This is a continuation from Day 1 to make one chapter. Enjoy…


DAY 2 – 8.30AM


(It’s the second day of the investigator and first order of business…)




(…the tried and traditional format of banging a frying pan throughout the rooms waking up a few stragglers…)


Kiyone: We’ve got you cornered! Resistance is futile!


Yomiko/Hideki: We’re up!


(Yomi drags her fellow bespectacled bishoujo out of bed, whilst Hideki doesn’t refuse the old ear drag from Kiyone, probably used to so many years of doing the same with Mihoshi…)


(Downstairs in the dining room, Fujitaka is finishing flipping an omelette.)


Fujitaka: This will have to do for them, the rest of us have finished…


Hideki/Yomiko: WHAT?!!


Tsuyoshi: Well, if you’d have been up earlier, you would have eaten more. Jet and Fujitaka made hot cakes, whilst Yomi and Kiyone made okonomiyaki and eggs!


Hideki: (yawns) Didn’t know you guys could cook…


Yomi/Kiyone: Hang around where we live, you pick up a few things…


(As Yomiko and Hideki are forced to share an omelette, we can see that mostly everyone is at the table finishing up, however inside the main room, we can see genius Yui finishing up some written notes. Shizuka is on cleaning duty and sneaks a peek on Yui occasionally…)


Shizuka: I’d say Yui is the most focused of the team, if there was someone in the house I would like to be, it’s Yui.


(We can see Mamoru apologising to Tsuyoshi as they head into the briefing room, where Greta now is wearing a beautiful yellow dress with a high collar. Showing off, yes, but it’s still gets her what she wants – comments about her attire.)


(As the bell tolls 9, and Yomiko and Hideki struggling to get into form (Yomiko – normally climbs out of a mountain of books, Hideki – normally relies on Sumono’s exercise patterns to wake him up), it isn’t long before Yotsuba heads them…eating a sausage.)


Yotsuba: What?! Lead investigators can’t eat either? Jet, hand over the sandwich now!


(We can see Jet had held a baguette with him as Fujitaka chuckles)


Yotsuba: Nuts, forgot…can’t do that. Oh well…


(Yotsuba goes all serious into LI mode though as she discusses the facts for today and what the teams have to do)


Yotsuba: Seriously, we’ve got a few things to sort out, starting with a discovery that you found yesterday. We took the bullet that Team 3 found yesterday, and find that the bullet came from an automatic pistol, a French make PZ-17.


(Yotsuba turns to the team)


Yotsuba: Only one person owns such a weapon on the islands and she is one of the 18 suspects involved. (Yotsuba clicks the button and a picture of a pretty blonde woman appears) This is Mirielle Bouquet.


(The group are writing notes down as Yotsuba continues to talk)


Yotsuba: Team 3, you were the ones who found the bullet, so your inquiry will be to find Miss Bouquet and interview her, asking about where she was on the night of Kuno’s murder.


(Team 3 (OUJIROU/SHIZUKA/HIDEKI/MAMORU) will be finding licensed gunwoman Mirielle Bouquet)


Yotsuba: Right, moving right along, we have another suspect to question. This one seemed to be in suspicion when we learned about the shares program. There are two major holders, the Kunos and the Wongs. Today, we are going to talk to suspect Ling-Pha Wong and learn what we can about her involvement, especially about the will if we can. That will be Team 1’s job.


(Team 1 (JET/KIYONE/TSUYOSHI/GRETA) will interview Ling-Pha Wong and question her about everything they already know.)


Yotsuba: That leaves Team 2. You’ll be taking a different approach with a new suspect. On the Promised Island Golf Course, businessman and suspect Kentaro Sakata is having a game. What we know of him is that he is a major shareholder within the Wong branch and would definitely have an interested say on the affairs of the situation involving Kuno’s death. Go there, interview him whilst he’s off his guard.


(Team 3 (YOMI/YUI/YOMIKO) will interview Kentaro Sakata about his involvement with the shares deal. Learn about anything between him and Kuno.)


Yotsuba: Remember…*smiles*…if you check once, check again. Check again, and then…CHECKI!


(A few sweatdrop…)


Yotsuba: Party poopers. Anyway, get on with it!


(The group sighs, but they have their inquiries. Now let’s see if they can actually make something from them…)


*   *   *   *


(Actually something is on the minds of the detectives…the vote tonight.)




Yui: I’m not sure yet…


Yomi: Neither am I…


(Yomiko looks a little worried, like the girls are thinking about voting for Yomiko and are afraid to say in front of her.)


(Yomi and Yui quickly realise what they think Yomiko is thinking…)


Yomi: Oh no, I’m not going to vote for you if that’s what you are worried about.


Yui: Same here.


(Those words of wisdom do little to comfort ‘The Paper’. Meanwhile…)




Greta: *whispering* I do think that Hideki and Mamoru may be harsh, but Kiyone seems to be a bit too bossy for my liking…


Tsuyoshi: *whispering* Maybe…but I still say Mamoru and Hideki are the problem. I’m not buying into the apology yet until they prove them…


Kiyone: What are you guys saying?


Together: Nothing!!!




Shizuka: Are you two alright? That was almost a simultaneous sneeze.


Mamoru: Yep…we’re fine…


Hideki: Though that was weird…but anyway, are we thinking ahead with the vote?


Shizuka: I don’t think we should worry about it for now, we can worry after we finish work.


Hideki: Sorry…can’t help but worry…


*   *   *   *


(Teams 1 and 2 remain in Promised Island, whilst Team 3 get ready to take the boat trip to Deathtrap Island.)




(Arriving at the Wong Family Mansion, the first word that comes to mind is…)


Jet/Kiyone/Tsuyoshi: Sugoi!


Greta: Not bad…


(The other three sweatdrop at Greta’s lack of reaction…the Wong family mansion looks like an 18th Century Chinese Palace. Needless to say, the team is (mostly) amazed.)


Jet: Well, can’t sit out here admiring…


Tsuyoshi: We’re standing.


(Jet groans, Greta giggles whilst Kiyone laughs as Tsuyoshi takes a bow.)


Jet: I earned that. Anyway…


(Another interruption, but this time it’s because of 6 cloaked black figures blocking their way.)


Jet: Huh? Who on earth…


Robe 1: Forgive us…


Robe 2: …but no-one…


Robe 3: …can get by…


Robe 4: …us to see…


Robe 5: …our mistress!


Robe 6: (shaky) Those gongs really are getting annoying…


Jet: Look, we’ve got to see Ling-Pha Wong and talk to her about the recent events of the time…


Robe 1: You can see mistress…


Robe 2: …if you pass our tests!


Robe 3: 4 tests in all…one for each of you!


Robe 4: If you pass, you may see her!


Robe 5: But only ones who pass may see her…


Robe 6: …so if you want to know all….




Kiyone: I get it, I get it…


(Tsuyoshi and Greta look nervous…)


Greta: To say these tests spooked me out a little was an understatement. I had no idea what was going to happen, it’s not likely my parents told me how to deal with tests from weirdos…my teachers and classmates not withstanding…


Tsuyoshi: If it’s going to be physical going, I think I’m going to be in trouble. Jet and Kiyone will be fine, but this is one of those occasions that being a kid WILL work against me and Greta.


(As the team wonder what the Wong family is going to subject them to…)


*   *   *   *




(…Team 2 now have to deal with another person with an eye for the ladies, if Ryo wasn’t bad enough…)


(…however, they’ve got something worse.)


Yui: How many is that now?


