 3rd day…


*   *   *   *




(The detectives are all here now, so Fujitaka is preparing a sushi, sashimi and rice ball lunch for the group.)


Yomiko: (almost drooling) Fujitaka, marry me!


Yui: (chuckles) Take it you haven’t eaten sushi in a while huh?


(Yomiko doesn’t answer, just nods…with a stream of drool coming down.)


Oujirou: I don’t think we can ask for anyone better at cooking than Fujitaka-san…*thinks for a moment*…maybe Misaki-chan…


Yomi: I’d say Chiyo-chan is pretty good for her age as well…


Jet: Hey, are all the good chefs just young?


Kiyone: Let me think…Sasami, yep.


Mamoru: Makoto…yep.


Jet: Darn you all…


(The team laugh as the day seems to be all calm, but you know what they say, there is always calm before the storm…)


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: Now I’ve had the chance to go out on the field, I am beginning to really feel my decision was out of order…


Tsuyoshi: But you said yourself it was for protection…


Fujitaka: I thought you hated my decision?


Tsuyoshi: I was shocked, and yes, I hated the decision, but I don’t hate you Kinomoto-san. You’ve strengthened the group and managed to make us all equals just on the dinner table.


(Shot of Tsuyoshi helping Fujitaka wash up)


Fujitaka: It just feels…


(Hideki wanders in)


Hideki: Don’t listen Fujitaka. In the end, it’s your decision that counts and you made it, whether we like it or not?


(Tsuyoshi seems ready to snap at Hideki, kinda like during the early episodes/manga of Kodocha when they make fun of him calling the teacher ‘mommy…’ trust me, scary…)


Tsuyoshi: (sarcastic) So if Shizuka nominates you tonight it will be her decision whether you like it or not?


Fujitaka: Please…


Yui: (entering) Ah, stop it now.


(Yui Hongo, champion peacemaker if there ever was one (note: sarcasm), enters the kitchen and takes Tsuyoshi by the hand.)


Yui: Hideki, make yourself useful by helping Fujitaka out, I’ve got a surprise for you Tsuyoshi…


Hideki: Hey…but…


(Yui grabs Tsuyoshi by the hand, ready to go to the rec room, but just as she leaves…)




(Shizuka, after just coming off a losing defeat to Yomi at arm-wrestling…^_^…heads to the phone.)


Shizuka: Investigators, Lead Investigator Shizuka Katsuya speaking.


(There is no words from the other side of the phone, but there is some breathing…)


Shizuka: Hello?


?????: M-moshi…moshi?


Shizuka: Who is this?


?????: T-Taeko…


Shizuka: Taeko?


(It seems suspect Taeko Minazuki is not exactly in a good state…)


Taeko: Please…help…what’s going on…


Shizuka: Don’t panic Taeko! I’ll send a team over to your place!


Taeko: T-Thank you…


(Phone stops)


Shizuka: Yomi!!!


*   *   *   *


Yomi: This is revenge isn’t it?


Shizuka: (smiles) Yep!


Yomi: (also smiling) Damn you.


(Shizuka has ‘chosen’ Team 1, Tsuyoshi, Yomi and Hideki. Maybe not the best choice considering Tsuyoshi and Hideki aren’t exactly busom buddies at the moment. However, Shizuka tells them the situation, and at least with Yomi, they’ve got one cool head….well, most of the time anyway.)


(The team leave to head over to Mahoro’s apartment.)


*   *   *   *




(We see the three members (after a rather quiet trio inside the van considering the tension between the two males) head out and a frantic Taeko already outside…


Taeko: The police have been here…but I think I needed you guys…


Yomi: What’s the problem?


(Taeko seems ready to faint, and Hideki catches her *and blushes*. Inside the house, Yomi realises why Taeko was all jumpy.)


Yomi: Ah.


(Sitting on a window, now wrapped in bags, are two blood stricken, but familiar envelopes, the ones that led Greta to her elimination last night. Ryo Saeba is there and spots the detectives.)


Ryo: Thank god you guys are here, we hope you know what to do with those things. Taeko said she got back home after shopping, and the door was open and those things were there! She’s a tad spooked…


Yomi: I guess seeing blood on your windowsill might do that…


Tsuyoshi: That’s an understatement…(looks around)…is Mahoro-san here?


Taeko: (shakes her head) No…I don’t know where she’s got at.


Yomi: The fact that Mahoro wasn’t there screamed the words ‘set-up’ to me. As cute as she appears, the fact that she can do damage screams a possible suspect to me.