Yomi: 4. I’m surprised you haven’t turned them into weapons or something Yomiko.


Yomiko: I’ve been banned from using my powers remember? As tempting as this might be…


(We can see Yomiko has 4 pieces of paper, all pasted with letters from newspaper cuttings. One of them is drenched in blood, they seem to be messages from the killer. The 4 notes read…)







Yomi: Right. We’ve got a psycho here who knows our moves. Lucky us…


Yui: Geez, could you get more sarcastic?


Yomi: Let me think…yep.


Yui: (sigh) Never mind, we’ve still got a job to do.


(Eventually after climbing several hills, they find Kentaro Sakata, on the 13th hole…bad omen. He looks like he’s ready to swing, but sees the girls.)


Kentaro: And who said the number 13 was unlucky?


Yui: (sweatdrops) Not again…


Kentaro: And how may I be of assistance to you lovely young ladies…


(Yomi’s glare however seems to make him stop talking.)


Yomi: Number one, no crap please. Number two, we’re detectives so co-operate. And number three, refer to number one.


(Yui and Yomiko are a bit stunned by Yomi’s ‘take no crap’ attitude.)


Yomiko: When Yomi shut Kentaro up, it was like this was the real Yomi. No frills, no fuss, just get on with it and take no crap. It’s almost a little intimdating…


Yui: I always saw Yomi as like the class president, a calm, intelligent girl but knows what she is doing with people around her. However, is this the true Koyomi Mizuhara?


(Whatever they thought of it, it seems to have works as Kentaro seems more obliging to answer questions now…)


*   *   *   *




(It takes a bit longer to get to their destination, but Team 3 have made it to a remote apartment on the outskirts of Resource Island. It’s part of a nice part of town though, as Oujirou remarks that it’s expensive in the area.)


Shizuka: Is Miss Bouquet wealthy then?


Hideki: Let’s ask her then!


(Mamoru knocks on Mirielle’s apartment door…but after a few moments, there is no answer. Mamoru knocks again and again, there is no answer.)


Mamoru: Guess she’s not in…or sleeping.


Oujirou: Or doesn’t want to answer the door.


Mamoru: That is a possibility as well.


(The team wonder if they should take a risk and try breaking into the apartment. The team look around to see if there is a possibility of getting in without Mirielle realising it. As luck would have it, a window is slightly open, but it’s hard to get up to.)


Shizuka: Can anyone get in there?


(They look at Oujirou, the smallest boy (though Shizuka is smaller).)


Oujirou: My athletic skills…well…not sure if I could climb up there.


Mamoru: I think I can.


Hideki: You sure?


(Mamoru nods. His years as Tuxedo Kamen has made his athletic skills top notch as his nimble figure jumps and climbs up the sills to the open window. He pushes it enough to get in.)


Shizuka: That was tough for Mamoru, but he came through for us.


(Mamoru is careful not to touch anything, (and considering they DON’T know what Mirielle does for a living, this could be a mistake) as he looks around. Sure enough, Mirielle isn’t around, but various other things are…)


Mamoru: A pool table…various guns…and…


(Mamoru does touch one thing, a leaflet at a café. On the list says ‘midday’. Mamoru quickly puts two and two together and figures Mirielle may be meeting someone at midday.)


(Mamoru quickly gets out, putting the leaflet back, memorising what was on it and where to go.)


Hideki: Any luck?


Mamoru: Yeah. I think she’s at a café down the road, but we’d better hurry…


Shizuka: O.K!


(The team head back to the van, heading to the café, for a meeting with one half of the infamous Noir.)


*   *   *   *




(This small French café is only a few streets away from Mirielle’s apartment, so they feel she might be a frequent visitor here. The team make it but see no sign of the blonde woman.)


Hideki: Did we screw up?


Oujirou: I wouldn’t think so. Something is up?


???????: Maybe you need to ask that person what is up then?


(Hideki nearly jumps out of her skin as a person taps him on the shoulder. It is indeed Mirielle Bouquet, dressed in her trademark red light T-shirt and black mini skirt. She’s carrying a bag that is an assumption that she has groceries or has been shopping at least. )


Mirielle: I guess you found my message. Naughty people…you shouldn’t break into people’s homes looking for people…


Mamoru: But we didn’t do any damage…


(Oops. Just revealed HE had got in. To his surprise, Mirielle laughs.)


Mirielle: Gotcha.


Oujirou: You mean…you INTENTIONALLY left that leaflet in there and you wanted to meet us?


Mirielle: *smiles* I felt you would be looking for me sooner or later so I might as well give you a chance to meet me.


(The team seem to be O.K with that…or do they?)


Shizuka: The fact that Mirielle seemed to know our movements and what we wanted to do was kinda scary. Does she have an inside source or something?


*   *   *   *


(After that moment, Mirielle seems content to answer the detectives questions, and give some information of her own willingly as well.)


Mamoru: I have to ask this…but on the night of…


Mirielle: Yes, I know about his death.


Mamoru: Well…we have to ask this. We found a bullet in the wall, and sources confirmed it is from a gun that you own.


(Mirielle nods)


Mirielle: That is understandable. Do you know what I do for a living?


Mamoru: Somehow, after seeing all those weapons, I can hazard a guess…


Mirielle: (nods) Yes, I’m a trained assassin. I have had offers from around the world and if someone had hired me to kill Kuno, I would have done it. But two things wrong with that. 1) I didn’t have a contract and 2) if I did, I would not have missed.


(The team seem to be a bit nervous about Mirielle, though Mamoru and Oujirou are doing their best to keep their nerve.)


Oujirou: We are sorry to ask you that Miss Bouquet.


Mirielle: (smiles) It’s quite alright. I would never kill for reasoning, self-defence yes. Kuno is no threat to me…


Oujirou: He wasn’t the most innocent person in the world though.


Mirielle: Well, I haven’t visited the Kuno mansion in a month.


Mamoru: Really? (Notes that down)


Mirielle: However, what I will say to you so that you don’t find from anyone else is that I had a small business involved with the Kunos involving the shares. You see, a month ago as I said was the last time I visited them, during a mini-meeting when Kuno became president. Since then, I only heard from him from e-mails and phone, as well as that sister of his.


Shizuka: I guess you weren’t close then.


Mirielle: We barely interacted.


Shizuka: Despite this, I’m afraid to ask, but…where were you two nights ago between 11.30pm and 12 midnight?


(Mirielle chuckles)


Mirielle: You don’t need to be scared of me, don’t worry. It’s your job, I know that and I understand it. As for your question, I was on a late shopping night, it’s kind of a secret shop because of what is involved. Here…I’ll hand you the receipt so I can prove it.


(Mirielle hands a receipt from ‘AAYA’S WEAPONS AND MISC. STORE’ as the team collect it. With that Mirielle gives her leave and waves goodbye as the team seem to be happy.)


Hideki: Well, that went better than expected.


Shizuka: And we’ve cleared someone!


Mamoru: Someone that we could have easily misunderstood…


(Unfortunately (or fortunately) Oujirou is about to rain on their parade…)


Oujirou: Guys…


All: Yeah?


Oujirou: Take a close look at the receipt.


(The team do, and it is absolutely right. The receipt is from the weapons store and it is signed by Mirielle Bouquet at 11.45pm…BUT…it is from a WEEK earlier – the 1st of May 2004, not the 8th of May, when Kuno was killed.)