(The team recover the envelopes, where one holds a killer question, the other holds the two locations for the killer’s game.)


*   *   *   *


BACK AT THE MANSION (sounds like a Noir extra…^_^)


(We see Jet and Oujirou playing pool in the rec room as they wait for Team 1 to come back. Jet asks Oujirou about a sensitive issue of the game…)


Jet: I wonder how you need to keep deciding votes?


Oujirou: How do you mean?


(Jet hit’s a scratch shot as Oujirou takes the next turn…)


Jet: Well. The vote yesterday, I changed it to Yomiko, basically for the good of the team. Now however, she’s changed dramatically, like the killer game was a boot up the rear.


Oujirou: So you chose on how you feel what was best for the team?


Jet: Yeah…but I originally chose because of who I thought was the worst detective. (pauses) It wasn’t you by the way.


Oujirou: No problem.


Jet: So I wonder how you choose. Fujitaka picked Greta to protect her from the future. Well if she came back, it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. And Yui told that she voted for Kiyone because….


(At that moment, Kiyone is passing by with a drink and hears that…)


Jet: …she was a threat, and a bit of a bossy boots. I was surprised she told me, I guess it was kind of a secret.


(Kiyone looks understandably pissed…)


Oujirou: So basically, how do you decide? A threat, a liability, a personality or for the good of themselves?


Jet: Yes, in a nutshell.


Oujirou: Sure, good thinking, but can I ask you something Jet-san?


Jet: Sure.


Oujirou: Why ask me this?


Jet: Because you’re the most mature. I feel I can trust you.


Oujirou: Thanks…


Jet: Trust me. Compared to the people I usually work with, you’re a decade ahead in thoughts and maturity.


Oujirou: (smiles) That works for me.


(Kiyone meanwhile is torn whether to search for Yui…or wait for Team 1. She eventually decides to be calm and waits for the team.)


*   *   *   *




(Team 1 have returned and with the grave news.)


Yomi: That’s for tomorrow night. (Tosses Shizuka the envelopes.)


Shizuka: That’s what was at the apartment?


Hideki: Yeah…no surprise the poor girl was freaked out.


Tsuyoshi: The police were there and everything, it really hit home this experience.


Tsuyoshi: It’s hard to really not feel that this is a real investigation. It’s technically a game, but the atmosphere, the people involved, the working, it’s all real to me and I’m definitely going to take it on board.


*   *   *   *


(It’s strategy time, and Kiyone with Yomi in their room talk about strategy, with Kiyone still wondering if she should try and get revenge on Yui…)


Kiyone: (to herself) Guess it doesn’t matter…I’m still here, and not sure if it’s true, but still…


Yomi: You say something?


Kiyone: Er…nothing! So Yomi, what was you saying?


Yomi: We need to make sure we are not targeted.


Kiyone: Ah, so you agreeing to see if we can Jet into the group?


Yomi: And you Yomiko?


(Kiyone pouts…)


Yomi: It must be both or neither.


Kiyone: I’m just not sure…at least with me and Jet you have the experience in the field…


Yomi: …which is why we need to be careful. You two are prime targets to be chosen because of that experience and adding more than just me would help everyone out…


Kiyone: I guess that’s true. But I like Jet!


Yomi: I do as well, just the fact that the two of you on your own will be seen as a threat.


Kiyone: *smugly* Well, you know what they say, the best stay together!


Yomi: *equally smug* So Yomiko is in then…yosh!


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) Maybe it’s time for a rethink…


*   *   *   *


(Speaking of Yomiko, it seems that she was the surprise that Tsuyoshi was getting…because he’s got a new game partner!)


Tsuyoshi: I must say, I never saw you as the game type Yomiko-san!


Yomiko: I guess it’s another way of finding information…just wish I didn’t suck at these fighting games…


Mamoru: (watching them) I don’t see what you see in those anyway…*thinks*…then again, considering Usako maybe it’s better I didn’t…


Yomiko: Usako?


Mamoru: (a bit embarrassed) Ah…kinda of a pet name for my girlfriend…


Yomiko: Awww…*screen flashes* Dammit Tsuyoshi! Stop beating me!


Tsuyoshi: *giggles* Can’t help it.


Mamoru: Why do you do it then Yomiko?


Yomiko: *slightly stern* Because Tsuyoshi-kun doesn’t have a game partner now.


Mamoru: Huh?


Yomiko: Now that Greta-chan has gone, he needs someone else to play his games…


(Just outside, we can see Fujitaka just about to enter…but doesn’t.)