Oujirou: She tricked us…or gave us the wrong receipt. It could have been an accident…


Mamoru: She could have done it. And considering the amount of weapons she had, she could have killed him with a different weapon and then fired the bullet with the other gun to try and lead us off the trail.


Oujirou: Looking guilty makes you look innocent huh?


Mamoru: Perhaps.


Shizuka: She’s long gone as well…


Hideki: Dammit!


(Team 3 leave on a sour note as the disappointment of Mirielle giving them a phony receipt means she is still a definite suspect.)


*   *   *   *




(Team 2 are still hard at work interviewing Kentaro, and are asking him about his alibi)


Kentaro: At the time you said, I was still awake yes, I was working on my computer. I was look at the spreadsheet and the ups and downs of the gold rate upon the shares, and see who had the advantage between myself and the Wongs up against the Kunos.


Yui: Would you have any computer records on you?


Kentaro: Yes…(pauses)…but unfortunately my laptop is in repairs for the moment and my computer was hacked into about 12.15pm last night. It’s like someone hacked into it to try and remove the information before the incident happened.


(The team nearly had a chance to clear Kentaro but he claims his laptop is in the shop, and his main computer was hacked in. However, this claim doesn’t help Kentaro as they can’t clear him.)


Yomi: Despite a possible motive with the shares, I’m finding it hard to suspect Kentaro. He just doesn’t seem the kind, his mind I think may not be in his head, if you catch my drift, but I don’t see him as dangerous.


(Kentaro seems ready to speak again, but suddenly he looks over the girls. His mouth forms into a perfect ‘O’…)


?????: Yoo-poo!


(The girls turn around and are face to face with suspect Urumi Kanzaki. This blonde teenager has an interesting look with her golf clothes on, but Yomiko spots something quickly.)


Yomiko: (whispers) Her eyes…look…they’re different…


(Indeed, Urumi’s left eye is blue, whilst her right eye is hazel. This spooks Yomiko out, but the most spooked seems to be Kentaro.)


Urumi: Oh Kentaro-kun, you have some kawaii friends with you! Why don’t you introduce me to them?


Kentaro: (frightened) D-don’t you Kentaro-kun me! (to the girls) Don’t trust anything this…this wench says!


Urumi: (innocent) Aww, that was mean Kentaro-kun! I only wanted to see who you’re new friends were?


Yui: The change in Kentaro’s demeanour was obvious. This girl, Urumi, has something on him, but what? I think we’ll need to keep an eye on this girl, that’s for sure…


Kentaro: Don’t be fooled! She may be cute, but this girl, this 200IQ girl…


Yui/Yomiko: 200 IQ?


Yomi: *thinks* That beats Chiyo-chan by 2 points I think…




Hideki: EXACTLY!


Urumi: (cutely) Aww…you don’t trust me? I haven’t done anything, and why you lie? I’m just a poor little girl…


Yomi: Sorry, not going to buy that. I know exactly how geniuses can come in cute packages…


(Urumi snaps her fingers)


Urumi: Darn.


Yui: I think Kentaro is right. What is your business Miss…


Urumi: Kanzaki. Urumi Kanzaki. And you are…


Yui: We are private investigators, on a case around a recent event that happened here.


Urumi: Oh, you mean Kuno-chan’s death? *shocked* You mean I come back after a day and people suspect me?


(She blinks with her different eyes as the girls step back)


Kentaro: I’m going. I can’t deal with her. If I need to speak with you again, I will…but NOT whilst she is here.


Urumi: Aw, and I was going to have fun!


Yui: Well, if you are going to be here, we better speak to you Miss Kanzaki.


Urumi: (the cute act drops) Are you sure?


(Yui is a bit caught off guard by Urumi’s change of character)


Yomiko: We need to be on the safe side Miss Kanzaki, we need to be thorough.


Urumi: Well, as I just said, I was out for the night. I had to return home for a mother’s do. That shoule be an alibi enough.


Yomi: What about you and Kentaro?


Urumi: The poor bastard is just over-reacting. Now if you ladies will excuse me, I need to get in a few holes if you don’t mind.


Yomi: Miss Kanzaki…I think you’re lying.


(Yomi stares down Urumi, but is no match for Urumi’s return glare. Eventually, Urumi goes off and the detectives sink in defeat…but not before…)


Urumi: I will tell you one thing…on the night of the murder, I was on the other island, helping out ‘one of the 13.’ You’ll understand…maybe.


(She leaves as despite that last line, Yomiko echoes everyone’s thoughts on the situation)


Yomiko: That was a bust.


Yomiko: Urumi expertly dodged our questions and intimidated us enough so that we wouldn’t follow. It was like she knew exactly what she was doing…and what we were doing as well. I don’t doubt her IQ…she’s good. If she killed Kuno, she’s making sure she’s either keeping herself well away…or making her look like the most suspicious person in the world.


*   *   *   *




(We return where it appears we are on the third test that Ling-Pha’s goons have set out for the team. Highlights of the first two…)


(TEST ONE – Balance)


(Shot of the four of them on a modified ‘Bike Hard’ track. It seems ridiculous for them to even attempt this, never mind complete it. Greta balks immediately, whilst Tsuyoshi does attempt it, a rollercoaster for bikes. Kiyone is the only one who seems to be able to handle it, mainly because the goons didn’t count on someone of Jet’s size to ride a bicycle and they don’t really have one on board. Jet just looks perplexed at the fact of a 36 year old man riding a bike anyway. Anyway, not a good start for the team but Kiyone manages to complete the first test for the team after Tsuyoshi follows a few minutes later.)


(TEST TWO – Control)


(The second test is in an anti-grav chamber where the teams have to be able to control their bodies to not move above a certain point in the chamber. A piece of cake for veteran Jet, who is used to OG in space, whilst Kiyone also makes the grade easily thanks to her Galaxy Police Training. The two kids find it much more difficult, but amazingly, both manage to hold on before the time limit. Greta obviously didn’t want to be shown up again and manages to hold on)


(We now see the third test…)


Jet: You…are kidding right?


Goon 3: Nope, this is the real deal!


(Their final test…is to cook a dinner for Ling-Pha!)


Goon 1: Come on now, you make a good feast and our mistress will gladly see you!


All Goon: Zai zen!


(They blast off at the speed of light or something as the team sweatdrop)


Jet: This is a murder game inquiry right?


Kiyone: Shut up Jet and let’s get cooking…you good at Chinese style?


Jet: I guess I’ll soon find out.


Greta: Oh, let me help you Jet! My family knows a thing or two about Chinese cuisine…


Jet: Sure, any help would be appreciative…


Jet: To say our inquiry was a bit…odd…would be an understatement.


(Jet and crew begin to make a ‘feast’ for Ling-Pha. After 2 and a half hours, They come up with Sesame Prawn Toast, Chicken Noodle Soup, Beef Fried Rice, Szechwan style stir-fry with duck and crab sauce, Char Siu Omelette and for desert, a Pineapple Fritter.)


Kiyone: Give credit where it’s due, Greta seemed to know everything about food – I never thought that kind of knowledge would have helped here though – damn, why didn’t I ever watch Sasami-chan enough in the kitchen?!


*   *   *   *


(We see them outside Ling-Pha’s chambers, a television screen above them which will suggest whether they pass or fail with the meal. With Kiyone/Tsuyoshi passing test 1 and all of them passing test 2, they need to pass this one to get an audience with Ling-Pha.)


(After about half an hour (this has been a real test of patience for the team) the television screen flashes up and Ling-Pha’s grandfather Xu Wong comes up)


Xu: Welcome young ones.


Jet: So…did we get in?


Xu: Yes, you passed.


(The team cheers)


Xu: You did the one right thing in making these feast.


Kiyone: What was that?


Xu: You didn’t make a natto dish.


(The teams sweatdrop)


Greta: You mean that was all we had to pass?


Xu: My granddaughter can eat anything – easier to burn calories.


(The team sweatdrops)


Xu: Very well. You may speak with my granddaughter.


(The double doors open as the team are greeted with a Chinese bunned hair styled black haired girl. She wears glasses and is dressed in a regal red and flowered dress. This is Ling-Pha Wong, suspect and businesswoman.)


Ling-Pha: (trademark laugh) I believe you girls and boys had a fine time on my tests!


Kiyone: Not exactly Miss Wong, and we’d appreciate a few moments of your time concerning a very delicate issue which happened recently.


Jet: We may have had a ridiculous ordeal, but when it comes to professionalism, Kiyone is our girl.


Ling-Pha: Ah ha. You mean that idiot Kuno? Well, whilst things happen, they happen and in Kuno’s case, it couldn’t have come at a better time…or a worse time.


Greta: How so?


Ling-Pha: It’s true that the Kuno’s are…or were the main problem with their ownership. They were joint, but according to sources which I can’t mention, Kuno may have changed the whole plan with a little bit extra if you know what I mean.


Tsuyoshi: What about Kuno?


Ling-Pha: (laughs) Kuno’s tactics in getting the shares….trust me, I wasn’t surprised he was killed.


(Ling-Pha stands up and claps her hands)


Ling-Pha: I think that’s enough of you people in my presence, it’s now time for my beauty regime! Servants, show our guests the door!


(A loud thud later and we have 4 detectives, after nearly 3 hours of work to get this far, got barely 5 minutes with Ling-Pha)


Jet: We were screwed. All that for just…what…


Jet: I was pissed. I held my temper as best as I could with the kids around but it was hard. All that…I’m amazed Kiyone and Tsuyoshi  who did all the tests didn’t have a stroke…


Kiyone: Yeah, pointless.


Tsuyoshi: I’m not so sure…


Tsuyoshi: I will go on record to say I suspect Ling-Pha. The fact that she didn’t give us much after those trials proves she may have something to hide. The people who say less are often the most guilty.


(The group leave the mansion, but their long day is about to take another turn…)


??????: We must perge to see if our allies of justice had anything to do with this!


??????: Whatever, just leave me out of this…


(We look ahead and see a small-ish girl, no older than about 13 with dark short hair and a white mage outfit. The second girl is dressed in an all-girls style uniform (similar to Rei Hino) and is holding a longbow. These are two suspects, Amelia and Kagome. They spot the detectives leaving the mansion and head over to there.)


Kagome: Hey, who are you? How come you got into the Wong mansion?


Jet: Well, under orders.


Amelia: Are you the champions of justice designated to find out who eliminated the vile Kuno?


Kiyone: (sweatdrops) Well, we’re the detectives if that is what you mean…


Amelia: Well, I’m not one to like anyone being dead, but justice was served against the evil Kuno!


Kagome: (annoyed) Please Amelia, I don’t really want to hear that name at the moment, especially in front of these detectives…*growls*…besides, why can’t I suspect you shooting a Flare Arrow through him or something?


Amelia: Preposterious! And what about you and your bow?


Kagome: I can’t even fathom…


Jet: (interrupting cough) Excuse me ladies, but if you talking about Kuno in a way to imply both of you as potential suspects, we have no choice but to ask you a few questions…


Kagome: See what you’ve done?!


Amelia: Me?!


Kagome: (sighs) All right. As you are here, I must tell you before anyone else gives you the wrong idea.


Kiyone: So there is a link?


Kagome: You bet…Kuno had been in the past trying to rig certain sport events to his favour, some to a success, and some to a failure. For me, it was worse, he was trying to insinuate that the two of us were having some sort of affair.


Jet: This guy seems to think he’s a way with the ladies then…


Amelia: So you heard what he tried to do to Taeko! I should have fireballed his…


Tsuyoshi: Is there anything else to add Miss…


Kagome: (smiles) Higurashi. Kagome Higurashi. Detectives are so young now…


Greta: We’re more mature than we appear.


Kagome: I bet, anyway, yes, Kuno was trying to ruin both my personal and professional life…*frowns*…but…


Tsuyoshi: But?


Kagome: *sighs* You may want to ask Izumi about it.


Jet: Izumi?


Kiyone: Would that be Izumi Himuro?


Kagome: Yes…


Jet: Where is she?


Kagome: Sadly, I’d like to know that as well. She lives at the semi-mansion about 5 streets away from the Wongs. Her mother Keiko is quite prominent in business. But for the last 3 days I haven’t seen Izumi…


Jet: Really?


Amelia: Actually, Keiko-san, that’s Izumi’s mother, is like myself, working hard to get the shares back into the camp of the Wongs.


(The team write this down)


Tsuyoshi: That’s the problem with this case, so confusing! I was suspecting Ling-Pha, but now Izumi comes into the fray…


(The team leave as Tsuyoshi mentions this…)


Tsuyoshi: Ling-Pha, Izumi…man, these suspects just pile up!


Greta: (teasing) You change your mind more than Saga does at a piano convention!


(The team get a small laugh out of that, before realising how tired they are, especially the young uns. Eventually, they have to be carried back by the adults as nearly 4 hours of work has resulted in a few things.)




  • Ling-Pha admits that she felt the Kunos were the main threat to her takeover on the shareholders department. With this admission, is she now a prime suspect?
  • Kagome mentions that Kuno was trying to fix sporting events, plus insuinating that she and him had an affair. However, Izumi also seems to be a link. The detectives will need to meet her.
  • Kentaro seems to be afraid of Urumi Kanzaki. Both of them suggest alibis which don’t help, with Urumi saying a mysterious sentence about ‘helping one of the 13.’
  • Mirielle has a selection of weapons available to her as the bullet is to be confirmed from her weapon found in the mansion. Her receipt which could have cleared her was actually from a WEEK before the murder so she is still a suspect.


*   *   *   *




(It’s been a long day for Team 1 but they finally get back. They are greeted with the smell of a nice sauce…)


Jet: What’s cooking?


(Shot of Hideki wiping his hair after getting out of the shower)


Hideki: Okonomiyaki and rice I think.


Jet: A good meal tonight then, who is cooking it?


Hideki: Um…Fujitaka and Yomi. Why?


Jet: Just I don’t think I can handle cooking much today…


Kiyone: You said it…


Hideki: What did you guys have to do…


Jet: Trust me, you don’t want to know…


(As he says this, Fujitaka comes in.)


Fujitaka: Ah, you’re here now. I’ve got a message to say but needed everyone here to say.


Jet: Sure…


Fujitaka: We’ve got enough time, meet in the dining room for dinner, it won’t take long.


*   *   *   *




(All 12 detectives are there as Fujitaka says what went on when the detectives were on their inquiries)


Fujitaka: About an hour after you all left, I got a phone call…




Fujitaka: Hello?


????: I assume I’m talking to the investigators.


Fujitaka: Yes, Lead Investigator Fujitaka Kinomoto speaking. Who may I say is calling?


????: You’ll find out soon. I would like one of your fine men and women to meet me at a specific location at 8. I have some information which could be of use in solving this crime.


Fujitaka: Really?


????: Really. Meet me in the back alley of the 18-30 club on Resource Island. Only one person though.