Fujitaka: I’ve felt guilty numerous times. Guilty to Sonami-san about taking Nadeshiko-san away from her. Guilty not knowing what my daughter is doing in life. And now, looks like I need to add some more guilt to someone…


*   *   *   *


(However, the real action is about to happen…)


Shizuka: You aren’t worried are you?


Hideki: Well…kind of…I guess what Yui said got to me, but I’ve never succeeded at much in life, maybe this is something…


Shizuka: You don’t have to ask me, now that Greta is gone, you’re the only person I can talk to without the case being involved.


Hideki: (smiles) You’re a diamond in the rough you know. You sure you are that guy’s brother you showed me?


Shizuka: Hey! Onii-chan isn’t that bad!


Hideki: (smiles) It’s televised you know.


Shizuka: Huh? (embarrassed) Not fair you meanie!


Hideki: Well…as long as I’m sure…


Yui: Sure of what?


(Hideki ‘eeps’ as Yui seems to have been listening for a while…)


Yui: Oh what do we have here? Someone who is NERVOUS about the vote and wants to make sure he doesn’t get taken out like poor Greta was?


Hideki: Hey, I had nothing to do with that!


Yui: I know…but the fact that you are blatantly sucking up to her shows the insecurity you are in.


(Yui stomps over to Hideki)


Shizuka: Yui-san…


Hideki: Hey, I was just talking to her…


Yui: Sucking up more like it!


Hideki: Hey, don’t be so paranoid!


Yui: Gah…whatever.


(Yui turns to leave but is grabbed on the arm by Hideki)


Hideki: Hold it!


Yui: Get off me!


Hideki: Stop it with this ‘holier than thou’ attitude!


Yui: This coming from this piece of uselessness?


Hideki: Useless?


Yui: You heard me!


Shizuka: Guys stop it!


(Shizuka’s scream seems to wake up other members of the team from whatever they were doing. Jet and Mamoru are the first on the scene, with Tsuyoshi, Yomiko and Fujitaka not far behind.)


Jet: O.K what was going on here?


Hideki: She started it!


Yui: He was using Shizuka, I can’t stand that sort of crap! It’s happened to me in the past and I don’t want it happening again!


(Yomi, Oujirou and Kiyone have now joined the rest of the team as they try and calm down the problem makers.)


Tsuyoshi: One minute I’m beating Yomiko at Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition, the next I hear Shizuka’s squeal! It was an eye-opener to say the least…


(The team seem to be fine as they are separated, Yomi and Yomiko with Yui and Jet and Mamoru with Hideki. The others seem a bit bemused by the spectacle.)


Mamoru: Normally, evening is the time we’re ready to have a cocoa. Instead we get some red hot arguments…


*   *   *   *


(After that incident, the team seem to be O.K. It isn’t until later at night when the roommates of the two involvers get more of an earful…)


Yui: People are letting him off way too easily!


Yomiko: How so…


Yui: People don’t see him as a threat and thus they are letting him get away with what is obvious and blatant sucking up to the lead investigator so they don’t vote him off!


Yomiko: Weird…I thought he was nearly eliminated last time…it was between him and…


Yui: Ah…sorry..


Yomiko: It’s O.K, actually I understand your frustration.


Yui: Yeah…it’s just something I can’t stand.




Hideki: …we should go for Yui.


Mamoru: Nothing to do with the argument then?


Hideki: Everything to do with it!


(Mamoru’s sweatdrop can be clearly seen in the dark…)


Mamoru: I think you are being a bit…


Hideki: That, and her intelligence makes her a genuine threat.


Mamoru: Huh?


Hideki: Yes, it may have helped things, but it’s a way to get rid of a threat to winning this game early…


Mamoru: It surprises me, but Hideki obviously knows what he is doing. He takes an opportunity and makes me see that he can be right…


Mamoru: I’ll think about it…but you will need a few others to convince.


Hideki: I’ll worry about that in the morning.


(The team rests on another deadly day, both on and off the field.)


The teams have learn the following;


  • The camera found at the murder crime scene is determined to be a futuristic model though of what era is unsure. The photo of the sunset and the hot air balloon may be a good determination of who it could be.
  • Someone is lying between Kagome and Izumi. Kagome says Izumi wasn’t home for a few days but Izumi says she was there on the night of the murder. Kagome once again reiterates what she said and gives an alibi of being with friend and priestess Haruka.
  • Getting Kuno’s belongings, Team 3 bump into Nabeshin, and they solve his riddles. Nabeshin gives them some more clues, this time revolving around Urumi, Kuno and Shel.


(The next day should be interesting…)


*   *   *   *