(The caller hangs up)


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I called Yotsuba-san up, and she said…




Yotsuba: …whether it is real or not, going along is a big no-checki for me! If you are alone, you are at risk from the killer!


*   *   *   *


Fujitaka: That’s why I waited until everyone got here so I could ask what everyone thought of the idea.


Jet: Any possible lead is a good one.


Mamoru: I think if someone who knew how to avoid danger went, it would be all right.


Yui: So who here has fighting experience or experience in avoiding danger and not rely on 7 people to protect you?


Yomiko: There is 11…


Yui: It’s a joke that me and Miaka use now, don’t worry. Seriously, who is confident of going out?


(Mamoru, Jet, Kiyone and Yomiko all raise their hands up.)


Yui: O.K…who should go then?


(There is a brief argument about them to see who goes, but in the end, Mamoru gets the nod as he managed to get Team 3 out of a jam at Mirielle’s apartment and that bit of luck may just what they need. Mamoru will be heading to outside club 18-30. He’ll take a boat over there before being driven by a waiting taxi to the area. Let’s hope he get’s through it…)


*   *   *   *




(Mamoru is ready to go. He says goodbye to the detectives as they are understandably nervous.)


Jet: Just for the record, I don’t like this.


Mamoru: I know. Don’t worry.


(He leaves as the team wonders…)


Yomi: He’ll be O.K…right?


Oujirou: I have faith he’ll be O.K.


Yui: We don’t know who Fujitaka spoke to though…it could be the killer for all we know!


(The team realise this possibility and seem to really think this was a mistake now…)


Hideki: If Mamoru is killed out there, it will really screw up our minds…a group decision could have led to an elimination that none of us expected, and as no-one knew who was on the phone other than it was a male voice, it’s not exactly a comforting thought.


*   *   *   *


BACK ALLEY – 18-30 CLUB (8.00PM)


(Mamoru is already there and is obviously very nervous, but the darkness and the wind in the air don’t help him any. He has to be careful.)


????: Well, looks like you’re on time.


(Mamoru is quickly on his guard, but all he sees is a scruffy looking man with a blue shirt on and a small goatee, who has just lit up a cigarette…)


????: Looks like you detectives are prompt if anything.


(This man is a suspect, Ryoji Kaji. Mamoru relaxes a little, but he still seems tense.)


Mamoru: Who are you?


Kaji: Ryoji Kaji, someone that can help you out.


Mamoru: Really?


(Kaji takes a deep breath of smoke)


Kaji: Really. I must admit that I was apprehensive when I learnt that there were detectives around investigating what was happening, but what was I going to do? It’s your job…like mine is to spy.


Mamoru: Spy?


Kaji: Yes. You could say I was working on both sides if you will.


Mamoru: So you are a spy, or a mole if you will.


Kaji: If you wish to call me that, yes. But with everything going on, I don’t wish to be part of either side. So I’ll let you guys in for some information.


(Kaji steps up and looks serious)


Kaji: The main issue with the shareholders was that both sets of the factions, the Wongs and the Kunos both had 49% of the shares, but the one man who could have decided everything was mysteriously killed on a business trip. This man, Yosho Misaki, was the person with the remaining 2% which was given to Kuno on his own. You may think this meant his family would get the whole business, but Kuno wanted it solely for himself. However, the fact that the 49% was owned by his family meant if he had to take control, he would have to find a way of making that his own, and keep his sister out of it.


Mamoru: You mean…


Kaji: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Kuno was ruthless…but then came the problem. That 2% was only legally binding in the old man’s will. However, no-one has seen it…some even suspected that Kuno was never given it as evidence and people only assumed he did. But that is all I know.


(Mamoru nods and thanks Kaji before leaving)


Mamoru: We now have a lead. We need to find that will.


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: It was a bit freaky…


(We see Mamo-chan explaing the situation to the guys and girls back at the mansion at 9.15pm. At 10, they will be making the first vote, and you can see some people missing from this conference of details, notably Yui, Kiyone and Oujirou. The others are there or there abouts listening.)


Mamoru: It seemed to be information we already knew, but with a bit more clarification.


Yomi: So what now?


Jet: We need to find this will, plus we’ve got a fair few people we need to talk to.


Tsuyoshi: Mamoru’s adventure was a good way to keep our minds off the vote. It was all a lot of us could think about whilst he was gone…




Tsuyoshi: I don’t want to go early…I’ll be very disappointed and frustrated with myself if that happens…


Greta: It won’t happen! I don’t care what those guys say, almost everyone here knows what you can do…and what I can do as well…




Fujitaka: So how will it feel?


Yomi: Bad. You are basically asking to remove someone’s chance to end their game prematurely, and no matter what you feel for them personally, it’s a sorrowful feeling to end a person’s dream early.


Jet: We can’t help it though, those are the rules of the game. There are no second chances.


Yui: (entering) You should see Hideki and Yomiko. Yomiko is pacing about in the library and Hideki has just been staring into space for the last half an hour. I think they are trying to avoid thinking about it.




Shizuka: I don’t think it would be bad to leave the game early. I’m sure it will get worse – no matter what the rewards are, are they worth being scarred for life?


Kiyone: Shizuka, I’ve been scarred for life numerous times training in the Galaxy Police…that was just with my partner. When you get into the field, it’s even worse as amazing as that sounds…


Oujirou: We just need to be calm and see what happens.


Kiyone: Oujirou, you’re always calm.


(A close shot reveals Oujirous’ hands behind his back, shaking…)


*   *   *   *


Mamoru: Well…let’s just do this thing.


(The group nods as the first vote is about to commence…it will be a nervewracking time for the team, but as everyone is elligable for the vote, it should bring a few interesting thoughts on how the detectives think of each other. Will they vote because of their ability, personality or both? Let’s find out.)


*   *   *   *




(Yotsuba enters with her Michigan jacket on as the detectives are all silent as lambs.)


Yotsuba: Not a good sign being this quiet…you all O.K?


(More silence as Yotsuba slaps her forehead)


Yotsuba: Silly question, checki…anyway, you guys had a tough couple of days to get your feet wet. Team 1, you had to deal with a distraught Taeko and learnt about the situation well, learning about Mahoro well. Do you think they are capable of murder?


Kiyone: I think with Mahoro being a former combat android, she is easily capable of causing the damage to the victim.


Yotsuba: Good eye Kiyone! And you guys got the dead end job of those silly tasks for what? A teeny bit of information?


Tsuyoshi: It may still be important considering how Ling-Pha implied herself. Plus we bumped into Amelia and Kagome and learned more information. Amelia, like Mahoro, seems powerful enough to easily cause the damage to Kuno that was done.


Yotsuba: Again, gold star! You learned a bit didn’t you? Linking other people with what appears to be the main motive, getting their hands on the shares that Kuno had, linking Izumi Himuro as well. We need to speak to her soon. Team 2, you spoke to Sousuke yesterday didn’t you and initially learned about the suspects. Today, you went to the golf course and learnt an unusual relationship.


Yomiko: Hai. Considering how afraid Kentaro was of Urumi, they must have some sort of past. Also Urumi left us with an intriguing set of words that she was with ‘one of the 13.’


Yotsuba: Interesting. As this case continues, we might checki on what that means. Now Team 3, you took a few risks but came up with the goods. You found a camera, talked to suspect Heero and learnt initially about the shares plan. You also found the bullet we discussed, which led to today’s inquiry, speaking to Mirielle. You took a risk getting inside but learnt her location and interviewed her. You almost cleared her, but you found out her receipt was a dud. That means we have to suspect her continually.


(Yotsuba pauses)


Yotsuba: Also Mamoru, it was a risk going alone, but you cleared some things up and got a better grasp of the shares game with Kaji’s information. Well done.


Mamoru: Thank you very much.


Yotsuba: I guess nerves are packing now, the vote is on your minds. Fujitaka, you’re safe, but everyone else has to think. First of all though, we are going to open the black envelope where there is a question. When you are satisfied with an answer to this question, we are sending it to an anonymous e-mail address, where a suspect will be cleared if the answer is correct.


(Yotsuba gets the black envelope and a pair of scissors which she opens.)


Yotsuba: The question is ‘How much percent of shares does the person I killed have?’


(The group quickly think)


Shizuka: Was it 48%?


Yui: No, 49 right?


(Mamoru recalls his conversation with Kaji…)


Kaji: The main issue with the shareholders was that both sets of the factions, the Wongs and the Kunos both had 49% of the shares, but the one man who could have decided everything was mysteriously killed on a business trip. This man, Yosho Misaki, was the person with the remaining 2% which was given to Kuno on his own…


Mamoru: No, Kuno himself only had 2% of the shares. The 49% was the whole Kuno empire. Kuno definitely only had 2 according to Kaji.


Tsuyoshi: Are you sure?


Mamoru: Yes…(checks his notebook)…yes, Kuno alone possessed 2%, I’m sure.


Yotsuba: You going to go with that?


(A few look unsure, but eventually they trust Mamoru’s answer. Yotsuba types in 2% to the anonymous e-mail address.)


(A buzz comes up as the computer screen goes blank and then…)




(The team whoop and high five Mamoru as the screen blanks out and reappears again.)




Yomi: Ryo is cleared then?


Hideki: The cop is safe, just 17 to go.


Greta: Just?


(The team laugh but they get serious, knowing what is coming next.)


Yotsuba: Well done guys, but your joy must end. In the private booth behind you, there are 11 envelopes, one for each of you. In them, you must post a picture of the detective you wish to eliminate from the game for whatever reason. I wish you all luck.


(The team nods as Yotsuba calls out each detective one at a time to the back room. Unlike last time, she won’t actually oversee the votes, but the detectives get to make their choice in front of the camera and explain why without intimidation…then again, Yotsuba-chan isn’t exactly intimidating anyway…)


*   *   *   *




It’s hard to choose someone on the first couple of days, as we don’t know each other well enough to make a proper decision. However, based on what I saw today, I think you are the weakest. Sorry, man.




I will vote tonight for Yomiko. First impressions is that she is more than capable as a detective, but as a person, she needs a few more helpful hints in her notebook. I hope I’m wrong about her but I need more evidence.




It was a toss up, but Mamoru at least showed what he could do today. You didn’t Hideki, so the choice is you I’m afraid. Don’t underestimate me.




I’ll vote for Tsuyoshi tonight. He may be at odds with me but I do feel that he won’t be as vital to the group than certain others will be.




It’s hard to choose, but I’m going to give Tsuyoshi the benefit of the doubt and vote for Yomiko. I’m not impressed with the way she’s isolated herself from the group with her habits…sorry.




It’s not too hard to single out the weakest link of the team, which is what I look for rather than personalities. Which is why Hideki gets my vote, simple as that.




My vote tonight will be for Kiyone. I feel that with her police experience, she is trying to influence the group. She’s seems to have a claw on in my opinion, the two MVPs of the group, Jet and Yomi, and we need to remove it.




It’s hard, but my choice is based on early impressions, and it’s simply not a big enough effort for me. Sorry.




My vote is for Yomiko. I feel she is a nice person at heart, but it seems her old habits are killing her before the killer gets a chance…it sounds horrible but it’s the truth.




Yomiko: I’m voting for Hideki. He seems to be very poor as a detective, and sees things in black and white. We’re equals here, no matter our age, our likes, our dislikes, our sex…he should learn that.




Greta: He may have starred, but he was someone who couldn’t see what I am capable of. So I’ll vote for Mamoru tonight. Shows that he’s not invincible…


*   *   *   *


(We see Yotsuba has the envelopes, 11 in total. She opens them, back turned to the detectives so that they don’t know who has been picked. We can see a few faces, but the numerous ones are of Hideki and Yomiko.)


(Yotsuba finishes and then turns around)


Yotsuba: The results of the first choice to play the killer’s game have been done.


(The team waits anxiously)


Yotsuba: We have a tie…between Hideki and Yomiko.


(Both are a bit surprised at the vote…)




Hideki (4) – Jet, Tsuyoshi, Yomi, Yomiko

Yomiko (4) – Oujirou, Hideki, Kiyone, Shizuka

Tsuyoshi (1) – Mamoru

Mamoru (1) – Greta

Kiyone (1) – Yui


Yotsuba: First vote, and we have a tie. So therefore, here’s the next rule. As there were votes for other people, we have a revote. Only Hideki and Yomiko are the choices this time. As there are 9 of you, we won’t need to break the tie, so if you could just write the name of the person you wish to play the killer’s game on the piece of paper I will send round.


(Yotsuba does so as Yomiko looks stern whilst Hideki has his hands together and his head down, almost in prayer. The only ones that seems to take her time is Yui.)


Yotsuba: I’ll gather the votes.


(Yotsuba does and counts them)


Yotsuba: The first person to play the killers game…


(Dramatic pause)


Yotsuba: …will be…


(Shots of Yomiko and Hideki)


Yotsuba: …Yomiko.


(Yomiko is shocked.)





(Jet changes his vote from Hideki to Yomiko from previous vote, Mamoru voted Tsuyoshi last time)

HIDEKI (4) – YOMI, TSUYOSHI, YUI, GRETA (Yui voted for Kiyone and Greta voted for Mamoru last time)


Jet: I changed my vote – last time it was based on skills, but I quickly realised that maybe cut-throat is better. Yomiko is stronger than Hideki…I just hope she doesn’t ask about both votes…I’d hate to lie to her, I can see she’s a nice young lady, no matter what others say.


Yotsuba: Fujitaka, it’s now time for you to do your duty as lead investigator. You will pick the second person to play the killers game.


(Fujitaka stands up, and looks around the detectives, and gives a fairly deep sigh.)


Fujitaka: When I went for this game, I knew that I would do things that I would never do in real life. This is one – picking someone to end a chance at their dreams. Looking around, it’s a real circus of people playing, and I have to pick one…it’s unfair. However, I make my decision based on one thing. Protection.


(A few are a bit confused)


Fujitaka: To go now may be the best thing for some people, either to prepare themselves for the worst or to go early. I am sad to say that my choice for the killers game will be…


(D.R.A.M.A.T.I.C P.A.U.S.E – damn, been learning stuff from Joe Mello…)


Fujitaka: …Greta.


(Greta…is stunned. Her mouth is in the ‘O’ formation and her regular little rich girl manners now seem to have transformed from Tomoyo style…into pissed off Hatoko style (anyone who has seen episodes 5 and 6 will know what pissed off Hatoko is like in Angelic Layer, hard to believe she’s 5…)


(Back on track, Greta isn’t the only one shocked. Almost all the group are ready to rise out of their chair, as the ‘mascot’ if you will looks ready to explode. Fujitaka mumbles an ‘I’m sorry’ but it’s not going to help. Then…she cries.)


Greta: W-why? Am I too young? Unfocused? Weak? Why…


Yotsuba: I know. But it’s the choice of the LI. (Yotsuba seems surprised as well – especially when you consider that Greta didn’t receive a single vote on the initial one)


(Yomiko leans over and hugs Greta, clutching her hand. These two have to play the first killer’s game. Greta stops crying, but she resumes a Hatoko angry face.)


Yotsuba: I guess now is the time to open the red envelope. In here are two small envelopes, which contain a map.  There, you will follow it until you find a cross of black tiger lilies. Situated around one of the crosses is a clue, but at the other one, the killer is waiting to take you out.


(Yotsuba cuts the red envelope and picks out the two smaller ones. She hands them out.)


Yotsuba: Pick the right one ladies.


(Yomiko picks first, and she actually does pick the one in Yotsuba’s right hand. She opens it as Greta slowly takes the one in the left hand of Yotsuba.)


Yomiko: I’m going back to school, well, the ‘Promised Island Grant Maintained’ School.


Yotsuba: Greta?


Greta: I’m…going…to the Greenland Members Golf Club.


Yomiko: That’s the one we went to earlier.


Yotsuba: Both are located on this island. We have called two taxis to arrive at 11.45 to drive you to the locations. I wish you both good luck.


(Yomiko nods, Greta doesn’t budge. Shizuka hugs her room mate from behind as Greta cries slightly. Tsuyoshi is next to go over to Greta and it’s a little depressing for the team.)


(Not too surprisingly, the next thing we see is…)


*   *   *   *


Jet: Why?


(The explanation.)


Fujitaka: I wanted her to not see what is going to get worse. Despite her smarts, she is a little girl. Maybe it was a way of protection.


Jet: So would you have done the same to your own daughter?


Fujitaka: As you said, she is a detective still.


Jet: I know…but…


Jet: As much as it shocks us, Fujitaka actually put a compelling ‘argument’ for his reasoning. I don’t want to know how Greta feels though…


*   *   *   *


Greta: I’m O.K…I’m O.K now…


Yui: Are you sure? I can’t believe it myself!


Tsuyoshi: Of all people as well, Fujitaka!


Shizuka: Are you really O.K Greta?


Greta: I’m fine…I just want to come back and prove I’m strong, that I can play this game and am not a weak little girl!


Shizuka: (clutches her hand) I hope you come back as well.


Tsuyoshi (nods) Me too.


(Greta smiles at the two)


Greta: Thank you.


*   *   *   *


(Greta isn’t the only one upset though…)


Yomiko: I didn’t think I’d be back at school so quickly…


Yomi: Yomiko…


Yomiko: It’s not easy like this. I come back, or I don’t. And if I don’t, poor Greta has to suffer. I guess if I do come back, it’s less ‘I’ for me…


Yomi: You weren’t like that Yomiko…


Yomiko: I was! I was too busy getting hooked on the books that I barely talked with anyone! You and Yui maybe, but that’s because we were on the same team! I have to improve!


Yomi: It’s not that…it’s just at this stage, they need to find a reason to vote people off, and they picked on that weakness of yours, books. We need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


(Yomiko nods as Yomi puts an arm around her shoulder)


Yomi: Come on, let’s go talk to Greta and make sure there are no hard feelings between you two at least.


(The two head off, as in the kitchen, there are a few relieved people to say the least.)


*   *   *   *


Kiyone: (breathes out) Boy, was that nervewracking! It’s always the worst to be picked first…I feel bad for them…


Oujirou: But you voted for Yomiko?


Kiyone: How did you know?


Oujirou: (smiles) I didn’t.


(Kiyone turns red slightly before humphing)


Kiyone: Damn you!


Oujirou: Not to worry. I did so…and I feel bad for her. I really feel for Greta-chan though…


Mamoru: I’m definitely surprised by it…but it was a close call eh Hideki?


(Hideki has the ghouls over his heads…)


Oujirou: (sweatdrops) Apparently it was a bit too close for him.


Hideki: I felt that Fujitaka would have voted for me anyway….damn it, I have to buck up…


Oujirou: Well, Fujitaka claims it was to protect her, but I get the feeling that if Greta comes back, he may need the protection.


Mamoru: And if Yomiko does?


Oujirou: (smiles) Then we need things that can protect ourselves from paper cuts.


(The group sweatdrops)


*   *   *   *




(It’s time for the two ladies to say their goodbyes. It’s a bit depressing for most of the group as they hugs various members of the group before heading out awaiting the taxis. They come soon after. For Yomiko, it’s Shirase (from BPS) and for Greta, it’s Kintaro (Goldenboy).)


Yomiko: One of us will see you later!


Greta: That wasn’t too comforting…


Kiyone: Bye!


Jet: Good luck!


(The two girls head off, and as they leave, they admit a few personal feelings.)


Jet: It’s too early in the game for me to say who I would have back.


Hideki: Not for me…I don’t want Yomiko back, she kills morale.


(Yomi glances at Hideki, though this goes unnoticed by the man from Chobits.)


Fujitaka: I won’t be able to look Greta in the eye if she comes back.


Hideki: Well, Yomiko is playing for herself, that’s for sure.


Oujirou: (calmly) In the end, isn’t that what we are all doing?


(Oujirou’s calm but truthful statement catches pretty much all the group off guard. In the end, it is just eliminating competitors, nothing happens…)


(…except scaring them half to death…)


*   *   *   *




Shirase: Umm…you nervous?


Yomiko: In a way, yes, but I’ve experienced the thrill of the hunt and the hunted many times before. So I’m used to it. I don’t know what poor Greta is feeling though…


Shirase: Ah…well, good luck anyway.


Yomiko: Thanks.




Kintaro: I’m surprised that such a young girl is playing this, are you sure you are O.K?


(Greta doesn’t seem to be listening…)


Kintaro: Hey, hello?


(A closer look sees that she is shaking…)


Greta: Saga—chan…help me…


(Greta is shaking in fear as Kintaro decides not to say anything else. The girl is already in bad enough shape…)


*   *   *   *





(At the school, Yomiko has her torch and her bags packed ready in case she does meet with a grisly end. We can see her looking at the map and is surprised she is entering through the front door. The direction of the map certainly seems to be leading somewhere specific though.)


Yomiko: O.K, so I have to go through the teacher’s hall…figures…


(She does so and is led to a flight of stairs where the English block is. A message suddenly appears in light, scaring Yomiko!)


Yomiko: WAAGGH! What the…


(The message reads ‘YOU HAVEN’T GOT THERE YET…’)


Yomiko: (a bit angry and in English) No shit Sherlock…


(Yomiko continues on…)


*   *   *   *



Greta – Greenland Members Golf Club


(At the golf club, Greta also has a torch (she couldn’t carry her stuff so it’s been left in the taxi, where it will either be returned to the mansion…or…well…) as she nervously follows her map. Across the field, she is ready to enter the club house.)


(As she heads there…)




(A stream of golf balls light her way, shocking the girls, causing her to fall.)


Greta: This is not what I signed up for…


(Greta holds her own shaking body as she stands up and valiantly walks on, towards the club house.)


(And each time she gets near, the golf balls flash, scaring her each time. She eventually gets there…)


*   *   *   *


Yomiko: O.K, now what?


(We see Yomiko heading through a block where there are several doors. She checks the map…and then…)




(The doors windows all explode at the same time and smash. Yomiko crouches down to protect herself from the flinging glass as it ends…)


Yomiko: This is dangerous!


(She continues on, trying to check the map and make sure no more surprises catch her off guard…)


*   *   *   *


(Back with Greta…)


(From the club house, we see that it links with another area. Nothing scary until she opens the next door…)


Greta: I’m going to be sick…


(A set of revolving stools on the bar area. The stuff dripping from them sure isn’t any alcohol…)


Greta: O.K…come on Greta…you can do this…


*   *   *   *


(Yomiko has headed along the corridor, she has peeked in the doors but they are all locked, until she then realises that of the exploding doors, one of them doesn’t have glass smashed.)


Yomiko: This must be it…*deep breath*


(Yomiko kicks the door open, and sees as plain as day, the black cross in the corner. Yomiko heads towards it…)


(…and is interrupted by a large bang…)


*   *   *   *


Greta: Is this it?


(Behind the bar, the cross is stood up. Greta treads carefully, not sure what to do…)




Greta: Where’s the clu…












*   *   *   *


Yomiko: It’s all right…


(The bang was from outside as a firework or 6 went off. Yomiko even looks around for some paper handy. When she sees she is O.K, she resumes looking at the cross.)


Yomiko: O.K, what have we…oh!


(Inside the cross is a photograph, It off a picture of 13 girls of various ages, and one boy. Yomiko recognises one immediately…)


Yomiko: That’s Yotsuba-chan isn’t it?


(Indeed, our head investigator is part of this picture. I think it’s fair to say who the other 12 girls are and the guy though Yomiko doesn’t know yet.)


Yomiko: Is that what Urumi meant by 1 of the 13?


(Yomiko is confused, but relaxes. It’s over…for now.)


*   *   *   *




Hideki: It’s just what I think…


Oujirou: Well, you didn’t exactly shine…


Hideki: Wh…


Mamoru: Guys, it’s not proper to talk like this whilst they are probably being scared half to death.


(Some are almost asleep, like Tsuyoshi and Shizuka, but they are trying to stay awake.)


Yui: It will be interesting whoever comes back.


Jet: Yes.


(Fujitaka is quiet in a corner, as Kiyone looks around, as the team are now mostly quiet…)


Kiyone: This is so going to…


Tsuyoshi: Someone is back!


(They look out the window to see a taxi coming. Suddenly, the curtains close automatically and they can’t pull them across…)


Yomi: This is what is called, suspense.


(The suspense increases when the lights go off. The door opens…and even in the darkness, it’s easy to realise who it is.)


Yomiko: (out of breath) Back!


Yui: (smiles) Welcome back.


(Yomiko hugs Yui and then Yomi as a moderate cheer from most of the team comes. The team gather around, as applause reigns for the first survivor of the killer’s game. We can see Shizuka smiling, but she is crying at the same time.)


Shizuka: When Yomiko came back, it meant that already I was alone in my room. Greta…I’ll miss you…


(Fujitaka seems relieved and sad at the same time as Yomiko’s talks about her killer’s game experience and then reveals the clue…)


Yomiko: She seem familiar…


(Suddenly, the team is alert…)


Tsuyoshi: Yotsuba?!


Oujirou: I think we need to talk to the head tomorrow.


(The group nod as the first two nights have ended. Yomiko Readman has survived the first killer’s game. Greta hasn’t.)





*   *   *   *


Next time on the Murder Game 2…


(Things heat up at the tennis club, where suspect Izumi Himuro doesn’t exactly welcome the detectives…)


Izumi: She’s lying I tell you!


Mamoru: Please understand Miss Himuro, we’re trying to…


Izumi: You tell that bitch to stop implementing me when it was her own fault!


(Fujitaka’s first outing becomes a bit of a game…)


Nabeshin: So, if you take two apples how many have you got?


(It’s Fujitaka’s turn. Can he guess this riddle right for the team?)


(Whilst inside the mansion, a fight comes out between two detectives)


???????????: Stop it with this ‘holier than thou’ attitude!


???????????: This coming from this piece of uselessness?


(Yomiko makes a new friend)


Yomiko: Now that Greta-chan has gone, he needs someone else to play his games…


(And Urumi proves her status as ‘head bitch’)


Urumi: You think I LIKED working for that bastard? He got what he deserved…




*   *   *   *


Not long much huh? Now you can see why I separated it into two days…


Time for the author’s notes;


Seiryu/dub: Going to be a lot of links here. The first few in this chapter was Mamoru saying that Heero reminded him of Ail, as in the Ail in the ‘Cardian’ Saga in Sailor Moon R, as they are both played by Hikaru Midorikawa (who also plays in links with the series as Zelgadis from Slayers, Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh and Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi).


Also with Yui referring to Sousuke like a ‘fox-eyed military guy’ as Tomokazu Seki plays both Sousuke and also Chichiri, the fox-eyed friend and guardian of Miakas in Fushigi Yuugi. (And also Hideki’s friend as well, Shinbo and Fujitaka’s son Touya of course)


Third, Hideki reminding that Yomi is a scary version of Chi isn’t coincidence, as they are both played by Rie Tanaka.


Fourth, should it surprise you that Mahoro looks after Taeko? No, because Mahoro’s seiryu Ayako Kawasumi, is also the voice of everyones (O.K, most peoples…*Glares at Adam Pulver*) favourite kimono goddess Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi.


Finally, Michiko Neya who provides the voice for both Melissa Mao and ‘Miss Deep’ from Full Metal Panic and Read or Die respectively, and also the voice of fellow detective Shizuka.  And you wonder why Yomiko-chan was blushing? Star Otaku mentioned this first a while ago as we were talking about the series and it seemed too good when I announced the character list to not do something like this. Ah, RoD shoujo-ai…where’s a good Anita-chan/Hisami-chan fic…


O.K, seriously.


First off. Greta. And how many people will kill me. Very unlike me to eliminate the trademark kawaii shoujo at all, never mind right away. However, this is different as Greta’s elimination was basically based on as Fujitaka said, she doesn’t see much worse. Greta is such a good character. Sure, she’s spoiled and is a Tomoyo-clone on crack, but it’s so hard not to dislike her, she is so fun, and near the end of the series…awww….


I still expect daggers in my e-mails for eliminating her though.


The cast of both detectives and suspects are very diverse. Am I being predictable, or am I trying to trick you? Is Mirielle such an obvious pick that she obviously won’t be the killer…and because you think this, is that what I want you to think? As for detectives, from the cast, it’s pretty much a cast of characters who I like but aren’t my favourites of the shows involved. It gives a nice medium, as well as explores characters who don’t get much development (like Fujitaka – his elimination of Greta of course being the main talking point).


Finally, Sister Princess. One of these shows I HATED at first, but grew on me before me absolutely loving it. I always believe the fact they are NOT his sisters in real life (so at least SP scores that high that there is NO incest whatsoever…Onegai Twins fans, take note of that), combined with the cute humour and the ‘This can’t be happening!’ from Wataru. Unfortunately, the sequel, Repure, sucks. They took out the most fun element (watching Wataru develop) and instead made him too perfect. And worse, my favourite character Haruka, didn’t get an episode to herself! All the other girls did (and Kaho, one of my least fave, got two…) and Haruka, the hilarious yamato nadesico, didn’t…gah, no justice…


Just one more thing. Talk about coincidences, when researching this, I found out that Kiyone’s seiyuu is named…and get this…Yuri Amano. So we have a contestant in MG2 who has the killer’s first name and the favourite/least favourite character of last time’s (depending who you ask) last name. Spooky…


Next episode will be in 2 weeks as it always is. Just get ready to hand in those 2 quizzes together. Until next time, happy solving and checki!